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Phase Connect just debuted augmented reality meet and greets.

Would you get a pic and hug with your oshi if they had the tech?

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Just a handshake, some small talk and praise should be enough for me. No need to ham it up.

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I'm just gonna pull out my dick and penetrate the model.
What are they gonna do? sue me for molesting a 3d model?

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You might get tazed by a security guard if the con is in burgerland anon, also banned for life.

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You will be sued for displaying your dick in public.

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If only it was possible to fuck the 3d model. I might not like her personality, but that cartoon rabbit girl could still be a lay.

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I honestly think this shit is pretty cool. Pippa also mentioned she wanted to eventually do some pseudo-irl stuff with her doing streams outdoors which i think is really cool sounding. I hope it works out for them

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that's neat, sadly cover won't get anywhere close to this for at least a few years. I wonder if any of the other phase girls will do this

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I want yeet Pippa

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Pippa has implied this is a serious direction the CEO wants to pursue.
We'll probably see more AR streams in the future.

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Maybe Vesper can do this for his crossbow stream

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I know you can read this Pippa, just wanted to say that the VR model is pretty cool.

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So tiny uuuoooooohhhh

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Damn, that's pretty cool.

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Can people see the holograms?

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On a screen yes

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>2view I've never heard of has this meanwhile my oshi doesn't even have her second outfit

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you heard of her, no need to fake it

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>Imagine leaving the house

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>her doing streams outdoors


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Technically both Cover and Anycolor could actually pull this off fairly easily. They have the tools for it, they just need to do the research for depth positioning to improve on that.
It was a very impressive demo though, so it might take a year at least. Based on their website, they have way less resources than a company a tenth the size of either, so they won't last as the company doing this, and they possibly won't survive.
Cover could buy them to get a one-up on Anycolor, they bought some tracking company to get all the cool 3D tech they had like XR object tracking (which is still so fucking cool)

Regardless of what happens, I love all of these people for pushing the edge of XR.
The first company to use ultrasonic speakers to focus sound on touch points will get all of my money.

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>sadly cover won't get anywhere close to this for at least a few years

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>have technology to meld virtual and real worlds
>puke into a drawer
Cyberpunk as shit.

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That's pre-made. Not real-time.
Cover could get realtime easily, but that's where they are.

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is that from their app? have they finally started to update it again?

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pink cat...
don't look...

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Nice nonstop clipping on that model Holobrony.

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How does it look if you're there irl

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more like 4view but yeah

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even if cover bought another company to do it for them they'd find a way to fuck it up, their pinning tech is ridiculous for example. fauna tried to put some glasses on and they attached to her hair instead of her face. irys tried too but hers would tilt if she moved at all

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No, it's a gimmick with almost no applications.

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No because I don't go outside.

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what should I saw to pippa?

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Eh, I can forgive them in that regard since it is fairly new for them. They'll get it sorted sooner or later.
It won't come close to what Denchi has done for Vtube Studio, but it's good enough for funny prop skits.
Na, pre-recorded videos done in post for her 3D stream. (and it was cute as fuck!)
But what they have in terms of AR tech just now could be retooled to allow for real-time AR capture and depth-matching like this.

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a lot of people said the same about vtubing

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ask if she likes getting picked up

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This stream reminds me of when anons used to crash convention livestreams back in the day.

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Funny you should mention that.

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wtf a wombman with actual tits posts here?

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Anycolor already does their own AR stuff like this

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Not like like this, but it is close. They'd be able to do it with a few changes very easily. Probably a couple months work at the most given their teams experience.
I'm actually surprised Cover managed to catch up in the AR department as well, their previous attempt at it was absolutely shit-tier kek, mainly because of the plastic looking lighting they had on it, looked like generic Unreal Engine 3 shiny everything game.exe, god those were bad days.

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this is so fucking cringe

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Pippa and Fishman will bring back the golden age of vtubing

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Can they bring back YUA though?

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Can the people on the stream see the chat comments?

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