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Post both abuse and general fictions of your favorite Chuubas in this thread

Collective works so far:
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1r_e1ah3KTvhBMhclgbvKbLzhCBw7xF-b6yqoeOx8dug/edit - Compilation doc by kind buddy with links to previous threads

>Isn't this just you fuckers writing fanfiction, eh?

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So fellow write anons, what fics are you working on at the moment?

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Don't forget the link to the previous thread!

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working on finishing the Aqua/Manger-san and the hag harem works but my uni is almost over for the semester so end of semester projects and exams are stalling them

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Slowly chugging away at more Botan fluff. I work Thursday through Sunday every week, so starting tomorrow, I won't be able to get as much done. May post a little teaser to whet people's appetites once I get further in.

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Working on my first fic ever. It's a Lamy fic but I'm super stuck at the moment so I'm taking a break for a bit.

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Currently at least half way done with my yandere fbk story. Got the full plot in my head but got a little trouble writing it all down

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>Hag Harem
Oh shit, forgot about that. Looking forward to it.
Looking at the Mori date thing I started writing again. Issue is Mori has a very, very unique vernacular and it's hard to write her properly, I feel. May or may not fuck with it again. FBK rape took a lot out of me for some reason.

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>The anon writing Aqua/Manger-san story is the same one writing the Hag Harem
I-i kneel

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>Hag Harem?

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I’m the guy who wrote the Subaru fluff last thread, but I can’t come up with any ideas. Anyone have requests?

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Make sure You read the prequel Korone grooms (You)

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I had a little idea a few threads ago, you can make it lewd or keep it sfw. I don't mind either way.

Marine has been feeling down and having some issues with self esteem and body image. She's worried that she won't be desirable if she's a little more thicc than the other Holos and that she's getting very close to hag territory. (You), maybe as a fan or a coworker, go out of your way to cheer her up and remind her that she's still beautiful and that she shouldn't feel bad about herself and the way she is.

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Now, hear me out. What if you make another childhood friend story but this time is Nene and (you) dealing with her retarded antics?

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File: 121 KB, 850x1067, __gawr_gura_hololive_and_1_more_drawn_by_jess_jessdont__sample-2b8e3bae06a0ede4dd64b23bfa1085f3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Slowing chipping away at the Gura fluff one anon requested. A mixture of me constantly stalling and wanted to make sure I'm staying true to her character is making me take forever.

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Alright, I’ll keep those in mind. That said I’m a bit busy with uni right now, and not an amazing writer to begin with so don’t get your hopes up!

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It's alright, Anon. After all this is a hobby so you don't have to feel pressured about it

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No problem, take your time!

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Can whichever anon made the Ina fluff last thread make a followup please?
>tfw you will never go on a date with Ina where she is way too dorky for her own good

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someone requested this last thread, im personally interested in this one so i'll repost it

pekora giving a female anon a pity sex during meet and greet event

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What are some prompts you'd like to see done? You may inspire other Anons with them.

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Harem, where everybody is enjoying it, no matter with how, (You) and hologirls

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I remember a prompt where Sora gradually turns into a yandere to protect you from other yandere hologirls and she covers up their deaths by forcing management to announce that they graduated

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Oh yeah. Thought someone said they took that one, though I could be misremembering. Was a great idea.

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I liked the one with (You) and Kanata having a mutual crush and Coco taking it upon herself to get your dense asses together. Would be super cute.

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Matsuri going Yandere on you when you start dating another holo, because you never took her flirting seriously since she’s like that with everyone.

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I'm still working on it, I basically have all the Coco and (you) parts figured out. There's just a little problem: I knew next to nothing about Kanata. I could watch her streams, but I don't speak JP, so it would take a while. I refuse to watch clips, since that will just give me a wrong impression. If any anon could give me an in-depth description or a list of some sort about how she is I would greatly appreciate it.

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I'll try my hand at this.

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ugh I've really been itching to write mommy Suisei after watching her English stream but I've already got too much on my plate

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Hypothetically, let's say a knight was trying to offer you over to a dragon as a husband in exchange for the princess back. Would you accept your fate? Or would you fight back?

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Does the dragon want to fuck and is she conventionally attractive?

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is the princess a hot elf?

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It is a dragon that you are, as far as you are aware at the moment, a normal dragon. One you fought and won. The deal catches you off guard; you were not aware of this.
It's the King's lovely brunette daughter. She has a penchant for the piano.

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Does anyone have a link to the one where Mori abuses Kiara and she gets picked up by Ina, then gura and ame go to moris house? Thanks broskis

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I'd probably fight back then, the dragon would be out for revenge if I've fought it before.

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Tack kompis!

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Thank you for your input.
I've been writing fights using actual dice weighted heavily against (You) and I guess my luck is godly. Whoops.

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Some Towa fluff would be nice

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I have no idea what you're planning, but I'm intrigued.

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It's supposed to be Coco fluff...eventually. Premise is that you are a page belonging to a small kingdom. You are training one day, lamenting how boring things have become as monster attacks have become all but unheard of, when a dragon attacks the castle. Filled with either bravery or delusions of grandeur, you rush into the danger. Antics ensue. I'm 50k char. deep without actually introducing Coco as a character with a human form. The fights have been long, and (You)r luck is frankly bullshit.

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50k hot damn anon

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I don't mind a longer story. Looking forward to the results, good luck.

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Been like a year since I wrote anything. Fanfics are okay for practice I guess but more importantly, Ina makes me really horny, so here's something.


Title is "Ina-ppropriate Love." A smut story about Ina and You (as her house-huband, kinda).

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holy fuck anon it's too good

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Great job!

I was not expecting that ending, holy shit

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Holy shit anon

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godspeed you glorious bastard

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Does anyone have link to story where you keep killing yourself and ame goes back in time to prevent it?

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This one?

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Yess, thank you anon

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I have a question, does she create the same human that end being (You) but reincarnated or she created diferents humans

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Suisei bullying aqua and sexually molesting you in front of her.

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If I knew anything about Suisei I would gladly write Aqua confusedly masturbating as she watches the superior woman claim your sperm.

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Check the archives

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which holo is physically the strongest?

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without a doubt Korone

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lore wise Noel or Coco but in real life what the anon above me sad most likely Korone

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expanding off of what Mori said about wanting to slap Ame's butt and then play coy about it.
Ame says "I might have imagined it then", turns her back and bends over slightly.

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Pekora falling asleep on stream and Pekomama taking over.

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I think he wants an actual story and not green text.

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Watching Matsuri melt like butter over a warm hug.

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Matsuri teasing You every day to drinks her piss, when You finaly accept her offer, she became nervous and shy and You do it, then when she drink yours start acting like the sex offender she is by dominating You

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After a day of work and several rewrites, some of which I'm still not completely happy with, I'm anxiously proud to present the stupid Holofantasy story I've been working on. It's long, mostly in world building which I'm still on the fence about, I'm sure someone will poke holes in it. Absolutely not the best at this but is set up for different, probably shorter stories after the fact. Everything that happens in the combat scenarios was rolled out using dice; if you're curious, you can see the rolls at the bottom of the document to see just how lucky (You) were. Hopefully you enjoy. Next thing I want to do with this involves getting ambushed by a duo of thieves. Strangely, it's a dogwoman and a catwoman working together...


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Just a bit further now, just a bit further, you console yourself. Stumbling across the forest, you can feel the arrow in your arm with every step you take. “OVER THERE, THE WITCH IS THERE!”, you hear the old lady from the bakery screech. She was always so nice, so welcoming, and yet… Shaking your head, you try to ignore the pain in your limbs and pick up the pace. You arrive at your cottage where you swiftly enter and seal the entrance with a wooden locking bar. “Took you long enough, if I knew you’d be this late, I would’ve burned this place down myself.”. You snap your head backwards to the direction of the voice and manage to croak out a “You”. “Yes, me.” you hear your mentor say, who appeared to be fiddling with a strange sphere in your favorite chair. “Why would you do this? I trusted you!”. She tilts her head sideways and starts chuckling, “Oh Shion, you are such a naive little girl. I simply wanted to be the sole healer of the town!”. “So you poisoned my patients?!” “A small price to pay to get the townspeople to believe that you were a witch! They never would have put their faith in me otherwise.”. Furious banging on the door startles you back to reality. “OPEN THE DOOR WITCH, WE KNOW YOU’RE IN HERE!”. Your mentor smirks as she gestures behind her, “You might want to get going, the wooden bar’s not going last long, and well, neither will you.” You rush past your mentor and into your dimly-lit workshop with shelves of ingredients and a messy workbench and internally breathe in a sigh of relief when you snatch your research notes from the tabletop. Turning to the window to get out, you see the mysterious sphere roll slowly into the room and the door slam shut behind it. The last thing you remember was a flash and your body being momentarily weightless before you fade out.
Wanted to try my hand at writing a short Shion fic on how she arrives in this world and why her character comes off as condescending and smug and can’t use magic. Also my first time so please be gentle. Also I kinda don't know how to bring up the reincanation into our Earth after this so if someone wants to write about that it's up to them.

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I absolutely loved it.
Good Job Anon.

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As a former /b/ tard I do not have a thought process

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>Matsuri begins riding your face in lust-induced fervor but stops without warning, deciding to give you a drink directly from the tap
Thank you. It's a bit bigger than anything I've done before, both in length and scale. I'm glad someone enjoys my extended ramblings.

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I want ya boi to force me into an uncomfortable relationship after I find her wigger advances cringy

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File: 1.09 MB, 1920x1920, korone gets hit by frisbee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And it shall stay this way

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Anonymous is so dense it almost physically hurts. And also some completely bullshit rolls, a shield shouldn't be able to reflect dragonfire, even if the attack wasn't meant to be lethal. Fun read.

Is the continuation going to be the same person, or a different rando?

>> No.2881932

Anon is a young boy completely unversed in the ways of women and most of the world. He'll come around to it eventually, and it'll be all the more heartfelt for it. Continuation is going to follow the same person. I'd like to have them all be the same person, chronicling the little idiot's journey. Sadly, Hololive doesn't have many monster characters, so my options are pretty limited to beastwomen or the occult practitioners.

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I really like this story. It seems to not have been continued very far. I was in the thread where it first started. I hope the writinganon continues it.

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Lore wise I think haachama and Mori/Kiara/Gura (EN too op) have a shot at being physically strongest too.

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That was a real good read. It's nice to read something long and I especially enjoyed the combat scenes. Good job anon, I look forward to the next part.

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You rub your temples idly as Matsuri continues to blather into your ear for the fourth time today about how badly she wants to get her hands on Sara. It wasn't an uncommon occurrence; Lord above knows the girl flip-flopped on which woman she wanted to molest on a day by day basis, but when it got brought into your mutual drinking time, it was hard to brush it off.

"And it's such bullshit," Matsuri continues, drunkenly slurring as she jabs at you with her heavy glass mug. Roberu stares from behind the counter with a nervous look. "That I do...EVERYTHING I can for her, and y...y'know what I get back for my efforts?!" The rosy-cheeked girl asks, looking at you. If only to appease her, you shake your head. "Nothing! I get NOTHIN' back out of it, that's what! I get to see that little...hic...fuckin'...cutie go GALLIVANTING off with...augh!! It's not fair!!"

Matsuri proceeds to tip back the mug and fucking pound it, ignoring your staring as you take an idle sip from yours. This checks out. Placing her empty mug back on the table, Matsuri slumps forward over the desk, burying her head in her arms.

"I just...I-I love her so much, Anon," she continues, mumbling to you from below her arms. "A-And I neverrrr get anything back! She just acts like I'm a creepy paypig!"
"That's rough, buddy," You reply, headache growing. "You want a hug or something?"
"DO I WANT A HUG?!" Matsuri yells in reply, actually startling you. The girl, bleary eyed and bright red in the face quickly sits up, staring at you with eyes full of anger...before she does a complete 180, fury melting into...embarrassment? You can't tell if she's flushing. "I...u-uhm...are you offering?"
"...I guess?" You mumble, a bit annoyed she missed the sarcasm in your voice, but it's too late. Almost immediately the girl scurries off her bar stool - immediately reminding you of some horrifying spider - as she comes right up to you, raising her arms up like a child, a happy look washing over her features. The sweetness of it all brings you down from your annoyance.
"One, please!" Matsuri slurs softly, starting to giggle a bit. Your own cheeks start to burn as you sit up a bit, moving closer to the edge of your seat.

Cautiously, you wrap your arms around Matsuri, pulling her in close to your chest. The girl's arms lazily wrap themselves around your neck as she gives you an affectionate nuzzle, tightening what was meant to be a gentle, brief embrace. Due to the height difference between the pair of you, Matsuri has to stand on her tiptoes, but she doesn't seem to mind as she rubs her body against yours, trying to savor as much of the hug as she can. It isn't lewd, despite how the girl normally acts. It's...tender. Intimate. Your cheeks darken just a bit as you snuggle into her in return...going so far as to give the girl a break, straightening your spine as you tug her up and into your lap. She squeaks out in confusion as you lift her...but quickly relents into the hold as she sits comfortably across you, resting her head on your shoulder.

"Anon...Anooon," Matsuri whispers, weakly clutching to you as she giggles drunkenly. "You're so waaarm...this feels so good..."
"I'm...glad you're enjoying it, Matsuri," you mumble, shifting a bit under the girl as you hold her, trying better to support her. "Feeling better?"
"Sooo much...but that doesn't mean you can let me go, okay? Hold me closer..."

As you oblige her, the girl continues her gentle giggling fit, relaxing completely in your arms as you idly run your hands down her back, unsure of what exactly to do in the situation. As the hug goes on, minutes chaining into minutes, Matsuri struggles to stay awake.

"T-This is the best I've felt in forever...Thank you, Anon," She yawns, tiredly wiggling in your lap. "Love you..."

Though you know it's probably just the alcohol talking given how much she complains about how thirsty she is for the other girls, the sentiment still causes you to blush intensely as your cute drinking buddy nods off in your arms, her grip holding strong as she lightly snores. Though you'll have to move eventually and get the poor girl home, you're content to just sit and enjoy the intimate act for just a bit longer. Absolutely no rush.

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I like to think that Roberu is still watching with the biggest hard-on of his life.

>> No.2884513

Na senpai, Roberu is clearly scare of Matsuri, his entire career could end for a yab done by her, also he already has a harem

>> No.2884572

I liked it because i havent feel a hug since i was 10

>> No.2884877

He has a harem?

>> No.2885085

Very good Anon-friend. But why you don't like us?

>> No.2885499

Notorious pranksters and closet sluts, especially for thick human dinky. Fubuki one-hundred percent would've taken advantage of (You) had you wandered in alone, using big words like "spirit energy" and "mana transfer" to justify it the entire time. It's a good thing you had someone to look out for you and stop such a terrible act from happening.
T. Coco

>> No.2885557

Thank you Dragon-wife for protecting (Me/You/Us)

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File: 1.38 MB, 1447x2046, __natsuiro_matsuri_hololive_drawn_by_timo_wei95__4bccb36aae21e570b5e5e41dc4059be4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Top tier stuff with a cute menhera. Thank you, anon

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Pic related and he's adding more

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Aside from the "Certain Stalking Soda-chan" in the archive pastebin, have there been any other good Sora fanfics?

>> No.2889550

Discount Luka vs four heavenly Knights when?

>> No.2890711

I want to see a steamy threesome between Roberu, Kuku and Ruri. Wait maybe I can write that myself

>> No.2896651

do you think Ina's_tentacles/(You) abuse is better than Ina's_tentacles/Ina, and why?

>> No.2897996

Man, this is super fun. It could honestly stand on its own as a fantasy anime or something even without the Holo branding. Adding in real rolls was quite a fascinating way of deciding how the story would progress.

>> No.2899421

Incredibly Kino anon. Also Anon is very dense.

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Can't wait to hold hands with Coco!

>> No.2903503

I like the idea of being toyed with by Ina because I have a fetish for being held down and taken against my will.

>> No.2904289

Now give it a long ass light novel title

>> No.2904837

Hololive Fantasy ~ I fought a dragon as an under-leveled job and now she wants to marry me!!

>> No.2907271

What about a tentacle going in your butt??

>> No.2909793

Please no.

>> No.2913345

Please yes.

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Tears like streaks of liquid fire ran down Kiara's cheeks. This was it, the final day. Earth's final day. Humanity had left it's first home in ships of crude spacial distortion drives and spread throughout the stars, but Earth was still beloved by many in song and story and of course in Myth.

As the embers crumbled, swallowed up by the red giant that Sol had become, Kiara felt herself overcome with memories. Ina's first words after being cleansed of the unspeakable evil that had claimed her was of course a pun, Gura had accidentally memed SharkCoin into being and had died fabulously wealthy, Ame's stories of all the times she had to time travel to keep the other members, "Looking at you, Ollie!!", from yabbing the entire company out of existence, the wild party Marine had thrown after finally buying her pirate ship, drinking so much with Coco that the next morning's stream had been full of jokes about firepuke and that one crazy night with Miko that had been like GTA in real life.

Kiara felt a pair of hands on her shoulders and a gruff voice softly in her ear. "I miss them too, Kusotori." And for a time that was both forever and far too short Phoenix and Reaper watched the world that they loved so well crumble into nothingness.

>> No.2918874

Will this continue.

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File: 954 KB, 846x1627, __shirakami_fubuki_hololive_drawn_by_sukocchi__af77c6df7ab16042629213af017cce1f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

After finally writing and trying to overcome writer's block over this prompt, I finally completed the yandere Fbk story.

Not quite satisfied with how this turned out due to procrastinating a fuck ton and feeling like I can do more with this, I'll probably revisit yandere Fbk in the future.

Hope ya'll enjoy this though!


>> No.2921022

The ending felt rushed, but it's always nice to see more friend stories on this thread.

>> No.2921119

Been meaning to write down a Sora + A-chan with you story where the three of yiu get together or they both conpete for you, but I'm not sure how to fit everyone together or make the plot flow well.

Been trying to write the Towa bullying story requested by the anon from last thread, but I really do not enjoy writing anything abusive to vtubers especially Towa. Got the ending written down, but I've been putting off the bullying part of the story.

I've been meaning to write a sequel to the fluff fantasy Shion story I wrote a while back, but I've been struggling with writing stuff that adds more fantasy and magic that doesn't distract from writing about living and working with Shion.

A story where you breakup with Ame after a toxic relationship where Amelia slowly breaks down and regrets everything, going back in time just to relive the moments she spent with you.

It's easy for me to start writing and coming up with ideas, but I have a really hard time ending a story.

>> No.2922380

It really does read like a light novel only with a different tense. It's a really comfy story and only the Hololive brand is really keeping you from saying it's an original story. As >>2897996
and >>2904837 said. It has a great mix of a lot of light novel themes. The dice roll idea is decent but can get a little dangerous depending on how you plan the story though. Otherwise, that shit is top-notch.

>> No.2924774

I think so but not anytime soon. I vaguely remember the write anon saying something about how they have a bit of trouble writing what comes next, so until they feel satisfied with it guess

>> No.2929730

Nice, very nice.

>> No.2932552


>> No.2933998

Please maybe

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File: 1.05 MB, 1518x920, __natsuiro_matsuri_hololive_drawn_by_okota_mikan__3ab2661daf6dfdf9af88015adf4e3140.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So I wrote a thing. A fluff piece about Matsuri.

It's been a very long time since I've written anything so forgive any roughness. Like years upon years long time. Also been a hot minute since I've written something in a second-person format but I believe I got it correct. Feels pretty good to write something again so I'll probably be making some shit for these threads since I feel like I want to contribute something to the fanbase but have zero artistic skills so my mediocre writing will have to do.

Had the first 70% completed fairly quickly. The end chunk is where I struggled the most and it probably shows a bit. Doubt I'll continue this even though it's open for more. Want to do more for the other girls and if I do another Matsuri one, it will probably be something about her piss. I love Matsuri but some of the other girls I love get way less attention so I want to spread the love.


>> No.2934893

Thank you Anon. I felt dirty for killing off Matsuri and I needed something like this to make myself feel better

>> No.2935050

Deadass I had the first chunk written a week ago and thought it was great that you wrote your story that had Matsuri killed off. Good juxtaposition

>> No.2935054

>and Ruri
She already has a boyfriend anon, and he's Robesan buddy. NTR is Oga's thing not Son

>> No.2940239

That was very sweet, nice one anon.

>> No.2942874

After way too much time, I finally finished the Gura prompt that one anon requested. This was my first time writing something like this, so I feel very "ok" about it. I hope the anon that request this enjoys it


>> No.2943842

That's really cute anon.

>> No.2944396

Aw man, that's fucking cute. I love it anon, thank you!

>> No.2945530

Wrote something not too serious.
"Prepare yourself, fiend" the woman proclaims, readying her weapon, ground cracking beneath her feet. "You will fall here" she says as she lunges towards you.
Let's back up for a bit.... Hello, my name is Anon Anonymous, I'm just a normal anon, one you could find anywhere, and a few days ago...I've died... I've always had a weak heart and when I heard the news about my oshi graduating, my heart could not take it and I an hero'd...
BUT! not everything is as grim as it seems, for you see I was given a second chance, after what seemed to be my demise, I woke up here, in this fantasy world and not only that, I've been blessed with a couple of skills.
Unfortunately I wasn't given any supplies, but thanks to my skills I managed to steal some stuff like a shitty sword and some food from passing merchants and the like...
"Hmm, I've been walking for quite some time, but I can't seem to find any settlements" guess I'll have to go look for more food soon.
Just as I say that, my ears catch the sound of horses, approaching me at full speed, an unit of about twelve fully armed people. "Huh, there's a femela knight among them".
I wait for them to get close before offering my greetings "Hello, my name is Ano-"
"Die monster" one of the soldiers screams as he swings his sword down towards me.
Quickly I dodge to the side and avoid his blade "What the hell? Are you trying to kill me, you bastard? Take your meds!" I shout at the lunatic.
"It can talk?!?" all the other knights that finally cought up utter in unison.
"Huh?" why the hell could I not talk?
Suddenly the female knight gets off of her horse and steps forward.
"We've recieved a report that an orc was attacking mercant carriages, but you appear to be human, albeit ugly, was it your doing" the female knight says this while giving you a look of disgust.
The hell does she mean ugly? You posted on /fit/ twice, you have the body of Adonis, the hell does this bitch know?
"Yeah, that was me, I had borrowed some stuff from those passing by" You answer her, with a deeper voice and puffed out chest, bet you look like gigachad.jpeg now.
"I see, so you are a bandit...or are you perhaps affiliated with the Zhang Empire? the woman's face darkens and absolute silence fills the road.
"N-no? Do I look like a zhang to you?
"Either way, we'll be taking you with us, surrender your weapon" upon the woman uttering these words, all the other knights surround you, weapons in hand.
"Are you sure you guys want to do this?" you say to make sure, but the men don't reply.
"Then I guess I'll have to go all out, just this once" as soon as you say this, you cut them all down, thanks to your experience with games and isekai stories, your level is already quite high.
"Fools, while you were busy climbing the military ranks, I studied the blade" you sigh and give them a sad smile.
"You bastard, how dare you do that to my men?" the woman furiously yells out.
"Prepare yourself, fiend" the woman proclaims, readying her weapon, ground cracking beneath her feet. "You will fall here" she says as she lunges towards you.
She is moving so fast that your eyes can barrely keep up, as if she had teleported, she's right in front of you, ready to bring down her mace and cave you skull in.
The impact shatters your skull and scatters your brains everywhere...or not, it stopped, her heavy mace was stopped by your bare hand.
"I-impossible" the woman gasps, clearly panicking "How? my attacks can shatter mountains"
"It's simple, you may be super strong knight and what not, but you are a woman, you have no chance of winning against me, a man" you say as you crush her mace with your hand.
A bold claim, but not entirely false, upon reincarnating you were given a couple os skills, and this current situation is the result of one of them, your strongest mythical skill...
[The Cock] - it's a skill with 3 separe effects, one of them being - "The one who possesses this skill will never lose to a woman, as it is impossible for them to defeat the cock".
"Now then, why don't we have some fun"
"N-no, stay away from me" the woman screams, still unable to get past the shock from what she just witnessed.
You grab her by the hair and push her to the ground.
"Let me take a look at those massive tits you're hidding" with ease you remove her chest plate.
"STO-mf...ghu" just as she is about to scream you cover her mouth, after which she gags a bit.
"Let captain Noel go, you bastard!" a soldier yells as he slashes your back, seems like your previous display of swordsmanship was not enough to kill him and so he was able to strike you while you weren't looking.

>> No.2945567

"What the hell, the blade won't cut through" the soldier yells out as he continues to swing the sword at your defenseless back.
"This bastard is so greasy the blade slides off him"
"Interesting hypothesis, but the answer is a bit different" you say, chuckling "here, look" you say as you remove your pants.
"B-bastard, w-why is your dick glowing?" the soldier yells in confusion.
"This is merely the second effect of my skill" the Mythical skill [The Cock] - 2nd effect, as long as the skill's owner is erect, he gains invincibility.
"Your demise was brought by your captain's massive tits" and in a flash you sever the soldier's neck.
"Once again I've cut down a worthless object"
"Now, where were we?" you once again approach the female knight.
"Captain Noel...So your name is Noel, well my name is Anon, we had a bad start at getting to know each other, but..." you rip off her shirt, freeing her gigantic breasts "now I'll make sure to learn lots about you....

You approach a crossroads sign. "Hey, are you coming?" you yell out behind you.
"Y-yes I'm right behind you, Darling" A female knight rushes over to your side, hugging your arm.
As she rubs her face to your shoulder, you inspect the sign "<---- Undead Crypt", "^^^^ Tower of the Silver Witch", "-----> Sweets Kingdom"
After pondering for a minute, you set off for new adventure, shit eating grin not leaving your face.
Skipped over the H scene because I can't write them for shit, everyone is welcome to do that if they want, all in all just wanted to write a shitposty story, hope you enjoy

>> No.2946898

Someone write an NTR Amelia story in which she uses her time traveling powers to fuck with your mind and steal you away.

>> No.2947036
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I got diabetes from this. Sweet as can be. Thank you for doing such a good job!

>> No.2947632

>Mythical skill [The Cock]

>> No.2947972

[The Cock] implies that there exists another similarly legendary skill called [The Pussy] with slightly altered effects, and that when these two meet, the universe will implode on itself and revert everything into primordial matter due to the irresistible force paradox

>> No.2951155

[The Pussy] has social manipulative powers

>> No.2951416
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This hurted as you wont believe it

>> No.2952123

wait as in Amelia NTR's the girl you're with?

>> No.2957103

thread dying D:

>> No.2957184

It's late/incredibly early on a Monday morning, it's to be expected. We frequently hit page 10. I was waiting until then to post a teaser for something I'm working on to hopefully generate more buzz in the thread.

>> No.2957220

Thanks anon, these threads are the only reason I come back to /vt/, well aside from HFZ

>> No.2958079
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This is a teaser of the yandere Matsuri fic where you don't take her advances seriously. I'm about 50% done.

Matsuri is an odd person. There is no arguing it. From what you heard about her and your experiences from interacting, it’s clear as day that she’s very different. Although it’s not a bad thing, her eccentric behavior makes her fun to hang out with even if that same behavior can make any situation awkward.

The first time you met her, you didn’t think too much about it. Sure you heard of her exploits and sexual harassment against her fellow co-workers but they seemed to be in jest plus you’re a guy, there’s no way she’d try something like that on you. Imagine the scandals. But how you were so wrong. Your first meeting was fun, you introduced yourself and hit it off really early, you both were interested in the same things and managed to talk for hours on end. Overall it was good and that she would make for a good friend. It was only when you were parting is when she suggested a goodbye hug. You weren’t one to necessarily turn down a hug so you brought it in. She was the first to slink her arms your chest and nuzzled into it. Due to the height difference you could only stretch your arms down around her neck. It for sure wasn’t the type of hug you were expecting on the first meet but you weren’t complaining, it was tight and snuggly. Matsuri squeezed you as hard her little frame could while you gave her a few awkward pats on the back. Although in the back of your head, it did feel a teensy bit scandalous hugging an idol in such a way. Only then you felt one of her hands slowly slide down from your shoulder blade, going further and further, past your waist and belt until she stopped at your ass, then she began to grope one of your cheeks real aggressively, it almost hurt with hard she squeezed and she was playing with it as if were play-do. A few seconds later she brought her other hand down to rest upon your other cheek and was fondling your ass with great interest. Her head was still buried into your chest but you could hear heavy panting coming from her and a wet patch forming on your t-shirt. You stayed like that for at least a minute before she probably realized what she was doing and broke off the hug. She had a faint blush on her cheeks and some drool hanging from the corner of her mouth but otherwise acted as if nothing ever happened and just said her goodbyes but you just stood there speechless. Even to this day you don’t know what to make of that hug, it was such a bizarre moment that will never forget, no one has groped you before, especially in such a sexual manner. Even now you still can’t decide whether you should feel violated or flattered. You wanted to bring up to her but there was no easy way to do so. You couldn’t just walk up to her ask her why she groped your ass like that so you just decided to leave be. As serious as sexual harassment is, it strangely didn’t bother you too much, not to say it didn't bother you. Maybe there is something wrong with you.

>> No.2958626

>Violated or flattered
Both. Looking forward to it, dude.

>> No.2958923

I think he meant that you have a gf and Amelia steals you

>> No.2959099

Then what he said is right, isn't it? She's cucking the girlfriend by taking you.

>> No.2959192

oh yes, i readed it wrong i guess, its too early here

>> No.2959794

Somewhere, the Gods laugh and drink amongst themselves, reveling merrily as the world of Man continues to be an endless source of entertainment. Some become entertainers behind screens of magicked glass, beaming their visage across the planet - and even stars - for people to watch and enjoy. Others seclude themselves in dark towers, planning on raising an army of the shambling undead for what will inevitably be a great spectator event for the uncaring celestials to place bets on. But a small group of lesser deities have taken a particular shining to one young squire from the Kingdom of Cover. Someone whose luck has been incredibly entertaining...or perhaps it truly is skill? Fortune, the Goddess of Luck, has denied having any knowledge of the lad, so maybe there is merit to that idea. Regardless, the deities watch the boy with great interest...and, ever thirsty for greater and greater tales of heroism, of course must meddle with him. They favor him, say it will help him grow stronger...but of course, they’re only interested in a good show. With a gleeful grin, one of them quickly throws the dice of fate, the group giddily watching the object tosses and tumbles. As it comes to rest, the hero’s newest path is lain bare. Argomery shifts imperceptibly as the stars align, fates conspiring to ensure the events transpire. His journey today will be… Hightop Hazards. The circus is in town. A mysterious ringleader awaits you a bit too eagerly, watching you with hungry eyes the entire time...her intentions for the one she desires? Nothing but wicked.

I'll try to have it out either later today or tomorrow.

>> No.2962045

Nice I'm anticipating this

>> No.2963809
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I like where this is going, good luck with the rest of it.

Is it Polka time? I think it's Polka time.

>> No.2968877

Good luck anon.

>> No.2970230

I'm ready.

>> No.2972659

>This is a teaser of the yandere Matsuri fic where you don't take her advances seriously
Don't forget its because she does it with everyone.

>> No.2972869

Don't worry anon I got that covered.

>> No.2975064

Just wanted to make sure.

>> No.2982745

Good so far.

>> No.2983983

Is there a list of requests people want written anywhere? Not committing to anything but I was curious if a suggestion might jump out at me

>> No.2984163

Here's some. We really need an anchor post.

>> No.2984269


>> No.2984655

We haven't seen a Miko one yet so maybe we can have one on her.

>> No.2988017

Pretty sure someone wanted a Yandere Suisei.

>> No.2989701

Nene lewds soon

>> No.2993341

Looking forward to it.

>> No.2994550
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>> No.2996477
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Oops. I wrote another thing. This time about the best clown.

Polka needs more love from the community. Hell, all of Gen 5 needs more love. For now though I have no idea what to do next. I'll just wait until the next idea assaults me. I want to do a Towa story though.


>> No.2996969
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>see title
Nice story, Anon

>> No.2998197

Thank god i'm not the only one that thought of it. Good story anon. Always good to see more Polka fluff

>> No.2998867
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That was amazing anon, I couldnt stop smiling

>> No.2998988
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Strange how I have not wrote an aqua fic until now. Especially since Aqua is my oshi. Started writing this one as soon as she announced on her twitter about the 3d live on youtube. I tried to do something completely new on this one where I incorporated the lyrics of Aqua iro palette into the story. I really hope I did not butcher this one since I honestly believe I wrote my heart out for this one.


Hope you guys enjoy this one!

>> No.2999660
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There have been Aqua stories, two different ones Aqua/Manager-san and another one, but good writing nonetheless

>> No.2999852

Requesting a desperate Marine trying to force herself on (you) but you're just too nice to her that she feels guilty

>> No.3000133
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https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lDStvAefwp7iblzAmgShptcCh8h9IMC-55fMt7QzAro/edit?usp=sharing been done, but its more on the side of abuse and also nfsw

>> No.3000370

Hell yeah, inject the fluff right into my veins. Good job anons!

>> No.3000544
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This ended up being a lot longer than I was expecting. It's is my first time writing in awhile, and my first time writing hololive stuff, so let me know if you think there's something I can do better next time.


Enjoy the Nene lewds!

>> No.3001332
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Blessed gen 5 love, thank you both. Astounding work!

>> No.3002137
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>> No.3005533

write anons hitting us with the big content drop today. Bless all your souls.

>> No.3006785

Good fucking shit anon, that was great

>> No.3007225
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>> No.3010357

Three great new stories in one day. Lovely time. Thank you all for the hard work!