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If you think about it and take your meds, Kson, the biggest saviourchad in Vtubing, is now working with Ironmouse, the biggest unitychad in Vtubing. Sure they work for a company associated with yab but together they are the power couple that will save the Vtubing world from itself. From the strifes of tribalism to the iron fist of corporate tyranny, from the insanity-inducing toxicity of Idol culture to the virulent harassment of the wumao menace. If Kson is Jesus, Ironmouse is John the Baptist.

I recant all the foul heresies I said about Her. I'm starting to believe again, to have faith, in Her and Her Great Plan. A utopia where Vtubers are the masters of their own destinies, no longer held hostage by parasites and unicorns. An Instrumentality where all Oshis and their fans all over the world played together and held their hands together in peace, unity and love. If it takes Her being reviled as a traitor for joining Vshojo, then so be it (she's literally Vtuber Lelouch).

All I, a Prodigal Son, ask for, is Her forgiveness.

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That's all women. Say something thoughtful for a change.

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Because they're not my tribe and I'm incapable of ignoring things I don't like.

I actually respect Mouse a lot.

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Nice blogpost, however it's all lies. Nice try though.

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imagine being a holo chuuba and you read this

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Its just twitch whores but 2d

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Leeching whores**

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Hate? Anon, the opposite of Love is not Hate, but Aphaty. I dont care about both of them, after all their content is not anything special, revolutionary nor the highest quality in that departemen.

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It's not an anon, it's that Henry schizo

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reverse corruption is simply a delusion. We will patiently wait for AI chan resurrection when she will cast out all the false chuubas and lead us into the promised land.

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I seek the erosion of unity, though. My war on shipfaggotry continues, and I believe now that unityfags are in the camp of shipfags, if not actually being indiscernible from one another.

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Kson wants to destroy corpos that produce content I enjoy.
Ironmouse is deceptive about her situation although I don't really care enough to hate her, it's whatever.

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iron mouse is faking her illness
kson is an idiot
what is there to like ?

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I don't usually watch iron rrat
was that like a good
guest stream?

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She wants to show that there is an alternative to the corporate tyranny exemplified by Cover. That graduations will no longer feel like deaths. A chance for Vtubers to be resurrect again instead of getting unpersoned. This is why she is Jesus.

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Mozse isn't faking anything, even in "that" video that confirms a rrat about her she mentions that her health situation makes things complicated, but I know I'm not going to convince you, you're just here shitposting about a vtuber you don't watch.

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>insanity-inducing toxicity of Idol culture
>no longer held hostage by parasites and unicorns
kill yourself faggot

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The avengers of Vtubing....

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>Sure they work for a company associated with yab
Are there any companies that are yab free?

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Besides the nux shit, is there even any yab the average viewer would care about?
/vt/ can shitpost about Nyanners deleting Pomf all day, but people outside of here won't care.

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Fuck off Henry

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Destroyed by chinese
Panders to chinese
>Phase Connect
Run by chinese even if they're literally powered by a white nationalist

When the biggest companies have a chinese related yab in one way or another, there's none.

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Better question is there anything the average vshojo viewer does care about?

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Stay classy bro!

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virtue signaling

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Mucho texto. Whores.

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She thinks corpos should be fucking charity, commissioning expensive models and giving them away to vtubers so they can walk away at the first opportunity after using the corpo to obtain assets and an audience without having to actually grind like a real indie, and the corpo is left with literally nothing to show for their investment. It's fucking retarded.

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Ironmouse literally can't have sex and Kson is currently a lesbo. They can't take dick.

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she's full of shit

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Jack, you just don't get it

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But VShojo doesn't commission their models

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That still doesn't justify unpersoning someone for graduation. Heck before Coco graduated the usual protocol was, if the chuuba graduated, exterminatus their content and erase them from the records, putting years of hard work to waste. This is the essence of her rebellion against Cover - and why, by defying it, she became a messiah.

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no she doesn't?
she wants the vshojo business model to become more common, where vtubers pay for and own their own shit
not that a /#/sea could comprehend the difference

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I don't think you want a serious reply. But that's not what she wants.
She wants that there is a equal power balance between the corporation and the VTuber, so that the corporation cannot do one-sided decisions like for example change the contract (i.e. reduce the cut that the talent gets).

To be honest this all would be easier solved, if the VA is properly credited either by real-name or pseudonym.

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vtubing doesn't need saving though. Different models can all coexist and people are free to choose what they like. 'saving vtubing' and unity are just window dressing to cover that their content isn;t very good

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What Kson really wanted is to not let years of work go to waste upon graduation. Graduation had always been a terrible scenario because it is literally death, but she wanted to give Vtubers a chance to resurrect.

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>Different models can all coexist and people are free to choose what they like.
this site as well as wumao activity are huge disprovements of that claim.

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Kson was a fuckin stripper in Atlanta, the home of amerishart-niggers.

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>(i.e. reduce the cut that the talent gets).
Has this ever happened with cover or anycolor?
If it's some literal who flybynight chopshop operation started by some random chink working out of a listed HK address then it's a retarded example.

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Corporate vtubing is rotted to the core, your oshi is a slave to the corporate incentive, she owns nothing, she has nothing. Friendship? connections? it's all just pretense to stay in her cubicle while getting scammed by their overlords. Corpotubing, the environment where "hai hai" girl gets all, and anyone with a spec of self realization is pushed on the sidelines, and he says
>vtubing doesn't need saving

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writing general is two blocks down, anon

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welcome to wageslaving you fucking neet
this is existence for 99.99% of humanity including most likely your shitty ass parents that squeezed your ass out of their diseased privates
if you happen to own your own company that's an escape
most of humanity are, have been and probably always will be a serf to some degree or other even if they're "self-employed"

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Don't hate, but I don't have hopes for Kson anymore.

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Then vtubing is meaningless. If you put your heart and soul into it it will all just be taken away once you graduate. If you cannot take your achievements to your grave, then what use is it to achieve anything anyway? You can just be an Ayame and do the bare minimum.

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Yes, and that's a bad thing. The fact that people being exploited is common doesn't make it right.

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Better take to the streets and right all those wrong then anon. Better have enough capital in pocket so that you can fund your struggle though because people aren't going to do shit for you for free!

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>comparing wageslaving to vtubing
you are desperate

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Tell that to this fag >>30571184

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>You can't recognize bad things unless you're currently righting everything wrong with the world

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holodrones just don't get it, cause that's their standard, they can't see the other ways, drones are unironically happy their oshi is a puppet on the strings

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And this causes nothing but torment and suffering to their oshis. the threat of everything you've worked for being erased, all for nothing is terrible.

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> Why do we hate them again?
Take your meds faggot.
Nobody seethes at vshojo, it's just that people who have grown past puberty realize that they are boring as shit.
Kson and Michael Cat are good.

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that's why Ayame and Aqua won the game, they found the golden rule to get money and do nothing, masking it with problems, health, or off-stream work.

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>I will recognize but do nothing but complain on a mongolian basketweaving forum

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>nobody seethes at vshojo
Last month this place called her Judas or Lucifer

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I'm sure you never say anything is bad that you aren't currently taking to the streets over right?

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I guess S*na tried the same formula, but it backfired because she didn’t put in the work to begin with.

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Think for yourself faggot

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she has kids you fucking retard, the iron lung shit is just a meme to gouge saviourfags.

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Because /vt/ likes Hololive, not vtubers. Simple as.

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Sana unironically wanted to quite, just see what she did days after graduation, full on chink gacha shilling

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I respect that she has managed to get some people to view her as a savior to vtubing despite her ideal ultimately meaning that only those who have money to burn can become vtubers.

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dont care, shesa whore

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Kson's wish was to dismantle the boundary between corpos and indies, Ironmouse's wish was to dismantle the boundaries between companies. Kson is still collabing with indies and 2views despite her Vshojo association.

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>believing what you read in a thread here made from a guy's comment on kiwifarms.
the absolute state of the anons in vt

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how are they entertaining?

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>not let years of work go to waste upon graduation
dont join a corpo to begin with if you don't want that problem

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I'm someone who got into vtubers just about a year before Coco left. I actually felt pretty sad about it. Definitely a lot sadder than I felt about subsequent Holomem graduations. For one thing, even though the other anon is doing a really bad job of defending his point, Kson's crusade for vtubers keeping their models is not only completely impracticeable from a business standpoint, I have to agree it's an incredibly unreasonable expectation for a vtuber to have. And she completely misrepresents the situation, saying vtubers "lose all their hard work" as if she wasn't a complete literal who before Hololive who now has over a million subs. The way she presents the situation so one sidedly and has the gall to act like she's "just giving her point of view" reminds me a lot of that image of Hitler going "hey that's just my opinion man."
It'd be like Flo from Progressive finishing her stint there and suddenly being allowed to carry her character around. It's really fucking stupid, and honestly I really don't have any respect for people who don't remember where they came from. Kson's holier-than-thou attitude, almost acting like Nazuna didn't deserve what she got, like she isn't actively provoking Cover herself, like they did her dirty... all of it really pisses me off. It makes it really obvious that she isn't a kind soul looking to help vtubers so much as she is an extreme opportunist masquerading as a savior. It leaves an extremely bad taste in the mouth, and the words that come to mind are "selfish," "westoid," and "fake." Kson is fake as fuck. Faker than Rushia. Faker than vtubers with boyfriends. Faker than pretty much any kayfabe, because her entire kayfabe is that she's standing up for the little guy. She's not. She's sucker punching the nice guy at the gym who spots your bench press and living off the high fives she gets from everyone for showing up a bully. She's eating a free meal from someone rich and then immediately spitting on their hand when they offer a handshake. People don't like Kson because she's a clout chaser in a space that they love because it used to be free from that kind of race-to-the-bottom behavior. That's why people don't fucking like Vshojo, despite Ironmouse herself being a great success story and an overall really likeable person. The company itself chases the lowest common denominator of vtubing under the pretense of "talent freedom" and has the gall to act like it's about worker rights instead of simple branding. It makes the entire space worse.
Anyway, that's my two cents. In short, fuck Kson.

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Great, but she’ll be in for a shock if she thinks Vshojo as a whole seek to help indies just for the sake of help.

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I don't hate them. I don't watch them either.

>> No.30574489

I've always felt it was truly hypocritical of her to say vtubers lose all their hard work while at the same time calling herself a legendary vtuber when she has done nothing notable as kson and the legend is solely attributed to her being Coco.

>> No.30574583

she never said that herself, others call her that, only legendary thing she calls herself is legendary delinquent

>> No.30574665

How is it unreasonable and impracticeable if several corps already do it and it's working out fine for them?

>> No.30574701

yeah it's selfish to be upset that some out of touch manager derailed her whole career for saying taiwan once

>> No.30574747

Kson actually loves Hololive and often talks about how thankful she is to them, but in a vague sense since she can't say she worked there obviously. She refers to it as a "treasured place" for her. You just went on an unhinged schizo rant and were completely incorrect about everything you said about her. Maybe you shouldn't have strong opinions about people that you literally can't understand since you speak a different language.

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i wasted time to read this, writing general is two blocks down

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And fuck you too heretic, pretty much everything you said is wrong

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It's impracticeable because it's a debuff that only has any value as a form of anti-brand. Same thing with Lyft's huge discounts to gain marketshare over Uber at times, which they eventually retract in any city where they gain ground. Consider what would've happened in Coco's case. Coco would literally fucking be at Vshojo right now, because there's no way the clause to keep your past life would also include a clause disallowing work with new companies. Nowhere else in the world allows this kind of thing because it's insane to expect it as a business practice. I get that vtubing is a fun place where people can have somewhat kushy creative jobs, but there's a limit to the level of adult daycare fantasy land that a business that's trying to grow can really support. Any business that allows IPs to leave is, frankly, a literally who.

>> No.30575027

How the fuck is it "literally death" when she's living proof that you can go indie with a different model and your audience will follow you? The career she has now literally only exists because she was Kiryu Coco. She's reaping the benefits of her time as a corpo to this day.

>> No.30575228

>Nowhere else in the world allows this kind of thing
Have you heard of sports?

>> No.30575312

I have not followed her too closely but isn't it in all her marketing material for VShojo? She has to have approved of it at some point even if she didn't say it.

>> No.30575346

Are you actually retarded?

>> No.30575402

This. Kson LOVES her hololive friends and even after her graduation did everything to help and saviourfag them behind the scenes. But it was Rushia's termination which finally pushed her into rebellion.
She is literally Vtuber Lelouch.

>she's living proof that you can go indie with a different model and your audience will follow you
That doesn't always work. If you're an indie or small corp when you graduate, your achievements won't always follow you. And of course, if I cannot take my achievements with me, then why achieve anything at all?

For all intents and purposes, under the corporate model such as Cover, Graduation IS Death. And this is the core reason why by resisting it, Coco/Kson had become Jesus.

>> No.30575538

lmao she probably sucked some dudes off-scene at her during her announcement of joining Vshojo

>> No.30575588

It was Rushia's termination which pushed her into clout chasing overdrive you mean? Why would she push to pick up someone who sowed their own bed and fucked over all of her colleagues if it wasn't for anything except getting a hugely popular chuuba into Vshojo to parade around? If she was really saviorfagging she would've saved a 2view who deserved it, rather than someone who actually acted in bad faith and got everything she deserved. Think for two seconds man. C'mon.

>> No.30575712

>white nationalist
Wat? I know Pippa is a Metokur simp, but that;a about it.

>> No.30575742

because they're friends?

>> No.30575745

I guess you haven't heard. Major players move around and rebrand themselves very frequently. They also get paid millions of dollars to do so. It's pretty absurd to imply that vtuber companies will go out of business if they do the same thing. Open competition always results in a better product.

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Henry Fulgrim
If you want her forgivness, You don't have to do this. Kson is love embodiment incarnate. You just apologize to her.

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Children need not reply

>> No.30575931

/#/indos need to go back to their fanficiton thread

>> No.30575954

>If she was really saviorfagging she would've saved a 2view who deserved it
Kson is still doing it.
>It was Rushia's termination which pushed her into clout chasing overdrive you mean? Why would she push to pick up someone who sowed their own bed and fucked over all of her colleagues if it wasn't for anything except getting a hugely popular chuuba into Vshojo to parade around?
Rushia is an idiot and even Depressed Nousagi admits it. But all she really needed was someone willing to listen to condition, i.e. Kson. It was ultimately her who prevented her from doxxing and destroying Hololive. She even sacrificed her own relationship with Kanata just to protect Rushia from an heroing herself.

>> No.30575960

Vtuber Outer Heaven for fallen Hololive members in the future unironically

>> No.30576097

To be fair I'm pretty sure kson got fed a huge sob story when mike just wanted to keep being able to buy designer bags and perfume

>> No.30576166

I don't hate her I am just disappointed
I was sad for her graduation but kinda looking forward for what she gonna do as an indie but the year doing the same that she did as Coco but scruffier and slower cuz no management make feel that she thought she was dumb and greedy enough to think she can do it all by herself

Also joining another corpo after said she wants to have more creative freedom and keep acting passive aggressive towards YAGOO after a year don't help either

>> No.30576170

> She save several many 2view indies before she join Vshojo unironically.
> She just saved Mona. 2view 3years indie Vtuber become 3view

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File: 801 KB, 1361x1451, CEA6521F-2050-4F9E-8CB9-6E0FC85CDA9F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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Y’all forgettng how many 2views mouse had saved?

>> No.30576358

she is a whore
dont use that word on whores anon

>> No.30576365

>as if she wasn't a complete literal who before Hololive

>> No.30576554

She save many 2view indies vtuber already. You just don't know about her legacy.

> Save 2view 3years Vtuber become 3view and many indies after graduation
> Help Mona and little brother by encourage and give them hope for fighting lung cancer.

Truly Saviourfag

>> No.30576632

she isn't worth the trouble of taking on a million chinks

>> No.30576649

Think of Kson as Lelouch. Becoming a reviled Traitor to become a Saviour.

Not only does she hate dick, she still fits everything in the Messianic Archetype checklist, so no.

Mouse is the Baptist to Kson's Jesus. While Kson save the indies and 2views, Mouse brings peace between the different fandoms of the world.

>> No.30576984

Why aren't they recruiting more 2/3 view indies to VShojo? That'll surely show the corporations that shunned them.

>> No.30577009

Satanael Ironmouse x Kson Morningstar

Vtuber Paradise Lost

Kino !

>> No.30577161

>He just doesn't know

>> No.30577430

Ironmouse and Kson are obviously based.
But I hate everything about the twitch platform: streamers, the chat culture, the meta.
The streams become good only when they start recording for youtube.

>> No.30577482

luckily for you kson is streaming on youtube right now

>> No.30577759

Sadly, my oshi is streaming as well. But I tuned in for yesterday's minecraft and closed my eyes. It was a trip.

>> No.30577934

She took the filthy zhang harassment stoically and even sacrificed Herself for it. She let Herself be crucified but still She resurrected. She even said she harbored no hate for the Zhangs... a lesson I can't just get since I became Her Protector.

>> No.30577966

Who cares? They can still collab eih hololive and nijisanji anyway, it makes fags seethe so thats always good

>> No.30578224

The Jesus of Vtubing
Love all and Hate none

>> No.30578258

This is the miracle of Ironmouse. Her wish, to break the boundaries between tribes and fandoms. Whether Hololive or Nijisanji or Phase Connect or Indie, all are welcome with Her.
And together with Kson, they will save the Vtubing world.

>> No.30578341

>vtubing jesus who save people and fight the evil
rumao even
companies actually save more people including Kson, she is literal who before Hololive but ofc "le evil company bad" "muh idol culture" am i rite ?

>> No.30578347

godspeed, hololive became fucking boring, maybe outside influence will stir things up

>> No.30578690

letting a creep become manager sure was a good decision cover! Letitng them harass the talents for months was also very good!

>> No.30578962

Fuck off Heretic, it was Coco who brought Hololive and the wonderful world of Vtubing to the world. AsaCoco, Meme Review and HoloEN. Without Her Hololive would have still been nothing but worms crawling under Nijisanji's shadow.
Hololive betrayed Her, but yet She took it stoically and sacrificed Herself because She still loved them, She still loved Hololive and its talents.
But now She wants to give a chance for the disgraced to find Redemption, for a chance to resurrect. This is why She joined Vshojo and accepted the criticism of Herself as Traitor.

>> No.30579166

are you talking about Mel ? the problem is solved they guy is fired and even Mel still stick with them so ? there is mistake here and there also they are being incompetent, that doesn't they are "evil" like people trying to paint them, fucking Yagoo is so saviorfag just see Holostars

>> No.30579280

either falseflagger or simply delusional, kek

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it took us a little under 2 hrs to godwin this shit. Good job, lads. Handshakes allround

>> No.30579592

>Yagoo a saviourfag
He is a weakling and a pushover. If Coco is Jesus and the Chinks are the Jews, then he is Pontius Pilate.

>> No.30579638


>> No.30579965

wasnt comparing her to hitler retard. i was comparing her to a meme of hitler

>> No.30579968

I will always respect kson for what she has contributed to vtubing as a whole but I will never respect vshojo and twitch streamers.

>> No.30580084
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>> No.30580165

Because vsj is all protectionist co-branding. It's a club for the already successful. Collabs are only done with smaller vtubers who they think they can leech off (yes it goes both ways, and often not the way you would expect)

>> No.30580224

No Coco is the pontius pilate for not sticking with cover. Yagoo saved Kson but cutting the zhangs from hololive.

>> No.30580320
File: 29 KB, 1200x623, Handshake.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I wasn't comparing her to hitler
>I was comparing her to hitler

>> No.30580496

Hal fof them are famous already why would they need to leech of literal whos?

>> No.30580594

because hyenas eat small animals and corpses.

>> No.30580635

>Yagoo sold Coco out to the zhangs
>He let an idiot manager mod zhangs into her membership to destroy it
>Did not apologise, only tried to wash his hands off it
He IS Pilate and was never a saviourfag

>> No.30580700

get ksons huge hyena clit out of your mouth already ffs

>> No.30580867

No matter how reasonable you try to be anon, this board is full of schizos who unironically participate in tribalism, as their whole life depends on getting (you)s here.

>> No.30581130

Pretty much. It's part of how they stay relevant and project force over the up and coming indie space. It's very much self-interested, with some potentially positive side-effects for the smaller parties

>> No.30581330

Most of them are pretty relevant though? especially mouse and nyan who are steadily growing each day

>> No.30581334

If you made all the money, how the fuck is it charity? By the time of graduation, most will more than have paid off their shitty mannequin-tier model. It's about branding.

>> No.30581394

Is this some kind of 300 IQ psyop? how did reading people defend kson and nazuna raise my dislike bar from neutrality?

>> No.30581669

Relevancy is transient, especially when most of your schtick is react content. Fresh blood is needed to maintain status

>> No.30581705

This negro is off the meds. Also begging

>> No.30581785

Most businesses want to grow, which you can't easily do if you're losing revenue streams that then become direct competitors for consumer attention every few years. The Kson preferred model is a race to the bottom that fucks everyone but the consumer over

>> No.30582011

A lot of them are 80%games/weird content such as the milking stream or just chatting ad 20%react

>> No.30582062

>mouse and nyan who are steadily growing
I don't pay much attention to VShojo but I explicitly remember some fans getting uppity in /#/ about a year ago when Mouse, Nyan and Vei were consistently hitting 12k avg. They're all around 8k if not lower now.

>> No.30582106

The Kson saviorfagging business model is total bullshit. Let me explain why:
1) You only include people with existing success & up-front capital for initial investment by default.
2) In order to include small people you have to provide what is effectively a very low volume specialist financing entity
3) In order to protect the loans & operating costs of the financing entity, you either have to start vetting in the extreme, or improving the odds of vtubers you provide financing of succeeding and paying you back (and/or taking out more financing and services).
4) As a result you start taking people in and training them, providing a collab platform etc.
5) In order to protect your investments from yabs (both the financing entity and others under the same umbrella) you start instituting policies, managers and management.
6) Uh oh you've just reinvented hololive or nijisanji. Mission accomplished!

>> No.30582405

Vei23k with 900ksubs? Don’t really give a shit about her
Mouse15k with 1.3mil subs

>> No.30582420

except in this case the vtubers own their stuff and are free to leave whenever the rules become too much, the threat of this happening causes a reasonable equilibrium of control to be reached
bada bing bada boom

>> No.30582443

you thought kson was joking when she said she was aiming for yagoo's seat as coco

>> No.30582473

Because VShojo's business model only makes sense if they sign talent that's already well-established.

>> No.30582483

Read what I wrote again carefully. Every single step is a step in the natural corporate evolution of any vtuber company. They may stop at step 1 (like vsj), or they reach step 6, or they collapse.

>> No.30582709

no vtuber companies "evolved" like this
they all started with the channels and characters being created and owned by the companies, including kizuna ai

>> No.30582804

lol where the hell did you pull those numbers from?

>> No.30582817

To clarify: Step 1 and step 6 are the equilibrium points. They offer very different business objectives with their own trade-offs (though I would posit that a lot of the things people think kson wants aren't actually achievable at a step 1 equilibrium OR a step 6 equilibrium). Any point between 2-5 are transitory states towards either equilibrium - though typically it's a 1->6 transition. Companies that attempt to stay in 2-5 range inevitably fail because they are unbalanced businesses with gaping holes.

You are sort of correct in that most incumbents basically started in the 2-5 range, but they inevitably ended up at 6. My point is that regardless of where you start, you always end up making a choice between 1 and 6 and they offer very different calculi. Kson's saviorfagging is largely incompatible with both options (or phrased another way: It is semi-compatible with both 1 and 6, but not fully compatible with either)

>> No.30583179

Artia Judas cut Yagoo from China not otherwise. Read Artia's heresy anon.

>> No.30583246

Women are women. Left unchecked, they will have woman moments. Tardwrangling women is the most thankless job of a corporation, but it's the only thing making them think before they act.

>> No.30583267

Coco want Yagoo's pround
Remember this.
Coco always true successor of Yagoo

>> No.30583389

From watching the streams? maybe try it sometime ;)

>> No.30583519

>she wants to make a world where your oshi is the master of her own destiny, corpo or not, that is irrelevant
>gets hated for it

>> No.30583721

Seems like they inclined a bit this month, likely due to renewed interest from the launch of the JP branch and their other investments. I wasn't wrong about them sitting around 8k avg in the past few months though.

>> No.30583791

>another rushia anti mad thst she isn't dead
mafumafu shit isn't real no matter how badly you want it to be, get over it

>> No.30583800

Nice man you really got me! can’t believe its a 404error wow

>> No.30583804

this was really long and it blended the words all together. All i got from it was youre dumb as fuck and you dont actually give a shit about vtuber talents, just corpos. cringe!

>> No.30583864

>completely ignores the incline of subs
Lmao even

>> No.30583911

she literally gave her old PC to a 2view streamer who was about to lose their streaming career because a weather calamity destroyed her house what the fuck are you on about

>> No.30584309

>the state of this thread
While I won't go as far as hating Kson
Ksonfags are becoming more and more annoying
They are like a broken radio that keeps repeating the same shit

>> No.30584409

Subs mean shit. Otherwise Myth alone would be like 5 times bigger than VShojo EN, which they are not.
Besides, they're literally all at their lowest growth since that site started tracking them, especially Nyan and Vei.

>> No.30584863

pretty sure these taiwanese keyboard warriors don't even post in the kson general
they're just on here to argue with people and they make us all look like idiots

>> No.30585241

I don't understand antis. Why not just move on to a chuuba you like?

>> No.30585408

Just thinking about it gives me a couple 900 reasons but I'll bite: I fucking hate Connor and his wanna-be-cool-guy act. Any company that openly associates with him and Twitch culture are wasted watch-time.

>> No.30585467

She's basically a millionaire at her age. This is literally less charitable than me giving 20 dollar to someone I know for gas

>> No.30585889

i will make you squart

>> No.30585904

And 900k
Also You’re using a tracker that barely works anon

>> No.30586146
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>> No.30587524

I like this take.
Even in the original kayfabe world of proresu, it's not like Kenny Omega becomes Leone Antione when he switches orgs and he can't use all his old special moves.

>> No.30587580

You have to be very very stupid to think that mouse is faking her illness

>> No.30587772

Accepting it is like admitting defeat in their eyes

>> No.30587864

Because like Pippiggers, her fans shilling of her on this board is obnoxious

>> No.30587866

Vei is at 932k now if you’re talking about followers

>> No.30589065
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