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New group
Les't Goo!!

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yes or no?

>> No.30168391

How many of them are troons?

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>that name

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>coomer design
No thanks

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They're all whores

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I swear this has to be the most stupid vtuber group name EVER

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But can they defeat queen /b/omu?

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I don't remember this one when I was playing Sonic Heroes...

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Can we PLEASE have an English-speaking vtuber group that isn't coomer shit besides HoloEN?

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Didn't Inori and the white one confirm they had boyfriends? They should rename it to NTR waifus.

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>Team Anime Waifus
That's such a normalfag idea of the subculture.
That's like if one of us funded a college football team and named it Beer Sportsball Club.

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you can try kawaii, one of the op girls was fired from that company for being a whore

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>Turns into cuckshit
Every time

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Bald Connect deflection thread.

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Phase Connect gen 1

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Just when I thought 'Idol' was the worst chuuba company name, this retarded shit shows up.

>> No.30169253

Well at least its not a company, just a shitty indie group

>> No.30169426

Real not company or Kekson not company cope??

>> No.30169448

I thought inori was dropping that model.
Also her and the bitch next to her shittalked their old company members while still in the company.
im looking forward to this shitshow.

>> No.30169493

real not company as far as i can tell

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Nia from the prism project will join
the Prism Project Thread is pure drama now

>> No.30169648

Prism is about to suffer a mass firing/graduation

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>Why do people hate western vtubers?>>30168311

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Into the trash it goes

>> No.30170783

from left to right
had a boyfriend while doing gfe, fired from her corpo for being a whore, basic twitch thot, seethed that three (3) people unfollowed her when she unveiled her boyfriend, dont know

>> No.30170943

boyfriend connect 2.0

>> No.30171901

Wtf it's real?

>> No.30172104

Not to mention 2 unshown Members Nia from prism project (as soon as she gets fired for breaking her contract) and Utano Pandora

>> No.30172207

Vshojo tier trash. Everyone, got kicked out from other small corpos.

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>TWO pandas?
What a shit load of fuck.

>> No.30172751

Good day for cucks

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>Anime Waifus
This is such a retarded name.

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Panda is joining? Fuck...

>> No.30173404

The twitter account only follows its own members, so it looks like it

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That sucks. Yoki has been misssing for half a month. Seina has been streaming in Spanish more often than English. I just can't get past Emma's SEA accent. Menace seems to have become an ASMRtuber. At least Chapipi is finally back that I can watch again, but Panda was probably my favorite of Aetheria. Don't think I'll keep watching if she's gonna be with these coombaiters.

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>A group of friends who were all rejected from vShojo, now they think they can try to recreate that with the dumbest fucking name ever

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Ah yes, when I think of 'waifu', I think of some roastie who gets fucked on stream

>> No.30174450

Literally backstabbing whores the group, idk who the fuck would be dumb enough to watch that

>> No.30174572

Isn’t the first one replacing her model for a downgrade

>> No.30175214

Sadly. I hope Pandora isn't joining...

>> No.30176455

Might check out the one on the left, her oiran style hits all my weak points

>> No.30176514

So, I see the world of small EN corpos is on fire. Everyone was doing so well last autumn but now everything looks like a giant trash fire.

>> No.30176619

>that name

>> No.30177576

Dead on arrival. Okayish streamers, horrid personalities. Stop with Nia joining rrats, i will murder all of you.

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You can't make this shit up.

>> No.30177708

But why. What goes through their head when posting this?

>> No.30177723

Terrible personalities the group.

>> No.30177733

How are you going to spend five seconds on your group name? Did someone have them held at gunpoint and that was the pest they could come up with? As goofy as the Myth/Obsydia shit is in Holo and Niji, they at least aren't so blatantly corny.

>> No.30177735

I don't get it...why did this vtuber think joining 'anime waifus' was a good idea?

>> No.30177862

I guess in a sense she's another persons wife. First netori vtuber.

>> No.30177905

whoa whoa whoa, baz is fine

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>fired from her corpo for being a whore
Bazeelle has never been in any corporation or group before.

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Bazeele is fucking Neena from Kawaii you troglodyte who got fired for breaking contract again and again just because she wanted out of the corpo

>> No.30178376

>Bazeele is fucking Neena from Kawaii
I was not aware of this, I was sad when she grduated on twitch, I didnt know it was to go join a corp

I don't know how to feel about this

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Vtubers like this enter the game with a discord community worth of simps who will watch them regardless.

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>Anime Waifus
That has to be the most unimaginative name for a vtuber group ever

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>check the panda one because she has the most subs
>very first image is her IRL body, pathetic breasts on full display

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after looking into it

>she tries to negotiate with kawaii over hours claiming she doesnt have time to work and stream due to a promotion
>gets fired before she can have a graduation stream due to streaming as baz on twitch
how the fuck can she claim she doesnt have the time when shes streaming elsewhere? also its not like she emergency pulled out that avatar, thats a good quality avatar so she had it well in advance of a promotion/graduation etc

I was glad when she came back to twitch but I wasnt aware its because she fucked off to youtube, her excuse when she came back to twitch was that she was "going through some stuff" "work related" etc

I feel abandoned, for money

>> No.30178908

>Second from left
Isn't that Selen's thai gf?

>> No.30178935

Nvm forget it, it's neena.

>> No.30178969

What would be the name of the next e-whore company to pop up? Maybe something like "vtuber group" or something similar

>> No.30179090

Are they doing some sort of vshojo company approach with the worst group name ever?

>> No.30179161

It's not a company, just a twitch group. I'm not even sure why people are acting like it's any kind of big deal, there's a ton of vtuber groups on twitch already.

>> No.30179196

Oh wow, one of them actually thought "hey, I'm gonna form a group with other vtubers with terrible personalities and then I'm going to call the group the most unimaginative and ironic weeb pleasing name that I can think of"

>> No.30179223

twitch groups usually dont have twitters

>> No.30179258

That just means it's a twitch group with above average advertising.

>> No.30179264

>Second from the left
Who is that.

>> No.30179284

That name is so on the nose, it's terrible

>> No.30179295

The betrayer of Kawaii.

>> No.30179304

bazeelle who I am unsure about continuing to follow

>> No.30179315

I figured that was Neena's new model, looked familiar.

>> No.30179501

>the group name is literally Anime Waifus
holy fuck I thought Americans being not fucking creative was a joke but I guess I stand corrected

>> No.30179536

Well all of them are fucking retarded so it's not surprising that they thought "Anime Waifus" was a good name.

>> No.30179658

I really liked this one, but she is a whore too...
Why are all EN vtubers whores i don't get it.

>> No.30179774

Literally what were you expecting with a model like that? If you don't want a whore you at least look for someone who doesn't look like one.

>> No.30179796

I want a whore who doesn't interact with other men.

>> No.30179817

Not all of them, just most of the big ones, because they appeal to the lowest common denominator, but there are some really harmless ones like Nina (The Indie one) and that one Christian chuuba.

>> No.30179892

her old pre kawaii avatar wasn't like that

she doesn't to my knowledge

>> No.30180030

Wasn't she a fleshtuber before Kawaii?

>> No.30180047

Dear god i LOOOOOVE brown women so fucking much I will masturbate now.

>> No.30180102

It's actually a really good name. What better name would there be to inform people that you're a group of low effort trend hopping whores?

>> No.30180240

no, she was a vtuber with a lion model though everyone insisted she was a bear

I followed her old channel and it sucked when she left, all of a sudden baz pops up on my live channels one day and it was her but she had deleted all her old videos and renamed her channel as I had not followed "bazeelle" but I recognize her voice anywhere

now I learn she had left to youtube for money from a corporation then tried to two-time said corporation against her contract sorta fucking throws me off, she was suh a wholesome vtuber wtf happened?

>> No.30180327

I'm thinking no

>> No.30180719


>> No.30181059

>I feel abandoned, for money
>now I learn she had left to youtube for money
Hey man look on the bright side. She came back, also for money.

>> No.30181152

bazeele/Neena was a flesh streamer before jumping on the Vtuber trend. Her Vtuber avatar before kawaii was a fox.

>> No.30181454

I thought she was wholesome orignally, no giant tiddy monster avatar and she played shit like stardew valley

I recall it being a lion, it had rounded ears with yellow/orange fur

>> No.30181535

>I feel abandoned, for money
How new are you?
For these girls you are nothing but wallet and a number in the viewercount.
They don't care about you and never will.

>> No.30181710

Oh man wait til you hear about the shit she did as Neena.

>> No.30181762

it was one thing for her to leave because of life shit, which was why she said she was leaving then

yeah turns out her wholesome attitude was for show

>> No.30181796

The bio on the twitter account calls herself a fox.

>> No.30181849

Sounds like vshitshow lmao

>> No.30181859

her old twitter isnt up anymore?

>> No.30181885

It is private but it still exists.

>> No.30181944

>I thought she was wholesome orignally
Whenever I see anyone on 4chan post anything like this I sit back and laugh at the irony of likely some fat virgin posting this on 4chan.

>> No.30181945

oh shit it is still there, maybe the bear ears were a redeem? its been 2 years shoot me

>> No.30182016 [DELETED] 

Here is Neena lying through her teeth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2x1adgFybc

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What makes it even worse is that she pretended to be financially unstable for pity donos, by saying things like how tight money would get if she had to miss any work because of covid. But apparently she had nearly $5000 sitting around to betray her entire company with. That's life changing money for anyone whose finances are in the state that she claimed hers were in.

>> No.30182615

>neena/baz says she was asked to stream 15-20 hours a week
>contract states 4 times a week for at least 2 hours at a time
8=15 aight

what the fuck, $5k was what her baz model cost?

>> No.30183019

Don't forget she bought the model 3 days after tweeting out she is in Kawaii to stay.
She bought it from ywuria (who is a different train wreck) for 4385$ which is 6345 Aussie bucks.

>> No.30183121

>ywuria (who is a different train wreck)
what happened there?

>> No.30183751

You would still rail her though.

>> No.30183769

She sold that model for 4k so she could get therapy and less than 2 months later showed off a completely new model.

>> No.30183841

arguably that model is significantly lower quality than the one she sold to baz

>> No.30183955

They really went for the least appealing name they could imagine huh

>> No.30184004

They're ironic weebs, it makes sense

>> No.30184176

It's a mistake, missclick..

>> No.30184565

I hope it is, i dont want panda to give up on her idol dream to just become another twitch whore

>> No.30185962

>Group is called anime waifus.
>"No, not your waifus lmao."
Well, at least this one won't cuck any gachikois because she won't get any.

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They probably have less than 100 IQ combined.

>> No.30187468

More please

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Sorry she didn't get enough money.

>> No.30188088

>sexy lingerie
>posts picture with ugly ass lingerie and nothing sexy about it

>> No.30188257

That's because she only got to 400 or something.

>> No.30188432

normalfags don't understand otaku culture. Waifu just means hot anime girl now

>> No.30188525


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Imprisoned for 6 months. Banished from my own thread. And now, you dare enter my stream? You are not prepared...

>> No.30190061

Lol. The second from right is that ASMR 2view that complained on twitter that 5 people left her after boyfriend reveal.

>> No.30190305

fat whore

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>> No.30191736

Mucho texto

>> No.30194309

Why do these retards want to be idols when they have boyfriends? Like why not just be a normal streamer

>> No.30194421

I still don't get what the fuck that hashtag is even about

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>> No.30197344


>> No.30197486

I like this Group

>> No.30198279

And joined thos group funnily enough

>> No.30198400

Leftmost girl didn't do GFE outside of ASMR but came out as having a BF because he broke up with her & was having a melty due to it

>> No.30198485

Isn't the 2nd one on the left the one who got fired from Kawaii?

>> No.30198560

>thats a good quality avatar so she had it well in advance of a promotion/graduation etc
She bought it off a decently sized different vtuber, I think a month or 2 before debuting. Can't remember her name.

>> No.30199681 [DELETED] 
File: 237 KB, 660x649, flv3fjc8ctz61.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30199736

Yes, the slutty betrayer. Filth who didn't respect anyone but her top donors and people from her past life. I was a day zero viewer and she spit in my eye.

>> No.30199897

where is that anon who kept creating threads with rushia pictures asking for GFE advice? did anyone find her? or did she really get into kawaii?

>> No.30199989

I think she said she got rejected, unless it was a falseflag.

>> No.30200332

so did she debut independently? she was aiming for july, wasn't she?

>> No.30200490

Inori had a cool looking design but she almost immediately started normie and slutting it up by removing all the zombie features.

>> No.30201636

why is the name of the the group so bad

>> No.30201664

Its a group of ironic weebs, what do you expect?

>> No.30201746

I keep forgetting the nromalfags still use this reddit forced meme

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File: 2.82 MB, 1447x2046, 1653434500747.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh look, the lying backstabbing aussie whore who threw her 10/10 design in the trash.

>> No.30203226

I'm crying on the inside. That design is so fucking good

>> No.30203273

Western women truly have no taste

>> No.30203893

Why do such good models and designs keep getting wasted on these women? How do they keep getting away with this?

>> No.30204940
File: 1.90 MB, 236x132, 1283646589617.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ctrl+f Nia

>> No.30204991

groomed by her paypigs and neena into becoming a whore, sad

>> No.30208083


>> No.30208404


Yes, every female should have the right to become vtuber. Is it strange that animehating/bull having chicks want to become vtubers? Not really, when it makes them money.

What I absolutly dont understand is: Why give away the game so early? Why tell your audience that you got a bull, hate anime and are not 16? Even worse: Insulting/Using some more high ground (even if you are correct) on your potential paypigs?

Has nobody told them that they are playing a character?

Imagine a used car salesman doing this shit. (YOU - customers - are stupid for buying my shitty 20 year old "cars"!) I just dont understand it.

If you want to dont politics, talk about your bull/hubby or how you hate vtub viewers just use another fucking account.

>> No.30208681

>Imagine a used car salesman doing this shit. (YOU - customers - are stupid for buying my shitty 20 year old "cars"!)

>> No.30208816

N**n*'s mom doesn't make designs for indies. Still no guarantee for not wasting it

>> No.30208931

They're free to think it's just livestreaming but they don't have to put on makeup. They shouldn't be surprised when they're uncompetitive in the market.
The annoying part will be when they sperg out and start trying to drag other people down to their level.

>> No.30210420

I'm glad she was honest. Only true foreveralone girls should give out the GFE.

>> No.30210466

I don't get why Pandora doesn't try for Kawaii. You get Skeb and cover song monthly stipends and they're fully fucking focused on the idol side which is what Pandora wants to do. I get that she wants to be in Hololive so badly, but joining this group of vtuber whores isn't going to help her much.

>> No.30212282

She doesn't want to give up her model, but joing a group of literal whores, especially one known for getting fired from a idol company, just seems like a really bad idea

>> No.30212771

Isn't this the chick that had the meltdown?

>> No.30212837

Yeah, she had a meltdown after some people unfollowed her after she revealed her boyfriend (they didnt even announce they were leaving)

>> No.30213175

Yeah, this one should call herself anime mommy instead.

>> No.30213256

thats a yikkes my nigga but enjoy yourselfs

>> No.30213300

I mean, anime waifus getting fucked is an old hat. The issue is chiefly with the "anime" part - they're vtubers with real people behind the avatar.

>> No.30213317

lmao, does she have a dedicated archiver? her tweets are incredibly passive aggressive

>> No.30213334

will never pay attention to this group for the name alone

>> No.30214671 [SPOILER] 
File: 18 KB, 247x350, 725846582543.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There is an established VTuber agency that was holding auditions just last month. The sad thing is she probably would have been guaranteed a spot if she had applied

>> No.30214750

She's turned off by corpos after what happened to cyberlive

>> No.30214914

Didn't like half that company leave recently? Doesn't exactly inspire confidence in management, or rather whatever's left of it.

>> No.30215111

The old managers were replaced (probably before they publicly left) and everyone seems to love them. Of the talents that did leave, only two still stream consistently. My rrat is that the new managers are holding the company to certain standards and the lack of consistent streaming wasn't up to those standards. The other two left out of solidarity. The truth is probably more complex than that, but it makes more sense than the expired contract rrat that I've seen thrown around

>> No.30217287

Yes, but not overdone

>> No.30217785

Check this thread lmao >>25169462

>> No.30218192


>> No.30218458
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Nami was right whores can't be trusted

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