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What did everyone think of Tilde the Vtuber who takes crypto currency so the jews at youtube don't get shit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxWH6iO6LHo&t

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Almost 100k views on her debut, I wonder if this shit will blow up?

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Tax infringement ho!

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Good in most countries except USA they don't care about things like this.

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I was in the stream and used the platform to donate. I'll be honest, I never donate and wouldn't have if the new vtube platform didn't make it so damn easy.

Hope Tilde shows her feet in upcoming streams though. I'll drop a bnb if she does.

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>what is streamlabs
seethe nocoiner

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How about you provide liquidity with that instead hmmm?

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I simped about $50 to her in that new vtube crypto thing. It's pretty cool.

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Can someone explain what this is all about?

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vtubetoken dot moe

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vtuber donation and nft platform.

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Will I get to see my fav oshi's c*nny?

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if you bribe them enough.

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crypto simps making their oshis rich clown world

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I'm thinking based.

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unironically based
jewtube can suck a dick, I want my oshi to get all the money I donated

next tilde stream when?

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I'm thinking about it, but I don't know if I should. I don't want to be hit by impermanent loss ya know
what should I dooo...

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Do a little less than whatever amount would take you down one tier. Then just leave it until $25 and collect swap fees. More liquidity = more confidence

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Tilde is lit and probably gonna blow up.
VTUBE's easy to donate crypto system is also really good.

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Kek based.

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Honestly, youtube can get fuckt for what they did to coco and other elite gamers. Hope crypto drinks their milkshake.
Wtf is bnb?

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enviro-friendly version of ethereum, worth $605 USD at time of writing. Last week during her stream it was $507.

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Funds are safu?

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lol Tilde is ranked 4th already on /r/virtualyoutubers hot


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as someone trying to computer shop in today's market, I think crypto is cancer and anyone supporting it needs to face exterminatus with it. also take your "muh jooz" faggotry back to /pol/.

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It's not even crypto causing this, ppl just scapegoating crypto when there's a global semiconductor shortage due to supply chain issues caused by covid.

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In case it isn't clear let me spell it out for you.

Your stated reasoning for disliking crypto is for the sole selfish consumer reason of it causing "your" consoom to go up in price.

Otherwise it is a cope for being a nocoiner and not realising we're headed towards a decentralised internet.

The only "legitimate" reason to dislike crypto are the number of scams currently there due to people being greedy and fomoing into ponzis like doge and safemoon. And that reason isn't legitimate because it's like saying we should ban the internet because there are scammers on there.

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Seems like a tranny to me.
Won't watch.
The gimmick is nice.

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Doesn't sound like a tranny desu


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I wonder if VTUBE allows creation of stake pool where each vtuber is a stake pool and you can just link your wallet to stake with your favorite vtuber and earn money with them (like what ADA did).

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>computer shop in today's market
grow up.
BSC is Proof of Stake network ran by 21 validators. It doesn't consume your muh GPUs.

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>also take your "muh jooz" faggotry back to /pol/.
>no one mentions anything about muh jozz
>leftist retard cries out in pain as he strikes you
rent-free, eh?

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