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So, did we get more Altame/Amegis fanart? I want to self insert as Ame

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This you?

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Brazilian currency, color me impressed.
I was gonna call him a madlad for doing this but he's a third worlder so...

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Why give condom money, raw is so much hotter.

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i'm waiting for dramatubers to cover this, did ame read it

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Ame is for Tempus to raw dog in a gangbang to see who has the strongest sperm.

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If Ame gets pregnant shecwill have to retire

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Altare is going to be fucking Ame raw, though. He's also going to strangle and beat her and dump her when he's bored.

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i doubt they will cover this it will take another mori responding to bait kinda thing to make it happen

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Why? Not able to fucking sit in a chair and play video games with a big belly? Lmao.

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>the "based" /vt/bros are literally south americans

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I know nothing about pregnancy, but i'm pretty sure the female gets weaker and tired the longer it goes. Ame wouldn't be able to do it eventually.

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This was surprisingly cringe

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Based. It's about sending a message.

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Oh no I'm weak and tired, I can't sit in a fucking chair.

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keep pushing until she breaks, i want another nothingburger

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lmao, nice

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>watch for years as ame antis push for blacked cuck shit
>ends up with riced instead in reality

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man must be seething sending a yellow super filled with real money to Ame just to spite her

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Anon, I...

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did anything happen between regis and ame? qrd?

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Ame after the collabs

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Its sad that Ame has stooped so low

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teakeks are mad for real https://youtu.be/KylRjccy11A

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Why is vt trying to force yabs now? Worse than chinks

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Can someone edit teammates with pic related??

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I see thx
Teakeks are done lmao

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Oh nyo

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They want to appear on their favorite epic twitter threads that screenshot /vt/ threads.

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/vt/ feeds on drama you absolute newfagchama

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At least post (one of the) the right image(s)

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do it yourself, retard

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Leave it to males to bring shippers.

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>self-hating male

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Like this?

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Males as in the talents. They attract shipfags and fujos.

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