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Yeah, Tempus didn't do as well as they expected.

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This is the reason Nijisanji will be better than Hololive.

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>Acting like anyone expected them to do well
Do nijifags really?

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How well did they expect Tempus to do then?

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Don't use my wife to shitpost.

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Still a l for your black corp

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Good. Maybe they will stop trying to destroy their company by turning it into another Nijisanji.

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>still makes nijitroons sethe
why are nijikeks so desperate to be assblasted, peak faggot mentality

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Maggots been real quiet

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>black corp
but that's niji

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Rent free

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Tempus is doing way above expectations so far honestly.

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Shit bait. Made by Nijishits of course.
>Hated by Idolfags
>Hated by Reddit
>Hated by 4chan
>Hated by Niji Fujoshits and yumehoes
>Employers fuck up their designs big time
The design reveal was so horrid that it warrant a seal of death
No one expected anything. everyone united for a moment to shit on them. and yet here we are. saved by their bits of personas shown in twitturd.

Handicapped so hard early, and yet they still prevail and will likely get 100k before the end of the month.

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Where is Selen's outfit? or An*color will keep shilling Luxiem and new waves instead of taking care of their older waves?

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At least 100k subs but they aren't even close to that LOL

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>he thinks OP using a nijisanji image means they are a nijifag

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VOMS culture in shambles
774 thriving

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You're good the way you are Fatsuki.

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Bitch please, you guys were acting like paid troons employed by cover.
Barley been a week and you faggots are worse than Chumkeks, Dradcucks and Iryskeks

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Dont use my male oshi for shitposting faggot
I hate corporate cocksuckers from both sides, Coverniggers and Anycolorfaggots

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Where is IRys new costume?

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Bro the Homos did way better than anyone could or would have expected. Have you ever even looked at what that branch is like, numbers wise?

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The holobromies have testicles in their head instead of a brain. Pls understand.
They always play the victim.
First they shit post, then fail and play the victim

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Sup Nijinegro

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Rent free.
Holy shit
No wonder people hate holobromies(and I myself am a Holofan who hates people like you)

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>IRyS was an outcast since it was a solo debut from an expected Singing Vtuber for Hololive
>Both Council and Myth have their outfits
>Some of them have even more than one
Dont try to defend Niji management when Lazulight and Obsydia are FROM THE SAME FUCKING recruitment group
Worst part is that Selen CAN commision her own outfits, she told us about it in the past but she cant until Anycolor deliver the one that its free
Fuck you faggot

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>Ennafags are retard
More news at 6

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Nijiniggers thiking they've achieve something with this thread

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Not paid. Hate the fact Cover released them. But don't act like anyone had any expectation for them.

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Ohh no no no Bromie, you cucks don't realise that everyone in Hololive is unhappy.
Just look at the streaming hours and tell me your girls are happy

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Considering they didn't even have slowmode activated we can asume they expected around 300-500 ccv and not 41k

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Yeah but you fuckers overhyped it and started shitting on Niji and Vshojo.
Your toxic fanbase deserves it

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Oh theyre very happy, they dont have to overwork to keep themselves relevant. They'll always be relevant in the grand scheme of things. HAHA!!

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>Ohh no no no Bromie, you cucks don't realise that everyone in Hololive is unhappy.
Ah yes, Kiara and Amelia are clearly unhappy making covers and projects because they hate were they are... same with the ID girls right?
>stream hours
I will not deny this but there is clearly a difference between Myth and Council... ones that actually try and ones that applied to get easy money without doing shit
Dont try to move the goalpost retard

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>Suddenly holobronies like tempuss just to take a diss on nijiniggers
All off you are cucks and the tryhard forced memes is unfunny kys

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Anonchama, we are talking about Hololive. Not your zang organization

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made you reply kek

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>dragoon siding with hololive
every fucking time

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>Gura and Ina have streamed less in the last 5 months than Kaela and Koyori did last month

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Naa, they ar either just character less people who don't care about their fans or are simply unhappy and have lost teh passion for streaming.
Example, Gura
Yeah you keep telling that to yourself

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MagSHIT DesMUTT will never be a good streamer.

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I hope their oshi gets fucked by the guys on stream this time. I wanted the boys to succeed to make bromies seethe, but the Tempus fandom is no better

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>Implying it's a real dragoon

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Selen outfit doko?
She will have her birthday and she will still be outfitless
>>>>> Kaela
Thats unfair, i think that only Selen or Elira could match her on stream hours

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I don't know who the fuck are those magni shits are. I agree they fucking annoying, but I will not acknowledge them as part of fanbase. I think they just shitposters that decided to make this board unusable.
Iluna deserved to be shit on through. 2/3 of them had most cringiest tweets I ever seen.

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>Just look at the streaming hours and tell me your girls are happy
??? They're happy fucking their boyfriends instead of streaming and dealing with the
incel losers that's for sure.

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What do you mean? 40k live is more than any Nijisanji member.

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But he is already a better streamer than all your Niji En manwhores

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Im very real, it just that im not a corporate bootlicker like the main thread faggots

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The debuts got more viewers than the Lushitem debuts

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>Be Noctyx
>Get carried on the success from Luxiem thereby giving them 70k liveviewers for their debut
Imagine getting served success on a silver platter and pissing it away by being shit streamers... Such a disgrace

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They didn't do as well as Niji expected

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>Iluna deserved to be shit on through. 2/3 of them had most cringiest tweets I ever seen
Unlike your Holoshit, Nijisanji tries to release a Vtuber for every demographic.
So stfu.
Also, don't pretend your girls are pure and shit.
IRys, Mori and Bae talks about wanting to be railed having dicks

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Firstly none got 70k.
They would have gotten 100k plus if it weren't for the main channel overlap.
Second, Fulgur had like 30k viewers for an unarchived Karoke today
Also, look at the superchats.
Our boys are mogging all of Hololive

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Firstly, I am from Pakistan which is not even sea. So take that American burgers in the ass

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So ESL he doesn't know what ESL means

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Holo talents are quitting left and right. It's a terrible environment there.

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I asume you don't watch streams?

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Poo in the Loo, Pakistani IRyStocuck

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What's wrong in having English as your secondary language you burger?
How many languages can you speak?

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>I am going to ignore more Nijisanji members than Hololive members have quit, because I am a retarded Nijinigger
Kill yourself

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I speak the language of freedom. You speak the language of goat fucking and child raping
We are not the same

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No one watches whore Vtubers here. Lmao

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I'll reply for him:
In principle? Nothing. But, as you are on a primarily English speaking website and are attempting to communicate in English to boot, you could at least make an effort to actually acquire the skills to properly communicate.
t. also an ESL that speaks 3 languages

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I think you meant Indians.
Because Indians are the only ones in south Asia who watch IRyS

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Weren't these the most watched homostar debuts by far?

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Yeah, because you guys worship cuckoldary

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If statistic are true, he speaks 0,7 languages.
So either it's between 1 or 0. very rarely they speak 2 languages

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Yes, both streams broke the Holostar records. Which isn't saying much since Holostars is a fucking joke. Which is even more hilarious that people feel the need to compare to them. It's like saying you're doing better than NijiID

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>Unlike your Holoshit, Nijisanji tries to release a Vtuber for every demographic.
So they decide to target retard demographic next? Makes sense.

>> No.28957289

>there's a difference

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Anonchama, he is calling IRyS a whore on one hand and on the other hand you are Calling him an IRyStocrat.
Are all Holobromies this dumb?

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What's NijiID

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Ughhh yes as an Indian I am offended that you will consider Pakistani people as IRyS fans. Especially the ones who are spreading misinformation.
It's like saying the Taiwanese and Chinese are the same

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They’re honestly doing better than I expected.

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>It's like saying the Taiwanese and Chinese are the same
No seriously though, is there a difference?

>> No.28957520

CCP Drone
Actually likes freedom and its more westernlike

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>niji member stops streaming for couple months
>comes back just fine
>holo member slows down streaming
>is given the *choice* to retire

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So what's the difference between India and Pakistan then?

>> No.28957624

I have no plan to watch them so I can't even judge if this thread is true.

>> No.28957646

One is a Muslim state other is a Hindu state.
That's the major difference I think

>> No.28957678

Their religion and Pakistan being a little more civil... not by much but still better than shitting on streets

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You people aren't very bright.

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>Pakistan being a little more civil...

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>he fell for the spammers bait

>> No.28957791

>not by much
I mean... yeah

>> No.28957860

Anon, Pakistan is actually is one of the most intolerant countries.
I mean i don't want a 3 day ban here, but just check their Terrorism history

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Nice headcanon

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Pakistani people are already worse for me for shiting (not literally) on IRyS

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>everybody expected them to not even get 10k
are you some retarded 40 yo zhang fujo auntie?

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>Enna fag and being a retard
Name a more iconic duo

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I think they expected way worse

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>95 / 23 / 37
25 IPs are from the same Discord server "fighting" each other to generate replies. If you still participate in this, you're a moron and should kill yourself. If you got riled up, you're also a moron and should kill yourself.

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Sounds to me like they were really as shit as you say they were, and that you're currently banging your head against a padded wall going LA LALA LALALA

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Can falseflagchads stay, SageWithAnImage-chama?

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Kill yourself, don't falseflag with my oshi he'd get along just fine with the Magman

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The has not once been, in the history of /vt/, a good post with a nijien pic.

>> No.28959743

There has not once been, in the history of /vt/, a good post

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Anon Sana’s roommate is going under a hiatus to. She’s going under the knife for her back.
I wouldn’t be surprised if se graduated so she actually could on her own terms and not do it while paralysed and be unable to do anything.

>> No.28962773

Streaming isn’t the only things these girls do dumbass

>> No.28962848

You're a funny guy anon.

>> No.28963046

Super chats mean very little at the level they are at
If the super chats make up the bull of their income something has gone horribly wrong

>> No.28964959

This is exactly the sort of thing enna would do.

>> No.28965105

Dont falseflag with my second oshi bird wife. Magnus Deez is a better entertainer than all of the nijiEN males and I'm going to watch him even though I havent touched a single HoloEN channel since a year ago

>> No.28965774

Lol pakistan is a bitch infront of China. You fuckers literally deep throat Chinese cocks.

>> No.28966052

Indians are more popular and actually achieve something other terrorism.