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>best dancer
>most entertaning
>most talented
>most beloved
>now also the sexiest
KoronesukiCHADs can’t stop winning

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>also most fit
>can physically dominate every single vtuber inside and outside of hololive

she is the best

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I wouldn’t call us chads, per se. Watamates, lunaitos and Haatons more fit that stereotype. Everything else you said was essentially correct, though

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>there are people out there that are not koronesukis
>they will never enjoy their oshi pulling off stuff like this
I pity them

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What a whore

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Where is this from?

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what will you do?

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Oh, we’ll enjoy it alright. Kanauru got us sorted. Gura will be doing front-flips and somersaults in no time.

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I love her so much after all the good work she has put in, even if she doesn't stream as much as she used to. Everyone who watches vtubers in the west need to kneel to her.

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preach it, brutha

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"Says a faggot"

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I will never have a sex thought about the retro games dog and you can't make me

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She might not be my oshi but Korone is high up my list for sure, wish she hadn't tumbled out of the 1st Army ranks after HoloMyth debuts as she is more than deserving to be as highly considered amongst them.

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I would be her koikatsu card is perfect.

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>Korone could beat the ever living shit out of me without breaking a sweat until I'm too tired to resist her advances and finally rapes me

I love the kind of woman that can kick my ass.

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Really sucks that we didn't get custom swimsuits or at least underwear.
I wanted to see a custom bikini for each of my beloved hags.

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Damn, the dog from doom looks like THAT?

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waow big booby I like it

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You’re right, they can’t, because you have to start to stop.

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truly the best

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Also is the best girl for GF experience since SHE NEVER COLLABED WITH ANY FILTHY MEN

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Do it.

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Love me some Korone

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This is someone's mom

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Yeah, mine.

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You forgot the most important attribute she has


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Yeah, my son's.
I'm proud of you, son.

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The only thing that’s reclining is my dick inside your mom’s vagina

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And? Not sure if she's a single mom, but she does have kids and she earns more than average to raise them without either working 60 hours a week or selling her body. Add in the fact she will probably teach her kids boxing and act as a good role model for physical fitness and I think she's doing great, especially if shes a single mother. Meanwhile westerners will see increased bullying as kids taunt other kids when they find their moms OF.

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She's always been a big girl

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What’s her cup size?

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I appreciate her alot despite never really watching her all that much. praise be to dog.

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>Korone said she has 6 packs.

She really do be like this?

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That doesn't even make any sense? What would that look like?

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Man, I really wish my partner will be the same person when she reach that age. Lovable and funny, active and having fun just like Korone. Its like when you reach that age, you're not the same anymore. Korone is there to prove us that age is just number and you should never limit yourself because of it.

I finally get the appeal of these kind of chuuba.

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why doesn't she say yubi anymore

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Not to mention she's also a hag and older than all of them and still outperforming them....

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I want more arm wrestling where we can see Korone dominate all of them. Imagine being literally decades younger and still getting mogged by her.

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you love to see it

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I can help you, here, watch MANS instead

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fake ass koronesuki

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what the hell is this.

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a post

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but why is the dog naked?

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So that a French gay couple will give it monkeypox by letting it sleep on the bed.
Yeah, that happened.

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I dont understand.

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based. How you make this little window overlay with youtube?
I know >replying to 1h post, but I really could use that

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jimmy neutron vibes

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I just want them to be idols man. Fuck off with the swimsuits and flirting and acknowledging sexuality. Just sing, dance and be cute and stupid. First Okayu and now Mr. Korone.

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Kys fag

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stop wanting to change people's hobby

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No. Seeing the giant dog breasts is my reward for sitting through all the singing and dancing.

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This is and will always be an idolfag hobby. Coomers are not welcome. Though they stumble, they'll be on the right track before long.

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feels good knowing you picked the right one

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Why are her boobs so big? If you think about it, there's no reason for them to be this huge

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I remember being upset at first finding out she was a hag, then I got happy again watching her stream and realizing this girl won't be graduated because of reaching certain age like regular idols.... AND SHE HAVE SOME MASSIVE FUCKING TITTIES.

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She needs the milk capacity to feed her litter of 11 puppies.

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>best dancer
That's Aki though.

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Dumb bitch can't even handle a few tweets and comments and ends up taking a break over "muh mentuhl helth"

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god i want to suck on her size 10 fingers

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This is the most retarded post I've seen all day.

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Akirose mogged her

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Are you new? Korone was always sexy

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What bullshit are you spouting about anon? Idols have been doing gravure and swimsuit photos since time immemorial.

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I had a lewd dream with her once but I don't remember anything...

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Alright anon, post the sauce, don't be a faggot

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Doggy gods’ street is a bop. I won’t lie.

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The fuck? Also...card?

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Slap (she likes it)

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Face it anon, your niche hobby is no longer as niche as you think it is.

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Damn those bodonkers! SEND LINK!