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What is he, Japanese now?

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ren pls stop sexing my favorite vtubers

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does anyone really care about this? it just makes him look awkward

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He will say hello to your oshi and you will like it

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Jesus christ. wtf is wrong with him

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I thought nijileech was just a meme.

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I don’t get it, why not a JP senpai like Salome?

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No, no, let them. It's super funny watching a normalfag interact with holoincel culture. Really puts in perspective how batshit crazy it all is.

>> No.30584978

Getting more and more pathetic.
Maybe next time Ren.

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I legit don't care but isn't bad twitter etiquette to randomly @ somebody?

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Pekora was doing a "send me a tweet and I will reply" thing. He's not @'ing her randomly at least.
He talked to Kuzuha earlier.

>> No.30585027

It’s a reply
Look at the picture in the OP

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Based. Please @ yagoo next ren

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you don't get it. ren is so normie he can't differentiate between niji and holo
whatever appears on his timeline he will reply to

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Why are nijileeches like this?

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hahahahaha, this just show that Ren is the perfect troll

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I want to know what he is using to get so high

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>tweeting a response
>randomly @ing mumei
Still, he's acting like a thirsty indie, lol
might as well start playing Holocure too

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He replied to this post, lmao
You can't make this shit up, this is getting sad.

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sexting sama

>> No.30585220

This guy is gigabased but replying doesn't mean shit compared to randomly @ing someone so it's a nothingburger
Link for posterity

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Try an archive link.

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Can someone get this mong on a leash?
Not even JP members do this for fuck sake.

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Guess you never heard of kaida haru

>> No.30585420

Replying is less noticeable unless you follow both people and won't bring as many RT/likes than @ing
people randomly and shitting up their notifications

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yes Suisei tetris etc.
happened ages ago.

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ren trying to make himself like russell

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I love this retard.

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This guy is like 2 weeks old. Yeah I'm sure Pekora would reply to a rando whose Vtubing career until 2 weeks ago doesn't exist.

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I don't mind this.
He learned that his place is the same as her viewers.
Another direct mention or inserting himself into a vtuber conversation will rustle my panties though.

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but s*ch* liked his tweet

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And its happening again now and just like kaida it would be nijifags who will anti him while holofags get the blame.

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>makes holobabs seethe every day
>made the entire branch seethe with tierlist

Absolutely based.

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he just tweeted to make you seethe unironically

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Maybe you have been stuck inside your home for so long that you aren't aware, but normalfags don't go around saying hello to totally random people, anon. Perhaps one or two cheerful occasions are fine, but doing it at that frequency means there is something wrong with you.
Think about it, do you say hello to everyone passed you on the street, or randomly insert yourself into others' unrelated conversations?

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This is going to be especially sad when she replies to every tweet except his.

>> No.30585754

>He @ her work account because she liked a tweet on her personal account
Imagine trying to defend this retardation, but what else to expect from a Nijikek

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Bro I might just start to like him.
He knows exactly all the holobronies are salty af but he does whatever he wants. Based alien god.

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>perfect troll
perfect leech?

>> No.30585839

too nijicopium ITT

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All the holofags seething

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What is his end game

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she liked the @ also, cope more. She know Mumei IRL and you don't

>> No.30585958

>she liked the @ also

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>Pekora: Send me something I'll reply.
>LiteralWho: Hi.
Pekora is rude!

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Do "people" who are perpetually stuck inside of their caves say hello to anyone?
Nevermind that, the fun is in following threads like these because streams are fucking boring.

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this guy is kind of a cute retard huh

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The proof is in Anon's mom's asshole.
I checked the likes, she's not there.

>> No.30586071

He should just transition to being a vtweeter. He gives us gems like this but his actual streams are so fucking boring my god.

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So when will the dramatubers cover this one? I already see some unicorns seething in the comments

>> No.30586193

She liked a random milestone tweet retard.

>> No.30586404

>No angry replies before being posted on le 4chan (as seen in the archive)
>Angry replies start appearing after being posted
This is going to follow the exact same trend as the Mumei tweet. ~50 retards will break containment and falseflag. And then 500 snowflakes will over react at "toxic hololive fans". It will be posted on youtube by some dramatuber with 50 000 views.

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The hypocrisy in doing this is that he himself is guilty of ignoring 'nobodies'
He wouldn't respond to, say, this chad if he greeted him

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Ren and Nux

Keep it or need it?

>> No.30586659

Little shit should leave professionals alone. It could be bad news!

>> No.30586668

proof? retard

>> No.30586669

Ren is just a fan of this strategy. He'll just @playstation and try to get collabs.

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with numbers like these I'd be leeching too

>> No.30586742 [DELETED] 

Call him what he is. Male Ollie.
>it's OK if Nijimales do it!

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Based alien boy, guess this is going to be another thread full of cope, I'm loving it!

>> No.30586865

First time was weird.
Now it's just getting sad.

Maybe he's desperate because no views?

>> No.30586947

Ollie is an actual simp though. She watches streams, give donation, give mod power to other vtubers on her chat, talk and promote other people’s stuff.
And she’s one of the biggest in Indonesia, she doesn’t leech, she’s seeding them. She’s always interacting with even very small vtubers.

Ren isn’t talking to some random twitch vtuber to boost them, he doesn’t watch stream or talk about them on stream. He just try to publicly interact on Twitter with vtubers that are their senpai by 3 years and 20 times bigger than he is 2 weeks only after his own debut. (Reminder: Tempus is still at this date in a collab ban!!)

>> No.30586966

So he desperately wanted to get into Holostars, auditioned, didn't get in, got into Niji instead and wants to get to the Holos this way?

>> No.30586979

Fucking chad

>> No.30587043

falseflaggers will reply and dramatubers will give the attention he wants while exposing hololive's toxic idol culture
truly a chad

>> No.30587100

watch me reply and call him a creepy incel while acting like one, i'll appear on hero hei

>> No.30587126

Is there no limit to his power?

>> No.30587190

All this dude has to say is hi and he gets a million antis on his back, now that's power

>> No.30587204

Yeah for all Ollie's fault she does actually build a bridge, it is a bridge she does all the work for and gets taken advantage of but she does build it. This guy just comes off as desperate, especially when the niji fans need to constantly justify it as a master plan and/or him being dumb.

>> No.30587214

He just @s people. He did it all the time before he was in nijisanji too. He liked doing to large corporations.

>> No.30587269

He was trying the Reimu maneuver
>do something stupid
>get bullied by schizos
>leddit pity defenceforce coming to the rescue
>2x buff to views, subs and akasupas for a month
unfortunately hes not a latina, and thus lacks the drama-gene.

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>> No.30587324

Did he delete the tweet? I can't see it

>> No.30587326

Okay doxnigger

>> No.30587418

I'm gonna make a burner account and flame him so some shit dramanigger channel can pick it up.

>> No.30587484

Ren is so pathetic, I can see how much of a normalfag he is with all these situations. NijiEN talent scouts have to ignore numbers next time and get people who actually like Vtubers and anime

>> No.30587505

Anons did not know the context.
Pekora tweeted that she will respond to any tweets that responded to that tweet.
And then Ren lee-, ahem, joined the fun.
That is all it is.

>> No.30587556

>he can't differentiate between niji and holo
>whatever appears on his timeline he will reply to
based autist

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5ch is mocking you all kek

>> No.30587682

I genuinely don't understand what's even the point.
A retarded action is retarded, regardless of the intent. It doesn't matter if he was only "pretending to be retarded" to make people seethe.

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This guy is worse than Kanatan when it comes to leeching kek.

>> No.30587752

typical leechposter. kys.

>> No.30587770

worst thread on the board

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>saying hello to pekora
Is he fucking retarded? There's no point to doing this besides attention whoring. Pekora will never respond to a male. Let alone someone outside of hololive.

>> No.30587789

>Isn't the hololistener's population a bit of a mess?
>They're all crazy!
I like how one consistent trend is that bronies are the incel fanbase no matter the branch or country.

>> No.30587809

>Nijinigger central
Cool, they're just like this shitboard

>> No.30587869

Cool story sis!! when are we going to send that bitch reimu death threats again?

>> No.30587897

>Praising the 5ch nijithread
Imagine allying with a thread that bullied a girl into jumping off a balcony just because she MIGHT have shittalked a niji in a private test stream.

>> No.30587900

lmfao this dude is so retarded i love him

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>> No.30587929

4chan did worse to be honest.

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Why did he respond here, then?
He also wants a reply back. kek

>> No.30587973

Holobronies really should learn how to ignore these things. Even I don't like Ren but you faggots act like this is the end of the world. It's not like pekora is going to reply to him.

>> No.30587976

4chan, not holofags.

>> No.30587980

All of 5ch is like this. They're literally known as the Niji hive across the Japanese Internet. Everywhere else is Holofans

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Holy based.

>> No.30587992

the same retards who harassed aloe and rushia

>> No.30588003

But Pekora actually promised to respond. He responded to this tweet:

>> No.30588040

Are there Holofags on 4chan that aren't numberfags? You may as well call this the Niji and /here/ hive otherwise.

>> No.30588045

It isn't even like a funny retarded action. Like Vesper genuinely not understanding how to use twitter, or someone making a big show to try and get attention only to fall flat. Its just really basic attention begging. I don't get the whole lmao such a silly retard oh he so funny. Just seems like damage control for the guy being a failed leech.

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>le based retard

>> No.30588076

>Even I don't like Ren but you faggots act like this is the end of the world. It's not like pekora is going to reply to him.
Everyone who replied to the tweet is a containment breaker and they’re probably falseflaggers too.

>But Pekora actually promised to respond. He responded to this tweet:
She didn’t reply to everyone. She also stopped replying more than an hour ago.

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>> No.30588119

b-based japs

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What a chad, he doesn't give a fuck

>> No.30588140

>non-Holo even considers looking in the direction of a popular hololive girl
>spawns weeks of vitriol and death threats
This whole situation has just been hilarious to see how unhinged this fanbase can get.

>> No.30588147

>Are there Holofags on 4chan that aren't numberfags?
>You may as well call this the Niji and /here/ hive otherwise.
not really, they showed to be exactly the same everywhere.

>> No.30588160

No kidding

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Kek as a nousagi this is fucking hilarious.
Man is honest about what he wants and isn't shy about asking for it, damn the consequences.

I hope she replies to him thinking he's a normal fan, but she tends to be careful about that stuff so this is probably gonna end up as just another -1 for NijiEN.

>> No.30588185


>> No.30588196

I thought we were talking about 4chan's holothreads, not 4chan in general. But you nijifaggots are known for moving the goalpost.

>> No.30588199
File: 470 KB, 3508x2480, gomu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>my donations to Pomu and Selen partially endorse and fund the homicidal prosecution of holobronies
Unbelievably based.

>> No.30588235

"Hololive incels harass Nijisanji Vtuber over tweet" - FalseEyeD, Hero hei

>> No.30588237

>taking from nijisanji thread on 5ch
rumao, those fuckers are worse than schizos on this board

>> No.30588238

Thank you anon. You just proved the subhuman nature of Nijiniggers with this post alone.

>> No.30588241

Lol so random lmao

>> No.30588248

he's talking about Aloe, you fucking retard.

>> No.30588255


>> No.30588320

She won't reply to him when/if she realizes who he is.
If she does end up replying to him, her fans will point out who he is and she'll likely delete the tweet. I'm willing to bet hard cash on this.

>> No.30588349

>5ch nijithread
i understand you're a newfag but holy shit
are you gonna praise the zhang botters next?

>> No.30588354

She stopped replying to anyone 30 min before that leech's tweet and went to play with Moona at Rust.

>> No.30588361

It's Pekora, she probably won't even read it.

>> No.30588362

He's playing this up partly for his quirky antics and partly to disassociate himself from Owlgirl to make it look more random in retrospect.

>> No.30588375

Really? It looks like he will get Twitter clout and Drama Tubers will call him an innocent victim. Hololive is the one which will take reputation damage. People already don't have very good opinion on Holoincels

>> No.30588409

Anon, all of 5ch is like this. The seethe towards Hololive has been ongoing since late 2018.

>> No.30588412

Nijiniggers are all the same

>> No.30588428

So what? can't be as low as the fanbase reputation who is known to send death threats to their own oshi coworkers

>> No.30588472

another goalpost succesfully moved
post proof then

>> No.30588507

How the turn tables

>> No.30588514

>M-muh Aloe
Is a fan of Nijisanji herself
>M-muh Rushia
Was attacked by butthurt Hololive fans
Any other talking points you want to attempt to parrot?

>> No.30588525

oh nyo, not the reputation
god it's so fucking apparent you're a normalfag
did you JUST make it here from reddit?

>> No.30588540
File: 140 KB, 446x1976, koyo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sure nijinigger

>> No.30588556

It might be a 'L' for /here/, but it also serves the purpose of radicalizing our sisters and any other potential people looking for a reason to dislike holofans. Short term loss for a long term advantage, this >all out war, is complicated after all

>> No.30588557

holofags obliterated

>> No.30588599
File: 608 KB, 1080x1728, 1660236261676.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Which one are you, friend? Ichimilk is that you?

>> No.30588631


>> No.30588638
File: 679 KB, 883x799, nijinig.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how about this

>> No.30588661

Another great thread full of retards seething over literally nothing, I hope he continues

>> No.30588711

yeah thats me

>> No.30588786

I'm ashamed to be in the same fanbase as you.

>> No.30588798

oh dang the nijinig went quiet
guess it was the usual pajeet afterall

>> No.30588800

This is basically your average poster on this board. Nothing new.

>> No.30588805

I guess you could say he's on that blue sugar high

>> No.30588833

>1 (one) schizo over several
Try again.

>> No.30588839


>> No.30588844

Lol is that supposed to be an insult? Hololive is the most hated company in the entire industry right now. Vshojo hates you, Nijisanji hates you, Indies hates you and all the small vtuber companies hates you. Hololive is isolated from the rest of the industry. Their downfall is inevitable and no one but their
own fanbasee will be the one responsible. Antis and drama niggers doesn't even have to do anything.

>> No.30588850

There's less of an outrage for this, why?

>> No.30588873

>first one
>hoshiyomi falseflagging as nijinigger to shit on Rushia
Jesus, holofags really don't care about how their oshi feels. Suisei was one of the few holos that supported Rushia and Suisei is friends with the nijidog aswell.

>> No.30588884
File: 3.35 MB, 4933x4108, 1632679414471.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30588886

the average poster on this board wouldn't defend the nijis so bitterly
they'd just join in the shitposting
that guy pretty obviously has an agenda

>> No.30588891

how can someone be this retarded?

>> No.30588905

Nobody watches JP

>> No.30588907

How desesperate is he for attention? It's kind of shameless, I get some of you want to be contrarians but it's getting sad to beg so much.
People will praise his "bravery" for... being ignored twice

>> No.30588921

>>30588873 (me)
fuck forgot to reply to >>30588514

>> No.30588944

oh nyo

>> No.30588985
File: 999 KB, 5235x1569, FBDC51D5-187C-4B8F-BA39-1CFD1A39B778.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Now we're getting somewhere. Now let's take a look at Holofags' Twitter behavior since we've covered YouTube.

>> No.30589002

Mumei shit led to people looking in to her pl. JOPs don't even know ren exists

>> No.30589015
File: 814 KB, 160x260, meanwhile_in_japan.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>160+ replies literal who twitter screencap thread.

>> No.30589028

>Doesn't actually like Nijisanji.
>Doesn't actually like anime.
>Doesn't actually care for Vtubing.
>Pretty much only interacts with women on Twitter.
Which one of you cunts infiltrated Nijisanji?

>> No.30589081

>vshojo hates holo
Not true ever since Nazuna and Kson became a part of VshojoJP. The fans of those 2 still hate other vshojofans and nijifans more than they hate holofans. They make up the majority so its safe to say Vshojo is friendly to Hololive

>> No.30589101

Plenty of people here have an agenda lol. That's what an anti has. We're among many. Just check /#/ for proof.

>> No.30589107

Hero Hei wouldn't care about drama this minor, he's too busy trying to leech off Guilty Gear and gacha drama.

>> No.30589125

>Still, he's acting like a thirsty indie, lol
Kek I get why this shit feels so weird now.
You expect this type of blatant leeching behavior from seedy 2views wanting to use you to grow their channel.
It's not really normal coming from someone that's part of the second biggest VTuber corpo in the world with an above average fanbase.

Irl, this behavior would be similar to 2view vloggers who get friendly with big Youtubers, invite them to a bar for a drink, but once inside they whip out their phones and start going "omg we're with the famous xxx" while the big guy is just sitting there awkwardly drinking beer.

>> No.30589132

Based. When will this chad make a pass at gura bros?

>> No.30589151

>indies hate you
>small vtuber companies hate you
Like who and what, Einstein?

>> No.30589171

>Hololive will collapse any day now, says increasingly nervous man for the tenth time this year

>> No.30589211

Zoomers love defending their Twitch stars and NijiEN has cultivated that cancerous culture because they're inherently anti-Japanese.

>> No.30589223

yeah, retard, that's what i meant to prove
that schizo is a holoanti and a nijifan
that's literally the point of every screenshot posted ITT

>> No.30589246

>Vshojo hates you, Nijisanji hates you, Indies hates you and all the small vtuber companies hates you.
Nijisanji livers always talk positive about Hololive whenever the topic comes up. And Phase Connect are always referencing Hololive and they even stream the Holo fan game.
>Hololive is isolated from the rest of the industry.
This part is true, but not for the reasons you think. Hololive isolates themselves because they consider themselves above other vtuber groups (and considering their numbers, they don't suffer for it).

>> No.30589256

>muh number boogeyman

>> No.30589259

I'm just waiting for a holofan, probably some nousagi or teamate, to physically assault a nijisanji fan at a convention.

>> No.30589308

There a reason why for almost a half a year in between January to say August of last year, HH has kept quiet about Hololive? What caused him to come back all of a sudden if you know him so well?

>> No.30589316

>Joins vtuber agency only for PL sub number
>Knows nothing about vtubing
>Feels like a pushy attention seeker indie
>Doesn't watch anime
>Simps defend him getting ignored and pushy with girls
Never felt a niji liver was so out of place and weird, am I the only one who thinks he's being quite cringe? And don't come at me with a "he's just saying hi chud", he's being weird

>> No.30589318

>overweight nousagi rapes luxsemen seasister

>> No.30589352

…all out war?

>> No.30589354

Isn't Hololive's most subscribed VTuber a normalfag zoomer who used to stream on Twitch and doesn't watch anime?

>> No.30589365

And we're among at least ten thousand of them on this board alone. 5ch is the same. Chans attract trash people, this should be common sense.
Who started the numberfagging 3 years ago, asshole?

>> No.30589427

I think the other way around is more likely to happen.

>> No.30589439

I cannot wait for the opposite to happen, seeing the behavior of Nijikek on /here/ and in Discord it is about time that one of you snaps

>> No.30589448

3 years ago hololive has no number to brag about you retard, it's either you nijinigger or 4king fags and aifags.

>> No.30589459

Isn't that a rrat tho? all of it spawned from not being in the cringeroll anime article

>> No.30589505

>disrespecting Ai-chan

>> No.30589510

no sister it's the nijiniggers thread also known as the most mentally deranged shithole on 5ch. seems like you belong there maybe go back?

>> No.30589526

Anon we're in 2022, 3 years ago is 2019 and not 2017 anymore.

>> No.30589533

She became a NFT though...

>> No.30589552

anon, your wet dreaming again. the nijinigger side is the only one seething becasue holo beat them in popularity. they have been at it ever since.

>> No.30589558

No, she said it herself. She doesn't watch anime.

>> No.30589605

>Asked whose fanbase in 4chin that started numberwar
>Answered with either nijifags or AIfags
>Disrespect AI??
Are you retarded or something?

>> No.30589614

Reading comprehension, numberfag. /vyt/ 3 years ago used to insist that Niji was always the bigger draw and Holo was just some backwater seconds. You wouldn't shut up about it either until you fags complained hard enough to get Hololive separated from it.

>> No.30589658

Ricardo became so angry at Hololive he accidentally trashed his oshi in the process, kek

>> No.30589676

>nijifags are way worse, here's some examples of them being subhuman
>i-it's all the same, we're all trash people tehe
no, fuck you, you're a turd of a human
but i accept your concession

>> No.30589690

>no sister its... 5ch

>> No.30589723

nigger dont play that game cause you're going to loose. everyone knows the nigger who started the doujin drama was a scumbag with ryushen's profile pic. Same with the removal of all videos on holo side because nijiniggers were butthurt.

>> No.30589731

They don't like to believe that. Just check /#/ or the /niji/ on /jp/ on any given day. And before you call me a Holofag, I don't watch them mainly. My oshi is an indie and the only Holos I watch are Miko and Marine.

>> No.30589743

I wouldn't call her a normal fag just because she doesn't watch much anime. She's pretty deep into the Jpop/vocaloid stuff, does VA job.

>> No.30589763

>what is part of a whole vs the whole
thanks for proving yet again that nijiniggers are dumb as fuck

>> No.30589792

What did I concede, faggot? Mad I insulted your shitboard for what it is?

>> No.30589815

Are people unironically arguing

>> No.30589849

All part of the plan.

>> No.30589857

you only insulted yourself, moron
you're here too, and you're definitely not giving a positive contribution

>> No.30589860

I don't know what's worse, people getting mad at interactions or people stanning this guy like everything he does is monumental.

>> No.30589863

Since you evidently think permissions autism is bullshit I suppose we could also talk about who reported Uki to Disney after his karaoke, and who sperged out about Luca using Holo BGM in his streams. We could do this all day.

>> No.30589878

Yes. Saying hello on the internet is serious business.

>> No.30589921

But I'm just part of the whole, anon. I don't speak for all Nijiniggers. Retard.

>> No.30589934

Yes, holofags are saying antis are nijifags and always will be. While nijifags are saying antis exists in all fanbases. Seems like holofags have a persecution complex

>> No.30589959

>I know we did it first, but you are not allowed toake us taste our own medicine
The Nijikek cries out in pain

>> No.30589967
File: 157 KB, 1017x1017, Reina.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

5ch 好き

>> No.30589994

>I-it's okay when we do it
Classic Holofaggotry.

>> No.30590032

Holobronies once again proving how vile they really are, going as far to rewrite history to trick retarded newfags

>> No.30590080

Not what I'm saying.
What I'm saying is that 5ch is filled to the brim with Nijiniggers that make Holofans look nonexistent in comparison. Don't believe me? 4 years of lurking streaming.

>> No.30590088

oh nyo

>> No.30590145

>Wah my actions have consequences, it is not fair you cannot use my tactic against me
Classic Nijinigger

>> No.30590163

/vt/ hasn't.

>> No.30590204


>> No.30590233

I would love if he keeps making tweets like this ngl
Seeing these people seethe is hilarious

>> No.30590242

Maybe it's Gura? She's been busy lately. Mumei RM provided the alibi.

>> No.30590253

You are being cringe

>> No.30590260

I want him to @ Gura or Ame next, just to see the meltdown.

>> No.30590278

I wonder what happens after Nux called Ren his homie
How will VShojo and its fanbase react?

>> No.30590282

*cums on you

>> No.30590287
File: 1.48 MB, 1920x1080, who.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.30590328

>Muh reparations
Remind me of how you're supposed to be different from niggers again?

>> No.30590337

Think I'd rather have this website hate VTubers than not. Not because of who likes what but because how people treat VTubers like it's all commodities or some shit. /#/ has really poisoned my sentiments towards the fandom at large.

>> No.30590340
File: 502 KB, 3884x2864, 1660238598229.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Doesn't watch anime
And? Anime nowadays is shit.

>> No.30590346

Drama tubers are pro hololive, it ain't happening.

>> No.30590372

yasssssss queeeeen slay so brave and based getting ignored everytime!!

>> No.30590377

>pro Hololive
Let me guess, you think OtakMori is a fan too.

>> No.30590394

Thse were nijinnigers attacking holos retardchama. All of you as always: bark.
Truly small dog syndrome.

>> No.30590398

This is a tiny fraction of the fanbase dude, go hangout in the fancords, twitter or other places on the internet.

>> No.30590439

I don't want to be the one breaking this to you but anime didn't get worse anon.
You just got older, bitter and boring

>> No.30590441

>Makes up bullshit to imply that holobronies are niggers

>> No.30590445

You do know most Nijifags on this board are former/current Holofags, right? I was there when Aloe got bullied by antis and graduated, and I knew a lot of those people were Nijifags, but I still switched over to Nijisanji a few months later because they offer content I prefer. I know I can't get revenge on the people who mistreated Aloe by posting on this board because the Nijifans on this board (including myself) weren't even part of the JP crowd that doxxed and bullied Aloe.

>> No.30590449

He's certainly not an anti. He's either a fan or just doing it for the clout.

>> No.30590453

It's okay if you can't read Japanese, but don't admit it so openly and proudly.

>> No.30590494

>99% of current Holofags got into vtubers from a clip literally centered around the word "nigger"
>Formed ghettos (/hlg/, global, random threads) on a board they migrated to and were not welcome
>Culture based entirely around picking fights and talking shit based around virtual voodoo headcanon
>Have been consistently chimping out everywhere they go for nearly two years now forcing threads to split up and become fatherless, especially their own
>Tribal by nature, won't even hesitate to attack their own fan groups, brony on brony crime
>Absolutely obsessed with ((other Vtuber group)) and blame all of their problems and misfortunes on them, otherwise they dindu nuffin'
>Only capable of measuring quality and success of anything by being impressed by big numbers and talking about money
>Instantly identifiable when they stray from their usual threads (hoods), since they are always the loudest, obnoxious, and communication is completely comprised of buzzword meme ebonics
>Constant screeching about payback or "reparations" for imagined hate crimes against Holobronies that've occurred in the past
Holofags are literally just niggers.

>> No.30590506

I know it sucks that you got rejected by hololive but no need to get that mad.

>> No.30590511

>using Sad News, a notorious opener for anti threads on 5ch as his headers and titles

>> No.30590518
File: 242 KB, 707x1600, 16372826481948382.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30590531
File: 151 KB, 326x282, smugpeko.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love this fucking board man, newfags like you glow like fluorescent algae.

>> No.30590537

Nice copy paste bro, but what about posting something original next?

>> No.30590543

is ok you can just bark and sucking my lord cock. Understandable.

>> No.30590551

>still no proof that nijichads started the numberfagging aka putting people down just because they have low numbers before holoniggers
>literal holonigger numberfagging in this thread but still playing victim

>> No.30590557
File: 147 KB, 1222x737, nervous nijifag.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30590559

That's not enough proof. It's just his usual clickbait titles.

>> No.30590566

I notice how you never answered my post. This just means you are full of shit and just a seething low effort 2view or containment breaking retard. Always is the case with you Nijifags

>> No.30590587

>Anime didn't get worse
The rise of isekai proves otherwise

>> No.30590607

that's great but anon... care to explain why he gets ignored everytime?

>> No.30590608

another reason /#/ should be banned from this board, it's just holofags circlejerking

>> No.30590620

oh nyo the projection by a nijinigger

>> No.30590627

I don't think Nijifans here really care for Iluna all that much. They just feel the need to defend him, even when this isn't bad just lame.

>> No.30590644
File: 92 KB, 675x1200, Wolfychu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What does Kana have to do with anything?

>> No.30590656

nice non-rebuttal holoseethe anon! next dialogue option please

>> No.30590662

so incels like you don't harass anyone

>> No.30590663

Most influential thread.

>> No.30590695


>> No.30590712
File: 2.45 MB, 4933x4108, rushia_anti_nijiniggers2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Was attacked by butthurt Hololive fans
ah yes, all these "hololive fans" whose only prior comments are on niji liver chats...

>> No.30590717

> most elitist thread
> most manipulative thread

>> No.30590723

Lemme guess you skimmed a couple of threads and got that impression?

>> No.30590752

>usual clickbait titles
All we need to know about him

>> No.30590758


>> No.30590762
File: 145 KB, 1250x866, nijinigger_aloe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30590778

Who did you steal that from just like you did with the copy paste, nijinigger?

>> No.30590792

How do you know it's just Holofags?

>> No.30590829
File: 20 KB, 603x134, 17156037.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's just what Eceleb used to do. It is shameless and quite frequent. I don't understand why some people act like this guy is doing something special

>> No.30590874

>Isekai argument
c'mon anon, don't be so grumpy.
I recommend you Honzuki no Gekokujō, it's a recent isekai. Iseki itself is a way to push easily a fantasy plot really, from that point on the series can be good or bad itself.
Besides, there are more anime airing nowadays, so just go watch lycoris recoil, prima doll or some of the other 30 seasonals, some will be of your taste

>> No.30590912

Because they're fans of Scarra, Sykkuno, and CallMeCarson, and that's what the NijIEN fanbase cultivates since they're nu /v/ermin that worship them too.

>> No.30590914

by reading the threads
by their antagonistic actions against non-holos
them botting millie and reporting other non-holo content in an attempt to take them down

>> No.30590929

>It might be a 'L' for /here/
kek it's on twitter sis, and Japan twitter at that. This ain't staying here at all.

>> No.30590954

Holochads stay winning. The nijibronies literally shitting and pissing right now. Imagine being a beggar.

>> No.30590961

I'm just waiting for the fallout kek.
JPfags will probably just laugh at him though.
Nobody likes blatant leeches, but it's not like anyone will harass them either

>> No.30590967
File: 375 KB, 694x1023, 1660069512483381.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Keep begging, they don't care about you, you have managed to make the "word" incel lose all the meaning just like happened with pedo and based

>> No.30591000

Are you on the same /#/ that's trashing multiple Holos like Aqua and Kanata in the past few hours?

>> No.30591004

Who cares.
Pick up a football.

>> No.30591007

>saying hi is being a beggar
schizo mindset, kiara is also a beggar then

>> No.30591022

Nah she was an NND shitposter and troll who used to troll other creators on the platform.

>> No.30591030


holoseethe, you have no original memes

>> No.30591040

my man is addicted to getting ghosted

>> No.30591051
File: 327 KB, 728x519, smallwan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

just laugh at them, it's funnier

>> No.30591062

No i noticed how nobody watches them

>> No.30591096

any post attacking hololive on /#/ feels like controlled opposition

>> No.30591140

Fair enough lol. Hate being the one Holo fan that hates numbers on this shitboard.

>> No.30591153

tell me when they bot them to disregard their numbers or when they try to take down their content

>> No.30591194

>schizo mindset, kiara is also a beggar then
>Implying that you do not think that Kiara is a beggar
>When Kiara does not go replying to every single VTuber from NijiEN and NijiJP
Nice try, but you bringing her up just tells me that you believe she is a beggar, take your meds

>> No.30591195

I think he's cool desu

>> No.30591207


>> No.30591212

And all the shitpost like vox subscribers that leaked to the catalog are from falseflag holo fans too? fucking nijinigger.

>> No.30591227

Holobronies don't be numberfags challenge (IMPOSSIBLE)

>> No.30591245

This is nijisanji now anon.
You live in a post-Mayuyu Nijisanji now.

>> No.30591309

Nijibronies are afraid of numbers kek

>> No.30591315

Has at least Kuzuha ever responded to Risotto? Or did he get ignored by him too?

>> No.30591319

It's just the niji defense force discord, they aren't really fans, just 50yuan folks on Anycolor payroll. Their posts are very easy to spot.

>> No.30591323

Nah I'll stick with vtubers.

>> No.30591364

Tribalism is fucking retarded. I've watched both Hololive and Nijisanji for almost 4 years now and they're all friends behind the scenes, there's literally no bad blood between anyone at all. If you want to shitfling, direct it at those who treat these people like they're commodities and can't appreciate anything for what it is other than how much VIEWAHZ and NUMBAHZ said talent has. I don't fucking care man I just wanna watch Flare and Furen in peace.

>> No.30591375

It's Holobronies that make stealth threads on /v/

>> No.30591396

This man is now the most powerful NijiEN. Singlehandedly made Holofags and faggots on /vt/ seethe. I kneel, king

>> No.30591397

the United states is a libertarian state

>> No.30591444

yes, feels like a discord group to me

>> No.30591468
File: 628 KB, 704x1038, 1639722378160.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tick tock mr coom

>> No.30591475

If you're gonna be open numberfags don't pout when you're called as much.

>> No.30591481

Yes luxiem fujos discord group.

>> No.30591510

By being a beggar, sure.

>> No.30591517

The tribalism only exist because we share a significant amount of users with boards like /v/ and /pw/.

>> No.30591555

Growing up in the United States drives most people insane in one way or another, especially so since the Internet has gotten more and more mainstream. The standard American diet is also horrible.
It probably isn’t easy at all to integrate into Japanese society as an American, especially when you’re dealing with addiction and probably some unresolved mental illness or trauma.
I’m not a fan of her music or even a viewer but I can’t help but have some respect for pursuing her musical career despite those things. I hope she gets a handle on her health.

>> No.30591581
File: 1.27 MB, 1559x2959, nijien thread.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that ship has long sailed my friend

>> No.30591595
File: 1.39 MB, 836x1072, Begging is all I know.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30591620

This book seems to be at a place of a doubt as to whether the "new" American system of checks and balances, with its "money, capital and banking" is possible.

The world's most advanced banks hold vast amounts of cash in reserves. Their holdings are held for short periods and are used to buy, redeem, and dispose of a wide range of products and services.

To the extent that the system of checks and balances has not developed, in the past thirty years, capital accounts have been used for many other economic activities, from mining and metals to trade with foreign governments.

This explains the dramatic increase in interest rates and the loss of confidence in the United States dollar. The dollar has had little effect on the price rate because it is largely based on a commodity, the dollar (the US dollar), which the Federal Reserve has kept on its reserve lines. The central banks of the major banks are in a position not to engage in risky investments. It is therefore more likely that the dollar is to lose market value in the last three years and its dollar value depends largely on the cost of new purchases.

The central bank can control inflation with its printing press and this in turn has been a major factor in the inflation rate over the past five years (see Figure 1). The real inflation rate in the United States rose steadily from 1.8% in 1979 to 3.0% in 2010.

>> No.30591671
File: 792 KB, 1280x720, marine laughter [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Frx2yst.ogg].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

holy kek

>> No.30591704

The crazy thing is Holobronies will call saying "hello" begging and then bitch about NijiEN blocking collabs, like no fucking wonder

>> No.30591710


>> No.30591713

>You live in a post-Mayuyu Nijisanji now.
I wish Roa would return already...

>> No.30591827

Though we're falling on hard times, it's the rest of the world that is currently collapsing. The US is in the unique situation of being geographically and militarily protected from traditional threats, and having it's own domestic food and fuel production, raw material supply/recycling capacity, advanced industry, consumer base AND cheap labor supply. American boomers had much more children than the rest of the world's boomers and our southern neighbor Mexico shat out an unholy amount of babies to the point where Mexican labor is actually cheaper than Chinese labor now. We're also the worlds reserve currency and look to continue to be, seeing how much every other currency is going to shit.
All of this enables us to actually continue running our current economic system for another 20-30 years while we sit back and watch and take notes as the rest of the world scrambles to figure out a new economic system that functions in a population collapse. A thing to note is that SEA has NONE of the aforementioned domestic characteristics and capabilities. I hope for these chuubas safety and wellbeing because their region is set to enter Sri Lanka tier hard times as deglobalization accelerates.
Remember globalization was not an economic policy. It was a security policy created by the Americans to win the cold war. It was the rest of the world that disproportionally benefited from globalization's economic side effects. And it will be the rest of the world that bears the disproportionated burden of deglobalization...

>> No.30591834

>post-Mayuyu Nijisanji now

>> No.30591941

if anything, they're just protecting their livers of being attacked

>> No.30592018

Oh no...he's not even a thread reader....

>> No.30592218
File: 239 KB, 820x1615, 1660239934449421.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.30592227

then don't complain anime is worse turbofaggot, you just got older, bitter and grumpier retard

>> No.30592297

those who attend cons are "normies" who probably like or don't mind both corpos.
All the shit-flinging is basically contained within niche, online communities like on /vt/, and the average /vt/ poster is a SEA teenager; they aren't going to cons

>> No.30592416

>it's the marineschizo

>> No.30592426

Niji fans can't even name half of their organs let alone from other agencies.

>> No.30592428

I'm holofagg and I despise niginiggers but at least those faggots don't break containment, look at that fucking account on twitter @bannedvtmemes full of holoschizos retwiting shit taken from /here/ and now again telling ren on twitter "kill yourself" or "faggot" just because "lol kek hahah funny". you retards are making holofans look bad and are gonna kill this hoby.

>> No.30592536

Do beggars unironically think there's any way a Pekora stream would be improved by having males and not just be terribly awkward?

>> No.30592581

Better quit blaming Nijifags for all of your internal Holofag drama, then.

>> No.30592643

neither can holofans lmaoooo

>> No.30592716

>moving goalpost
oh nyo

>> No.30592881


>> No.30592923

I hope she still has fans waiting for her...
it's been almost two years...

>> No.30592948

I never posted the image you were initially replying to to begin with so I wasn't making a goalpost to move in the first place. But I am now. If Nijifags don't even know their own "organs" please, do try to use logic and understand it's your own tribe doing the shitposting.

>> No.30592951

I wonder why he can't say hi to Furen or Ratna too? Irrelevant, perhaps?

>> No.30593009

nothing coming out of 4chan will have any impact on anyone's "reputation" anon, to the outside world we're all one single boogeyman.

>> No.30593058

oh nyo

>> No.30593080

Not enough numbers to leech.
Although that does make the debi reply a bit weird, Debi isn't really that high in numbers.
Maybe he was trying to tag Salome and forgot about the official company policy. May have been why Debi "???"d him.

>> No.30593103

*cums on you*

>> No.30593176

What language was this written in?

>> No.30593180

kek, this destroys the nijinigger newfag

>> No.30593258
File: 827 KB, 2116x1288, 1654458614386.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30593263


>> No.30593294

This doesn't change the fact that Aloe is still a fan of Nijisanji, though. She also talked shit about Cover after Coco's graduation. Which is to say that despite everything she views Nijisanji as the better company.

>> No.30593296

it's not what happened though, unicorns harassed her because of tweets about her bf, just like they harassed rushia

>> No.30593352

Are we talking about the company or the fans, shit-for-brains?

>> No.30593355

>Picture of Rushia happy and smiling
>This is bad because ???

>> No.30593380

> larping as a nip and doing revisionism
> gets ratio'ed
yeah, so what?

>> No.30593411

Okay this has to be a fucking raid.

>> No.30593416

I'm talking about the fact that that image was posted as a retarded attempt at a rebuttal to the fact that Aloe likes Nijisanji. It doesn't "own le Nijiniggers" because it doesn't disprove the point.

>> No.30593502

That's mafumafu. The picture did more damage to Rushia's graduation than any other anti comment

>> No.30593549

And your proof of this, is...?

>> No.30593552

Aloe liking Nijisanji was posted as a defense of "Nijinigger's" behavior. If yoh want to claim it doesn't, then it is a completely meaningless tangent that has no reason to be posted at all.

>> No.30593573

Ah yes, fan of nijisanji, who is better than hololive who never has a liver desert the better place for the worse.... oh wait

>> No.30593597

>talk about Cover after Coco's graduation
>nothing happens
>talk about nijisanji's graduation in a private twitcast months before even joining hololive
>gets harassed by nijiniggers into graduation
It really makes you think

>> No.30593615

Careful insulting Aloe there, she's your sacred cow.

>> No.30593633

I'm talking about luna though

>> No.30593647

In the pic, but I guess you are fucking blind, nijinigger

>> No.30593670

She denied the relationship herself, so yes from Rushia's perspective stuff like that was bad and damaging because it's spreading rumors she's already denied

>> No.30593707
File: 55 KB, 623x467, 16517104619371.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nice revisionism

>> No.30593714

The fact that she was explicitly begging everyone to stop saying she was in a relationship with him while crying and suicide baiting.

>> No.30593761
File: 88 KB, 360x202, 1657691295910.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Insult Cover after Coco's graduation
>Get harassed and blocked from collabs
It really DOES make you think. Almost like Nijiniggers care about the talents and Holofags worship the company itself.

>> No.30593766


>> No.30593806

Nice newfaggotry >>30590762
>"""but it gets worse"""
>she then began to talk about the retired Nijisanji (YES, YOU HEARD ME NOT HOLOLIVE, NIJISANJI)

>> No.30593808

he has no style
he has no grace

>> No.30593811

>Maria's bf on stream
>Now Ren again
What a crazy day the rest of iluna need to step it up

>> No.30593813
File: 45 KB, 518x592, 16936194729194.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30593818

Okay? And? People were just congratulating her. There was no malice there.

>> No.30593820

Go away Ren.

>> No.30593833

Rushia cries and suicide baits all the time. You might as well say Miko saying FAQ was the most damaging thing to her reputation.

>> No.30593858

Those "unicorns" were nijiniggers posing as holo unicorns because they got mad she talked shit about nijisanji a year ago

>> No.30593869

>Maria's bf on stream
Wow shes really a Rosemi clone through and through

>> No.30593884

> source: trust me bro

>> No.30593906

kys nijizhangger

>> No.30593923

>There was no malice there

>> No.30593954

>Okay this has to be a fucking raid.
Yes, just check the thread, they are all deflecting with revisionism type low effort replies

>> No.30594082

> gets called out for spreading fake narratives
> I-It's a R-RAID!
that's already overused at this point

>> No.30594151

>asks for proof
>gets proof
>n-no, it's a dream, muh revisionism
Nijiniggers are pathetic. This board should've been named hololive instead of vtubers so you nijibeggars stayed in discord or in the dox site

>> No.30594171

>talked shit about Cover after Coco's graduation
After Coco's graduation *announcement when she had zero idea about what was happening and simply sperged out like every other Coco fan did at the time, thinking that Cover were kneeling to the zhangs.

She cooled off and deleted the tweets later on, but you wouldn't post that part would you.

>> No.30594199

Don't engage with the nijinigger

>> No.30594226

You're explaining why she did it. That does not change the fact that she did it. Also, Reddit spacing.

>> No.30594283

> proof
literally one youtube account saying
> this is what happened bro, i'm japanese btw, i know more than you, trust me

>> No.30594299

Niji discord defense force, I keep telling you guys.
There's a reason almost all niji yab threads have more than 200 replies, half of them is damage control.

>> No.30594334
File: 106 KB, 909x720, reddit_space.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30594355

You can still find the twitcast stream archive and a translation, there's your evidence

>> No.30594401

Yes, culture evolves and changes over time. In the same way that rage comics have long since become Reddit, so has that specific style of spacing. Cope.

>> No.30594403

simply defusing their lies for the benefit of those lurking.
they'll reply with some cope, and then I'll happily disengage.

>> No.30594427
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>> No.30594455

> saying hi is leeching

>> No.30594493


>> No.30594532

cover interns working overtime uh

>> No.30594541
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still looping that aloe died because of nijis when it was holos' and their fans fault for the nth time, comedy gold

>> No.30594703

I don't see any name there though?

>> No.30594726

I'm not gonna doxx her rumao

>> No.30594737

--> >>30594171

>> No.30594755

No proof then, and that's not even the @ anyway

>> No.30594803

source? your ass doesn't count

>> No.30594815

>never says any of that
hence, revisionism

>> No.30594896

do your reps newfag

>> No.30594952

post the twitter link for those tweets then

>> No.30594976

I accept your concession

>> No.30595032
File: 1.57 MB, 831x932, beggar's story.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.30595041

You are either trolling or new to the internet

>> No.30595089

Mumei RM liked that one, but that's not the tweet being discussed, dummy anon.

>> No.30595199

> so proud of his shitty edits he keeps spamming

>> No.30595292

Don't worry Ren, nothing wrong with being a beggar.

>> No.30595649

This is the most retarded board on this site with the highest amount of off-site social media lobotomized zoomers and most deserving of a mercy kill.

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