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>yfw Gura asked Ame if she regularly uses a japanese vibrator during the panel

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what do you mean what?
where have you veen this last week?
this anon has been spamming threads about Gura and making retarded shit up nonstop

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That anon should grow himself and be productive.

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I mean, Marine used one onstream.
But it's okay because she's a member of hololive and Japanese.

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I chose to go to the atarashii gakko performance instead of this. It was awesome!

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>have you ever wanded before?

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It's actually real this time

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Gura is little bit silly

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She asked Ame if she ever used pic related, which is what Gura uses since she has no boyfriend and wants to keep her hymen intact for her wedding night
Also Ame got confused as to what the fuck Gura was talking about, meaning they absolutely have discussed this vibrator before
>making shit up
>this time

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is there an upload of this to youtube?

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Actual context is at around 31:38 here
I'm pretty sure Gura didn't even realize how what she was saying came across, or she's very good at deadpan jokes.

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She has mentioned using one in the shower while thinking of her chumbuds. She's always so sly about it, it goes over some people's heads.

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no she hasn't

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>or she's very good at deadpan jokes
It's this one.

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>He thinks she was still talking about back pain.

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Ame absolutely understood that as being about the vibrator, that is why she got flustered for a minute

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Yes, Ame obviously did, I was just unsure if Gura actually meant it that way

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It's the look at the camera at the end.
Literally perfect timing

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That's the way Gura likes it.

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I wanted to post the one of her talking about eating dogfood but I think the streamable got nuked. RIP.

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Yeah, that look will never cease to amuse me

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I can't believe Gura sekuhara'd Ame in front of such a large crowd

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>But it's okay because she's a member of hololive and Japanese.

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esl here, did Gura say 'wanded'? or what's the word?

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I fight for Gura's right to masturbate on stream.

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she said wanding referring to when they use a tool around you (like the metal detector at airports) I think, but ame understood the kink meaning of wanding.

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omg its.... its true... 31 38

sooo... Did gura really pee on ame bed, dox ame, exclude her from collab on purpose and shit on ame bed? Isnt she bullying her kinda crazy?

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the shit part is fake and the dox part was 2020

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Gura peeing in Ame's bed is a damage control rrat.
Ame dox was real.
Excluding from Rust collab is real.
Shitting on Ame's bed is another damage control rrat.

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1) no, this is a rrat
2) yes, gura called ame by her IRL first name in a minecraft stream back in 2020, it was so long ago i don't even remember what they were doing. ame spiked her back by referring to an old senzawa meme later in the same stream
3) no, she did not shit on ame's bed
4) if anything ame is an admitted bully irl, and has apologized to several holos for bullying them irl. Kiara said she didn't even realize ame was trying to bully her.

-the piss in ame's bed RRAT came about because Ame and Kiara seriously hit it off IRL, and the shippers needed an excuse for no same-ame or mori-shitbird shipping.

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2 is the other way around, ame did it first.

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>where have you veen
are you german? kek

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yeah AG is fucking hype why would someone choose to go watch a fucking jpeg on a screen talk instead is beyond me

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ship dead on arrival
it's still hilarious that retards make art of it

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i shit you not it's all transgenders

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not even meds cant help your delusions

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makes sense

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well does she?

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LITERALLY vshojo lite

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damage control for what?

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Oh, so it wad jusd a lisp.

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