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And it's beautiful.

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Popular japanese vtuber usada pekora?

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Whenever I see a rabbit outside, I instinctively yell "Usada!" just like Miko would do.

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I kneel

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>war criminal
>but she's cute, so whatever
That's Japan, alright.

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new phone who dis

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The new F├╝hrer

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rightfully so

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That's insane

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This is the face of /vt/

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Why not Earth? Go further.

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The absolute scale of the obsidian build...

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What is the source of that gif anyway?

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6ZqyQH94uo @ around 3:30

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The only Japanese warcrime was not exterminating the chinese

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If only you knew how bad things really are peko...

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Now hear the story


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I wonder if Hologirls ever feel despair over knowing that they had nothing to do with the design of their character and so their character's recognizability is entirely out of their hands.

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Girls like Kiara and Flare were fucked from the start. The artist of the avatar might be more responsible for failed talents than the talents themselves.

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>that they had nothing to do with the design of their character
I don't think this is the case.

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both Flare and Kiara are doing ok

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fuck this cunt

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Once they get accepted for a role they obviously have months before their debut to give their own input into the design, name, and characterization, it's the same how they communicate with their character designers for additional outfits, how some holos can have an original song as soon as they debut, and how they can have minor details that hint at their past identity like 110 years old

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Pekora and Rushia had influence on their characters, the rest of 3rd gen didn't. All newer gens have more influence on the design now

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>calling pekora war criminal
return to reddit

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Imagine shitting your pants in anger like this because of some 30-year-old autistic bald man who makes Minecraft videos.

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Counterpoint: Towa has a top tier design yet still she's still a bottom of the barrel chuuba.

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The actual face of Japan

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when pekora debuted people said she got one of the worst skin of hololive

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Wait, you want to tell me that Marine got her design by pure luck?
Talk about being a luckchad.

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When I first saw Pekora I thought she was weird looking, but now I get warm inside when I look at her.

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At first I also thought her design was pretty bad but it slowly grew on me and I love it now.

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