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Wait did this bitch just straight up say she won't even read her superchats anymore? What the fuck? Aren't they supposed to at least pretend they value their fans?

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Hope that means that simps stop giving her money.

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Sounds pretty based to me. Fuck you gosling faggots

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context? didnt watch her latest stream.

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Based, at least she's admitting that her time is more important than your money rather than faking it.

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>I won't read every superchat anymore because I want to play games
>I want to play games
>I want to play games games games

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She only said she won’t read all of them. Probably just the names or something.

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that would only work as an argument if she disables sc. She still wants the money she just doesn't want to uphold her part of it.

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She said she'll read the interesting ones so she'll have more time for games and readings will be more interesting.

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Content creator puts content before pandering to paypigs. Paypigs upset. More news at 11

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isn't that what some of them already do? I think I heard calli say she only reads reds + some of the non-reds chosen at random.
I find this "superchat reading" thing super weird anyway. it's literally a waste of time for everyone.

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I never donated to her but yeah I'm pretty upset about this. The more I think about it the more irritated I am about how someone can be so shallow.

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remember everyone, ignore obvious bait, OP clearly has never watched an Amelia stream in their life

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Ame just needs to be like Mori and read the red ones and all the others are random.

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>I find this "superchat reading" thing super weird anyway. it's literally a waste of time for everyone.
In the same way that donating 100$ to a streamer to make a shutty joje is super weird. But taking money that people specifically pay to interact with you and ignore them is mindblowingly selfish.

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now those people know.
seriously, someone with 1M subs can't value their time low enough to read someone's name just because they sent in $2.

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Honestly if you actually prefer 7 hours of repeatedly saying "thank you" then just watch kiara.

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reading someone's name takes like 4 seconds. for 2 dollars that's 1800$ an hour.

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Who fucking gives a shit? I'm membered to her and SC her frequently and could not care less. I don't SC to get my name read out; I SC because I think she's funny and entertaining and cute. If your intentions for sending SCs go beyond that then you're just an attention whore.

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She didn't beg people to pay? You're not entitled to shit

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Where the fuck did this entitlement come from. Just because you donate money doesn’t give them any obligation to do anything. It’s a “donation,” you’re not paying for a service.

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You're way too attached to her to even grasp the issue. I'm not claiming to be entitled to anything I'm pointing out how selfish it is.

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If you don't like it don't donate. Kiara's really the only one that seems to enjoy SC reading and makes it into interesting content.

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If that means getting read of you faggots i'm okay with it.

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Does that mean she will play them well?

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show your frustration by sending an akasupa criticizing her for it

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Do not bother replying to the samefag, it only feeds his desire for validation


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Do you even watch her? Because she literally does that. She didn't want to read as many superchats last week so she closed SC in most of her streams.

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If that bothers you boy do i have some news for you

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Her superchat readings are 7 hours long. I'd go fucking insane if I had to do that shit once a week, just sifting through goslings and retards.

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I wish for the rrat king to bless us again with his wisdom and enlighten us as to why such an occurrence is happening

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Do any of the JPs read every single sc?

>> No.2907577

Fuck Goslings, based Ame

>> No.2907653

You're so sexy when you shut down criticism of your queen.

>> No.2907710

That's why you're supposed to read them at the end of every stream

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Yeah sending a superchat just to get your name read is pretty sad

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there is no force in the known universe that could stop simps from giving money to big booba female

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Being excited that your supa gets read is like being excited when a store greeter greets you.

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What a shitty thread, and of course newfags bite the bait. That isn't what she said at all. Only that she's going to avoid reading repeat superchats (lots of poorfags donate small amounts repeatedly to get their messages read) and focus on the akas and ones that have interesting comments attached. It's basically her way of filtering people who donate next to nothing just to get their messages read out on stream multiple times.

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oh come on she makes what 5 times your monthly salary? this whole i want to support the channel is bs.

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Did she say she wouldn't read supas at all anymore, or that she would wouldn't read supas during game streams?

>> No.2908183

She said she'd read less of them, most likely only ones with comments worth replying to, instead of just going through a list of names and saying thank you to every single one.

>> No.2908202

I actually go to Starbucks and order something just so a girl calls me by my first namef

>> No.2908211

You are entitled, you're wanting attention just for voluntarily donating

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>That isn't what she said at all. Only that she's going to avoid reading repeat superchats (lots of poorfags donate small amounts repeatedly to get their messages read) and focus on the akas and ones that have interesting comments attached. It's basically her way of filtering people who donate next to nothing just to get their messages read out on stream multiple times.
That's not true. All she said was that some superchats will still be read. Nothing about interesting or repetition.

>> No.2908352

>supposed to

>> No.2908406

If a holo even reads supas (a lot don't), most don't bother to always read the message unless it seems like it'll be interesting content. Ame read the most supas out of any holoEN by far and will continue to do so. Take your meds.

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I've never donated to her or any streamer. I'm commenting on her attitude. You're deflecting for whatever reason.

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She still read all of them if you put something for her to read. But she won't read out all of them, only interesting ones.

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Explain how it's selfish

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Reads all SC :
Nene, Lamy, Rushia, Botan, Watame, Luna, Coco, Kanata, Choco, Mel, Matsuri, Roboco, Aki

Only if there's anything interesting to brought up in the SC or a very heartfelt message :
Marine, Pekora, Flare, Noel, Aqua, Shion, Ayame, Shubaru, Haato, Korone, Okayu, Miko, Towa

There are also Holos who respond directly to superchat like Fubuki, Mio, Azki, Suisei, Polka, but if any Holo make a special reading superchat stream after some big events you can be sure they read all the messages.

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Why are you spending your money on superchats in the first place?

>> No.2908937

Once again I ask
During game streams or during supa chat reading streams

>> No.2909008

You're not paying for a service

Donation implies you did it knowing you would get fuck all in return
Get fucked retards

>> No.2909187

You're saying that like it changes anything. The discussion is about her attitude to people donating her money not whether they have a legal claim to have their message read idiot.

>> No.2909241

>n-nooo, you have to do boring 6-hour supa reading streams to read my goslingposts
Not only is reading every SC unfeasible at a certain point when you get that many of them, but frankly 90% of supas are fucking AIDS that no one except the one who donated it wants to hear. It doesn't improve the content and you don't deserve anything for voluntarily spilling your monetary spaghetti in a stream chat. Holos barely get a quarter of that money anyway, you're basically paying youtube to highlight your message in chat and tipping Cover. The chuuba herself doesn't owe you shit for your donation because it's a donation, i.e. charity, and frankly the content is almost always better without reading SCs and just responding to things in chat they happen to see and find interesting.
Stop paying for SCs unless you're really doing it just to show off to the rest of chat

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during a zatsudan that's essentially a superchat reading stream just shorter than usual.

>> No.2909371

What's wrong with her attitude?

>> No.2909409

>I donated to my local homeless shelter with a nice message and they didn't send me like a letter or anything thanking me personally? They didn't even announce my message or post it on their website or anything? Wtf, don't they value their supporters?

>> No.2909483

How much of this is that there is some weirdos that superchat some things that don't belong. Vs time it takes cause I understand that one it does take a long time even if they do read just the name without the messages attached. I do think that if hololive moves to not reading every message I do think they should move to make a stream to highlighting some of the superchats that didn't get read so that people feel that they do value the them.

>> No.2909505

>mouthbreathers donating $10 to ask the anime girl to say ara ara
>valiant knights losing their shit defending a girl who hates them on an imageboard
who's worse

>> No.2909581

you, who came to shitpost on a board about a hobby you don't partake in

>> No.2909587

>get paid to read a name and a sentence for 5 seconds
>still would rather play games
If ame was a gaming freak like korone at least I would understand, but this is plain laziness

>> No.2909616

>I don’t donate and I’m mad
Consider suicide. I do donate and I don’t give a shit. She’ll still read messages that aren’t retarded and I don’t care about listening to her read names for 3 hours.

>> No.2909622

Definitely the former, leechers will always be better than paypigs.

>> No.2909688

>seething about a streamer you don’t watch
You’re worse than either

>> No.2909705

>get paid to read a name
You are not paying for a service, you're donating. The only thing you're paying for is for Youtube to highlight your comment above chat for a certain amount of time, which is why they take a huge cut of the donation.

>> No.2909778

This comparison between a homeless shelter and a fat tiddy anime gamer really doesn't work. Homeless shelters need the money to provide their services she gets a nice bonus

>> No.2909880

>The discussion is about her attitude to people donating

There is no discussion to be had
This isn't about legal obligation, it's about moral/ethical
It's not a purchase of services, not a trade of goods, it's a donation

If you donate with the hopes of receiving something in return, then it's on you, it's solely a you problem

It's called donation for a reason and not something else like a shoutout or cheer

>> No.2909887

She needs the money to continue streaming too, and in both cases you're donating because you want to support the operation and shouldn't expect anything in return.

>> No.2909936

Ina doesn't read them as well. What's the problem?

>> No.2909971

>Consider suicide
Really anon? Because I criticised a girl you simp for?

>> No.2910046

>It's not a purchase of services, not a trade of goods, it's a donation
Nobody even said that.

>> No.2910131

>The discussion is about her attitude to people donating her money not whether they have a legal claim to have their message read

>> No.2910187

Will this bitch finally be able to stream for more than 2 hours now?

>> No.2910189

>It's not a purchase of services, not a trade of goods, it's a donation

Slow down and read anon, it's okay

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File: 1.65 MB, 1920x1080, ame based[sound=files.catbox.moe%2F9s8okq.mp3] (1).webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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Is there a discussion if you never elaborate your own point and keep deflecting?
Come on

>> No.2910391

She's busy all the time so it's understandable, I don't think it would be a problem either if ame never started reading them before, it's just that she's gonna stop reading some to have more time to laze around

>> No.2910451

I did read, you're point hinges on donations being treated like an obligated service when they're not.

>> No.2910463

Gura wants to have VR sex with Ame...

>> No.2910518

I'm not that anon retard.....

>> No.2910569

It's also understandable to initially think reading superchats will add to your streams/content as well as bringing in more support, then realize this may have been a mistake after it devolves into excessive goslingposting that you can't reasonably keep up with and isn't fun for anyone involved.

>> No.2910591

Why did I create this thread and why did I post every single bait in this thread and why did I reply to all of them and why am I the only IP?

>> No.2910633

>You're missing the retarded point of this retard, slow down and read it
>It's not me, but still read his retarded point

If it's not you then you're even more of a retard

>> No.2910991

Superchat readings are boring as hell anyway. Watson at least tried to spice it up by letting viewers send in music to listen to during the reading. Good for her though. Only people who'd have a problem with this are attention seeking simps.

>> No.2911155

Reminder that sending a SC because you want it to be read is unironic Twitch simp behavior.
You only send a SC because you want to support the content creator you like.

>> No.2911194

>Only people who'd have a problem with this are attention seeking simps
Particularly ironic when they're the ones who ruined it. SC readings can be fun if the people donating them include interesting questions, conversation topics, or just jokes, but literally no one (other than the donator himself) wants to watch hours of reading some variation of "I love you Ame, you saved me from depression after my mom, fiancee, kids, and dog died and I lost my job and my leg was amputated."

>> No.2911533

My oshi never reads superchat and no one is upset about that,why are you crying about this. Do you really miss that 5 seconds of meaningless attention from your oshi?

>> No.2911570

>Do you really miss that 5 seconds of meaningless attention
You severely underestimate the state of goslingfags.

>> No.2911595

That’s not what you’re doing you worthless trash.

>> No.2911674

Except the only one whining is the faggot who hates her no matter what she doesn’t and doesn’t even watch her.

>> No.2911962

I sometimes forget that this place serves as a mental asylum.

>> No.2911977

I'm so glad I dropped her. She really can't do the bare minimum as a streamer much less as an idol
Her entire popularity is from joining a corporation and telling easy goslings the I love you lie

>> No.2912057

sounds pretty good if you ask me

>> No.2912185

It's not Goslings -- Goslings are yes men more than anything. It's the ARS-paying attention whores and garden variety antis latching onto the freshest (You) farming bait.

>> No.2912191

Is that why people are seething in this thread about her not saying "Thaaank you" for four hours?

>> No.2912209

Does anyone have a timestamp or clip of Gura reading the SC mocking the guy who sent the 31 SC poem?

>> No.2912339

Yep Gosling don't get their personal attention from their goddess which was her one redeeming quality

>> No.2912423

But you’re literally the only one crying about it?

>> No.2912532

>She's busy all the time
>Haha sorry stream was delayed 2 hours chat I overslept because I stayed up all night reading manga in bed

>> No.2912699

>It's not Goslings
Look anon, they may not be the ones arguing ITT, but I have seen numerous clearly unironic posts about how anons had some spiritual-level moment or the only flicker of happiness they've felt in years when their oshis read their name for one second in a passing SC. These guys have lost all hope and all shame.

>> No.2912991

If it was just ARS baiting she would just ignore them in specific and not say anything on it. She decided to ignore all of them

>> No.2913038

Got it, her just saying thank you for hours somehow can rival best of the best GFE pandering holo.
And people said she had no talent.

>> No.2920916

Good. Most HoloEN superchatters are absolute cancer. True chads don't put a message in with their donations.

>> No.2920970

Based. I wish superfags weren't real.

>> No.2920985

Sounds like a lotta Novem posters here...

>> No.2921009

get fuck amefags

>> No.2921027

>much less as an idol

>> No.2921101

>Being surprised that a HoloEN is openly hostile to her viewerbase
You can take the twitchthot out of twitch but you can't take the twitch out of the twitchthot.

>> No.2921148

Ina doesn't read boring supershit and is the least bitchy.
Your rrat is falling apart.

>> No.2921269

I don't know why some of the HoloEn girls are so bad at paying attention to SCa or even reading them after a stream. Isn't this Ame's only job? It's not as if she's preparing for 3D concert or something. Most of the best interactions I ger from the HoloJP are the sc readings after the end of the game. Miko, Coco, and Nene are quite interesting. Watame and Rushia has their fans by the balls because they actually talk to them in real time. Lamy does this as well. This is just funny how some are saying that it's just goslings. If you wanted to see the vtuber play the game then live streaming shouldn't be a factor. They should just upload the game play and that's it. She can't read all of course but what is the point if reading them days late. No wonder you have to cut back. Sounds very stupid to me

>> No.2921641

Anon most watchers are vod watchers

>> No.2921662

Not to mention most people leave when the superchat readings start

>> No.2921695

It’s funny how the only ones whining about this are the faggot antis who hate her and her fans.

>> No.2921796
File: 3.77 MB, 600x600, 1615899361060.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No, her main job is to play games competent enough to not turn it into a slog, interacting with all of her chats including non-members while tard wrangle them & giving zatsudan at the same level as Watame, Rushia, & Lamy. All of those at THE SAME STREAM.
Then later responds to interesting SC with a variety of skits beyond Miko, Coco, & Nene.

>> No.2921939

Are you sure about that? Her live count is pretty much consistent to her views per video which is pretty low consistently. It only improves at certain games or collabs. And again. You didn't really address why she doesn't really interact with the SCs after the game finishes. I know for a fact she basically tries to interact with viewers by asking shitty stuff and then gets upset when people tell her shit. It's either you use it as a joke or don't even bother asking. She has a pile of SCs because again she doesn't read them after the game stream. If you really think most are vod watchers then she should disable comments altogether during live stream or don't even bother with live streaming. This whole focus on gaming is bs because she barely stream on a schedule. The most successful and superchatted on Holo are successful because they constantly interact with fans on a livestream and do read SCs. Pekora is not GFE even if she tries in horribly smug way. Marine and Rushia converses with their fans constantly. Coco is pretty much that cool smart chick you always wanted to date. I would fucking watch her if only she fucking hold a proper gaming stream. Botan is better at giving gfe than her.

>> No.2921978

Seeing people who havent watched or know anything about my favorite vtubers has made me a lot less opinionated on other content creators in general. Look at this guy here, he literally knows nothing other than what he read on 4chan a few times or saw an out of context clip.
If you want an idol go watch sora and if you think people are watching watson for some sort of GFE youre delusional.

>> No.2922080

One, her tangents are the biggest of the ENs and take up most of her SC readings. Two, her SC readings are thus the best of the ENs. Three, she says "danke schoen".

>> No.2922088

She is not expected to be good at gaming. She's expected to be entertaining to watch by a live audience. Entertaining enough that they donate to her. Interactive enough that they are encouraged to chat more and donate more. She doesn't have to say thank you to the SC but she does need to read some of them and interact with them so that you can simulate a freaking conversation. It's live streaming. Not a video. This is why I'm okay with Ina because she atleast do read and interact with the SC real time.

>> No.2922131

Kiara is a long lifestyle podcast. I like it.

>> No.2922151

Nobody wants to have piece of shit fans like you.

>> No.2922207

If your retort is to be salty then I guess you and your oshi are perfect for each other

>> No.2922225

if hes the one giving money, they for sure wants a fucking lot of them


kiara best part of her stream are the super chats, shes funnier there anyway

>> No.2922254

Reading that shit must be mind numbing, Ina has the right idea.

>> No.2922263

He’s not giving any of them money and he sure as hell wouldn’t watch Ame regardless of what she does. He’s a cunt.

>> No.2922276

But she did interact with her chats, ALL OF THEM, even grey chats have the same chance to interact with her. It's called live streaming, not Pay-To-Talk-Bot.
You want Ame to respond to you? Write something appropriate & interesting, keep your creepy aka for Mori, Gura & Kiara.

>> No.2922355

These are the very type of people seething in this thread that Ame won't read their ARS shit anymore

(I see this faggot and Clero trying to move onto Reine, the new talk more Indonesian rule for her is already frustrating but SC attention whores taking advantage of the Holos that read every SC pisses me off)

>> No.2922412

What I'm saying is she doesn't interact with them real time. Again. She doesn't need to respond to all, she can choose who to respond. Are you fucking dumb? That's the reason why she has to dedicate 7hrs to just read Sce in the first place. If she wasn't fucking lazy she wouldn't be piled with shits like this. My oshi is Suisei and she doesn't read SCs after a game but she responds to them and acts upon their requests if she wants to. Which what live streaming is.

>> No.2922480

No one gives a shit. She responds to regular messages in real time and looks at the superchat later. Why the fuck do you care so much about a streamer you don’t even watch?

>> No.2922590

membership = the gentleman's way to support
SCs = "please pay attention to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" faggotry unless it's done for jokes/shitposts/actually-relevant questions

>> No.2922781

Based. I don't watch EN vtubers much but I know how cringe english SCs can be with their haha so funnay jokes or my mom just died let's fucking goooooo

>> No.2922799

*snap* down bad caught in 4K
start doing the prison workout RIGHT. NOW. and get yourself out there as soon as this bullshit pandemic is over. Women are nice, and ugly, fat, and boring motherfuckers havw GFs. I've seen it with my own eyes. Stop paying to have your name read. Stop paying to have your name read. STOP PAYING TO HAVE YOUR NAME READ.

>> No.2922825

do you really think people who give hundreds of money to streamers are the mentally stable people?

>> No.2922866

I don't watch Ina (she's my second favorite EN, but I don't like minecraft/drawing and she's not my oshi), does she REALLY not read them at all?

>> No.2922883

No, live streaming is about your comment be found despite buried deep in the middle of HIC & Bubba spams. It encourages her chats to know how to read the mood & behaved accordingly because all of them have a chance to interact with her, not just the one with deep money. It makes you feel special & your oshi didn't do this for the money despite her reputation.

>> No.2922901

Ignoring superchats is based as fuck, no simp should ever get any attention from their Oshi because that just encourages to keep going with that behaviour, let them waste their money maybe that way they will realize how pointless it is

>> No.2922959

More stable than people who complain about streamers all day

>> No.2922963

I Dunno some store greeters are very nice, i like it when they greet me

>> No.2922986

she will regret this or will get destroyed by her manager, hololive is what it's today in part to the whole superchat reading, that was pretty much created by Coco, back then it was called the cabaret hours because of how much emphasis and time they would give to the fans that put money.

She is already reclining, now it will only get worse

>> No.2923003

>She needs the money to continue streaming too
Does she? i thought Cover payed them a salary and Supas are just bonuses at most but they don't completely depend on it, hence why they can just not accept superchats if they don't want them

>> No.2923045

She doesn't have a dedicated stream for superchat reading like the others do, but she does occasionally read superchats during stream

>> No.2923084

Nobody will do anything. The abused will make excuses for the abuser.
Hopefully we'll get some good rape art out of it though.

>> No.2923149

>doomsayers completely ignoring that Ina exists

>> No.2923162

>not getting your name read for a 10 cent donation is abuse

>> No.2923164

i don't watch indies

>> No.2923167

Their cover salary is insignificant compared to the money they make from supers & memberships. It only really exists to give the holo a baseline income they can survive on while they grow while ensuring they stream their contract hours (which I believe is 20 hours with at least 4 streams, per week, so it's not a full time salary either).
Mori for example has made like $150k USD off supers alone, in 6 months. Cover's base salary is around $25k USD a year.

>> No.2923186

I appreciate you taking the time to prove my point for me.

>> No.2923198

American culture is different than Japan. Ame isn't obliged to do anything outside her contract & doesn't give a fuck about unwritten rules.
She even asks teamates if SC isn't a scam.

>> No.2923258

>she will regret this
Oh my fucking kek

>> No.2923296

Ina is different, she add the whole "I'm a professional artist" and I literally don't have time for that if I want to stream, ame doesn't add anything.

Rapper with experience, good at drawing, creating music videos and animations
Underground wanna be Idol, good at drawing, good at making drama, can speak japanese, english and german
Good singer, great in staying in character, meme master, actually was popular and some what successful before joining hololive, great entertainer
Professional artist, can speak japanese, korean and english, popular as a streamer even without any experience, good person in general
failed e-girl, failed twitch tit streamer, failed twitch vtuber, average at games, boring streamer

>> No.2923318

Where did you get this 25K USD figure? I think you might be massively overestimating the 'salary' that Cover pays them. Being a holo was originally intended to be a part time job. I think it's more along the lines of 800 USD a month at most.

>> No.2923337

amelia can spit on me anytime

>> No.2923405

I don't mean it in a way of regretting her whole life and decisions, or in an angry way, I mean that she will just bleed viewers, this may be her turning point, after all when holoEN 2 will debut she will add nothing relevant and will fade in irrelevancy

>> No.2923645

All of them are average. What sets them different than the rest is the ability to keep the audiences stay for 9 hours doing nothing.
Well at least one of them.

>> No.2923741

i dont get it, did someone say something?

>> No.2923850

Pretty sure she has zero free time at all. Considering she even says she treats streaming as her winding down time.

>> No.2923856
File: 813 KB, 1650x1080, novem.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You've got that right. If it gets rid of the attention whores who contribute almost nothing it's a bonus.
It frankly blows my mind that people who apparently have problems with 'simps' and streamers milking them are making noise about this. It's probably the biggest unforced income loss she could make from her position short of turning SCs off completely (which she did for four streams prior to this). At this point it's basically just finding any reason at all to hate on the streamer.

>> No.2923908


>> No.2923922

I really wished Amelia plays a lot more mainstream games or minecraft, on top of her time lore shenanigans. I don't wanna watch her playing more oblivion, mario or donkey kong. Uto had a more enjoyable lineup of streams in these past weeks than her. The impression I'm gettin from her atm is that she's getting a bit lazy.

>> No.2923928

Holy fuck you are seething

>> No.2924035

This is the beauty of the market system. No matter what an autist screeches about what she "should" do, it doesn't matter because what she will do will still bring in the money regardless. If you legitimately believe what you are saying is true, then all you have to do is to be a vtuber yourself and use your tactic to be more successful than her.

>> No.2924264
File: 457 KB, 1085x647, 1617704130826.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>she's getting a bit lazy.
It's the opposite. Less popular games need more effort to attract viewers, double it for janky games like old Bethesda's, triple it for punishing games like SMS & soon DKC trilogy.
FoTM games can carry you while you need to carry the game like Paladins.

>> No.2924381

You don't have to be a vtuber to know this. You can see it in the most successful vtubers right now. Even Amelia recognizes how toxic or "mean" she can be when she's really honest but does she really improve on this? Live streaming is different from just uploading vids. Money doesn't come in regardless. They come in because she's part of hololive but you know her viewership has pretty much stagnated since. It's either she can be sincere with her words and try more or she try to actually emulate the "senpais" she says she respects so much

>> No.2924450

EN continue to be embarrassingly lazy, every girl in the main branch except for a couple manage to read supas at the end of each stream so why can't they? Ame hardly even gets any these days, it would take her like half an hour to get through them all and show her fans a little appreciation but apparently that's too much for her

>> No.2924531

I honestly thought that she would be the gamer of the gamer of the group. But Ina is more consistent. You would think she would be more creative but no. Kiara has more variety streams like the holotalk and those language streams with gura. She could have gone the Botan route and just be the chill girl and that likes to troll around the game but no. She's either stiff or too salty. She can play whatever game she wants and keep the audience that she already has. Much like Robocco, Aki and Mel. But that's going to be it.

>> No.2924565

Go cry on an ARS akasupa

>> No.2924569

Absolutely no one in JP branch reads every single superchat like she was doing. And she makes more than most of them too. Keep seething.

>> No.2924650

And all the jp girls really read every superchat?

>> No.2924676

Nope, only Ame read all her SCs, including the blue ones. Kiara skipped a lot of greens & below. It's the reason Ame suffers from it, she reads so much for so little.
In short, Ame wants to be more like Kiara which many people say the best SC reader.

>> No.2924677

No, not even close. None of them do.

>> No.2924739

Noone does. But a lot read a chunk of them after the game. The only one that dedicates a stream to read the ones that they couldn't in the gaming stream are for special events. Just watch Nene for example. She's very entertaining when reading the requests. Only Polka and Suisei as far as I can recall are the ones that don't. Polka is low SC earner btw. Suisei's fans dotes on her because of they know she's doing a lot behind the scenes. Polka might get some increase since we now know she's actually doing a series. Wtf is Amelia even doing.

>> No.2924776
File: 2.32 MB, 640x360, Ame's final yab[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fo58sle.mp4].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Ina is more consistent.
At dropping her games?
>Kiara has more variety streams

>> No.2924892

Ina has the best gaming choice. Hollow Knight, Hades, call of cthulhu, what remains of edith finch. Even hl2 was entertaining

>> No.2924987

I was thinking the same too, she shuld've gone for the Botan route and play games that the JP girls can't play because of language barrier. Her outer worlds gameplay was super good. Now, I'm hoping she plays more of story based games like Half life or Bioshock series

>> No.2925159

And Ame has Outer Wilds, L.A. Noire, Super Mario Galaxy & Superluminal. Her Oblivion stream is great & like a long-running comedy series.

>> No.2925218

Guys... I feel really bad about what I'm about to say, but it's been getting to me for a long time now. I was always trying to turn down these thoughts and maintain some kind of white knight mentality "i-it's ok if my oshi does it", but this thread (while being whining and seething at its core) made me kinda reiterate this thought cycle.
I've been Ame member for quite a while now, I subscribed something like 2 weeks after debut. I absolutely hated the debut, then for some reason after a week or so I went full gosling, even rewatched the debut several times and loved it. Arcade date stream was a fucking peak, she was clearly having fun, chat was going wild, anons here were having a blast, I literally couldn't stop smiling. And I feel like it kinda went downhill from there.
It's just... Ame can be really, really entertaining, funny, cuter than usual every day. But she's also often underwhelming. A lot of times in her game streams I felt like she wasn't really into it and just did something because she had put it in her schedule and because it had to be done. Her interactions with chat felt forced. It was like a constant lingering feeling of hanging out with a girl who you like and she's ok with it but is actually bored and will feel a bit of relief when it's over. There were also a lot of not-so-professional moments, mostly caused by her still not knowing how to take proper care of herself and thus canceling streams or being in bad mood and low energy. Or practicing a few songs for karaoke and going with "I'll wing it somehow" for the rest, forgetting half the words, laughing and cringing from herself.
As for supas, I don't care that much about her reading them, I didn't even try to find her response to my supas most of the times. But I can't deny that this decision is a bit underwhelming. And it would be still ok if the wording was different. It's one thing to say "I really want to focus on games I play more. I'm still really thankful for your support and I'll try to pay attention to some interesting supas!", it's another thing to say "I WANT TO PLAY GAMEZZZ LOL BYE I'll pick some supas" but not to mention which supas will be read specifically. It's where I agree with some anons, it sounds like she's just lazy even if it's not the case.
I... don't know what to think anymore. The contrast between entertaining Ame moments and half-assed Ame moments is too strong for me. Besides, I'm an idolfag in a sense that singing and dancing is the main highlight of Holos for me, I watch a lot of karaoke streams, looking forward to all of the 3D lives etc. Ame said that she's willing to improve and she had some amazing moments showing crazy potential, like Kiss Me, Hallelujah or DDLC song. But this aspect also has been stagnating lately. I'll never cancel my membership and I'll always be hoping that things change for better, but all of these small underwhelming moments are still there.

>> No.2925389

It's been 2 months since she played game that isn't SM, Oblivion, Apex or DK. All games that were different are because of a collab. Actually the best game i have enjoyed watching her in those 2 months was with Kiara playing that stupid game. They were stupid together. Like I said, she could have gone the Botan route but she just faps around. I remember watching a stream where she basically planned her week with her audience. It was so low effort and low energy. She just went along with whatever she's been chugging. It's fine. She will retain whatever audience she has. Maybe loose a few hundered but nobody cares. Theres a lot of holomembers that are clearly making more effort in creating and thinking of new content to share

>> No.2925439


>> No.2925500


>> No.2925515
File: 10 KB, 311x143, 1612587423658.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2925609

First off it's completely faggot behavior to send money to a female streamer because you're so devoid of attention and interaction you're paying to get that.

>> No.2925636
File: 18 KB, 534x248, 1616297658405.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>A lot of times in her game streams I felt like she wasn't really into it
Must be the opposite for you when she plays Paladins or SoS then.

>> No.2925646

As a day 1 investigator, I do feel like some of the magic has been gone since a little after New Years. So like the past 3-4 months. However since she's moved into her new office, it seems like she's got her drive back. Things are looking up and if not reading SCs helps with what I could only describe as burnout, then I think its a good move.

>> No.2925796

I will gladly watch her playing fucking Pong for hours if she's having fun and interacting with the chat.

>> No.2925849

So you're saying in her 2 months period of moving & munching antihistamines she can still do FPS, 3D platformer, 2D platformer, wacky adventure, and be a trendsetter with Paladins & A.I. Dungeon.
So what's the complaint?

>> No.2925919

Amelia for me can be like Pekora. Someone that can actually get into the game, get trolled or be a troll but regardless really enjoy the game. She already has a gremlin laugh but she stagnates as far as energy and can get really silent at times. I don't like the gfe nor the seeming unnecessary tilts she does. I don't even need the ground pound jokes. But yeah, maybe she's just not it. I don't mind if she doesn't read the SC but her SC streams are the better ones so far except when she's collabing with an EN member. It's still a little bit cringey to watch her with a jp senpai even with an ID.

>> No.2925931

>Aren't they supposed to at least pretend they value their fans
I'm not surprised at all, consider her attitude

>> No.2926011

I saw Ame chatting with everyone in her pre-chat like two hours before one of her streams. idk, she seems pretty great. very approachable. Don't even need to superchat to interact with her.
anyway, I heard Ame nearly died from an allergic reaction, like Monty Oum. maybe that's why she's low energy and trying to reduce stress.

>> No.2926084

>disapproves of wasting money on funbux instead of buying games
I don't see the problem

>> No.2926374

You got lucky, prechats are really rare.

>> No.2926749

This why you dont give money to any of these girls

>> No.2926773

Why can't she just stream more?

>> No.2926875

blessed prechats. Always love to see them. The ones usually waiting around for the stream to open are also usually the best Investigators so it really is a grand time when she opens it up for a quick chat. Love the silly antics that happen

>> No.2927063

This is a stupid rrat that is literally disproven by the existence of Ina, who said from day 1 that she doesn't want to read superchats and management has yet to do anything about it.

>> No.2928116

she has superchat thursdays you absolute rrat.who in the world cares if she wont read SC outside of thursday

>> No.2928212

More than who? She's still 2nd only to Kiara.

>> No.2928240

based mods too buys babysitting the artemis thread to get this out of the catalog

>> No.2930954

this should be /thread

>> No.2931336

how autistic is it that I read the filenames on posts like this and spend the first 5 seconds trying to analyze the clip for a yab before I remember what a joke is

>> No.2931425

The only way i see Amelia getting marketable success from this from merch. That's it. The reason why people throw Superchats and buy merch is not only because they want attention from the vtuber but because we know as a fan that's the only way they can make new content. This is how new l2d, new cover and original songs, free concerts and even merch. The cost of making the Merch is footed by the vtuber. So if you get a crappy offering that means they are probably trying to find a merch that they can afford the initial cost. Voice packs are the only ones rhat cost less or nothing. I don't know exactly what Amelia is investing her money in from her superchats and merch proceed but I know for sure I won't ever get any kind of content HoloJP is providing right now. Only Mori and maybe Kiara can. Ina and Gura are yet to do produce anything. Matsuri probably foot the bill in producing the song with Gura. The vtubers are also paying for their own singing and dance lessons. Heck, Moona dishes cover songs so we know she's doing shit in the background. Amelia.... I don't know what she's doing. What is she doing????

>> No.2931550

>trying to move onto Reine
Please no. Her regular SC memes are already teetering on the edge of pure retardation and Drake Electric Boogalo is already cringe enough
>Hydration Check
>Hydration Check
>Hydration Check
>Hydration Check
When will this fag realize that she doesn't read the message until the end of the stream?

>> No.2932153

Is supa sunday/thursday dieied??

>> No.2932522

Found the commie

>> No.2932946
File: 53 KB, 526x287, BB689865-6F52-411B-895C-11A0E4A182D8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I figured this would happen eventually. It's mathematically not possible to read all the superchats if they come in faster than they can be read. Not for one person in a finite amount of time. She has a life beyond her work, and she and HL have a right to change the service they are offering.
As far as I'm concerned, this is case closed.

>> No.2933317

But Mori never streamed on Twitch.

>> No.2933360

go back

>> No.2934019

"Noooo she doesn't want to spend six hours a week reading every single superchat on stream this is awful!"

Wipe your ears bro your mush pile of a brain is oozing out.

>> No.2934036

> Wait did this bitch just straight up say she won't even read her superchats anymore?

>> No.2934746

truly the most based holo

>> No.2934876

this goes against Hololive corporate policy. Be free to report her to Hololive.

>> No.2935059

No? She’s just cutting out 2-3 hours of saying “Thank you” over and over, but the good parts of Super Sunday will still be there.

>> No.2935145
File: 24 KB, 354x385, ina-smug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine being upset that your oshi doesn't read superchats.

>> No.2935157

jesus what a whore, turning her back on her fans like this

>> No.2935296

personally since zatsudan is my favorite type of content outside of karaoke/covers/original songs i'm kinda hyped for the new format.
but if you're super poor and can only afford like 5 bucks to superchat and you crave the neuron activation of hearing your name read out loud i can understand why you'd be sad (and pathetic).

>> No.2935412

This retard is the equivalent of clipniggers.
See >>2906117 and shut the fuck up.

>> No.2935581

it literally is a purchase of a service though
if you disagree, go ahead and try to claim your $500 akasupa as a tax deduction and see how that goes

>> No.2936167

Hell Ame's been at it long enough to know who her regular SCers are, she'll probably throw them a bone and thank them once per SC stream, she just won't read their names 12 times per stream. Like you said the new Supa Sunday format is still going to have all the good stuff it's just cutting down the filler that can make these streams 6-8 hours long.

>> No.2936231

With all the tech, I wonder if you can't just make ytcfilter group the SCs by user.

>> No.2936304

Cool. They're all simps

>> No.2936394

Good. Fuck superfags. Gura never reads them either.

>> No.2936928

I'm probably wasting my breath here but this is what is actually happening:
-There is still going to be a Supa Sunday (name might change)
-She is still going to still READ every SC she gets
-She just won't thank/read out loud every single one
If anybody actually watched her stream on Friday she still read a bunch of messages and thanked a bunch of people she just cut a bunch of the boring stuff that would have resulted in a 8+ hour stream (stream was only 4 hours long)

The whole thing is a nothingburger and a literal win:win for both Ame and Teamates

>> No.2936985

She's so entitled. EN was a mistake.

>> No.2937020

She doesn't need the money. That gives her more time to play games and create content. Ignore the dopamine that surges in your brain when she reads your message and be happy you get more content out of streams

>> No.2937062

honestly based fuck superchat niggers

>> No.2937120

>her part of it
She doesn't owe you anything bro, Cancer Research charities don't blow a kazoo and say "YO BIG UPS FOR THAT DONO, #FUCKCANCER!"

It's a donation, you're giving money for free, there is no obligation for the streamer to do anything unless they offer.

>> No.2937156

>I want to waste one stream/week on several hours of just reading people's names.

Kiara and Calli do interesting superchat streams but the rest don't. Why force it?

>> No.2937197

Ame is revolted by wheedling superchat cucks and excited by grey-name chads who take their entertainment from her for free.

>> No.2937245

I dunno, I think rather than the money the important thing is engagement. The whole point of watching a streamer live is that you have the opportunity to interact with them somehow. Otherwise you might as well just watch the VOD. Even if she's just going to read out loud the superchats that interest her, it's not a good idea to verbalize it since it's going to discourage people that lack confidence from trying to say something to her. Streamers can make something interesting out of dumb or unoriginal comments sometimes, so it helps with content occasionally too. This is coming from someone that thinks the streamers having to go "thanks for the superchat" every 5 seconds is annoying.

>> No.2937333

There's a reason Rushia is making $100k a month you lazy american

>> No.2937404
File: 122 KB, 311x275, 1618965531992.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Honestly if you donate to any vtuber you're a fucking loser lamo

>> No.2937572

Ame's SC streams are peak kino (check out the April Fools one) they just tend to go on for too long which is what the new format is fixing.

>> No.2937931

Agree with you, but she doesn't need money for this. She just needs to interact with her audience during talking streams and not just from superchats

>> No.2937991

I lost track of the times Ame has read my comments in chat, she relies on chat a lot which is why she tard wrangles them so hard.

>> No.2938024

Cry more, little bitch

>> No.2938135

Bro wtf, thanking each person sending SCs is the least any streamer should do. But it's not my money.

>> No.2938312

Too many people were committing fraud and taking advantage of currency abuse. I hope youtube closes their accounts.

>> No.2938418

>Unashamed ARS SC'er
>Risitas in nearly every post
>1000% self-centered bordering on sociopathic
Well my mind is blown. I am having trouble describing how much I hate this pic. Ame isn't my oshi, I rarely watch her, but she's damn based and right to put the kibosh on this faggotry.

>> No.2938704

>she's getting a bit lazy

Exactly how I felt, I really liked her after her debut, but now she seems so disinterested... it also doesn't help that her sleeping schedule is a mess.

>> No.2939458

$25k if it were a full time salary. Which it isn't.

>> No.2939614
File: 117 KB, 765x500, 1600729081945.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

are you sure about that?

>> No.2939628

>donating to a women with a boyfriend

Why would you ever?

>> No.2939823

We timelooping back to October?

>> No.2940168

None of the EN girls read all superchats like she did, not even Kiara.
Why would she need to do it? She is a 1 million vtuber, fuck faggots that donate 1 dollar and expect special treatment.

>> No.2940369

But Ame already has the best chat engagement from any of the holo. You can still talk to her even as a grey, SC & member do often get thank you in the middle of a stream & later she dedicated a whole stream for them, she sometimes engages in prechat, & something unique to her is that she sometimes goes AFK for several minutes & the chats do talk to each other.

>> No.2940515

>JENma wants me to play games games games and never improve my singing

>> No.2941062

>he whole point of watching a streamer live is that you have the opportunity to interact with them somehow. Otherwise you might as well just watch the VOD.
It doesn't take much brainpower to see that when there's an audience of thousands, all with an open line to the performer, that you're going to get drowned out in the sea of other people hoping for their own little slice of interaction.

If that's really what people want, there are hundreds of other vtubers out there who desperately want them as a viewer and for their supas as much as the viewer wants the attention.

>> No.2941632

I don't disagree that if just wanting attention is what you want, there are some really good streamers out there with really small audiences. But at the same time, people can't help liking what they like. Like this guy said >>2940369 , she does a good job trying to give attention to chat, and I am sure she's does go back and read the superchats afterwards. It's just that she has to be careful to not discourage people that might be depressed, shy, or unconfident from trying to reach out. I know a lot of people might say "she doesn't have a duty to bend over backwards to make people like that feel comfortable", but it's a nice thing to do for those who might only get that as some kind of positive human interaction. Her being part of the big time vtuber agency is more of an ego boost for whoever she responds to. So I think she's right in what she is actually doing, but has to be careful how she verbalizes it.

>> No.2946655
File: 11 KB, 119x119, 1608331024278.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2946724

Based. Fuck thos niggers.

>> No.2946732

She gets the least amount of superchats in HoloEN. That being said, she gets a ton during collabs and those are guaranteed to never be read at all.

>> No.2948608

But Kiara does thank even blue ones.
Not reading them out is a different matter

>> No.2948738

Remember when she wanted to learn Japanese?
Or write essays?
Or clean her room?
The problem is that trusting And is impossible

>> No.2953718
File: 882 KB, 4096x4096, 1617579320439.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Second favorite EN
>Doesn't watch her

>> No.2953754

Remember when you remember how to disable auto-spelling?

>> No.2953764
File: 370 KB, 615x900, 1605033581811.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, Reine's SCs is filled with niggers, but I try to send interesting topic starter SCs to her anyway. Or shitposts. I love shitposts.

>> No.2953812

Based. Supercucks begging for a crumb of attention is cringe as fuck.

>> No.2953934

my dick will play games games games in her pussy if you catch my drift

>> No.2953995


>> No.2954092

>ah! bon jovi omedetou~
>happy bawthday to you~~~~~
>happy bawthday to the 500th person in the past 20 minutes to SC meeeeeee
>happy bawthday toooo

>> No.2954096

People here like Ina because Asian bonus/calm and inoffensive/honorary JP bullshit.
Basically NPCs saying she's good because they're unable to make their own opinions yet.

>> No.2954105 [DELETED] 

>Calli do interesting superchat stream
Calli's is worse than if she didnt read them at all

>> No.2954142

I don't like this forced superchat culture. But this just makes ame a hypocrite. she profited off doing GFE and now suddenly she wants to quit. screams hypocrite to me

>> No.2954165

meds schizo

>> No.2954263
File: 1.35 MB, 3000x4000, 1613072634921.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck superchat readings
t. deadbeat

>> No.2954297

She does if they're funny or relevant depending on if she has enough time to read chat (while playing a game, this is as near-zero a chance as you get).

Her drawing streams are almost zatsudans.

>> No.2954319
File: 84 KB, 847x619, shoebill_owned_by_bbc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mad because a woman wont acknowledge you
I thought this shit was a meme lmao you niggas are sad

>> No.2954324

This might be the most retarded entitled opinion i've seen this year lmao. Imagine thinking this unironically

>> No.2954335

awwww, did simpy get his wittle heart bwoken cause his imaginary e-gf won't read his name anymore?

>> No.2954348

There's almost no one mad about this. 90% of the seething is from people who straight up hate her and want her to quit.

>> No.2954684

Holy shit this might be the most retarded thread on this board right now
>desperate anti-Ame samefag blowing up a nothing-burger
>brain-dead new and/or whiteknightfags taking every piece of bait he doles out

>> No.2955813

You forget to say you successfully baited everyone & thanks for the (You).
Jokes aside, misinformation will do more harm in a long time than taking a few baits.

>> No.2956651

She reads them on members only time to time

>> No.2956659
File: 122 KB, 546x491, 1611823559740.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

might aswell be watching twitch thots at this point

>> No.2959190

Wowie. This is.....both hilarious and sad....
Someone could write a nature documentary on this shit in here.....
>3-way debate between entitled SC cucks who clearly throw money just for some attention when Ame was never obligated to do anything for you in the first place. (SC money is clearly just a cherry on top for her, it means little to nothing with her salary)
>"Valiant" white knight cucks trying to defend Ame's every whim as if she can't do anything wrong as they go broke sending her the same NPC praise messages and becoming part of
the reason why SC readings are so long
>Third group of people who've probably never even watched much less donated a single cent trying to shit on everybody with the classic "Why would you donate to her in the first place" or "Fuck SCs anyways".

what a shitshow (oh and can't leave out the bait posters, thanks for keeping it going)

>> No.2959615

And the fourth guy which is just the first guy that just hates her & created the thread so he can shit on her & can't say anything after getting rebuttal so he is backtracking by saying he is just looking for baits. Just like what is happening in the global, except in this thread he is shamed for a longer time.

>> No.2962409

Playing (2):
>Super Mario Sunshine

Planned-Confirmed (2):
>There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension
>NieR Automata

Recurring Sessional (5):
>Apex Legends
>Story of Season [progess only-no long gameplay]

Finished (21):
>We Were Here Too w/ Ina
>Donkey Kong Country
>Donut County
>Mario Galaxy
>Smol Ame
>Titanfall 2
>A Short Hike
>Outer Wilds
>LA Noire
>Portal 2
>A Way Out w/ Gura
>Mario Odyssey
>Convenience Store
>Overcooked 2 w/ bitchin' kitchen
>Biped w/ Gura

On-hold/Collab (7):
>A Hat In Time w/ Ina
>PHOGS! w/ Gura
>Super Bunny Man w/ Kiara
>Journey to the Savage Planet w/ Gura
>Battleblock Theatre w/ Gura
>Surgeon Simulator 2 w/ Ina & Gura

Non-Completable/Collab/MMO (18):
>Project Diva
>AI Dungeon
>Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
>Princess Connect
>Cooking Simulator
>Heroes of the Storm
>Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
>Mario Kart 8
>Don't Starve Together w/ EN1
>Phasmophobia w/ Ina & Gura
>Secret Neighbor w/ EN1
>Left 4 Dead 2 w/ Ina & Gura
>Among Us
>Clubhouse 51
>Call of Duty: Warzone
>Counter Strike: Global Offensive
>Fall Guys

Other (5):
>Fallout 4 [NYE exclusive, finished before]
>Halo: Reach w/ Mori [permissions lost]
>The Coin Game [first date exclusive]
>osu! (mania) [copyright issues]
>Yasuhati / With your voice! [SC reading exclusive]

Dropped (4):
>Thief Simulator [dropped, kusoge]
>Witcher 3 [dropped, permissions lost]
>Limbo [dropped, finished before]
>Mo Astray [dropped]

Known Planned-Unconfirmed until they are on schedule:
>Donkey Kong series [not in 1-2 months]
>Mario series
>Ace Attorney series [Ina request]
>Doom series [after NieR Automata]
>Obra Dinn
>Kerbal Space Program
>Microsoft Flight Simulator
>CoD marathon [when she runs out of idea]
>Dark Souls [when she runs out of idea]
>Yakuza [wait for PS4/5]
>Rhythm Heaven [wait for WiiU]
>Zelda: Wind Waker [wait for WiiU]
>Mario Galaxy 2 [wait for WiiU]

>> No.2962459

>superchat readings for EN are dead after that guy's dead dog
Thanks flip bro

>> No.2962830

See, I find humor and fun in their responses. The tangents are nice, especially on games I give zero fucks about (re. More than half of them). Maybe that's why I like the chicken the most.

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