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t. Walloon

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I can't wait for another karaoke session guys.
They are the height of my month.

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Her subtle accent is the best part.
Op why not use the actual op?

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Wow I can't believe that Nina Saotome (@NinanininVT) is posting on 4channel

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Minimalist thread

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Hype is crazy high because she is doing songs she wasn't able to before including a retake of Lillium. Will she do Master Exploder live? Can't wait!

Also I'm tucked in.

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sometimes less is more

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How are GWC activities going? Apparently, on one of the latest threads, someone talked about how a clipfag answered about Nina clips.

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I was about to write about it. We don't have much new high spec art so getting an ad going would be tough unless the graphic designer anon speaks up. I was thinking of advertising her twitch directly on the day she will do the karaoke. I think it could be the easiest and cheapest and literally most effecient.

Other than that. I agree with the other anon, on shilling we are doing our best. CLIPS.. maybe only if we get our own channel.
T adanon

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>bans R2 and R1
>moves weapons to L

Checkmate !

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>Tuesday night
>playing Wacky Hitboxes 2
>still 151 viewers
Good my child, grow!

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I can't believe Nina fucking died to air currents!

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It's such a shit game I enjoy her playthrough of it but I hope we are done today with it.

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Don't count on it, there is still a lot of it left even if she were to skip some content. I highly dount she will be done with Aldia area and dragon aerie in one stream.

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Her determination is incredible

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>leveling d*x

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Look away.. game forced her hand

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Let's see how many Ninabros are around. What are your picks for Nina's setlist on Saturday? Have you submitted a Marshmallow for our CEO to answer?

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Link to marshmallow? I'm gonna ask her how long her toes are

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Never played any Souls game, why is DS2 not liked?

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You ever notice how Nina says "I hate this area" about every area in this game?

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Worst Souls mechanics out of the trilogy. Hitboxes are shit. Most bosses are poorly designed either simple sponges or outright bullshit. Game is long and the areas aren't varied.

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>Only 100 viewers
What happened...

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She barely drops below 150 but in general people seem to despise the game and it's a super busy time as literally everyone is streaming. Good stuff for our oshi.

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>almost 4 hours in
>worst souls-game
It's unironically fine

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Oh god, what should I send?

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I'm going to ask Nina how much she charges!

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Send a compliment then?

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>Nina I think you're a very very very very good neighbour

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We are past both now. Shes a gamer after all!

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Where is the collab Bread? Also nice to see you on stream btw

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That would be nice, although I have never watched Bread before.

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Soul Memory made sure you were constantly invaded by Havel Hexers at launch.
Bullshit areas like frigid outskirts, shrine of amana or fucking lava castle in general.
Shitty hitboxes, easily worst ones in Souls series.
Terribly telegraphed attacks, you can't really space to dodge since enemies will rotate in place as if they were figurines just to smack you.
Overabundance of big armor dudes boss fights, usually those are the bests, and DaS2 has great ones, but for every Heide Knight there are two dragonriders or dragon boss that fucking spends eternity in the air as if he was a certain azure faggot from other franchise.
World is not consistent in how it is built, most known example being lava castle on top of elevator that goes into sky.
And generally people were mad at launch since they dropped interconnected world design in favor of simple straightforward paths with teleporting between bonfires right from the start.
Yeah, but seems like we are not out of DaS2 content since she said she wants to play through DLCs. I pity those who don't like this game, i can see Eleum Loyce being frustrating as fuck.

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GFE streamer. 500 viewers+ maybe she would let us experience some limited gfe from Nina

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I dont hate the game myself but I'm a bit burned out on this particular souls.
Thank you for the writeup btw

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If you never played DaS2, havel hexer is basically a high level build that utilizes armor with best, or one of the best defenses in the game, while using powerful magic that can easily one shot someone, albeit at the price of using your souls currency to power up those spells. And being high level usually meant you were not feeling the payoff from wearing heavy armor, like fatrolling or slower stamina regen.

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I haven't even gotten a ound to beating the DLC myself. SO I'm wondering if I should avoid her DLC streams to remain unspoiled.

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I would say you should if you enjoy yourself playing it, i like DaS2, it is just the worst in the series. Just drop on stream and mute it in the background or something.

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This is the most Canadian thing ever.

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I am sorry for not believing Nina will finish DaS2 bros. Although she took extra 2 hours.

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Damn, 6 hours.

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She did well can't blame her not knowing boss patterns

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Yup, Aldia has some bullshit moves, and Nashandra has easy patterns, but you still need to learn them.

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>r u gonna do a face reveal?
I wish Nina's mods would crackdown on these posts. It's annoying, and completely defeats the purpose of vtubers.

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It has to be some fucking clueless kid, good it happened at the end and i think it got burrowed in goodbye messages.

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Not that big of a deal, it was a single message.

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It certainly isn't the first I've seen it in her chat, nor the first time she's read it out loud.

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I rate it Enduramce / 10 and as much as I love her I am happy we are done with DS2 for a while.

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I miss nina. I miss peppah. Why did both have to die :(

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