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Sorry bro we're on break, no ollie rrats for a week, we don't wanna let the normies know what's up, we might enjoy fking with rrats but we don't want hololive to collapse

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hope she'll be alright, even if it is just for a week

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She can't handle the vtuber life. She should graduate.

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Pretty sure the rrats got to her, since she mentions trying to reach out to her senpais for advice. Also implies she didn't get anything back from the.

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Im fine with a one week breake from Ollies treads

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But what about Trash Taste threads? We already had a Jerma one.

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Comment and bump in this thread how much you guys like but let's at least try to not talk about the Ollie rrat for a week if not for her, out of respect for her senpai's at the very least

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More like a one week of fresh rrats

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What? Are you suggesting that I have to go to OTHER threads to shit on rrats? What will I do without my easy go to?>>3104981
I was thinking that at first too but I caught the end of the karaoke stream that was posted on here earlier and it sounded like she has deep seeded issues in general. Can't blame her desu.

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this is the first thread on this matter or are they just getting deleted?

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>>3104840 #
What? Are you suggesting that I have to go to OTHER threads to shit on rrats? What will I do without my easy go to?
>>3104981 #
I was thinking that at first too but I caught the end of the karaoke stream that was posted on here earlier and it sounded like she has deep seeded issues in general. Can't blame her desu.

Also fuck autocorrect for making me post this twice.

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The rrats are calming down out of respect for her mental state, don't be a douche and try to poke on the hornet's nest, you're proving zomcucks are a deplorable community

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I really hope you faggots dont speard this in others places, we may be the lowest of the lowest but at least we used to have a code, what it is said here stays here, have some honor

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>Make fun of the rrats
You're no hero anon, you're just making things worse, the more you kick the rrats the more they'll show you what they can do
just.. stop and let it go, they're not gonna talk about it for a week, just let it end with that

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Jared broke up with her.

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Thats probably what that anon wants

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I see, a brigade of coping zomcucks is already dispatched. She and Jaret will have a great time this week, and he will run out of condoms very fast, so prepare your money for her return.

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That changed once the schizos started going into youtube comments and twitter and reporting their shitty rrats to Cover.

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The slut has been defeated. She'll graduate next, just like Aloe. Screencap this.

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Bruh no HoloID on Trash Taste

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>trying to reach out to her senpais for advice. Also implies she didn't get anything back from the.
Seems like another rrat is born. Why would she imply that about her senpai? I thought Moona was helpful...

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Who the fuck is Jaret?

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Oh you misunderstand. I'm not invested in Ollie's really. I just like dumping on rrats in general. Trust me, I know I ain't no hero, just a troll. I was kinda joking and exaggerating though so don't worry. Real talk though I personally don't think these rrats are causing Ollie's apparent issues, though if its shown to be otherwise I'll tone it down. I do have a SLIVER of empathy left.

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At least have the decency to not talk about membership streams unlike other sites.

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Fuck you Risu. Why did you introduce /vt/ to Ollie? She's just a kid

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No ollie rrat this week sorry, do some reps maybe it'll help

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>blame Risu

>> No.3105493

>Jannies ban/block people out of containment thread
>Is surprised they're outside of containment thread

But yeah let's refrain from commenting on the vid any further

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In her stream she said it's a personal matter and not burnout. And that she thought she had been getting better lately. I hope she's not been self harming...

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Also, you faggots are garbage. Even if you're not the retards taking the ratts seriously and attacking Ollie, reporting shit to Cover, you're pieces of shit all the same for spreading this shit around to the retards who do actually go after her. Any single Holo member would be pissed off at you retards doing this shit. Your "funposting" is fine until a certain point, and you cunts have reached it. Once you start getting the attention of actual Holos, you've crossed a line. If you faggots manage to harass a member enough to make her leave, hell, even if she stays, after this, you're worse than the CCP fags. They're brainwashed, but you all fucking saw that situation go down and you still play in your shit like animals. Like >>3105162 said, there used to be a code, some semblance of decency. I'm not even a zom"cuck," not even a SEAnigger. I can just clearly see that you're more pathetic than the cunts who got Aloe to graduate are. You're as bad as the Coco spammers, if not worse. If a Holo member fucking graduates because you cunts couldn't be decent and took it too far, I hope the whole thing blows up in your faces.

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Let's save it for next week rratbro

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I'm not reading all of that shit.

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She's pregnant?

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Bro... Stop blogposting you're only feeding them, this is 4chan not reddit, people here enjoy that shit

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No rrat this week sorry, do some reps maybe it'll help

>> No.3105607

It's probably a lot more to it than that though the rrats probably aren't helping her insecurities. People who always put on a relentlessly optimistic positive face usually have some shit of their own to deal with and I imagine Ollie is no exception. She probably doesn't even want to talk to her senpais about it because she'd think it'd be burdening them, and in the case of the JPs there's the language barrier to deal with, but Moona is known to be super inquisitive about stuff and she's probably closer to Ollie than her other senpais, so that probably made Ollie feel a bit guilty.

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Bro I get it, but asking for absolutely no trolls on a thread about Ollie on 4chan is just not gonna happen. This thread has been tame compared to the others so far, let's just work up from there. This will just send this thread down the shitter. If you want peace, delete this and just save it for another thread or when REAL trolls get in here.

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Not reading all this, so choose one of the following:
1) Cope, zomcuck
2) Seethe, SEAmonkey
3) Sorry for you bro
4) No rrats this week
5) _______________

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self-harm can be really hot though

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>I understand her, here's my analysis

Please stop and let the thread die

>> No.3105668

Zomeone gotta keep feeding the rrats i guess

>> No.3105713

I'll choose for that reddit faggot

No rrats this week, it's ironic that they're more of a harm to her by being blistering spergs than the actual rrats, let the rrat do their thing and stfu, you exploding like retards is what got this out of control in the first place

>> No.3105805

wait, the anon who posted yesterday that today Ollie would announce a break and that she was in talks with Cover employees was right? who the fuck is that anon?

Ollie stop lurking this shitty place

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Where were you when 4chan decided to become the goodies?

>> No.3105877

>we wuz le edgy anonymous

>> No.3105880

She anounced it on members first

>> No.3105882

I know this is meant for me since I deleted the first message I sent so I could edit it so I'd like to clear it up for everyone. I am just a troll who shits on rrats without discrimination. I actually hardly watch her, the "zomcucks" are fine for the most part. I may not be, but they are.

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What the fuck?!

>> No.3105905

someone link his post

>> No.3105920

When they were the only ones supporting Towa in the early pre-yab and post-yab days. As well as Aki pre-pity party viral clip.

>> No.3105937

Obviously risu

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>Thats probably what that anon wants

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You seriously think the rrats are going to stop right now? They had their fill and will be coming back for more. This is not the end for Ollie. The Rratening has only started. Zomkeks, protect your oshis at all cost lest she should quit Hololive.

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4chan need to stop pretending to be the good guy and just go full villain

>> No.3106001

4chan unironically saved the Stars.

>> No.3106003

That's me omw to spread rrats on every ollie's thread because zomkeks are so easy

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>He doesn't know the rrat king

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I don't know about save but an anon complaining about the Holostars being "underrated" is more believable than a similar comment on youtube or reddit. I can at least believe that anons watch Holostars, even those who left /jp/ for that shit discord.

>> No.3106087

the thread doesn't need me to keep it alive, anon. the schizos will keep it alive because they've got no place else to go.

>> No.3106093

Since when you faggot feeling remorse? Damage have been done, don't you feel satisfied? The real question is who will be the next.

>> No.3106124

None. The only other potential next was Moona but she settled it already and even if she didn't PekoMoona would have. So no rrats now.

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Ollie again, she need to learn not to give shit for this site

>> No.3106186

Eh, I severely doubt this board is important enough to cause a one week break for a vtuber with 570k subs. She has deeper shit going on. I am curious to see what the turbo trolls do this week though.

>> No.3106227

Graduation when?

>> No.3106228

Conner is responsible for this.

>> No.3106247

Lets be real. There aren't enough people who care about Iofi. Maybe when TriNero were still a thing.

>> No.3106283

It might not be the whole reason, but what if similiar problems pop out at the same time? With antis focusing full force on her and other things, it won't be a doubt she feel greatly pressured.

>> No.3106301

the worst thing you can inflict on iofi is to not give her any attention and let her disappear into irrelevancy on her own

>> No.3106349

You're just making fool out yourself, iofi just dont give a fuck even if many people hates her, look out when chumbud attacking her and what is her response.

>> No.3106394

Anon...the fact that she responded is already a bad move. Any response is good for trolls.

>> No.3106411

Unironically yes because it got people who hated anitubers to add their numbers.

>> No.3106420

Yeah I get that, I'm not saying it had ZERO effect, just that it isn't the main reason. I honestly doubt she would come here at all though judging her mental state, so I'd have to wonder where else she'd actually find any antis.

>> No.3106437

>we may be the lowest of the lowest but at least we used to have a code
Look at the redditor pretending he's been here for any substantial amount of time.

>> No.3106500

This rrat has unironically ruined me zombros. I wish she somehow could debunk it so i can get some comfy sleep knowing that my oshi didn't betray me

>> No.3106506

kek honor he said

>> No.3106547


>> No.3106571 [DELETED] 

where were you when she whore herself to connor? she was ruined long time ago

>> No.3106593

The internet hate machine is actually just a contrarian machine. The more r/hololive users come here to defend Ollie and her brother's sticky finger the longer this shitshow will continue. Just like how support for Coco skyrocketed when the chinks went after her and started shitposting here too.

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Coco was already big and skyrocketing pre-China arc tho.
No idea about Jaret but I'd take him over Connor or Trash Taste.

>> No.3106676

Then they will keep shitting on her, the fact that everything calming done after she give response is the example.

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Should've been a prisuners if you're going with ID girls anon
Risu is a good catholic girl that would never betray you!

>> No.3106712

Coco was supported for a very long time because her enemy is the enemy of the world

>> No.3106830

I'm not even sure which of the 2-3 ollie rrats is the culprit here. is the moaning one?

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>> No.3106891

Hopefully this is it where this Conor fiasco ends. Sudden graduations are bad for Hololive's image.

>> No.3106935

>Moona but she settled it already
Her 'apology' was referring to not speaking ID.

>> No.3107006

Coco was already skyrocketing before the Taiwan stuff.
It didn't calm down immediately after anon. Sharkfags vs IDfags were still going at it in youtube comments and even FB.
>Moona but she settled it already
Why are you trying to "unsettle" it?

>> No.3107064

Of course its not immediately, but because of it they dont have any more reason to tangle iofi thus they start attacking the IDfag, their obejctive is to make iofi admit that the collab become horrible because of her and iofi admit that and say she will become much better, she said that then put things to end.

>> No.3107083

why the fuck are you lying?

>> No.3107133

In the words of Anakin Skywalker reflecting on his actions before becoming Darth Vader;
“What have I done?”

>> No.3107145

>Zombie girl whose body is stitched together
>Self harms in real life

>> No.3107150

all she has to do is not bring anituber cancer or similar to our doorstop, that's not a lot to ask and it hardly requires a mental health break to just not do the thing

>> No.3107173

Is this Mori's fault for opening the door to anitubers?

>> No.3107248

Yes, but Deadbeats wont admit it.

>> No.3107263

Dont worry I'm sure your schizo brain will produce enough cope chemicals that youll get over being a cuck again.

>> No.3107271

KADOKAWA requested Mori be on that podcast for Hololive to get contracts for shilling bookwalker.
They're Kadokawa's favorite western shills. She ignored them publicly after the podcast happened.
This is also why Conner is probably trying to leech off hololive. He doesn't make crazy superchat money. He needs as many subs as he can get because that means he gets paid more for shilling products.

>> No.3107349

4ch achievements
>Doxxed Iofi
>Leaked Towa's discord visit
>geekjack gacha
>Doxxed all of EN except for the chicken because nips knew who she was already
>Leaking membership streams
>Forcing Ollie to take a break

"English fans are better than japanese fans"

>> No.3107353

no it is more like you are coping. because moona clearly apologized about the c situation.
no more tweets about it. and there is plenty of sources pointing out that she did read her threads. and that she was lurking even after she apologized.

>> No.3107360

anitubers and vtubers crossing paths was pretty much bound to happen sooner rather than later

>> No.3107365

When was the last time she even mentioned him? I thought it was over already

>> No.3107394

Connor and TT are bigger and more known than most of Hololive. Its holo leeching off them.
The mental break is for another thing anon (that fingering thing) but anituber criticism just added another layer onto it.

>> No.3107452

Technically Moona doxxed Iofi. As for the Towa discord visit, are you one of those retards who thought her telling people to keep it a secret was a serious thing? You probably only watched it on youtube and weren't in the kenzoku discord.

>> No.3107468

>>Leaked Towa's discord visit

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Please don't say that anon my heart can't handle it. It's the moaning one, i don't mind the other stuff too much it's just shitposters trying to make her look bad but i am having a hard time trying to convince myself the moaning was just her being scared or something

>> No.3107499

wait hold the fuck on, you take a break for a few weeks any so much shit happens ?

im so out of the loop

>Doxxed Iofi
>Leaked Towa's discord visit
>geekjack gacha
>Doxxed all of EN except for the chicken because nips knew who she was already
>Leaking membership streams
>Forcing Ollie to take a break?

>> No.3107510

we triggered the final yab

>> No.3107513

"Serious" or not, recording the thing and sending it directly to Narukami is not the sign of healthy individuals. Even he thought it was petty

>> No.3107521

You're retarded. Coco literally became a millionaire off JUST superchats in 6 months with HALF his subs.
Meanwhile Conner's income is directly proportional to his subs because his income is from shilling.
He needs to constantly grow his sub and viewcount to make money. Holos don't, once they have dedicated gachis like Rushia and Coco do they're set for life if they invest that money.
Conner WISHES he was making that amount of money. The fucker clearly didn't give a shit about vtubers during the podcast. Then he tried superchatting the ENs who ignored him. Ollie was his in. He wants that vtuber audience to pump his numbers.

>> No.3107523

>iofi admit that and say she will become much better
She didn't say that. She shat on and blew up the haters. Don't sugarcoat this thing for the seething incels.

>> No.3107527

>Connor and TT are bigger and more known than most of Hololive. Its holo leeching off them.

views from 12 year olds on tumblr are worthless, hololive has the audience people actually want to reach with spending power TT has zero ability to sell anything

>> No.3107556


Still kiddy tier compared to what japs have accomplished, 4ch needs to step up if it wants to hit their level

>> No.3107575

That's shit that's happened over the course of almost a year. You're literally a newfag if you can't recognize atleast one of those events

>> No.3107583

Those were JPs anon. The /jp/ thread were mostly kenzokus talking about whats going on in the discord, kenzokus begging for a discord link and anons saying Sio was in there too. Don't talk about shit if you weren't there.

>> No.3107607

Anonymous, you're the newfag. It was literally a fag from /hlg/ that sent it with a google translated message. None of the nips even knew about it

>> No.3107619

Japanese viewers are triggered by different things than non-Japanese ones. Its like how Japan shits itself over games permissions while the US shits itself over music shit.

>> No.3107633

He's grooming Ironmouse mainly. I think Cover put a stop to his ID incursion so hopefully we won't hear about him anymore. Let the Vshojo twitch people deal with him

>> No.3107652

>Moona doxxed Iofi
What the hell? When did this happen? I don’t want specifics but what did Moona do?

>> No.3107665

no, just not very interested in holoID

>> No.3107691

One week of nonstop down and dirty fucking.

>> No.3107700

Only two things on that list concern HoloID

>> No.3107704

Narukami laughing at the faggots who treated the towa discord call like a serious thing was great.

>> No.3107781

Prove it then.
Raft stream.
Why would they think it was so serious? The keeping it a secret thing was just a joke.
I can see these two:
>geekjack gacha
Not being of interest to most. For the second one, are there even that many anons interested in the voices and shit? I feel most of the EOPs/ESLs just care about clips and streams.

>> No.3107808

At least we're now not talking about Ollie. Don't be dumb like this guy >>3105521

>> No.3107825

she hasn't mentioned him recently but as you can see looking at this thread and the comments on her Phasmophobia stream, the controversy is still very much alive.

>> No.3107842

>Made Aloe Graduate
>Almost Made Towa Graduate
>Made Ollie take a break
Tell me again what good have Idolfags and unicorns done? no money dosen't count.

>> No.3107905

>Tell me again what good have Idolfags and unicorns done?
>Almost Made Towa Graduate
>Made Ollie take a break

>> No.3107909

Idolfags and unicorns were the least of Aloe's worries.

>> No.3107941

If you rrat makers wanted someone to be blamed, just say the mastermind of all of this is risu

>> No.3108059

>Prove it then.


>> No.3108077

No ID talk now anon. We're timelooping back to Aloe now.

>> No.3108089
File: 572 KB, 497x472, 1618734112010.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the longer Ollie is gone the louder zomcucks will be in drowning out the rrat schizos. the latter better hope it's not gonna be more than a week or else people are gonna start seeing a lot of begging for her to return.

>> No.3108095

Also, in addition, you could use common sense.

How would japanese antis know about Towa visiting a foreign discord server?

>> No.3108187

abortion time

>> No.3108261

moona never doxxed iofi. technically, iofi the big brained alien doxxed herself.
>used her roommate alias for steam name
>play a multiplayer game with moona
>the game shows steam name in the lobby
>people start visiting her steam page
>her steam page literally has the link to all her roommate accounts.

>> No.3108290

Nah, she's no Haachama.

>> No.3108316


>> No.3108362

My alien surely wasn’t that dumb...

>> No.3108408

The question is - did Cover force her to take a break for the dust to settle, or was it her own decision?

>> No.3108413

It was /hlg/ that made the big old doxx image with her graduation photo on it, though

I'm sorry anonymous, but she was. Even her fanfiction account name was the same, if I recall

>> No.3108432

>hates Idolchads
>watches Holoive
why are people like this?

>> No.3108443

She doesn't need to be a Haachama, anon. People still get sad about Mano Aloe and on the VOMS end there was Monoe.

>> No.3108488

Thanks. I'm abit disappointed it was just a youtube video with thumbnails and everything just being sent. I was expecting more with how much y'all were hyping it up.

>> No.3108553

Because what they think about idols is outdated. Idols are no longer untouchable beings or at least no longer present themselves as such.

>> No.3108589

At this point I have to ask a question.
Do hou even like vtubers, faggots? Because from your behaviour it seems not. What most of you do is doxx them and and poke hour nose in their private life until they either graduate or take a break.
Way to be satisfied, huh. At least until a few years ago we had the decency to not celebrate when our autism actually damaged someone irl.

Thank you for burning everything you touch.

>> No.3108639

GB2 Reddit, faggot

>> No.3108656

You do not know anything about this website or internet culture as a whole. Look no further than chrischan or jessie slaughter for good examples and those are only the very newfaggiest of the newfag ones.

>> No.3108681

Are the Japanese sections of the kenzoku discord new?

>> No.3108720

sorry to say but she's just that dumb. i was there when shit happens.

>> No.3108746

The average IQ in Indonesia is 87.

>> No.3108777

Towa joined her EN Discord fan server while she was writting a Reddit post, people were trying to speak with her using broken japanese and english and someone recorded it and uploaded it on YT. It is cringy af desu

>> No.3108795

Heh. You think there's a serious dislike her, which is funny. There's a serious hatred of Kiara, not ollie.

>> No.3108804

While we're talking about Towa, is that meme where Towa DM'd the cum tribute guy real?

>> No.3108805

Like vtubers
Hate cloutchasers

Clout-chase on your roommate account not using the companies IP.

>> No.3108849

I'm every post in this thread.

>> No.3108855

Does anyone still have that video?

>> No.3108856

I'm glad the thread got somewhat derailed. Antis should read this: https://note.com/crosstier/n/n8af0f4e3eefa
Stop being delusional.

>> No.3108886

Cloutchasing has nothing to do with the fingering or farting thing people are talking about now.

>> No.3108954
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>> No.3108967

Considering how Moona apparently also told the ID manager about the rumors, probably a forced break hoping people will just forget about it and move on.
>reddit spacing
Didn't read lol

>> No.3108985

>Considering how Moona apparently also told the ID manager about the rumors
If you going to rrat, at least back it up with something. Don't be an egoistic rat, give us some cheese to chew on.

>> No.3109057
File: 566 KB, 533x576, 1614573762046.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

cry more about it

>> No.3109065
File: 52 KB, 593x757, 1618462002419.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No this is a fake DM conversation.

>> No.3109095

Their idolfags and unicorns that couldn't get pussy if they tried. so they donate half their paycheck to the vtuber in hopes she will one day acknowledge their existence. This guy lives rent free in their head because he gets to hang out with their oshi for free. while they have to pay money just for her to acknowledge their existence.

>> No.3109121
File: 342 KB, 601x640, 1619318294874.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

did you guys really rrat so hard that you bullied ollie into being a schizo herself?
I mean i know the phasmophobia rrat was funny but did you go out of your way to breach containment so some normies would annoy her for it?
You didnt want to be like japanese antis.

>> No.3109165

Look at the phasmophobia comment section. It's a complete shitshow even in top comments. The schizos didn't just breach the containment, they set it on fire.

>> No.3109197

Every single comment got purged a few hour ago. The newest one is from a month ago.

>> No.3109239

Honestly does it really matter? Whose even looking at the comment section from a months old stream other than lolcow? Probably not even Ollie.

>> No.3109254

it's simple. graduate from hololive then join vshojo or go back being an indie if you want to whore yourself out for some ironic anituber. you can "break the rules" all you want when you're not tied with hololive.

>> No.3109271

I wonder why they need to clean up the comments if it's just a rrat, unless...

>> No.3109280

its not only that. People will harass her on other channels too because of it.

>> No.3109284

>its ok when mori does it
>its ok when Coco does it

>> No.3109306

why are you putting words in my mouth?

>> No.3109316

Neither of them had sex on stream
Neither of them wanted to break the rules
Neither of them whored themselves to anitubers
Ollie managed to do it all

>> No.3109329

>you bullied ollie
/vt/ doesnt have that type of power

>> No.3109337

Shut up Treerat

>> No.3109408
File: 142 KB, 1200x899, 43351ad95343d89cf4c483449b955127[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>He doesn't know about the traumacore roommate accounts

>> No.3109415

We did nothing but speculate and talk amongst ourselves. The whole OH MY GOD YOU WONT BELIEVE WHAT THEY WROTE ABOUT ME is such self victimizing bullshit.
Maybe some faggots breached, but I mean the moan was old and known about. People just put 2 and 2 together when Ollies "sister" was heard on mic.

>> No.3109422

Why do anons still think 4chan is some site people don't go to? Reddit, discord, twitter, KF, FB and more. Most people don't stick to just one thing. Nobody gets scared about stuff like goatse or saying fag/nigger on this site anymore. And this is the vtuber fandom which has even less options than other hobbies.

>> No.3109440

she's so good at faking it ngl

>> No.3109454
File: 101 KB, 728x410, R-Risu....jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck you anon i didn't fucking write that

>> No.3109457

Stop lying and go suck conner's dick as an indie, Ollie. But please graduate if you want to keep this up.
Ollie needs to realise she's working for a cmpany with an implied image that is what made it feel special, comply or fuck off

>> No.3109462
File: 758 KB, 320x180, 1618632620960.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You guys should at least use accounts with niji pfps if you're really dead set on bullying Ollie on youtube and twitter. If there's anyone you should hate more than whores it's the nijiniggers. Kill two birds with one stone, gentlemen.

>> No.3109484

Ollie is a manipulative zoomer and needs to know her place.

>> No.3109487

Actual great ideas!

>> No.3109500

Every Vtuber does the same shit. You guys are acting like like literal chinks and expect someone not to react. I guess Coco was only crying on stream for sympathy points too right?

>> No.3109508
File: 86 KB, 305x305, 1614804783473.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this isnt about sekrit club
its about how you dont behave like an absolute fuckwad anywhere but 4chan.
So while its okay to write shit like "AAAAAAH I WANN RAPE OLLIE AND IMPREGNATE HER SEAMONKEY VAGINA SO BAD" you dont breach containment with that kind of behavior in other parts of your life.
Keep your fucking schizoposts where they belong.

>> No.3109542

Man you are really reaching with this zhang analogy. Not even fucking close to the same situation coco is in.

>> No.3109544

I sent cover emails about ollie, and you can't contain me here. worst you can do is call me faggot?

>> No.3109551

Coco got actual harassment, spamming in chat, etc. consistently for months. Ollie got a few threads on /vt/ and maybe 4 comments on a VOD and suddenly it's wrist-slitting time.

>> No.3109570

Did you write

>> No.3109575

>No dislike bombing
>No spam
>No doxxing
>No hastag vandalism
>Just criticism and some insults contained to 4chan

y-yeah, just like the chinks!

>> No.3109587

ez akasupas during comeback stream. it was planned. ez 1 week vacation, ez akasupas.

>> No.3109601

ollie wouldve suicided if she was in cocos shoes.
Coco can only endure it because she is who she is and Kanata helped her, which is a quite unique situation to have someone who knows exactly what you are going through.
Ollie cant share that with anyone that close to her.

>> No.3109614

>People just put 2 and 2 together when Ollies "sister" was heard on mic.
Wasn't that just someone on Apex voice chat and Ollie assumed that Reine had somehow heard her sister when she went afk

>> No.3109636

>Harrasing Ollie
>Spamming her channel with comments
How the fuck is it any different? you idolfags and unicorns are just like them. you both get angry and seethe over nothing

>> No.3109694

Why are you lying? Are you that kind of people who thinks disagreement is harassment? Go bak to reddit.

>> No.3109698

They probably didn't post like that outside. A simple posting of the link and just claiming it sounds like something is enough to get people buzzing if there was already stuff being built up. Like bilibilifags getting mad about the niconico Peko video was just the final straw for them, they already were getting irritated when she didn't stream much even tho she said she would.
This pretty much. Its shitty that people shittalk her here but Aloe faced IRL shit and Coco faced alot more harassment as well as having to carry the weight that a branch died and some of her friends had to sacrifice stuff for her. But if what people say is true and Ollie is young, then I can see it being understandable.

>> No.3109715

Ollie said in a members stream it was her brother barging and she panicked in the moment and just spilled her spaghetti because she was afraid of a male voice being heard.

I know this doesn't fit the rrat but I'll at least put it out there.

>> No.3109731


>> No.3109738

good, thats what I said she needed, glad she is taking some time to deal with her issues.
This is also the big testing point where we will find out if Connor is a groomer or not, if he is a groomer we will see a huge rift form between her and the rest of hololive and if he is not, she will come back like nothing happened

>> No.3109741

idk why should she would be terrified of a male voice being heard and the same time moan like crazy on a collab

>> No.3109752

>Ollie cant share that with anyone that close to her.
She tried to based on the member stream.

>> No.3109756

Ollie's voice makes me want to beat her.

>> No.3109793

If I remember my /vt/ yab timeline right, the voice on stream thing being addressed by her was before the old stream timestamps got dug up.

>> No.3109795

Indog zoomers are on another level. Did this bitch think she could have sex on stream during a collab and walk away like it’s normal? Their society must be an irl eromanga

>> No.3109797

If its her brother then why panic? She's a Matsurisu, just say its your brother.

>> No.3109824

Zoomers in general are on another level. Just look at Dream's rabid fanbase or that kid who threatened to accuse a streamer of raping him because that streamer killed him in Fortnite.

>> No.3109857

what i mean is that she cant share it like coco can with kanata.
Kanata knows 100% of cocos situation and job and what it means to be a vtuber.
Ollie doesnt have that. Mother, Brother, Father, Sister. Nobody can get it and her genmates are not in immediate vicinity like Coco and Kanata.

>> No.3109869

How is What ollie is getting not harrasment? your all literally calling for her graduation over nothing. I guess the real reason is because Ollie isn't japanese is that it? because only japanese women are pure and wholesome right? you yellow fever fags are delusional.

>> No.3109877

Don't ask me, I'm sure there is a DL of the stream somewhere you can listen to it for yourself. I think she kind of shot herself in the foot by not just addressing it directly on a public stream because it just let the rrats grow bigger. Like you say, it would have been nothing if she had just been upfront.

>> No.3109889

Are you cucks really coddling her after a bad breakup?

>> No.3109897

Holy shit, why are there so many redditors and children in this thread? YOUR ZOMBIE GOT FINGERED. FUCKING COPE.

>> No.3109909

Must be such a thrill to date a holo. Like not only do you get the satisfaction of cucking thousands of superchatters, but you also get all the secret info that not even research schizos can find.
Oh and the biggest perk is dating a female with an actual personality, as opposed to 99% of women.

>> No.3109911

Cope. She got impregnated on stream and we all heard it.

>> No.3109918

can't tell if the muted non-controversy of that moment means we've grown passed the Towa shitshow.

>> No.3109966
File: 58 KB, 611x600, 5C130889-EDDB-47A6-B170-F95DB1BB2B7B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You do know every idol in hololive has had a boyfriend and they probably do all have them right? go back to R9k buddy. pic related is all of you

>> No.3110015
File: 94 KB, 360x300, 1612291045671.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's preggo. Watch how this one week "break" becomes a month, then six months and lastly a graduation.
Witness me, nigs.

>> No.3110027

well most of 'em... not all of 'em
can someone marry Mio already?

>> No.3110043


>implying she won't just abort

>> No.3110063

Lmao at your attempt to extend this to all of them. I’ve only ever seen this image used by anti schizos.
I don’t even superchat holos. And the ones I watch are 100% pure.
Find something better to do with your time

>> No.3110101

I can't tell who's trolling who anymore.

>> No.3110116

The Towa shitshow was never really about the male voice. The voice just gave them an opportunity to attack one of the smaller holos at the time. The usual boyfriend accusations, teaming accusations like:
Then people going after her for "lying" and so on. IIRC she still had a non-vtuber job at that time and she and Luna were not doing so hot. The Holo boom was not yet going at a fast speed. Same with the Aloe shit. Some still think its about her lewd posts.

>> No.3110119

This thread is a shitshow and i'm enjoying every bit of it

>> No.3110126

>in muslim Indonesia

>> No.3110154

ah yes they're definitely 100 percent pure. You know i would respect you if you actually stuck to your ideals. you say you hate real women and they're all sluts. and then you watch women do anything and have to pretend they're pure when you don't even know them. Your living in a fantasy world and coping

>> No.3110182

She shall carry on the baby-machine torch from her mom

>> No.3110186

Connor is an accessory to Gigguk. He is as important to TT and draws as much of a crowd as Gigguk's shoes or the furniture.

>> No.3110195

Ollie is getting hit with nerf darts compared to the abuse Coco received. Kiara gets shit on worse than Ollie on a regular day. Ollie can deal with it or be some anituber’s used cumrag.

>> No.3110211

Westerners glorify whores, there's whole movements around it. EN chuubas aren't held to the same standards because the audience doesn't have standards.

>> No.3110229
File: 1.45 MB, 320x240, 1d69c134827c03ec570151ed62fffc0a_86b78063_400.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3110247

100mg of zoloft taken by morning, with the intent to work up to 200mg. Please consult your physician if there are complications or worsening symptoms

>> No.3110248

Yeah I do care, my fellow redditor. I literally care enough about them to take an hour of my day just to give them a like, share and sometimes comment. I have never send a SC because I don't see a reason to do it but I do buy merch, which I consider far better than giving half of my money to YT

I said this before but I don't want Ollie to receive a "punishment" for something she did months ago, it's just that if she ever did a YAB on stream (fingered, tits touching, etc) then I would be actually mad at her. I really don't care if she has a bf or it's dating (I like to assume that most chuubas have a decent-normal life) but don't do stupid shit on stream because a YAB not only hurts you but also the brand that your peers worked so hard over the years.

Honestly when I saw the text, I was actually laughing because how dumb it sounds but once I reached the model moving (not only the body but her eyes...) and the ""smooch"" part, I got worried. I can understand people believing this but fingering rrat is kinda dumb desu

>> No.3110272


Plenty of ways to abort in private without needing a doctor

>> No.3110311

like that one doujin where the girl getting fuck so hard, it crush the baby's skull in her womb
what a fever dream that was

>> No.3110345

Whether other people in the same profession face the same abuse or not doesn't mean everyone can take it the same. Your average person could not take that kind of thing on a worldwide level. That doesn't mean they need to be pushed out of the profession by unprovable allegations that her employer has not seemed concerned with. If people want to pick some public figure to abuse, it's hard to tell them that they shouldn't enjoy it. But at least pick someone that can take it, since picking on fragile young women is pretty low even for people that like that kind of drama.

>> No.3110355

Coco getting more harassment than Ollie doesn't suddenly make it not harassment. It's not a competition, and quantity / specificity are different metrics to judge by.

>> No.3110392

Imagine if Aqua got shit on the same way Ollie did, she'd probably go catatonic.

>> No.3110402

I think Ollie's obnoxious fans on /vt/ made me too harsh on her. She seems like a nice enough girl. Shame what she's going through right now.

>> No.3110408

This whole argument started because some anon tried to equate it to the zhangs vs Coco.

>> No.3110414


>> No.3110445


>> No.3110498

Uterus Complex is the name iirc
the character is Sophitia from Soulcalibur

>> No.3110556

These two pretty much. This shit still counts as harassment and you can't expect everyone to have the same level of tolerance. If Coco can take months of spam and harassment that does not mean Ollie can too.
And labeling all reaction as "manipulation and faking" is as well ridiculous. Like tge other anon said, you all are crying for her to graduate ovdr something that either didn't happen or that management didn't care, and you even expect her to not react and take this public harassment like it's nothing.
People can be fragile, and celebrating over making someone snap is disgusting.

>> No.3110558

Based NTR larp. Keep it up!

>> No.3110600

If you believe that then why are you even here?

>> No.3110655

Next time don't compare it to the zhang/ChinaTaiwan fiasco.

>> No.3110669

You shut your whore mouth, my Pekora never even touched a male. She's not a WHORE like every other woman on earth.

>> No.3110687

she's not, watch all of her horror game stream and see how she react to it, got a warn from the management to less moaning since then.

>> i don't mind the other stuff too much it's just shitposters trying to make her look bad
but the other problem.. this is where you wrong

>> No.3110692

I'm not that anon, but yeah that was not a wise comparison.

>> No.3110707
File: 35 KB, 500x500, artworks-NMdZ1kz1Hbfk7q11-n7Zaww-t500x500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ngl Anya was pretty based when she said "among us, among us" right after Ollie moaning and saying "nows not the time" kek

>> No.3110762

Pekora is with Jun who HATES vtubers.

>> No.3110798

Ollie is just a young and cute girl who joined Hololive to have fun with everyone.

Over time she became disillusioned and sad about the community

>> No.3110837

Anya is truly the Jerma to Ollie's xQc.

>> No.3110860

Like RIsu!
but she's toughen up now, literal queen

>> No.3110867

This is what you get when jannies starts being a bunch of pussies and ban the schizos for even make little jokes about the rrat.

>> No.3110980

It's not that uncommon in here.
As an Indonesian let me give you my take on her current situation.
First, she's either married or having an abortion. If her "break" are far longer than a week, consider what I'm saying to be a fact.
Second, yes she's getting fucked on that stream and I'm mad. As someone who constantly SC her, I'm furious and completely stopped following her after knowing it yesterday.
You manager, members, Ollie herself if you're lurking and seeing this, I want you to know I'm feeling betrayed. And you're not betraying just me, but also other fans. Really fuck you.
In verge of tears my ass, WE are the one who spends our money here, not you ollie.
Just fuck off.

>> No.3111062

Your ESL LARP was solid but you gave yourself away here:
>As an Indonesian
>WE are the one who spends our money

>> No.3111104

>As an Indonesian
Anons are not THAT stupid, falseflagging retardchama

>> No.3111128

Why would I laugh about it you faggot.
Look at the fucking time in Indonesia right now. We're having sahoor for fasting.
Thia earlier thread post was "civil" because we're all sleeping.

>> No.3111164


>> No.3111179

Fuck off you stir shitting asshole.
Go away.

>> No.3111185

Inshallah falseflagchama

>> No.3111204

Indogs don't do supacha

>> No.3111240

Coco did nothing wrong, Ollie did plenty of stupid shit, why are you trying to compare the two? .Now she needs to learn from this and stop acting like a retarded zoomer sucking every e-celeb dick she can get her hands on or at least dont do it publicly, lastly go back with this "she cant deal with criticism please ignore all her fucked ups" faggotry to reddit or twitter.

>> No.3111269

HOLY SHIT she sound just like Kiara but even more annoying. How can you EOP retards listen to this?

>> No.3111276

post sc receipts

>> No.3111340

I can feel the rancid smell of onions coming from this post.

>> No.3111365

The amount of backlash is way out of proportion over something happened months ago which her management didn't even care about.
And I was not comparing her to coco. All I said is that people have different thresholds and don't take things the same way.
Don't assume she can be as tough as coco, that's all. And assuming she is faking it as well is not appropriate, at this point.
Don't use your metre of tolerance on others so carelessly. You might actually hurt them, over a rumour, geez.

>> No.3111399

What does this mean?

>tfw when the new rrat is that she made her break because of this place

>> No.3111433
File: 334 KB, 432x416, 1588356917216.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Maybe i should just stop thinking about it and hope she is fine. Even if the rrat is completely true i am sure she regrets it...

>> No.3111452

Did Coco and Mori acted like they wanted Connor's dick in their throats for carrying then in Apex and posted it on Twitter for all her fans see ?

>> No.3111470

I thought we weren't supposed to talk about Ollie for a week? Let this shit die down. Lets go back to talking about Connor and his podcast instead of Jaret/fingering/sex things.

>> No.3111503

The current break has nothing to do with Connur you slowpoke.

>> No.3111532

You guys are not the White Knight army of Hololive. They care about their image and have plenty of ways to deal with it if they thought it was a problem. She is obviously hungry for love and attention, and it's not beyond belief that she would seek out guys close to her. But there is also no solid proof that she has done so, and right now all you have is people's imaginations going into overdrive. So at worst it's a slightly damaging image problem for her and Hololive. It's perfectly acceptable to like a image of a perfect virginal woman that might be too good for this world, so by all means pay attention to them instead. All this is doing is making everyone notice it and have to think about this stupid highschool bullshit instead of watching fucking fake anime girls that they enjoy.

>> No.3111559

You can set you own damn rules for yourself. Stop acting like a newfag.

>> No.3111570

I only watch the purest and most unsoiled of chuubas and ollie being in the same company as them is making me mad.

>> No.3111594

This too.
Stop making conspiracy theories and watch the content, jesus.

>> No.3111635

I get it, but I haven't seen one of the other Hololive talents being damaged by any of the Ollie stuff. You might have a point if it did. No one is asking you to like her or to think she's not a slut. She's obviously heard the complaints at this point, and is taking time off. It doesn't make sense to go any further.

>> No.3111648

I hope she's ok.

>> No.3111654

Dude, you can just ignore her and watch who you like.
I will never understand the reasoning behind this logic.
>I don't like X
>Let's go in a thread where people like X and shit it up because I don't like it
Just let others enjoy what they like, faggots.

>> No.3111660
File: 399 KB, 420x420, 1567021033100.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And the worst is yet to come... unless hiroshimoot wills to step up and take action upon us.

>> No.3111672
File: 719 KB, 1080x8325, Screenshotted from a gook phone.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah. Pic related is definitely the evil workings of the dogfuckers from /jp/. We're better than them.

>> No.3111691

Did you miss the yab that kicked all of this off?
>reine streaming apex alone
>suddenly someone joins voice channel
>male voice yelling "FUCKING LAG" is heard
>suddenly Reine starts panicking and you hear her panic typing
>Ollie suddenly starts talking over voice chat
>reine: "ollie was that your brother?"
>ollie: "would you believe me if I said that was my sister"
Imagine if she had done that to Rushia. It would literally have cost Rushia MILLIONS in income. LITERALLY.

>> No.3111707

Kys redditfaggot

>> No.3111708

>just ignore her and watch who you like

>> No.3111719

>taking the time off instead of denying
I just want the truth. Just fucking lie and deny it already, what we wanted was a reassurance, not her running off in pretense of "mental" illness shit.

>> No.3111772

It has to do with her being pregnant and hormonal, we know

>> No.3111799

maybe /jp/ was right

>> No.3111809

Do you understand how internet works?
If she denies it, she acknowledges it, and that will make skizos explode with "SHE DENIED IT BECAUSE SHE KNOWS IT'S TRUE, DAMAGE CONTROL REEE".
It is a lose-lose situation. Not mentioning it doesn't make it stop, denying it only makes the rrats go even harder.
Welcome to the internet.

>> No.3111826

why do these retards post here? they completely disregard the site culture and clearly don't value anonymity. i would use the information that they've so graciously made public to teach them a lesson but i'm far too lazy.

>> No.3111874

When she graduates and becomes the AV whore she clearly aspires to be then you can have your threads back, until then I will do everything in my power to see her distanced from the non-whores in her idol agency

>> No.3111887

I saw this, but did this damage Reine in any way? As for whether it would have been bad for any other vtuber, that's hard to say unless it happened.

You are talking about vtubers that aren't supposed to share even the most minor personal details to avoid breaking the illusion. If she came out and said, "I wasn't fucking some guy or masturbating on stream", I don't really see how that would be an improvement, or if people would believe whatever she had to say in the first place. As for the time off, she obviously does feel bad, and getting her away from it for a while can only help.

>> No.3111909

Yeah clearly Reine was cool with it, that's why you can hear her suddenly going quiet and frantically typing.

>> No.3111922

Even at the height of jp/hlgg/ containment breaking existed but it wasn't at this level. It's only when /vt/ was created a flood of newfag ironic weebs who probably liked vtubers but didn't even know about /jp/ joined + the cancerous western vtuber community which resulted in this

>> No.3111924

Just woke up, what did Ollie do this time?

>> No.3111947

Fuck you.
This retarded behaviour is what will kill hololive, not your allucinating dreams of muh pure idols.
Go back.

>> No.3111955

I didn't say she was cool with it, just that it didn't cause problems for her other than maybe some discomfort. Having someone else in the room with you when you are streaming is a dumb idea, I think everyone can agree on that.

>> No.3111958
File: 32 KB, 128x128, 1602459146731.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wait, do people really actually believe that she got fucked on stream? It's a funny narrative, but you can't be this retarded right?

>> No.3111959

Wasn't that one due to the fact that Reine had just done an Apex collab with a guy (can't recall who) and didn't realize she was still in Discord with him? The guy started yelling which made Reine realize, so she switched into the ID Discord or whatever channel Ollie was in. That's why Ollie didn't appear to understand what Reine was actually concerned about.

>> No.3111962

Taking a break which is causing timeloops.

>> No.3111972

I will never stop until she graduates. If she doesn't give a shit about Hololive and want to break the rules so badly, she should be prepared for the backlash.

>> No.3111975

She's taking a month off to recover from her planned miscarriage

>> No.3111996

>Ollie did nothing wrong
>OK Ollie might have done something wrong but it had no real repercussions
>OK she had a mental breakdown because her actions had consequences but she in no way is to blame for anything
do zombraps really?

>> No.3112000


She's pregnant with her brother Ollo's kid and is taking time off to deal with an at home abortion

>> No.3112014

4chan has always been full of shit but at least we had the self awareness of following unspoken rules and keeping everything here.
Then unironic weebs and newfags came, and this happens. Keep our ramblings here, ffs.

>> No.3112016

Cried on stream like a loser and wasn't based.

>> No.3112030

No, that voice came from Ollie discord. Reine happened to be connected to a holo only server. Ollie not knowing what was happening is zombrap revisionism.

>> No.3112041

You'd be surprised, anon.
Retardation reaches new peaks everyday here.

>> No.3112080

I appreciate that you're trying to integrate but don't do this.

>> No.3112087

Nope, it was Ollie’s brother getting picked up by her mic.

Luckily Reine didn’t take any flak for it.

>> No.3112095

Yeah, Hololive had so much trouble recovering from the Pink Horn Whore's graduation right? Don't you have a Chaturbate whore to donate to, cuck

>> No.3112099

No, she cried because you kept hammering it against her even when no one cared to tell her anything for months.
And this whole rumour is fucking ridiculous. Period
Logically absurd. No sane person would do this.

>> No.3112102

No. It was that same stream, where Ollie played with her and eventually Jaret came too, later Ollie left. But the discord incident was before that happened.

>> No.3112121

Having speech patterns does not mean I'm not from here, retard.

>> No.3112124
File: 54 KB, 863x720, 2Q==(5).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is there a clip of this supposed "sex on stream"

>> No.3112131 [DELETED] 
File: 5 KB, 373x385, 1618440377671.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I Cope, But then other anons decided to exploit their rrats and go full retard over that situation.

One thing is coping the other is shameless opportunism with trolling rampages in between.

Fucking /thread

>> No.3112133

This is what happens when you get invested in real women.
Vtubers are just 3dpd hiding behind a 2d visage.

>> No.3112154

Oh this explains it.
Yeah fuck you. Not even going to bother, keep sperging.

>> No.3112166
File: 5 KB, 373x385, 1618440377671.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I Cope, But then other anons decided to exploit their rrats and go full retard over that situation.

One thing is coping the other is shameless opportunism with trolling rampages in between.

Fucking /thread

>> No.3112210

If the INdog whore can't take the pressure inherent in her profession she should just get into AVs, she clearly already knows how to get fucked on camera.

>> No.3112214

>Implying I am emotionally invested in a 2d avatar
I watch vtubers for entertainment, not for having parasite like relationships with someone behind a drawn avatar, dude.

>> No.3112227

Ahh OK, thanks for clearing it up for me.

>> No.3112345
File: 173 KB, 541x600, 1610238698356.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ollie's result
Great fortune
There may be times when you feel you aren't listened or that things you are saying aren't being understood. If you want to be listened you should first listen to what your collab partner has to say.
There might come times were you will have to do work you didn't want to. Sometimes work will not go your way. Keep going at it without wavering.
If you ever feel like something is wrong go to the hospital as soon as possible. Don't try to endure too much.
Not very good. Be careful of making the same mistakes as in the past. Think about how you have used your money up till now
Should get more gambling experience, stray away from your safe bets
Think about stuff in a serious manner and plan them out. Don't be irresponsible when planning or doing something.

Ollie, MIO advices is never wrong. So please follow it

>> No.3112366

Afaik Indog antis are mostly active on facebook (the most popular social media in that shithole) but they were mostly bitching about Moona and her twitter to the point she had to take a break at least once due to shitstorm about religion (it's kinda like the T-word in durka durka states) but if antis got to Ollie so badly I think she would try to address their criticism in some way or at least there would some indication that this stuff is constantly on her mind, instead she said that it's not about streaming or "burnout" by rather something personal as in her real life but in the same time she was reaching to her senpai for advice and decided she have to separate herself from crazy ollie for some time... I don't want to sound like an anti or a troll but it does feel like she might struggle with the "idol" aspects of hololive, it doesn't mean she have to be in a real-life relationship with some dude atm but the realization that she can't realistically be in one and stay in hololive might be pretty depressing nonetheless, perhaps this are the thoughts she was trying to escape. I just hope she doesn't confess it to conur or those shojovhores so they could shit on Cover in interviews.

>> No.3112383

I love how every Ollie thread is a dumpster fire

>> No.3112407

So if Ollie's mic can pick up her stream of piss hitting the toilet one room away, how come it didn't pick up wet pussy noises or her boyfriend's breathing, if he was really fingering her?

>> No.3112451

they were quiet enough to be drowned out by the other sounds of the stream

>> No.3112458

They will link you a 4 month old stream where Ollie sounds exactly like she does every time she plays horror

>> No.3112471

I guess the guy who CSI’d Mori’s shitting sounds is busy. He could have been the hero we needed to slay the rrat once and for all.

>> No.3112477

I thought the same, until i saw the video.....

>> No.3112487

Anon, the only one bitching about Ollie moaning are westcuck. I saw all Indo fans and they doesn't even care. Ollie Rabbit fans are different level. They actually love it. Only westcuck who seething about it.

I can see that, she think she can collab with whoever she wants. Since it's unwritten rule you can't collab with [insert westoid]. She should learn from Coco, Kiara, Marine, or Anya

>> No.3112500

You think I give a ratass about it? I don't give a fuck what antis or skizos or rrats think, I just want her to say it.
It was her own fault for doing shit like that during stream, and I sure as fuck deserves to know the fucking context.

>> No.3112502

Probably because anons are sperging away with rrats. Or they just hate women.

>> No.3112508

Agreed, but my point is if it can pick up distant piss noises, it can pick up her pussy squelching or another person breathing up close.

>> No.3112521

is that Mio's advice from months ago on her fortune telling stream?

>> No.3112530

You missed the superloud wet smacking sound at the end? Are you deaf?

>> No.3112535

Genuine question, do you honestly believe that or are you saying that to push the rrat for fun / you hate Ollie for other reasons

>> No.3112557

She can be in a relationship, away from the fucking stream? No one needs to know but herself, it's not hard

>> No.3112599

Yeah. Mio advice are accurate. Thanks to her Pekora inclining Last year. And Nene reclining because doesn't follow any Mio advice

>> No.3112622

Taking a week break so she can have all the dicking that she missed.
Probably will be doing it in public too knowing how much she enjoyed it during the stream.

>> No.3112623

you also need to consider her reaction to these situations, like her trying to end the stream quickly or pretending that the male voice was her sister. ollie sperging out makes it all more suspect.

>> No.3112648

The moan is definitely sexual but it sounded like a lip smack after. That being said do you also believe Gura pisses herself at the end of the Outlast stream

>> No.3112656

Did you not watch the video? Maybe she isn't getting fucked right there but that is absolutely fucking not just a "oh I'm scared" reaction

>> No.3112678

This. Getting dicked on stream was an awakening for her, now she needs to take some time to explore her new exhibitionism.

>> No.3112709

There were multiple wet smacks

>> No.3112731

I will admit I don't watch Ollie anymore after her mentioning Connor so many damn times, I don't even particularly like her, but another anon pointed out in global, after I asked about this rrat, that she makes the same noises when she plays any horror game on any stream. Yeah she's a sperg but she acts like this with every horror game.

>> No.3112748

She's going to anally prolapse on stream while playing apex legends and her viewers will be none the wiser.

>> No.3112751

I love how you automatically assume it is true.
You know, it might not. But even if it was, her reaction makes me think she deeply regrets it. Whatever it is, if regret because it is true or simply embarrassment and feeling harassed because it is not true, she won't say it.
And you know it. Stop reeing.
>I sure as fuck deserve to know the fucking contest
No you don't. You shitheads need to understand these girls are not entitled to anything.
>inb4 muh donations
Donations are VOLUNTARY. Pretending stuff in charge of them is asinine.

>> No.3112752


>> No.3112764

Mix of them. Some of them are nonce who do it for fun. Others, angry because Ollie actions are harms to others. Even Lofi know boundary. NO risu, do more karaoke stream you lazy treerat

>> No.3112775

I watched the stream and clicked every timestamp on the ESL containment breaker's comment. They sound like lip smacks that Reine also makes often. This is the difference of taking a grain of salt / being skeptical before you listen to a rrat. You hear it because you already believe in it.

>> No.3112799

Regret is a coomer tier emotion to indulge. She should be trying to make up for it, not feeling bad for herself like a faggot. Learn from your mistakes nigger. Don't just try and feel sad.

>> No.3112813

Here's the difference between your post and the accused rrats.
>I didn't watch it myself
>give no links
Accused rrats:
>give link to the video
>time stamped
If you want to defend ollie, give links where she moan the same way in another video.

>> No.3112820

>first she was fingering
>then she was getting fingered, and i presume by a ninja on account of how quiet he was
>then she's getting dicked down by the ninja, and apparently has godlike control over her rigging while he pounds her
Her boyfriend sounds like a chad

>> No.3112827

This. Your judgement is flawed by what you want to listen.
There are other explanations for those noises, as other here already pointed out, fags.

>> No.3112853

I initially didn't believe it but its fucking undeniable man. I had to listen multiple times to hear it and they sounded too gushy to be a lip smack. Are you a drooling retard?

>> No.3112855

Yeah because everyone is strong enough to do that.
Dude, people can be fragile. Not everyone is a gigachad, damn.

>> No.3112870

>these girls are not entitled to anything
Yes they fucking do. Without watcher members or people scing them they're nothing.
How retarded are you really.

>> No.3112874

Are you telling me that Ollie always sounds like she is being fingered every time she plays a horror game ? Wao

>> No.3112909

somebody post it

>> No.3112927

It takes strength to not be a solely self interested cunt? Empathy is a tactical tool for assessing your environment even then so its not like selflessness is in truth the height of virtue nigger, some people coom to that shit too. Guilt causally does nothing.

>> No.3112946


I don't think I'm autistic enough to sit through the whole stream to find every instance buy I'll try when I'm on my pc

>> No.3112947

Holy fuck you are a retard. All that is VOLUNTARILY done, no one forces you, nothing is said to be done in charge.
Do you donate to charity then call them pretending stuff from the fucking charity association? I don't think so. Streams are free, members only content is the only thing you are entitled to get maybe, but nothing else.

>> No.3112988

People can be weak. Can be insecure. And Ollie seems like the kind of person who hides her insecurities with her loud mannerism.
I know a person irl who is like that. Stop talking like being not strong emotionally is not common.

>> No.3112995

Are you into cuckoldry? Do you also believe that somehow her mic that can pick up her piss in her bathroom didn't pick up more squelching than towards the end? That it didn't pick up another person's presence? That either it didn't pick up her chair creaking, or her chair somehow didn't creak while doing this?

>> No.3113011 [DELETED] 

So it's fucking nothing since
1. She just tired
2. She overthinking Moona and Manager said about whole situation + The comments on video
3. She broke up with Jaret
4. Her family one of submarine victims
5. She just bored and want take holiday

>> No.3113015

Yes actually. It's been toned down tho. Her horror streams sound like comerbait.

>> No.3113038 [DELETED] 

>3. She broke up with Jaret
Connor needs to be stopped, that homewrecking cunt

>> No.3113042
File: 229 KB, 377x402, 1611481430597.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Her horror streams sound like comerbait.
>While most Horror Indo movie are coomer bait

>> No.3113053

>3. She broke up with Jaret
This one. How could he even hope to compete with Conner?

>> No.3113054

It all makes sense...

>> No.3113069

So basically Matsuri. She's should Consult with Anya or Mori. She should learn to be nasty

>> No.3113085

My point is that it is not strength that defines whether a person is addicted to the chemicals in their head. Its a matter of what you want to see and what you want to get outta shit. Breaking has to do with tolerances, ollie shouldnt be judged on whether she feels guilty or not she should be judged on how she tries to deal with the situation, which is still unfolding, if she actually did something KUREIJI then sure i could say shes weak. But i wont call someone that hoards their resources and does nothing weak, thats barebones instinct working as it should and as so many other animals do.

>> No.3113087

This thread is litterally lolcow or kiwifarm tier

>> No.3113095

YOU are one fucking retard holy shit. Do you even fucking know how cover works you dumbfuck? Am I talking to a literal kindergartener here?

>> No.3113106

I think you have shitty earphones.

>> No.3113117

Not until someone doxxes her, arranges a harrassment campaign against her roommate, and then someone reveals that wasn't even Ollie and people harrassed her for no reason. yes this really happened

>> No.3113119

Kiwiniggers get the bullet too

>> No.3113136 [DELETED] 

>3. She broke up with Jaret

Omg this was an NTR story all along. Dang it Connor !

>> No.3113142

This kind of niggers already did that with Moona, they DM'ed the wrong person just because she has similar voice.

>> No.3113148

I know what you mean. But her being in an agency does not entitle you to get anything more than streams and that's it.
Where does cover say that you get more if you donate?
Geez, it is not hard to get.

>> No.3113149

You do make those donations voluntarily though, and there was never a promise of any payback. Not even an SC reading, since most girls skip varying amounts of SCs

>> No.3113151

>a literal "eeh"
That's not a fucking moan. You did watch her videos, right? Comparing that to a moan was like you didn't actually watch the video.

>> No.3113163

what happened in your life to get you to this point

>> No.3113197

the absence of a father

>> No.3113214

I dunno man I was indifferent to her but after seeing her getting fucked like that and pop me a boner I want to fuck her too.
I'm probably should made a compilation of her moaning first.
Keep this thread alive please.

>> No.3113232

She is just a natural whore, that's it

>> No.3113260

Lack of jobs.

>> No.3113261

Some of you guys are fucking obsessed. I'm actually amazed, but unfortunately not surprised, at how freaky you guys are. All this talk and obsession over some dude and some gal. Treating women like objects... Just gross and creepy. I don't even think a good portion of you realize how nasty you're being. You'll never find love, or even get some pussy, behaving this way. Take note anons that get swept up in the memes and shit posts. This type of thinking isn't just cognitive dissonance it's straight up mental disorder territory. These people will jump on your shitposts, jokes, and memes to push their own agenda and through the illusion of anonymity, and people not really paying attention, can actually start getting people to think the way they want them to. Wake up sheeple. The shit you say can have a negative effect, even if it's just shitposting. Don't like those freaks think they own this place.

>> No.3113267

>and then fingered
>and then fucked
how will this rrat evolve next

>> No.3113281

im unironically a sea schizo and get off on people demonizing me

>> No.3113286

Shit yourself :^)

>> No.3113298 [DELETED] 
File: 34 KB, 540x568, images (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3113301


>> No.3113310

>girl says something that disproves a rrat
>girl says something that accidentally feeds a rrat
this is definitive proof that x hates y, that z was fucked on stream, and that a will be graduated soon

>> No.3113313

Hope someone make a rrat out of this

>> No.3113321

>The shit you say can have a negative effect, even if it's just shitposting.
Fucking this. Learn to think before typing, you retards. You might regret what you cause.

>> No.3113326

it started as fucked and then zombcucks coped by saying she was just fingered

>> No.3113338

aren't wojaks banned here? either way go back

>> No.3113339


>> No.3113345

wait seriously? how did anyone believe she's getting fucked? her rigging is not moving any more than usual and there's not nearly enough skin-to-skin slapping for that to be the case

>> No.3113359

35 and haven't touched a woman since my mother died.

>> No.3113370

thank you anon. my internet is shit and when it comes to autistically finiding timestamps i am completely outclasses by the rratposters.

see >>3113313

>> No.3113406

Holy shit, she did it in front of her genmates not once, but fucking twice, what a whore

>> No.3113415

im confused, do you retards genuinely believe cover would leave up a video of one of their talents having foreplay with someone off screen?

>> No.3113422

I can't believe ollie gets fucked every horror stream!

>> No.3113428

rrat: she can only get off if her genmates can hear or see her. her bf is very mad about this and is forcing her to take a week break to get her away from her genmates

>> No.3113433

KEK nigger most people here
including me gave up on finding love 2 decades ago. You think that statement will accomplish anything?

>> No.3113443

Someone needs to stop that fetishist for getting fingered every horror stream.

>> No.3113453

cover taking down the video would be an admission of guilt

>> No.3113454

they do, and they'll tell you something along the lines of
>of course they would leave it up, if they do something about it then it only confirms it to be true
but also they already believe its confirmed with or without cover doing anything about it

>> No.3113461

why not just kys if you've lost all hope

>> No.3113473

Because I hate the world, not myself.

>> No.3113479

hahah holy shit, off by 4 seconds

>> No.3113498

Considering how much they stream and talk about shit in public avatar or not secrets like that are hard to keep and most of them suck at lying anyway, something is bound to slip and gachikoi don't exactly need a smoking gun to leave you.
Also how much can you trust your partneronce he knows you can be easily blackmailed with your relationship alone never mind those "juicy" details he might provide, one messy breakup and whole hololive is in a mess because of her. Sometimes you can get away with people from the VA industry etc. because they are in similar situation and know how to behave but it doesn't seem like Holo ID would have this sort of connections, it aint easy at all unlike what the trolls might tell you.

>> No.3113537

It's not about cover trying to hide it from the people that already know, but to minimize the situation.

>> No.3113546

>I hate the world, not myself
fucking kek, no wonder you've given up. you sound like an edgy 14 year old

>> No.3113552

>cover does something about it
>this is proof of the rrat
>they don't do something about it
>this is ALSO proof of the rrat

>> No.3113574

this but unironically

>> No.3113583

>>they don't do something about it
>>this is ALSO proof of the rrat
Nobody is saying this

>> No.3113590

>You'll never find love, or even get some pussy
It was entirely clear before I even finished elementary school that it wasn't gonna happen

>> No.3113625

Exactly. See >>3111809, lose-lose. People would riot no matter what cover or ollie do.

>> No.3113632

well they're certainly acting like it
>cover isn't doing anything about it
>"the rrat is confirmed and if you disagree you have shitty earphones / are in denial / deaf"
>cover DOES do something about it
>"this is admission of guilt"

>> No.3113641

once you know a little about whose behind these posts it's hard to feel anything but pity

>> No.3113654

They will.
It will become "damage control" and "denying the truth".

>> No.3113665


>> No.3113711

They were already into Melody, Mousey and some other shojovhores before vshojo was even a thing at least that faggot Nux Taku and his gay lover Lost Pause, conur is pretty late to the game but apparently they were "working" on making a collab with ollie not too long ago, hope it get's cancelled due to her mental bullshit.

>> No.3113713

yeah, if you miss out on prime cunny there isn't really a point in bothering anymore.

>> No.3113798


>> No.3113814

And just like that this thread became a /r9k/ general

>> No.3113834

always has been

>> No.3113846

it was from the beginning

>> No.3113851

I love this zoombie

>> No.3113896

wait, haven't it always been

>> No.3113932

You think people that watch Vtubers are able to ever have sex in their life? What are you retarded? Most of them including me do it to have some semblance of female interaction in their life.

>> No.3113989

This is quite sad, but it sounds like you're proud of it for some reason

>> No.3114057

she will be back after like 3 days of living her life as a normal girl from 3 world country that nobody gives a fuck about including her own family since girls are just less important in this societies and she have brothers so mark my words it's hard to take a break from something like that.

>> No.3114093

I'm being a realist. This board is full of bitter 30 year olds that are into vtubers because it's one of the few things that doesn't remind them that other people have sex/are in relationships or that isn't infested with american politics.
Ollie is doing everything in her power to potentially jeopardize this and it's making people with pretty much infinite time on their hand mad. And nothing you will do or say will change anything about it. They won't listen to logical or moral arguments.

>> No.3114121

No it doesn't you goddamn normalshit

>> No.3114158

It's ok, I still believe in you guys. You will find a girl that will love you eventually.

>> No.3114197

Do you ever think about other things than sticking your dick in a hole

>> No.3114232

Of course, and I honestly believe that you can do it too

>> No.3114233

instead of crying online about how girls will never fuck you, how about you work towards improving yourself

>> No.3114265

Doesn't show

>> No.3114372

Well, it's not me who is talking about anime girl having sex all day long
All this hatred is not healthy, you have to accept yourself, anon, and not your physical flaws but mental ones, It will help.

>> No.3114425

Another anon here, I want to see that clip.
Anyway doesn't Ollie live with a rather big family in a conservative muslim country where this kind of shit might get you into serious trouble? Even if she did something good old masturbation to lose up with anxiety and stuff sounds way more probaable than a fuckbreak with the boyfriend.

>> No.3114460

>you have to accept yourself, anon, and not your physical flaws but mental ones, It will help
How do you think I ended up entirely giving up on dating lmao

>> No.3114491

>normalfags on MY board want to fuck WOMEN
get out

>> No.3114530

Because you gave up, anon, this is not acceptance, this is losing. Nothing is given and you have to work hard. There is no shortcuts in life for many people, but it's not the reason to loose all faith in life.

>> No.3114542

Timestamp or you're just making shit up, I didn't hear anything.

>> No.3114550

>ollie anti thread turns into therapy session
fanbase reflects the oshi?

>> No.3114639

Women are whores, there is nothing worthwhile to obtain by putting in the effort.

>> No.3114681


>> No.3114687

yet you devote your hobby to watching and gossiping about them, interesting

>> No.3114737

No, anon, you see, it's not even about the women, it's about the hatred and fear inside you.
Why women are whores? What do you think people want to obtain? Sex is not so important as a simple action of believing in yourself.

>> No.3114850

>le improving yourself meme
KEK, everybody is fucking lifting and has a higher eduction degree these days. Standards are so insane that some men will never make it. And this is why chuubas are rich.

>> No.3115025

this is where u bait failed.
stop projecting and falling for the "self improvement" and "be confident" memes.

>> No.3115072

This guy is a lost cause. Don't even try with him.

>> No.3115195

discord is cancer and I miss good old days of /hlg/ it feels like a mess ever since /vt/ was created.

>> No.3115323

The pasta gets posted constantly i am not spoonfeeding someone who deliberately shows they didnt even watch the segment in question. You are unironically admitting to not even knowing the situation in question. This shit with timestamps get reposted all the time. It is as clear as day literally in the segments that everyone is talking about right now. You are retarded.

>> No.3115656

The discord groomers have descended on the Ollie threads now, that Zombie is done for

>> No.3118223
File: 1.88 MB, 640x532, 1599348126594.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

See >>3112946 and >>3113313 and literally every fucking horror stream she's ever done. Then note how this has ONLY happened in Horror streams. She's just a pussy when it comes to horror you fucking retards. You don't need timestamps just skip to literally any point and it's all the same shit.
And honestly, watching her RFA stream, and knowing how she considered doing H VA before Hololive, you can definitely argue shit like this is played up somewhat. The fear is there but it's played up to be sexual. Just like RFA.

>> No.3118796

are you deaf or just stupid

>> No.3118817

Did you watch any stream or are you just a faggot?

>> No.3118883

I did and they don't sound the same at all

>> No.3118963
File: 400 KB, 1455x2223, 1608330476673.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What about the moaning and panting in those streams are different about the moaning and panting in the other? The fact that there wasn't a schizo analysis telling you how she was having sex? Or?

>> No.3119089

What ? Do you want another schizo analysis from other streams so you can have unlimited fap material ?

>> No.3119426

Yes please, Ollie's moaning is hot.

>> No.3119535

Nice try.

>> No.3120336
File: 138 KB, 463x453, 1594744884119.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do redditors really?

>> No.3120508
File: 199 KB, 427x381, 1607691027721.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

One week to fuck her brains out so she won't get the urge on stream.

>> No.3121422

Remember schizos... With great rrats comes great responsibility.

>> No.3122729

>focused on the game
>the context matches up with her asking if anyone hear moaning
>only happens once

Compared to:
>She moan aloud
>what she's saying doesn't make sense in context since she didn't saw any ghost and just stand there
>there's a lil bounce she does during the moan.
>happened multiple times in which she just stand still and her saying doesn't match the context added with odd behavior and some got jittery eyes during moaning.
I'll try compiling all the moan in the video tonight.

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