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how do we solve the imbalance problem with sankisei? do japs hate flare because she's dark skinned?

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Shitty rigging was a massive debuff to her at first. She doesn't really pander and said sshe wasn't seiso. For some odd reason she gets tons of supas.

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It’s not about hate. They likely have personal preferences based on cuteness, yes looks, but also singing, comedy, etc.

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Flare has the best personality and is by far the best singer. Marine and Rushia are barroom good but Flare has real chops.

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I'm more interested in why Noel blew up so hard. She's not very interesting. Is it really just the tits?

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yes, now remember half elf not black elf.

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Yes. Her viewers are quite young on average. Also her menhera rage moments are amusing.

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>Flare has the best personality in Hololive
That’s your subjective opinion. I disagree.
>by far the best singer in Hololive
Subjective opinion. I disagree.

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You don't enjoy staring at a pair of fat tits?

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Noel has that SOUL when she sings though

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A mixture of playing interesting games, being self deprecating, honest, funny, comedically bad at singing, and, most importantly, having the fattest juiciest milkiest titties you have ever seen. To sum it up, I love Noel.

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I'm not 12

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So wait, if she's not a black elf but a half elf. What is the other half?

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Wow she has more SCs than Noel

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i just don't like niggers

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>>by far the best singer in Hololive
I meant of gen 3. It's a low bar I know but still. Peko and Noel are the worst singers though.

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>cute funny haha rabbit laugh
>cute yandere pettan
>brown elf
>cute horny pirate ahoy
>cute mommy big boin shotacon
She has no stand out catch phrases or memes.

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>Flare has the best personality
She's good but not the best

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She does in gen 3. Better than pig baiting menhera, big tit menhera, horny fat fujo, and try hard autist.

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dark and ugly

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I like my girl pettan

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>flare best singer
People can decide for themselves:

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I think it's more with flare having terrible sleeping schedules and streaming at weird times for JOP audiences. Noel blew up due to a combination of increased media focus by cover (hololive alt) and her coincidental EN study streams on primetime NA hours.

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have you even heard Rushia's covers?

her Iris is a disappointment, yes, she could've sing better

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Noel was also posting on the subreddit on a daily basis for a while.

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Dude Noel's En study streams weren't even that successful. Her Horse pussy streams have more views and superchats. Idk why people keep repeating this.

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It's not really fair to compare a live recording to recorded/edited.

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Flare alongside Lamy are the strongest wallet succs in hololive

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Just like Towa in gen 4. Its because of their voice.

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Yes I’m aware, but you can adjust points for those differences. Or if you just want to compare Flare to Gura (both are on even footing) that’s fine too.

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I meant out of gen 3 globaltard.

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not dark elf
YES half black half elf

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Dark elfs are hot
Japs have shit taste

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>I meant out of gen 3
ALL the JP girls are competing with other for subscribers. I just cannot view it in an artificial box that doesn’t actually exist.

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i can see the issue with towa's voice. but what's with flare's?

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Fuck, elves*

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Even between flare and gura isn't a fair comparison imo, because gura obviously prepared a lot for that (given that she doesn't speak Japanese) and brought out a ukelele and everything whereas flare was doing a much more casual karaoke rendition

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I mean ffs she even says "this is on the spot and I haven't prepared" in the clip you provided. How is that a fair comparison?

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>do japs hate flare because she's dark skinned?
yes, also schizos in 5ch thinks she has an unpleasant voice (not as bad as Towa), and a difficult personality

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Yes, also people have discovered her roommate
if she was flat you wouldn't give two shits about her

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Your links are one SEA, a burger, and Flare. That makes you a globaltard and not applying the correct argument.

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if she was flat I would cancel my membership and unsub but she's not so I will never have to worry about that. I just cant love a girl who doesn't have nice tits.

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unrespecteful lesbian

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She also confirmed being more into girls and not really liking men so that could have also slowed her down.

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Actually, Gura didn’t prepare for it. Also Gura playing an instrument while singing it, makes it even more musically impressive. Also Gura has a history of singing, so there is that as well. Probably not even fair to even compare those two.
>I’m angry
That’s nice.
>unpleasant voice
Then it’s not about skin color.

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bro. How the fuck are you going to try and argue that she didn't prepare for it if she's playing a fucking instrument and speaking a language that's not in her native tongue? At a MINIMUM she looked up the chords of the song, and then learned the song enough to memorize the lyrics. You're actually braindead.

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>suba matters
Gets me every time.

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flare literally has an actual king cover, why tf would you link that

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It's a globaltard, they are mental and don't consider anything from the main branch to be worth anything.

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>Gura’s campfire karaoke while simply playing a ukulele is very serious business.
No. And if you really want my honest opinion, the Japanese are right about her, Flare’s voice is rather unpleasant. They have a high bar, and she just doesn’t pass it. It has nothing to do with her skin color.

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>shitty rigging
This. Never forget MANTIS FACE. Also, EOPs/ESLs wrongly think she is seiso for some reason, just like they do with AZKi.

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He wants to shill his meme shark as if she was better than average singer in hololive.

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Holy shit >>3201748 is right, you really are a globaltard. I think you replaced your brain with shark cum.

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Average is still better than Flare. That’s the point. This thread was about how the Japanese are racist for not liking flare. They seem to suggest it’s because of her voice. I feel the exact same way, so I thought I would chime in. Whatever though.

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Then try to come up with an argument for why Flare is so great, other than the Japanese are racist.

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Why would I waste any time at all further talking with you when you're obviously fucking braindead? You straight up denied that Gura prepared for her fucking cover when she's playing an instrument and singing a non-native language. You're a complete and utter fucking retard.

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>how do we solve
This place hasn't solved shit, ever

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>I have nothing.
Okay then. Have a nice day.

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>t. braindead fucking retard who thinks that playing an instrument and singing a song in a non-native language is just something so simple and casual, everyone just does it! No thought or preparation in that at all, it's just a spur of the moment jam!

>Btw, who needs a brain when you've got SHARK CUM?

Kill yourself.

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The Japanese don't like dark skinned characters, she was struggling hard before getting her new outfit.

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Isn't Flare a genuine lesbian unlike most of the others who coyly imply for tete points while pandering to male gachikoi?

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oh noooo she sounds like a real person and not like my cute anime waifus

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It's not the Japanese. It's the EOPs. And it's not because she's brown, it's because she's not "memeable". You see, Flare has the same amount of viewers and superchats as the rest right? The only difference is the subs. Flare doesn't have many EOP dead subs.

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what's EOP?

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They don't watch streams.

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I see. Though, if someone consistently produces more 'memeable' content, in some way doesn't that mean that they are generally being more engaging to their audience? Nothing against Flare. But Pekora, FBK, and Haachama seems to have really mastered their meme ability. Surely that's a good strategy to adopt? I think Kanata's started doing that too, but I don't know how much that's translated to her actual streams. I wish I had the time to watch everyone's streams.

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Tits and a conventional streaming experience. Noel carried Gen 3 when they first debuted. She was the first to reach 100k of her gen. Its obvious why she would be chosen a business yuri relationship with the worst performer of her gen. Like Choco and Mel, she got shafted by YT’s increasing virginity but her menhera gaming antics are funny. She’s got a claim on being the smartest of her gen since she’s an audio otaku and her shrewdness in baiting subs e.g. Duolingo streams

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Yeah, being memeable is an easy way to get your brand spread around. That makes people come check out your streams. While some of those people will only be looking for those memeable moments tuning in sporadically, others will becone dedicated to that streamers in a "came for the memes, stayed for the personality" kind of way.

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Gay half elf

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A cup of coffee. Pic related is the avatar of her illustrator.

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Stands for ear of pizza

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>business yuri relationship

I bet the reason Kiara wanted to do Takamori before debut was because she thought japs love that shit and it would get her subs.

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>business yuri
I don't believe that to be just business with her recent roomate's streams

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She'll be fine, she has a good fanbase.

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>Rushia has over 1M subs and is generally the most superchatted Holo period
>has a fraction of the videos Marine and Peko have
Holy shit.

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She's too good at the girlfriend roleplay

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She's a self admitted misandrist, why should she be popular with men?

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They hate Flare for the same reason I do. She's boring in solo streams.

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Flare usually sounds kinda cute, even though sometimes she sounds a bit too nasally. But her real power move is Homura-kun, the king of all ikebo in hololive.

Unlike the dorky Towa-kun and Okato, Homura is actually one smooth motherfucker. Subaru might give her a run for her money but she has never actually tried to be flirty when doing Subatani-kun so far

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You're right. But people can also compare Flare's live singing with Risu's live singing.


Flare or Gura as a top tier singer in holopro is debatable, but it's different if we talk about Risu.

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Even without GFE, she's a generally fun streamer with good reactions.

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Especially Orally Profound. That's how we call /vt/ards who give good head.

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> that
It is just the asian changing voice gimmick anon, most Asian women can do that.
Is this supposed to be a top tier singer of hololive?

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I mean she was the strongest sankisei after debut, the first to crack 100k with quite a distance, and when she was at 400k Flare finally got 50k.

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Boring personality and shit design on top of being in the GOAT gen where her inferiority will stand up even more. I love brown girls but she just looks ugly to me. Especially her stupidly long ears.

>Is it really just the tits?
Unironically yes.

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>if she was flat you wouldn't give two shits about her
She build most of her persona on the fact that she is a cow, Noel without her tits would be Rushia

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>i....its not because of her color...NOOOOOOOooo
hahaha so cute how anons cope and have no idea how the real world works and how people respond to certain colors.

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At least some people here understand, outside its fucking clown world quite unironically, they think mystically like cavemen

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>Noel without her tits would be Rushia
yes thats why i am membered to both

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I think its an illusion they get because they see chocoballs in every advertisement, game, movie and think they must be popular but its the exact opposite in the real world.

normal people dont like chocoballs or anything associated with them. its not racist, its just instinct most of the time and dark color usually masks expressive reactions on models too so that's another disadvantage.

I get people here want to argue other stuff about elf but everyone and even flare knows why she isnt popular.

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pretty much yes, and its only the way they look, its the way they act, its more brutish in nature, but well normies have never been able to differentiate between a piece of turd and a rock

>> No.3208880 [DELETED] 

and its not only the way the look*

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the general explanation i heard is her first model had bad fascial tracking.
also she has the most subdued personality in 4'th gen.

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Flare is great, no idea why she is so unpopular.
Marine = Pekora > Flare > Rushia > Noel

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Flare's Japanese fanbase is perfectly fine she just targets a specific niche being the only Sankisei whose fans are primarily women and yurifags. This results in having a relatively low sub count compared to her genmates but her average live viewers is pretty good and her superchats are very high, pretty much on par or better than the rest of her gen except Rushia. Most of that money is cute OLs that desperately wish they were as lucky as Noel to have Flare in their life.

Her personality is too complex for EOPs to grasp without knowing Japanese though so she hasn't seen the same insane growth as the other members of her gen got in 2020. Pekora's personality can be summed up as just being a streamer who yells a lot, Marine is horny boomer, Noel is menhera boingboing, Rushia is yandere pettan, but Flare can't be as easily summed up beyond the fact she's a lesbian. Her clips also aren't nearly as juvenile-pandering as Miko saying the n-word or Pekora saying rrat so nobody will deliberately seek them out to learn more about her unless they just like her model, which admittedly is what attracted me to her as well since her design stands out a lot.

Nitpicking Flare's sub count is such petty numberfagging though, by all other metrics she's outperforming every other gen and her income is probably solid. So long as she's doing well it's better to fly under the radar with a large loyal niche than being relegated to a meme like Pekora.

>> No.3212580

>if she was flat you wouldn't give two shits about her
Wrong, I watched her roommate (before she showed her tits), she was one of the best zatsudan streamers on NND for years with a mostly female fanbase and her zatsudans are still fucking great, which is why they are her most watched content besides ASMR. Only EOPs think she is only boobs.

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>Pekora bad at singing

retard alert. Pekora has the best singing voice of the Sankisei. Every Pekora singing stream comes with at least 30k viewers. Just because you are tone deaf don`t make it right to talk crap okay.

Order of vocal and singing talent:

Pekora > Rushia > Marine > Flare > Noel

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>cute tan onee-san half-elf

>> No.3213111

Her personality is literally just BIGTITS and the only good thing she's good at is being a quality fap material.

>> No.3213135

How would you describe Flare's personality?

>> No.3213391

It's you if you even have to ask that.

>> No.3213755

No its not. She is an audio nerd, a literature nerd, a mecha fan, a touhou fan, a Rozen maiden fan and a massive JRPG fan. There is so much more to her than just tits. There is a reason her roommate still get 6k viewers on zatsudans where all you can see is a badly drawn picture of Cirno, which she doesn't even anounce on Twitter.

>> No.3214619

"To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Flare"

>> No.3214847

this but unironically

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Marine is shit and barely better than Noel

>> No.3221480

Screw Noel here, who is that goddess behind her?

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>Her personality is too complex for EOPs to grasp without knowing Japanese

I really like Flare from what I've seen of her so far. I get her entertainment value doesn't come so much from easy to digest humor or reactions like other holos, but could you please elaborate further on her character and her strong points?

>> No.3222247

A lot of people here are making sweeping generalizations about the whole 3rd gen. Marine is not a boomer. She's a millennial that has actual life experience. She's a good conversationalist. She's and Noel are best at zatsudans. Rushua is not yandere all the time but she's pretty much Luna levels when it comes to committing to playing a role when she actually does. She's a great story teller and the way she interacts with games is hella funny. Especially because she's actively playing a role. Pekora is a personality. She maintains a role but that personality is very entertaining. The way she reacts to situations can be really funny. It's not screaming all the time. I actually enjoy how she treats backseating. She doesn't shun it. She plays around with it and act smug. Flare is pretty much the straight guy. Much like Mio but make her more genki and a little bit trollish especially when she plays with other people. Sure there is a Noel thing but she barely talks about her. Maybe just on SC readings when someone ask. I think Flare shines the most when performing in 3D. She can actually dance and sing well at the same time.

3rd Gen is the most profitable group. Flare included. Just look at her SCs.

>> No.3222781

I would include Flare in the best zatsudan group as well, her zatsudans are also really good to listen to. The fact that the 3 of them are so good at making conversation and can basically talk forever is part of why they collab so much together.

>> No.3222891

Flare is such a waste of a great character design

>> No.3222975

How does everything go back to Kiara? This is a Noel thread.

>> No.3223006

>putting Flare above Rushia

>> No.3223092


Wasent she also trying to learn English lately which may have gotten more western world attention on her?

>> No.3223188

> t. disgusting, sweaty, gatekeeping neckbeard

>> No.3223191

actually rent free

>> No.3223274

She has been saying she wants to learn English for years now and it was one of her goals for the year to learn English. She has been learning English off stream consistantly since those duolongo streams. Its not just to bring in westerners.

>> No.3223290

I just realized Pekora is like the Quin69 of hololive.

>> No.3223433


Never said it was but it may be why her numbers started popping up alot. I admit I never noticed her before recently but theres a lot more buzz for sure

>> No.3223619

The reason why she is popping up more is because March and the first 3 weeks of April were the first time she was able to consistently stream in months. She moved twice in the preceeding 4 months and was plagued by health problems.
Also she had a schedule which she stuck to and isn't playing BOTW anymore.

>> No.3223857

sher singing streams are pure SOVL

>> No.3223950

3rd Gen best Gen

>> No.3226476

The ring is a real thing and she does wear it whenever she thought it wouldn't show on camera.

>> No.3229583

Honestly though who cares if there is an imbalance in subs? Flare is one of the highest superchatted Holomembers, so she is still pulling her weight.

This focus on sub count misses the point on 3rd Gen: They are the best and most profitable Gen hands down. Each one of them appeals to a certain demographic, the sum of which is a large swath of society. Each of them has their own unique appeal and they all have skills that amplify each other when they collab. Cover forming 3rd Gen was like catching lighting in a bottle. We should appreciate it while it's still here.

>> No.3229653

You don't stream to EOP or SOP for supas, you do that for subs.

OP asked about subs.

>> No.3230744

English only pleb, just like me

>> No.3230783

Boomer is a state of mind rather than a state of time these days

>> No.3230876

Let her be. Shew will surely grow because her design is unique compared to the other holos.

>> No.3232677

When it comes to subscribing comparisons, there is a 200,000 difference between Pekora and Marin. There is a difference of 400,000 between Pekora and Noel. And there is a difference of 400,000 between Noel and Flair. There is a big difference in popularity not only in flare but also in the third generation.
Flares aren't the only difference.

>> No.3232788


>> No.3232854

The presence of flares is invaluable when the third generation performs live. In addition, the existence of flare is indispensable for the third generation because it is one of the customs to talk about Noefure among the third generation.

>> No.3232901

Needless to say, There is a 300,000 difference between Pekora and Rushia.

>> No.3233007

If the difference in subscription is the problem, it is the problem because the difference in EN is the largest.

>> No.3234216

>Wrong, I watched her roommate (before she showed her tits), she was one of the best zatsudan streamers on NND for years with a mostly female fanbase

All complete bullshit. I hope you're just trolling and haven't completely misunderstood everything about your oshi's past.

>> No.3234583

Which part is wrong?
She was a zatsudan streamer.
Her audience was mostly female (her roommate still has those marshmallow streams up that she did when she first made her YouTube channel if you want proof.)

>> No.3234680

Her personality is the opposite of what attracts female listeners. She has never had a large female fanbase. She wasn't always an ero streamer, but she streamed with a camera from the beginning and her chest has always been part of her draw. I'm not denying that she is reasonably skilled at zatsudan. You can post the marshmallow stream if you want, but it's surely a misunderstanding of some kind.

>> No.3234896

>best personality
can someone flare-pill me? I've dropped into her stream a few times but left quickly

>> No.3234926

her english streams are actual top-tier, not just the guessing game shit that a lot of other duolingo streams have been

>> No.3235009

The marshmallow streams are the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th oldest videos on her roommates YouTube channel, not posting it because I am already asking for a ban.
She hasn't always been an ero streamer.
She has been streaming since she was 13 so for at least 5 years it was literally impossible for her to be an ero streamer, NND is strict on underage streamers.
Also she streamed with a fucking goofy anpan man mask well into her 20s, maybe you find that erotic but most people don't. The ero shit literally started within the last 4 years.
As for the female audience, she definitely has one. Even Noel has a higher than average female.
If you look at her roommate's Twitter there are still a ton of female fans.
Also she still does cooking streams and still talks about female topics such as fashion.

>> No.3235300

To put it simply, her personality is to add Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Uranus, and to add the ingredients of Sailor Pluto to the appearance.

>> No.3235364

I'm 50% of the way there anon but not a sailormoon fag, please try ONE more time and I swear I'll give her a try

>> No.3236246

She is often called IKEMEN or SUPADARI (like Chad).
She takes care of others very well. And she also likes to have a joke with her friends, whether senior or junior. You can enjoy the good relationship in her collaboration stream. She used to be a singing streamer, so she is not good at streaming games, but she is also one of the best otaku in Hololive, so if she is interested in games, she will show nice ability. And she's laugh is loud and very comfortable(laughs a lot).

>> No.3236287

thankyou, gotcha, your work is appreciated

>> No.3236620

love marine

>> No.3236626

She is honestly, and treats everybody the same way.
She had a lot of trouble in the early days, but that's why she values her fans more than anyone else. She announces and thank all the contents of Super Chat except for anniversaries.

>> No.3237049

>who cares
Numberfags. Literally only numberfags.

>> No.3240944

I love fat tits but she's annoying as fuck, I can't even jerk off to her roommate. And as a vtuber she has no talent or grace.
Certified cumdumpster.

>> No.3241153

I don't think you can solve it, since it's all in the DNA. I mean the imbalance of their tit size is pretty hard to ignore but I don't think being brown skinned makes a different in the size unless the JP side has some other knowledge about tits?

>> No.3241589

iirc she was one of the first to start the duolingo english stuff, and she got a massive boost from that.

>> No.3241628

It's not her fault she's in a generation with absolute vtubing monsters.

>> No.3242040

The most I've gotten from her were from clips, but what got my attention was her laugh in her first GTA5 stream, it was pure kino wheezing. Some of the best laughings I've laughed along with in years, I watched that stream and every GTA stream she did afterward because of that, so I guess you could describe her as another Hololiver with a god-like laugh or something along those lines, but I'm new to her, so I shouldn't have much-a-say.

>> No.3242541

i cant talk about jp clips, but her translated clips are horrible, they show 0 personally from her. From these you only think that she is pure shit.

>> No.3242720

She has barely gotten translated clips until recently

>> No.3242765

this is code for Ethiopian man isn't it

>> No.3242889

its a stupid cycle, aki is the best exemple, got saved by a fucking clipper, with that she started getting more popular.
If they dont have someone as, for exemple, tengoku who constantly translates subaru videos, for sure they will have less viewers. His hability to choose fun parts helps as well, as i pointed out for these flare clippers who have none.

>> No.3243267

This made me realize that this isn't an anti-Flare thread. This is a numberfag thread masquerading as something else. Numberfags cannot be reasoned with, so to all non-numberfags reading this: You are wasting your time discussing anything on this thread.

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File: 3.50 MB, 3541x2508, __shiranui_flare_makaino_ririmu_and_arurandeisu_hololive_and_2_more_drawn_by_kurai_munio__91848ad994918fefac07f55ae10ace3d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No, it's literal, and the guy is pretty cool. Vtuber illustrators are often referred to as the mother or father of the vtuber, and Flare's father in this case, lack, is a cup of coffee.

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>imbalance problem
I see no problem.
the most popular shit in any medium is usually trash.

Flare is the only holofantasy I watch.
shit floats, as is evident by Guras numbers.