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Don't support this male-engaging whore any further.

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This is a strange angle to use for bait don't you think?

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You're drastically late to make a big deal about fubuki and males.

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We got some new friends here!!!

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Fubuki is either among the first or literally the very first blatant pro-Stars shill in the Hololive roster. It was literally always like that with her, it'd be like being surprised at Mori talking to them a bunch, only even a relatively-open JP holo will talk to them at like 1/10th the level an EN will and the rest very much ignore their existence.

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Today, I will remind them.

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newfriend, lurk more and maybe you'll be surprised on what's behind the curtain

>> No.29244103

Lmao vesper was actually scared and respectful, did he know the glasses meme?

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