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What is /asp/?

A thread for aspiring vtubers! Whether your goal is to make the journey as an independent streamer or to gain experience and build a portfolio for agency auditions. Let's help each other grow and make it. Indies are welcome to selfpost, but shill responsibly. Share your knowledge, insights, feedback, discuss what has worked and what hasn't worked for you. And always remember to do your research before posting personally identifying information. That includes both in this thread and in your audition applications to agencies.

>Do I need a fully rigged model to be a vtuber?
Nope! You can get started as a simple .png character!

>I want to learn how to rig Live2D models, where do I go?
Brian Tsui (of Iron Vertex), Kira Omori and the official Live2D YouTube channels have many tutorials available.

>Where can I find artists/riggers?
vtuber.gg, ArtStation, DeviantArt, Twitter, Reddit, Skeb.jp, etc.

>I just want to get started, can I buy pre-made models?
Yes! Live2D models can be purchased off nizima.com (Live2D's official marketplace) or booth.pm (general Japanese indie artist website). Be sure to check compatibility with your facial tracking software!

>Where can I learn how to digital market myself?

>Where can I find some good games to stream?

>Twitch or YouTube?
The general rule of thumb is Twitch if your content is primarily based on livestreaming and YouTube if your content is primarily pre-recorded and edited.

>Do you think there's an audience for X, Y, Z content?
First, ask yourself if you would watch a streamer of your skill and experience. Second, do a check on social media and look to see if other streamers are already creating similar content. Don't limit yourself to vtubers, include traditional real life streamers to scope out a potential audience.

Pastebin Guides and Resources:

General: https://pastebin.com/AJLkFrGK
OpSec Guide: https://pastebin.com/uALiNZCV
Twitter Networking: https://controlc.com/9eba2fbc
"avoid doing this shit": https://pastebin.com/vbp6qEdt
Social media branding: https://pastebin.com/jVERSLqG
Take with a grain of salt Parasocial Guide: https://pastebin.com/zmpCResg

Hololive Auditions have opened up to males

Tsunderia Auditions have opened:

AkioAir auditions are opening very soon!

Stay grounded, stay hopeful

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Is Jay from red letter media considered a vtuber?

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T-minus 2 minutes until Menhera Monday

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I already failed the wait

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Anon, come on all you needed to do was wait at least two minutes before you doxx your past life.

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>just commissioned what I think is going to be a really nice live 2d model
>have a huge wave of shame and self doubt wash over me after a particularly terrible stream today

Goddamn it. I feel like I don't even deserve to have a nice model. There are so many better streamers than me. Should I even be doing this any more? I streamed for over a month just to make sure I enjoy streaming before commissioning a model and now I feel like this. I cant even stream for more than an hour lately before my shame and self doubt make me turn it off.

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its not about clout chasing or building an audience, its about looking attractive as fuck with a beautiful anime boy design, and being relatable because you both are vtubers. you have no clue the power you can have with a handsome design until you have experienced it

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its your money man, dont make it about whether other people deserve it more. your fucking money you deserve to use it as you see fit even if you are a menhera fag

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Do people usually like Vroid studio models more than pngs? I have some art experience, and thought I could start with a customized Vroid model but am not sure what would be better received.

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>streaming Master Duel on YouTube
>every stream gets new people coming in and several new subs on my YouTube account
I think Master Duel is a good niche to stream in

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It largely depends on the VRoid model.
for me :
good vroid (picrel) > good png > ok png > ok vroid

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>Rikotan in OP

>> No.27921729

sometimes I wonder what it would sound like if they lost their temper and started screaming at chat

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I saw some debate on this in the last thread and wanted to chime in.
Smooth, hairless faces are definitely the most popular among women, but I do think there is a market for a little facial hair. Emphasis on a little. If you must have it, keep it down to stubble and mainly on the chin. See characters like Maruki from P5, Teru Tendo and Jiro Yamashita from SideM, Jin Sagami from Enstars, Professor Sycamore from Pokemon XY etc.These are what I would call entry-level "daddy" characters that are liked for being a little more masculine/mature than the average anime boy, but not to the point of entering the true daddy/ikeoji/bara niche.
In conclusion, if you feel a little round-faced enstars twink doesn't suit you but still want to draw in a female audience, try going for the in-between.

-Anon Who Loves Pathetic Disheveled Stubbly Anime Men

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master duel has had surprising staying power for vtubers

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/asp/ies people are sleeping on? I wanna watch new people. For reference, I keep up with all the 'gen 3' aspies as you call it

>> No.27922060

I think you're mostly right. There are women who like more facial hair, but they aren't watching anime and vtubers as much.

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I don't want to live in a world where Kaiser screams at me

>> No.27922276

Catch a Mazoku Trueno karaoke sometime, it's a good time

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Arurandeisu from holostars has a kind of a Chinstrap type beard that looks kind of neat.

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That's probably true. This is might be a stretch, but I'm hoping the next wave of NijiEn males has a more mature model. One of the theorized recruits who graduated a while ago has the perfect voice for it. If Nijisanji stops being cowards and doesn't stuff him into a little twink model there's hope for a growing interest in scruffy/manlier male chuubas in the English speaking scene. I want to believe... :(

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Thanks to anyone who watched my 3rd ever stream. Sorry if the audio was kind of bad. Watching the VOD I noticed I sound pretty raspy and nasally and probably need to talk louder.
Need to figure out how to not have breathing noises in the mic as well.
But anyways hopefully can improve and talk more clearly and with less anxiety overtime. I'm very open to feedback to for anyone who did watch.
Also feedback on if this character is appealing or not. I know it's pretty simple and poorly drawn but want to improve it over time. Maybe I'll attempt to draw an Ikemen version sometime and become a real vtuber.
Thanks man. I'll probably try to start streaming earlier, mostly was doing late because had to psyche myself up first to start. Still trying to think of other games to play. Need something I can ramble over well.

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What is the idea behind the character?

>> No.27923218

put up the vod i missed the stream

>> No.27923231

just fixing the character up a bit would be enough for a start

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Adventurer Wizard, can't think of a good name so name is just Wiz for now. The arcane orb attached to his hat holds the wisdom of the wizards of yore, and also is like a supporting character who gives advice on adventures. I think is name is Zorb.
Mostly just a standard wiz though, so wasn't sure how appealing it is or if too generic. Kind of looks like the old final fantasy mage sprite.
I put it up, hopefully it's not too cringy.
Which aspects do you think need some fixing?

>> No.27924064

I think it's a great design, I was foolish to doubt the genius of you if you were the MSPaint anon who asked a while back. It's perfect, I wouldn't change a single thing besides possibly improving the art if you can but if you end up finding someone else to do it make sure it's someone that suits the aesthetic because I think it's a lot better than just an ikemen especially since it's got a great "mascot" vibe and stands out a lot more. I'd just build on what you have and just increase the quality rather than the character itself. It also seems really easy to adapt to different genres if you wanted to, like putting him in a poncho, space suit, etc.

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Whenever I have a stream I feel like was bad, I constantly have to remind myself that I've made progress at all since I first started streaming.

>> No.27924183

Yeah it's simple but distinctive

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Why would a woman ever try and clout shark over someone with less clout than her?

>> No.27924512

This is good advice as far as facial hair goes. Depending on the style, scruff or super short facial hair like Snake from MGS, the dad from Inside Out, Link from GMM, etc are good for a more mature look, or something that's more "flat" stylistically like the professor from Scarlet/Violet, Aladdin's dad from that shitty side movie and other similar characters work as well. Most importantly if anyone ever ends up going the "facial hair" route, make sure to find someone that's actually produced a model with it before.

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a good piece of advice is to archive your streams, even if theyre not published. you can at least look back on the old ones and see how shitty they were

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holy fuck are you braindead, i just saw a mother fucker get 2k likes on a png reveal while getting 3 ccv when he actually streamed. every comment under the png wants to fuck him and were thristing for his cock. why does your train of logic keep defaulting to the clout aspect, women want to fuck a hot anime boy doesnt fucking matter if they are a no view or not. you are roleplaying as what they want to fuck, how hard is that to understand? they dont want to fuck your follower count or your money they want to fuck your design you belligerent retard

>> No.27924676

Thanks anons I have a hard time knowing if things look okay or not so your feed back is really helpful and assuring.
>improving the art
Improving my art is definitely my top priority. I will probably do some more revisions of them.
> It also seems really easy to adapt to different genres if you wanted to, like putting him in a poncho, space suit, etc.
I did kind of have that in mind as a mascot that can fit in a lot of in a lot of different art styles/genres.

>> No.27924782

So I'm excited for AkioAir auditions to be opening; how long do you think it's going to take until they do open and how competitive do you think auditions will be?
I really want a particular artist to do my model, and also all the AkioAir girls seem cool so I wanna be friends with them/colleagues and work together on creating content

>> No.27925371

>2k likes on a png reveal while getting 3 ccv when he actually streamed
any links? seems unreal with that amount of exposure, that's worse than most aspies

>> No.27925689


i like following people that go viral on twitter to see how they perform on stream. like that steia guy that vtweeted to 4k followers and didnt do much besides reveal a clip of a fairly gross esl voice. this guy in particular wouldve done a lot better if he announced the stream on twitter but he just hit go live and 3 people showed up an hour in

>> No.27925894

I'm not gonna make it

>> No.27925921

No, Anon: you WILL make it!
Believe in yourself! And I'll make it too!

>> No.27925948

all of my vods are publicly archived besides two extremely technical scuffed ones and one that got severely muted
god that nose makes his face look super flat

>> No.27927285

He got ZERO follows on Twitch from the tweet as well, not a single one from the days before he tweeted that up until today. This is what I call fumbling. didn't check his channel out as far as quality or voice goes, but that's a massive fumble on his part for doing nothing with the momentum, not that it seemed to matter anyway. There's small things he maybe could've done, like interact with more people, type up some "call to arms" or "share your png" bullshit as a follow up, but I'm not saying it'd magically make him famous, just that it would've helped better than doing literally nothing.

>> No.27928698

>Do some extra opsec after talking about it with a friend
>Another chuuba adopted my old username wholesale
>the one with a lot of horrible spicy shit on it
i hope nobody schizos them

>> No.27928848

Streamed games today to escape reality today. Instantly felt better. Is this the result of forming parasocial relationships to viewers? Will this be an okay coping mechanism?

>> No.27929840

seems like it. whenever i play games i just feel worse so you are at least better than me

>> No.27930632

Meido babis

>> No.27930833

Depends, what did you play?

>> No.27933927

Any ikemen/bishounen types around here?

>> No.27935943

deku nobou is the only one i'd consider a proper one while others like jaydead merely have a model but not necessarily the personality

>> No.27936673

How menhera are you feeling today /asp/ies?

>> No.27936843

ironically i felt more menhera earlier this weekend. i feel pretty centered today

>> No.27937004

a little. realizing that my little jokes of "oh i have autism" werent jokes, and that im socially crippled, is a bit of a shoc

>> No.27937013

i actually feel really fucking awesome. last 72 hours have been a fever dream

>> No.27937044

I've been seeing a lot of people pulling better numbers than me while putting in much less effort and it always makes me feel like I'm going to snap.

>> No.27937859

a bit menhera over numbers but i know i still need to work on making better content so trying to not get tooooo down about it :p

>> No.27937976

weekend was pretty bad but things were okay today. not necessarily a number thing but I am a little frustrated that 99% of my viewers consist of /asp/. been looking into ways to attract people, some ideas worked but I also have to deal with certain anxieties to go through with them. nothing about being shameless or anything, just that i worry about my performance when i do those new things

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File: 857 KB, 1728x872, peek.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to be someone's bratty little brother chuuba...I've been told I sound young but I think I need more vocal reps to get the shota image I'm looking for...

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>> No.27938405

I bit the bullet and made a Discord account.
I don't want to use it though, so I won't see any of you up until we agree to collab.

>> No.27938410

Had to call suicide hotline on friday.
I'm not doing very well right now.

>> No.27938650

It's good enough as it is. It has soul.

>> No.27938811

stream today wasn't really that great, but it's better than having not streamed at all.

>> No.27939852

Alto, just vent here already

>> No.27940123

My body is broken but it seems like like things are going to incline.
So not as menhera as usual.

That could take time, we don't even know that you exist.

>> No.27940178

>we don't even know that you exist
You do actually. There are still many people that self posted here that haven't joined the channel yet.

>> No.27940212

Very menhera. I've been obsessing all week over things that are very likely only happening in my head.

>> No.27940318

I posted here a few times and shill in the discord and people still forget I exist.

>> No.27940380

And I don't know them just because they self-post occasionally.
Gimme me some examples.

>> No.27940416

Why do you even bother coming here?

>> No.27940441

no menhera here, just reached another follower milestone :D
stay strong, aspies!

>> No.27940527

Pretty menhera, I can write an essay about how fed up I am with my job today

>> No.27940544

Give or receive advice, not "support" ngmi 2 views male vtubers with a PNG drawn in microsoft paint

>> No.27940592

posting once or twice doesn't make you relevant.

>> No.27940667

>Give or receive advice
Let me doubt
>mspaint PNG bad
not even that guy but his PNG is great. You're absolute cancer for shitting on low production values just because it's "cheap". If you really were a regular here, instead of discord for instance, you'd know what matters is the personality of the streamer, not the quality of the model.

>> No.27940731


>> No.27940795

for me the best /asp/ male is bill and he's a bubble png so your point is moot

>> No.27940870

fuck off bill

>> No.27940968

>join our discord join our discord join our discord discord discord discord discord babi discord discord discord groomer discord discord discord
shut upppp about the fucking circlejerk cord I couldn't care less if it's helpful to you, half of the people in there act like containment breaking mongoloids that try and rope you into saying yab shit so that they can drag you down with them. Half the advice given out is just Visage doing google searches for the girls he wants to groom and isn't anything you couldn't use this thread for. I'm tired of the fucking discord conversations dominating half of the posts here I'm actually praying for some massive yab to take everything down already

>> No.27940986

not him. just because someone defends a male doesn't mean it's a selfpost.

>> No.27941021

who are some small chuubas you think are /here/ but don't self post?

>> No.27941053

how new

>> No.27941204

Likely not new. Might be the same guy who has ain as his oshi and thinks babis are stealing viewers from her.

>> No.27941282

The only reason they come to /asp/ is to rrat about each others because on discord they are two faced bitches.
Discord trannies are a plague on this thread and should stay contained in their own den of hyprocrites.

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File: 264 KB, 2000x2000, Dootdoot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Despite being fairly active in the aspcord and someone who asks questions here occassionally, ive never actually self posted. I think i was mentioned once or twice in these threads

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File: 165 KB, 946x2047, 7F9A232A-C3EC-408F-BF85-7172666753C9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Always horny and jerk off a lot
>Become /asp/ie
>Suddenly lose all libido
>Just get bored halfway through jerking and give up
>Go completely soft the second I picture any other /asp/ie in a lewd way
>Don’t get full mast and only get kind of horny when I browse the stuff that usually used to instantly get me mega worked up
What is happening to me

>> No.27941791

I stumbled upon a bear recently in my recommended list, thought she was too based to be from either reddit or twitter but there is nothing that says she's from 4chan either, let alone /asp/
She gets mentioned in /wvt/ quite a lot going by the archives.

>> No.27941852

you're discovering what it feels like to receive dopamine from something that you actually have to work for. jerking off then ceases to fulfill your desires

>> No.27941893

it was the opposite for me...

>> No.27942164

Charlotte, or Miru?

>> No.27942180

Isn't Miru blatantly self posting?

>> No.27942645

I'm almost certain the wave of Discord hate all of a sudden are viewers going full schizo about it because they're upset someone was caught grooming Xia / because Xia is getting groomed and smooched.

>> No.27942686

>all of a sudden
how fucking new?

>> No.27942688

people were saying discord was bad ages ago because this thread became a hotbed for malicious gossip early on

>> No.27942739

Who the hell is even grooming Xia, Ain?

>> No.27942749

It's been constant on and off but people just kicked off about it over nothing and seemed especially upset at the same time, for some reason.

>> No.27942756


>> No.27942761

This thread changed drastically when the new discord appeared. The thread has basically been a barren waste of schizoposting with little to no value ever since.

>> No.27942843
File: 322 KB, 566x785, 1642515768628.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27942884

The reason is very simple. discord = reddit. Same causes, same consequences.
Now the trannycords come here to vent because if they do it over there they get "blacklisted".
The redditard can't handle the downvoot.

>> No.27942939

they made the discord to escape the schizos in the first place.

>> No.27943039

and gave the schizos exactly what they said they wanted

>> No.27943070

yep. still boggles me even now

>> No.27943075

Take your meds retard

>> No.27943129

Keep telling yourself that.
The truth is that THEY are the crab basket. The schizos are merely themselves larping as anons to rrat on each other.

>> No.27943181

Viewers (all 2 of them) are mad that the only purpose of the thread left is for aspies to wipe their ass with it, leaving all the shit for them. And I'm here for it.

>> No.27943312

Jesus christ why do you guys treat every woman who is /here/ like a shiny toy. I think Xia and every woman here is a bit too smart to fall for your 'grooming', unless said grooming involves giving us money in which case you're actually the one being groomed. But please continue your attempts

>> No.27943340

Is it a bad sign if aspies don't even pity watch me when I shill?

>> No.27943413


>> No.27943425


>> No.27943480

I actually stream, and I genuinely feel like the server is just a place for 4chan vtubers to congregate and kek at their funny secret 4chan memes and words. Very little networking takes place, and it's impossible to really get to know anyone because there is a %100 chance that whatever we say there can and will be held against us.
If you're in it for friends then whatever, you do you. But remember to chose your company wisely if you're in this for streaming as a career.

>> No.27943534

Exactly what I mean. If you think I'm stupid then thag just works better in my favor, now give me your twitch prime

>> No.27943555

I'm pretty sure you sikirt club is full of viewers though. But you cope how you can.

>> No.27943564

If female? Yes very bad. If male? Not really, average you get out of posting here is maybe 5 follows that will never watch.

>> No.27943701

Not him but I guess the question applies to him as well. I know people can't support everyone but damn it feels extra shit when no one shows up.

Funny thing is most of the recent aspies actually followed me. Probably out of pity. oh well.

This concludes my menhera Monday. All the best bros

>> No.27943941

>it feels extra shit when no one shows up
I know that feel, just keep in mind the planets have to be aligned, the thread is 50 IPs at most, spread across 3 big times zones, US having the biggest numbers.
To get a view you need for someone to be there, actually see your link, have the time, not be watching anyone else (remember this is vtuber board, most people are watching many vtubers) and then after a long thought process on whether or not he rather watch you or jerk off to someone else, he may eventually maybe click your link. THEN it's up to you. Anything before that is basically luck.
So keep posting your link and eventually you'll luck out.
You shouldn't try to fish for pity views either anyway, what you want is people who will regularly come to your streams because they enjoy you. A pity viewer will show up only once, which bolsters neither your stats nor your self esteem.

>> No.27944137

This always happens, regardless of what's going on, when creators and consumers are in the same user pool. There will always be a secret skype group, discord server, or whatever.

The only way around it is to give creators preferential treatment. and you can't do that if everyone's anon.

>> No.27944180

>whatever we say there can and will be held against us
i completely assume visage started the server to get blackmail material or doxx data on upcoming streamers for the sake of it.

>> No.27944302

I don't care if aspcord has viewers in it. That's actually even better, and I welcome them there. The thread is literally a rotting corpse, and it should not exist anymore. People keep coming back to fuck the corpse, but I guess it serves as an ok onahole if you disinfect the inside and add some warming lubricant.

>inb4 but you use the thread, curious
I lurk still for new aspies. If someone schizo posts, I will anti the anti if bored enough.

>> No.27944313
File: 459 KB, 1447x2047, 1642724727894.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They're my dream mama. I have the money, but I don't think they accept commissions from non-corpos. Or am I reading their page wrong? I'd do anything to have a design by them.


>> No.27944333

Who got the most yab material so far?

>> No.27944342

>The thread is literally a rotting corpse, and it should not exist anymore.
The rot is you. Fuck off and the thread will be fine.

>> No.27944353

I have an underlying feeling people in the server don't like me but are too afraid to tell me

>> No.27944407

Thread gave me blunt and straight feedback while everyone on discord tries to play nice and downplay issues. I prefer asking here desu

>> No.27944411

there's a skill floor. you need decent mic, you need decent model, you need decent voice.
if youre a babi, i will probably not watch you because its fucking weird to have a male voice coming from a hypersexual model.
you also need to either be providing commentary on the game or just talking. not just grunts and sounds.

i dont want to shit on nue because you said youre not him. but his highlight is shit. theres no talking. theres no commentary. the background is the same color as his hair so it looks shit.

i might drop in and mute the tab but im not gonna say hello and get trapped in conversation

>> No.27944423

This was typed by my hands

>> No.27944439

The asp server? Just leave, they're all a bunch of NGMIs anyway

>> No.27944454


>> No.27944469

>if youre a babi, i will probably not watch you because its fucking weird to have a male voice coming from a hypersexual model.
If it's not a hypersexual model you'd be okay with it, or nah?

>> No.27944481

I very rarely talk in the server because I'm socially awkward and also it's usually dead in my time zone

>> No.27944503

i typed this

>> No.27944559

A load of people admitted to using drugs during the Rice arc.

Alto, Bill, Frank, and Kuma Vennas use the gamer word.

Azu complains about how everyone hates him a lot.

>> No.27944690

>Rice arc
what did he do?

>> No.27944697

if its not hypersex i dont dislike it. but i dont see the point?

nobody who clicks in because of a female model will stay when you have a generic man voice.

>> No.27944728

Also people like to trash talk corpos and big indies once in a while. Those are easy screenshots

Rice purity test. Low score means you did some wild shit.

>> No.27944773

oh, i thought you were referring to ricecake for some reason

>> No.27944816

Nobody is going to talk about a literal who without providing details

>> No.27944993

Reminder that everyone that can give you actual good advice doesn't browse asp anymore. Leave here and find it elsewhere and earn more success than aspies easily.

>> No.27945001

Reminder that primrose was an absolute degenerate according to her rice score

>> No.27945046

I want to correct Rikotan so bad bros!

>> No.27945219

wait when did you guys do rice scores
did anybody beat meat's score (like, 13 I think) I gotta know

>> No.27945372

Lowest ones I've seen were Konrad's, Savvy's, and Primrose's, but they didnt get that low

>> No.27945547
File: 5 KB, 50x41, i swear.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27945646

I am having a sober moment (as in, free from my delusions) and it is much worse than any of the anger at the imaginary I had been feeling previously.

>> No.27945665

I played No More Heroes

>> No.27945677

I honestly prefer your helmet guy png

>> No.27945703

primrose and thaum got very close scores at about 37 which were a chunk lower than everyone else in server. dont remember konrad or savvys tho.
nobody beat meat

>> No.27945794

its funny but was always meant to be a stop gap. ill probably keep it around in some capacity.

>> No.27945904

Cat got 29 and puppet got 30

>> No.27946002

Stress affects my libido, and I've been more stressed since becoming a vtuber.

>> No.27946508

I've been the opposite, I feel so much less stress now that I started streaming

>> No.27946958

I can't wait to see aspies canceling each other in minecraft

>> No.27947006

Carmine Phlegethon gives the dorky younger brother experience.

>> No.27947033

How do you guys deal with someone who says they're going to kill/harm themself? I know it's not my problem, and I tell them to seek help, but it really just destroys my mood for the rest of the stream.

>> No.27947078

I just leave

>> No.27947273

I assume you're the one streaming. If someone does it in your chat, it's fine to say "hey, go get some help bro. But please don't do that here." Adding a rule about topics not related to the stream can help you point to it and say that this isn't the place to do it.

>> No.27947565

hiii noona

>> No.27947736

Hi maple

>> No.27947920

People cant expect streamers to fix their emotional problems, streamers shouldnt be therapists, most of them arent equipped to do so. Just say things like "Hey, I hope you're okay, but I'm not equipped to help you with this. Try reaching out to a therapist, and if you dont mind im gonna go back to my original topic" or something

>> No.27948017

I want to sex Carmine.

>> No.27948060


>> No.27948153

i have the command "!gethelp $user" locked to mod and above.

posts a link to twitch international suicide prevention page, and times them out for 4 hours

>> No.27948490

this is good, nta but thank you

>> No.27949133

This is probably exactly what I'm going to set up. Thanks for the idea!

>> No.27949413

Just say "Do a flip faggot". Works every time.

>> No.27949878

Originally I had it ban them, but I figured that was too harsh.

I needed to set it up so that nightbot drops the "if you're struggling, please seek help ((here))", but streamelements did the ban. you can't have one bot do both action

>> No.27950792

I've been making some assets for my stream. I made my png model and a loading screen and about to make an overlay. Is there anything else I need to make or think about before I start streaming?

>> No.27951089

I'm upgrading my model soon, and got a L2D in progress. Artist should be done in ~3 weeks, and then they'll have to rig it too. They've not put an estimate on that, but they have nothing else in queue.
How long should I build hype for new model? Announce on Monday and reveal on Friday, give it two weeks, spend a month hyping?
I stream already, so it's not a debut, but wanted thoughts.

>> No.27951547

if it were me i would debut within a week of completing the reveal hype retweets campaign and just let the retweet campaign go for as long as it needs but make sure you grab peoples attention when you complete the reveal. people have tiny attention span, you want to strike the iron while its hot

>> No.27953274 [SPOILER] 
File: 491 KB, 2182x1080, hanamaru goes to -lit-.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can't stream without audio isolation, my building is too packed.

>> No.27954601

what did meat do to get so low?

use this time to edit a highlight reel from your previous streams (assuming you have something)

>> No.27954699

No, I have none because streaming as I am would be opsec suicide.
That's why I've been asking for a tutorial for an isolation booth for weeks.

>> No.27955050
File: 224 KB, 443x548, 1511584Ff195e364-dc3e-4c13-9b85-9ed237fce0bc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mspaint bad
Hampwned has 200 viewers, most of which she had before she was using anything but her mspaint rigged hamster. You have no idea what you're talking about and content matters more than your model ever will, if you NEEDED a model then all these no-cam streamers would have never grown.

MSPaint anon, check her out. She makes a lot of assets and content themed around her simple character so I think you can get some good ideas from her.

>> No.27955056
File: 201 KB, 762x927, IMG_20220707_052256.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You can't trick physics, you need heavy material that absorbs sounds like rockwool or the like. Unless you can rip your walls open or have enough money to build a proper babicage within your place you aren't gonna be able to stop sound from coming in. If you need actual help you can add me somewhere and we can talk because I have a bit of a connection to music people that have experience with this stuff and i did a ton of research before building my cage, but expect to pay a lot of cash for it.

>> No.27955142

Pretty sure it has to do with the drug related questions.

>> No.27955312

Does Steam work? haha
But, really, I'm concerned about both sound coming in and going out. If you're still here in about two hours we can talk wherever you want if that's fine with you.

>> No.27955472

Sex, drugs and rock 'n roll

>> No.27955832

You can look for Kaiser if you want to, i have no idea how you add people on there but you might be able to find me. Other than that you can DM on twitter (@truekaiser_) I'll be here all night

>> No.27956291

I typed this

>> No.27956583
File: 33 KB, 198x156, 545etdgfhgjhu8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.27957087

is eraxs sexpesting another /asp/ie?

>> No.27957166

not those anons, but having a nice model is just objectively better.

I agree that content ultimately matters most but you simply get more initial exposure with a top tier model.

On a somewhat related note and my menhera monday contribution, nothing makes me seethe more than seeing rich chuuba larpers get super high tier model with tons of interactions on twitter who ultimately end up being extremely boring and become literal 2 views

>> No.27957316

go ahead and start seething >>27925689

>> No.27957439

Initial exposure is quite literally worthless if you don't have the knowledge to capitalize on it, which most don't have. A nice model isn't "objectively better" because there's dozens if not HUNDREDS of people with nice models in the thousands of dollars that are 2views. Content matters the most, your model just has to be "clickable" which certain stylized ones like that are.

>> No.27958299
File: 85 KB, 800x716, 1656218518718.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>last one

>> No.27958335

How do i promo my debut stream other than abusing twitter

>> No.27958395

The same way you do it on Twitter, post the link places and tell people.

>> No.27960384

Talk to a girl = Groom

>> No.27960652

its hilarious how jealous people get of him. he legit has had completely normal conversations with some of the female aspies live on stream and people call its expesting

>> No.27961340

Selling my soul to Minecraft in about 5 minutes

>> No.27961933

selling my soul to minecraft whenever i get the motivation to do my l2d model

>> No.27962142

H-he is talking to woman *sniff* *sniff* I cant believe he is doing that

>> No.27962226

Sometimes I feel like disappearing and wonder if anyone would actually miss me…

>> No.27962276

I'm not disagreeing with you that content matters most, just pointing out that you're entire argument is based on the assumption that a person doesn't need a nice model because they are potentially going to squander it and waste the cash.

>> No.27962890

If you spray water on a cybercat, does it short circuit and shut down? I need to know for… reasons.

>> No.27962891

can I see your feet

>> No.27963284


>> No.27963969

/asp/craft is off to a great start

>> No.27964023 [DELETED] 

What bitrate is best for streaming? Is 2500 too high? I've had people complain about lag

>> No.27964322

depends on the resolution and framerate. twitch has a guide for it

>> No.27964761
File: 272 KB, 480x485, ah.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my minecraft isnt working

>> No.27965243


>> No.27965263
File: 309 KB, 893x937, we pimpin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gonna be streaming some of that good ol block game and playing around with the new PNG here at about 7pm est. still waiting on some bits to come in so i can set the mouth movements up but for now this is fine. hopefully the appropriate images have been updated on twitch https://www.twitch.tv/kumavennas

>> No.27965687
File: 58 KB, 714x397, 1657164215682.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27966494
File: 1.42 MB, 1804x2446, 1635690443582.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

just dm her. or just buy neena(nina)'s model from that production kawaii westoid corpo

>> No.27967430

yeah get real loser

>> No.27967748

why do you create strange, fictional scenarios and then refuse to provide any proof to these schizophrenic claims? You know someone's going to ask for it, so why not just include it from the tsart?

>> No.27967895

Reminder that silent click mice exists

>> No.27968357

how fucking new are you
he live streamed a group call and did this
he super confused her and bullied her for offering people art
ask lore anon bitch he remembers always

>> No.27968617

You are bothersome

>> No.27968788

>dude trust me
Receipts or fuck off.

>> No.27968859

You will never be a real Vtuber

>> No.27969106

And keyboards
>open sloth stream
>”yaaaaaaaay” CLICK CLOCK

>> No.27969428

titanfall vid but his channel only has the past four days
dont know if anyone saved it
just ask lore anon stupid ass fuck mother

>> No.27969618

She’s so cute lmfao.

>> No.27970201

I don't know if I count as lore anon, but I was there watching live during the titanfall stream before people started freaking out. No use trying to prove it tho, last time I even went as far as providing timestamps in the vod and people were still denying it, saying shit like it's the game voice chat and not a discord call (which clearly means they don't watch aspies or are too braindead to recognize their voices)

>> No.27972305

legit this is how I feel about the discord in the past few days. all the people seriously focused on streaming are inactive or gone, and now it's just a bunch of dumbasses breaking containment and trying to get other people to yab constantly. seriously feel like leaving or blocking a fuck ton of /asp/ies, regret going there for advice.

>> No.27972846

I'm too scared to talk in the discord so I just muted everything except the advice and resources channels lol.

>> No.27973174

Boom. Here’s the archive link. Poor girl.

>> No.27973175

there's definitely good people there, but they're smothered by the amount of dumbass le 4chan vtubers there. think if you want some decent advice, ask people with experience directly instead of going into the advice channels desu.

>> No.27973670

One day people will post my link for me when I start a stream, one day!

>> No.27973815

I would NEVER do this to my oshi, so don't feel too bad about it.

>> No.27973996

unfortunately the video isn't available anymore

>> No.27974064

Mind explaining why? I've always thought it means people care about a streamer enough to do the repetitive work for them

>> No.27974296
File: 45 KB, 307x334, 1657433114868.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27974435

he was teasing her, it was banter. he didn't "bully" her for it. they were both laughing about it and they continued chatting with the others in the call at the time long after that.

>> No.27974526

I wouldn't do it unless they themselves made a habit of posting links here or were big enough that there would be no risk of them getting called "2view from 4chan".

>> No.27974566

NTA, but I'm pretty sure it's cause anon doesn't want to attract a 4chan crowd to them.

>> No.27974650

Does Twitter really matter? I see people with barely any followers, or barely any follows on Twitch, mog my view count. Do I just focus on streaming and ignore everything else

>> No.27974747

the only person denying that he was having a conversation with a female aspie (which is what the initial person tried disputing because the current topic of the thread was shitting on him) was someone trolling that kept trying to deflect and make excuses about it. everyone else just called the guy retarded. that being said, all they were doing was bantering it wasn't "sex pesting" or sexual harassment or anything else. it was a joke because she jumped a bit too fast at doing art for a guy with a nice voice. they both had a good laugh and all kept talking afterwards

>> No.27974863

Networking matters, which is typically done via twitter, but it isn't like you need some hyper-produced social media, it just helps to be somewhat active from time to time because it's a good way to interact with new people.

>> No.27974929

I don't interact with the discord at all either. Not so much scared to talk, but just don't like the idea that everything I do there is going to be rrat material for schizos here

>> No.27974947
File: 867 KB, 540x350, 1445015396869.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why would you post your oshi's link on this den full of schizos?

>> No.27974953 [DELETED] 

eraxs coping in the thread thats amazing
you bullied her because you seethed with minor envy
admit it

>> No.27975175


she deserved it either way

because the guy didn’t have a nice voice

that’s a fact

>> No.27975558

You must not have any friends to think "Haha, you are so down bad." is bullying. It's literally just zoomer banter.

>> No.27975599

that's adorable anon, thank you ;_;

>> No.27975671

nobody said it was sex pesting or harassment here today though so you are just arguing with yourself. it’s very obvious though that he was being a bit of a bully to someone who barely understood him. sorry eraxs

>> No.27976306

Eraxs... stop. You made a mistake, got a little too jealous, mentioned certain things too much (seething). Move on man.
Everyone in the thread at the time witnessed it as envy, even if you didn’t bully the girl, which I agree on, the other is definitely at least somewhat true. Just stop.

>> No.27976387

>opens aspcord
>4chan screenshots
>opinion essays
I guess I'm a fool for thinking most aspies are only /here/ for the thread and advice

>> No.27976429

>everyone in the thread

>> No.27976562

Oh yeah bro, terminally online niggas who are typically on twitter/reddit come /here/ JUST for advice.
You're a retarded nigger.

>> No.27976695

Sorry I called out your screenshot, charlie

>> No.27976797
File: 17 KB, 506x302, 1626855602836.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this forced m*le drama discussion is boring. nuke this thread

>> No.27976868

kek my sides

>> No.27976949

wait where i swear the discord's been pretty chill and fun today

>> No.27976953

Someone in the thread said you were envious of something, art or a voice or something. I didn’t watch the stream myself though.

>> No.27977080

I want to rape you so bad.

>> No.27977477

>Take care of adult stuff all evening after work
>Consider doing a short stream while in the thick of it
>Feel too tired to do anything after wrapping it up
>Feel self loathing
>See Sana announced graduation
>Feel better :)

>> No.27977638

not him schizo, take your meds.

>> No.27977851

Then don’t reply to shit that isn’t directed at you? Jumped up little retard.

>> No.27978006

>the thread NEEDS to be shit tier year round
Bitch about it in the discord, faggot.

>> No.27978114

>Feel better
So you're gonna stream, right?

>> No.27978288

And it only was her, uuuuuuuhhhhhhhh, fourth over all stream. Bummer.

>> No.27978292

I can’t bitch about it in the discord idiot. People will know which oshi I am if I do.

>> No.27978430

Sure thing, viewer. It's totally worth scaring off the gen 4s.

>> No.27978492

Hell nah nigga!

>> No.27978616

>nobody said it was sex pesting or harassment here today though so you are just arguing with yourself


>> No.27978632

I couldn't handle being in the cord, the people are fun but I'm just too bad socializing. Even being there i felt like I wasn't even being perceived. At least I avoided any drama? Have to look at the positives. I got stuff for my new model so I'm at least a little happy.

>> No.27978853

Is it such a foreign concept to people that defending someone doesn't magically make you them, it does feel weird being called eraxs by someone completely and 100% sure I'm him, but I was one of the people in the thread. I saw the VOD, it was just one ESL teasing another ESL about her being a little eager to make the dude with the nice art a design, that's all. Why do people hate this guy so much? He's a little awkward and annoying but is that really it, or is it the fact he's so autistic that he's not nervous about talking to female /asp/ies and that makes him a threat to all the muted mic retards that sit in VC?

>> No.27979528

>tfw didn't join the disc*rd while it was still productive

>> No.27980281

He should not stream and take it easy out of respect for sana (for a month). It's what she would have done.

>> No.27980399


you are just upset that asp unity is at an all time high you are coping you are seething and you are scared little man
>oh no the gen 4 won’t self post in the thread so I can so I can schizo post them
>oh no the gen 4 will only post in the discord so I can’t schizo post about them

>> No.27980597


>> No.27980741


>dude with the nice art a design


you guys cant even keep your bs story straight haha

was she going to do art for him because he had a nice art already? or because he had the a "nice" voice?

>> No.27980795

>/asp/ unity is at an all time and I'm going to schizopost on cooldown about a 2view nobody cares about to prove it!

>> No.27981188

Explain what "asp unity" even is.

>> No.27981359


>> No.27981480

Can't wait for the "Kaiser is a pedo" and the "Ain fans are obnoxious" timeloops to come back again.

>> No.27981581

he won't because he's talking out of his ass.
/asp/ unity would be anti-crabbing and helping other /asp/ies out of the bucket (actual /asp/ies in the discord are pretty good about this).
add "visage is sei" and "le ochre feline" and we have a good start to a 400+ post kusosure

>> No.27982138

>/asp/ unity would be anti-crabbing and helping other /asp/ies out of the bucket (actual /asp/ies in the discord are pretty good about this).
talking out of my ass, yet you described exactly what I meant. interesting.

/asp/ unity was all about destroying the threads so hard that the rest of the community would have a common enemy, band together, and possibly de-anonymize so that they could network

when the list totally obliterated the threads, did that not happen?

happen at the exact same time the list anon was saying he wanted 'asp unity' haha

makes you wonder who really pulled the trigger on the thread, and why Visage started the discord in line with what the person unifying asp and forcibly associating people with 4chan said they wanted

>> No.27982321

I feel bad for the later joiners who will be forever extras

>> No.27982372
File: 15 KB, 500x488, meds.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27982691

Thumbs up

>> No.27989088

Is using a shitty amazon webcam fine for vtubing or do i need to invest in a better cam like logitech c920

>> No.27989749

Just get some good lighting on your face to keep the frames consistent or else it starts struggling

>> No.27991690

how long until the bullying starts on the minecraft server

>> No.27992661

There's an /asp/ minecraft server now? Is it open for anyone to join?

>> No.27992849

Only for people that actually stream

>> No.27992918
File: 147 KB, 1280x720, meincraft1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Block game server stream starting now!

>> No.27993193

What kind of lighting do you use?

>> No.27993248


>> No.27993948



Honestly pretty chill and comfy. Barely any dead air for the most part too.

>> No.27994184

Check her out: https://www.twitch.tv/escams
Definitely not going to scam you lol

>> No.27994327

she is cute

>> No.27994575

Can someone take a look at my streaming content and see if I have anything wrong with it?
Sorry orz; I kind of have a lot of insecurities

>> No.27996237

Sometimes you start talking and it feels like you dont even know what you're saying, or you just stop mid sentence but I guess you're just nervous

>> No.27996338
File: 519 KB, 554x554, 1653240104344.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I put the men in her a.

>> No.27996419

are there any aspies you'd like to groom but know that you'd ruin your social standing immediately for trying?

>> No.27996551

Thank you Anon! It’s definitely something I’ve noticed but I’m not sure how to fix it; it’s a problem with my train of thought I think (I see something new on screen and my brain switches to comment on that before I finish the previous comment) so I feel like I could probably train it a little

>> No.27996700

I am responsible for at least one harmful rrat about a chuuba I actually like and I live with this regret every day.
I posted it as a joke because it was so outlandish but even now people run with it.
I'm sorry. I'll be more careful with my words from now on aspies.

>> No.27997053

you probably helped to grow them

>> No.27997695

I don't see it.

>> No.27997716


>> No.27997861

I want to kiss the anon who made my rrat on the lips, I'm sure he could use some love.

>> No.27998276

I don't have rrats because I don't self post and I'm happy to keep it that way

>> No.27998320
File: 977 KB, 2115x2126, 1657042695295.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yeah, sloth

>> No.27998402
File: 2.90 MB, 2182x1080, blank book.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this screenshot was way too exploitable sorry

>> No.27998434

I selfposted once and got exactly one rrat about me a bit after that.

>> No.27998621

It was about the only thing people had to say about me so it's better than nothing really.

>> No.27998649

I self post every once in a while and I never get rrats

>> No.27999409

You should apologize to them instead of vagueposting

>> No.28000079

i bet i could easily be groomed, issue is im a male

>> No.28000919


>> No.28001344

Considered it; I don’t know if I do have it but it would make some sense.

>> No.28002058
File: 1.30 MB, 1221x979, vrtube-4-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Debut stream was fun! Idk how many of people from here came but even a dozen peoples is fun, no meanies yet. Really need to have better mouth tracking on vroid tho

>> No.28002126

How do you feel about that the slot Sana wasted could have been yours? How do you feel about how she got the golden ticket you'd have killed for and yet she threw it into the trash?

>> No.28002131

Why? How?

>> No.28002823

Shut the fuck up and stream

>> No.28002893

It’s good to stream in if you only plan on playing Master Duel forever

>> No.28003221

You’re talking but I can’t tell what you’re saying because it sounds like you’re mumbling. Try projecting your voice more? And try to add a bit more emotion into it too, you sound like you’re reading off of a teleprompter

>> No.28003616

Oh! You make a good point too Anon! I’ll try and do that more often; I definitely can inject emotion into my voice so it’s not like I’m unable to do that (I just sometimes speak a little woodenly because I’m kind of silly), and a lot of the time people do say my speaking voice is too quiet.

>> No.28003943

Thanks. You are right.

>> No.28004527

why do you like me?

>> No.28005123

Prison-colony chan. Erotic.

>> No.28005297

I want to rape you as well.
I want to rape most /asp/ies.
I want to muffle their slutty screams and moans by pushing their heads down into the mattress. I want to use and abuse ALL /ASP/IES!!! + after care

>> No.28005428

Okay, I tried projecting my voice a bit! How does it sound in the second half of this vocaroo?

>> No.28005497

Hey all, any good recommendations for a budget webcam for face-tracking? There's so many to choose from so I thought /asp/ might have some experience with them

>> No.28005617

Hey, sexy, do you record directly into Vocaroo?
Don't. Record into audacity with the same settings as your mic for the audio, and upload that file. Turn off noise suppression and automatic gaining in Vocaroo settings just to be sure and you're done.

>> No.28005658

Is this a good place for friends? I haven't been here long but you guys usual seem kinda nice

>> No.28005780

ive been part of this community for like a week and i think im making friends !

>> No.28005813

you are my friend

>> No.28005865

I didn't record into Vocaroo; I recorded into OBS then converted
Here's another try:

>> No.28005901
File: 112 KB, 581x960, friendship.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28005976

anything logitech would be good enough to last a lifetime. It doesnt even have to be high end either.

>> No.28006021


People who joined the discord all seems to be getting along and making friends

>> No.28006118

This is what yellowcat thought too. Then when it mattered, no one stood up for him.

>> No.28006219

Honestly, like in the first half here: >>28005428
and the video you posted here: >>27994575
Like if I just jump an hour in and look at speaking every couple of minutes you sound and talk fine from what I'm seeing? So I don't see the problem.
You sound fine. In fact, you sound erotic.

>> No.28006348

Alright; I guess I need to be more used to keeping the mic pointed at my mouth then, because sometimes I actually move my head without moving my mic, and sometimes I just move away from the mic a bunch.
Thank you for the advice though! Also when you say I sound erotic, do I sound erotic in a younger or older way?

>> No.28006545

The guy sent a recorded suicide hotline call to people unprompted

>> No.28006783

You don't sound cunny or hag if that's what you're asking. You just sound like a normal young woman with a slightly nasally voice, maybe a bit nerdy, but not quite, again, not annoying even if it's very slightly nasally. Very hot though! Sorry, I can't describe why it sounds hot to me, just what it sounds like, but I know I like it. I'm listening now.

>> No.28007118
File: 323 KB, 785x547, VSeeFace_N7SPTgnjJy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I made quite a few updates to my model and I'm pretty happy with it. I've also been streaming with a little on a minecraft SMP with a ton of other vtubers on the discord and been having a blast https://www.twitch.tv/reverie_vt

>> No.28007193

Im gonna stream once and join the minecraft server as an undercover viewer!

>> No.28007261


>> No.28007283

Think about doing your best