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those Megaman streams would have shredded vocal chords of steel
screaming at the top of your lungs for 3+ hours is not a good idea
hope she learns to limit her duck voice

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This is one of those "Jesus died for our sins" kind of moments.

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graduate soon, her vocal cord has permanent damage

after that, haachama will graduate due to r*** mental issue

and hololive coming to an end

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KYS. Now.

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seething kek

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t. kiara

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You can smell the seamonkey fumes coming off this post.

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Fox is in Hololive and all is right with the world.

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what are nijifags like this?

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t. Zomcuck

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stop blaming everything on Nijisanji, retard

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God, she sounds so fucking sexy in this. She should blow her voice out more often.

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I love her new voice. She should use that more often.

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t. Nijisanji

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stop replying to bait retard

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Sorry, our son’s almost due

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You're right about the fact that she should be nicer to her voice.

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>r*** mental issue
rrat mental issue

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Thank God someone actually got this. But yeah, as long as the Fox is in the foxhole, I'm not giving up on Hololive

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Everyone got it anon, kys.

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>graduate soon, her vocal cord has permanent damage
>after that, haachama will graduate due to r*** mental issue
>and hololive coming to an end

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>management asking Subaru to take steroids

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It's just a ploy to bulk her up before the fight. She was going to fail the drug test otherwise.

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Might have to do what Suisei did and go with her more natural voice.

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Steroids are in literally everything.
Certain types of asthma inhalers have steroids in them.

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juiced duck feet typed this post

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doing that voice has fuck up her vocal chords somehow
like just think about long term damage
>trips check

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Nijinigger seamonkey detected

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is she really faking her duck voice? didnt she mention last time that she's speaking normally?

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anon.... come on now.

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i swear she even talked about how she finds it hard to make her voice "softer"

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declining lmao

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She's killing her vocal cords. Suisei just straight up dropped the cutesy voice and just speaks almost normally now since her doctor told her it was doing damage and would affect her singing if she kept it up.
The fans can go fuck themselves if they complain. Towa should go back to her normal voice too or she's going to have similar issues in the near future.

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Suisei’s normal voice is also hotter so it was a net gain for everyone

>> No.2811392

>11 hours
Incredible she got 20k views on that.

>> No.2811414

its impressive how much Hololive has grow up, nowadays she gets 10 times this

>> No.2811448

Hololive's best singers all have sexy low pitch voices when speaking naturally.

>> No.2811550

Agreed. I'd love a collabs stream with Sui-chan, Matsuri, Subaru, and Towa all speaking with their natural voices. I think a lot of the antis that gave them shit over having a low voice are long gone by now. It's unhealthy to strain your vocal cords for hours at a time multiple times a weeks.

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RIP hololive they all got the corone

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>duck voice was a lie

it's almost the same case as suisei isnt it?
i listen to that but the duck voice is still apparent

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I think archives wipe the view count.

>> No.2811879

they're reuploads
most streams would have accumulated more than 20k during the livestream itself, just look at her other videos.

>> No.2811953

Is there really no chance that the duck voice is her real voice?

>> No.2812008

i mean i don't get why they bother modulating their voices considering it sounds the exact fucking same to me.

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I love my sick duck, she still posts on twitter to update her fans even when no one expects her to.

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watch her collab with choco and luna. It's really obvious she drops in and out of her voice. But she is able to maintain that voice a lot because it's not too different from normal

>> No.2812079

Have you listened to her explain how she 'mastered ASMR'?
She puts her phone up to her face so that she forces herself to talk normally.

>> No.2812109

who do i believe

>> No.2812194

Remember when some were worried that COVID was reason for Miko's break?

>> No.2812216

If this was the playthrough in which she got a noseblood, it most definitely should have more than that amount. It was during the popularity boom.

>> No.2812501

It probably could have been, honestly. Most people don't die from the rona.

>> No.2812532

humans don't sound like that naturally, alienchama

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all the holos need to stop with their voices and just go back to their roommates voices instead. they sound so much better with their natty voices.

>> No.2812595

is korone's current voice natty?
is korone herself natty?

>> No.2812879

Mr Koro is natty GOD

>> No.2813734

everyone got it you ledit cunt
go back and then kys

>> No.2813978

eh? that's not Towa's regular voice?

>> No.2814006

>Ame and Subaru both on roids
Why is cover allowing this?

>> No.2814180

Towa's regular voice is much cooler.

>> No.2814364

Man, being Okayu must be pretty chill since she just use her normal voice.

>> No.2814424

believe the fact that noone knows what they are talking about

>> No.2814508

Maybe you should repeat the reference hoping that someone will get the joke if you say it twice. I'm sure that's the problem anon, nobody got it.
Then again, you may just be an obnoxious cunt, who can tell. Right?

>> No.2814521

Black company.

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japanese culture is fucked and they are blind to comments. Women are just fucking retarded man, it's literally the same as with make up.

Google "burikko" ぶりっ子, it's japanese women making their voices appear cutesy to appeal to males, Matuli also talked about this a while ago. It's not just Idols and Seiyuu tho, it's also moderators, front desk ladies, women working in bars etc., and even to one-up each other while going out.
They do it for themselves and against other women.

The worst thing is that usually whenever they go deeper or reveal their "normal" voice, chat SHOWERS them with support, JPs and ENs alike. There is absolutely no fucking need for this self-punishment anymore, neither in japanese society in itself nor and especially not when trying to pander to the western world as well since we don't get it anyways.

I wouldn't hate so much if it wouldn't literally destroy the vocal cords of my oshis one by one since they're all guilty of this, all of them.

>> No.2815701

Some of them that are not doxxed yet don't want to give it their real voice though.

>> No.2815709

watch her first stream, decide for yourself if thats faked, she later on tries to go burikko but chat tells her "well that wont work anymore".
then watch her current streams again, see how much it changed aside from Mic quality. But with her it's also manner of speech and overall demeanor. Mr. Koro changed a lot.

>> No.2815721

Those people are saying the same thing, the duck voice is not her natural voice.

She's been streaming long enough where she probably automatically switches to the duck voice when she's streaming, but she probably uses her natural voice to speak on the phone, hence the phone example

>> No.2815740

>they're all guilty of this, all of them.
Sora talks about how her idol voice and streaming voice are different and that sometimes she forgets what she really sounds like.

>> No.2815747

well that's the one thing I would totally understand, but wouldn't it be much easier to change your voice when going outside?

That's how Miko did it at comiket according to herself. And lots of them are shut-ins.

>> No.2815859

Subaru also claims that her grinder voice is just the result of energy for the stream and fuck me it rings true when you've been there for her undertale, later on as she gets more and more broken she goes deeper and deeper into hot tomboy territory, kinda like with that baseball clip.

Singing voice I totally get. "Idol voice" or narrations/annoucements, sure. but man these girls really make up a second nature with her character. I mean I'm not the professional here, they are, but fuck, I don't want more and more Suiseis (actually if they'd all just act like Suisei and say fuck it I'd rather sing for a while longer I would greatly appreciate it.)

>> No.2815877

Shubao talked once about how she floated the idea of vtubers and hololive to her irl normie friends and "introduced" it to them via Oozora Subaru. No reaction. They were more enamoured with Marine and Peko or some shit then promptly forgot about it. Presumably she sounds so different that none of them picked up on it. It was only like 6+months later that one of them sent her a line message saying "this is you right?" and she was probably the only one that got hooked after being introd to vutubers all those months ago with Marine.

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Please God, do not let this turn into another Kira situation. I don't think I'd be able to withstand it a second time.

>> No.2816116

I guess they don't want to use a fake voice when they live their normal lives.

>> No.2816193

>Kira situation

>> No.2816205

hololive suck

>> No.2816224

They're reuploads where everyone knows it's endless boss battles.

>> No.2816238

>Dumbasses not knowing the difference between corticosteroids and anabolic androgen steroids.

Testosterone is only ever prescribed for two reasons: Grow muscles or help accelerate delayed puberty in males, neither of which subaru needs. Corticosteroids would suppress her immune system, which is 99% of the reason "steroids" are prescribed. Suppression of the immune system is usually needed when your body overreacts after the body is damaged, which is delaying healing.

>> No.2816444

basically, dude in holostars who played a trap character had to graduate because of his health. Sad all around because he didn't want to go and was a main member of holostars

>> No.2816496

Subaru is a master of the EgoSa, maybe as obsessed as Matsuri. She read clipper comments on Eng. translations about her. I think Matsuri only does that on Japanese channels but I'm sure the Duck checks all of them.
I'm certain she's subbed to Vtube Tengoku.

>> No.2816539

Oh him. Sorry I seriously forgot about it and was wracking my brain trying to think of you were referring to an Indy or someone else.

>> No.2816564

They all do it. It's just that her clippers clip her mentioning it more often.

>> No.2816768

Gura would never have been popular if her voice had been her deep husky voice. Even if you want to go into how culture is fucked, you can't deny the fact that what attracted viewers initially was some combination of their voice with their presented personality. So no, it's not women being retarded, it's managers knowing what gets views. Fans that are now loyal, shower them with support regardless of what voice they use, but that loyalty started initially by being drawn in by their voice. It's the same "culture" argument about how people are racist. We are all genetically wired to be able to tell which people are similar to us. Being "racist"i.e. being able to tell who is different from you and your community, was a natural defense mechanism originally used to help create stronger communities, thus improving survival. Males being attracted to feminine features like higher pitched voices is also one of those evolved natural mechanisms just like how there are other physical features that make men attracted to women and vice versa.

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So now that holos start dropping the cutesy/whacky voices, will paypigs gradually shift their attention to new younger girls? just like in real life

>> No.2816817

Suisei sounds like shit now
even if it's for health reasons it's still a downgrade
Tons of people made fun of towa's deep voice when they still cared about her(before the whore incident).

>> No.2816961

No, her normal voice is sultry and deep. Haven't you heard her sing? That's her real voice. Her JP fans make her do that half assed burikko voice through her nose.
Yeah. She, Kanata, Flare, Sora, and Mori just use their normal pitch.

>> No.2817037

It already started. Just look at the market.

>> No.2817075

She sounded so normal in that early group collab stream, albeit Ko'one was super shy and talked very little.
Ame sounds like a totally different person when in streamer mode. Gremlin voice has got to be tough on her.

>> No.2817086

Pretty sure Ina just talks normally most of the time, with her nasally voice.

>> No.2817159

>Ina wears nosehooks because she's a big perv

>> No.2817344

You and they are the problem. Suisei sounds very sexy now and so did Towa. You need some T shots if every woman that doesn't sound like a chipmunk on helium intimidates you.

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File: 1.42 MB, 456x638, suisei airguitar.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't you have some husky EN slut to watch?
No need to force your terrible taste on others, not everyone is compensating their lack of masculinity by listening to raspy smoker voices on the daily.

>> No.2818056

Nope. As someone who has heard her natural voice in roommate videos, Okayu doesn't use her normal voice most of the time. Her normal voice is lower. It tends to come out during collabs (especially off-collabs) and when she laughs, but otherwise she tries to make her voice sound higher than her natural voice.

>> No.2818163

Who thought the Gohan duck would blow her voice out faster than Masako Nozawa herself, wishing Shuba a speedy recovery and a nice long break even once she's recovered, she's cool.

>> No.2818413

No. But it isn't that far from her natural voice either if you ask me.

>> No.2818484


>> No.2818558

You are deaf if you think Towa has a nice voice. Towa's voice is not sexy or sultry. She sounds like an old woman who's smoked six packs a day for fifty years. She sounds awful. I legitimately thought she was a downie when I first heard her speak. I wish I was joking.

>> No.2818700

it's a joke anon

>> No.2819397

Towa's real voice sounds great.

>> No.2819571

SHUBA?! Hoping for a speedy recovery for my favorite duck.

>> No.2819648

>tfw no varbie Subaru gf

>> No.2820701

Go be gay somewhere else.

>> No.2820744


why being pessimistic is not allowed here?

>> No.2821097

pretty close. her old stream personalities sound almost exactly the same other than she is higher pitch now.

>> No.2825101


>> No.2825375

one of the worst posts i've ever read on this site

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>Subaru talking 100% in her real voice

>> No.2825993

I believe that Subaru is so charismatic that she would be just fine with her natural voice.

>> No.2828131

She almost sounds like Noraneko, especially when she says "saa" a lot.

>> No.2829012 [DELETED] 

Is 2nd gen cursed or what. Ayame, Aqua, Shion rarely stream. Subaru sick. Choco is grind autist.

>> No.2829108

was it too much cum or not enough?

>> No.2829150

voice of an angel

>> No.2829241

The soft voice IS her fake voice

>> No.2830527

But it was childbirth all along

>> No.2833472

lmao ... yikes

>> No.2833758

>I love her new voice. She should use that more often.
Remind me of this.

>> No.2834198
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Why not use a voice changer? Pochi does it and its imperceptible.

>> No.2834331

You are the reason why all female VA sound the same.

>> No.2836359

Do JP fans not like the low voices or is it just the girls wanting to sound cute with high pitch voices

>> No.2836636

Towa was called a man for months. Its 100 percent otakus and weebs alike having a preference,

>> No.2837059

Gura's voice is her normal voice, not that much difference between Gura and her old persona

>> No.2837095

Clearly you are retarded if you think Suisei's voice is bad

>> No.2837215

He spoke the truth, therefore they hated him.

>> No.2841030

He's right, you know... but it won't be haachama that will graduate after. It will be Mio.
And with Mio Mama gone, others will follow.

>> No.2841397

Hololive members aren't allowed to use voice changers as their regular streaming voice. They can play around with them a bit like Akirose but not to replace their unaltered voice.
I will never forgive the beta male Japanese.

>> No.2841532

She doesn't sound that different here

>> No.2842391

>Towa was called a man for months.
I have never seen this happen. Not in the EOP site I visit at least. Where did you read this?

>> No.2842418


>> No.2842490

I don't think the voice Gura uses now, natural or not, is particularly stressful for her to do. She sounds pretty relaxed when speaking which is actually probably one of her strong points compared to other loli vtubers.

>> No.2844304

Maybe she can get a completely new voice while she is at it, her voice sounds like shit and is the most annoying out of all Holos

>> No.2845825


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