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Positive RRAT thread, only good nice rrats in this thread

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Mio gives every hologirl a kiss on the cheek goodnight after tucking them into bed.

>> No.3198635

Mel and Choco made out live and had sex later that same night

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pekora committed murder once. all of the war criminal jokes are her way of atoning for her sins, and her place as a v-tuber is her punishment. ever wonder why the face of all lies and deceit is her? ever wonder why she's the only one joked around as a war criminal with a prisoner outfit? exactly.

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Does anybody else think that pekora sounds like a rat when she makes that high pitched "pekopekopeko" sound?

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Pekora still contact Miko off stream. They are still friend irl.

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Nothing bad happened between PekoMiko during the sleepover. They aren't interacting with each other recently because they contracted autism.

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Miko tried fucking Pekora during their sleepover and this is why they haven't collabed since.

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What a fucking nigger. Geez oh my God what the fuck. I'm sorry.

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Kiara wants to make herself look bad so her genmates look much better in comparison

>> No.3198924

ui-mama wants to be hatefucked

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Sakura Miko has terminal cancer. She gets treatment in the hospital every year but constantly assures everyone its nothing serious.

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They are all good friends

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Ollie had loving sex in the missionary positions with the purpose of procreation with her husband on-stream

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Ame is cuter than usual today!

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A gun owns Kiara

>> No.3199246

Ollie comes back and everything is ogey

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I still wonder how the fuck did Marine beat out the Nijis in getting her songs in a BEMANI game when BEMANI is Niji territory?

I can only think 2 possible rrats.

1) Cover got Konami permissions, and this was part of the deal to get their songs in SDVX.
2) beatmario, as an Ichimi, gave Konami the go signal. Considering he got a commision on IIDX27, maybe next part for any commision, part of the deal must be that Konami should help the holos in permissions and get this in SDVX at least.

Regardless of the outcome, this is good for holo.

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1. Kiara graduates
2. kfp commit suicide
3. hlgg becomes a utopia

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Bold of you to assume she wouldn't double down on it

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>3. hlgg becomes a utopia
God I hope not. I hate globaltards so much it isn't even funny. Fuck you fuck you fuck you.

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Hololive goes under, taking all of vtubing with it. We all get actual girlfriends and leave this site forever.

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fuck that

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good end

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Pekora wants to graduate so Hololive falls apart and Nijisanji takes over the vtuber market

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unless my girlfriend is japanese and 15 years older than me then I'm not interested.

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you miss the part where I am dead

>> No.3200444

Who is this buff man and why is he dying with such grace

>> No.3200474

Geese Howard, a guy who likes to fall off buildings

>> No.3200496

Geese Howard, the world's strongest weeaboo who loves mustard.

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Due to a quirk in the tracking software, the girls have to stream in ONLY bike shorts.

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Whatever happened at the MikoPeko sleepover was 100% consensual and they are now secretly a loving couple.

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do not post fact anon, rrat only

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your oshi loves you

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Nyanners genuinely misses us. Shame that pedos had to ruin it for everyone

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That doesn't seem that positive, anon.

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Coco is playing 5D underwater interdimensional backgammon with the Spanish duo lingo streams because she's actually a Mexican boli salesman named Humberto Sanchez. He speaks fluent Spanish as do most Mexican nationals and his plan is to flail around on duo lingo but start picking it up VERY quickly. His reign over the Spanish speaking audience will be absolute.

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The good ending

>> No.3203758

better than her hating all of us. Id consider that positive.

>> No.3203953

Hololive EN second Gen will be filled with actual smart girls, who know what they’re talking about and are passionate about topics yet to be touched by others, thus giving more audiences a specific vtuber to follow that suits their hobbies

>> No.3204057

They actually fuck each night

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Mori is Anomaly with a voice changer, think about it, both greet the audience by saying "It's ya boy" and have you ever seen them stream at the same time? No, and if you take Mori Calliope, remove some letters, and add others, what do you get? Anomaly

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>Not really positive but whatever
This board isn't as active as you think. You've probably argued with the same people dozens of times, meanwhile you two are talking positively about your oishii in another general thread. Your enemies are also your friend.

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People vastly overestimate the size of the overseas audience for vtubers.

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That's why I talk shit about everyone equally
If I don't have friends irl, then I don't need them on internet

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everyone are actually proud Indonesians paid below minimum wage by Cover.

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Sora and Coco are close friends off stream

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EN Management are good girls and they wanna protect the talents of leeches, sjws and zhangs

>> No.3204397

That's the beauty of this site, though if there aren't many people, they sure are active, so i wouldn't say this isn't an active board, that would be something like /3/

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Mori's mental health has improved significantly.
Ollie is taking the first steps to improve her mental health right now.
Anya will experience a popularity surge.
Choco will find herself a good man.

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I'm arguing with everyone in this board but in my head while doing the dishes. Sometimes I rage hard but sometimes I also win.

>> No.3204478

Ollie is actually getting fingered by Moona and Risu

>> No.3204617

Get Gura set up on IIDX Infinitas and SDVX Cloud and I’ll kneel to Cover forever

>> No.3204651

i like this one. i just want everyone to be happy

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>and are passionate about topics yet to be touched by others, thus giving more audiences a specific vtuber to follow that suits their hobbies

That's a bit concerning.

>> No.3204730

Hololive is an experimental program funded by Private Capital. The idea is to rehabilitate young men and women from loneliness, depression, anxiety, apathy, stress induced trauma and any other forms of mental illness with the use of vtubers. With a cast of charming, sexy and chatty entertainera with a friend persona, they offer you, the viewer the ideal that they are your personal friend. Whether if its playing video games, telling stories, drawing artwork, and singing. These activities are suppose to draw your attention and attempt to put you into a massive group therapy session. The purpose for this entertainment is to make the viewer feel less lonely, less depressed, less suicidal, and hopefully make you, the viewer feel better about yourself. Whether if this program is detrimental or even cause more harm is debatable. But a massive outreach with Hololive as your friendly "therapist" offering the 'friend experience' and having you go through 'healing therapy' is going underway.

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hiro killing vtumer threads in jp caused the hololive decline

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your oshi secretly cherishes your comments

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all the anime you didn't watch instead: *exists*

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fuck off and die

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>shit that's exactly what would happen, better ad hominem

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jesus fucking christ who let the youtuber commenter off his leash? absolutely disgusting

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this but unironically, hololive has done for my mental health than a lot of shit i tried

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Ina likes to deglove cocks with a peeler in her free time and then make them cum.
Not a rrat, she's quite popular in the neighborhood.

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I like to think whenever they feel depressed or down they scroll through comments appreciating all the positive things said about them.

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>Be Memeable
>make cringey ass anime meme compilations
>get little to no views and subs
>find out that vtubers and hololive is on the rise
>ironic weebs eat that shit like its lunchtime
>create a meme compilation based on hololive
>get a fuckton of views and subs
>do it for 36 fucking times
>you now make bank by being a shitty hololive meme channel and a semi clipnigger
I dont blame the bastard tbqh. And I would've done the same

>> No.3205160

Yeah I don't think the market is that deep for en vtubers I think it can top out if everything goes well for vtubing at around a 7-9 million total people who will support en creatora

>> No.3205250

>meme compilation on youtube
so is it just a slideshow? wtf?

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>> No.3205443

That's true because she says it herself

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pls someone play mario with pekora

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this is so fucking cringe that it became based

>> No.3205582

>impying it wasn't based from the start
This is cringe, this is reddit, this is cringe, this is reddit

>> No.3205612

nice cope. its one of the most popular boards, on the same level with /pol/ and /biz/

>> No.3205652

this must be bait but I also don't understand what you're trying to achieve here?

>> No.3205675

RRAT I have is that en management has stopped them from becoming
Pekora momma should play with pekora

>> No.3205759

looks like you obtained brain rot from watching too much vtubers. what i said there is very clear. this is one of the most popular boards on the site and like /pol/ it has a large amount of people that are not really anons but tourists from other "communities"

>> No.3205766

The biggest rrat of all:
I love you motherfuckers

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finish english class before visiting english language forums

really? I can't stand pretty much everyone here, I hate the majority of the "discussion", and the only reason I'm here is because there's nowhere else to discuss vtubers and I've been addicted to 4chan for 6 years

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>one of the most popular boards on the site and like /pol/
>a board where threads last only one hour at most
>/vt/ on the other hand has threads that last several days or even a week

>> No.3205845

fuck you. that does not fit into my permanent neet lifestyle at all

>> No.3205877

only because they are bumped all the time. actually slow threads get archived in few hours here

>> No.3205905

Pekomiko comeback today

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>quiplash threeee
>well it's *ou against Me
>I'm the king of the partyyy
>*ou're just a wannabe

>> No.3206030

The board is really fast and active, but the second part is still true.

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But anon, that would mean /vt/ would be gone!

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>It's true

>> No.3208829

sorry I meant younger*

>> No.3209135

Wait what Game? I thought it was some Doujin CD Music

>> No.3209210

ayame is a whore

>> No.3209218 [DELETED] 

not a rrat

>> No.3210004

Suba and Hachaama aren't gay

>> No.3210138

Streaming is the only thing keeping Ame from killing herself

>> No.3210896

Have i been arguing with myself this entire time? and reporting racist post of my own making? am i schizo or is this world even real?

>> No.3210913

Ame is suicidal?

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After experiencing the warm, womanly touch of Miko, Pekora the closet homosexual had now come to terms with her sexuality and the nature of her "friendship" with Miko, hence why today collab happened.

>> No.3211632

i so wanna be spoonfed on why ayame is a whore, i'm busy writing my diploma and watching holofightz and the whoreposting in chat drives me insane

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Engineering pls. I'd kill for a passionate fanbase of makers.

>> No.3211866

same bro, I don't get it

>> No.3212254

How old are you?

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>> No.3214480

too late, the monkey paw already curled one of it's fingers.

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That's not what an ad hominem is.

>> No.3216441

So it's true that faggots multiply by molesting other people and turning them into faggots.

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Anon is right in terms of posts per minute. Right now, /vt/ is the fastest at the moment. But the others dwarf is in terms of total posts

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I love her too!

>> No.3219518

i want these normalfags out of this site

>> No.3219742

sorry, bud. i can't spend hours upon hours doing reps to be inline with the lore.
hopefully i'll catch a break sometime, like it happened with most of the things i was curious about.
have a nic...fuck it, get your dick chopped off by a rusty screwdriver.

>> No.3219865

terrible thing but also well explained by the boards content. its only a little bit better than the twitch chats so getting a high post rate is very easy

>> No.3219926

why not go do normalfag stuff instead of posting here? since you are doing that kind of stuff it means that you are an normalfag. only they would study something that require writing those things

>> No.3220298

you some kinda Biden level retard if you think normalfagging is writing a diploma.
jesus fucking christ, anonchama

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just a 30 years old boomer. students are disgusting subhumans and deserve all the hate until they stop behaving like filthy pigs

>> No.3220638

i'm 36. go fuck a cactus

>> No.3220819

sure. studying is for children and you are doing it so you must be one of them

>> No.3221062


>> No.3223581

How can /vt/ have more posts per minute but fewer posts per day? That makes no sense.

>> No.3224065

The ENgen 1 actually do talk a lot off stream despite the stiffness during actual streams together. Kiara talked about a meeting they had once. The reason they feel so stiff during collabs is because they don't know how to bounce their individual characters off each other while maintaining their usual stream energy. Time will make it better.

>> No.3224845

what does rrat mean?!

>> No.3225006

really retarded average theory

>> No.3225047


>> No.3225134

It's a naRRATive. Basically it usually has little to no basis in reality but when you stop to think about it, you could see it happening anyway, unless it's some absolute schizo shit.
Basically pick your rrats well otherwise you'll become a schizo fucker yourself

>> No.3225243

thanks, I've been on this board for a week and you're the first anon to explain it to me

>> No.3225280

>this is cringe, this is reddit
Makes sense.
>this is based, this is 4chan
Underage and v&, I know because I used to call things 4chan in highschool and I cringe whenever I remember

>> No.3225554

A tip for you so you don't get picked apart too much, always throw internet lingo on urban dictionary and it'll make your life much easier

>> No.3225611

Pekora said "ogey rrat" in a stream and everyone though it was hilarious. Eventually anons tried to look deeper into the meaning of "rrat" and one observed that Narrative without naive is RRAT. Obviously this is completely backwards since believing the rrat makes you the naive one.
Rrats are separate from plain narratives because it's assumed that they have some layers of irony built in and it becomes a game to dissect them to determine whether the poster is mentally ill or is baiting for (you)s

>> No.3226137
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>"I'm gonna hang outside at a ladies prison. And the first thing those lady cons are gonna see after 20 years? Is me."

>> No.3226665

this is cringe, this is reddit, this is cringe, this is reddit
this is based, this is 4chan, this is based, this is 4chan

>> No.3226743

You're one of the best (You) farmers on this board and I appreciate your work.

>> No.3226825

Flare constantly talks about Miko, she's in love with her.

>> No.3227816

Ollie graduates. ID2 has a holo named Saiko McTwist who strangely sounds like one of Ollie's 7 other voices. She lives alone and would never associate with males.

>> No.3228609

>Saiko McTwist
What's the costume theme?

>> No.3228645

full mudslime compliant hijab with a gloryhole

>> No.3229072

The annoying Orange, Coco, and Kiara are the same people.

>> No.3229123

Zombie dressed in blue with sword through head.

>> No.3229318


>> No.3229326

Kiara's mom still watches her streams

>> No.3229351

Snuffy supports Black Lives Matter

>> No.3229411

This will be positive/negative depending on your political stance but all of Holo EN are left-wing nuts.

>> No.3229488

Kiara, Ina, Mori..those i believe
Gura, i'm not entirely sure the shork doesn't have a pretty solid power level.
Ame though, lefty-pol maybe.

>> No.3229703
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Americans shit on each other based on their political stance. Ame and Gura are very close.

>> No.3230059


>> No.3230289

That is the most absurd rrat I've ever read.

>> No.3230346

Most posting occurs in short, but intense bursts.

>> No.3230396


>> No.3230587

Probably most are liberal, probably most are not left-wing.

>> No.3230695
File: 1.92 MB, 1920x1280, 1616047653721.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Even more: Sora trusts Coco more than anyone to carry Hololive in the future once she gets confident enough in her singing to actually have duets with her

>> No.3230747

The only reason GurAme collabs have disappeared is because they are both so busy with their own stuff (Ame improving her singing, Gura on her OG songs) they can't really coordinate a collab and when they are both free they

>> No.3230938

Ame's a libertarian

>> No.3232628

Conspiracy theories and wild mass guessing

>> No.3232661

nice rrat

>> No.3236571
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>> No.3237183

My dream of a sports fanatic vtuber will become a reality

>> No.3237393

It's based on the premise that an infinitely repeating 0.9 = 1 because there are no numbers that come between them.

>> No.3237900

Nene is planning on making polygamy legal and marrying everyone in her husbands collection

>> No.3237959

YAGOO is Polka's adoptive dad, and he's really proud of her following her dream

>> No.3239378

Should I buy this game? Don't know if it'd worth the money but it looks cool
Touhou spell bubble (its a dlc)

>> No.3239620

No “ogey” should go without its “rrat”

>> No.3239741

[Not a rrat, actual good news] Ollie is a nice and sincere girl, and a talented streamer.

>> No.3239841

Fubuki and Calli both played it if watching would help you decide.

>> No.3241246

>not knowing about Zeno's arrow

>> No.3241929

Ame is tkmz

Her obsession with fishes
Mspaint style drawing (even with her attempt to mask it)
Constant girls last tour shilling

>> No.3241986

A chan is actually Hitomi Chris.

>> No.3242551


>> No.3242718
File: 490 KB, 1883x1200, 1606782065093.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

would her self insert still be big sis?

>> No.3244529
File: 22 KB, 377x277, 1618091588501.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Amelia's depression is getting better due to a mix of different circumstances
>new office
>new outfit
>loyal teamates
>and a shit ton of lsd

Also Bubba is the one who is controlling Amelia via telekinesis

You didn't hear that from me tho rrats

>> No.3247151

I can see Mori being liberal but not that left leaning.

>> No.3247238

Calli actually loves all her fans and being a Vtuber, and does her best at making plans for and working on her Vtuber content; that’s why she’s tired all the time, and not what antis say.

>> No.3247270

Not exactly positive but I have a mouth and I must rrat. Botan is FSB, Okayu is actually CIA.

>> No.3247365

Fag Orange isn't a VTuber or a person, it's a live-action webseries, "rrat" is a VTuber exclusive term. Make sure to fuck off back to your containment board, election tourist.

>> No.3247402

Almost all western artists are. Check your favourite authors twitter, all of them will be lefties

>> No.3250630

its the status quo for society now its not surprising

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