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What is /asp/?

A thread for aspiring vtubers! Whether your goal is to make the journey as an independent streamer or to gain experience and build a portfolio for agency auditions. Let's help each other grow and make it. Indies are welcome to selfpost, but shill responsibly. Share your knowledge, insights, feedback, discuss what has worked and what hasn't worked for you. And always remember to do your research before posting personally identifying information. That includes both in this thread and in your audition applications to agencies.

>Do I need a fully rigged model to be a vtuber?
Nope! You can get started as a simple .png character!

>I want to learn how to rig Live2D models, where do I go?
Brian Tsui (of Iron Vertex), Kira Omori and the official Live2D YouTube channels have many tutorials available.

>Where can I find artists/riggers?
vtuber.gg, ArtStation, DeviantArt, Twitter, Reddit, Skeb.jp, etc.

>I just want to get started, can I buy pre-made models?
Yes! Live2D models can be purchased off nizima.com (Live2D's official marketplace) or booth.pm (general Japanese indie artist website). Be sure to check compatibility with your facial tracking software!

>Where can I learn how to digital market myself?

>Where can I find some good games to stream?

>Twitch or YouTube?
The general rule of thumb is Twitch if your content is primarily based on livestreaming and YouTube if your content is primarily pre-recorded and edited.

>Do you think there's an audience for X, Y, Z content?
First, ask yourself if you would watch a streamer of your skill and experience. Second, do a check on social media and look to see if other streamers are already creating similar content. Don't limit yourself to vtubers, include traditional real life streamers to scope out a potential audience.

Pastebin Guides and Resources:

General: https://pastebin.com/AJLkFrGK
OpSec Guide: https://pastebin.com/uALiNZCV
Twitter Networking: https://controlc.com/9eba2fbc
"avoid doing this shit": https://pastebin.com/vbp6qEdt
Social media branding: https://pastebin.com/jVERSLqG
Take with a grain of salt Parasocial Guide: https://pastebin.com/zmpCResg
Hololive Auditions have opened up to males

Tsunderia Auditions have opened:

AkioAir auditions are opening very soon!

Stay grounded, stay hopeful

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1st for Sui

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link me someone /here/ that have diabetes in their stream tag.

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Stay home! Work from home!

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>redeem glucose level check

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When will my husband(wife) return from war

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Have a blood glucose monitor instead of a heartrate monitor for a mukbang stream

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You weren't satisfied with Luna?

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Ouhhh husbant...

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I don't think hands work that way

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Elite hands do.

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Playing Splatoon 2

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drawing myself

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Seeing Kuma grow and seem so passionate about vtubing makes me realise how much I suck at this

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Ok so this is going to be a strange question but why does live commentary always sound worse than prerecorded
Like you're watching a video and you can always tell when it swaps from narration to voice recorded while playing because it sounds different
I want to fake the sound of organic experience

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im done
im so fed up
life is so hard

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no one asked, neck yourself

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its not about necking myself
how will i ever destroy my enemys at this rate?
it impossible

so hard to be someone special )':

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>so hard to be someone special
I feel that

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Not gonna lie, just post your discord already so I can groom you

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guh 0~0
ok heres my discord


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/asp/ who are your best boys

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I love boys,...

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plese guys stop acting gay
stop it
it is so weird

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Nobody in the world is your enemy. You don't have anyone to destroy. Trust me when I say nothing you could possibly do will ever change that.

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of course i have people to destroy
take a look around
look and see all these degenerates and narcissists

they must be all dealt with
i will rise and they will fall

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ctrl c

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Boys? Playing Mahjong Soul!

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dog boy...

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They don't know you exist, they don't hate you, they just don't know and they never will. Please see the truth that you just want to be loved and cherished. I'm sure once you start streaming and gaining a following it will be good for you and you can move on.

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Holy quints of truth

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Impactful would be a better word than special.

Maybe you're doing the same thing over and over expecting different results without realizing it? I met someone who's streamed daily for almost two years now, but it's not much beyond them using their computer with OBS open and thinking out loud so there's basically zero return value. But hey, if it helps him keep structure and routine in his life it's not something to prod. Early adulthood is a period of self-exploration but most tend to want some sort of cause to fight for by 25.

Check yourself before you Shrek yourself. I only groom people with at least the initiative to message me first and reply when I reply, as far as DMs. It filters out those who aren't ready or just want to use me for gain. You'll get nothing but crabs and secret admirers here.

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They don't care about you whatsoever so why do you care about them? Unless you're trying to get taken care of by taking care of others, in which case see >>29030811

t. degenerate narcissistic megalomaniac

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wooow congratulations on the quints

>They don't know you exist, they don't hate you, they just don't know and they never will
well i hate them. they are the type of people that befriend you and then abandon you. i have come to a realizations. friends are a complete wast of time. I used to be pissed off i lost all my freinds at the start of high school. now im pissed off because i ever had them. if your reading this i hate you brady. i wish we never met in the first place.
this is how the world works. they befreind you and then they abandon you. well i wont play this twisted game any longer
i got where i am today out of loneliness, and this is the most powerful force in the world. powerful enough to move mountains so why would i want to give it up?

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>Maybe you're doing the same thing over and over expecting different results without realizing it? I met someone who's streamed daily for almost two years now, but it's not much beyond them using their computer with OBS open and thinking out loud so there's basically zero return value. But hey, if it helps him keep structure and routine in his life it's not something to prod. Early adulthood is a period of self-exploration but most tend to want some sort of cause to fight for by 25.
nah i havnt started yet cuz im saving up for yet. im voice training to get the girl voice and i need to kinda think about what my vtube character should be
ill probably steal it becuase im evil

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Streaming some Crash 4!

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>why would i want to give it up?
ask yourself this then, are you happy?

You may be able to harness destruction but it will be at the cost of creation. Hope is the only thing stronger than fear, you're about half right.

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ahhhh, im sorta happy
i happy right now ;3

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nobody said me

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Lance, but I'm also a tcg retard

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It's his birthday!
Say something nice about him!

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I know a /here/ streamer that livestreamed their suicide attempt and got 1 view. Mine got 1000+ views because I marketed it as "how to make money online saving lives".

I'd say you seem to have made up your mind already on your future path but by token of your reaffirming yourself by venting into the schizo voice your actions show otherwise. I will warn you though if you are expecting more attention because of embracing negative attention you're shit out of luck, every other day someone livestreams a mass killing and suicide and they are considerably more hardcore. Riding motorcycles on drugs in wrong way city traffic and swatting/doxxing yourself might sound fun and awesome, but I assure you as your body starts shutting down in physical function your instinct takes over and you literally shit yourself.

Results > Actions > Words
Good luck in your journey of self-discovery. We'll be here when you need to rest.

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the sloth "incline" is going to look like a pyramid on the graph

>> No.29036097

I hope you hang yourself and nobody finds your body for weeks, because you are unloved and nobody will look for you Visage

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idk who you are but you're cute for that post

>> No.29036652

look outside

>> No.29036649

>We'll be here when you need to rest
i do not understand

its not like ill kill myself or anything
thats cringe

>> No.29036779

>journey of self-discovery
shut up

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He likes Flandre Scarlet?

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thank u fren, but i cant post myself now because then people will say im begging for attention and i dont want people to think negatively of me :(

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saying cringe is cringe, edgelord heheh

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I have been hurt a lot too and I have been abandoned but I never thought about hating people or the world.

I guess this is the part of the anime where you tell me that surely I must understand how cruel the world can be. You tell me that we will rebuild this world together from the ashes. Except I refuse because everyone knows sadness and struggles in their own way. You tell me that's fine, I should hate you instead, hate has a stronger tenacity than love. I respond that I don't hate you, I just feel sadness for you. Angered and narrowing your eyes you ask yourself why are all kagutsuchi handlers like this?

Good anime anon.

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I'd think positively of you if you posted yourself regardless of dime a dozen crabs.

but then again I am the definition of an attention whore.

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cringe. all people are the same

>> No.29037401

guh 0~0
anon i am NOT being an anime villain
im not cringe everyone else is just weird
they dont make any sense

...fucking degenerates ;,<

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You know I like my Reimu fried
And cold beer on a Friday night

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What did YC do to get banned from Sloth's discord?
pesting or just nobody wanted to deal with his empty ramblings

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if he's trying to market himself to the Naruto community yeah. but those guys aren't really looking for relatability as much as they are for control over their lives in the form of power over others.

He'll be a fine lad if and when he makes it back from rock bottom.

>> No.29037867

insane but does not have money

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wanna jerk off together? to eachother or ourselves? I'll show you my feet if u become a vtuber.

hey hey pls respond u gonna become a vtuber now?

>> No.29038142

^He uploaded this and shilled it thru DMs

>> No.29038213

funny story
i showed my foot to someone

that was fun

he was all like "aaaaa >~< look at the soles aaaa >~< they are perfectttt" it was so funny

ill become a vtuber when i have the money (so like 6 months or something idk)

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no money because insane*

>> No.29038383

>he hit the imaginary paywall

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people like him exist and you immediately see the difference in behavior

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Anyone that associates with this schizoid is automatic dumpster tier that does not deserve to make it

>> No.29039282

100% convinced this is a bait now

>> No.29039393

Holy shit lmao

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thank u friend

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Oh right, I forgot that I have Dr. K's HG+ community if I want to groom people regarding mental health, as well as my actual friends. Healthy Gamer is the streaming corpo I've settled on putting my sights on as well as my work from home idea.

Oyasumi, /asp/, don't let the PTSD bite~

Sign ups for vtubers sing Lagtrain with animation will probably make it's way over here eventually. Ganbare, keep staying strong out there.

>> No.29039667

i legit dont even have a desktop
plus i need time to voice train and think about my plans and to build up skills
so it all works out at the end of the day

like, im typing this on a really bad laptop
perhaps i could make vids or whatever but this is reaaallly slow
belive what you will
that wont stand in my way of destroying my enemys

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Consider animated glowing effects, Azu has some for reference.

>> No.29039898

mmm tasty grilled fumo

also i have no idea how to do fancy effects on my stuff !! im probably gonna get an upgraded model regardless some time in the future!!

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See >>28959774 and stop making excuses for yourself, no one wants to hear it much less watch a stream with that energy.

>> No.29040379

Care to elaborate on who's that guy?

>> No.29040530

rich schizo. look up the name in the archives for some quality content

>> No.29040541

no that's the jignx persona, this one likes mothman

>> No.29040722

hey yellowcat, fucking stream.
A crab would want to pull you down and stop streaming, hence 'crabs in a bucket'. I'm telling you to do your thing and fucking stream.

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Commission your friends. Do what they can't and pay them above thirdie wage to do what they've always wanted to get paid to do. It's really simple as.

That was actually Live, aka streamed. Pretty based.

Show us then, how are you going to defeat and crush your enemy? You've exhausted my generosity and concern with words.

>> No.29040906

>i legit dont even have a desktop
kekw its over sorry go get a job and wage like the rest of us

>> No.29041018

ok finn

>> No.29041052

Guy who thinks he's a good person but in reality he's awful.
Will drop loads of money but will charge back all of it if you try to set boundaries.
Lethania, Callie, Veleck and Kitanya have already banned him from their twitch channel and twitter accounts, more chuubas are also banning his ass on the spot before he can even make a move.
Purity valentine banned him when he tried to push his luck.

>> No.29041077

>rich schizo
You'd think someone with a nice paying job wouldn't be dialing the suicide hotline over aspies

>> No.29041216
File: 1.91 MB, 1776x2482, __g11_girls_frontline_drawn_by_sinensian__d5f385219bebce26ea7d5fbd89b653a7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

who are you quoting?

Much appreciated, Don't worry, anon. I'm just taking a hiatus for some much overdue self care and self exploration. Art and music projects and addressing my health/benefits and the like. I just got a new electronic drumset and air conditioner, am ogeyyy.



Seen Dune 2021 yet? Or Paranoia Agent if you prefer anime.

>> No.29041347

He can definitely get autism bucks with his condition unless he gets hung up on some MUH SYSTEM bureaucracy type of self-sabotage, desu.

I was getting 1000$ a month for menhera hikkit NEET once upon a time. Spent it all on addiction though.

>> No.29041346

getting help from my friends is what im planning!! though the friend i wanted to commission has no way to accept money rn so im kinda stuck

>> No.29041600

my nama jeff

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Where there's a will there's a way, the primary artist I have onboard for Lagtrain only accepts game-currency. Thankfully due to my past efforts people still hit me up with 2bill gold to sell lmao.

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File: 722 KB, 1038x1451, Type_80_costume2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that was a good anime


Can we get some music and better vibes in here? This Zetsubou Sensei op/ed always gets my inspiration flowing.
What are you working on, anon?

>> No.29041937

I have insulin resistance, but not full-blown diabeetus

>> No.29042362

It is a troll but that doesn't mean he isn't unironically sick. Probably pathological is the word.

t. slightly less sick troll

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File: 1.27 MB, 2048x2048, Type_80_costume2_D.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.29042655

you're mixing people up, yellowcat is the suicide hotline schizo, the person in the screencap you're replying to is adrian, a known /wvt/ schizo

>> No.29042672

you got banned because you were annoying and people expected to be paid just to tolerate your presence?

>> No.29042970

best /asp/ artist?

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I believe the only enemy you need to overcome is yourself. I'd help you out, but I can only be your friend which seems like is not what you are looking for. If you ever change your mind, you can reach out.

>> No.29043170
File: 345 KB, 1000x1000, 077.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here, since you're a good person and I appreciate the encouragement. I accidentally burned my old mic lmao.


>> No.29043353

How bad is it being a lolcow. Im not talking WingsOfRedemption lolcow where people swat your house, but streamers that only exist to be bothered.

>> No.29043396
File: 1.73 MB, 1339x1667, FPOEwrQXIAUiNjL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

subjective but Miyo. pic related.

I have never paid anyone /here/ besides my mom and Miyo, tf are you smoking? I don't even membership to people on twitch/youtube. Unless this is a low effort x is a pedophile y is a scammer standard waste of my time.

>> No.29043511
File: 167 KB, 1920x395, overcomer_of_self.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gluten Tag

the fuck is a lolcow. kiwifarms made threads about me, but why does it matter in the slightest unless you're a girl who doesn't know how to hide fear when you get dildos in the mail.

>> No.29043777

he does it for free

>> No.29044126

a vtuber mod is more likely paying for the privilege to do it

>> No.29044294

just take the word vtuber out and things are far simpler. or replace schizo/buzzword/etc with "nigger".

>> No.29044511
File: 498 KB, 825x952, yellow_rrat_sketch.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

plus she likes it when people jack off to her art.


>> No.29044736

Stop procrastinating and finish your model.

>> No.29044865
File: 9 KB, 256x256, index13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not yet
it dosnt mattr
i wont waggie i live with muh parents
unfortunatly i do NOT have autism
beware of shiiiiit audio ;<

>> No.29044886

Dog because I prefer ikemen over coomerbait styles

>> No.29045002
File: 332 KB, 1334x2048, __original_drawn_by_nat_nim__e73cb4553e671ddcbf8737d659d470a7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're doing it wrong if you shill yourself whatsoever. The goal is to create a product that sells it self, something that people will share with others on their own and remember you for. To come back time and time again.

You'll be spreading yourself too thin, imagine if you had to hit up every viewer's DMs every time you streamed to let them know? Believe me I've tried it, though showing my 200+ unread DMs didn't really work last time I mentioned this.

That's what it means to go viral and to be work as a team. Leave advertising to the advertising department, as well as security to security.


>> No.29045212
File: 8 KB, 277x108, 1642701263185.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.29045274

>friends are a complete wast of time.
which one is it anon

>> No.29045357


>> No.29045424

stop giving advice
thats what the aspcord is for

>> No.29045729

oh, well i believe in both

i posted my discord here hit me upppp ^^

>> No.29045770

drop 10 gifted subs on sloth. They'll let you back in the discord for 1 month.

>> No.29045782

Self-promotion works and that's why people always recommend it above everything else. But self-promotion has a ceiling and it requires constant effort to maintain the effect. Most indies don't take time to create a better product because they don't take time for anything. They just play a game, promote their stream, and call it a day. How many streams are memorable? How many do viewers still remember this year? This month? Today? But the advice falls on deaf ears.

>> No.29046188

Zattwass so cutteee
drop the voice changer alittle

>> No.29046190

Self-love is important but this is too much.

>> No.29046355
File: 10 KB, 256x256, index6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ah <3 it was not a voice changer though

i suppose if you want to help me get it right you can add my discord. i just need a second opinion on how i sound

>> No.29046369

i remember some streams from male vtubers but of female vtubers i only remember the type of stream

>> No.29046484

Weren't you just posting the other day asking how you can make your voice perfect and impossible to clock?

Yeah, it ain't working, you're only making it worse.

>> No.29047308

making what worse?
how am i making something worse?

and also dats oki (: i have plenty of time to practice

>> No.29047412

I get the feeling that you didn't really pay attention to the advice you got and just went ahead doing everything you were advised not to do. Pinching your nose and talking in your normal voice is going to be more effective than whatever that attempt was.

>> No.29047595

very cruel anon
thank you <3

>> No.29047872

Aren't you trying to destroy everyone and I'm the cruel one for telling the truth?

>> No.29048548

Just drop the voice changer it's stupid

>> No.29048622

>/asp/ ruining a new talent chances.

>> No.29048633
File: 22 KB, 660x382, StreamTrend VisuallyAdjustedY(SeperatedByStream)d Sans77 Str 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I already showed you the stats proving how much she sucks at streaming
Except you didn't newfag. You showed the opposite in your own image.

In the trend line using YOUR OWN PERIOD we can clearly see that she was steadily growing for the selected period.
Keep in mind she had been AWOL for nearly a week before the 5th as well, and has been having issues interfering with her consistency this period (which you can observe as gaps between days).

This doesn't even illustrate my original point.
Point was that she has hit the 50CCV plateau, and while you can argue she won't necessarily be able to retain this momentum outside of this event, it's ironic that you posted something that is evidence to the contrary. The cringe retardation you posted is evidence she can grow on her own fine, and would suggest that she is more likely to be able to retain a larger portion of this momentum going forward in the future.
That is those who are successful relative to their level of absolute performance, are more likely to be successful at a higher absolute level than their immediate peers who perform worse at their current level.

You don't want to do it properly because it's self defeating and makes your mistake more apparent.
A self defeating gesture is oft avoided.

You're afraid of my TRIPS OF TRUTH and afraid of confronting your own self.
All this shucking and jiving to avoid confronting the fact that a basketball american like you is only good at impulsive violence.
Everything you've done smacks, absolutely smacks (JUST LIKE YOUR BIG GOOFY LIPS SMACK), of a complete lack of self awareness and so you can't confront yourself because you mustn't be wrong at all costs.

You are scared little schizos hiding from the big bad sloth, d'aww poor anons gonna cry, but sadly for you, sloth is inevitable.

>> No.29048764

By doing what? Shitty advice, advice only gets you so far its experience u want

Plus anons like to watch when you drop links here

>> No.29048797

Fine stream with that ridiculous voice and see what happens.

>> No.29048848

that is on the "talent". no one actually good comes here and has no understanding of what to believe or not. you can google the answer to literally everything that one would ask here

>> No.29048947

she has been shilling extra hard for the birthday event. wait a while before getting too excited

>> No.29049067

she has always had 50+ views on special events

>> No.29049287

The birthday stream numbers aren't included in the trend plot.
Either way, I'm sure she can keep the momentum, she's had so far minus the event stream.
I'd be more worried about her life circumstances and the possibility of her having to take a break from streaming in the near future.

>> No.29049466

Not that anon but I usually play dumb so I can go through the motions and get in the mood.

>> No.29049595

you also forget that she has been at this for a year and is not really /asp/. she made her first appearance on /wvt/ and unlike /asp/ chuubas she is fucking everywhere. she is on twitter and discord 24/7 and if that does not get you at least a couple viewers at least on a special event you should really consider quitting

>> No.29049652

holy tranny voice

>> No.29049783

I hope she makes it. Only another +250 ccv and it will be sustainable as a small streamer.

>> No.29049883

I caved and did the Tsunderia audition.
Will I regret this?

>> No.29049941

she might not have the talent but she is absolutely shameless and uses every possible tactic and way to promote herself and tenacity despite barely anyone supporting her. imagine if the average /asp/ie put half the effort in she does.

>> No.29050049

But do you have a budget for a desktop?

>> No.29050053

it will be fun if that happens and she gets to deal with all the clout chasers. the bigger you get the harder it will be to make genuine friends

>> No.29050083

you won't get in so nah

>> No.29050091

I put effort into my bits, and only my bits.As God intended.

>> No.29050118
File: 550 KB, 682x662, 1658070929530.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you Asian?

>> No.29050435

Remember to start some long story driven game and only play it once a month and go on hiatus if you so much as have a headache.

>> No.29050455

I don't understand why you guys keep over-analyzing graphs in the sub 100 range. If you want a serious discussion about what constitutes success then get real. Otherwise stop worrying so much about hobby numbers. As long as they're having fun who cares?

If you can see fractional viewers in the graph it isn't that serious.

>> No.29050576

more interesting than talking about fractions of change of someone that has thousands of views. they made it already so there is nothing to talk about

>> No.29050742
File: 36 KB, 148x160, 1644150426439.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Watch this, or we will let you learn the hard way as per your wishes.

Enjoy : )

>> No.29050794
File: 892 KB, 885x645, __akechi_kokoro_and_harry_callahan_tantei_opera_milky_holmes_and_1_more_drawn_by_saiko_dagashi__8625bbb57fcc1eec48c9ba9b61cbc886.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No, I'm SuiSei DDDDDDD

>> No.29050825
File: 74 KB, 945x633, 1632950176055.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pls gib suipiss

>> No.29050995
File: 67 KB, 250x265, 250px-Jarate.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sorry, I only have MissFushi, Beatani, and Kiki's piss in my collection. After all, who'd keep bottles of their own piss? (unless it has hallucinogens in it for recycling)

>> No.29051041

Then at least discuss getting from 0 to 200 ccv. It's too hard to take seriously when everyone is arguing about the massive incline from 1 to 5 to 20 viewers. Numbers that are just random noise on the matrix. Aim higher.

>> No.29051138

>fractional viewers in the graph
t. Fucking dipshit that can't read graphs
Read the only 'graph' in the entire thread again. If you weren't a fucking retard you'd realize the X axis is protracted such as to distend the numbers, but the plotted numbers themselves for the viewers are whole only. Sorry for being rude.

>> No.29051181

I'll take Bea's.

>> No.29051251
File: 13 KB, 277x108, 1658639754946756.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29051297

Was your stream memorable to you? First and foremost...

>> No.29051312

Good for sloth for getting views but man you people are sperging out too much. Make another thread.

>> No.29051317

Just give those trends another 9 years and you'll see.

>> No.29051424

Become risuna >>28946505

>> No.29051441

>did you not know half people don't exist omegalul
Are you a special kind of retard? All signs point to yes.

>> No.29051507

blurred default font vibe edit

>> No.29051648

when you get more viewers the generated y axis is not going to read 100.5, 500.5, 1000.5 etc

>> No.29051660

No, I'm Hispanic (hola, pendejo)
Oh, I unironically was going to ask for advice /here/ if I got in also story games feel kinda to play unless I've got some good audience engagement

>> No.29051740

kinda boring*
oops x3

>> No.29051786
File: 51 KB, 675x678, 1644658496643.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

well it does say (edited)

>> No.29051791

The only valid advice you can get here is grooming advice

>> No.29051908

i know that things will go bad eventually if i have a founders badge somewhere. everything is fine on channels where i don't have it but the badge is always a ticking time bomb

>> No.29052003

Tsunderia only hires Asians.

>> No.29052019

Are you a special kind of retard? All signs point to yes, but you can't read, illiterate faggot.
The one who pointed out 'fractional viewers' was the person I responded to who typed fucking nonsense about 'fractional viewers' (whatever that's supposed to be) like a dribbling moron (probably you because you're a dribbling moron as well).

So how about if you think fractional viewers is silly you reply to the right person next time, yeah?

>> No.29052098
File: 187 KB, 606x400, wowie!.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But I think I'm pretty hygienic... unless you mean something else?
Seriously? Damn, at least I can still save myself for something bigger

>> No.29052203

I think you're the only person that doesn't understand what was meant.

>> No.29052300

My god dude you need to lay off the weed. Fractional viewers don't exist. Half a person can't watch a stream. Unless you mean that a half-wit like you watches a stream and only counts for half a person.

>> No.29052309
File: 109 KB, 425x375, 1408999373559.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Tsunderia only hires Asians.

>> No.29052527

Don't worry anon, my bloodline will conquer them >:D

>> No.29052635

Although that's true I meant the Y axis (our dependent) which is for viewers in this graph.
Still not sure what you mean though, as if you just LOOK at the graph PLOTS all the PLOTS are of whole numbers only.

If you're referring to the tick labels, then what you're saying is basically true, but It's still not obvious what you're trying to point out.
Whether or not your tick labels are whole or fractional completely depends on how you choose to generate the final graph and the rules you use to do so. Technically you can have as many subdivisions on your axis as you want.

>> No.29052699

Take your medication.

>> No.29052719

Are you fucking retarded? I know that.
I'm saying that I'm not the one who brought up fractional viewers. That was the person I was responding to.

Can you not read?

>> No.29052855

Whatever is going on right now can't be good for your health.

>> No.29053845

i love this autism and hope that it becomes normal here

>> No.29053874


if you keep samefaggin retardation all over our general then its probably gonna mess up your bipolar disorder bro so worry about yours first nt other anons
the guy you are replying to was saying the graph doesnt have any fractional viewers as dots (i think)
but who knows what the guy who said the fractional viewers even meant
so you both should just drop it

>> No.29053891

there are no fractional viewers. these are imaginary things that start appearing when you start messing with averages

>> No.29054788
File: 24 KB, 664x384, StreamTrend ScatterLine16 Sans77 Str.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

First off, I don't disagree with anything you're saying.
Viewers is a metric that can only be counted in whole numbers.

I'm being accused of justifying fractional viewers, which I didn't do.
The post that started this discussion implied that my graph included fractional viewers, "If you can see fractional viewers in the graph."

>If we simply look at the graph in pic rel.

While yes it's true that the tick label on the left hand side under the y axis label for 'views' includes fractionals, e.g. 12.5, 17.5 and et cetera, the tick label isn't a data point and tick labels are only used to scale the information in a graph.
They do not necessarily relate to the plotted points at all.

If you look at the highlighted point in the graph (on the scatter line), you will see that it is a whole number, which is true of all the plot points in the scatter line.

The only other place in which we see fractionals in the graph besides the other axis' tick labels, is the trend line.
The purpose of the trend line though is not to plot the number of viewers (which are only measured in whole numbers) per stream, rather, it is the job of the trend line to show that a positive trend exists among a larger set of numbers for which a trend (positive or negative, or neutral) might be difficult to determine in human perception.

For posterity, the predicted change of the positive trend we see on the trend line (in this period) is roughly .350 from stream to stream.

>> No.29054832
File: 163 KB, 320x240, 76387.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well was fun, keep staying strong I guess. Do speed up those timeloops though.

>> No.29054918
File: 482 KB, 668x646, schizo_ecm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Okay, I read your post and am not going to deny or disagree with you.
I hope you feel better after posting that. Can we get back to discussing
/asp/ or more relevant topics calmly? Thanks.
Hello, I noticed you have a profile picture of a very beautiful (but also intelligent looking!) female anime girl,

and I am under the presumption that this goddess is you?

It is quite astonishing to see a female anime girl here in the

/asp/ Official Discord. I am quite popular around here in this server, so if you

require guidance, please throw me a mention with @ me . I will assist you at any hour,

day or night. And, before you are mistaken, I do not seek your hand in a

romantic way; although I am not opposed in the event you are interested in

me, as many women often are. I am a man of standard, and I do not bow to

just any female anime girl that comes my way, unlike my peers... So rest assured that I

will not be in the way of your gaming and socializing experience. Consider

me a Networking Referral Manager.. a companion, a partner, and perhaps we can enjoy some

video games together some time. I see you are a livestreamer? I am also an

aficionado and professional live-streamer VTuber on YouTube, so I would be happy to assist you in journey.

Platonically of course, unless you (like many others) change your mind on

that. I look forward to our future together (as friends and VTubers of course.)

Oh I'm sorry. I just looked at your channel I didn't realize you where a lady. (And a beautiful one at that) I try my best to respect women. Especially women in vtubing. As a matter of fact now I actually do agree with you. I'm sorry. Maybe you could even add me on Steam and we can play some games together. We could play GTA, overwatch, Minecraft, maybe even a little COD. Please add me, xXxChildMolesterxXx#1337. Sorry about my name. My cousin made it a while back. He is not a good person like me and does not carry my values.

Good day ma'am.
Also I PM'd you on discord. Take a look and lmk what you think.

>> No.29054973 [DELETED] 
File: 643 B, 180x180, 1644105535576.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


also take your meds is not an insult, stop perceiving it as one and take them ffs.

>> No.29055281

Are Nen, Lisa, Tomoyo, and Amiya all asian? Or is this just a meme that never went away?

>> No.29055822

I feel like when I sing it sounds too airy, is there anything I can practice to fix this?

>> No.29055882

Anyone familiar with a good system/software for mute chuubas? I know corpse uses notepad, and there's a few others who use private/proprietary software. Curious what would be available to a nobody like me though.

>> No.29056011

>some guy that has never chatted or even followed my channel subs to me
> at the end of the stream he follows and thanks me for streaming
>next day play a completely different genre of game
>see the same guy in user list in chat, just lurking for about 2 hours
>end the stream and he just thanks me for streaming again

Things like this make me happy that I got into streaming.

>> No.29056057

you don't have much going on in your life then

>> No.29056771

Ah yes, being gifted money by strangers, something only the most simple minded peasant could enjoy.

>> No.29058074

Jealous no one subs to you I see.

>> No.29058226

Imagine not having an immortal dog.

>> No.29058437
File: 4 KB, 300x88, destroyed iirevocably or whatever.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sheesh. Charlie just destroyed Rev.
Rev is my favourite /asp/ VTuber. Revbros not like this...

>> No.29058931

Good morning

>> No.29059406

Charlie tore sauz a new asshole. He’s a maniac.

>> No.29059624

The sexpest? Damn.
What if Rev is also a sexpest? VTuber sexpests uh oh.

>> No.29059834

Eventually Charlie will be the strongest sex pest killing VTuber.
Hopefully after he cuts his teeth on fuckmeat like Rev he'll be strong enough to take on groomers.
The final battle will be Charlie and Eraxs. Lord Eraxs, groomer alpha.

>> No.29060112

literally who
why should i give a fuck about yet another viewer in groomercord

>> No.29060470

This was a difficult post to read.
I barely know what you people are talking about at the best of times.

>> No.29060597

Why don't most of you leave the thread after getting affiliate? There should be a threshold where you are not considered /asp/ anymore, Or are you going to forever be /asp/?

>> No.29060675
File: 93 KB, 631x529, 1326659606034.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he thinks getting affiliate is hard/difficult/requires anything more than the mildest of effort

>> No.29060737

Once an aspie always an aspie.
Just because you've reached the most minor level of success doesn't mean you don't have more to aspire to

>> No.29060782

>Not /asp/
You can be affiliate as a 1view dude.
Literally post to twitter that you're trying to get affiliate as a vtuber and you can get it in a day.

>> No.29060914
File: 46 KB, 1049x558, aff.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You can be affiliate as a 1view dude.
literally and empirically wrong
>Literally post to twitter that you're trying to get affiliate as a vtuber and you can get it in a day.
No, you can't, unless you already went all-in on buying a fucking top-tier multi-thousand-dollar L2D model and rig
No affiliate isn't HARD, but you're taking it to the other extreme and proving you're a fucking viewer besides

>> No.29061020

Shouldn't aspies want viewers

>> No.29062008

You can only have sex with one aspie, if another anon has already taken them you have to pick a different one. Go.

>> No.29062208


>> No.29062331


>> No.29062400

Mazoku for wild sex
Ragdoll for happy marriage sex

>> No.29062644

you can do it anon dont give up.

>> No.29062648

Rena! My oshi!

>> No.29063066

There was an anon who posted their model here a few threads ago and I really liked it, anyone know if they're streaming yet, or who they are? Really curious about them lately. The model was basically a white-haired guy in full white robes, black pants and a huge white cape on the back, along with a sword, red accents and a lot of Fleur-de-lis emblems. Remember someone called them Ezio-kun lmao. They said they'd post links here yesterday, but there's nothing in the logs.

>> No.29063535

Wait a few weeks maybe. I remember him saying that he'll stream soon and post link here

>> No.29063610

You will never be a real Vtuber

>> No.29063653

To be fair I'm barely a vtuber to begin with lmao.

>> No.29063733

I just got affiliate the other day. Took about a month. It's really not a big difference and I still feel like a total newbie to this whole thing.

>> No.29064254
File: 207 KB, 500x473, 1632698992212.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>being a vtuber

>> No.29064813

who is streaming?

>> No.29064876

only eraxs

>> No.29064947

wait xia left the aspcord? what's the rrat?

>> No.29065132

She graduated so she's not an aspiring vtuber anymore

>> No.29065234

Tsunderia new gen.

>> No.29065456

always eraxs

>> No.29065651

ok finn

>> No.29065704

ok finn

>> No.29066071

She became viewer-chan

>> No.29066317

probably going back to normie life and deleting everything
she really was too normal and that’s what helped her excel, just winging it and doing with drive and talent to back it up

>> No.29066454

lmfao so we're going to pretend her chat wasnt mostly orbiting retards from a discord that selects a new fotm obsession? current obsession: jester

>> No.29066776

always me anon, always me

>> No.29067064

nah she actually had viewers watching her which is something asps don’t get

>> No.29067138

A lot of the recent aspies have non /here/ regulars in their chat, but of course you don't know that.

>> No.29067922

why does that make you seethe so much?

>> No.29068141

Which ones?

>> No.29068247


>> No.29069000

I remember a certain aspie getting like 8 viewers which jumped to 20-25+ when the discord was made kek. the real purpose of that discord is to inflate numbers

>> No.29069858

Drop names you fucking coward.

>> No.29070523

i cant i was making it up

>> No.29070766

I was getting 8 viewers and then joined the aspcord and ended up getting less. It truly is a sad state of affairs

>> No.29070929

I had around 5-7 viewers and then started using twitter and calling myself a vtuber and how I get 10-15 lol

>> No.29071281

would a sm58 with a XLR to USB cable be decent or should I get an audio interface from the start?

>> No.29071360

any usb or xlr mic starting out is fine.

>> No.29071745

oh? well sure. I have a job now and i dont have to pay bills
;< lameeee
i dont want to sound like a stinky troon
<3 it dosnt matter anon
i just haveta try harder >:)
i need to make it beter

>> No.29071886

>new talent
aaaa sorry
i dont think im so talented at anything
im shiiiit aaa

no. i am not talented
itll get better
give it liek a couple months i have plenty of time =3

>> No.29073490


This is usually due to the fact you are not trying to project your voice.

>> No.29073640


Anon unless you want to be clocked on stream please take some time to do more voice reps your pitch is giving you away and also your voice is too heavy. Do some false fold/larynx reps.

Join the discord there are people there who will be willing to help you.

>> No.29073667

If the 4chan chuuba shitposting thread ruins your chances then you should've thrown in the towel a while ago.

>> No.29074842

groomed too hard

>> No.29075224


>> No.29076658

Everyone should wear cute outfits
Yes, even the guys.

>> No.29076721

good morning everybody! or evening, wherever it is you might be :) i think i might take the advice someone gave me last time and stream today, please look forward to it!

>> No.29076795

Hey nice but drop a link will ya

>> No.29077045

How can I look forward to your stream when you don't drop the link bruddah

>> No.29077130
File: 1.07 MB, 612x816, unknown.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29077169

oh, i was going to post link when i went live. i'll be live at 1pm est https://www.twitch.tv/nekolattecatherine
i haven't set stuff up yet orz

>> No.29077279
File: 629 KB, 1328x968, cute.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29077312

Damn a fresh account. Don't stress too much and have fun kiddo

>> No.29077637
File: 31 KB, 640x423, FT0d6x9UYAAxoPE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29077687

why do you type like a retard?

>> No.29077756

where do you think we are

>> No.29077940

bros take me back to 2004 :(

>> No.29080220

why is everyone schizoing about Sloth

>> No.29080342

Affiliate and even partner aren't the goals anyone should be aiming for. If someone is aiming for them then their aspirations are too weak. Defining the arbitrary threshold as when a company tries ruining your content with ads is not the move.

>> No.29080446

They are intermediate milestones, not terminal goals

>> No.29080479

Actual autism is only funny the first few times. Then you realize it never shuts up and keeps ranting and raving about shit nobody else is fixated on. It's the guy you have to keep banning from your chat because he always goes off the rails then makes a new account.

>> No.29080628

she has been shilling hard everywhere

>> No.29080693

Only if you want them to be milestones. Better beginner milestones would be your first 100 subs, 1000 subs, 10k followers, 100k followers.

>> No.29080764

It's just one guy and the yellow fellow. Then everyone that keeps replying to them.

>> No.29080977

and this is how i live rent free in your heads forever. been gone over a week few times and when i come back to check the archives you all are still talking about me

>> No.29081017

>Beginner milestone
>100 subs
post your sub points bro

>> No.29081080

True, but they're built into the Twitch meta and have a more tangible impact on your channel i.e. redeems, emotes, guaranteed transcoding, checkmark clout etc. They are well defined filters that don't necessarily mean much on their own but provide some measure of progress and standing in the Twitch community

>> No.29081101

>I'm not here
>but also I just happened to check somewhere else and then replied in under 5 minutes
Can't make it up.

>> No.29081163

in the past idiot.

>> No.29081337

It's just Twitch gamification. Even as a viewer you probably have had Twitch ping you once or twice about starting your way on the road of milestones. Don't fall for it. These are not the milestones you should be setting for yourself or rather you shouldn't let them set these milestones for you.

>> No.29081431

Maybe you should take an actual break. It would be good for your mental health to not be so dependent on getting mentions.

>> No.29081489

Effort is hard

>> No.29081714

probably. like i said i have done it in the past and just few days of not seeing this vtumor shit made me feel great

>> No.29081733

Who is the designated mating press /asp/ie?

>> No.29081823

>two days ago talking about how much he loved Sloth
>now she's a tumor and he hates her
What went wrong?

>> No.29081966

I don't know what your problem is. I take breaks from 4chan weeks and months at a time. I don't spend time checking the archive or coming back to more drama about myself. Somehow something you're doing is causing this rather than it all being an innocent coincidence. That just doesn't happen.

>> No.29081984


>> No.29082114

How was her ccv today? Did it go up confirming the trend or can we say the case is closed?

>> No.29082121

All i know is i hate the blue yeti

>> No.29082134

Who the fuck even are you
4chan is anonymous you psychopath
I am you
Prove I'm not

>> No.29082291

its not like that. i still love her but i felt like its better to keep some distance.. the way she talked with me really fucks with my thoughts

>> No.29082430

Usually when someone is called schizo I tend to take it with a pinch of salt. Holy shit, seek help.

>> No.29082519

Stop talking to yourself

>> No.29082699

Not being mean to her or anything but she frequently talks like she needs adult supervision. How does that fuck with you unless you really are a groomer?

>> No.29082775

Gonna be streaming some more ds3 here in about 10 minutes. feel free to hope on by again. https://www.twitch.tv/kumavennas

>> No.29083400

i'm live!! https://www.twitch.tv/nekolattecatherine

>> No.29083579
File: 5 KB, 254x103, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ffs you dork.

>> No.29083656

>follower only chat
growing pains lmao.

>> No.29083740

At least it's not phone verification

>> No.29083780

>followers only chat
>audio all fucked
Not sure if dumb or genius.

>> No.29083797

not that.. i think. i was just watching her and chatting on pretty much every stream before anyone on this site had any interest in her.. i really don't think that its anything special but maybe thats just me. i think that the attachment issues were mutual here.. at one point i would say that it would probably be better if i left and she would freak out over it and she also says really nice things all the time.. im really not used to anyone caring about me at any level so i haven't known how to handle this kind of stuff. before this vtuber stuff i would really only socialize on various imageboards and occasionally on irc

>> No.29083825

Watch, don't talk.

>> No.29083895

The female bonus is fuckin real lmao.
>First stream ever
>Sub par audio
>Followers only chat
>Doesn't know her way around her settings
>Has 10 viewers and anonymous white knights

>> No.29083904

First stream scuff is a tradition

>> No.29084188

viewercord tier post

>> No.29084256

Yes, they will do all the talking in Discord for you

>> No.29084266

you still need to get yourself known. i have been searching through the 0 view sections and there are plenty of real females there

>> No.29084328

That's fair. She did do the right thing by generating buzz, even if it's just amongst us.
Shit, 10 views.

>> No.29084565

yes, posting here can be a good initial boost. you get the usual 10-20 viewers but if you want to grow beyond that you have to do more than just drop your link here

>> No.29084575

The thing is that you can never really know what someone else is thinking. Maybe you're too eager to explain how she's reacting in a way that matches what you want. Being first to watch doesn't really matter. Streaming platforms aren't dating websites. Let me put it another way. If she really cared about you like that then she would have stepped in and cleared up the misunderstanding. It might not have been all your fault at the start but at this point you need to move on. Just don't get attached to fans or to entertainers in the future.

>> No.29084657

I dunno, I feel like if it were a maletuber he probably wouldn't have 10 viewers from here.

>> No.29084703

>Follower only chat
yeah hard pass

>> No.29084843

Thread and discord viewers don't count. They artificially get you above 0 viewers and save you from talking to nobody. They don't indicate real growth or a real buff.

>> No.29084881


>> No.29084909

Why do you repeat yourself so much

>> No.29084980

Yeah, a male doing the same thing might peak at 4 if hes lucky. Would probably spend most of the stream at 1 viewer.

>> No.29084984

Learning how to talk to yourself and keep energy up with low viewers is really important though. It may be detrimental in the long run for her to not have to experience the growing pains of 0-2views.

>> No.29085033

Maletuber here. Planned and shilled my first stream on twitta and the discord and peaked at 11 viewers. It is how it is.
Not crabbing on the new girl, she seems nice and is pretty good at talking.

>> No.29085161

Maletuber here. Planned and shilled my stream on twitter and disdcord and peaked at 11. Next day I was at 2 viewers.

>> No.29085180

I watch guys that post their stream too but I don't watch everyone with overlapping streams. I also filter on games so maybe guys pick boring games that don't interest me like league or apex. I don't select on whether someone is male or female.

>> No.29085277

First poster here. This is also true lmao

>> No.29085327

I wouldn't say that necessarily. People that got into streaming after being popular on other platforms had no trouble that they never talked to fewer than 100 viewers in their life.

>> No.29085454

fotm has arrived

>> No.29085479

Yeah, I know I went from talking to a microphone to talking on Twitch. Still had to deal with talking to nobody for a while but that was before I thought to ever, you know, tell anyone I was streaming.
I spent a long time relying on Twitch's discovery. I'm terminally retarded.

>> No.29085665

This is what pure success looks like. She's already at 2 followers up from 0, that's more than ∞ growth factor right there. The incline is off the charts.

>> No.29085817

Truly she's the next whatever big popular vtuber.
I don't know any popular vtubers.

>> No.29085921

No you're not. You can get an initial boost if you market a lot but you can't sustain on hype alone. If your content is mid when you hype then your numbers are going to be mid for a long time when the dust settles.

>> No.29085969

Practicing your voice reps can work

>> No.29086078

i know and that really bothers me. i like having an understandable explanation to anything that happens.
if she still decides that she wants to talk with me i wouldn't stop her but i doubt that she would after this and i will absolutely not be reaching out to her so you all will probably get what you want

>> No.29086130

fr fr

>> No.29086234

and the girls could experience this too. people are of course likely to come check out a new streamer but once they know what it will be they may not come back

>> No.29086437

I doubt a female could peak at 2 in the same way. At least not after advertising to a bunch of groomers like here.

>> No.29086445

So now that Hololive has 24/7 auditions, how long should you wait to audition again after being rejected?
I guess before you could do a new try each announcement, but now how long should you wait? Once a year/after the new gen is presented?

>> No.29086752

In the end in life all you can do is change yourself. Maybe doing that suicide hotline stunt wasn't the best move. Me telling you that might have no effect. Just like you thinking about what other people might or might not do is not going to change anything. Focus on improving your craft instead.

>> No.29087093

yeah true. i should go outside more.. its an incredibly effective way to improve mood but making it there is the hardest part when you have no motivation to do anything

>> No.29087497

I will click the x on squeakers and watch a guy instead. The problem is usually not the gender but the typical behaviors associated with the gender. If a guy is playing league and saying /pol/ stuff I will click x just as fast. How much is really because of gender and how much is because of the choices chuubas make?

>> No.29088341

this is true. i enjoy many male streamers because they do interesting things and are genuinely interested in what they do. i do not enjoy female streamers that seem to have gained an audience only because they are female

>> No.29088429

Arturo Calderón

>> No.29089061

Already down to 5 views. I thought she was supposed to be surpassing 20 viewers by now. Was the female buff a lie and it was just a blip of thread watchers curious because anons kept bitching about her?

>> No.29089259

I've got 8 on my screen.

>> No.29089277

Still better than a male would get

>> No.29089310

Better than me on my best days

>> No.29089417

The wild fluctuations when your viewership is so close to 0.

>> No.29089429

Why does nekolattecatherine sounds like Cublala

>> No.29089671

one was me, I took a peek out of curiosity and then closed the stream after the silence and hearing her uwu voice.

>> No.29089778

When you're used to counting your viewers in single digits, losing one or two people tends to be something you notice.
I've stopped looking at my viewercount, just checking my average at the end of each week.
Even if I like a voice/personality I'll ditch if the game isn't interesting. Unless the voice is REALLY nice.

>> No.29090097
File: 76 KB, 209x196, 1647952131035.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good morning, arsepees! I hope you're synthesizing Vitamin D sufficiently.

>> No.29090145

>real females

>> No.29090159

>rants about female buff
>makes a big deal out of it
>drives everyone to look
>"this is proof"
Is masochist the right word? I don't think so, but in short you're doing it yourselves. If you don't like it then stop doing it.

>> No.29090179

Good morning hag corrector! I hope you're having a good day

>> No.29090378

sorry about the schizoing sloth. it just felt necessary.. things would only go more into the wrong way if i didn't do this

>> No.29090416

you’re not a woman is why

>> No.29090837

Feel blessed waking up to Alker's karaoke

>> No.29091401

maybe if i get another outfit o//o
let's gooooo

>> No.29091419

You're either retarded or female, same difference

>> No.29092338

Can twitch IP or Hardware ban me?

>> No.29092350

>she forgot to enable VODs
Heh, rookie's first mistake

>> No.29092417

Guess I missed the show. How was it?

>> No.29092437

Why doesn't this come preenabled. And clips. Why do I have to do such and such to have clips made.

>> No.29092444
File: 26 KB, 720x120, image_2022-07-24_123621989.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh shit. Another vtuber moving in on my territory!

>> No.29092504

hah, I was going to tell her to review her vod so she can check if she liked her audio levels. It wasnt bad for a first stream though.

>> No.29092736

happy to see that you got to find another Disabled chuuba

>> No.29092857

It okay for a first stream, everyone too shy to chat yet she barely had dead air.
Volume was fine too, she only screwed her chat overlay that was invisible