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Good luck watching vtubers when China, its radical left government, and its radical left people ends the world.

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If vtubers going away is the price it takes for my miserable life to finally end then that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

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At least i don’t have to watch my oshi graduate.

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Being nuked to death would be an acceptable outcome so instead the chinese will continue to drag everyone down with them until their population is overrun by cheap indian laborers and you expire at 89 a lonely old man with nothing to show for your life.

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>its radical left government, and its radical left people

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>legit begging for the end of the world

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Oh no, fake protests organized by communists who never deliver will ever end up in anything. What ever will we do?

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Yes, damn those leftist warmongers!

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Big Brain pacifists thought that not tackling world ending ditactors and completely relying on them economically was good because numbers go up
Some good nuking before all of this would have solved it

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You can always try the rope anon its faster

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After that scene where a giant tv crushed that guys head at that concert and would've killed him if not for the made in china floors giving way and saving him, I doubt they have sound structure to start a ware. It'll probably the same situation as Russia vs Ukraine where they overestimate how ready they are.

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Go back to your containment board asshole.

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Would this affect Nijisanji in anyway?
Is this the reason why some of them like Mysta no longer wants to go all-in with the shippers and fujos?

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please add this to dan dan, kanauru

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>at that concert
that was in hong kong, in some old venue built by the british

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>Would this affect Nijisanji in anyway?
Stock price should reflect that

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They ain't gonna do shit

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??? What the fuck any of this has to do with fujos?
anon leave vt for a week

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Why not? This world sucks anyway. Fuck Taiwan btw, a bunch uppity island chinks.
On that note, please edit a mumei on it

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>China, its radical left government, and its radical left people
Literally roflmao.

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People better start enjoying the last days of peace because world war is pretty much inevitable. Everyone thought it was gonna be Trump who would fuck everything up yet his presidency was the first time in decades that the world was peaceful. Even Kim Jong-un was behaving well, something Obama could never achieve. Now Biden comes and is back to war just like with Obama, who BTW got a Nobel Peace prize despite all the bombings on the Middle East.

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Honestly, I would support China in this if they didn't also hate Japan. I'd rather they be rivals with Japan then just straight-up nuke them out of existence but that's just me.

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this but rape of tokyo instead

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When bugmen take over maybe they'll teach the burgers how to tell their left from their right.

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China has no first strike policy, and japan has no nukes. They'll be fine

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>as the world ends I'm going to spend my final days serving my Zionist GOP masters by going to 4chan and letting them all know it was the Democraps!
Kill yourself

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are these not the same bugs who literally screamed from their apartments when Shanghai locked down? do they not possess the ability to put 2+2 together?

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the only reason the chinks and the euro-chinks are acting up is because they know they don't have free reign to do whatever they want under an absentee president anymore

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Dan dan chikaku naru!

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This has nothing to do with vtubers unless you're trying to say it's NijiEN related kek.

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China has nukes, good luck with that

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the CCP is a stain on humanity

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When your goverment fucks up but you can't change it and criticizing it will lend you and your family in jail or worse all that is left to do is to channel your pent up impotent rage externally and blame other countries.
This is nothing new and will result in nothing because zhangs are cowards. They are just letting off steam.

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But with out zhangs, Niji would be just another 3 view company.

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>threadreaders already showing up
they're still supported by SEA and JP

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what the fuck is a threadreader
I would hope people posting read threads

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>When your goverment fucks up but you can't change it and criticizing it will lend you and your family in jail or worse all that is left to do is to channel your pent up impotent rage externally and blame other countries

But enough about America

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>its radical left government, and its radical left people
That's the West. China doesn't allow degeneracy. Speaking of which I genuinely hope they'll get into the vtuber business in the West so we can finally get chuubas who act like idols.

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not gonna happen weebs

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Go back /pol/tard

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This belong to dan dan thread. Go there and contain yourself

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americans blame the other half of their country

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nijinigger detected

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great vtuber related post really belongs on the board

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>they are only declaring war because the new American president is strong

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>radical left
Fucking Westerners Imposing their Political Culture to the people again

>Also, its a fake protest
You can tell because they don't let protest happen in china unless it favors them

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>image of Chinese bank protest

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Calm down, trannie

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Link the tweet, you won't cuz fake.

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China needs to get over the taiwan thing. It's pretty cringe and makes them look like a joke to the rest of the world

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No wonder NijiEN's numbers are shit recently.
Because their audiences all went onto the street to protest.

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>what the fuck is a threadreader
lurk more

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china's various autistic hangups as a country and as a culture unironically do make them the biggest joke in the world but they're the kind of joke that's gonna bring a gun to school once they've had enough

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you're more delusional than any troon if you think they're declaring war and not just posturing but I wouldn't expect underage /pol/faggots to spend more than a second thinking about something longer than it takes to spam their npc buzzwords

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no fuck you
explain it right now
I want to understand just how retarded this is

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they would only start a war to distract everyone from how shit everything over there is getting...
>Banks wont let people withdraw their money (inlcuding 1 of the 4 big ones owned by the CCP)
>building companies cant continue building the apartment complexes people dumped their life savings into to reserve a unit
>farmers take bad or inferior produce and paint/dye it to make it look good and sell it at full price
>gutter oil is still a thing (about 10% of all oil processed/used comes from the streets)
>covid still flaring up causing huge lockdowns
>MILLIONS of college students cant find jobs after graduating so they started a trend #letitrot

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why is this so fucking unsettling

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So Russia invaded Ukraine because they are afraid of Biden? Leftists have an incurable mental illness

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It’s not usually supposed to be a gif for a MAGGED image, and Vox’s weird eyes don’t help.

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Adding onto your first point, the Chinese province of Henan (a very popular province for banking because of its interest rates) has its largest bank chain laundering money from people. When this got out, citizens were not allowed to withdraw, which resulted in protests, to which the government mobilized the fucking mafia to brutalize protestors.

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It may be hard to understand this since you're underage but the world is literally full of people who remember when the entire world recognized Taiwan as China and what we now call China as the fake country. Even though on paper nothing has justified this switch. Your own parents were alive when it was "Taiwan" on the UN Security Council and "China" was the banned non-existent colony pretending to be a country. All relevant politicians were also alive.

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>radical left government, and its radical left people
isn't it USA?

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you might not have encountered the expression in your middleschool textbooks yet but them not having "free reign" doesn't mean they're scared.

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Let's enlist anons. Instead of dying as social outcasts we can die as war heroes!

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Not only is this thread in the wrong board, it's also in the wrong decade. The image is of a protest that took place in 2012.

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even the pro Putin are less retarded than them

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it was pretty wild, I saw a video of fucking tanks rolling in the streets to stop people from protesting

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>radical left

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>In 30 years some student opens their history book for the lesson on World War 3.
>There's a square in the corner titled "What is a 'virtual youtuber'?"

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Oh shit really? I remember seeing triad members roll in by the hundreds to beat the shit out of protestors.
Serpentza's vid on it is chilling, to say the least.

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The government isn't beholden to the will of the people in China.

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During the Orange Man's presidency the Korean stopped releasing missiles, Putin didn't invade Ukraine and Taiwan was getting more weapons than ever and they had free reign? Got it

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Coco and Haachama were just the beginning...

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No that was something different happening in an entirely differently city, that tank was there as a deterrent in hopes people wouldn't protest, not there to stop protests already in question.

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