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Pretty much confirmed dead. Awful chemistry in that panel, they get worse every month.

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>He willingly gave crunchroll money

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they answered my question i'm gonna cry

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Seems like you are still seething and rent free over amesame. Like clockwork.

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Yeah it's pretty dead unfortunately. Gura already found her clique and Ame isn't invited.

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Yeah, it 's one sided.

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Lesboshit is cancer just like all homosexuality.

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What are you talking about? They were great

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Dude, gura took a shit on ame bed IRL, its over.

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Those two could kiss on stream and people will still say they hate each other.

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it was always a dead forced ship

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its obvious gura is back to drinking heavily, have you ever tried working with a alcoholic?

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So everyone in here is just shitposting then?
They were absolute lovers tier in that panel

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Is... Is she? I really hope not. I had to work with an alcoholic family member in a family run business once and that was just about the most stressful period of my entire fucking life. Three years of trying to keep the place from burning down while he went around pouring gas and throwing matches and complaining he works the hardest.

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>week long breaks where she does nothing
>completely dead inside and phoning it in when she appears
>history of alcoholism
yeah i think its extremely likely

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It would explain a lot honestly. Alcoholism can make you go completely fucking catatonic. Maybe Gura couldn't handle Ame telling her to improve herself.

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