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? What happened with this cover exactly?

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Doing better than Mumei's recent cover.

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Well Mumei cannot sing and put out a good cover. Kronii can sing and put out this garbage. Want to explain that?

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want to learn how to speak the english language?

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Want to suck my dick you fucking nerd?

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getting 500k in a week ?

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maybe you just have shit taste cunt.
better than a fucking vocaloid ballad.

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Mafia is a Vocaloid song you idiot LMFAO holy shit you just got destroyed.

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At least it's outperforming Polka's garbage original song that she released the same time and wasted a shitload of money on.

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Holy owned

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Oh wow a Cover of a 12 year old obscure vocaloid song is doing worse than a 2 year old popular vocaloid song?
How could that possibly have happened.

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Luca's cover is better. Kronii's will never reach 5 million. You can screencap this.

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HoloEN lost its sovl that's what happened

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This is Kronii doing "her" best.

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I mean yeah, her discord didn't make a tutorial on how to bot youtube views like his did LOL

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Using this bait post as an opportunity to shill this.

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>>31691277 (me)
Fixed the link.

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Do you not realize how salty this makes you look?

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Oh yuck. I clicked a link to a Hololive video on accident.

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>vocaloid ballad.
can't you fucking read you apes ?

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its actually decent i like it

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She didn't shill it enough. Simple as that

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This isn't the type of music she sings at all. It was Bae who recommended it to her. Also, Kronii is my oshi, but she isn't half as good a singer as Bae or Mumei.

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First, look at the credit, Kronii had to mix it herself. She is a chubba, not a musician, doesn't has skill like Mori.
Then look at the animation, it's choppy as fuck
Finally, the vocal lack soul element in it. Kronii couldn't beat other covers at skill or voice, she need soul to be different, but this cover don't have it

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polka's song is kino and based and matters which is 10x more than any bullshit kuroni will EVER do. It's so fucked up that the EN branch exists in the same company as JP

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Cope bitch

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It's so based that no one is watching it just like everything else Polka does.

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Yeah I agree I think things that sell the most are the best and things that don't are the worst because I'm a lowest common denominator american shit eating retard.

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Speaking of Polka, I just realized that her name Omaru Polka is from that one hamster anime Omaru-chan. Why would she name herself after that, everyone fucking hates that annoying hamster girl.

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>being bad is actually good!
Ok last samurai

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simple, kronii did a more popular song. Mumei did a less popular song. Mumei song mixing was horrible(like always, cover doesn't know what to do with her voice which is a shame because she has arguably the 2nd best voice in EN behind irys).

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Bro, they don't sell covers lmao
At least Polka's bring money. COVERs only cost money.

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ESL Retard.

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I guess I’ll shill my 2 view too then:

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It's doing ok? I hope you're not trying to use Gura as like the baseline for a song being "successful".

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This is literally a Sony-owned agency, they may not get a lot of viewers but describing her as a "2view" like she's some struggling indie is highly dishonest.

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if you see people seething about polka you know they don't watch and love hololive

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for the Nth time, nobody is interested in HoloEN anymore. Stop making them relevant by posting them

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HoloEN is the only thing this board even discusses. Nobody speaks Japanese and their brain is too rotted by numbers to watch anyone else.

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Ok fine, heres my shill for my vtuber that can only consistently get double digit CCV

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yep. Official songs can be uploaded in iTunes, Spotify, can be sold as a digital single or a physical one, can be heard on a radio/mall/convenience store etc. Basically it's gonna make money, that's why watame and polka makes a lot of original songs despite it not doing mindblowing numbers in youtube. But antis are not gonna acknowledge that.

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So what you're saying is Watame and Polka are greedy people who just care about making money and that's why they keep putting out original songs they can sell, while Mumei and Kronii are very selfless people who do covers solely to make their fans happy because they won't be making any money off it.

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Anon, I dunno what Polka did to you to give you such a hate boner for her, but give it a rest already. You've been shitting up the numbers thread about her MV since it released and even they are tired of you. The fact that a chuba is getting you this butt hurt isn't healthy, you should unironically get help.

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Good. Anyone that annoys /#/ is good in my book.