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Is Cover intentionally trying to sabotage StarsEN? They're the only branch that is forced to limit their streams to an hour and their popularity is suffering for it. They've all been stuck at barely over 100k for two weeks at this point. I've never seen growth this slow in Hololive and I think being held back and forced to NOT stream has to do with it.

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>begging for collabs
>begging for views
>begging for money
>now they're begging for more stream time
fuck off already

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On the flip side it lets the existing viewers shift netween the boys. There seems to be 4k that watches all of the boys

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I don't care if they collab. They could do solo streams for the rest of time and that'd be fine as long as they were allowed to stream more than a fucking hour. Now stop trying to troll just because you hate Holostars.

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my hope is that it will end after the monetization because you can't fucking put superchat reading and gaming in a fucking 1 hour stream, Vesper is even talking more about timeslot changes and future longer gaming streams so it's going to happen soon

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I dont give a shit about numbers but their streams always seem rushed because of the time limit, I know cover is incompetent but this one of their more baffling decisions

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>They're the only branch that is forced to limit their streams to an hour
Big if true.
What's the point of forcing "quality over quantity" if it is just going to stunt the growth of the branch?

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Cover thinks the secret to Salome's success was her 1-hour limit, they're that stupid.

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>I've never seen growth this slow in Hololive
Go compare it to holostars JP then. Just because Omega shoved them down my throat doesn't mean I want to watch them.

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Sorry 1 hour is my limit, ty omega.

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God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers.

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men can actually do work whereas women can do maybe 40 hours of streams a month. They can't have them mog the girls.

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I'm not trolling. I've watched just about every Tempus stream. I probably wouldn't be consistently watching all of them if it wasn't for the one hour limit.

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Stars are not hololive in case you missed the memo.

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>I've never seen growth this slow in Hololive
they're literally the fastest growing group in holostars.

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We've been over this, if they remove StarsEN stream inhibitors the whole EN branch will become a homo branch as the girls don't stream.

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Good point. I think this anon has spoken the truth.
Imagine the lazy ENs don't stream even at weekend prime hours AND StarENs stream all day everyday.
A fucking bad look for EN branch. You can't even argue it was EN/JP culture difference now.

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So people that would otherwise be willing to stream are being forced not to just because it would make Myth and Council look bad?
The end result is that we, the viewers, are being deprived of streams. We should be mad about this.

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>Cover forced Tempus to limit their streams to an hour
(reminder: speculations are not proof though)

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Ur retarded, just look at any of their vids fsggot

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It's the not the first time Cover has done this. Cover always forced HoloEN to stream as little as possible. Sana is the greatest victim.

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You couldn't proof what led to that decision. You can only loop "oh it must be the management" in your head.

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Maletubers shouldn't exist.

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>If it doesn't pander to me personally, it shouldn't exist!
No. Go fuck yourself.

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>forced to limit their streams to an hour
THey are?

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Why are people comparing a new excitable branch to vtubers that debuted in 2020 and have clearly burned out at this point? Myth AND Council were also hungry at the start, even Sana. Tempus boys will be bored in a year, especially that Niji Magni.

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discord thread

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>Suffering for it

no? you get an hour long stream, the boys plan their time around streaming for an hour, the audience gets used to it and the boys don't burn out as fast

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Magni, the Marine worshipper, is a "Niji." That's a new one.

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>Explain in one post why they don't or can't stream for longer than one hour.

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I’ve been watching them all from the start. He doesn’t fit in Hololive at all. I’m not referring to his unity autism either because the other guys also talk to Nijis.

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Explain how Vesper fits and Magni doesn't.

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Never seen growth that slow?
try being an indy male straight white vtuber and see how that works out for you
They are doing great.
piss off

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They've literally said on stream that they've been told by management not to stream over 1 hour

Watch streams

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Anon, next week they'll stop following that guideline next week

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They mention the restriction. One of the early Magni stream talks about it. Omega is the cause of this new rule. I think all the guys say they'll play longer once the restriction has been lifted.

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Vesper is a male hag. EN needed a hag badly in their branch which his popularity, even in shitty hours, shows. Magni says all the right Hololive-related things but his behaviour is wet, menhera, self-destructive and obnoxious at times. That’s the shit the Niji and Vshojo fanbases like. It gets the numbers but it’s a red flag to have this early on in his career.

Just wait for the Twitter meltdowns.

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What did Magni say, specifically? If it was recently that's because he was sleep deprived and because he fucked up on one of his streams which was bothering him. His intros are awesome.

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Well. That's a lot of buzzwords and a post severely lacking in facts. I guess that's about what I was expecting.

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hololive needs a sieso younger male vtuber for like weekend mornings for the kids. How come none of these big companies are marketing to kids yet. They are missing out on a huge amount of viewers. Just make a full seiso department.

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That will be me!

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To make a VTuber like that you'd have to completely isolate them from the rest of Hololive. They could never be a part of Hololive itself because Hololive has people who swear and talk about anal bleaching and so on. I'm not sure you could do that and still consider it part of the same company because Hololive's brand is so firmly established.

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godspeed anon
i know a few indy vtubers who are family friendly but they just don't have the marketing and well the rest of the vtuber community is very 18+ and really not helping their situation at all.

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Whats with this newfag?

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i'm suprised youtube istelf has not tried the kids vtuber thing yet. Their kids channels are racking in a ton of money

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What was the reason though?

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On the bright side, these lower numbers are primarily thanks to the lack of a fujo base. I hope they stay gatekept so the bros like Noir and Magni stay bros, and get the less-bros like Axel and Regis to embrace brohood.

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You hgaven't heard of CookieSwirlC?

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A vtuber can't possible get all kinds of audiences.
Even within the industry, Holo & Niji & Vshojo have distinctive target audiences.

Why don't they rob or take away each other's target audience? They don't have the style or talent or image to do it.

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No i have not heard of her and holy sh$t she has 18.2 million followers. yea I'm right about the youtube kids thing. How did she blow up? does she work for youtube? or is it mostly cuz of the roblox fans? i know roblox is huge still with kids

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Let me ask you this. Can you see Magni fitting in well with the EN girls? Mori is the only one he’ll really click with and she too is pretty much an outsider at this point. Nowa would get on well with almost all of them. He fits in so much better. Regis is very adaptable and Axel is disarmingly honest and open, similar to Kiara in a way. Surely you can see what I’m saying?

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They brought it up several times. Vesti mentions it in the very first Zatsudan already.

>> No.30172677

>Can you see Magni fitting in well with the EN girls?
Anyone can fit well with most people in front of camera. It's a fucking job.
Unless she is Pekora.

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The one hour limit is a buff
>makes vods more consumable
>gives the streams more FOMO factor
>prevents early burnout

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gura did less than 30 hours of stream last month

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I don't think theres been a single stream where they don't bring it up you fucking globalmutt

>> No.30172907

I don't see what makes any of the EN girls so special that people would need to "fit in" with them. They're just some random girls, they're not fucking celebrities or some shit that makes them inaccessible. Anyone that can talk to girls can easily talk to any of them. But I suppose most people on this board wouldn't know anything about that.

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>Can you see Magni fitting in well with the EN girls?
Maybe Bae and Gura? Although I don't think Gura would collab with the homos. Aside from that it's just ID I guess who would collab with them.

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He's talking about how well they would vibe with them on stream, which is an important factor. But I feel like Magni would be able to contain his autism when not with the boys.

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Heh heh, time to use this information to create a new thread about how it's a sign just like it was for Sana and Gura will be graduating soon.

Gura will be graduating soon. She probably won't have the chance to collab with them even if she wants to.

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>I feel like Magni would be able to contain his autism
ALL FUCKING PROFESSIONAL public entertainers should NOT have a problem to mingle with other performers.

>> No.30173096

For most companies that's true, but Hololive seems to hire a lot of broken people with no social skills.

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>can't stream for longer than one hour.
Because I told them so

>> No.30173194

>he will only fit in with the second most popular member of HoloEN
How does this spell his doom?

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Look at this retard literally opening up his mouth so he doesn't starve

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i believe they are trying to make them equal in numbers. to avoid what usually happens with new units where 1 person gets 1 million and the others fall behind... which is stupid, because you will end up letting everybody down.

>> No.30173335

Magni wants to do an offcollab with the boys, Mori kindly provide a place for him to stay. Suddenly a group of girls having party in the house.

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This was a pretty genius move on Cover's part to create an employee that probably doesn't even actually exist and is actually a composite of multiple interns running the twitter account, which people will then use as a boogeyman for literally anything that goes wrong in Hololive, sparing Yagoo of any criticism and allowing him to maintain his godlike image in the fanbase. When in most companies the blame would rest squarely at Yagoo's feet, instead everyone targets their anger at Omega, kind of like a Hololive equivalent to Emmanuel Goldstein.

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Omega found and approved these boys. Just believe in Omega's plan.

>> No.30173452

I feel reasonably confident that Mori will no longer be allowed control over residences after that incident.

>> No.30173475

maybe they are doing it to protect the girls. they are slowly introducing the boys to avoid any harm to the community. slowly testing the waters.

>> No.30173490

Rrat time. Omega is one of us and part of /vt/. He hates male and female collabs. But yagoo put the stars in anyway. He is the cause of the 1 hour streams, to kill the holostars. We have to get them too say the N word on stream or somthing to fire Omega and free them from the one hour rule.

>> No.30173574

>maybe they are doing it to protect the girls. they are slowly introducing the boys to avoid any harm to the community. slowly testing the waters.
Initially I was thinking this. But testing water has NO FUCKING USE. Testing water means you can disband the boys if things went south. But Cover will never disband ENStars, so there is no meaning in testing water.

So your theory is probably wrong. I think

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How interesting. I call out the truth and the Omega posting increases. I see I'm on the right track.

>> No.30173603

Why? Literally nothing happened?

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The question I was answering was how Nowa fits in to Hololive more than Magni, so I have to use the girls as a way to make my point. HoloEN is what Myth and CouncilRyS made it. Magni doesn’t fit into THAT but the others do. Whether they collab or not, most of their fanbase is male and from the Myth and CouncilRyS fanbases so there’s an expectation. Magni is not like any of them and would fit in better in Nijisanji.

>> No.30173666

She broke Cover's trust by giving the key to her sister without telling them first. In the future Cover will be the one with control over who has the key.

>> No.30173722

> rrat time
>1 hour streams, to kill the holostars
We all know nothing can kill Tempus, not even 30 minutes stream restriction.

>> No.30173748

I don't think using Nijisanji to mean "anything I don't like" is very conducive to whatever point you're trying to make. Just makes you look like a weird tribalist.

>> No.30174068

The key to... what? Her apartment?

>> No.30174069

>slowly testing the waters
They should have done enough experiment with JP and Stars for past few years. And collected far more data than they needed.
Regardless culture, basic human psychology is the same. Unicorns and cucks exist, it's not rocket science. It all depends whether Cover wants to earn unicorns or cucks' money.
Introducing male vtuber/collab slowly, doesn't make unicorn accept them slowly, it only makes them leave slowly.

If Cover doesn't understand the industry after all these years, and they still have to test water, they don't deserve to run a vtuber company.

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>More subs than all of EN combined
Holy fuck Roblox girl I kneel

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>I've never seen growth this slow in Hololive

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Okay buddy.

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We even have a non-star example...

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Nah all my EN boys only want to collab Stars JP senpai

Fuck the women

>> No.30175110

StarJP's english....
could be worse than vt's ESL

>> No.30175178

This non-star example rarely streamed.

>> No.30175310

I guess this is why your allowed to post in the global thread.

>> No.30175536

Slow? This is the most meteoric growth I've ever seen in Holostars history.

>> No.30175563

Watson nigger not Omega

>> No.30175669

It's an airbnb, you idiot. Do you even know the situation or are you just threadreading and hoping you pick up some ammo to shitpost with.

>> No.30175674

No wonder Watson defended Tempus like crazy. It all made sense now.

>> No.30175716

Shows what you know. Aruran is fluent in English.

>> No.30175916

>Aruran is fluent in English.
Maybe more fluent than you. I can't think of other possibilities.

>> No.30176147

ye, i got shit to do to, great guys but fuck if i can't watch 3-4 hour streams without skipping through, seeing the highlights from the comments, and w/e else. 1 hour is solid, i can do stuff, watch it, once its done i can go about my day and not get stuck on the computer.

>> No.30176226

>Is Cover intentionally trying to sabotage StarsEN?
God I hope so. I love hololive but I want these homos to wither and graduate. I want this StarsEN thing to be a failed experiment to go down in absolute flames.

>> No.30176274

>Do you even know the situation

Do you think I'd ask if I knew...?

>> No.30176284

The hour limit is really fucking weird.

>> No.30176326

It was bot

>> No.30176816

It's you who doesn't understand the industry anon. JP fanbase is full of unicorns but in the west unicorns are rightfully shamed. Just look at the amount of support Rushia had in the west compared to JP.

>> No.30176900

>But testing water has NO FUCKING USE. Testing water means you can disband the boys if things went south
No, testing the waters means they can just ban collabs between the two branches if things go south. It doesn't matter if the boys stream among themselves and with indies/other corpos.

>> No.30177261

Fuck that bitch anyway, good riddance. I only watch Amemiya Nazuna from VShojo.

>> No.30177319

All you need to know is that Mori did something wrong and had to be wrangled by Cover. She's going to be very restricted from now on.

>> No.30177525

Tempus has no reason to graduate. They just got into the biggest VTuber company and are making tons of money. If anything I expect Myth members to start dropping out since they hardly stream anymore. Or maybe they'll all just turn into a bunch of Ayames, effectively having quit but streaming every once in a while when they need some money.

>> No.30177560


>> No.30178859

...what? so you cant watch a 3 hour stream but you can watch a 1 hour stream... have you ever though you can fuck off mid stream and do your thing? I watch vtubers for 30 minutes and get bored and fuck off, even for me a hour limit streaming is fuck

>> No.30179065

>They've all been stuck at barely over 100k for two weeks at this point.
They would be stuck at it anyway, since they don't have holobox power to push their subs due being males.
>I've never seen growth this slow in Hololive
That's your mistake. You should look at Holostars not Hololive. Uproar still doesn't even have 100k.

>> No.30180259

rent free

>> No.30180494

So you have ADHD? Should get that checked out.

>> No.30180876

ironically the boys might be able to pass her in less than 11 months given if they continue gaining 1k per day..

>> No.30180932

No. Go fuck yourself (2)

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>> No.30181596

im 100% sure atleast one of the Tempus members will have passed her subcount before their first anniversary

But that kinda says more about her non-existent growth though

>> No.30181642

I plan to create a thread every single time someone passes her. It will be funny.

>> No.30181674

I honestly kind of wonder if they have some internal data that says that this method is actually the best way to do it and the rest of us are just way too behind, like those 20 minute Nijisanji debuts.
I mean we can complain as we want but Tempus is still performing above all expectations people were making

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>> No.30182097

it has nothing to do with her you dingus

>> No.30182100

restricted will be lifted in the next week.

>> No.30182160

Anon if you times 3 hours by 4 boys that makes 12 hours of content to watch. Anon said he has watched every Tempus stream.

>> No.30182439

>could be worse than vt's ESL
Tenma seems like he will be fine.
Izuru use to disallow english because of the chat he got and also because he knows enough english that it distracts him and slows him down translating it.
Astel will get through with sheer Menahara passion
Aruran will get through with passion and chat.
Tanaka should be finish if its a karoke session or something.
Roberu is Roberu. We have an Axel for him
Shien is a very very very very very very very very cool Jackal that knows good boy English. fack
Oga is oga. Another reason to have an Axel.
Uyu may be fine, at the very least he's been practicing a bit.
Rio will get through because 6 horas de sexo with Magnai
Fuma is a passion case
Gamma is also a passion case but seems to know some?

The real issue is Miyabi. He will burn them all for daring to speak eigo in his presence.

>> No.30184031

This is of course assuming that none of the other three members of Tempus even attempts to learn Japanese, which would be surprising. It absolutely is possible for them to do their reps and at least become able to hold a conversation in Japanese. It's just that of the girls in HoloEN so far, the hard working ones already know Japanese and the ones that don't are known to be lazy fucks.

>> No.30184672

no, they are just trying to create a tempus box

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