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I will be the first to superchat on Vesper and Magni's Channel; taking it's virginity, and you cucks will forever take my sloppy seconds.

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>implying they'll get any superchat at all

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They will, though. Holostars JP gets superchats just fine. Though, I don't know if they are getting superchats in this upcoming stream. I think it's only monetization. They probably would've gotten it sooner if Omega didn't put the 1 hour restriction.

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>Omega didn't put the 1 hour restriction.
speculation or fact?

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Nay, it shall be I

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Actually the monetization is not related to stream time, i think it is just a deliberate decision to make we wait for it

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Fact, Vesper said it during one of his zatsudans

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They know how edging turns us on

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Why though?

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I'm going to send Uncle Nowa $5 so he can put it in the "reasonably priced tea" fund.

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No that will be me

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Youtube does some calculation with hours streamed to make you eligible for monetization. Maria from the new Nijisanji wave unlocked hers pretty quickly because she did endurance streams for her first streams.

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No it's keyed off hours watched, not hours streamed. From the monetization guide, the requirements are
>Have no active Community Guidelines strikes on your channel. Have more than 4,000 valid public watch hours in the last 12 months. Have more than 1,000 subscribers. Have a linked AdSense account.

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