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What is /asp/?

A thread for aspiring vtubers! Whether your goal is to make the journey as an independent streamer or to gain experience and build a portfolio for agency auditions. Let's help each other grow and make it. Indies are welcome to selfpost, but shill responsibly. Share your knowledge, insights, feedback, discuss what has worked and what hasn't worked for you. And always remember to do your research before posting personally identifying information. That includes both in this thread and in your audition applications to agencies.

>Do I need a fully rigged model to be a vtuber?
Nope! You can get started as a simple .png character!

>I want to learn how to rig Live2D models, where do I go?
Brian Tsui (of Iron Vertex), Kira Omori and the official Live2D YouTube channels have many tutorials available.

>Where can I find artists/riggers?
vtuber.gg, ArtStation, DeviantArt, Twitter, Reddit, Skeb.jp, etc.

>I just want to get started, can I buy pre-made models?
Yes! Live2D models can be purchased off nizima.com (Live2D's official marketplace) or booth.pm (general Japanese indie artist website). Be sure to check compatibility with your facial tracking software!

>Where can I learn how to digital market myself?

>Where can I find some good games to stream?

>Twitch or YouTube?
The general rule of thumb is Twitch if your content is primarily based on livestreaming and YouTube if your content is primarily pre-recorded and edited.

>Do you think there's an audience for X, Y, Z content?
First, ask yourself if you would watch a streamer of your skill and experience. Second, do a check on social media and look to see if other streamers are already creating similar content. Don't limit yourself to vtubers, include traditional real life streamers to scope out a potential audience.

Pastebin Guides and Resources:

General: https://pastebin.com/AJLkFrGK
OpSec Guide: https://pastebin.com/uALiNZCV
Twitter Networking: https://controlc.com/9eba2fbc
"avoid doing this shit": https://pastebin.com/vbp6qEdt
Social media branding: https://pastebin.com/jVERSLqG
Take with a grain of salt Parasocial Guide: https://pastebin.com/zmpCResg
Hololive Auditions have opened up to males

Tsunderia Auditions have opened:

AkioAir auditions are opening very soon!

Stay grounded, stay hopeful

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First for BB!

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Nekolatte come back...

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gonna be stream some of that good ol stardew at about 1pm. feel free to drop by, https://www.twitch.tv/kumavennas

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I love her

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hey /auds/
it's me again
back to give advice

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Wow. The guy who subbed and followed me a few days ago without saying anything is still just watching quietly and thanking me for streaming at the end of every stream. 3 days in a row now. Each stream having wildly different and very niche games. Kind of cool to have a have a viewer that seemingly likes watching me regardless of game played and even without really interacting with me at all. As a small streamer it usually feels like my only value compared to a large one is that I can provide much better and responsive chat interaction.

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no not terumi just an og /aud/ist

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Matsuri has new mascot?

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Have a good day dorks

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Do the /asp/ies stream? Who are the /asp/ies?

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Lost two subscribers on YouTube today, yaaaay!

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They were probably bots

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I stream
today at 7pm cst

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I'm a bit sad since I felt super into my design moodboard when I sent it to my artist, felt it was slightly unique but since sending it in I've found a bunch of other alchemist chuubas with green hair.. is it even worth trying to keep the design and debut as an oversaturated niche ? opinions pls

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Nekolatte Catherine already graduated. I think this is a speed run record.

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I read /asp/ infrequently enough now that the last several times I have dropped by I've read a post like this.

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Is being unique that important to you? You found out that you're not unique. Will you change your design like a lot of other people or go for the same design like a lot of other people? Using an artist that other people use? How much will you give up to be different until it's so different from your own personality and desires?

People will follow hundreds more cat girls in the future, think about it.

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>everyone ranting and raving about the new fotm girl last thread
>literally just an ain sock made for laughs
you dorks will simp for ANYONE

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hello i'm new to vtubing but have been in the community a while and i'm planning to do my first stream on saturday at 10am est

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I think one or two people were mildly pushing her. The rest were just bitching about numbers and arguing about female vs male incel world views.

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In my experience, as long as the design isn't similar to maybe some of the popular holos or nijis or the top 1% of indies people will think your character is quite unique. People really don't have encyclopedic knowledge of vtuber designs. Hell, there isn't even an encyclopedic reference for arcane knowledge shit like this. Being original is nice but liking your design is much more important.

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Eww why tf do you have to be a babi
this is so fucking cringe
good luck tho i guess

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>I've found a bunch of other alchemist chuubas
do any of them stream?
do any of them have double digit ccv?
there's millions of chuubas and most don't even stream. it's just homestuck ocs. if you stream you're already ahead.

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I think I've been super caught up in the rut of "Oh I have to stand out", "I have to do this better than everyone else", "I've got to do this differently" lately, so maybe I just need to get out of that mindset

this is by far the most *ME* design, so maybe that should be in and of itself enough of a reason to use it

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Good morning, arsepees! I hate fucking zoomers!

Hi, First for BB!

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Ah good luck. I hope you plan on playing a babi for laughs. I think your voice would be good for it.

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You wont do it better than everyone else. The only way to be the best is to outlast all the others, and you're already considering quitting even though you haven't even started yet. Think about it.

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Babi brainrot…
Why does it happen to the good ones

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I would focus on getting proficient at the basics first. Gain some streaming skills first and a small audience and then work on differentiating yourself from the rest. Trust me, there is nothing more crushing than putting tons of work early on only to have either a spectacular disaster due to inexperience or just have nobody show up.

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I heard there are femanons here who will post their butthole.

>> No.29187116

only if you sub first

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i miss her

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kek bunzel

>> No.29187330

that could require giftsubs. they have an interesting psychological effect that even if the vtuber ends up getting less money of them they value them much higher than a donation that would give them double the money

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Your model has very murderous eyes

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Going live in a few minutes to play Spelunky 2! I have never played this game or the first one!!

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>>literally just an ain sock made for laughs
wait what

>> No.29189381

since there's two threads I'll take the liberty of posting it here for her: https://files.catbox.moe/0ezir0.mp4

>> No.29189489

She did trans voice training with a free model and free game on a fake account for 2 hours to 5-10 thread viewers.

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So who's the best currently active /asp/ie who's vods I can go through?

>> No.29189642

What a cunt. Playing with viewers like this.

>> No.29189698

That sounds incredibly strange lol

>> No.29189768

Just skimmed through the original thread. She should've kept going. Hilarious how she destroyed everyone's mental and made people consider quitting.

>> No.29189819

A shame, she was really passing for once

>> No.29189853

It wasn't as big a deal as people are making it out to be. Kind of strange and add in one or two schizos to amplify it.

>> No.29189925

you get what you fucking deserve, viewerfag

>> No.29189930

What are you talking about? That didn't happen.

>> No.29190045

Well, she gets (1) free schizo coupon for that.

>> No.29190178

People were posting more about miyu and maoi so maybe you got confused.

>> No.29190197

/asp/ is so advanced that we have tripfag viewers in here now?

>> No.29190258

In soviet /asp/ the viewers are the needy attention whores.

>> No.29190501

Oh dang. Now all the new females will be suspected ain sock puppets and nobody will watch them. Typical female, gotta do their best at pulling up the ladder after gaining even the smallest amount of success. What a shame.

>> No.29190509

oh no I'm missing out on the fun

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Not as much of an attention whore as Ain.

>> No.29190638

god, you are so mad. it must hurt to be this gullible. I can't imagine what tricks your oshi is playing on you

>> No.29190826

Oh wow, everyone is freaking out, epic win for ain fans. Sorry the reactions weren't so exciting.

>> No.29190898

Now I wanna do voice training too

>> No.29190914

be nice to Ain! She's a good friend

>> No.29190982

You goddamn right I'm chmad.

You know this is one of the cord's tomfoolery

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File: 15 KB, 627x86, please screencap and rrat your welcome.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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charlie you can't just post your own rrats retard

>> No.29191357

My name is Hitler!

>> No.29191453

Maple is actually in a gay polycule with Visage and another unknown groomer. You can hear it in the background of the last VoD

>> No.29191591

The Tomb of the Unknown Groomer

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>> No.29191877

it's really funny to see all these avatar/tripfags trying to have a profile on 4chan whilst despising discord. you're basically trying to use 4chan like discord so you might as well just join discord

>> No.29192000

You are under 25 years old.

>> No.29192004

If that were even remotely true then there's no need for Discord.

>> No.29192034

Is it that funny?

I'm still waiting for any of you to post something that makes me laugh.

>> No.29192181

Oh ok I just realized that this is the mental illness thread

>> No.29192191

Your moodboard is S+ tier taste.

>> No.29192341

no one likes me there. here people will at least talk with me

>> No.29192352

Welcome, welcome to Club Hitler. We drop in every once in a while to write shitposts and ask what /asp/ is.

>> No.29192504

I hope you don't think that not hitting it off with the /asp/cord means you're unlikeable, anon. You'll find your people eventually.

>> No.29192739

My hands typed this.

>> No.29192752


>> No.29192885

You're very welcome. It won't be easy, but you can do it.

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File: 1.94 MB, 3840x2160, moodboard_1-min (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thank you! I really love the atelier series and feel the unfortunate need to make it my entire personality. had an old moodboard that was way less narrowed down, and was working on my old model that went through too many iterations before I decided to just outsource my model art

>> No.29193513

Your character is not a niche, outside of where it falls on the coomer spectrum. Vtubing is the niche and your personality type is the niche within a niche.
In other words don't worry about how many "green haired alchemists" there are unless they're very famous.

>> No.29193692

But don't copy European sounding forced anime girl accent or you will be cancelled for imitating.

>> No.29194850

is there any art of your character?

>> No.29196270

Wow I thought airplanegorilla hated babis! I guess he was just in the closet. Good luck on your vtuber journey.

>> No.29196500

viewer chuubas are always a massive disappointment

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File: 1.17 MB, 1125x1352, 812B358C-D329-4E5F-829D-1BDCC7097943.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kek. What did she expect?

Also really weird to do this when you’re just building lots of good will in a community.
She’s been very based and funny and generally seemed legitimately interesting the couple times she’s been posted about recently with little mention. This is sad though.

I’m one of the few organic viewers (not networking or viewer cord schizo) and can’t attend her streams normally, but was seriously considering rescheduling things to be able to.

I think I’ll stick to Xia instead.
The insert for the shrine is coming along nicely so far.

>> No.29197560

fake xia fan

>> No.29197626

i have some bad news for you bud

>> No.29197827

I guess you're the "everyone" poster people keep referencing. The one schizo.

>> No.29197886

“Real fans” stop loving their oshi when they graduate.

I’m not fake like that, I’m Xia’a Super Fan and my oshi “moving on” like that makes me want to enshrine her in loving memory.

I love Xia, always.

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not really other than her half finished live2d model but i will draw her(myself?) in mspaint for you

>> No.29198041

menhera monday is finally here!

>> No.29198068

What’s that guy up there doin

>> No.29198345

>Also really weird to do this when you’re just building lots of good will in a community.
They just can't help it, fucking infuriating. Either she's just inherently attention starved or groomed and goaded by her fellow /asp/ies

>> No.29198354

menhera things

>> No.29198367

>viewers: being a chuuba is easy
>become viewerchuubas
>doesn't read chat
>gets salty and rages

>> No.29198923

very cute!

>> No.29199761

it's really funny

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>> No.29200504

Who is the viewerchuuba

>> No.29200524

you at least hit the go live button once, right?

>> No.29200565


>> No.29200652

I’m GMI but got fucking owned by real life recently and almost convinced myself that I’m NMGI.

>> No.29201003

gorilla up there is the person that would host the screenshare on the viewercord vc. guess now we know that he was just preparing himself for this

>> No.29201066

For starters, disassociate from /asp/cord, at least pretend to like viewers, and hang around cool chuubas like Spike, Bag, and the likes.

Don't be a cunt like Ain.

>> No.29201346


>> No.29201390

This all sounds profoundly gay.

>> No.29201453

lmao groomer got caught

>> No.29201486

Sorry for being ultra pro-viewer.

I mean just follow Jones example. That guy was a cunt way back but CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT

>> No.29201608

spike is cool. one of the few chuubas i would like to keep watching but idk anymore. i feel like its better to just not be involved in any vtube stuff anymore

>> No.29202263

Well that sucks. I hope you keep supporting our boys.

>> No.29202408

>ultra pro-viewer.
>not in mightygerm's viewer union

>> No.29202509

I hate unions.

>> No.29202576

imagine licking the boot so hard you hate unions

>> No.29202638


>> No.29202667

don't know why you would want that but i guess i can consider it. a short break from any vtubers still feels like a good idea so i won't change anything today. really gotta be careful with the girls in the future because they let themselves get groomed really easily and it can turn into something really weird

>> No.29202751

those aren't real viewers. they are secretly chuubas and tbas and have been lying to everyone all this time

>> No.29202793

Chuubas all over the shop…

>> No.29202856

He has a cute voice
and comedy is all about delivery and his gave me a lot of good laughs
I thought his delivery was exceptionally okay
You can tell he has a cute personality

Cute voice cute personality

Wait a sec fucking hell
Is this seriously what it’s come to? I’m dumping for fucking VIEWERS now?
And not just a viewer but a creep from visage town

>> No.29203084

well have you considered 2mighty2germ's viewer confederacy?

>> No.29203106

You keep getting more based

>> No.29203239

>really gotta be careful with the girls in the future because they let themselves get groomed really easily and it can turn into something really weird
They are young and stupid, which these Discord fucks take advantage of. It is soul-destroying to an outsider like me that to most, no forewarning is enough and they'll have to learn from experience instead.

>> No.29203258 [DELETED] 
File: 781 KB, 935x858, HJsSJnHGln.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

henlo threab 'v'

>> No.29203335
File: 696 KB, 719x656, 34aw-f-0aew0a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

taffy streamed recently!

>> No.29203347

If I just start making up random girls and posting about them what will happen

>> No.29203432

That sounds pretty evil, even for you Hitler.

>> No.29203471

Good job lowering the quality of your own thread.

>> No.29203521

>it’s just the young ones
Dude you have no idea
Women can simp at any age
The difference is most groomers aren’t desirable in some surface way so they target vulnerable people
All women need to be worried about getting groomed it could even happen to (you)

>> No.29203542

do we like charlie? I haven't decided

>> No.29203621
File: 104 KB, 249x249, 1631369780295.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Grooming hags is fair game.

>> No.29203640

Haha, yeah.
Ribbon and Sprinkle are up-and-comers, thank you very much.

>> No.29203641

I think I'm going to just unplug from the greater chuubasphere and do my own thing
I kind of just don't care about (other) vtubers anymore

>> No.29203673

>loli chuuba

>> No.29203706

i always thought that the cords are pretty optional. the chuuba can be groomed just fine through their chat and once they are big enough to make that feel awkward they will probably be fine on their own already. with the dcs you may soon find yourself groomed too, girls know how to create goslings even if they don't know how to configure obs correctly or to promote themselves

>> No.29203797

i noticed something and have to ask if your trip is intentionally like that. it very much looks like something about veleck and sex

>> No.29203855

Any reason in particular? What were the vtubers that got you to pursue it yourself?

>> No.29203976

this is the kind of vtuber i want to watch.

>> No.29204259

Hes a dick. At least he has been to me.

>> No.29204332

Not at all. He's fucking annoying. And guaranteed to screencap and post any replies to your post in the general of the discord.

>> No.29204333

I think I'm just kind of over it, like you become with any interest. I still like playing/drawing my character, making content etc, but the whole vtubing as a medium /here/chuuba community thing just doesn't really have any magic to me anymore
Wvt and asp as a whole got me into it, it really drove home that absolutely anyone can viable draw some pictures and start pretending to be their ocs

>> No.29204358


>> No.29204392

what exactly is considered a 'viewer chuuba'? There's plenty of indie chuubas who started off as viewers of holo/niji chuubas

>> No.29204422

kinda agree. He did say once that he only sees people as stepping stones

if he does he's too sensitive and too vulnerable to schizos

>> No.29204443

Nope, but keep dropping names of all the people youve been a dick to. Im sure eventually you will get to me.

>> No.29204463

I'd rather be groomed than groom anyway. I just want to be someone's little schizo

Ain really is a disappointment. I thought she was cool. Although I'm still giving her the benefit of the doubt that the cord was mostly behind this.

It's supposedly Veleck sux...

>> No.29204678

I literally can’t remember which people I shit talked in public vs in private so I have no clue man

>> No.29204685

I was gone for a day why don't we worship Ain anymore

>> No.29204817

we do, she just earned the ire of some schizos by pulling a pretty good prank

>> No.29204827

>was gonna stream tonight
>dad just got wheeled off in an ambulance, probably had a heart attack or something

Menhera monday lets goo! Time to fucking have a breakdown on stream.

>> No.29204866

/asp/ my dad just died let's gooooo!!

>> No.29204903

>pretty good
Anons now auditioning for stand up comedy club?

>> No.29204979

everyone else seems to be here to make friends and they barely stream. maybe you have some potential

>> No.29205041

I can understand that. I want to make it into one of the corpos and that has been my motivation for pursuing this so far. I just really like to stream games and chat, and seeing people do that for a living via vtubing made me realize I could probably make it happen for myself too. Several people have also suggested I try streaming in the past; wish I started sooner.

>> No.29205044

>pretty good prank
She got ratted out lol before the punchline.

>> No.29205062

How to market on twitter

>> No.29205072

Heh, thanks for the laugh. I needed that.

>> No.29205118

you are still coping so hard

>> No.29205192

Tell that story in Kaiser stream.

>> No.29205279

yes. a lost case if they ended up on these cords

>> No.29205300

Ain owes me royalties for her epic prank because I have definitely posted about making up girls in this thread before.

>> No.29205325

I like and respect charlie, personally.

>> No.29205357

what do you like about him?

>> No.29205496 [DELETED] 

not really, he comes across as self aggrandizing and egotistic while also just being super lame

>> No.29205512

nothing I was just making shit up again lol

>> No.29205605

I hate to say it but asp is officially more schizo than the fucking backroom.

>> No.29205687

Me, personally? I love to say it.

>> No.29205733

kinda agree and I'll reply to immortalize it. his twitter is a bit yikes

>> No.29205762

Well he wanted attention from the thread so badly.
Desperately posting thread shots for attention.
Hope he’s enjoying the blunt force honesty of it all lol.

>> No.29205763

i post on both

>> No.29205779

He's funny even if he's grating (intentionally, at least 3/4 times) sometimes and I like his music. He did the cub bgm and has 1 or two other tracks I like on soundcloud.

>> No.29205840

Congratulations you have your own NinjaguyDanny now

>> No.29205931

I deleted it because I felt bad

>> No.29206033

Every time I read /asp/ there’s a new guy or girl.
Congrats everybody. You have your own SamuraiKevin08 now. Sprinkle hate. Ribbon love! Sex with Froglord.

>> No.29206049

Has been for a while. Ever since the YC arc and the discord creation this thread has been /wvt/ 3. It's no longer a place for new chubas to get advice and suggestions, it's a place for them to join the /asp/ circle and be groomed by viewercord.

>> No.29206176

I get it, but you shouldn't. He needs to know if he ever wants to have any hope of making it

>> No.29206237

I caught him talking about himself in a random bait thread recently as if people knew who he was. I guess the Discord ran him out? What were they thinking.

>> No.29206261

here you go charlie >>/vt/thread/S29178222#p29205496

>> No.29206360

Discords kill threads. In many cases it's on purpose by the ones who make them

>> No.29206449

Not very subtle, anonymous!

>> No.29206454

what i want to know is why people come here if they really want to be on discord

>> No.29206579

You deserve me. I was lurking peacefully but some prick had to accuse me of shitting the place up. Besides, /asp/ies struck /wvt/ first.

>> No.29206647

/vt/ is a containment board for VTuber crap like the /mlp/ board.
Most people here just happen to also be tourists so lots of newfags in a very sectioned off area from the larger culture.

>> No.29206819

Fuck off Mirage

>> No.29206845

All the backroom schizo moved here instead because people are newer and fall for their schizo lies more.

>> No.29206923

>what i want to know is why people come here
The drama. I see no reason for the recent ruse but dramawhoring.

>> No.29206963

Who do you think posts here the most?

>> No.29207959

Is this vtubing?


>> No.29208094

pic on right reminds me a lot of sucrose. i like it but i think the entire design could use some work
the bag and baggy top makes it look streetwear and then you have a tennis skirt and sheer thigh highs on the bottom half, it looks like she got dressed in the dark. i feel like it's better to commit to one full "style"
like if someone dressed like this irl it'd look really weird imo
if you're committed to having the top, skirt, and bag, at least change the thigh highs to not be sheer and make them solid colored. sheer thigh highs like this are usually reserved for more...formal outfits that look sexy rather than cutesy. solid colored socks would make it look more put cohesive
just my 2 cents but you posted it so i figured i'd let you know

>> No.29208543
File: 815 KB, 1025x965, unknown (21).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

taffy bikini update

>> No.29209017

Thinking bad thoughts

>> No.29209230

do something funny with your model
shitpost content that viewers will laugh at
ignore most other chuubas they're all hobbyists
be friendly but dont network with ngmis

>> No.29209420

>ignore most other chuubas they're all hobbyists
I wish I had internalized this much sooner. I think I read a few too many posts on here that argued the opposite and kinda got in my head about “not networking” for a while.

>> No.29209429


>> No.29210137

can leakersama just torpedo viewercord and aspcord already? we've gone too far enabling this highschool clique.

>> No.29210260

I love Mito for this.

>> No.29210592


mashi my beloved

>> No.29210960

ok kite

>> No.29211033

i wish >_<

>> No.29211619 [DELETED] 
File: 1.15 MB, 1316x740, km8y8w.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

shadowcommander's running around with her computer AI GF in system shock 2!

>> No.29211624

charlie seems nice!

>> No.29213941
File: 394 KB, 1526x1009, 07-25-2022.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Schizo Bedtime Story


>> No.29214069 [DELETED] 
File: 517 KB, 962x1458, schizo_bedtime_story.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Hello! This is an automated message from your friendly neighborhood yellowBot.
Please do not respond to these automated messages to opt out of our mailing list! (possible scam) Danke! の俺 ラ囲育リド ス ゎ 位 河ず安の ッ岡 ヷパ 鉛仮だホ 汚 のぷパラ以 エ

>> No.29214180 [DELETED] 

【Hello! This is an automated message from your friendly neighborhood yellowBot.
Please do not respond to these automated messages to opt out of our mailing list! (possible scam) Danke!】

Hello! This is an automated message from your friendly neighborhood yellowBot.
Please do not respond to these automated messages to opt out of our mailing list! (possible scam) Danke!

hēll໐! thiŞ iŞ คຖ คนt໐๓คtē໓ ๓ēŞŞคງē fr໐๓ ฯ໐นr friēຖ໓lฯ ຖēiງh๖໐rh໐໐໓ ฯēll໐ຟ๖໐t.
plēคŞē ໓໐ ຖ໐t rēŞp໐ຖ໓ t໐ thēŞē คนt໐๓คtē໓ ๓ēŞŞคງēŞ t໐ ໐pt ໐นt ໐f ໐นr ๓คiliຖງ liŞt! (p໐ŞŞi๖lē Ş¢ค๓) ໓คຖkē!


>> No.29214394


>> No.29214482

He has a reddit mod personality. I only like the shizos in the discord

>> No.29214577

wvt on trash fucking sucks ASS

>> No.29214781


>> No.29215127

Live playing Master Duel on YouTube!

>> No.29215359
File: 28 KB, 967x487, 35684141.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Alright man we get it. We all know you want attention. Don't feed off of the Mashi.

>> No.29215603

New thread punching bag? I don't mind, good pick.

>> No.29215623
File: 647 KB, 768x753, unknown (22).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29215622

I fucking hate you Dicksworder fucks.

>> No.29215721
File: 599 KB, 2175x1027, doxfags_btfo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Why isn't VOD archiving/clipping auto-enabled on Twitch?
1. Encourage users to customize/personalize their SETTINGS
-> Leads to learning independence
2. Not everyone wants/cares/is ready for GROWTH.
-> recieving external viewer interaction whatsoever. Thinkg /adoration/objectification/idealization/parasocial etc. (Pretend you're a girl and it might make more sense)

I'm warning you, Do NOT get into this for fame, validation, money, acceptance or you WILL learn the hard way why Numberfagging indies is fucking R E T A R D E D. Thanks for being an interesting case-study, fucking #fag (or soon to be). But at least you/"we" learned from your experience.

I started writing for content and exposure, just by talking to my friends about life lessons I learn I also accommodate my memory impairment and create prompts for stream talk.

Oyasumi, anon. Do you're reps (except numberfagging, that's for actual schizophrenics). Pic related.

>> No.29215807

yellow gato, you could have had any of those things, the issue is that you're retarded

>> No.29215830

He likes to get all sappy when shilling. Makes me not want to click

>> No.29215898

How do I save yellow cat bros?

>> No.29216156

>Tfw the only streams that do well are collabs and they're also the streams I feel most confident in.

It's an abstract kind of hell.

>> No.29216234
File: 264 KB, 804x400, yes_i_did.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can I have your permission to jack off to you?

God I miss Mashi, she's fine btw. I opened ur pic saw an ugly pussy ass faggot wearing all black with Sasuke hair and closed it immediately.
>using your irl/offline name as your online name

Will you guys ever stop falling for the "muh vtuber discord" bait? Discord is nothing more than a platform and even Holo's are retarded enough to use their professional Discord for PROFESSIONAL business. You have my pity, discordretards, SuiSei agrees.

Suggestion: Add "Overdoing isn't allowed" to "Stay grounded, keep staying hopeful". I can't be bothered to make threads. Thanks for considering regardless, Anya poster.

>> No.29216468
File: 3.08 MB, 4000x4000, swirl_ahoge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

By saving yourself first. You can do more when doing better. Believe me anon, my shit objectively baffles the best professionals of NYC.

I've started to accept this reality only just recently.
>My pain is no excuse to disrespect others
>You can help others better when you yourself are first doing better

also I'm gonna add Tsumiki's swirly-ahegao to my chuub to complement the spiral-eyed theme. Cheers.

>> No.29216483

suggestion denied
also anyaposter isn't the one making threads most of the time

>> No.29216599
File: 1.53 MB, 1566x827, OSR_001.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good Lord...


>> No.29216633

Hope you're taking your meds and doing better these days

>> No.29216738

I should just graduate as a babi and reincarnate as a femboy…

>> No.29216857

>pngtuber debuff
>gay cringe fag insecure voice
>pink lephrecaun leper skin
>gay boring hoodie model
>average male voice, male model
>boring rank tier game boring stream
>complains and whines about why he has no viewers
>attacks mashi because he believes the reason he is a fucking loser is because he is a male, and definitely not because hes an absolute fucking nigoid loser
>voice crack
>pathetic faggot whining baby
>always being melodramatic in the discord
charlie, you're a fag.

>> No.29217056
File: 29 KB, 128x128, 770500819363299378.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What vocaloid song was "Overdoing isn't allowed" from again? PoPiPo?

Not like anyone reads OP anyway, ][_, {[]} ][_,

ur actually completely right, more than a few psychologists have observed and made that point. I've had 5000$ come and go in a single night, and overdosed hard as well as set myself up to be robbed.

Problem is I'd very well end up Christian Bale, the LA Casino guy, or just dead due to niggerism. I'm going to open up donations this xmas and opted to go with KickStarter, never GoFundMe, for the corpo/project crowd-funding. For the time being I'm gonna go let myself collect my autismbucks and give it to my Dad. It's already decided. My finance priority right now is upgrading hardware, full-body tracking, and commissioning my friends if you're at all curious. As well as long-overdue physical healthcare.

tl;dr Yes
(You) can do more when doing better. Simple as.

>> No.29217089
File: 1.73 MB, 1024x1024, 4rt43erthju76tyujl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.29217176

With how many people dogging on charlie, it's obvious that some of you are the same people he talks with on the daily

>> No.29217247

I like Charlie. I think he's insecure in a lot of ways and stuck in being a 4chan shitposter and is really attached to that. But I think he's funny and I enjoy is company

>> No.29217292

we can hear you crying, charlie
why dont you get off your stream for a while and go back to inserting 12 inch black pike dragon dildos into your vacant ravine sized hairy babi asshole

>> No.29217369

nobody talks to charlie without cringing in pain

>> No.29217440

you sound like a grooming victim

>> No.29217565

>"I can't compete with Mashi in terms of attractiveness, but I'd love for you to fall in love with me."

>> No.29217662

This is overly picky. You come off as a viewer who thinks he's a threat or something to your asp oshi or to your own numbers, desperately hoping other people think he's as shit as you paint him to be.

>> No.29217775

cope charlie

>> No.29217844
File: 1.17 MB, 1405x1932, __ump45_girls_frontline_drawn_by_fuku_fuku12290574__725dc04f9b6205fd56e9ce50f5b5d658.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I accepted that I need anti-psychotics (read: sleep and eat + sabotage my drugging/self-medicating/addiction/abuse), Danke.

I can do more when doing better, especially if it involves helping others.

>> No.29217953

imagine being that much of a faggot to browse 4chan while streaming

>> No.29218001

Hypothetically, if I previously made it to the final interview for a big corpo but failed to get in, is it better if I just join a small corpo or wait until the next audition for the big corpo?

>> No.29218035


>> No.29218050

You obviously aren't in his stream, and you're spewing pretty retarded shit. Do you happen to be the same anon who thinks babis are stealing views from Ain, who also is the same anon that thinks Cordy sells out to corpos by drawing them? You already exposed yourself being braindead, so I think you should sit down.

>> No.29218268
File: 10 KB, 605x259, dude_trust_me.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

2/2 (unironically getting falseflagged as a bot)

Just let them know you used their stuff and be respectful. Cite sources etc. Odds are, if you like their energy and style enough that it shows in your own content, they will unironically like ur shit and can EASILY draw you with your channel as reference.

tldr Filter show Tags: Ump45, Gawr_Gura, giantess, = artists who'd draw YC, because YC likes these same things too. simple as.

>> No.29218436

damn these schizos live rent free in your head huh

>> No.29218450

I think you're more upset with the idea of a chuuba not actually being a real identity rather than the actual loss of Catherine. You have the right to, but it was a single stream where I did nothing but narrate what I was doing in game.

>> No.29218522
File: 39 KB, 705x166, temp-01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Fucking "System flagged for spam" bullshit fuck man that's infuriating, time to go slay tanks.
Bye faggots. <3

>> No.29218554

I haven't talked to him outside of the server

>> No.29218612
File: 1.08 MB, 1920x1112, __kiriya_aoi_aikatsu_and_1_more_drawn_by_lm7_op_center__472577f3434458ab0f9799ac769ee996.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Driving chuubas where btw...?

I mean 95% of viewerfags ITT prob don't have a car ngl. I only ever had motorcycels myself.

>> No.29218690
File: 45 KB, 997x744, 045.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29218720

Watch Ace Fortune.

>> No.29218775
File: 81 KB, 1239x827, dwarf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My dad got flown off in a helicopter. I want to stream badly just as an escape from shit. But its a bad idea. Aspies, stream do your best tonight. Make up for my absence. I might be lurking.

>> No.29218785

someday anon will learn to ignore stand-issue bait such as Discord, x is a pedo, y is a scammer and come to understand toxic people only ever go after the easiest targets (pls rebly XDDD)

>> No.29218879

baitpost I fell for it

>> No.29218912

they're so rent free, that i've actually been stalking viewer lists for the past couple of weeks to find out which throwaways are the schizos. Been doing it to Ain's last month. Also called out ricecake for the one vagueposting about leaving as well. I'm well aware of the social trends surrounding asp, it's pretty cute.

>> No.29218990
File: 562 KB, 1564x1034, MH-53J_Pave_Low_Mission_Descent_(altered).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oo I rly like helicopters. Love their role as a machine. I'd encourage you to stream about it as your soonest possible convenience, without donations enabled. It's called vlogging.

Ganbare, anon.
SwissedToast#1337, I do PTSD/suicide/hard drug prevention (self-taught). Get your grooming game on, you'll hate yourself less for a bit.

>> No.29219046

Where can I get simple stream overlays? Like the ones that have a big open area where you put your game then on the side you can have chat and a space for yourself. Working on my own in the meantime but it would be nice to shop around(for free).

>> No.29219090
File: 1.82 MB, 360x343, baited.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dozo, you're reward: gura_baited.gif (<4mb)

Hello! This is an automated message from your friendly neighborhood yellowBot.
Please do not respond to these automated messages to opt out of our mailing list! (possible scam) Danke!

>> No.29219206


>> No.29219247

Nah, I'm over it. I don't want to upset the bear.

>> No.29219324
File: 84 KB, 379x255, pet_white.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bro, You need a life, LMAO. Please take ur meds b4 you hurt yourself pointlessly, from one to another.

Ctrl + F thru the threads you'll find two (2) google docs with zips of pic related in variety, best I got for you I dont user stingers or overlays whatsoever.

Check out this Overlay tho, it's coded to change color to her game in real-time:

She (male) has interest in creating guide streams/content someday. Good person of contact.

>> No.29219336

who is streaming?

>> No.29219396

What the fuck, this guy was designed by a god tier JP artist yet he's so underwhelming, like he's not even trying to live up to his design

>> No.29219502

He started off strong with his "bad boyfriend" visual novel simulator.

>> No.29219510


>> No.29219536
File: 80 KB, 200x200, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f53746f727949...652f714b4c58454a7033515a664f47413d3d2d3734383238363536312e313561623930316165363933356132383732383730353934303235382e676966.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

where does this chuuba x viewer rivalry come from? can't we just co-exist?

>> No.29219595

bad taste, i thought my pitybaiting was bad. if the called out streamer reads it, they might feel bad.

>> No.29219597

Because a lot of viewers are actual creeps

>> No.29219635
File: 107 KB, 455x806, yellow_train.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

here, YC. now close the thread and enjoy your ban. byebye.

>> No.29219728
File: 2.29 MB, 3456x3841, mashi_02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


holy shit she really is... thanks anon I thought she was gonna be gone for longer.

>> No.29219811

a lot of /here/ viewers are chuubas themselves

>> No.29219921

Kinda accelerated due to Ain actually shitting down groomers' throats. Excited to see where it goes

>> No.29220158

>disappointed by money e-peen compensators

>> No.29220346
File: 41 KB, 500x500, 1658615839602680.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29220573

>I'm well aware of the social trends surrounding asp
Do you know any outcasts/lowkey aspies people don't usually mention here? I need new people to watch. Gender doesn't matter

>> No.29220985

How much "outcast" do you want? Almost everyone that has streamed has had some viewers, but there's a big gap between the different outcasts desu. disclaimer: social hierarchy in asp is positively correlated to skill in streaming, so most of what you may be looking for is pretty low quality.

>> No.29221222

It's Tuesday in Japan but Menhera Monday is endless

>> No.29221397

How the fuck do you debut as a newbie

>> No.29221549

Start streaming, worry about a "debut" once you have an audience.

>> No.29221594

Just stream a game you like/doing whatever you plan on doing. Nobody gives a fuck about the corpo mandated debut shit, just stream, watch your vod, cringe at the things you don't like, and work to improve on it.

>> No.29222011

people wanna fuck me but don't watch me ;-;

>> No.29222053

Meant it as in aspies that don't talk much in the discord and by extension doesn't get mentioned in the threads. Good example is sylviespirit. Never gets mentioned, but she exists and has nice streams.

>social hierarchy in asp is positively correlated to skill in streaming
I don't really agree. It's really just based on who's more terminally online or who gets more rrats. Prime example : >>29222011

>> No.29222776

viewercord is a bunch of contract viewers
they are being paid to inflate /asp/ie numbers

>> No.29222994

dude you're breaking nda

>> No.29223041

old divide from /wvt/

>> No.29223063
File: 109 KB, 252x265, mash.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I miss her again already.

>> No.29223072
File: 320 KB, 588x378, killer_rabbit_bunny_monty.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


She's back!

>> No.29223137

this counts as advertising + anonymoose posting

>> No.29223393
File: 217 KB, 393x385, 1646153656875.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Who disclosed this information?

>> No.29223569

Remind me not to cross this rabbit. She might be Sayeret Matkal.

>> No.29223729

genuinely wishing you the best anon

>> No.29223731

my employers, the hiring process, the manual
quite a few things really

>> No.29223749

Holy shit this is brutal.

>> No.29223840

I'm praying for your dad, anon.

>> No.29223954

This is literally what we have been warning you since the start.

Replying to a mean post asking if they enjoy acting nice in the discord and then coming to the thread to shit on everyone isn’t just a joke.

>> No.29224228

Just start streaming. I did it earlier this year and really don't plan to do a proper debut (which is really just a meet and greet; let's be real) stream until I'm pulling enough viewers to make reacting to every single message in chat too difficult to do. No one know who you are yet so doing a debut is pointless.
Regular streamers don't do debuts. Don't emulate the corporate chuubas to a fault from the word go.

>> No.29224330

Sylviespirit gets shilled pretty consistently for not talking at all in the discord, given that she's very new there.

Note: Not all of these are consistent streamers, I just scoured through my excel sheet


>> No.29224698

When will airplane gorilla stream?

>> No.29224795

Don't ask me, that's up to him

>> No.29225060

You have a whole excel sheet and can’t give me one single lousy time?
Whatever man.

>> No.29225158

mid august

>> No.29225331

What a great birthday surprise for me.

>> No.29225411

it's mainly for archiving purposes, not for future stuff.

>> No.29225547

thank you for coming everyone, I had fun! at some point it got a bit hard to speak because of my stuffy nose, you can kinda hear it in this clip, I'm sorry for that.
this post is funny to me, how do you even know about that...

>> No.29225715

Thanks, Obama.

>> No.29225903

>this post is funny to me, how do you even know about that...
They're Israel's Green Beret

>> No.29226062

She’s Mossad.

>> No.29227055

anyone applied for tsunderia

>> No.29227065

sleep is great. i woke up and my brain is functioning well again. im glad that the sloth thing finally ended as i now see that she is indeed just playing people for money. both of the top donors are being groomed hard into spending as much money as possible and it is so obvious

>> No.29227218

I can't beleb Mashi is a glowie

>> No.29227313

thats only good. it means i can save on the electricity bill

>> No.29227658

Grooming female viewers?

>> No.29227990


>> No.29228013

Yes I am. What of it?

>> No.29228086

Then it isn't working very well. AFAIK she's making less than a dollar an hour all things considered.

>> No.29228359
File: 159 KB, 1280x720, meincraft3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Minecraft in the /asp/ server

>> No.29228372

NTA but thanks Hitler.

>> No.29228561

she has been getting tons of throne gifts and some direct donations but even if you look at twitch you notice that the top giftsubber is a mod

>> No.29228677

just call them trans. those are the only female viewers that exist

>> No.29229031

Considering how much time has been invested it's going to take a LOT to balance things. Nice as an extra allowance but if her plan was to make money she failed.

>> No.29229365
File: 353 KB, 612x346, seq_001_gif.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Thank you for the inspiration/motivation, Mashi. Keep staying strong

It's orange btw, calling me yellow is RACIST.

>> No.29229839

perhaps your thoughts explain why she tries to do everything she can to make them stay supporting her. she definitely needs any extra money she can get really badly if what she has said is even partially true

>> No.29230436

considering starting up vtubing. been something I've wanted to try for over a year. i stream regularly as is, and would be taking on a new/seperate identity for it.
is it a bad idea to just.. do it? i really dont want to spend a lot of time advertising or social media posting, outside of maybe linking here.
also, vroids: yes/no? i managed to make the design i had in mind with a slight difference in clothing. someday if i can ever afford it id like to get an l2d but for now, is that passible?

>> No.29230439

A true money grabber would have taken shifts flipping burgers instead of streaming at this point. Viewers like you never get the bigger picture, she's still doing this primarily to entertain because it's costing her more time/money than it's costing you. It's that or she can't do basic math. Give her the benefit of the doubt.

>> No.29230806

You can just stream.

>> No.29231028

anyone that has followed her a while would indeed know that the most basic math is her weak point. she used to tweet all the time about getting her bank into negative and having $400 phone bills. i have no idea how she is going to survive on her own... the sick mother wont be taking care of things forever.

>> No.29233326

Hey guys going to play some Project Zomboid with the bunch of random mods, but first Hatris...

>> No.29233871

Stay strong anon, wishing you and your family the best
You unironically need to die. Like please off yourself I would fucking celebrate