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Whaoh I didn't know Suisei's theme is supposed to be comet. Her artist is good at the subtlety, anyway do you have moments like these /vt/?

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>her artist
holy newfag, she designed her character herself

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See I didnt even fucking knew that, I'm starting to like Suisei holy shit.

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This feels like bait. "Suisei" is literally comet in Japanese, it's as on the nose as it gets. Only Sakura Miko might be more obvious.

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you have responded to a bait thread you fools. you morons. I am king of the morons for even writing this post

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Only people who are fluent in japanese can even know that.

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This isnt a Suisei bait thread, dumb threader, I'm asking you what moments have you had that's similar to this.

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I don't believe you, but I found it interesting how Choco is a succubus and also a massive whore.

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"Suisei" means "Venus", you idiot

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"Venus" is "Kasei", you retard.

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"Suisei" is a subtle reference to "suisex" which is what I'm going to be doing with her tonight, if you know what I mean

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And Mel is a vampire who drinks semen and is also a whore and noel has huge tits and have you seen her huge tits they're huge you know?

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But have considered Suiseid yet?

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Choco isn't a succubus though. She's a demon nurse.

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this is definitely american bait

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Next thread:
"Guys! Did you know that Akai Haato's theme is supposed to be red hearts?!"

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Dude, do your japanese reps. They are not famous for been creative when it comes to names and just put the name of things.

Shirakami Fubuki for example. Shira + kami = white hair, Fubuki = Blizzard

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>cuq faqing wolf is named white-haired blizzard
Chief warrior who cooks buffalo would like her.

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>Snowflower Ramirez
What a ridiculous name. Clearly these idiots have never been to Mexico

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>Her artist

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I thought you were talking about her BGM. Be more specific newfag tourist!

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> Whaoh I didn't know Suisei's theme is supposed to be comet
Her name is literally Starcity Comet, her first ever original song is called Comet and at least half her other songs and her album have a title that is some reference to space shit. On the off chance that this isn’t just bait, you’re an actual retard.

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>Dude, do your japanese reps.
You do yours. Her name is 白上, the kami part 上 does not mean hair that is 髪.

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Do an hero

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No, that's her boyfriend's name. She's a massive whore. I don't know how Cover lets the early gens get away with shit like that and still act like idols.
t. haaton

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Exquisite bait.

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They are all retarded EOPs. All their names are pretty much on the nose. The only one I can think of that isn't immediately obvious is probably Polka.

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She's supposed to be a snake.

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"Omaru" means "Round Tail", referencing her poofy tail. "Polka" seems random though

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her name is literally ouroboros kronos

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What does Sakura Miko mean

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cherry blossom shrine maiden

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Omaru means potty

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thank you for saving this gay ass thread

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Polka means Porka.

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I thought "Polka" was because of polka dot

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Fureedomu redy

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