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A thread for the discussion of the collector of kitties herself, Mori Calliope, and the members of her extended universe.

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inb4 kawaiiope poster

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at least commit with Kollektor, anon.

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I Love Mori

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Mori, I want to see you one day. Thank you for giving me a reason to stop sitting on my ass procrastinating.

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Are you the same retard who didn't understand how alliterations work before, or are you a new one?

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Based kawaiiope poster

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I want to marry Mori Calliope and have many children with her!

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>Mori, I want to see you one day. Thank you for giving me a reason to stop sitting on my ass procrastinating.

Speaking of which, has FT announced the reschedule?

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Not at all, I just thought it'll be catchier.

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Polka is a bit too far down the rabbit hole but I would like to see stuff like this from Mori every now and then....

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Same, m8. Same.

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>He's forgotten all of Mori's "I'm not leaving you! I would never leave you!" quotes.
Sure, not quite as intimate, but she's gone in that direction in her own way.

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I don't think I would like it if Mori started having fits of depression like Kiara or Polka
Deadbeats need to prevent that at all costs

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Trust me, mori has those bouts of depression. She just generally keeps it off stream. She seems to be the sort to get attacked by her own thoughts when not much is happening.

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Mori cutting ASMR when?

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>Ame and Mori watch Madoka Rebellion when?

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Thats how independent people are most of the time, the only time i got so fcking worried was when she got a bit emotional and almost cried on stream when kiara said "you can talk to me anytime"

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>Mori 2hu (music) doujin review when

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>He wants his hard-working, inspiring oshi to turn into a needy menhera
Kill yourself. Or find another emotional crutch so you can continue wallowing in your own inaction. Mori loves her deadbeats. She will never love (You) as individuals.

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As much as having mori be super yandere reliant on us would be fucking amazing, the truth is Mori has far too much going on in her life and two many different aspects of her life to become that dependent on us. Its a good thing.

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>tfw no qt lonely gf to vibe to Foggy Building with

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nyalliope meowri...

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Legit my first thought was
>Nyanners and Kiara? Weird pairing, but alright, I guess it's kinda cute

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Do not give the cat wine.

Nope, just a reaper-kitty and birb-kitty.

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this but transparent

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Vocaloid covers...
Did she actually forget about them or what

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I didn't know a women like Mori could have a personality as hot as her rack

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The huge rack only compliments her personality rather than the other way around.

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I don’t even notice it anymore. I often find myself just closing my eyes and listening to her voice. I can’t wait until that relaxing ASMR to fall asleep to. I hope it means more whispered songs.

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>there are women as amazing and perfect as Mori out there
>you don't know them
>they're not your gf/wife/mother of your children

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>lying in bed listening to her soft voice as she draws, imagining you're lying in bed (with Mori) listening to her soft voice as she draws

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Is someone gonna make an arcade stick for her guilty gear streams now too?

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The current affection Mori has for deadbeats is quite enough in my opinion. She loves them and is happy that she can lift people up and we lift her up too.

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Depends on how many guilty gear streams we're getting. Personally, I just hope it looks different from her other accessories. Maybe something made from bone or looking similar to her scythe rather than being based on her clothing like everything else

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She's just like me...

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>suisei is practicing her english so she can shitpost on not!/morig/
It all makes sense now

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>she might be shitposting in her thread in this moment and >we dont know it

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Exquse me, Suisei is far too busy being a pretty idol to do something like that.

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the JPs are known to frequent 2ch, there's a considerably lower risk of career suicide than an EN visiting 4chan.

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Your joke reps, anon.

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>A collaborative commemoration of the collector of kawaii kitties, Calliope-kun, and the common collection of her cohorts.
Small opportunity missed!

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your OP is not good at taking advantage of the opportunity

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Give this woman a fluffy cat!

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That's a far better one than my suggestion to use Kollector

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Mori, if you're in this thread, rate my cat.

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9/10 :}

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thanks Moririn...

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moririn and nyalliope meowririn...

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Oh yeah a pet picture stream idea was floated. Perhaps if/when she gets her own cat, because she’d probably want to show it off.

>> No.2836990

(Not Mori) but your cat looks cute not gonna lie

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Cute as f-word

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>inb4 she calls her actual dad on stream

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>can you fuckers stop calling her your dad? She's my daughter for God's sake! Didn't your mommy and daddy give you enough attention?!

>> No.2837952

>supportive, good humored weeb who collects weird anime figures
sounds pretty based

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Please don't turn Mori into the next Hana Macchia.

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Mori is more successful than people realize. She (555k) second only to Pekora (616k) in daily views and way ahead of Gura (313k). Daily views are a better measure of success as it means people are actually watching not just subbing and forgetting about it.

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good for her

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Do you think Mori would be weirded out if I told her I've been having these lucid dreams with her in it?

>> No.2838620

hey if you don't word it out weirdly she's fine with it.

>> No.2838662

Nah, it's nothing of that kind, just her appearing on them with a remarkable pace, like the moment I notice I am in fact dreaming, the first thing I see in my dream, it's her

>> No.2838686

Just say she lives rent free in your head and she'll laugh about it I bet.

>> No.2838851

I'll think about it, thanks for the tip

>> No.2839459

Why not? Mori's dad might turn out to be as great if not greater than papa machia. We've had holomoms show up, I think it's about time a holodad pops up.

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Mori, on the very off chance that you're here, and I really hope you're not because I rather you not see how miserable you make us sometimes and you being basically powerless to really do anything about it. I mean, the last thing I want to be is just another source of stress to you. You do so much for us already. And I'm sorry for all the doomposting I did this morning that started that whole horrible chain that came afterwards. BUT on the off chance that you ARE here, I just wanted to let you know that the little jig dance you do in The Rock video is very cringe and I hate it.

Been wanting to get that off my chest for a while. Thanks.

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You now remember Spiral Tones

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Im still waiting for that MV, makes me wonder who the fuck did rikka comissioned for it at this point, because there is no way that is not finished, something must be going on

>> No.2839918

I mean, it can take more time depending on how involved the person doing the commission is and how quickly they give feedback, as evidenced by the fact it took over a month for Mori to get the backing track to that vocaloid cover she still hasn't released.

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>no indication of FT backing down
Are we poking at a sleeping bear of a YAB?

>> No.2841190

I still can't wrap my head around how someone whose entire work involves the computer somehow still types with two fingers

>> No.2841233

Have you never worked in an office? It's surprisingly common.

>> No.2841240

It's because she's a woman

>> No.2841249

Not him, but I've never seen anyone hunt and peck in all the labs I've worked in, but I guess people in an analytical lab are the type who like using a computer by and large.

>> No.2841252

This. I was watching a female co-worker typing earlier today and she was basically doing the same thing. She wasn't really slow or anything but it was definitely pecking.

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>just realized Mori hasn’t been using the stream loading screen for a while
How long has it been gone?
I really loved that cute little animation and it makes me sad to see it go to waste.

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The Japanese government is unironically too pussy to do anything that actually enforces quarantine. It can declare a state of emergency as much as it wants, it doesn't do shit if everyone is allowed to freely travel and come into close contact with each other. If masks were really just that effective then Japan, a country where people wear masks if they have so much as a cold, should've had next to no cases.

tldr - Japanese politicians are incompetent and the only thing holding up their quarantine is politeness. The show could go on and nobody will try to stop them.

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Deadbeats it now

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgYzw--tlEE Rene singing in 3 hours followed by
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bxx--4BWCJI Riri singing in 4 hours

Good background music for the Fall Guys suffering.

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>Will not be able to play Fall Guys
Godspeed, fellow Deadbeats

>> No.2842630

Can confirm.
t. two-finger-typing officebeat

>> No.2842655

>how miserable you make us sometimes
That's all you baby, she does extraordinarily well by her fanbase.

>> No.2842687

Good for Mori, she deserves it.

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>still no news on which version of fall guys she'll be playing
Ah well, there goes my chance too. Even if it turns out to be Steam one, I won't have enough time to dowload and install it once I get home.

>> No.2842788

she didn't but it seems stuck in permission/MV hell
blame her autism for not wanting to cover a song everyone already did, probably

>> No.2842815

this accounts for her music views too, anonchama...
that's still good tho since it means people are making her songs part of their regular playlists and not just watching once cause their hers

>> No.2843023

Views numberfagging, eh?
I just wonder what would be next if she happens to dethrone the supacha quens desu. It's hella lonely at the mountaintop.

>> No.2843191

thankfully that won't happen, Mori just doesn't focus her content on SC farming sufficiently to ever reach those heights
by that I mean long interactive zatsus with SCs open, for example like her reading or lyric dives, but more open ended and not focused on particular activity so she can have them going for hours

>> No.2843277

>just doesn't focus her content on SC farming
...or does she?

>> No.2843292

This is a really subtle way of putting down Coco and Rushia's content as just "SC farming," so well done on that.

>> No.2843315

She'd have 30-40% more SC than she does right now if she didn't speed through them as fast as possible with the worst SC reading style known to man + SCs off. If she approached it like Coco, Lamy, Rushia etc did, things would be very different.

Proof: Mori has the same amount of SC as Lamy with literally HALF the amount of superchatters, the majority of her SC comes from large scape paypigs spamming reds (because that's all she'll reliably read) instead of a sea of yellows, blues etc.

>> No.2843329

Theres is also other better way to support her than sc. Buying her singles and ep, her merch, her t3 membership. Not to forget her room mate stuff.

>> No.2843374

she really doesn't, at least not yet - she mostly doesn't seem to have the time or energy to approach them in similar fashion, because long ass SC readings just take up massive part of the day for the people in the top cut
not really putting anyone down, but their content really works for that particularly well, and Mori was criticized for same whenever her own stuff came anywhere close (like having lots of dedicated SC reads, celebrating uneven sub milestones etc.)
still, they appear to have the time and energy to do so, while Mori does not, it's not necessarily for any higher moral reason and it means she won't be closing the biggest gaps

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Boogey Voxx's concert stream is live, though they don't start until the top of the hour.

>> No.2843503


It's up, and still doesn't specify what system. God damn it, Mori. There is no crossplay because the devs are massively incompetent and lazy.

>> No.2843514

About time. Also, it'll pretty clearly be PC.

>> No.2843539

Why? It's F2P on PS4 and she has one.

>> No.2843617

She's rich. Why would she care about it being free?

>> No.2843619

>There is no crossplay because the devs are massively incompetent and lazy.
Actually it's because Snoy blocks crossplay.

>> No.2843658

Unless you're Mori, I don't find the reasoning clear at all desu senpai

>> No.2843666

it's obviously Steam, PS4/5 doesn't make sense because of Crossplay limitations.

The only time she'll probably dust off the PS5 is if we get Demon's Souls Remastered or Intergrade (Square Enix, Onegai)

>> No.2843677

no one finds Mori's reasoning clear
she functions on two levels of autism and scatterbrain above this entire thread

>> No.2843687

>Crash was on PS4

>> No.2843739

because there was no sense to use a PS5 for a PS4 native game.
>BUT MUH 4K Assets!
The games I used as examples are Exclusives (Intergrade is a bit of a stretch, but they Paywalled Yuffie out of the PS4 unlike DMC5 losing some gimmicks.)

>> No.2843785

I mean vs PC. She probably doesn't realize that there are crossplay restrictions and would have played it on PS4 with her friends who also had a Playstation since she's very clearly not a PC gamer. Even if she was aware, who knows if she'd change it up, considering that I'm fairly certain that she was playing the Playstation version of GG and not the PC, which also had crossplay restrictions.

>> No.2843809

She probably believes that playing THE crash 4 on a Playstation is necessary.

>> No.2843825

Oh? The hoodied girl? Cute voice.

>> No.2843829

Your reading comprehension reps, anon.

>> No.2843914

Really need to take meds, was really hot. Though this does prove that she at least knows about nuances regarding multiplayer games on PS.

>> No.2843963

Oh man her and Ci are kinda killing it.

>> No.2844077

Ci is always killing it, tbf.

>> No.2844149

You're not wrong.


>> No.2844277

AZKi chan?

>> No.2844295

It's amazing how circular things can get.

>> No.2844310

bully her for putting us on a timeloop

>> No.2844343

She mentioned Mario Kart yesterday right?

>> No.2844401
File: 101 KB, 765x1080, 1608290392113.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Now we have Rene's karaoke overlapping Boogey Voxx instead of Mori which is a step forward.

Check Twitter, it's Fall Guys now for reasons.

>> No.2844411

>suuji wa daiji

>> No.2844496

Oh, that's cool, thought I was going mad.

>> No.2844538

Man I love BGV singing but THE LAUGH, oh jeez.

>> No.2844548

It's her charm point.

>> No.2844557

I'm not sure if I need to call you a faggot for not loving Ci's laugh, or if you're saying you like it. Please clarify.

>> No.2844651


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File: 82 KB, 903x592, 1599018587513.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2844695

A bit 2much4me, grates on the eardrums just a little.

>> No.2844712

That was after the trip when Kiara left right? She was really weird that stream

>> No.2844732

>virtual sushi

>> No.2844753

You're allowed to have your opinions, but I'm obligated to call you a prancing, frufru, lala homo for not finding her laugh infectious as hell.

>> No.2844783

If that's what it takes to be straight, bend over and spread your cheeks, sunshine.

>> No.2844797

Hello, Dead Beats! I was not able to secure a private server, so to assure you guys a better chance to get into a game with me- I will be playing on PC, in Japan region! Best of luck!

There you go you fucks, she answered with 2hs to go
Happy now?

>> No.2844805

thanks Jchad, no need to be vulgar

>> No.2844853

I think he means this stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kyxf8Ejpb8 That was really heavy.

>> No.2844857
File: 771 KB, 970x545, 1615579556536.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine Jchad hatefucking you

>> No.2844869

Yes, though I'm surprised she couldn't do a private lobby system like Astel does with Apex where she just adds people and then unfriends them after the stream.

>> No.2844883

Not really, I kinda needed this info yesterday cause I won't be home until the stream starts.

>> No.2844899

You need dumb fuck permissions from the devs to make private servers, they only give them to big streamers, you can't just add friends or make lobbies.

just get some drankies and do a shot every time she dies or whatever weird rules she is picking this time.

>> No.2844952

Fair enough. I have paid zero attention to Fall Guys after season one got boring, and I don't really care enough to get a VPN to play virtual grabass with the other deadbeats while dealing with massive ping issues, so I guess I'll stick to just watching Mori get griefed.

>> No.2845007
File: 93 KB, 1920x1080, EzbveXgUcAUXpIk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>that one dude who insta-aggro's at everything is Jchad being overprotective of Mori and tired out of her mind
Believing this rrat will improve my /森/ experience greatly, thank you.

>> No.2845046


Ririsya soon.

>> No.2845058

Man, I'm gonna have VODs for fucking days.

>> No.2845065

I'm downloading FG for the first time just for this, is changing server to JP easy?

>> No.2845082

Not possible in the game, you'll have to VPN.

>> No.2845151

I found some screenshots that show region selection to be in the menu, but don't quote me on that.

>> No.2845217

RIP that one anon who doesn't like the laugh.

>> No.2845252

Ah, I just found it. Dunno why it's buried under the options menu, but you can choose Asia (East) or Asia (South), no Japan option though. I would assume East is Japan.

>> No.2845257
File: 163 KB, 756x903, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tell me about it.

>> No.2845267

I'll manage, the singing's too great.
No way I'm the only one, right?

>> No.2845289

Bitch actually streams? I've literally never seen it pop up in my recommendations.

>> No.2845336

Yes, regularly. She did a pretty fun cooking stream recently.

>> No.2845413

I gotta start actually going to sleep the night before these morning streams instead of just assuming I can last 24 hours with no rest.

>> No.2845475


>> No.2845499
File: 156 KB, 1000x1559, 7977F344-33AB-41BF-A1F7-60FE94679716.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck fall guys and I’ll be at work anyway. Just tell me if she says anything interesting during stream I guess

>> No.2845512

>spoiling yourself before watching the VOD

>> No.2845543
File: 1.89 MB, 1600x1200, 1612777373887.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I really like this pic.

>> No.2845546

Aight frustrationbro

>> No.2845548

>Kiara played MTG white,already made a deck,watched guides,is reading card mechanics and costs AND picked Heavencraft.
I know no one here cares about the shill stream, but Mori is gonna get countered and styled on by chikin

>> No.2845557
File: 1.76 MB, 2100x1400, 1588195369419.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Big chuuba collab pictures neat.

>> No.2845578
File: 151 KB, 1920x1080, 20210423052138_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's no Japan under Region. It's just Asia (South) and Asia (East) yet Korea has its own region. I'm gonna assume it falls under East?

>> No.2845585

Is Heavencraft the anti aggro-meta? Mori has the advantage of her deck being a very simple SmOrk playstyle so she doesn't need to make complex decisions about spending removal and making trades. I'm not sure I'd trust either of them to pilot a control deck, so Kiara might be fucking herself with that.

>> No.2845592
File: 186 KB, 1450x1150, 8620489C-C58B-4A5B-8854-0BA307F0ACEB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I probably won’t even watch the vod honestly

>> No.2845598

It's gonna be Asia/Pacific. That's how usually servers work. You'd probably have some better luck if you're on the west coast.
t. SEAnig

>> No.2845614

No, there's two Asia servers. South and East. I'm guessing it's probably East, but Australia and Korea have their own regions as well.

>> No.2845656

Yeah. Probably East then.

>> No.2845668

Haven is the anti-Shadow faction. Their faction mechanic basically makes Shadow's mechanic not work.

>> No.2845682
File: 344 KB, 860x840, gggvn2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i just wanna know if Mori is cuter than usual today.

>> No.2845685

Bad news for the reaper then.

>> No.2845715

Damn, Chikin is determined to win.

>> No.2845781

she got rolled badly in ITT minigames whenever Mori actually tried, except the button mashing ones
Chimkin is out for blood
hopefully she'll make Mori so unable to do anything that she stays off this shitty game forever

>> No.2845836

I'd like that, so good consolation prize. Card games are fucking miserable to watch and they're not that much fun to play either.

t. top 1k legend in Hearthstone

>> No.2845883

Such is life of a jobbeat.

>> No.2845915

Nice job on the hair, by the way.
Will you add any more shadows under the arm though?

>> No.2845922

No matter who wins, the streams with the coaches are still gonna happen. And I always cheer for Mori to win.

>> No.2845944

working on it. I'm still working on hard shadows

>> No.2845957

Which is why I suggested a discarder, as Kiara has a tendency to be aggressive with spells.

>> No.2846007

Nah, Mori is playing the right archtype for a beginner like her. Just jam shit on curve, smack face, and hope they don't have the right removal. She doesn't have to worry about making value trades, maintaining board, or anything complex.

>> No.2846028

you and me both know she'll still fuck it up

>> No.2846034

Now that I can't stop thinking about that about that one anon getting annoyed I'm noticing just how much Ci loves to laugh. What a happy little jiangshi.

>> No.2846052

Yes, watching her play it against the bot was an exercise in suffering, but hopefully the coach will help her to learn the basics and she'll remember to KISS.

>> No.2846063
File: 621 KB, 480x270, 1610682892388.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Mori is playing a game with Deadbeats I could actually join in on
>Work meeting running through lunch starts in 15 minutes
Sometimes I wish I could go back to the NEET life.

>> No.2846095

She spends like half of every MC section just dying of laughter. It's great, makes me smile since I wasn't lying about her laugh being infectious as fuck.

>> No.2846113

>with deadbeats
Fall Guys isn't that dead, over half of the lobby will be random nips

>> No.2846126

I've got too much Mori on the brain to give up on my dreams

>> No.2846150

The coaching will be after the match with Chicken.

>> No.2846165

That would make no sense. I thought the coach was to prep them for the match, not post mortem everything they did wrong.

>> No.2846189

Mori specifically said it's gonna happen in this order. The coaching is a different thing.

>> No.2846192

Why are you niggers talking about other streams in a Mori thread?

>> No.2846214

>Fall Guys isn't that dead in nippon
>because the JP branch played it so much

>> No.2846234


>> No.2846254

Don't worry. We all know how Mori can be in games like this so she'll probably be joining a lot of lobbies and that means a lot of chances to get into her game.

>> No.2846257

Did you miss the extended universe part in the OP, or do you just get sexual pleasure from being called stupid?

>> No.2846274

The latter but it's Kiara, you're better off just talking about it in the main thread.

>> No.2846313

Well, Cygames is fucking retarded by having the hype showmatch be 'who has a better understanding of basic mechanics' instead of having the coaches beforehand so they actually know the basics of how the pilot the deck, but Cygames being retarded isn't new news.

>> No.2846367


>> No.2846410

because it's relevant and they will have a showdown over the shitty card game, and Mori will get steamrolled.

>> No.2846553
File: 430 KB, 1500x2251, EzqQcCFVUAI2slX.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think Mori might be the catalyst to finally get me to organize my images after over a decade of not doing it, I just save way too much art of her.

>> No.2846608

Huh. For me, it's the other way around, I just dump all the art in one folder now after years of meticulously naming each file.

>> No.2846619

I love how the album caused a shift in the art, death represented as something sacred, bright and accepting rather than gloom and edgy is the shit

>> No.2846636


Schedule out for members.

>> No.2846650
File: 657 KB, 800x486, morischedule.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Coming at you quite a bit earlier than usual! I had some extra time today, so I planned far ahead.
One less stream than usual this coming week, but I am trying to wind down a bit. I think we will still have a blast together! :}


>> No.2846703

Unarchived karaoke..........................

>> No.2846706

Seems fun. Looking forward to NPC drawing stream the most. And yes, play MC, Mori!

>> No.2846724


>> No.2846749

After the tour and she has the time to practice for weeks, anonchama

>> No.2846752
File: 191 KB, 356x506, 1615218979213.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

five days without mori...
god niggers are gonna find out about that and are going to make these boards completely unusable without their bullshit, I might as well just not visit this place for a week or forever

>> No.2846754

Looks pretty good.

She's got the last tour dates so she needs to practice her own songs instead of working on Godzilla, you niggers. She said it would come as soon as she had time to practice.

>> No.2846795

The tour isn't done yet? I thought it was April

>> No.2846810

So the concert's still on huh? Hope my our boy keeps wearing her mask and takes her vitamin D. I'll add in an extra prayer for her safety and wellbeing

>> No.2846852

>five days without mori
Anonchama, what are you talking about?

>> No.2846859
File: 867 KB, 2838x2146, EzqUComVcAgND-w.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.2846871

You mean the concert? Most people know, and it's only 5 days off. She's doing only 1 stream less next week, it's basically nothing.

>> No.2846875

doesn't she have streams scheduled on both days of the tour?

>> No.2846876
File: 42 KB, 800x800, 51f93dee0145.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ASMR Drawing

>> No.2846880

Ngl, those keyholders look like sweet merch and if they're like the nice one I have, they're actually pretty practical, though you will get flagged by security at the airport if you don't tell them ahead of time.

>> No.2846895

And it's still April.

>> No.2846901


>> No.2846914
File: 1.19 MB, 1000x1414, EzqUmW_VkAI59ni.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lots of really good art lately.

>> No.2846954

Do your fucking reps, it's not so hard to look up the dates (and the rescheduling).

>> No.2846992

Hey, I suggested that on the poll

>> No.2847017

you can take two hours off, can't you T3beat?
>State of Emergency
Japan doesn't give a shit about that
it's 3 dates anonchama, not 5, you literally cannot perceive it in a normal schedule where she takes 2 days off

>> No.2847019

"""state of emergency""" lmao

>> No.2847049

There's a postponement for the last tour date, as well as the current one being in question because of the SoE

>> No.2847057

I don't have a habit of peeping at the roommate twitter, I just let these threads do their doxx shit and I deduce what schedule to expect from that

>> No.2847062

Do you guys have any decent NPC ideas yet?

>> No.2847068

Go in early or stay late so you can take a long lunch, unless it's a shift job and then you're fucked.

>> No.2847078
File: 74 KB, 640x690, 1613272259847.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Neat, next members stream is just after when I get paid.
>mfw ASMR drawing

>> No.2847089

Did they extend the state of emergency? Can't find any news on it on my jp news app

>> No.2847091

>unless it's a shift job
Yep. Work starts exactly when the stream does.

>> No.2847110

Depends on if she wants serious or not. If not, I'm pushing Old Man Henderson.

>> No.2847133

Extended to may 21.

>> No.2847145

I kind of want to hear some of her ideas for the session before forming any ideas.

>> No.2847149

It's on FT's Twitter, and you don't need any doxxing for that.

>> No.2847150

You've got a week to find someone to swap a shift with then.

>> No.2847300

Did the concert on the 25th get moved back too? Or is it just the one on the 27th?

>> No.2847357

Shit fucking sucks bro, I might call in for this one.

>> No.2847384

Just the latter got moved.

>> No.2847453

glad they can still actually leave their houses
the average age of death for corona is like 83 or some shit.
locking everyone whos young and healthy in their houses is fucking stupid.

>> No.2847478

If she's not practicing, then maybe something is up.

>> No.2847542

Yes, the "as long as I'm safe, screw everyone else" mentality.

>> No.2847648

Take care of yourself Mori!

>> No.2847657

Do you think Mori watched Demo?

>> No.2847669

Go back to /pol/

>> No.2848084
File: 7 KB, 299x37, 3646314351321345.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

About this (T2 chat).

>> No.2848296

everyone in harm's way can stay inside, everyone else can go outside.
crashing the economy with no survivors has hurt and killed more people then corona ever could.
the quarantines don't even fucking work. all their doing is harm people.

>> No.2848370

I know card games have counters but why would you have an archetype that can counter another specifically?

That's like how Grey Knights are anti-demon and kinda mediocore with anything else.

>> No.2848418

she's going to get casually crushed, i feel it in my bones.

>> No.2848439

I mean, control has always been the counter to aggro, while aggro is the counter to mid-range. They just have different colors for those playstyles like MTG does.

>> No.2848697

KFPs are straight up cheating. We let Mori pick her cards.

>> No.2848728

Chikim is shameless

>> No.2848810

Actually listening to chat is going to end her up with a far worse deck then if she just net decked like Mori did, so I'm all for it.

>> No.2848897

Let's face it. Mori was never gonna win this anyway...

>> No.2848950

I believe in her.

>> No.2849219

And that's cute, actually.

>> No.2849227

Welp, that's going to get be a shitshow given how many people spam her with money.

>> No.2849238

>I love reading your supers
F-fuck I told myself no more akas this month

>> No.2849280

>the other one is too important

>> No.2849312

They didn't really tell her, it was obvious Mori will go with shadow or blood and Kiara just played against both.

>> No.2849335

Does she even read non-reds?

>> No.2849336

>I'm shy about a boing boing mousepad
Bitch, your tits are in full display

>> No.2849340
File: 121 KB, 328x313, 1615513138358.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You guys are silly perverts

>> No.2849348

yeah she does

>> No.2849378

wtf is streamelements

>> No.2849444
File: 191 KB, 456x713, 1589476929725.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You know how Ollie has the bowing gif that pops up on stream everytime she gets a super/donation through streamlabs? That's streamelements. It's what Twitch streamers use to manage donations.

>> No.2849461

she actually picked up on reading non-reds, just doesn't read all
also, already cracking on the househusband thing lol

>> No.2849545
File: 169 KB, 1668x1668, EydjV3PVcAQ5wk6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>HH applications are back in thanks to Jchad
Well there you go fellas, no need to be upset

>> No.2849548

She actually said exactly the same thing people here suggested yesterday. She wants an equal.

>> No.2849558

J-chad is the realest

>> No.2849566

Based J-Chad

>> No.2849570

So then those posts were probably her.

>> No.2849578

fuck, I'm developing a crush on J-chad...

>> No.2849598

She said she doesn't want a slave.

>> No.2849612

Doing my reps and bettering myself to be Mori's equal!

>> No.2849627


>> No.2849671

You mean a dependant. I'm glad the rest of you are finally aware of this.

>> No.2849689

Wait really she made Mori take them out of the cabinet?

>> No.2849715

I mean, that idea isn't exactly new

>> No.2849724

Alright, it's not Asia East, I think? I got into a game but it wasn't hers.

>> No.2849738

She specifically said 'slave'.

>> No.2849767

Shit you're right, it's literally that part of Berserk

>> No.2849805

You do realize there are multiple games going on simultaneously on a server, right?

>> No.2849840

>couldn't fill her game
>mine was also not filled
Multiple games.

>> No.2849842

what happened?

>> No.2849889

Not much, just some mild encouragement from the manager.

>> No.2849894

It's still true.

>> No.2849899

nice, although aimed at the manager or her? or both?

>> No.2849934

I'll have to get back to you on that, focus too shit

>> No.2849936

it was aimed at J-chad

>> No.2849943
File: 292 KB, 603x900, 1591712127682.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2849973

She's suffering. She's crying and you're laughing.

>> No.2849980

Except for the fact that Griffith did want slaves/people beneath him. He was just talking shit to impress the princess, he lost his mind when guts wanted to carve his own path.

>> No.2849984

Holy fuck she's having SO much fun
>Swift Dork Queeeeen!

>> No.2849988

HH chads we won
J-chad is on our side

>> No.2849995

That's what she sees househusband as. If you don't pursue your own dreams and only serve the other person, you're not "free" - which makes you a slave, even if the society would not use this word.

>> No.2850009

God I wish Jchad would beat me to death.

>> No.2850017

Honestly, I'm kinda bored watching her scream about how she's bad at vidya yet again.

>> No.2850035

Maybe *he* didn't mean it, but there's some truth to the sentiment of wanting equals as your friends and partners.

>> No.2850053
File: 51 KB, 393x393, sketchyakechi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's the best news I heard in a while.

Still not applying I'm simply too old for her.I'm probably one of the deadbeats who live vicariously through her and will support her even if we don't get romantically involved.

>> No.2850079

Is it true you need a vpn to play on the Japan server?

>> No.2850080

I thought so too until I got curious and looked up THHK's age

>> No.2850094

But what if one's dream is to be a househusband, cook, clean, take care of everything and whatnot?

>> No.2850126

For the best chance, yes.

>> No.2850153

No ambition, try again next week

>> No.2850167

>Got so depressed I permanently deleted my application
>Now have to rewrite for the T3 stream

>> No.2850168
File: 3.03 MB, 923x1500, 1618668123174.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good luck then, Mori just reminds me of my dead friend who liked FakeType.

>> No.2850193

I wasn't talking about myself, but I'm sure there are some like that. Or they just wanna chill.

>> No.2850250
File: 1.73 MB, 3508x2480, gggvn2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So basically Mori: Wants a husband whose her equal. Considers having a househusband akin to having a slave

J-Chad: Wants a househusband. Literally wants a husband who can take care of the home as she provides

Personally, considering it as being a 'slave' is a bit too harsh since those that have that sort of relationship, be it housewife or househusband, have come to terms on their roles in the relationship and have discussed about their duties in the household. I of course want to have a job but there are those who can pursue their passions and ambitions while still mostly taking care of the house. Art is an example. Hell you can probably study for a Ph.D while still mostly be a home person

>> No.2850295

I saw Coco's new outfit, and it was pretty cute and sexy, but i cant get hard at any other girl than Mori

>> No.2850332

This is NICE.

>> No.2850364

It's basically HER outfit.

I'd be like if Mori got a new one that included a cap with horns

>> No.2850370 [DELETED] 
File: 14 KB, 225x224, They'llnevereattheirpancakes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm beginning to think that she was lurking after the drawer incident. One anon specifically put forward the idea that she didn't need someone to pamper her.

>> No.2850402

I'll await for any more creative ways to get her doki doki. This hh thing can only last so long after all

>> No.2850412

I look forward to the day you get ranged banned for avatarfagging and refusing to learn.

>> No.2850417

it'll be a cap with the tiara poking through it making it look like horns

>> No.2850418

Looked it up. Fuck, I haven't thought he's that old.

>> No.2850483

it's those asian genes

>> No.2850517
File: 237 KB, 1920x1080, 20210424025045_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Me on a date with Moririn, I blocked people at the end to let her qualify as the last one.

>> No.2850535
File: 3.65 MB, 3413x2985, Hello? Cringe Department?.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes, she does appreciate all the forms of support, from dropping thousands of $ to just tuning in on an occasion.
Yes, she does "love" (好き) you as fans.
No, she doesn't "love" (愛する) you as an individual and is not going to accept your proposal right on stream and literally marry you - she doesn't even know you (not that she would if she did).
On the scale of 1 to 10, how hard are these ideas to get through your skulls, deadbros?

>> No.2850539

VPN or Asia East?

>> No.2850554

Mori reaction to getting into top-25 the previous game was absolutely adorable.
"Is giving up a free will a choice of a free person?" I don't think /vt/ is a place to discuss this kind of thing, even if last time I checked, we had a priest here.

>> No.2850557

VPN and server region set to automatic

>> No.2850564

T1beat here, how's the stream?

>> No.2850568

Based SEA/VPNbro

>> No.2850586

no shit it's just a cute gag. and i want deadbeats here to keep coming up with new ways to make her smile

>> No.2850594

Mori does want to be pampered but she doesn't want someone who is stuck on her. She wants an equal. This was really obvious. I don't know why some of you needed it spelled out for you like this.

>> No.2850600

it's pretty fun

>> No.2850608
File: 91 KB, 608x900, 1608316583503.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well, someone managed to get with her

>> No.2850625

Mori's normal gaming stream, which is a waste of the T2 audience since she normally opens up way more in her zatsudans with us,

>> No.2850663

>american ninja warrior
What in the fuck?

>> No.2850665

The zatsudan intro was HELLA cute, and some of it carried over into the gameplay too. She's having fun (with a lot of frustration) with the game too, so it's pretty dang great.

>> No.2850698

Based taste Moririn...

>> No.2850706

What vpn you using?

>> No.2850723
File: 365 KB, 600x600, 1608316653172.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not me. To be clear, it's more of what you say, as opposed to me pointing out that she didn't want to be pampered. I was thinking more on the lines that she doesn't want to feel like she's above someone.

>> No.2850727

DYRBI that anyone unironically believes he has actual chance with Mori? It's just having some cute fun and making Mori appreciate herself more.

>> No.2850759
File: 318 KB, 1920x1080, 20210424024424_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm VPN'ing to Japan.

>> No.2850817

>Plot twist
>VPNBro is Not Mori
>or is it?

>> No.2850833

This. This bitch used to look at the mirror and be disgusted with herself. No shame in lifting up her confidence and seeing herself as an attractive woman with our sappy superchats, and it's working too.

>> No.2850838

The community that has fun by pretending to be schizos will quickly find itself infested with schizos who think they're in good company, or has pastebin-schizo slipped your mind already you dumb nigger?

>> No.2850840

Sometimes I think Mori just doesn't want a relationship with her Deadbeats and shuts down any chance of them suggesting it and why she never does date streams anymore. Smells like something's changed.

>> No.2850864
File: 561 KB, 700x990, 1608305799928.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yup. Anything to help her be the best rapper idol EVER.

>> No.2850868

I will never stop trying to win Mori's heart

>> No.2850869

>Smells like something's changed
She got a BF

>> No.2850878

>she likes it
Bros, what do >we do...

>> No.2850891

She promised her new boyfriend microsoft david she won't do any of those anymore since he'll get jealous

>> No.2850911

So stuff like >2850167 is all shitposts? Alright my bad, just making sure we're on the same page.

>> No.2850914

How about you kys rrat

>> No.2850922

Are >we letting Mori get ransacked by Kiara and KFP's rigging the Shadowverse game?

>> No.2850953

>He thinks people are joking

>> No.2850956

>Nikodem is the vpn user
You nigger I see your yen SCs.

>> No.2850960

I wanna see Mori beat her, not only because she's my boy but Kiara is being a counterpicking faggot

>> No.2850967

Pastebin-kun is an exception, I HOPE. A rotten apple that appears in any fanbase to be real with you

>Mori stops enjoying the game
>Cancels it
I don't really know, or care that much

>> No.2851003

Yes and people seriously want to marry J-Chad despite having no idea who she is.

>> No.2851019

She got married to her work.

>> No.2851089

>we just larp as schizos ironically
How fucking new are you that you haven't seen where that leads, especially on 4chan of all fucking places?

>> No.2851092

people wanted to unironcally date ENma

>> No.2851101

i cant believe she would look in the mirror and not see a such beautiful woman

>> No.2851118

do >we want to remove the "I'm bad at games" label from her or not?

Because that game without coaches has a lot riding on it.

>> No.2851135

that just makes me love her more

>> No.2851154

That is fine
I am her work

>> No.2851213
File: 50 KB, 538x384, 1604455552831.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's with CDawgVA

>> No.2851245


>> No.2851253

We all are.

>> No.2851258

God Mori responded to two of my messages in a row. Why does this make me so happy. This isn't fucking normal

>> No.2851288

Welcome to the club!

>> No.2851297

>shitty experience in school

bad combination

>> No.2851299

y'all really did hold the line for lmao

>> No.2851308

ogey, retard.

>> No.2851318

Way to go ruin your own rrat, anon. We all know that Mori is Milky's wingman in that whole ordeal.

>> No.2851322

I can feel myself catching feelings and I know it's not healthy

>> No.2851477

Go Cool Fleeing Shark Go!

>> No.2851572

>that last deadbeat to make it to the goal

>> No.2851604

>the lucky bastards who get cheered on by their oshi all the way through
Dayum, must feel nice.

>> No.2851681

>when both bars hit
Fucking unfair, that deadbeat had it in the fucking bag.

>> No.2851749

How long has she been streaming? I'm so tempted to upgrade right now

>> No.2851764

83 minutes

>> No.2851815

Just upgrade already

>> No.2851824

>go realize your dreams
>you don't have to protect me

>> No.2851854

85 minutes, the game portion is supposed to be over soon but she's having fun so it might last longer

>> No.2851939
File: 2.32 MB, 404x347, 1593629775920.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>she's having fun so it might last longer

>> No.2851963

you can tell by the quality of a shitpost if they were made by a T3 member or a tourist, like this one >>2850840

>> No.2851977

Same too bad im poor damnn should've just ask for money for my birthday just the other

>> No.2852030


>> No.2852061

I need to wait until payday before I can subscribe. Have fun you guys.

>> No.2852121

I do wish to be acknowledged by Mori, but im not holding my breath. i cant supa and im not gonna beat myself up about it

>> No.2852123

>be a NEET and have all the time in the world but no cash
>work and be able to buy most of the things I want but miss out on shit

Life sucks sometimes

>> No.2852126

Hope that payday passed by faster

>> No.2852148

she loves you too bro, as long as you try your best

>> No.2852201

Post a doodle on twitter or something, surprisingly that shit actually works

>> No.2852237
File: 775 KB, 439x868, 1618044955257.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yup. This just means that what we're doing is working.

Also, keep creating new ways to make Mori giggle.

>> No.2852284

I did it. Just got a promotion so might as well upgrade. I'll think of it as my tithe, it'll scale with my paycheck if I ever get a raise again in the future

>> No.2852339

any deadbeats got vpn recommendations? thinking i shoulg get on for GG Xrd

>> No.2852342

>The Mori religion evolves from a loosely defined death cult and coalesces behind the image of an all powerful empress.

>> No.2852376

I'll try hard to stand out more, thanks bros

>> No.2852424

She read and replied to my message, I'm in boys. Glad I upgraded just in time

>> No.2852429
File: 2.64 MB, 2897x4096, 1619105603577.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.2852525
File: 242 KB, 1000x1131, Ex_8oN6WUAQx_jJ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I welcome more Empress Mori art.

>> No.2852558

she replied to one a few minutes ago but it wasn't really about her...

>> No.2852559

Sadly i cant be a NEET just turned 18 on 22, i did reward myself and purchase my first membership though its only T1, cant afford T2 with my own money

Though just seeing that skull attached in my name is enough fo me

>> No.2852567

It's not a shitpost. I am legitimately trying to cope with my insecurities.

>> No.2852582

I spent my SC fund for the week, anyone gonna request her to consider swapping out Minecraft for DMCV... like... fuck Minecraft, and she has two zatsu-like spots next week...

>> No.2852612

Aww, c'mere you
Grats m8

>> No.2852632

that's just sad then
also her ASMR streams are way more intimate than any of the date ones which were intimacy mixed with pure shitpost

>> No.2852635

Good man.

>> No.2852638

We can't convince her for DMCV because peepeepoopoo man shit on it.

>> No.2852640
File: 374 KB, 1920x1080, 20210424030918_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Honestly playing with Mori (read: sacrificing myself by waiting around on the end line for Mori) was a lot of fun. I don't really like Fall Guys, but more fun multiplayer games in T2 could be fun, especially if she could do games with private servers.

>> No.2852642

Minecraft is a chill stream. Nothing wrong with it, It's fun seeing her have fun and explore things in Minecraft

>> No.2852649
File: 37 KB, 528x480, Sad Skeleton.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2852657

Sorry polbro, I'm perfectly fine with minecraft, not to mention being reluctant to sound pushy with requests.

>> No.2852660

Fuck off. I have games I'd like to see, but if she streamed nothing but zatsus from here on out, I'd be happy.

>> No.2852681

She watched Gura play it and thought it was sick

>> No.2852688

yes, Minecraft is a chill stream
and so is ASMR drawing
and so is Spiritfarer
she shouldn't really try to get the Ina market since she doesn't have Ina's personality

>> No.2852705

>which were intimacy mixed with pure shitpost
Anon that last ASMR stream was mostly just shitposting.

>> No.2852721

I don't see why she wouldn't love it, especially since she loved MGR. I really wanna see her reaction to the intro sequence.

>> No.2852729

we didn't watch the same stream, my man

>> No.2852775
File: 189 KB, 850x1200, EyFVVeRUcAcqYxO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just caught up, poorbeat here.

Just watched some capeshit ending. Only good thing was USAgent, and I think Sharon is a Skrull

Congratulations to the T2/3's that were lucky enough.

Does anyone know how to make 2D Sprites from FFT?

>> No.2852800

She loved it!

>> No.2852806

Let her do what she wants to do. Her zatsus are amazing.

>> No.2852814

>lucky enough
Honestly the servers are so dead it was really easy to get in her game if you were on a vpn

>> No.2852828

> Just watched some capeshit ending.
Oh, thanks of the heads up, I'll go catch up too.

>> No.2852838
File: 352 KB, 800x522, 1590902978267.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2852904

I genuinely enjoy watching Mori play Minecraft.

>> No.2852918
File: 17 KB, 334x370, morishock.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Played all morning and no Mori game
Really should've gotten a vpn, any Dead Beats that can suggest a good one?

>> No.2852925

I could watch her watch paint dry and still be entertained

>> No.2852937

hope she gets the Accent Core thing across her thick skull, watching stuttering Xrd will just be painful

>> No.2852957

Mori Minecraft is always pretty funny, I don't know why people get antsy about it.


>> No.2852965

did she say that the fightstick arrived?

>> No.2852980

she did

>> No.2853001

minecraft autism. Also people seeing what Haachama et al have been doing in comparison triggers EN fans because Gura and Mori don't care, Ina rarely visits. Kiara and Ame do the heavy lifting, and it still isn't enough in their eyes.

>> No.2853014

I wonder what she got and wanna make a custom stick

>> No.2853033 [SPOILER] 
File: 354 KB, 490x502, 1619193730825.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>mfw she sweeps a deadbeat.

>> No.2853045

>a fucking poem
This one wasn't half bad desu

>> No.2853090
File: 101 KB, 800x800, EuG-CgUVkAA0gNC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's likely one of us. HERE. An anon did say that he'll do something when the drawer drama was fresh off the stream.

>> No.2853107

Two Boogey songs, probably.

>> No.2853144

it's alright, but I miss playing games that hype her up or test her
Cuphead, HK, Doom etc.
it feels like it's being pushed on the wayside for zatsu material, which is fine but... she is just mellow during those, doesn't really show improvement or excitement, which was a great part of stuff like Crash

>> No.2853147

doesn't she get a poem or rap kinda things decently often? I barely pay attention to the super readings (can't stand the noises so I keep it low)

>> No.2853184


>> No.2853217

....was talking to her, what did she send out? Another SC?

>> No.2853226

Mori, your italian reps...

>> No.2853256

for someone with an italian lineage, she sure butchers a lot of names in italian.

>> No.2853298

Luckily I'm not watching this.
t. italiabeat

>> No.2853310
File: 53 KB, 640x905, 1616273176980.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>/hlgg/ in a fake panic mode
that place is never going to find peace.

>> No.2853328
File: 1.43 MB, 2826x3508, 1593951997218.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what's going on? I'm paying attention to my boy

>> No.2853331


>> No.2853345

Haachama speculation looks like

>> No.2853354

>starting thread tribalism wars
Kill yourself.

>> No.2853381
File: 502 KB, 2872x1400, EybmgIOUYAUQfyz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Someone's baiting the haatons again. But yeah, it's been tense being a deadhaaton right now.

>bringing a cold turkey to a cockfight.

>> No.2853415

>I kneel Jchad

>> No.2853417

Not really talking about going against them. I'm talking the effect of constant falseflagging idiots making the general an uneasy place, especially the haatons right now.

>> No.2853442

Haato graduation

>> No.2853444

Rude, but based and unitypilled

>> No.2853457

>hurr durr we're so much better then them
>we never timeloop over retarded shit
>fuck those /hlgg/ retards

Do a fucking flip

>> No.2853520

>the sleep paralysis demons question
That had some lore potential lol

>> No.2853534

Well, you did it yourself. You're the one implying things are being done to antagonize them, when all I said was that It's hard being a deadhaaton right now.

>> No.2853589

Asmr is a hard filter for me, half of the noises make my skin crawl and definitely not in a good way. only mori streams I haven't seen all of.

>> No.2853616

J-Chad cannot be released for the safety of the threads.

>> No.2853631

>/hlgg/ in a fake panic mode
>that place is never going to find peace.

Please show me where you said anything about a Haaton and not just doing meta implications that one thread is superior to the other in this post. When you realize you can't, remember that it's down the street, not across the road.

>> No.2853648
File: 459 KB, 664x605, 1597752009695.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>she'll stick to Xrd most likely
welp, eurobeats, NAbeats, it has been nice but... please don't go into that lobby, for your own sake
and for the sake of watchable stream

>> No.2853661

Guys, I'm starting to think J-chad's a cockhound.

>> No.2853690

Playing FGs in any kind of lag is infuriating as fuck. I can remember all the combos I dropped due to lag.

>> No.2853707

thats why people gotta drop what vpn they're using so we can work this out of course, i still would pefer she play AC

>> No.2853717

Here it is, dumbass. >>2853381

>meta Implication.
Take your meds. Not everything that's saying that is a spite against that thread, or its actual regulars.

>> No.2853748

Which games are best for playing with viewers?

>> No.2853784

Ya, My fucking cockhound. She always fucking thirsty.

>> No.2853786

anything that doesn't require intensive inputs like fighting games

>> No.2853792

accusing someone of tribalism is tribalism too, especially when the person you're accusing has already cleared up the statement he posted.

>> No.2853800

no kind of VPN gonna help you, the packets still gonna make the the trip, VPN will actually add extra latency

>> No.2853834

And I didn't tell you to kill yourself over that post, now did I? But you're too fucking brain damaged to understand that your first post was fucking garbage, so I would appreciate it if you'd smash your keyboard so you can only lurk instead of posting in the future if you aren't going to kill yourself.

>> No.2853836

thats not unture...

>> No.2853855

generally not any FG with delay based netcode
shooters tend to be more optimized towards netplay but even then playing across huge distances can be miserable
any kind of cardgame/turn based game tends to be fine, same with most boardgames

>> No.2853892

continuing on this, Pokemon would unironically work great but Holos can only stream that shit in limited measure and on NND only

>> No.2853938

>Got BTFO'd
>still try to argue himself off an accusation of tribalism
this is shameful, really.
Someone else's reply to that original post was civil and asked what happened instead of sperging about it like a retard, like what you did.

It proves that someone was able to follow the conversation and did not automatically go tribal, like you did, retardchama.

>> No.2854010

Her Live Again transistions and Peace have to be some of my favorite parts of a stream.

>> No.2854025 [SPOILER] 
File: 821 KB, 1217x678, 1619195975254.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Peace for T2 and T3 Beats only. Don't look if you aren't at least T2.

>> No.2854035

Can't even remember the last manly peace...

>> No.2854046
File: 1.53 MB, 1920x1080, Peace.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Uh oh

>> No.2854047
File: 3.41 MB, 8000x4500, 1616017906322.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She really knows how to end it well. Really hoping for a great GG stream tomorrow.

>> No.2854101


>> No.2854106
File: 221 KB, 770x1260, 1612170793286.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The secret is that there is no Calli or Mori. It's all her. She's the Empress of Gap Moe™, and she's here to stay.

>> No.2854188

>I didn't try and start tribalism with a shitty post
>my second post after I was called out for being a retard that could have been made without the first was okay
>50% is a passing grade, right?

Make sure to aim for the brain stem so you don't suffer too much when you eat a bullet.

>> No.2854225

>but Holos can only stream that shit in limited measure and on NND only
theres a shit ton of pokemon content on the internet its not like any of that has ever affected its sales
fuck you TPC

>> No.2854236

the same thing applies to your tirade, anon. But yeah. Keep fighting the good fight.

>> No.2854285

They actually can only stream it as a part of a sponsored tournament, which is more retarded, but less capricious on the behalf of TPC at least.

>> No.2854310

>instead of letting go and admitting mistake
>double down on it like a schizo
>people already telling you to fuck off
If you winning the argument is more important than being on topic in this thread about Mori, then you literally are a tribalist.

>> No.2854354

what's the rundown deadbeats?


>> No.2854359
File: 907 KB, 2873x4096, EuHyL8BVIAgYJ_Z.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not that anon, but will you go back to discussing Mori, fuckturd?

>> No.2854399 [SPOILER] 
File: 35 KB, 579x436, 1619196781274.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

well done, dude.

>> No.2854405
File: 96 KB, 200x278, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

J-chad has placed her househusband applications in the back.
It. Is. On.

>> No.2854415

Awesome work there DrawBeat, if I had a twitter I'd like and share or whatever people do on that site

>> No.2854427


Hachi sang for an hour while we were busy with the T2

>> No.2854441

Wasn't there one a few streams ago? I haven't been able to keep up because of work but I've seen some of you faggots talking about it.

>> No.2854452

her new single releases today, don't it

>> No.2854472

Today/tomorrow depending on your time zones.

>> No.2854500


It was literally two streams ago

>> No.2854506

Hey, you got a .png for that? Might actually take up less space while looking cleaner.

>> No.2854508

Got a timestamp for that by any chance?

>> No.2854524

0/10 armpit shading not detailed enough, I'm disappointed
still based tho

>> No.2854609
File: 203 KB, 1220x728, thumb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thumbnail looking scuffed for anyone else anons?

>> No.2854627

you need a better ISP, that's what's wrong.

>> No.2854675

Random yt thumbnails have been looking low res for me from time to time usually livestreams. They always fix themselves after a bit.

>> No.2854689

I mean, the stream itself went without a hitch (even with me opening and closing the emotes tab multiple times), so not really.

>> No.2854705
File: 263 KB, 221x1034, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes, looks really lowres to me, especially compared to last video pv.

>> No.2854738


>> No.2854770

Yeah I've been getting this recently with other vtubers. I thought it was just Ollie at first since I guessed it was just shit ID internet.

>> No.2854804

how real is the "Susan hates chuubas" rrat?

>> No.2854831

Slightly, but less then the 'small hindi company' truth.

>> No.2854898

Same here.

>> No.2855283

Just noticed the member's only stream is NPC drawing; does that mean she has already thought up ideas for them?

>> No.2855344

I love Mori.

>> No.2855351
File: 113 KB, 200x278, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't got it actually, I was just repeating someone earlier in the thread.
I do have J-chad encouraging further attempts to hit on her after Mori shoots down house husband applications though.

>> No.2855352


>> No.2855409

I can't actually believe J-chad is this based.

>> No.2855473

>Big ups but also big DOWN
Whatever the fuck is wrong with her, I hope she never fixes it.

>> No.2855580
File: 89 KB, 1000x1000, EerN-B8XYAMPBdT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"Hello hello the hungry wolf!"
>interesting how wine parties have evolved, from wine and cheeses to this
>pointed out how OBS still won't display members chat 'cause OBS is not a member and can't access it
>said it'd be nice if youtube allowed to gift memberships to others
>said Ame shouted out some stream asset company on twitter or something, so there is a possibilities of "stream elements" such as dono notifications appearing on screen, Mori would like to visualize them as souls that are being taken
>might make keeping track of the supas too
>on that note, her recorder might break soon
>Did some "reaper stuff" and saw some HUGE things at the cover studio in terms of merch, plushies are happening, "not a myth"
>saw her daki and grabbed some acrylic stands and keychains of her homies, placed them around her light tree with keychain on top
>called the chat "silly perverts" and "scandalous little rascals" for asking about oppai mousepads
>said she's "zero years old" then corrected it to "no" replying to a deadbeat who said it was strange being called a rascal at his age
>"Squads are for playing with friends? Well we're not doing that 'cause you're... my deadbeats and not my friends."
>"I love you deadbeats, no, come back, I'm just poking a little joke!"
>"...It's an interesting relationship we have."
>ate some truffle chips
>quipped at chat saying "I got your number", chat countered by asking for Jchad's number, Jchad said "smooth", with Mori being like "no, you can't encourage them!" and "I don't know if she's accepting numbers, or HH applications, we're busy... we ain't looking for slaves"
>Jchad: "You can't leave me hanging!"
>"Deadbeats~... DOWN! DOWN, DEADBEATS! Good deadbeats, down please!"
>named herself "Swift Dark Queen~"
>really got into the game got to the final round once
>got eliminated first round often and stayed to cheer for deadbeats who kept on fighting (first told them to jump to identify themselves, then told them to customize their avatars to look like hers so she could tell)
>one deadbeat almost won the crown, but the game fucked him over when he went against another dude, things got a bit intense
>cheered for two deadbeats in another game, said some very sweet encouraging words to them
>a user with a Kizuna Ai skin got into the game and clapped for her as she crossed the finish line
>a collab song with each member of Boogie Voxx will be in the works once they're done with their tour
This mostly focuses on the first 20 minutes of chatting she did, as you can probably tell. But somewhere in there, there was also something she said about having to get another hug pillow, because the one she already has is "too important" to take the cover off of. Wonder what that means.

>> No.2855600

So it's the site not handling the load, got it.

>> No.2855652
File: 134 KB, 1080x1080, EmPeGcSXMAA0gWT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>"Deadbeats~... DOWN! DOWN, DEADBEATS! Good deadbeats, down please!"

>> No.2855979

>the one she already has is "too important" to take the cover off of
That's the Snoop daki.

>> No.2856106

So it's not just a joke and she actually gosling'd for the dude at some point? Oh my kek

>> No.2856160

Nah, I think she bought it for the "meme"

>> No.2856249

> "not a myth"
Yep, she was the "holoEN is myth" poster.

>> No.2856653

oh thank god, this thread is still decent

>> No.2856681

Mori, voicepack with things like this please, or let the next asmr be like this

>> No.2856941

As much as I want Moririn to call me a silly pervert or tell me to heel, she's both too sweet and turned off by those things to ever actually do them outside the context of a joke like today.

>> No.2857157

was the rest of the time just gameplay reactions I'm assuming? Also I assume she's talking about the holomyth plushies right? I'm looking forward to those personally

>> No.2857171

God I fucking hate deadbeats.

>> No.2857174

More precise quote:
>"not a myth, not like us girls"
You know, you might be onto something.
Assuming that's what the chat was asking (and Mori answering) about, yeah.

>> No.2857209

Yandereaper > Dombeats

>> No.2857257
File: 201 KB, 1080x1080, when the new EP comes out.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For real though, no need to push her be an S (or anything else, really) if she doesn't feel like being one.
Deadbeats, letting things flow naturally now.

>> No.2857281

Just because I want her to do it doesn't mean I'm gonna beg for it. She could stream herself talking about how she had an autistic obsession with how the grass on her neighbor's lawn grew as a kid for three hours and I'd watch it

>> No.2857311

God wish Mori would get autistic talking about shit like Reine. I fucking love autistic girls getting autistic about things.

>> No.2857337
File: 531 KB, 2290x3437, EzkyzdTXsAAWJvL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2857352

I found the clarification on why Moririn doesn't want more applications really cute
>it has to be a two way streetbasically saying she doesn't want anyone performing duties of a husband unless she can perform those of a wife

>> No.2857393

>>it has to be a two way street
This is all it was. It could be both of them doing husband/wife duties or both working and supporting the house financially. It went no deeper than that.

>> No.2857448

The couple of times a few months back when she was talking about her equipment and her setup and what she was trying out for audio were amazing to listen to.

>> No.2857493

It was huh? I was filtered the fuck out by none of the words ringing any bells. Hate it when it happens when watching a streamer you thought you could relate to.

>> No.2857495

just sounded like an equal amount of work being put in which is kind of just a normal answer nowadays

>> No.2857516

I wasn't familiar enough to follow along but it was still really nice to listen to.

>> No.2857543

anonchama, my enter button clearly failed there...

>> No.2857679

So what the fuck is this nigger >>2846752 talking about, 5 days without Mori? Am I hallucinating? There's a stream tomorrow, the 24th, and then she comes back on the 27th (26th if you live in a real time zone). That's 3 days.

>> No.2857706

I'm retarded, please understand.

>> No.2857711

Dude probably thought 5.1 stands for the fifth of the next month. Bunch of 3AM streams will do that to you.

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