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Why do (you) hate Nijisanji?

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I don't hate them. I'm just an EOP.

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The only one I like is Lulu

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I like Mito, Lulu and Nui tbqh.

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they collab with males

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They made Gibara graduate

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they support lgbt

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She left to pursue other goals, there was nothing forced about it.

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but I love Lulu

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It just sucks when she was one of the Niji "livers" (I hate this term) that I actually watch.

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I hate their management and fans
Not chuuba

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The rrats told me to.
A great progress has been made in accepting Nijisanji from the Global community, compare to when HoloEN debuted.[/spoierl]

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That's what they always say. That is literal corporate speak.

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Their content lacks variety. Males get a pass because they are more skilled at the games they play. Females especially the popular ones focus more on lewd content but that gets stale very fast. They should focus more on improving the quality of their content so that it's more clippable rather than just winging it and flooding youtube with long ass uninspired streams.

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>implying I could hate something I have almost never watched
i love chima tho

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I know nothing about them for me to hate.

They have few weird and bland designs though which are a turn-off.

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They've forcefully graduated a couple talents in the past like Raito and Meiro. If there was any trouble behind the scenes we'd know. Gibara just moved on.

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But I don't hate them.

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I don't hate them and I watch some of them on occasion, it's just that I got into Hololive first and they take up most of my viewing time.

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If you dislike Sasaki you're a heartless monster.

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>If there was any trouble behind the scenes we'd know.
What about Roa then? Everyone knows she got suspended but their management were like hush hush about it.

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Do you have any substantial evidence that points towards a forced quit? Otherwise your theory is as likely as her quitting on her own volition and you just want to find an excuse to throw dirt on Ichikara as usual.

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She isn't suspended, though. She still releases voice packs and is mentioned by other talents regularly. Debi even got a new outfit with a plushie of her just a month ago. Whatever reason she isn't streaming is entirely personal and not forced upon her by management.

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I don't even give a damn about Aloe. But I watch Hoshikawa ever since Haato stopped streaming

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I don't hate their talents. Their fans on the other hand are inbred, retarded sperglords

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This guy gets it.

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Have a (You) for being correct.

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Roa is fucking dead because of their incompetence

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Because people try to act like Niji males are popular. The Holostars are actually a lot more popular than Niji males it's just that the Hololive girls are even more popular than that so people choose to watch them instead.

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>The Holostars are actually a lot more popular than Niji males
This has to be bait.

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Second this. Add to that - the tribalism with some of the fans is really off-putting. It is like hearing different boards and sites talk shit about one another. It makes it all that much less enjoyable when you have not ''picked a side''.

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this, fuck Ichikara

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Have you ever actually looked the numbers

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Define variety, because i would like to see what you mean by that.

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Roa v. Meiro incident made me quit them

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Fuck off falseflagger

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I don't get how correcting retarded gossip makes anyone a sperg

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The fanbase is cancer and full of tribalism, they shit threads and every single one I come across media is a hololive anti.
Case on point, the marine schyzo revealed himself recently.

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Their designs are so fucking lame

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No Gibara, no watch

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Calm down bootlicker and read what I am saying. Telling someone a talent left to pursue other interests is corporate speak 101. Saying "They left to pursue other interests." can mean fucking anything forced graduation, harassment graduation, mental break down, jumping ship, or they are legitimately pursuing other interests.

It is literally a joke in other communities because how often and how loosely companies will throw around those stock phrases. Don't get so defensive and assume I am trying to spread rrats that only makes you guys more suspicious and untrustworthy.

Fuck does Niji EN need to hurry up and purge Nijisanji already.

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>Don't get so defensive and assume I am trying to spread rrats
>Fuck does Niji EN need to hurry up and purge Nijisanji already
You could at least try and pretend you aren't a schizo anti.

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chima love!
her singing voice is beautiful

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I don't. I even started watching Hana recently and she seems pretty fun.

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-Just about every negative thing that has caused people to look at vtubing in a negative light can be traced back to Nijisanji.
-Their talents have normalized a culture of hazing and bullying which has caused multiple talents to quit
-They lure people in with the promise of working for the "biggest" vtuber company and then offer them no support leaving them too die in obscurity
-The talents have created a culture absolutely full of toxicity which has influenced the worst fanbase in vtubing. Some people call these people Nijisanji fans but most people call them antis. Have you ever noticed how there are no widespread anti attacks on Nijisanji? That is because Nijiniggers are the antis and will viciously attack any other vtuber that isn't a Niji.

Those are the main reasons. Some of the less important reasons would be stuff like really off putting characters designs, the quantity over quality philosophy to their hiring practices, and just the overall negative feeling to their streams. What I mean by that is that when you watch a Niji you can tell you are seeing a stream from a black company and the quality of the streams reflects that.

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wait 'till she starts asperging about misogyny on twitter again

>> No.2933829

You're really mad about that 1 (one) tweet she made, huh? You bring it up in every thread that mentions her.

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The boys mix with the girls and this causes people to start pairing the boys and the girls up. I don't like this because I am a yurifag.

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The term "Liver"

It's the most cringe thing I've ever heard and I refuse to support any organization that continues to enable its use.

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Retard, if Kataribe still hasn't been graduated you think that they'd force a big money maker like Gibara graduate?

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I hate hololive and their retared fanbase. That's all

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If you are true Yurifag, you will choose true Yuri pair like Crossick, not fake yuribait like OkaKoro shit or forced cringe like Takamori.

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I love Nijisanji's guys. I haven't checked out many girls but Lulu and Hima are cute.
I hope that one day Nijisanji fans and Hololive fans can co exist on this board peacefully. I'd like some more collabs that we can all enjoy.

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>Have you ever noticed how there are no widespread anti attacks on Nijisanji?
Hoshikawa? Mikoto? Gundou? Utako? Roa? Gibara?

>> No.2934389

the first two are false and the third is hololive

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Didn't hate any Niji liver, just hate it's fan.

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>Have you ever noticed how there are no widespread anti attacks on Nijisanji
Yeah, not like Mito had posters of her strung around her school by a stalker anti or anything. Or like Hisui constantly gets dislike bombed for collabing with males. Doesn't happen at all.

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Why do you hate me?

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hilarious that someone is trying to so hard to weave a narrative that there are niji-onlys when there's a massive amount of evidence that points to holo-onlys

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Hana was right and you know it.

>> No.2934858

Pls no. Whenever a holo collabs with a dirty niji I have to stop watching that holo for at least 3 months before they get the niji stink off of them. Then I can start watching them again. Niji just has a miasma of negativity surrounding it at all times and I want that no where near Hololive.

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They're pretty cool for the most part.
I used to dislike them because I blindly believed what holofags said about them.
Then I watched Hayama and realized how wrong I had been.

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>-Just about every negative thing that has caused people to look at vtubing in a negative light can be traced back to Nijisanji.
Post example
>Their talents have normalized a culture of hazing and bullying which has caused multiple talents to quit
Proof? If you are talking about Roa vs Meiro shit, they were both retarded menhera who got what they deserved. And many Livers actually supported Meiro in that incident. In the end, Meiro is retarded menhera shit who cannot shut her mouth.
>They lure people in with the promise of working for the "biggest" vtuber company and then offer them no support leaving them too die in obscurity
But they did retard. Small Nijis often collab together and participate in event and tournament that Nijisanji held. They never left alone. Hell, even some small livers won some of the tournaments surpassing big livers. Beside, what make you thing that they will be fine as indie? If they are not popular, that mean they are a shit streamer or just unlucky.
>the quantity over quality philosophy to their hiring practices
Niji singer like Melissa, Inui, Joe, Hayato can blow all Hololive to dust. Lulu, Aiba, and Deron performance can make Hololive look like third rate local idol. Amemori did horror video earlier than Haachama and Niji never stopped. Hell, she even did "suicide" stream. Something that Haachama can never make.
>and just the overall negative feeling to their streams.
Oh yeah, unlike Hololive who full of yabai shit like Zombie live sex, Kanata fighting with her mother on stream, Cocoa crying because atrack. Those sure is positive feelings. I have never seen something like that in Nijisanji. Nijisanji laissez-faire approach mean collaboration is more genuine as you can feel true friendship between them.
>a black company
Ah yes unlike Hololive that have history of sexual harassment, or panic takedown by Cover because Cover is retard who suck at negotiating. Haachama who unable to stream whatever she want because Cover want to maintain their idolness. Or Cover unable to protect their streamer from antis. Even Shion has to literally pull her own money and call her own lawyer to do all the jobs.

>> No.2935503

>Please provide evidence
>Provides none, tells other people to calm down, throws a tantrum, adds more hypothesis to the table to throw dirt and no evidence to back that any on of those up
I should've known better that schizos like you can't be argued in a civilized matter
>It is literally a joke in other communities because how often and how loosely companies will throw around those stock phrases
Your point being? Stock phrases are a thing for a reason or do you want them to treat whoever is graduating in a different manner based on the reason and let people like (You) even more ammo to shitpost with?
> Don't get so defensive and assume I am trying to spread rrats that only makes you guys more suspicious and untrustworthy.
So instead i should let (You) spread rrats uncontested and make whatever you don't like more suspicious and untrustworthy?

>> No.2935539

I think you're trying too hard.

>> No.2935589

give us sex back

>> No.2935618

Go back to delta thread, cuck.

>> No.2935634

Maimoto killed my crops.

>> No.2935709

No one hates Niji except tribalfags who are lowest of the low

>> No.2935745

I don't hate Nijisanji, I hate nijiniggers.

>> No.2935768

hana made me do my homework

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The relationships are weird and feel uncomfortably forced . I believe GunKan have an agreement to kiss every now and then, split the profits, then after work go home to their
real families.

Even if you believe Gunkan the others are cringy.

Also they killed my devil meido( she acted too devilish)

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I don't hate Nijisanji but once NijiEN I will start posting like a faggot in the /jp/ Niji thread

>> No.2936078

:fire: maimoto :fire:

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Nobody "hates" Nijisanji. Most of people in this board never watched a single stream of Nijisanji mostly because of their language.
Maybe you're referring it to falseflagger sperg and 2D hater from /jp/.

>> No.2936163

GunKan is definitely the most overrated ship. Ebimaru and Crossick are better ship. But Nijisanji probably have the best collab by miles because unlike other companies, because they did it more often.

>> No.2936186

I don't hate the nijis themselves (save for a couple of creepy looking ones, you know who you are, faggots), I just hate their fanbase who takes every opportunity to sabotage their rivals (most time outside, sometimes even inside their own company)

>> No.2936226

I love Lulu, indifferent to the rest. I definitely hate the Management though. From their scouting (letting a possible rapist get past recruitment is a definite red flag), to the way they manage their brand (feels like a collection of cliques rather than a group of friends).

>> No.2936297

>not fake yuribait
Prove it.
One yuri pair in isolation. You'll need more than that to bring me on side.

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I'll take the bait and give my honest response.

- Top nijis have the generic anime highschooler look. not necessarily a bad thing but if I was asked to make a very generic anime girl I'd probably make Mito. I enjoy hololive's design team's balls to put a playboy bunny girl, a pirate cosplayer and a dragon girl with J-cups in the same generation with no explanation of hesitation. Again, not a bad thing to have a cohesive look, or to have highschool anime girls.

- The "generic anime girls" collabing with the clown guy or the green guy is sort of jarring. I know its a weird point after saying I'd rather have diverse casts, but its true, pick a side. The demon dog is fine though.

- Nijisanji fans really dont like hololive or hololive fans. They're very annoying, this is probably a /jp/+/vt/ specific issue but some of you really come across as mentally deranged ESLs with a burning need to shit up threads and have people graduate. Literally just look at this thread.

- Not many *hate* niji. Zero offense but I dont think the average western hololive fan knows what a nijisanji even is. You'd be lucky if they know or care what hololive is. Western streaming and video culture comes from individual streamers, concepts like a management agency "taking credit" for a streamer's work is completely alien. Even if Rihanna's managers take a 80% cut the one in the posters is Rihanna. Idol culture, asian boybands and by extension corporate vtubing are the opposite, Hololive 'has' Korone even if Korone gets 80% of the money and can do whatever.

- Personal gripe but corporate vtuber fans calling other corporate vtubers "corporate vtubers" as an insult will never not be funny to me. Niji vs Holo is /v/ console wars tribalism between the "its popular because its good" holoside and the "its good because its not popular" nijiside.

- Nijisanji's constant telenovela-tier drama is garbage. You have too many people.

>> No.2936458

>- Nijisanji fans really dont like hololive or hololive fans..
For for fuck's sake, holofans are bullied by everyone on 5ch. They even have safe space on 2ch.
That alone should tell enough about nijiniggers.

>> No.2936525

>holofans are bullied by everyone on 5ch
They were literally kicked to another board because they kept raiding other threads on the YouTube board. Once I opened up a 5ch Holothread and the first post was a bunch of links to edited images of mutilated Nijisanji members. They're insane.

>> No.2936548

holofags are truly the worst, their deflection how nijis are the anti schizos is ridiculous

>> No.2936584

you realize holos getting their own board had nothing to do with nijis right? What are they even circulating in your holobubble

>> No.2936596

Yeah, nijiniggers are to dumb to falseflag

>> No.2936601

>jews was kicked out of 109 countries. Its clearly that countries fault.

>> No.2936683

I don't, I'm just an EOP. I like what I hear about them tho so I'm looking forward to NijiEN.

>> No.2936688

>Niji vs Holo is /v/ console wars tribalism
It's holo-onlies versus actual vtuber fans

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>I dont think the average western hololive fan knows what a nijisanji even is
Thanks for confirming that all tribalists are EN-only retards. There's no way an "average Hololive fan" wouldn't know Nijisanji because their talents collab multiple times a month. Hell, they even have a joint ongoing collaboration project (Tokomachi Radio)
Thus, there can only be two reasons for a Hololive fan to not know about Nijisanji: they either only watch EN (99% of the people on this board go in this category) or don't watch the streams (also 99%)

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do you actually believe what you`re saying or do you just make things up as you go?

>> No.2936968

You know, there are like 2 hologirls who collabed with niji in the past 6 month. Not counting paid concerts

>> No.2936973

Do you watch anyone outside of HoloEN?

>> No.2937025

Fear of the unknown. Most people don't want to branch out of their circle as it is their comfort zone. I used to feel the same way before discovering Noraneko

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watching Suisei right now

>> No.2937061

You're in the minority of people here, then.

>> No.2937075

There is a reason why /hlg/ is still on /jp/

>> No.2937093

according to (You)

>> No.2937094

Every time there's a niji-holo meta thread 90% of admitted niji fans are complete retards and 90% of admitted holo fans are trying to bridge a gap or saying they do watch nijisanji. I believed the holofalseflagging in the beginning but its been going on for more than half a year, im starting to believe you people are really like this, it makes a lot more sense.

>> No.2937119

How many anons do you see discussing that stream on /hlgg/ right now, anon? Go take a quick peek. Or anywhere on this board, really.

>> No.2937121

Do YOU actually believe majority of the anons here come to discuss the streams rather than gossip like women?

>> No.2937150

>discussing a suisei-matsuri stream on /global/

>> No.2937177

You just proved my point.

>> No.2937211


>> No.2937219

you got me there

normal anons dont even open /hlgg/, theres no way to keep up with it

>> No.2937248

>normal anons dont even open /hlgg/
Then find me anons discussing the Suisei and Matsuri stream outside of it. You cannot. Anyone outside of HoloEN is simply not watched by 99% of posters here.

>> No.2937308

You should have tried to post in niji thread on /jp/ 1 year ago with this:
>admitted holo fans are trying to bridge a gap or saying they do watch nijisanji.
There would be insta "Fuck off" and your messages being deleted by niji meido.

There anyway never was any discussion about niji since there are too many chubas. you just post about your stream and don't get any traction. sometimes big colabs being an exception of course

>> No.2937311

Your point is not knowing that there's /hlg/ and /hlgg/ and that they're dedicated to different parts of the company. Your point is not knowing that /hlgg/ has been the /b/ of /vt/ since they made this board and people that wanted to discuss a particular stream or vtuber could just made a thread and not be bothered by the seasonal anti spam or the imagedumps. How long have you been around to not know this? All of this happened like 4 months ago, its not even May.
Not who you're replying to, Im just calling you stupid for not knowing Suisei doesnt go on global.

>> No.2937357

My fucking god, what a bullshit post.

>> No.2937377

>find me anons
can you prove that 99 out of every 100 anons is not watching it, retard? Stop demanding proof you know nobody can get.

>> No.2937391

>Your point is not knowing that there's /hlg/ and /hlgg/ and that they're dedicated to different parts of the company
Your point is not know that we are discussing specifically what is discussed on /vt/, not /jp/. /jp/ discusses HoloJP streams, /vt/ does not. The ホロライブ threads on this board are slow as molasses, and for good reason. Nobody on this board save for an incredibly small minority of people watch anyone outside of HoloEN. This is the reality.

>> No.2937397

This. Hilarious to see that when holofags are the ones who remain in the same bubble.

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>there are like 2 hologirls who collabed with niji in the past 6 month
Get a load of this clipfag.
https://youtu.be/_ABoRSLg5_A (fresh from the oven)

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>Have you ever noticed how there are no widespread anti attacks on Nijisanji

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>we are discussing specifically what is discussed on /vt/, not /jp/
Where, retard? Your post was about hololive fans being either 99% EN only or 99% non-stream watchers. This is the first time you typed /vt/ in this chain of comments.
You brought up global because thats the only hololive thread you know of, or because you sincerely thought Suisei would go there because you've been on the /jp/vt/ vtuber threads for a month tops and you actually dont know global is EN+ID only. People in Suisei thread were talking about the apex stream, yes. A minute of checking would've saved you the embarrasement and me the captcha timer.
Get better at this.
>jp hololive threads are very slow
This board is slow in general. The gura thread is 14 hours old and it has 120 posts as of right now. JP chubas are slower because they have fewer fans, therefore fewer english fans, therefore even fewer english fans that post here, especially if they actually want to discuss the stream. If the board is slow and they have a genuine interest in talking with other watamates or hochiwhatevers they'll go talk somewhere else with more activity.
Your claim that 99% of hololive watchers are EN-only is retarded and so are you.

>> No.2937678

i don't
dokuzuhonsha best family

>> No.2937712

>Where, retard?
>99% of the people on this board go in this category
>on this board
Do your reading comprehension reps and just accept that nobody on this board (this board being /vt/, just to specify) watches anyone outside of HoloEN.

>> No.2937723
File: 69 KB, 903x508, Screen_Shot_2019-11-14_at_12.59.03_PM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Your post was about hololive fans being either 99% EN only or 99% non-stream watchers. This is the first time you typed /vt/ in this chain of comments.
Retard do you lack reading comprehension? >>2936695
>Thus, there can only be two reasons for a Hololive fan to not know about Nijisanji: they either only watch EN (99% of the people on this board go in this category) or don't watch the streams (also 99%)
>99% of the people on this board go in this category
>99% of the people
>on this board

>> No.2937767

I don't. There just isn't enough room in my head for two large chuuba corporations.

I only watched WWF during Monday Night Wars.

>> No.2937787

They harassed Aloe

>> No.2937842

He is kinda right thou, since mega colabs with such boring games filters EOP really good.

>> No.2938004

nijisanji encourages bullying and has people who make fun of and resent their fanbases (those two whores that get linked here frequently, don't know their names but one is supposedly a teacher), i will NEVER back that kind of behavior and will always be their anti

>> No.2938066


>> No.2938147

Adding more to that list:

>> No.2938176

I don't. I just enjoying making fun of the fanbase

>> No.2938454

Here's Hoshikawa spending 2 hours complimenting her listeners' fashion which she streamed just a few hours ago

Laughing at dumbasses/incels doesn't mean hating your fanbase; I suspect you might be projecting a bit of you take clips like those personally.

>> No.2938655

I don't hate them. I just want Roa back.

>> No.2938667
File: 1.57 MB, 640x460, hima faces.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like Lulu and the sunflower.

>> No.2938685
File: 1.40 MB, 1366x768, 1606032357798.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2938828

you don't even know what projecting means. you'd have a point if it was just a one off thing, but it's not. why even respond in that way to begin with? being capable of it is more than enough to tell me about their character.
plenty of chuubas get hateful messages, they don't go off on tirades about how people are losers and shit (out of all the other ways they could address it). the people sending those comments are getting exactly what they want.

>> No.2939021
File: 644 KB, 821x1024, DD3E90C7-F5DD-45C6-9F8E-BD1B3CD41564.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because they make it a point to present themselves as average people who have better lives than you, also the constant sex talk.

>> No.2939061

Is "don't take things personally" the new "It was just a prank bro"?

>> No.2939100

How often does she talk about men? How often does she drool over her male coworkers? Is she dating a coworker? These aren’t questions I should have to ask about a chuuba which is why Niji isnt big here

>> No.2939169

Laughing at dumb incels is a way to encourage them to become better people. Telling you not to do gross/creepy shit is for your own good. The idea that that clip showed "hatred" for their fanbases is so dumb as to be delusional.

>> No.2939226

Reposting this image doesn't prove anything, it only makes you look like a clueless EOP.

>> No.2939237

and laughing at the idea of people ever finding love or having someone attracted to them isn't hateful, lol. why are you only making excuses for one side?

>> No.2939434

Let's be honest, no one on this board save for japanese speaking already established Nijisanji watchers who stay in their thread even know what Nijisanji is.

>> No.2939453

I ignore fans of both and watch both, I don't have to like EVERY SINGLE TALENT in any company. I have been watching less holo recently because it's always the same shit but I don't think there is enough give a fuck in me to hate fans. I don't really watch indies though.

>> No.2939492

Are a blind Holofag? Look at Hololive's rabid fanbase

>> No.2939513

Sorry anon, asking for advice because you think a girl who's never talked to you is into you and you want to tell her "it's okay to approach me" is delusional incel thinking. Hearing straight up how that line of thinking sounded like to a third party was the best option for mental health and social development.

>> No.2939526
File: 55 KB, 640x640, 1607091545045.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nijisanji hires non virgins and males

>> No.2939536

What about it?

>> No.2939539

Clippers like Hololive more so it's harder to get introduced to Nijisanji.

>> No.2939544

You misspelled Hololive faggot

>> No.2939556

I wish that is the case, because they will just ignore them. But the problem is we have a literal schizo who write the most bullshit narrative to damage their reputation.

>> No.2939592

Menheras larping as idols
Cool folks streaming and having fun

>> No.2939615

there are ways to address that without coming off as a piece of shit, you're using your hateful "incel" rhetoric to excuse the same socially retarded behavior you're claiming to be against. how do you think normal people view their reactions? the exact same way you view that stupid question.
you talk about mental health and social development yet these women are anything but socially developed, people like you just give them a pass.

>> No.2939616

There are thousands of Nijisanji clips, you would never run out of them just as with Hololive.


>> No.2939638

Ah right, because talking about men is a sin that makes them not worth watching, right?

>> No.2939666

That's why they are based.

>> No.2939667

I don't know anything about Nijisanji but I want that gray haired girl to piss on my face

>> No.2939679

You sound like someone who live in Twitter/reddit bubble. How about you go back.

>> No.2939704
File: 833 KB, 546x738, soy_chugger.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

(Your) Face

>> No.2939734

It's better that Hoshikawa makes an ass of him anonymously rather than his actually peers who know him does it.

>> No.2939735

Holo is more cancerous faggot. Stop blinding yourself

>> No.2939925

Higuchi Kaede is fucking based.

>> No.2940038

don't hate them, I'm just really indifferent to them. There's so many that its impossible to really get into them the same way you can with Hololive, only the ID's really speak english, and their content isn't really my style. I can speak Mandarin Chinese, I've tried virtual real/NijiCN but once again, content isn't really my style. I like Noor, but she feels more like an Indie than a Niji. Maybe my opinion will change when NijiEN debuts, although I have fairly low expectations.

>> No.2940065

Those reactions are so forced it hurts

>> No.2940272

>n*jî are /v/ faggots
not surprised

>> No.2940370

oh and also this >>2939021
one of my favorite things about Vtubers are the sort of "pro-wrestler" esque personalities they take on. Hololive does this really well by giving all the characters really strong visual identities and character archetypes that are very easy to play up. Okayu is a level headed, lazy, fat neet cat, her entire visual identity is based around this and her behavior reflects that. Haachama looks like a deranged, schizophrenic Chuuni, and once again she really leans into the character.

>> No.2940465
File: 789 KB, 496x540, 33572441-6907-4738-8251-B771A5D28FFA.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2940481

>Haachama looks like a deranged, schizophrenic Chuuni
Wouldn't that be an accident since it's not what her character was supposed to be? And what she does now is out of character, if anything.

>> No.2940514

>Niji singer
Is that the faggot with the fag make up? Yeah, I don't think so. Can't take that shit seriously

Sorry but no

>> No.2940563

What is the threshold between not a who and a who?

>> No.2940641

Are you really bragging about your ignorance?

>> No.2940713

Nijisanji also have fuck load of roleplay vtubers. Suzuhara Lulu, Debi Debiru, Lize Helesta, Roa, Mayuzumi, Aiba Uiha, Shiba inu, Warabeda Meiji.

>> No.2940729

Literally who means they are irrelevant. He just threw a bunch of names out there. The only reason Joe isn't a who is because his dumb make up makes him stand out.

>> No.2940781

>Hololive will never make this kind of video without getting shutdown by Cover.

>> No.2940820

1st video has 2000 views after 11 months. I don't think content is the reason they won't make it. More like total disinterest by fans.

>> No.2940841
File: 501 KB, 628x616, medtime.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2940849

At least do your holo reps. Suityan and Inui have a radio show together, and she has shown up in a load of concerts too.

>> No.2940904

I understand. But the question stands, where is that point at which something becomes relevant? How do you judge that?

>> No.2940993

I avoid anything Niji and I disown any holo that collabs with them

>> No.2941022

So you only watch Botan? I think she might be the only hololive to have never collabed with a Nijisanji at all.

>> No.2941040

The first two are really close friends with Hololive girls, Roboco and Suisei respectively.

>> No.2941172

>For for fuck's sake, holofans are bullied by everyone on 5ch. They even have safe space on 2ch.
muh holoniggers dindu nuffin
There's a reason why idolbu, 774, Re:Act, Vspo's fanbases hate holoniggers with passion and quarantine them in their designated shitposting board on futaba and 5ch. Both western and eastern holoniggers are cancer, they are always spreading vicious false informarion and rumors about other company and attacking everyone who don't watch their idol, there's a reason the nips called them crazy holo-unicorn

>> No.2941272
File: 534 KB, 1188x2500, holobitch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mikonigger is the most tribalist and attacking other with narrative
No surprise, the listeners mirror their chuuba

>> No.2941323

I like Noor.

>> No.2941447

I don't hate Nijisanji. I hate Nijisanji fans.

>> No.2941602


Miko pumped and dumped that dumb Niji whore. She would never collab with Niji these days. She is too good for that.

>> No.2941691

It's /v/ alright.

>> No.2941723

miko is a hikki recluse that doesnt reply to pekora or her own manager, I honestly dont know how you can subtweet about being her friend and not now this. maybe she thought it was a meme and that shes not autistic irl but miko flat out not replying to people is the norm rather than the exception.

>> No.2941742

All their fans deserve the rope, simple as

>> No.2941756
File: 38 KB, 500x500, korotea.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Migochi has found a better doggo to play with

>> No.2941770

that explains why all nijikeks are pure cancer

>> No.2941842
File: 20 KB, 240x240, 1618910482142.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did you not watch the Suisei concert? Oh wait you're probably an ENtard.

>> No.2941843

Ain't that the truth. Their A Way Out was better than anything Niji has ever done. Can't wait for RE6.

>> No.2941931

No, I didn't watch it. I wanted too and I like Suisei but I made it a point to avoid anything with Nijis in it. Suisei is on a 3 month viewing hiatus for me for collabing with a Niji.

>> No.2941956

Of fucking course he was a nijinigger

>> No.2942025

By your logic, most holos are in a 3 month viewing hiatus. But it's not like you watch anyone outside of HoloEN in the first place, retarded globalnigger.

>> No.2942028

I can believe holonigger even going this far to falseflagging as niji's fan. holoniggers are cancer

>> No.2942090

include vshojo and to some extent, even holostars thread

>> No.2942106

How do you even know Suisei? I really doubt there has been a single 3 month period where she hasn't collabed with someone from Nijisanji.

>> No.2942140

They should retroactively put thread IDs on the board and lock it for 24 hours to confirm or deny all the falseflagging narratives.
This thread is probably 20 people replying to themselves and 60 regular getting angry at the theatrics.

>> No.2942271

I don't hate Nijisanji, I even like a few of their talents. Unlike Hololive though, it shows they're aimed at Japanese fans. Holopro members speak slow Japanese so they can be understood by overseas fans

>> No.2942294

It is. There are so few nijiposters on this thread, and the shitposters for them are the same 3 people, so the holoposters have to make up more nijiposters to fight. What else do you expect from the board whose hobby is bragging about being schizo and making up drama.

>> No.2942310
File: 739 KB, 678x696, 1597557051839.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>constant sex talk.
You've piqued my interest. Which ones?

>> No.2942426

>Menheras larping as idols
Yeah it's pretty great I love it

>> No.2942508 [SPOILER] 
File: 411 KB, 1080x1440, 1619383274446.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Uh? you don rike?

>> No.2942532

He's talking out of his ass, sorry. Gundou and Hoshikawa come the closest, but nobody reaches Vshojo tier even on a bad day.

>> No.2942697

Half the Crossick off collabs are them trying not to fuck each other on stream.

>> No.2942702

I literally fade out of consciousness when my female friends talk about other guys to me without even intentionally doing it to the point where they'd ask me "You don't care about this, do you?" to snap me back awake
Why on gods green earth would I watch 2omen who sprinkle shit in about that kinda stuff in their streams if it quite literally makes me zone out?

I am the anti-cuck, biologically crafted to be repulsed by and ignore women pursuing other men. I am never cognizant of men besides me having sex with women for long, I do watch porn with one woman and one woman only, usually POV stuff. I believe in rigid monogamy and hardcore submission of women to men. I cannot be cucked by you faggot. My penis is simply too powerful. Oh, and I have sex, too.

>> No.2942773

That's cool and all, but what does that have to do with Nijisanji? Did you fall for the "all Nijis collab with males" meme?

>> No.2942833

I've known incels who turned their lives around, and none of them did so because they were laughed at and mocked.
Post even one incel who improved their life because of this type of treatment and I'll delete the post. Just one(with some/any proof, obviously).

>> No.2942865

That post is too old to delete, is it your first day on 4chan?

>> No.2942899

MY POST you fucking troglodyte

>> No.2942922

Now post the one with her and her crew laughing at Matsuri because she cried on her 3D debut.

>> No.2942948

The post that you made before, yes. It's too old to delete.

>> No.2942977

So one of your favorite things about vtubers is a thing that only hololive in the entire industry does. I guess you're where you should be, only on hololive.

>> No.2942992

I fell for the meme of how an unfortunately significant part of the Niji fanbase thinks it's virtuous to get cucked, like when there was one who literally asked for gachikoi on stream and chat replied "nah we don't do that here, gratz on the boyfriend, here share some of this money with him".

>> No.2943021

So you only watch Botan and Lamy?

>> No.2943042

I just got here you catastrophic walking prolapsed anus

>> No.2943052

>I fell for the meme
That's so very very sad. You should reprimand that immediately.

>> No.2943069

The fact that the women collab with the men. That is a total deal breaker. If I wanted to watch whores I would just watch Vshojo.

>> No.2943210

Maybe the fanbase shouldn't have done what I said they explicitly did, you disingenuous shit-stirring faggot
And maybe you should reevaluate how good you think you are your life really are if you spend your time false flagging for a crowd of a dozen people on an anonymous image board for fun
Kill yourself

>> No.2943214

There's no need to lie, anon. Just lurk more before posting next time.

>> No.2943263

Does the sage advice of "don't fall for memes" really make you so angry? It's okay, you can leave at any time if I'm upsetting you.

>> No.2943279

Who the fuck cares? You think half the Hololive girls aren't fucking some guy off-stream or what?

>> No.2943607

I clearly care which is why I posted it. It's a really big deal for me. Hololive presents actual anime girls for me to watch. Niji presents regular e-thot streamers which is why they collab with males. Like I said, Niji style streamers are a dime a dozen among twitch e-thots. Hololive is unique escapism.

>> No.2943637

You think Matsuri is equivalent to a Twitch thot?

>> No.2943779

Matsuri and Fubuki were dumped by a lot of the fanbase after they collabed with males. For good reason.

>> No.2943861

Huh. Last time I checked Fubuki had 1.3 million subscribers and Matsuri was 59k away from a million. Weird.

>> No.2943885

The Niji threads on /jp/ were the epitome of absolute cancer, and fill with the literal unironic yellow-fever weebs who wished they were japanese.

>> No.2943984

Fubuki also used to be hololive. Now she is mid-tier at best. She absolutely took a hit for collabing with males. No males ever. We don't want to see our anime girls being whores.

>> No.2943996

That doesn't answer my question. Do you think Matsuri is equivalent to a Twitch thot?

>> No.2944034
File: 394 KB, 802x722, edc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Fubuki also used to be hololive.

>> No.2944068

Have you even had an erection yet?

>> No.2944089

ITT: niji fans act like assholes while saying not to judge the fanbase on their behaviour

>> No.2944094

She collabed with males so yes. That is an absolute deal breaker.

>> No.2944105

Why are you interested in my erections?

>> No.2944216

Because I can't stop thinking about cock, I guess I must be a niji girl

>> No.2944250 [DELETED] 

You imagine yourself as a woman and think about cock? Artemis?

>> No.2944266

I love Honma

>> No.2944354

Does making people hate niji spark joy within you?

>> No.2944386 [DELETED] 

Trannies are people?

>> No.2944430

Is this an actual honest response? Your first point is not only wrong, somehow you made it conflicting with the second point too. Acknowledging that it's "weird" does not make you any less retarded.
>constant telenovela-tier drama
I can only think of 2 big incidents in their three years of existence that match this description. Give me your timeline so we can really see if it's "constant". Mikoniggers I swear.

>> No.2944576
File: 834 KB, 692x699, haato_tsumoude.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Haachama looks like a deranged, schizophrenic Chuuni
Tell me what parts of her original design (pic unrel) make her look like a deranged, schizophrenic chuuni. You make it sound like the talent agency was playing some 4D chess and specifically requested a crazy looking model for the talent who they know will start acting crazy. When in reality her act just imprinted on your perception of her design. In a vacuum people will just think her design looks like a cute genki gaijin.

A main theme of this thread is that most of the anti-niji posts reek of low IQ.

>> No.2944629

It is.
>first point is wrong
It is? All (most?) the big nijis are regular highschool types, who did I miss?
I think its weird that they went both with the "niche vtubers" gimmick with the clown dude and the others, and also the classic highschooler thing. Its jarring, its weird, they look like they are from different companies.

>> No.2944723

No consistent theme at all. They really just throw shit at the wall hoping it sticks. That is why they have a thousand chuubas and none of them are all that good.

>> No.2944730
File: 157 KB, 384x421, 1615525549113.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Tell me what parts of her original design (pic unrel) make her look like a deranged, schizophrenic chuuni.
She's a tsundere.

>> No.2944772

You're baiting. Here's your last reply, with 50% less dopamine.

>> No.2944855

I never liked how they started immediatly flooding the scene with a gazillon vtubers as soon as they got big, especially when they had girls like Aki who had low views and had to be supported by Chihiro.
Hololive's approach is much more cohesive and I'm glad it ended up being more succeful in the long run.

>> No.2944907

But if you are talking about the "design team's balls" then the popularity is irrelevant, they didn't know who was gonna be popular and who wasn't.
Their very first Vtubers were a goddess and a crossdressing guy, with an otaku elf also in that first batch.
They have dog girls, cat girls, demons, dragons, wolf girls, red pandas, tengus, whatever Ichigo, Levi or Momo are supposed to be and all of them with their weird lore even if their design is generic.

>> No.2945508

Aki belongs to Hololive you mongoloid.

>> No.2945546

I assume they mean Nijisanji's Aki...

>> No.2945557

I just think Chaika is nice
and probably wanna fuck Mashiro

>> No.2945662
File: 2.38 MB, 1520x2000, 8EEADD33-F723-406C-B62B-E0DF948449B2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2945855

if you only actually gave at least 5 minutes to watch Mito you'd understand why she's in the top ranks of niji and even got a nendoroid in less than a year, but of course you won't.

>> No.2945883

Literally never said nijisanji were bad streamers.

>> No.2945964

Wasn't it because the competition was kinda weak back then?

>> No.2946029

>literally the progenitor of vtuber livestreaming
>m-muh competition
yeah I guess that's one way to put it when you literally invent the medium.
I'm an EOP who barely watches Nijis and even I'm annoyed by the sheer audacity of some holotards

>> No.2946503

>when you literally invent the medium
I think you're trying way too hard.
The reasons she stays relevant today are because of the established fanbase she got by being an early mover, nostalgia, clout within her company, and getting shilled left and right despite being a horrible singer. Other than that, she's really not special skillwise. She got nothing on Kizuna Ai and Hololive in terms of impact to Vtubing in both foreign and domestic scenes.

>> No.2946888

Mito influenced several people to follow her steps and become a vtuber. Suzuka Utako, Lize Helesta, Yagami Kou, Kenmochi Touya and even your beloved Houshou Marine is one of the Mito Children. She's also one of the reasons why people are slowly accepting vtubers as a respectable profession because she's basically just an entertainer in a 2D avatar, and mainstream artists are also watching her, like Ooishi Masayoshi and Nocchi from Perfume. Her "interestingness" is certified by Omocoro, a group of internet entertainers who constantly get at least a million views on their gag videos on youtube. Just because you don't hear her being talked about in western websites that you check doesn't mean that she had no impact at all.

>> No.2947477

And yet, the vast majority of both of their gachikoi are gone. There's a reason that the highest earners make as much as they do, and have an invested audience and powerful mobilization for collabs.

Also, their fans of holos who don't collab with men tend to be happier overall. Which is a somewhat important metric for a lot of holos who state that they do vtubing in part because they want to make people happy.

>> No.2947546

>million views
Appropriate trips, because clap clap next meme

>> No.2947655

and of course that's the only thing you can refute because you clearly don't know anyone I named in that post except Marine.
I'll also have you know that Mito also got a sponsored [email protected] stream together with two 283Pro seiyuus.
Pretty sad that you have nothing else to argue about.

>> No.2947856

What else would you use to quantify being a hit on the internet then? (You)s? Holos celebrate view milestones all the damn time.

>> No.2948245


>> No.2948842

>She got nothing on Kizuna Ai and Hololive in terms of impact to Vtubing
oh my 2020 scatman tourist how uninformed and dumb you are

>> No.2948987

I don't know if this is making the point you want it to make. So what you are saying is that Mito got all of these powerful endorsements and collabs (probably done through Sony) and yet she still only performs like a mid-tier streamer in hololive as far as numbers go.

Kind of sad on her part.

>> No.2949025

Made? They probably begged her to stay.

>> No.2949054

Worse, she's the equivalent of a tiktok thot and her roommate actually is one

>> No.2949088

I Don't hate Nijisanji, i like quite a lot of them, like the absolute chad Belmond

>> No.2949145

She got most of those even before Sony. And for your information, Mito used to get around 30k average viewers even just for a zatsudan with her 5 fps live2D and stock image backgrounds.

>> No.2949358

>Used to
Yeah and Kizuna Ai used to be the #1 vtuber. So what happened? These days she is lucky to hit 10k viewers on a stream and usually doesn't hit that. Have the Fujos really taken over the Niji fanbase that much?

>> No.2949692

Her average is 10k to 11k except when she streams the same game for over 36 hours like what she's been doing every weekend now. The point is that she did make an impact to the industry in the domestic scene especially in connecting vtubers to the mainstream world instead of being stuck as a subculture, not numberdfagging that she's stagnating because Chronoir exists.

>> No.2949798

They're pretty gay but /jp/ got completely and utterly fucking colonized so I don't know if making efforts to "properly" gatekeep equates to "the epitome of absolute cancer" in this scenario.

>> No.2950868

I don't hate them but there's way too many to keep track of.

I will give NijiEN a chance. But I will probably stop caring a month later like I did with HoloEN.

>> No.2951016


>> No.2951047

I don't hate Nijisanji but I do enjoy shitting on them for kicks and giggles.

>> No.2951132

schizo anti moment

>> No.2951213

>male gamer women whore
isn't it like that always everywhere

>> No.2951662

Wow that's so crazy how barging into a thread trying to stir up shit about unrelated stuff would illicit that kind of response.

>> No.2952073

niggerfaggot do you have any idea how much effort ichikara put on her? They literally gaved her EVERYTHING, 3D,corporate with Universal,multiple album and Live, have chance working with literally everyone she wants (she basically picking her oshi's seiyu from idolmasters).
And she is known for not doing idol shit.
Has any holo has that ever? fuck no so fuck off

>> No.2952134

>Females especially the popular ones focus more on lewd content but that gets stale very fast.
you talk about hololive?

>> No.2952942

Everyone is giving varied answers but the real answer that most won't admit is that they are weird and can't stand streams like this

>> No.2952963

Meds Nijinigger

The fact is Ichikara made Gibara graduate and that's that

>> No.2953026

I'm a holofag and liked that clip. Totally called that Banderas would be named. Have no idea who the lower right chick is and didn't bother looking her up either. I do know that all these chicks were part of Niji Gamers and that some JPs thought the collab would've gotten more views. Too many Holo newfags in this thread being baited and too many Holo newfags pretending to be Nijifags like the person this post is responding to.

>> No.2953054

>literally gaved her EVERYTHING
She earned it for herself you flaming holofaggot. She made it to the top but still got abandoned it the end.

>> No.2953071

Anon, the sad thing about your post is assuming that anon was brought in due to scatman. Most anons posting in /vt/ or /jp/ weren't even here when scatman was at its peak with FBK chat getting spammed with it. Most probably came in after HoloEN. Its impossible to educate newfags. There are too many less new but still new newfags who spread fake history/narratives that they think are real. Even saw people posting about yubiyubi originating from blasphemous. Madness.

>> No.2953162


Gibara quit because she is tired of streaming, schizo. She hasn't streaming in past few months and only did members stream. She can stream once every 2-3 months like Amemori Sayo and Niji will happily retain her. Hell they are few streamers who hasn't streaming for a years and their name is still in roster. There is no reason for Niji to kick her. Gibara quit because she is tired of vtubing and doesn't want to stream anymore.

>> No.2953236

Why? She was boring and bland. Her only entertainment factor was her autistic tantrums

>> No.2953356

are you familiar with the term samefagging anon-kun?

>> No.2953792

From the fashion stream posted earlier:
Here's Hoshikawa's reaction to a guy who she called creepy in her prior winter fashion stream after he came back and sent her a new photo.

That would've been her 3d debut stream, sure
Incidentally, Hoshikawa dedicated a song and letter to Matsuri during her DJ performance later on in the same stream talking about how one of her dreams is for them to stand on stage together (at ~1:03:15).

>> No.2953954

You must be a /hlgg/ refugee to seriously take your headcanons as facts.

>> No.2955169

You keep talking as if you cared about Gibara but you keep spreading bullshit under her name it's hilarious. Clearly you didn't watch her mengen the week before her graduation so why clown yourself around like this?

>> No.2955243

Some quality baiting in this thread, and it's just being lapped up.

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