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I will never forgive black company Cover for how they treated her.

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Anon, you don’t even know her

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Did she paid the guy at the end?

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Saviorfags are just drawn to drama. They don't care about the vtuber, the person behind them or their content. They're just there to show how virtuous, caring and supportive they are.

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Worst thread on the board rn

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how did they treat her OPchama?

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Cover is going to pay. Not today and not tomorrow.
But one fucking day, they will pay.

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I am willing to put money on her never having had western viewers

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You mean paying their vtubers? But they did

>> No.3177984

Or Japanese viewers or any viewers for that matter.

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At least someone was watching her debut

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Chris shoulda paid for her own equipment lmao

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And absolutely not OP himself

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She paid him 1,000,000 YEN in teenage pussy

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The most grievous offense is still whoever approved that awful fucking design

>> No.3178828

With that price, I hope it was tight.

>> No.3178918

>that design
Cover paid for that?

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The similarity is uncanny

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Her design was shit and so was she

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Aloe and Chris are my favourite Holo's

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If she ever became anything other than DOA the design itself would fill vt with "Why is she not graduated yet?" posts

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You mean company of color you bigot

>> No.3181668

Is there some new leddit narrative making the rounds now

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This. The glasses looked really bad. The glasses infection in Hololive is horrible. There is nothing sexy or cute whatsoever about glasses

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You're ill Friend. You have the sickness of trash taste

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Imagine being the retard who fucked up so bad that you got graduated before you debut and then had to watch that company become incredibly popular and some of the members become quite wealthy and you continue to live in poverty because you couldn't keep your legs closed lmao

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no hitomiposting happens occasionally here

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Could you imagine what this entire board would look like if Hitomi's yab happened today?

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At least Aloe fags got three streams to know her plus the entirety of triangle, Hitomi had literally one test stream and nothing else. Get the fuck over it.

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She was too intelligent. She graduated in 1 day!

Nope, discussion about her is banned on reddit

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Imagine Chris watching Ollie get fingered live and realizing if she just kept her pants on for one more week she would've been untouchable.

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I don't blame her, I'm also sick of Trash Taste.

>> No.3187660

Ollie fucking flexing on her lmfao

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another example of reddit being a circlejerk

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No, she promised sex, but she reneged on it, so he caused a shitstorm to get her canned.

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