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What is /asp/?

A thread for aspiring vtubers! Whether your goal is to make the journey as an independent streamer or to gain experience and build a portfolio for agency auditions. Let's help each other grow and make it. Indies are welcome to selfpost, but shill responsibly. Share your knowledge, insights, feedback, discuss what has worked and what hasn't worked for you. And always remember to do your research before posting personally identifying information. That includes both in this thread and in your audition applications to agencies.

>Do I need a fully rigged model to be a vtuber?
Nope! You can get started as a simple .png character!

>I want to learn how to rig Live2D models, where do I go?
Brian Tsui (of Iron Vertex), Kira Omori and the official Live2D YouTube channels have many tutorials available.

>Where can I find artists/riggers?
vtuber.gg, ArtStation, DeviantArt, Twitter, Reddit, Skeb.jp, etc.

>I just want to get started, can I buy pre-made models?
Yes! Live2D models can be purchased off nizima.com (Live2D's official marketplace) or booth.pm (general Japanese indie artist website). Be sure to check compatibility with your facial tracking software!

>Where can I learn how to digital market myself?

>Where can I find some good games to stream?

>Twitch or YouTube?
The general rule of thumb is Twitch if your content is primarily based on livestreaming and YouTube if your content is primarily pre-recorded and edited.

>Do you think there's an audience for X, Y, Z content?
First, ask yourself if you would watch a streamer of your skill and experience. Second, do a check on social media and look to see if other streamers are already creating similar content. Don't limit yourself to vtubers, include traditional real life streamers to scope out a potential audience.

Pastebin Guides and Resources:

General: https://pastebin.com/AJLkFrGK
OpSec Guide: https://pastebin.com/uALiNZCV
Twitter Networking: https://controlc.com/9eba2fbc
"avoid doing this shit": https://pastebin.com/vbp6qEdt
Social media branding: https://pastebin.com/jVERSLqG
Take with a grain of salt Parasocial Guide: https://pastebin.com/zmpCResg
Hololive Auditions have opened up to males

AkioAir auditions are opening very soon!

Stay grounded, stay hopeful

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Why is there no hypertit aspies?

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Just wanting to share some good news: I realized a month or two ago that my internet situation just wasn't workable for streaming and was pretty devastated. I had to take a lot of steps in between (I rent), but today I got a new ISP, it's all set up and running and it looks like I'll consistently have about 400 Mbps down/100 Mbps up via Ethernet. The internet situation was genuinely going to be make or break, so this is a huge, huge relief.

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Gelisor is just a tad too small to be called hypertit

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That's still proportionate to the body's size.

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I'm sure he'd be willing to accomodate

@gelisor you know what to do... time for a proper tibby size blendshape and have a chest size increase / reduction redeem and let the chat fight over chest size

(i'll take 10% of your revenue once you finally incline)

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you're right, Cordy is pure sex

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I hope you will have great streams chuubanon!

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I give up rigging, someone else shall take care of this, this is hard!

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i love geli sm

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Thank you! In all likelihood, I will be mediocre or mildly entertaining to a small group of people at best, but I'm excited. I really like having projects and skills to work on outside of work.

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I want to have sex with 3 cordys at once

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all with different modifications...

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forgive me /asp/ for what I am about to do

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I wanna ram Maples tight little asshole so hard you can eat cereal out of it when I'm done.

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Found this in my feed and thought i could share it here

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I didnt need to take these shots

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Eraxs is not breaking bros, what do we do?

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o7 thank you for your posts every thread

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Streaming skyrim mods
Have my endgame build - 100% fortify shout

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sex with babis!

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Wish granted, now bend over

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If you need a video to tell you how to not be boring then you're already NGMI

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i already want that new professor chuuba girl to kiss me on the cheek

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I want to marry deku!

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Knowing Ark would be a perfect stream game because of the natural storylines it creates on its own but also thinking nobody would want to watch an already established playthrough and not wanting to give up everything in my current one

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Recent drama surrounding Pippa made me think of you people. Please take your OpSec reps seriously.

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I don't follow Pippa. What happened now?

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Got absolutely massively doxxed.

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Thankfully I will never be relevant enough to be doxxed.

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sorry for letting you down everyone ;_; being a streamer is harder than I thought...

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nasu sex nasu sex nasu sex nasu sex

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Take it slow, I had to cut down on streams and even cancel a collab because I don't have the energy to go more than 1-2 times a week. Only stream when you want to, because every forced stream is going to be a bad one and you'll hate it more after it! We'll wait patiently for your return... if you choose to do so.

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you're not letting anyone down, you can beat your own demons!

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you're the last mashimallow standing...
thank you for the kind words kaiser..!

I feel bad because I put my viewers in this timeloop every time. I don't mean to, I'm just a lazy neet who gets exhausted too easily and can't stick to a routine, even though streaming is the most fun i've had online in years... I feel bad for accidently creating this hype around me "returning" every time and letting everyone down over and over again. I understand why people would stop watching. I never thought my stream would get any attention at all so I didn't plan for this... I feel bad, people take time out of their day to watch me despite everything and I can't even stream once a week... so that's why my thought process becomes "maybe I should just let them forget about me".
anon... that drawing is so sweet, I still love that silly face ;_; thank you... really. you're so nice. please don't take me too seriously as a streamer, there are hard working vtubers out there, I'm just a little artist

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Would there be an interest in a vtuber who mostly plays modded games and breaks them to all hell?

>> No.30144286

sorta sounds like spiffing brit, that's the joke, sorry.

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shut up maple

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Sounds fun. Of course 95% of the appeal of this is dependent on your personality and other standard streaming things. But as an idea I think its a lot more interesting and unique than just a bog standard trend following streamer.

>> No.30145127

effort is not the only defining factor if a chuuba is fun to watch

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What constitutes a hag? I got called one in the other thread, I don't know if I am hag material

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An age of 30 or higher

>> No.30146169

Sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex

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Male hags of /asp/ assemble. 31 years old reporting int!

>> No.30146354

Any reasonable person would say something along the lines of what Kaiser is saying, but damn given the context that you’re a neet and supposedly enjoy streaming and your streams don’t seem to take too much prep-time it just kinda hints that there’s some home situation or mental/physical illness that’s stopping you.
Or maybe it’s somewhat like me liking the dentist cleanings but it takes me a month of prepping myself to make the call and schedule the appointment.

>> No.30146468

admiral at your service (also 31!)

>> No.30146547

is that character or irl age, because my character is very old

>> No.30146576

I thought kaiser was cute but I heard his voice and almost puked. Avatar fags are the worst.

>> No.30146652

Roommate age, character age is irrelevant

>> No.30146707

Men are not hags and both of your posts are cringe.

>> No.30146869

You are cringe!

>> No.30146905

wait whaaaat you're 31????

>> No.30147079

Kaiser has an amazing voice fuck you

>> No.30147127

yeah i feel the same way.

i might even be 32 next year, sorry if i shattered your dreams I'm not a femboy I'm just a guy

>> No.30147130

I think it's just my menhera...

>> No.30147258

Which /asp/ie is the most fertile?

>> No.30147292

what’s the male equivalent of a hag called anyway?

>> No.30147299

He makes “I’m just a 30s man larping as anime girl” jokes almost every stream….

>> No.30147335

An adult.

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What is your purpose here even?

>> No.30147611

Its okay mashi, we watch you because we enjoy you and its a fun time chatting with you. Ill be waiting patiently even if your next stream is 100 years from now! so take your time.

>> No.30147758

I always had you in the Very Mentally Stable category

>> No.30148029

killing time, I can't sleep and you guys are fun. Other than that i stick around because i like to answer technical questions if they come up because I don't want aspies to stream with shitty audio among other things.

>> No.30148104

Dumb question, but when vtubers are using slides, are they literally powerpoint slides?

>> No.30148405

Yes, that or google slides

>> No.30148498

I don't use slides, make item groups

>> No.30148746

I'm pretty sure there's a significant portion of /asp/ aged 33 and above somewhere in the past polls

>> No.30149461

no it's ok i kinda forgot :p

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Streaming Crash 4!

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Why do I have to be a menhera male?

>> No.30149935

>sharp teeth
>red eyes
>white hair
>giant hoodie
oh no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

>> No.30150299

same ;-;

>> No.30150374

The good thing with babis is that they're men so their designs are always top tier because men know what makes a woman look good.
The bad thing is that they're men so they don't have pussy magnetism & they themselves usually aren't that interesting.

>> No.30150424

what happened to charlie's 3d debut?

>> No.30150772

why did you become a vtuber

>> No.30150978

Which babi has the most sex design?

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>> No.30151042

to make friends and inspire people to do music ;-;

>> No.30151122

That one fit brown catgirl
If you mean from /asp/, dunno lol

>> No.30151148

I like watching vtubers & thought trying it myself would be fun, which it is even if I'm a nobody.

>> No.30151696

I'm 34

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yea, I just like collecting the inevitably sex art they get of themselves

>> No.30152010

no, I'M 34.

>> No.30152422

Would content similar to Mental Outlaw's or Luke Smith's work as a vtuber?

>> No.30152453

I was a 4.0 student. I make 90 grand a year and I'm only at the start of my career. I have friends that I hang out with multiple times every week. I have a family that loves me. I'm likeable and people are always trying to get me to come to things.

I also stream as a vtuber. Why am I vtuber? Why do I do this? It was an interesting experiment and my viewers are loyal and fun, but I'm not sure I want to stick with it. It's starting to feel like the least interesting part of my life in some ways. But I don't want to let my viewers down.

>> No.30152529


>> No.30152690

Another schizo W.
How do we keep doing it?
All these people leaving the discord like crazy. We can't stop winning can we?

>> No.30152765

I really should rope.

>> No.30152869

Did Faust seriously expect anyone to notice or care he left /asp/cord and then nobody noticed for four hours?
Faust, nobody in /asp/ knows who you are and you interact with the thread this much <>.

>> No.30152993

I think faust is pretty hard to pick on, you'll have to choose an easier target like charlie

>> No.30153012

is there optimal timeslots for me to stream in or does that not matter for indies?

>> No.30153084

Punching down is for big homo queers like yourself mate.
Regardless, I'm not trying to pick on anyone, just pointing out the obvious.

>> No.30153273

your optimal timeslot should be optimal time for most of your regulars.

If you're literally a 0 view you should pick times outside of primetime because that's when there's the highest chance of you being found.

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honestly I think one of the major issues with people starting vtubing is that their primary motivation isn't 'to entertain people'.
there are many other/adjacent hobbies you can do that aren't nearly as menhera inducing

>> No.30153572

what time is prime time

>> No.30153623

Unpopular games that nobody streams are much better at high traffic hours like primetime or on the weekend. Very popular games I have found are worse for discovery at primetime hours since you have much much more competition among the 0 views.

Once you get some followers you tend to get better viewership at primetime hours, but most important for getting your viewers to show up to your stream is to stream at the same time generally.

>> No.30153639

6-10 PM EST

>> No.30153776
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that one wasn't me.

>> No.30154254

thanks kings

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Hey guys going to play some DayZ and most likely dying a lot. Please stop by if you'd like.

>> No.30156436

how old are you?

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>> No.30158965

Quick question. My little sister wants to eventually try vtubing. Now she is handicapped, and we are both wondering, if it should be a part of her model/identity? Like it's gonna come out sooner or later, if she talks about her life more than 2 minutes.

>> No.30159233


>> No.30159316

Just set it up where it's a marionette or some shit, she's the "soul" inhabiting the marionette but the marionette is "you".
The vtuber name can be a combination of the marionettes name and the souls name.

>> No.30159476

It would appear out interest align.

>> No.30159642


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>> No.30160195

She can always do the professor X, taxi cab wheelchair. Something futuristicand fun.

>> No.30160235

Are you meant to stream alone as a vtuber? If I'm playing with friends is that frowned upon?

>> No.30161000
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I WILL groom the cute aspies!

>> No.30161528

yes but only if theyre the same sex

>> No.30161652

Yes, but only if they're the opposite sex

>> No.30161761


>> No.30161962

what's maples stream anyway.

>> No.30162330

Generally, as a very small vtuber your main point of attraction is being able to provide a lot of viewer interaction to anyone who wants to talk to you. Playing with friends usually completely destroys your ability to interact with your audience which makes you unable to provide a high quality experience to those who will most likely watch you. At higher levels of viewership it can be a good idea to collaborate with other channels to cross pollinate your followers, but if you are just playing with your non-streamer friends its a huge waste of time if you are doing it to try and gain an audience.

Not to say you shouldn't do it though, if its the difference between not streaming and streaming with your friends probably streaming with your friends is better. Just be aware that your numbers will probably be even worse than normal.

>> No.30163257

Maple will prob send it. I'm going to gatekeep my maple as much as possible

>> No.30164041

There's one vtuber who has spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy. Her avatar has a wheelchair.

>> No.30164254


>> No.30164635

fuck off he belongs to me

>> No.30164766

Was wondering about this too

>> No.30164778

I want everyone in cute sexy novelty outfits
Imagine ALL of the babis in bunnysuits or kittysuits for example. Yes, even the annoying one(s).

>> No.30164887


>> No.30164923

what if I don't want to make it? what if I just want to be friends with other /asp/ies?

>> No.30165295
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My DM's are open anon...

bodysuit and maid admiral are stuck somewhere in development hell.

>> No.30165802
File: 366 KB, 507x660, ryt smug.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes working on a Live2D alternate outfit too

>> No.30165962

Weird I don't remember posting this

>> No.30166008
File: 230 KB, 1720x2048, B89E42C7-B4F1-4934-8D4F-1C7EA52F7FA2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Midnight karaoke!

>> No.30166227

You'll regret it. I made friends with multiple/asp/ies and it didn't go well.
I was better off before I started talking with other people.

>> No.30166302

What happened?

>> No.30166814

no one wants to be my friend ;/

>> No.30166825

Whenever I play back my singing it just sounds like I'm talking in tune
how do I be more expressive

>> No.30167051
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>> No.30167147

90% of my dm's are unanswered too. most people just don't want random strangers to talk to.it just takes some persistence to find someone you vibe with and that wants to give you the time of day.

>> No.30167304

DM your vieweroshi!

>> No.30167508


>> No.30167690

>friends with multiple/asp/ies
>it didn't go well
Sounds like a (you) problem. I'm really happy about the /asp/ies I befriended and only had a minor issue with one so far. Everyone else seems to be very level headed and chill.

>> No.30167742

It's the same for me anon. Even my chat messages go ignored if there is someone else sending messages during streams. It is hard to swallow for me but I have to remind myself constantly not to let it affect me otherwise it really puts me down.

>> No.30167789
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I really try not to be annoying because I can be

What do I say and when

>> No.30167793

I hope to be someone's favourite chuuba someday!!

>> No.30167924
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If you're a viewer say hi in chat. If you're an /asp/ie just shoot a DM saying "Hey"

>> No.30167974
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Cat/dog pictures.

>> No.30168081

I submitted my third starsen audition! I hope they watch more than 3 seconds this time... I made sure to start singing within the first second AND simultaneously added a speedpaint of a drawing I'm proud of, so hopefully it catches their attention this time around.

>> No.30168085

Is it possible to do a "fade-in" of an effect in Reaper, like if I wanted it to start with an echo then lose it over a few seconds

>> No.30168398

Just a minor issue? What happened?

>> No.30168643


Oi, the gators on Newgrounds.

>> No.30168834

If naming yourself Abigail isn't transgenderism I don't know what is.

>> No.30168911

You should try being female vtubers instead

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>> No.30169154

I'd have kinky death spin gater sex with Abby

>> No.30169384

I get a lot of dms but one /asp/ie in particular makes my heart skip a beat everytime
Do I have a crush?

>> No.30169530

If you have to ask yourself if you do or not, you kind of already have your answer.
Who are you crushing on?

>> No.30169576


>> No.30169697

NTA but same. Is he toying with us?

>> No.30169754

/asp/ is this a vtuber?

>> No.30169809

I've blanked on answering some DMs and I've felt bad about it, but I don't know how to continue the conversation. Plus now it's long past so it looks extra weird.
Fuck it, I'll DM one back tonight. Better late than never.

>> No.30170120

He's perfect wife material. Though I'm also gachikoi for Azu

>> No.30170161

I wish people dm'd me...

>> No.30170267

Didin't Eraxs groomed him?

>> No.30171538

I don't know what to play, /asp/ies...

>> No.30172183

Play whatever you're really interested in
if you aren't interested in anything then find something

>> No.30172309

working while tired really helps turn off the thoughts constantly assailing me that what I'm doing provides nothing of value to anyone and has no reason to exist

>> No.30173735

I'm playing Project Zomboid.

>> No.30173943
File: 2 KB, 148x144, EF201CB0-02A4-4514-BD5A-171E6980A2E9.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Aaaaahhh it hurts where is she, Mashi I can’t feel you anymore I can’t feel anything AAAAh it hurts it’s cold I hate this. 90% of the posts you replied to in the past 3 months have been me, I’ve been nothing but kind and courteous so as to not scare you away like the cute little bunny you are. Not even grooming I just wanted you to stream more and now everything is falling apart and you aren’t th-

>> No.30174432
File: 710 KB, 1920x1017, 123143464564.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30174466

Your tweet linking reps, anonchama.

>> No.30174600

pls have a background in history, philosophy or politics

>> No.30174789

I have a PhD and currently work as a professor, hopefully that's ok?

>> No.30175264

Where else should I shill if I want viewers? Right now all I have is a twitch bot watching.

>> No.30175508
File: 80 KB, 1280x720, 27C589D7-8019-41E3-B097-216689222572.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

shut the fuck up

>> No.30175981

He has half an hour left.
How do we make him give up?
The 24 hour stream must be cancelled.

>> No.30176309


>> No.30176390

Wow, this hits hard. I never leave a DM unanswered, unless it's a friend request, or a "goodnight" style post that's an obvious end. but I don't get DMs. Only people currently messaging me are a thirsty femchuuba and viewer who like my voice.

>> No.30176427

you here that Jester?
he thinks youre a thirsty bitch

>> No.30176897

Eraxs made it.

>> No.30177490

Sexpest sexpest sexpest

>> No.30178477

Are you yellow cat?

>> No.30178649

>start stream
>play something
it should not be if you don't make it that

>> No.30178849

>be girl
>think no one would care about you
why does this happen so often? if you are a girl you are guaranteed to get views as long as you make people aware of your existence. just hitting the start stream button and not telling anyone is the only thing that is stopping you from getting views if you are a girl

>> No.30179385

Does damascus count as an /asp/ie since he streams now?

>> No.30179421

It's called low self-esteem. Usually, women are afflicted by it.

>> No.30179555


>> No.30181311


>> No.30181346

Run. Along the side of a highway. And sing at the same time.

>> No.30181637

Are there vtubers that switch back and forth between different personas? I'd like to try something like that, possibly make it like an elaborate puppet show.

>> No.30181707

ame kinda with her forms

>> No.30181783

I’m thinking of interviewing my IRL self in my Vtuber form. Does that count?

>> No.30181902

Like 2 models on screen with independent mouth tracking/movements? How do you plan on doing that

>> No.30181994
File: 943 KB, 800x564, 1659596554836857.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Since stream numbers and experience are important, is it a good idea to create a pornhub/chaturbate profile and get good viewcounts on those sites by hiring third world prostitutes, and then apply for big corporations

>> No.30182047

Male or female?

>> No.30182127

Yeah. Numbers are numbers. Just remember you’d show those streams to the company, so don’t go saying slurs.

>> No.30182659
File: 401 KB, 1693x2048, FXX7VE4acAAM_fO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Im a guy with a gf that would join in, and im a pro coomer so i'd be good at marketing and pulling numbers in way easier than having to grind 1view for years
>don’t go saying slurs

>> No.30182705

why is the avatarfagging viewer making these posts?

>> No.30182755

I think it's more about experience at least with Nijisanji. Iirc, Selen wasn't even partnered

>> No.30182914

Im an aspiring vtuber, and you may need to lurk until you know what avatarfagging means little man

>> No.30182977

i know you just keep flipping your trip on/off but you are still easy to identify

>> No.30183003

Male sex doesn't sell.
Do you have qualities that put you in the top ten percent or top percent of men?

>> No.30183123

Realistically the guy appearance doesnt matter when it comes to getting views, its all on the girl and camera work

>> No.30183253

Depends, I don't like it when the guy is fat or his dick is much better than mine

>> No.30183557

An Amadani chuuba couple…

>> No.30184852

>'Male sex doesn't sell.'
Say that again, I dare you

>> No.30185018

>'The rule'
>The exception
Say that again, I dare you

>> No.30185050

>This top 0.1% exists therefore your argument is wrong

>> No.30185168
File: 204 KB, 643x1572, IMG_20220806_143139.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've been thinking about making a chaturbate, but I'm not sure if the guys would watch my other content as well.

>> No.30185179

>Literally first wave buff and reverse cancellation buff
Stop being retarded anon.

>> No.30185505

Yeah, not everyone likes urophilia.

>> No.30185539

You should try it and report back with how it goes
I see a ton of pornstars and chaturbate streamers pivot and start streaming on twitch, so i imagine some will follow a vtuber to other platforms, it seems like a solid idea because its easy to market to coomers and get a decent audience

>> No.30185782

Admiral teases you with his tights stream...

>> No.30185900

probably, I'd be dressing up as my vtuber at least but i doubt solo male crossdress / cosplay is that popular on top of me being an amateur. i could do it project melody style and use the model, but my voice would be even more of a debuff than in my usual streams.

i feel like I'm missing a joke here, but i have yet to do a kink tierlist on stream and piss would be B tier at best.

>> No.30186108

That’s why I asked if he has qualities in the top 1%

>> No.30186661

I think there's a difference between friend and game pal, and I was only ever a game pal.

>> No.30186998

i'm not streaming for the next few weeks so no point but it's maplemothvtuber
wait are you guys like, just meming or
part of me is wondering if OF is the only option now i'm dropping out of uni xdd

>> No.30188305

>anons admit they have a crush on you
>first instinct is to play it off as a joke
You make me really angry maple

>> No.30188392

And THAT’S why people love him

>> No.30188875
File: 118 KB, 442x555, doof.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30188961

it's the correct reaction because you guys would be too shy to commit to anything anyways.

>> No.30189119

>but i have yet to do a kink tierlist on stream and piss would be B tier at best.
It's a German joke... supposed to be.

>> No.30189120 [DELETED] 

Please be female please be female
please dont be a babi
please dont be a babi

>> No.30189305

Do you really think a woman would use a model like that?

>> No.30189367

Haha, it is I, the feared Babi!

It's just a random bust for practice anyway, you can jerk off to it

>> No.30189531

I'd rather it be another babi than another Ain.

>> No.30189573

what do you not like about Ain?

>> No.30189968

T'was a mere jest. Have you forgotten about her recent rambunctious carryings on?

>> No.30191877

i'm sorry ;-;
idk the idea of people crushing on me is just, y'know, crazy

>> No.30192840

Does monitor resolution and streaming have anything to do with each other? like 1440p gaming and i can stream to whatever my GPU can handle right?

>> No.30193690

no. you set the resolutions in obs

>> No.30193784

Are there any websites on internet where I can upload my voice to get it rated by different people? I wanna start vtubing sometime in the next years, but I think I may not have the voice for the same.

>> No.30193984

just upload a vocaroo!

>> No.30194096

>but I think I may not have the voice for the same.
Are you prepuberty?

>> No.30194157

kongou does it every so often where he'll play different characters depending on his stream, sometimes hell do multiple at once; his design quest streams were basically like that and i remember hebonce did a zatsudan as four different characters at once

>> No.30194204

Sure, I'll try to upload in the next thread!

No, it's not like that. I don't know, to me my recorded voice just sounds dull and boring.

>> No.30194405

nta but https://voca.ro/11YUw1D3LN7r

>> No.30194564


thanks bud

>> No.30194596

Sounds listen-able!

>> No.30197483

You will never be a real Vtuber

>> No.30197764

thank you. i never wanted to be more than a viewer

>> No.30198286

official response:
I've already thought of this, but my modeler doesn't want to bother with expansion or hyper bust sizes. It's a bit tougher to pull off with 3D considering clipping and vertex stretching messing with the textures. that, and I would need to figure out how to hotswap the dynamic bones and colliders so it doesn't wreck the model when expanded.

i'd sooner be able to let people change my color palette than let them change my bust size.

as intended, I've got a council of friends that voted on the bust size and they all pushed for huge, but proportional.

>> No.30199248

Geli love!!!

>> No.30200959
File: 707 KB, 1200x1058, 1504280078657.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your favorite brotuber group is here!

PAYDAY 2 GAMING W/Maple, Kumo, Eraxs, and Luke James


>> No.30201565

Bunch of gay dudes and a sexpest, who's supposed to be the bro?

>> No.30201611

Are there aspies that didn't get groomed?

>> No.30201762

Yeah, me

>> No.30201943

i'm straight i swear ;-;

>> No.30202595

thank you for clarifying, color change sounds fun too

>> No.30202863

I am a coomer please recommend me a vtuber.

>> No.30203172


>> No.30203227

too big and i dont like cucking

>> No.30203549

>change my color palette
Are you going to animate the hue shift in the shader?

>> No.30204327

Maaaan I wish I got skebs, drawing all your own art is hard

>> No.30204520

It do be like that. What's keeping you from commissioning a skeb?

>> No.30205016

I have real world things I'd rather buy than art unfortunately

>> No.30205083

Why do I feel like all aspies have the same personality

>> No.30205390

What is that personality?

>> No.30205440

It'd be nice if I wasn't only coombrained /asp/ie among the group

>> No.30205457

the late 20s early 30s white sounding dudes that play strategy games or other boomer games yeah

>> No.30205986

Don't worry, i'm with you.

>> No.30206113

there's probably a good few like you who lurk because the conversations are usually dumb as shit
t. me

>> No.30206740

Man how to get an audience? I've been doing only art streams bc I'm good at art, but I get a lot of new people getting in praising my art and thats it. I want to play games too but I fell that It would be way worse without someone in chat. How do I talk with my chat if they don't talk, do I just talk alone???

>> No.30206828
File: 29 KB, 385x683, 1659020849030897.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Would anyone be interested in watching a non vr (so no face tracking) vtuber with a guys voice but with a kinda low quality big tiddy handmade in 30 mins avatar with no real stream schedule and bad yo mama jokes

And remember not to trust false prophets, for you are a mere fool :D

>> No.30206902

Literally talk to nobody until someone catches on to stay

And when anwsering a question: Anwser it, then also add a question back! Like ping pong of sentences to keep people talking, and make a conversation
Also read their messages out loud

>> No.30207040

Fake it until you make it. You're just going to have to talk to yourself cause if some one does happen to come by and you're there being a mute they'll just click off.

>> No.30207054

Talk to yourself until someone shows up. Even if you're just commentating on what you're doing in the game, do that.

>> No.30207158

being dumber than coomers is quite an achievement. they are typically the most braindead retards on the site

>> No.30207253

>Even if you're just commentating on what you're doing in the game, do that.
that's like 90% of all commentary unless it's expressly a zatsudan game like powerwash sim

>> No.30207660

All of the males.

>> No.30207769

>male voice doesn't sell

>> No.30207909

>so don’t go saying slurs.
Stupid hard-r goldfish.

>> No.30208733

Are you winning, /asp/ies?

>> No.30208810

Eraxs... sexpest sexpest sexpest

>> No.30209540

you have to. If I'm browsing a random channel and they aren't even talking, I just leave immediately.

>> No.30210630

NGMI viewer behaviour quite frankly.

>> No.30211181

The babi collab is really cute...

>> No.30211436

Babis are really cute...
And breedable...

>> No.30211718

I... I am going to make it!

>> No.30212365


>> No.30212501

I want to cuddle with maple so bad rn

Hes probably running out of storage on computer from all the screenshots of maple sex posts he has taken

>> No.30212869
File: 383 KB, 257x266, 1439064419548.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just wanna see him in a naked apron making me breakfast in morning then I come and ravage him from behind

>> No.30213377

but also how do you know that >~<
yes pls let me be a housewife

>> No.30213817

Ain or Hes. Plus they’re both streaming right now.

>> No.30213906

I’m early twenties and I don’t play any games. other than Minecraft and Hearthstone

>> No.30214294

>Hes 16 viewers
>Ain 14 viewers
Hesbros, we're winning!

>> No.30215092

Imagine micromanaging ccv like this

>> No.30215319

there we see the female debuff again. the males i watch are above 30

>> No.30215551

These zoomie weirdos and their taste in music. Just listen to Aphex Twins if you want to be weird.

>> No.30215870

Is hes a zoomie? She always gave off hag energy

>> No.30215968

I'm feeling nosy. Let me judge their music tastes!

>> No.30216010

Dunno, they sound below 25 to me. I might be dumb though.

>> No.30216647

I'm going to eat Mashi

>> No.30217139

I’m going to become a Mashi

>> No.30217423

mashing the mashed mash

>> No.30217466

it was a backrooms smash

>> No.30217521

I'm less depressed now but I still have no choice but to off myself, I've deliberately screwed everything up so I have no choice. Honestly now I'm pretty scared though. I'm just sad that I'm going to disappoint my friends.

>> No.30217656

>has friends
wtf are you crying about when everything is so well?

>> No.30217672

Post costume swaps!

>> No.30217708

Are you of an age that ends in the word "teen"

>> No.30217724

I don't deserve to have friends anyway. And it doesn't matter my choices are between that and being homeless.

>> No.30217787

Not doxxing my age.

>> No.30217814

so just live with your friends or family until you get your shit together

>> No.30217860

So nineteen tops, probably? You'll get over whatever it is that you're going through. If you really want to kill yourself you probably would've tried by now instead of microblogging about maybe someday wanting to.

>> No.30217880

I don't have anyone IRL who I can do that with. It's fine, like I'm not worth anything. It's just dumb brain stuff.

>> No.30217947

I've literally ordered the sodium nitrite to do it, it's arriving in 2 weeks. I've been pingponging between ok and suicidal for ages but I think this time it'll be it.

>> No.30218001

What do you have to hide at this point?

>> No.30218097

So people don't figure out who I am and stop me?

>> No.30218138

>worried about getting doxxed when suicidal
Nigger why the fuck are you telling this shit to us anyway then?

>> No.30218164

You know, >>30218001 makes an excellent point. If you're going to die and nobody can stop you, why does your anonymity even matter? There must be new developments in this field because I have no idea what you're going to do with sodium nitrate. It used to be all about guns and nooses when I was obsessively reading about ways to kill myself.

>> No.30218212

Guys I'm gonna freaking do it. I'm so serious about it that I shopped online

>> No.30218216

You're here, mysteryposting and not to mention you're waiting 2 weeks. You're literally screaming for help so scream for help.

>> No.30218246

I want to talk to someone but if I talk to anyone I'll get stopped or institutionalized or something.
Sodium Nitrite stops your blood from absorbing oxygen, so you pass out and die really quickly.

>> No.30218349

What do you want me to do, delivery takes two weeks? Even if this current episode fades, I'll still have it. And it'll be easy enough to impulse take it so it's worth.

>> No.30218387

You know you have people who are willing to help you. It would be awfully selfish of you to disrespect them by dipping out without any warning.

>> No.30218404

So what? You want us to convince you otherwise? You don't want anyone to stop you so what's the point? The only other thing we'll tell you is to do a flip. What exactly are you looking for then?

>> No.30218439

I want to know which /asp/ie is the suicidal /asp/ie...
Viewer? Chuuba? Which one? The suspense is killing me.

>> No.30218455

I want you to pull your head out of your ass. It isn't worth it and you clearly have people around you that would miss you if you're so afraid to just come out and say who you are.

>> No.30218543

It's Wolfgang isn't it?

>> No.30218576

>about to be homeless
could it be… tiresias?

>> No.30218577

Chuuba probably.

>> No.30218585

I'm literally just venting. I'm scared! But I also hate myself too much to want to get better. Is it that weird to want to talk to people about all of this, especially when I can't IRL.
Maybe, I suck as a person though. They'll be better off without me.

>> No.30218710

The only way you can get better is to TRY to get better. Suicide is the easy way out, not to mention extremely traumatic for anyone that might know you. It's a slap in the face to the people that care about you.

>> No.30218907
File: 148 KB, 499x670, 258a0c48e8a2da45b40352a369b6446a9a2356ed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Then don't start off conversations saying you want to mcfuckin kill yourself since all you're gonna hear is everyone either telling you not to or do it faggot. If you need to vent, fucking vent about shit then.

>> No.30218922

I appreciate the irony of saying it but that'd be attention seeking. Either I do it or just don't bother my friends.
It's ok, I'm just going to delete all my stuff and go radio silent so hopefully no one will really notice or care.

>> No.30218997

I mean you already made a big show of it in the thread. Assuming you have any connections here (and I'm guessing you do if you're so private about your details), it's going to be obvious. You will ruin them.

>> No.30219058

Anon, you're seeking attention right now! Oh my god! Your friends probably read this thread and know exactly who you are!

>> No.30219185

5 bucks on tiresias for suicidal anon! Any other bets?

>> No.30219373

I hide my mental illness pretty well, everyone I've mentioned it to in the past has been surprised.
I don't want them to be upset but I don't know what I can do now. Even if I don't do anything I've still wrecked my life I can't do anything now.

>> No.30219534
File: 210 KB, 803x1008, cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's a really good cautionary tale about suicide in this book I read as a kid.

>> No.30219705
File: 17 KB, 342x342, 1634398561420.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to slam maple into the fridge and make him beg for my cock before throwing him over the counter and pumping into him senselessly until he's full and panting for air.

If he did a good enough job I'd also let him make me pancakes after.

>> No.30219935 [DELETED] 
File: 115 KB, 644x644, 1643939436557.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Luke is the opposite of gay.

>> No.30219969

i want to make you pancakes!!!

>> No.30220031

Okay, Hes's music taste ain't that bad. She might be not a zoom zoom

>> No.30220126

There's like 5 suicidal /asp/ies at any given time.
This time it's not me.

>> No.30220161

We know it's a male for sure at least.

>> No.30220175


>> No.30220247

Women don't have those sort of thoughts.

>> No.30220350

The only reason I haven't killed myself yet is because my viewers like me.
As long as I can use my pathetic existence to bring a smile to someone's face, I'll be around a while longer.

>> No.30220383

High chance he's a transsexual.

>> No.30220385

Could be a woman, I just hope it's not my friend, she hasn't replied to my latest DM
It's been nearly 2 days

>> No.30220455

It can't be a woman, I just told you.

>> No.30220613

It could totally be a woman. She says she doesn't have anyone and then that her friends would be upset.
Not recognizing that you have people willing to help you is typical female behavior.

>> No.30220757

/asp/ie tier list

>> No.30220830

SSS Tier

Below SSS Tier
Everyone else

>> No.30220840

just look for who seeks the most attention

>> No.30220861
File: 289 KB, 479x425, 1632623875197.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Luke doesn't seem gay, just retarded

>> No.30221052

Is it ok to have 2 Twitch accounts. I would be able to keep a healthy schedule on both of them for what im doing.

Its just that what im doing are complete opposites of each other and wouldn't interact well.

>> No.30221170

Are you the dog?

>> No.30221190
File: 601 KB, 1083x607, tier list.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30221202

I'm gonna need you to elaborate on this. I don't know why anyone would need an alter ego for their alter ego.

>> No.30221278

flesh tube on 1
v tube on the other?
with totally different games/community and style of the stream I just thought it would make sense