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Kneel to Dino Gura.
Best-selling merch item.

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Dino gura supremacy.

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You can put the hood on and off!!!!!

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Ok you sold me where can i buy

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>no data to prove Gura's lies

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Yagoo holding it. For context, it’s like ZUN holding fumofumo

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Too late lol

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Ebay in 6 months

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How many are going to end up like this?

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But isn't Ame designed her along with all the councils' plushie-worthy models?

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>Kneel to Dino Gura
I'll cum inside her tummy instead

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3D Dino Gura was SeaFoamBoy

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SFB made the 3D model, but the original designs are all from Ame, including Tempgura.

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>more proof that everything good in holoEN comes from Ame
once again, even gura proves to be just another dumbass leeching cunt compared to the real MVP of holoEN

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I'm pretty sure Gura came up with the food-Gura designs after what she said/showed during her members stream today. I'm also pretty sure SeaFoamBoy did DinoGura and based it on Gura's drawing from the previous Halloween.

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man, teammates are pretty cucked yesmen, they even attack gura now

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Ame asked the modelers what to make & gave basic designs for some of them as references.
Even in Gura's member stream, you can see the rest of Food-Gura designs are doodled on after the original model.

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dino gura originates from the 2020 Halloween stream

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Sold out everywhere

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Omg look how cute that thing is. And the plushy is alright too I guess.
just your typical reddit comment

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>Designed by さめOんこ
What did cover mean by this

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>you can put the hood on and off!
Do they have any idea what they've just unleashed? You know someone is going to cum in it then put it back on.

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gura on her members stream said something like (paraphrasing here) "thank you, the dino gura apparently broke every merchandise record hololive has, for number sold and income, by a lot... A LOT" she then repeated herself a few times about how much it blew away all prior hololive merch numbers. and she and everyone in hololive was floored by how much it sold.

as a sidenote, then she started asking the members about what she should do for her holoween costume this year, i think it came down to the tempura-gura costume and the meatball-gura costume.

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70% of them will have tengas installed inside to use as onaholes

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-it sounded like gura was leaning toward the meatball gura costume. she thinks it will make a great "stress ball" merchandise. Personally I think the tempura-gura costume was cuter.

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Just bloop plush is enough

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No one will fuck that toy
You understand that dino Gura is for masturbation, right?

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dude, my 11yo daughter loves gura. I assure you it's not for masturbation.

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This made my dick hard

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Dino Gura cute

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