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Well this clip aged poorly

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how so

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I dont get it

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She asks Lisa (who somehow doesn't know what dildos are) if she wants a horse dick mastabatory aid. Turns out, Pippa has a horse dick from bad dragon that she uses

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>Pippa has a horse dick from bad dragon that she uses

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No cock like horse cock, send your asshole into shock.

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Seems like a lot got left out in that clip. But I believe your analysis anyway, because you sound like a guy who truth tells only.

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Pippa just did a stream the other day about how she used to dress up in a horse costume and have sex with someone else dressed up as a horse and then anons found her horse cock orders online

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nigger what

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you heard me

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Bad Dragon thing is dragon dildos not horse dildos.

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watch the link. Pippa specifically asks Lisa about using a horse dick as a "masturbatiory aid" and then asks about sheep dick

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Bad Dragon has a plethora of all kinds of animal genitalia shaped sex toys.

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Pippa muddying the waters trying to discredit the current happening. Please learn from the current Chrischan saga and keep your stupid lopsided mouth shit.

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Pippa isn't an oldfag, either, she knows about bad dragons outside of the memes. She definitely has a horse dildo unironically.

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What's Chris-chan done now, hell shouldn't he be in prison?

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I think he’s not going to be in prison for long, if I’m not mistaken

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Don't you dare corrupt the sheep, Pippa. I will anti you forever.

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I wrote this

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enough Pippa threads she's finished

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how new?

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>he fell for the "i'm glad you think a loser shut-in like me could get a boyfriend" line
lmao even

the pickme "shut-ins" that browse 4chan have had more dicks in them than the average woman you see in the streets

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What do you mean aged poorly? Pippa x Lisa collabs are always hilarious.

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>Pippa isn't an oldfag, either
No way....

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This Vtuber is hilarious! I'll be sure to check her out.

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