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>I can fix her

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No one can fix her now.
She belongs to the streets.

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I can rape her

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what happened?
did she do something stupid again?

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Why bother, just oshi someone who's actually a good person

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She can't fix you anon

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Kronii needs me to fix her, not the other way around, dude.

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>I can fix her

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>actually a good person
Anonchama, the closer a chubba is to GFE the more two faced she is. The further she is from GFE, the more honest she is.

>> No.27883670

right and there's nothing honest about Mori, everything she does is manufactured poser shit

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She is a worthless strerrsen tho
She was born a strerrsen tho
She will die a strerrsen tho

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So you don't believe she acts the way she does in streams in real life?

>> No.27883822

Artria already killed the unicorns, the zombies that have refuse to let go are ultimately prolonging the inevitable.

>> No.27883996

If she was not honest, you would not be sperging out about her. There is no other side to Mori. You want her to put up a face and behave in a certain way, which is basically "manufactured poster shit" that you are making up.
Why else do you need a daily Mori sperging thread? To validate the schizo image in your head about how Mori hates her genmates and there is some internal drama between them.

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True. Ollie and and her "seiso" counterpart is the best example of this.

>> No.27884073

stopped reading there, there was no emotion in my posts but you imagined some because they upset you
I don't want to argue with overly emotional people

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Except she does hate her genmates cuckbeat. She treats Vshojo girls like her friends and holomems like her co-workers. She destroyed the off collab by inserting herself uninvited to it. Just because Kiara and other holomems act nice to her does not mean they approve of her destroying hololive culture.

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Meant for >>27883996

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get her a personal trainer and dietician mabe

>> No.27884281

Will Mori be a good mother?

>> No.27884303

>She treats Vshojo girls like her friends and holomems like her co-workers
How does that translate into hate her coworkers?

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Yeah, mine.

>> No.27884490

You are here complaining in your daily Mori meltdown thread about an oshi you don't like. If that is not sperging what else is? I also have my own preferences on chubbas I don't like but I am not trying to get validation from anons in an online message board. You are dramafagging about vtubers like girls in Korean/Chinese dramas and calling others emotional.

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it's not my thread retardo.

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Based Futureposter.

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no anon you cant fix her she is unfixable

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yeah mine

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I can actually fix her

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>you will never be the manlet who beats some sense into her

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Just pray for her live concert to have a megayab because she gets too into it.

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