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What are you doing on top of that truck full of bricks?

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>sounds of teammate gargling with blood

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What happens here lol

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Don't push him mumei!

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Wait, what is this about?

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>catch this, omegatranny

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That shit was the most disturbing non-graphic video I've ever seen. The husband's screams still haunt me

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Pretty sure this is the Russian one with the brick going through the windshield and killing someone’s mom

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>28-year old Mom

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I just watched it, the brick came from a weird angle, i'm assuming it bounced on the road, which then sent it flying in the direction of the car, right?

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Huh I didn't know that LiveLeak is dead now.
The last time I go there was around the time Christchurch happened.

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Please don't let this ebin meme die

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Brick flew right off the windshield killing a mom with family in present

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BTW the audio from the clip is completely unrelated

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a brick flies off the truck at mach speed and crashes into the front view window of the car, landing directly onto the driver's mother's head who was sitting next to him, killing her instantly

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