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What is /asp/?

A thread for aspiring vtubers! Whether your goal is to make the journey as an independent streamer or to gain experience and build a portfolio for agency auditions. Let's help each other grow and make it. Indies are welcome to selfpost, but shill responsibly. Share your knowledge, insights, feedback, discuss what has worked and what hasn't worked for you. And always remember to do your research before posting personally identifying information. That includes both in this thread and in your audition applications to agencies.

>Do I need a fully rigged model to be a vtuber?
Nope! You can get started as a simple .png character!

>I want to learn how to rig Live2D models, where do I go?
Brian Tsui (of Iron Vertex), Kira Omori and the official Live2D YouTube channels have many tutorials available.

>Where can I find artists/riggers?
vtuber.gg, ArtStation, DeviantArt, Twitter, Reddit, Skeb.jp, etc.

>I just want to get started, can I buy pre-made models?
Yes! Live2D models can be purchased off nizima.com (Live2D's official marketplace) or booth.pm (general Japanese indie artist website). Be sure to check compatibility with your facial tracking software!

>Where can I learn how to digital market myself?

>Where can I find some good games to stream?

>Twitch or YouTube?
The general rule of thumb is Twitch if your content is primarily based on livestreaming and YouTube if your content is primarily pre-recorded and edited.

>Do you think there's an audience for X, Y, Z content?
First, ask yourself if you would watch a streamer of your skill and experience. Second, do a check on social media and look to see if other streamers are already creating similar content. Don't limit yourself to vtubers, include traditional real life streamers to scope out a potential audience.

Pastebin Guides and Resources:

General: https://pastebin.com/AJLkFrGK
OpSec Guide: https://pastebin.com/uALiNZCV
Twitter Networking: https://controlc.com/9eba2fbc
"avoid doing this shit": https://pastebin.com/vbp6qEdt
Social media branding: https://pastebin.com/jVERSLqG
Take with a grain of salt Parasocial Guide: https://pastebin.com/zmpCResg

Hololive Auditions have opened up to males

Tsunderia Auditions have opened:

AkioAir auditions are opening very soon!

Stay grounded, stay hopeful

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ok so i need opinions
i'm working on getting into college really soon, should i attempt to make some kind of push to apply to a corpo

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corpos are number fags, dont bother if you arent notable in the community already

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no notable corpo is going to hire someone that only talks at videogames and reacts to youtube videos except vshojo, even if the numbers are big

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Corpos are good if you're one of a kind charismatic talent that's poor and needs the money for a model or someone who's been streaming for a long time now, built a fanbase and know what your strengths are and you want to climb up to a better paid position.

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>one of a kind charismatic talent
ina and kronii disagree

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>literally my 2 favorite holoEN
i cant really defend their entertainment value, they are just cute. and to be fair i only watch clips anyways

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>stream was muted for the first 30 minutes
>then internet kept shitting the bed
>did basically a 2 hour zatsudan instead
C-content is content, right?
But I also want porn comms of my personality

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I wanna commission lewds of my avatar having sex with my waifu.

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Not him buddy, good luck figuring out who I am.

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i hate it when people do this

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who are you? me and u r gonna be lewded

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a viewer, i just hate going on rule34 or some shit and seeing my waifus getting batches of extremely weird fetish shit that was obvious that a single person commissioned or they self-insert themselves whether it's some mascot looking character/furry or literally just their autistic IRL self

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commission yourself stopping them then

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My horse friend is playing randomized Holocure, come watch the shitshow

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wip deku

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stop being horny you silly cat

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nice, also whip deku

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I'm actually going to gosling for a babi...

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>constantly asked by friends to do collab streams
>I know most of my viewers don't really enjoy them
>feel rude for turning my friends down

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don't feel too bad, i almost never collab myself regardless of whether my viewers like it or not. it's your stream, don't feel like you are being rude for turning people down. Alternatively, you could participate in a collab without streaming it!

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Way ahead of you.

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Better not be my babi!

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I only collab with 2 people because they're 2 people I mesh insanely well with and make good content with. Shouldn't feel bad, it's your channel.

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Any advice for keeping people engaged when life prevents you from streaming? Ive been pretty transparent on my twitter and post once or twice a day to make sure people dont think im dead

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what are you talking about? most of NijiEN were just videogame streamers. this is some real anti-numbers Cope by some 2view.

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Seriously, it's easier to name the people in NijiEN who did more than just play games. Hell, the one thing Selen was known for before joining besides playing games is such a small fraction of her content that she barely ever does. There's maybe 4 singers and a voice actor in all of NijiEN and most of them still did nothing but play games with an occasional karaoke stream. Hell I knew of Fulgur before he joining NijiEN and all he ever did on stream was react to and do watchalongs of those chinese cartoons. Luca was a VRChat streamer, Mysta only played games, etc. The list geos on.

This is also INSANE levels of cope though on the other end of the spectrum.

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just disagreeing with an anon that thinks only numbers matter when corpos have hired people who dont even stream. the point is that you should be capable of more than just that, even if its only a fraction of what you do, since you are selling corpos on what you are capable of

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>have enough money that I could commission probably 4 or more high quality live2d models and hold auditions for a new vtuber company

How stupid is this idea?

>> No.27854462

very stupid unless you're basically giving the models away as a charity

>> No.27854490

It's extremely expensive and there are more costs than just a model. Its likely that the girls will leave without you ever recuperating your costs either.

But if you're so rich that money isnt a problem and you want to do this as a hobby, there's no reason not to.

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Are you still seething about Futa Weiss?

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Have contingency plans, and stream anyway. If you can't manage your six-hour WWE Smackdown vs Raw chuuba tournament you'd planned, then do a 90 minute Pro Bass Fishing quick dive.

Why would you want to start a company, what's the goal? Bear in mind that you will not recoup money for a LONG time, but if money's not a major problem, you could use it to start almost as a good will?

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What game should I play for my next stream? So far I've only played project zomboid and I like open ended games that you can kind of make up your own story.

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valorant and apex legends because each match is its own story

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>when corpos have hired people who dont even stream
"Numbers" doesn't just refer to streaming, it's your stats as a content creator.

I can't think of any ENs that have been hired with literally zero numbers or zero content across the board. Numbers matter in a sense that they show you have any ability whatsoever, but they don't need to be insane numbers. As far as numbers for people they brought in, Vox's were probably the highest before Niji while the lowest are probably Fina or Yugo, but the fact is they still have numbers. There's no one hired with no numbers.

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You know nothing about content creation.
You know nothing about running a business.
You know nothing about contracts.
You literally do not know enough whatsoever to make this an even remotely smart endeavor, and I'm not even considering "profit" as a factor, because you likely wouldn't even get far enough to have them debut and if you managed that it wouldn't last long at all.

>> No.27854932

>I like open ended games that you can kind of make up your own story.
play a game that has that

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There's one guy who just commissions a bunch of R34 of Weiss from RWBY as a futa constantly and includes characters from other IPs almost constantly. It's almost impossible to not see eventually and causes an insane amount of butthurt.

>> No.27855086

Maybe if I wasn't so bad at them.
I was trying to think of some but came up blank.

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>Why would you want to start a company, what's the goal?

Mostly its an idea for a hobby. Probably would be a loss financially, but its not unusual for people to spend lots of money on stupid stuff related to said hobbies. I kind of like the idea of being something like a Gyari making voms a thing. Though honestly I don't know that much about voms and gyari specifically because I am shit at Japanese.

Hmm. You are probably right. It will probably just die an idea in my head.

>> No.27855736

If you don't have a set plan and expertise, its 100% going to be a loss financially. It'd be a charity case.

>> No.27855975

work hard and make fresh content like ludwig says and surely you'll become big enough to join a big corpo but also become self-sufficient anyway at that point and then start questioning whether you even want to join a company who will own the rights to everything you do, where the criteria to actually join is unknown with only theoretical ideas based on their other talents and not actually based on the contents of the audition form, with no hard proof of any ideas beyond shit the small corpos say, who've basically implied you should actually be entertaining and want to make content under their wing

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Remember that Yamino shu was like a 10 viewer Andy who played fucking freddi fish and then exploded with niji EN
AND is a guy
Let that give you hope.

>> No.27857152

He was a utaite who sang as well? Keep coping.

>> No.27857172

but I'm not friends with elira

>> No.27857258

>50 viewer andy
>his pl sullygnome says 50 viewer average
why do you lie

>> No.27857290

let anon cope it's the only thing he has left in this world

>> No.27857301


Idk what coping there is here I was trying to be positive lol

>> No.27857340

By flat out lying? Anon... You know better.

>> No.27857363

I've been telling people that nipspeak is the biggest buff of them all and they just don't listen

>> No.27857688

He wasn't a 50 viewer andy either, you aspies really need to look at the bigger picture and not just some random average Sullygnome spits out. A 300 viewer raid train for what I assume was graduation skews his actual numbers, if you actually look at them his numbers are a lot closer to the 20-30 viewer range.

How does lying to /asp/ies and probably yourself "trying to be positive"?

They don't listen because you're objectively wrong

>> No.27857989

/here/ chuubas and viewers never factor in stats like that don’t be retarded.

>> No.27858049

What do you guys think of Kaiser’s original content?

>> No.27858263

Link to his original content?

>> No.27859939

Love it. He deserves more popularity than he has

>> No.27860235

why am i never mentioned here?

>> No.27860363

Is Miyu okay? She hasn't streamed in two days. She isn't taking a break, is she? I miss her!!

>> No.27860480

Same fr fr

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You don’t want to be mentioned
I get mention every couple threads, sometimes multiple times
You don’t want it.

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is there a point in trying to do asmr and game streams? asmr streams will always perform better, so i feel tempted to just go all in on them, but i also really love to play games on stream - they just perform worse and it can some times feel a bit demoralizing.

do i just need to find a middle ground where i can be comfortable with low ccv on game streams, but high on asmr?

>> No.27861020

Find a game you're good at - like, actually good at - and play that game. I've done that with Yugioh Master Duel and those are my most popular streams personally

>> No.27861093

Content geared toward serving an audience will always out perform self-indulgent content. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't game. Treat yourself to streams that you want to do, viewers be damned, to prevent burn out. Make peace with the lower ccv however you can

>> No.27861177

I'm not really skilled with anything... let alone games lol. so that advice can't really help me
that's true, i just wish the asmr regulars would stop by and see i'm entertaining even when im not kissing silicone ears haha

>> No.27861384

i wish there was an easy way to ask viewers if I remind them of any other streamers I watch

>> No.27861436

Azu… please stream… for your sake…

>> No.27861479

hey asp, how do i get reverb on my mic for karaoke?

>> No.27861571

I use a plugin called 'Oldskoolverb', it was kind of a pain to figure out but works pretty well and is nice. I'd look in to it if I were you.

>> No.27861586

Nah the next redesign is what's gonna go viral and put him on the map, for real

>> No.27861589

thanks anon

ill have a look

>> No.27861638

I use this
pretty simple to set up. I'm on V1.2.1

>> No.27861641

There's a free plugin called OrilRiver which you can use to make your voice have reverb; it's pretty high quality
It's here: https://www.kvraudio.com/product/orilriver-by-denis-tihanov
That's super unfortunate; what are the games you like the most, then? Maybe focus on them and stream them quite a lot aiming towards that game's community.
I mean... you could just ask, really! It's that simple.

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I'd also like to see this original content anon, so i can copy it for myself.

>> No.27861744

I'm trying to narrow in on more rpg-type games,they're what i enjoy the most. i know that going from asmr to rpgs can have a lot of viewer falloff though, i genuinely wish i could get into games like fallguys enough to stream them but theyre so mindless to me...

>> No.27861756

A fake! Imposter!

>> No.27861778

wait, how do i open the file?

>> No.27861931

No! I'm the best girl in the secret /asp/ VN route

>> No.27862007

>do i just need to find a middle ground

Ikumi used to do gaming streams semi-regularly, but couldn't take the low CCV - I had to go to 90 days to see any non-ASMR on twitch. I think she does gaming on Youtube now

Ayuumi does more GFE than strict ASMR. It's a lot of kissing, laughing, and just outright flirting and calling chat her partner.
She started ASMR and speedran partner. 380 ACV for ASMR, barely even partner numbers for games.

About the ONLY person I know who's 'successfully' pivoted away from ASMR is Vivi
ASMR is an ACV of 600, she has a few others come close ish, but even with that, she now has a lower ASMR. She was very open about not wanting to stay with it though, and maybe did it only once or twice a week before (basically) quitting ASMR entirely.

You just will have to accept that ASMR will always have higher figures. Always. Unless you're amazing at any given game.
Best way to survive is to keep the ASMR, don't disparage it, and do it once/twice a week. Try and play some other games during other weekly streams, and consider taking a leaf out of Sasha's book, and doing 'ASMR Gaming', where you play a simpler game with heavy whispervoice.

>> No.27862056

You don't actually open the file; when you go into OBS you right click on your audio sauce, click 'filters', then right click in the audio filters to add 'vst 2.x plugin' (which you should already have, btw; Reaplugs is important to make sure there's no peaking or anything, and there are a lot of useful audio filters)

>> No.27862146

Just Admiral...

>> No.27862227

Are you retarded? God, you're fucking braindead. Can you seriously not read the question or something? Fucking illiterate. Fuck off I don't want your answer if you can't even understand my question smooth bore brain over here.

>> No.27862267

I see, thank you for writing that all out for me, I appreciate it.
I don't plan on quitting asmr at all, I enjoy doing it and if it makes my audience happy I'm more than happy to continue.

That aside, what exactly has Vivi done right to break away from asmr but still keep her audience? Are asmr creators somehow less inclined to be entertaining gamers/streamers, and is she an exception?

it is spelled boar, note bore.

>> No.27862276

I'm a female with a deeper voice, not in a way that makes me sound like a man, but rather a 12 year old boy. My attempts at doing cute discord kitten voice are cringe and strain my voice. The past several months I've been doodling cute/sexy girl vtuber designs but I really can't imagine my voice coming out of them. Should I just go for a tomboyish design? Shota? I feel like shota fits my voice but I'm not into them so I don't think I would be able to give shotacon viewers the premiere experience.

>> No.27862341

>it is spelled boar, note bore.
You can't POSSIBLY be this retarded, hole head.

>> No.27862406

i think you'd be shocked how many vtubers just have average woman voices. just look at girldm, she has a pretty average almost deep voice and gets on just fine with her catgirl look

hey do you wanna make out with me? like could you kiss me on the lips really hard?

>> No.27862571

Maybe go with a tomboy character. Everyone loves tomboys.

>> No.27862629

>hey do you wanna make out with me? like could you kiss me on the lips really hard?
EveningPrimrose. Hello. Tempting offer.

>> No.27862699

i'm not prim, sorry

>> No.27862721

Sounds like your main concern is having a model that matches your voice, and you don't really have a concept in mind. I suggest finding someone else to do the character design. People have an insanely hard time assessing their own voice. Someone else whose taste you trust will do a better job of figuring out what type of character fits your voice best

>> No.27862746

All you asked was 'how do I open the file?' You didn't specify what file you want to open, where you want to open it, etc., so like... what do you mean by that?

You download OBS, download the VST, extract the ZIP file to a file somewhere in your computer where you get both versions of the VST, then in OBS you right click on the microphone, press the filter button, right click on the column that says audio filters and add VST 2.X Plugin.

After that, you'll have a drop-down menu that will give you several plugins, and you'll want to press 'OrilRiver' (or whichever plugin you're using) in that, then you click 'open plug-in interface' which allows you to control the plugin

>> No.27862882

that wasnt me, dont get baited

>> No.27862968

AH! I am dumb. Sorry! Thank you though Anon for letting me know!

>> No.27862982

I actually don't believe you, because I can't think of any other /asp/ie that types like that. Well I'm all out of guesses.

>> No.27863058

prim sounds way older than me, that's all i'll say lol

>> No.27863147

What's his shtick anyway.
All the /asp/ies have something going for them.
Some draw, some can sing, some can talk a fucking lot without tiring but I can't put a single thing on him.

>> No.27863180

>what exactly has Vivi done right
So she moved away from pure-ASMR a while ago, and I don't particularly love her normal game choice, so I don't always watch her gaming content, but there's three main things (I think):

1 - She'd been doing gaming content from the start anyway, so there was no . And with a focus on retro games, her favourites from PS1/PS2 era, and she can wax poetic about them for a long time.
1b - Retro games are great for this because if you pick the right part of retro, it hits nostalgia for viewer childhood.

2 - She does NOT do GFE in her ASMR streams. Her scripted stuff is GFE, but it means she doesn't just attract coombrains.
b - She's open about having a partner, who she lives with, and who she fucks. There was a 'controversy' inverted commas because it was more funny than anything else when she was moving, and posted a picture of her new bedroom that had an opened condom and wetwipes on the floor
c - She's a fucking gremlin. The stupid puns (I love them, but still), ChiVi, 24 hour Crash Bandicoot streams, it's all almost designed to be anti-sexual

3 - She didn't move away from gaming. Looking at Ikumi or Ayuumi's streams, they almost seem scared of the low numbers now. They maybe do a gaming stream here or there, but not frequently. If someone goes purely into ASMR and then swaps out to play Crash Bandicoot for a week straight, I might stop paying attention to notifications. Or if someone I follow for hints and tips on Path of Exile starts playing Guilty Gear non-stop, I might find someone else to fill that timeslot. Vivi was a sort of variety streamer from the start, that gets an ASMR buff when she does it.

>> No.27863232

>hey do you wanna make out with me?
yes please Miru

>> No.27863379

so is GFE bad for getting an audience that actually wants to watch you? I always thought that it'd help the viewers get more connected to you, is pure trigger based asmr a smarter bargain if I want to keep with gaming streams?

>> No.27863476

It's the coomers that are only there for one thing. If you build an audience of coomers and try to put out non sexual content, they'll find someone else to fap to. Simple as

>> No.27863530

thank you anon for worrying about me .. this means way way way more than you know, knowing people care is honestly what i needed right now. truthfully i havent been feeling the greatest and had a really bad thing come up, but i think its fixed now. ill be playing a comfy game and talking a bit about it on stream later today. i hope i can see you there.

>> No.27863682
File: 19 KB, 544x177, miyu lel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hi cutie <3

>> No.27863818

Well the thing is is that I'm not really sure if it's an "average" woman voice, I remember one occasion where I was guesting on a friend's stream and some of the chatters were asking why a kid was on or how old I was. I've had multiple female friends reassure me I sound like a woman to them but male friends do say I sound like a little boy, so I guess it just depends on who's listening.
My one and only skill is being sort of good at drawing and I plan on doing drawing streams a lot, so I feel like I want to design my own Vtuber (plus I'm a cheapskate and want to do as much as I can by myself). I'm planning on going PNGtuber to begin with so I can fiddle with the design along the way while I get used to streaming again.

>> No.27863830

I like GFE asmr. I'll watch, I'll put your VODs on to sleep I'm very lonely and I miss being told I matter, I'll come to the streams. It might work, but you need to maintain the GFE through gaming as well, because that's the character you now play to me. If you do Dead by Daylight and you're just another person streaming the game, then the main thing keeping me in your stream won't be there.

If you do trigger-based ASMR, then I will put it on in the background for working or studying. I'll be more used to having you on as effectively a chatting stream. You need to keep some patter up during this time, so we still listen to you talk, but it means I'm watching your content for you regardless of GFE or not.

I guess, a bad analogy would be a coffee shop.

Let's say you have a coffee shop that does absolutely incredible hot chocolate. Best thing you've ever put in your mouth. The coffee shop next door does great tea, great coffee, great hot chocolate.
If I got to the chocolate shop and they're out, I'm gonna go to the coffee shop for their drink, rather than put up with an alright one from where I'm at.

You need to make it so that GFE isn't the main draw.

>> No.27863846

gfe is coomer...?
i think i'm retarded

>> No.27863894

Thanks for the write up anon, nta but I've been trying to get into ASMR stuff and the streams sorta perform the same as my normal ones, but there's more new faces which is interesting.

I'm still in a rough spot because I'm a babi (t. Admiral) so I'm probably not giving people what they expect from the model. Maybe i should commit to a casual sexy male model or I'll just shove her down people's throats until they like it. I'm not sure how easy it is to get off the ground as male ASMR friend especially one that isn't overly sexual (or like at all really), but I've been getting positive responses so i want to keep doing it. Watching comfy 4K footage of cool places and pretending like I'm taking my viewers on a semi romantic walk where i can just talk to them uninterrupted is so much more liberating than playing games. I could do it all day.

>> No.27863940

How do you do GFE while playing games, out of curiosity?

>> No.27863996

I hope miyu's dog lives

>> No.27864072

>can draw but poorly
>can game but not up to streamer standards
>can’t keep conversations going constantly, always quiet
The only thing he has going for him is that he’s good at not making content.

>> No.27864092

What if it's something really nice though? Like, "I think Marburg is a really cute shota thief and I wanna breed him and he's an amazing artist. I want to commission him for a VTuber concept one day!"

>> No.27864209

GFE isn't explicitly coomer - I watch it because I went through a bad break up and it's nice to feel cared about again. But the majority are there to pester the streamer into making macaroni sounds or earlicking I like earlicking but I don't jerk off to it, it's just nice to calm the ADHD by filling the brain with static

Male ASMR is harder to get into, and the babi debuff is going to hurt. But because it's harder to get into, less people try.
I'm not saying it's easy to be a female ASMR streamer. But you don't really have to try super hard. Kissing sounds, stroking the mic, "hey sweetie how was your day" to chatters will probably do enough. It won't for guys, which means a LOT of people give up because they're not willing to take the L.

Unironically, Veibae does it sort of? Whenever you die, or fail, or whatever, make it out to be chat didn't help support you, or whatever. It's tricky, and I don't see it frequently because it's less money than just coomer bait.
But stuff like the asking how the day went, "oh honey" peppered into speech, etc

>> No.27864264

imo mean things ignore, nice things adore

constructive criticism is appreciated if it's actually constructive

>> No.27864349

>But stuff like the asking how the day went, "oh honey" peppered into speech, etc
Alright; could you give me a list of GFE things? I'm probably going to screenshot it and add it to my folder of 'advice about auditions and stuff' on my iPhone (I'm a dork that way, and I've saved a bunch of old posts that might be useful)

>> No.27864357

hes good at trying to make conversations about himself and failing because hes boring.

>> No.27864547

gotcha, thank you for the advice! I think I'll still do GFE occasionally but I won't make it such a focus, just because I personally really enjoy it

>> No.27864809

A list... Fuck, let's see

- Kissing sounds obviously up there.
- As a derivative, mouth sounds. They're not explicitly kisses, but the sound is similar.
- Wet sounds in general can sort of tie back to the this. Stirring macaroni is an obvious, but so would be shaving foam (see below)
- Implied physical contact. The majority of men in the West don't have much positive physical contact. If you're talking about holding hands, stroking their hair, "lay your head in my lap" that's going to be GFE. Really truly, if you go to a barber, that might well be more physical contact than anyone else in your life, if you're single.
- Love. Check out script-fills on youtube, it's not uncommon to see the term 'l-bomb' used almost as a content warning, because it's weird for anyone except a partner, child, or parent to say this to a man.
- Similar, positive affirmations.
- Nicknames. Not just referring to someone as a diminutive of their screenname, but having fan-names that are positive. It sounds obvious, but calling chat your partner, honeys, whatever, that's gonna gosling bait.
- 'Sharing' personal life. It's a common problem in partners - the main listens to the woman venting, and proposes a solution. She wanted him to say "I'm sorry that happened", he wanted to try and help. Telling stories about creeps or struggles you have could well move you along the GFE axis.
- Ear blowing, whispering, etc can sort of add to this, because they imply physical closeness. But it depends what you do with it.

>> No.27864937

Thank you Anon! I’m going to be sure to study this list for a while now!

>> No.27865151
File: 155 KB, 855x551, IMG_20220710_150145.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've always preferred to just do "my thing" instead of doing what everyone else does even if it's what everyone wants. This is probably narcissism but i want to offer something on my stream that nobody else has. If only a handful of people care, that's okay. There's so many people out there playing games with half baked commentary looking at my own game streams i see how boring i really am. I'm a failure of a human and i shouldn't try to pretend like i can do what everyone else can do naturally. The whole "I don't want subscribers i want friends" thing is actually real, which is why my absolute goal is like 50CCV at max because I'd feel bad if someone on my stream feels neglected. I think the ASMR stuff i can use to build more of a connection to my viewers. Maybe you won't get the full BFE experience, but if you were a friend in front of me and you wanted to kiss me even just as a joke, I probably wouldn't say no.

Whose hands wrote this post...?

>> No.27866061

For the non-discord /asp/ies, I'm starting a Minecraft server for vtubers to stream on. I'm not marketing it as THE /asp/ server foretold by the prophecies but it's definitely /asp/ie friendly.
DM me at https://twitter.com/JosephineMukuro if you're cool.

>> No.27866213

is it morally wrong to do gfe if you have a boyfriend?

>> No.27866358

not if your boyfriend is part of the chat, duh
you can be monogamous with multiple people if they're all your chat

>> No.27866550

he doesn't like asmr...

>> No.27866688

>nobody talks about me
>but nobody schizos me
at least my numbers keep going up

>> No.27866757

sounds like a shitty boyfriend, just let me be your boyfriend, ill always support you

>> No.27866961 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.59 MB, 2000x2000, model.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Opinions? Tried keeping it simple since I can't draw...

>> No.27867147

it depends on the angle you approach it at. He'll likely be ranging anywhere from slightly upset to angry about it regardless. If you approach it like a business and service, it's not "morally wrong". The same argument is applied to onlyfans, but it still pisses off boyfriends anyway, and the boyfriend watching his girlfriend do gfe for randos will probably get him agitated. Then if you do Kiki's style of gfe where you are unironically dating your whole chat as one entity, then that's pretty immoral.

So basically, your boyfriend will be pissed whichever way you do gfe. You might even get broken up with, but that's up for you to decide how transparent you want to be and how much you value that relationship.

>> No.27867202

Looks like he's slouching. Stand straight, king.

>> No.27867216

No I like him quite a bit, only man I've considered marrying thus far. He just doesn't like people whispering in his ear, he said

>> No.27867226

>Can't draw
That's a great drawing, Anon! You're better than probably 90% of people here! I don't know what you're talking about that you can't draw. I have seen better, mind you, but you're probably up there in the 1% that's 'good at drawing'
As for the design, though, it does look kind of generic. Maybe instead of just standard material, have the edges of the clothes be fur? Like fur cuffs and fur around the shoulders and ankles, and a fur collar as well?

>> No.27867430

reminder that one of the holos was only streaming for 3 months in their past life before getting picked up

>> No.27867497

How big was that holo in their past life?

>> No.27868069

hard to tell at this point since some of her stats would have inflated since debuting, but she had around 3,000 youtube subscribers at the time of graduation, as someone that streamed on youtube and had pretty much nothing besides video game streams

>> No.27868097

How did she get so big so quickly then?
Was it a case of her model? Her marketing? Something like that?

>> No.27868210

she was definitely extremely active on twitter for one. her last two months of tweets before graduation seem to be purged through, but regardless she still had nearly 4000 tweets, which puts most aspies to shame

>> No.27868441

Oh wow, I see!
I probably won't be very active on Twitter but I'm aiming to join a smaller company (like, say, AkioAir since I feel like it has potential and I really really want a particular artist for my model)

>> No.27868558
File: 101 KB, 352x466, fumo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


ASPCORD where people talk about how to become vtubers and help each other out. Also drawing Fumos of themselves

>> No.27868725

I still just don't get twitter marketing, no one ever looks at "drop your png" posts (or any derivatives thereof) so I can't figure it out

>> No.27869106

Why is having more than one outfit model bad?

>> No.27869409

It can hurt your branding. It would be easier to have one iconic outfit.

>> No.27869491

I'm afraid of doing anything on the internet because I think I'll be mocked on /here/ or kiwifarms

>> No.27869572

Chances are you won’t get attention here unless you’re either big enough or post your links here.

>> No.27869713

Say something lewd to an /asp/ie!

>> No.27869780

I want to lick Ain's cloaca!

>> No.27869792

I don't agree that it is. Live2d and outfit showcases can often go viral and get retweets. It's a chance to drum up hype and get new eyes on you, maybe people that wouldn't have given a look at your old outfit but the new one really just lands for them.
If you're particularly worried about branding then maintain the same silhouette so that you're still recognisably the same character. A good design doesn't lose its branding that easily.

>> No.27869793

Idiotic take. A good design will have the important distinguishing features visible between different outfits, and gives your stream more visual variety, which is perfectly fine early on. The bad thing to do would be to have two models of wildly different designs i.e. going from a cowboy to a generic anime girl, or switching between a fat furry and a robot

>> No.27869997 [DELETED] 

first reply is talking out their ass. a good design will carry well even with different costumes. it's only bad if say, you are switching model genders on the fly, or switching between a furry and a robot repeatedly, etc

>> No.27870057

why did my post come out really late on my end, shitty website

>> No.27870209

i want miyuyu to scold me and make me lick her feet

>> No.27870220 [DELETED] 

Hmm I do see that somewhat.
Eh I made it by following tutorials and references almost too a tee. I like the fur idea, I'll try and incorporate some too see how it looks!

>> No.27870326

Oh wait is that meant to be a girl? Sorry I couldn’t tell orz The model seems genuinely really androgynous like that

>> No.27870394

Hmm I do see that somewhat.
Eh I made it by following tutorials and references almost too a tee. I like the fur idea, I'll try and incorporate some too see how it looks!

>> No.27870420

I WANNA KISS XIA in the lips.

>> No.27870530

Nope am male

>> No.27870854

lost a majority of my drawing skill (haven't drawn in months), should i just try and work at it until i can make my own model/png that doesn't look like scrambled barf?

>> No.27870869

Ah okay then! That’s good to know. It is a really androgynous model though.
Even so, I feel like fur would definitely fit the model’s clothes at least to some degree! Makes him look at least slightly less generic than ‘guy in a vest and jeans’

>> No.27871057

A non-vtuber viewer told me my voice is nice to listen to. That's all it took to improve my mood.

>> No.27871167

xia would never kiss an esl

>> No.27871728

sorry anon she's a bloom gosling now

>> No.27871756


>> No.27871864

I thought she was busy making out with Ain

>> No.27871968

I thought she was dominating Elliott

>> No.27872231

i got told this a month ago

>> No.27872799

Glimmy vs xia, who wins?

>> No.27873183

Depends on what kind of boyfriend do you have. I would support my gf doing gfe shit because I also want to participate as her pimp and feed her lines to whisper sweet nothings

>> No.27873452

just selfpost or false flag yourself if you really want discussion about you

>> No.27873849

I will not gosling. I will not gosling. I will not gosling. I will not gosling. I will not gosling. I will not gosling. I will not gosling. I will not gosling. I will not gosling. I will not gosling. I will not gosling. I will not gosling. I will not gosling. I will not gosling. I will not gosling. I will not gosling. I will not gosling. I will not gosling. I will not gosling. I will not gosling. I will not gosling. I will not gosling. I will not gosling. I will not gosling. I will not gosling. I will not gosling. I will not gosling. I will not gosling. I will not gosling. I will not gosling. I will not gosling. I will not gosling. I will not gosling. I will not gosling. I will not gosling...

>> No.27873991

Gosling for me... you know you want to.

>> No.27874030


>> No.27874058


>> No.27874114

i need to know what is cringe and what is based in the world of vtubing

>> No.27874383

>sang well

>> No.27874528
File: 48 KB, 560x471, 1A975F2A-03E7-447F-924A-866253B7D7EE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27875244

heads a bit big/long and chest needs to be wider. i would try work on the face more to make sure its really handsome because thats the main draw, the nose and mouth are a bit simple. no shirt under the vest is a bit strange, i would suggest maybe a dress shirt with undone buttons. in terms of general art tips, the lines are a bit stiff and i assume you used either then pen tool or some such. i would suggest trying to practice clean strokes for a more illustrative look, too much usage of assisted mechanical lines will make the art look like a computer generated dress up character

>> No.27875257

What is your headcanon lore for some of the babis who doesn’t have any specific lore?

>> No.27875845

where do you guys get this stuff

>> No.27877037
File: 701 KB, 4096x4006, __usada_pekora_and_hakos_baelz_hololive_and_1_more_drawn_by_kaiend__08b503d9e55a2d2c2a0e63020e8c8838.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It’s called a rrat for a reason, ogey?

>> No.27877116

Lala vs Azu paw duel when?

>> No.27877895

I don’t think so.
As long as you stick w the same color palettes and your core theme, it should be fine.

>> No.27878394

dude glimmy would murder anybody coming after her man

>> No.27879294

What does a 5 minute video in character for a corpo application even consist of?

>> No.27880043

Whatever you want it to

>> No.27880098

Do it. Deep voices can absolutely be sexy if you're confident in it.

>> No.27880111

stream clips, talent such as singing, gaming montage, VA, speaking different languages, drawing, short skit, etc

>> No.27880589

my art reeks of western style is that acceptable

>> No.27880794


>> No.27880928


>> No.27881058

its a bit harder to market since people wont want to sex you, but eh you can start out with whatever and rebrand later if needed most diy people need some sort of overhaul down the line anyways

>> No.27882167

Have any m*le chubas other than vox been able to grow by entirely catering to sex appeal and h roleplay

>> No.27882550

you clearly havent done a whole lot of research or even been on vtuber twitter if you have to ask this. i was in the same position cuz youtube clip fags rarely clip males outside of luxiem and shoto but i assure you theres TONS

>> No.27883182

I've noticed a certain category of ""viewers"" that come to the stream, throw an empty compliment (Your model/voice are so cute! You are so funny/cute/interesting) and disappear into void. I swear noone opening with one of those lines stayed for more than 10 minutes or reappeared on later stream. I'm not big enough to totally ignore those guys and whenever I see one of those lines I'm irritated to the point that I muted myself a couple of times and roared "OH DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT NIGGER". How do you deal with empty praises? Do you like being praised even if thare's a chance person doesn't really think that?

>> No.27883202

This implies you think im gay enough to watch men

>> No.27883305

It sounds like you have some anger issues, fren. People like that exist sure, but i dont think its anything worth getting upset over. Vtubing has grown to a point where a lot of normalfag interactions involves being fake and shallow as hell. I just wouldnt take it too personally and just move on, you cant always find someone and keep them as a concurrent viewer

>> No.27883395

her level of unabashed goslinging is impressive

>> No.27883632

you dont have to watch them, you can take a glance at the trends and whos doing well to see what kind of market exists for indie male because i assume you are male and you want to have success when you make an attempt at vtubing

>> No.27883723

>I'm irritated to the point that I muted myself a couple of times and roared "OH DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT NIGGER"
My dude you have extreme anger issues.

>> No.27883796

you deserve to slip up and fail to mute yourself on stream

>> No.27883828

I would unironically laugh and do a follow as a viewer.

>> No.27883838

>i dont watch male chubas
>if you look at the most popular male chubas youd see trends
I just thought shoto and other male coomerbait fags just played video games, you imply im gay enough to sit through male chuba streams, and knowing that some of the biggest ones are coomerbait makes it even worse

>> No.27883905

you are retarded as fuck. its streaming, people come and go and check different people out and you are lucky they gave enough of a shit to even give you a compliment. i pretty much have 0 people just pass by and comment, my chat prob intimidates them since they go nuts and sometimes i miss talking to randos

>> No.27883921

Are you the kind of closeted gay who always picks girls in videogames because "who wants to look at a guy's ass the whole game"

>> No.27883960


>> No.27883976

again, you dont have to watch shit. its easy to find females goslinging for the popular males on twitter and do your research that way

>> No.27884682

> they gave enough of a shit to even give you a compliment
I know it's a good thing to have a constant stream of new viewers but I unironically would prefer if they chose any other way to communicate. They can say hi, laugh at me being bad, ask my three sizes yet they choose that shit.
>>27883305 >>27883723
Thanks, it didn't really occur to me it can be an actual problem rather than preferences issue. I'll work on it
I'll post clip here if that happens

>> No.27884802
File: 426 KB, 1080x1083, IMG_20220710_042136.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

menhera monday is right around the corner, anything you'd like to talk about? I could need some more material for the stream. I'm planning to go for more than 6 hours and potentially try out a new segment.

>> No.27884823

we are now entering aspies minecraft arc

>> No.27885260

I will never play minecraft on stream nor will I touch mc on my vtuber account.

>> No.27885669

Whys that?

>> No.27885714

Who are some /asp/ one time appearances you guys miss

>> No.27885742

the clown guy that passed holoen first round auditions

>> No.27885757
File: 2.31 MB, 498x498, 1657426800646.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gotta socialize in the Aspcord
Gotta join the Minecrasp server
Gotta tweet, retweet, and like stuff on Twitter
Gotta stream
Gotta plan for streams
Gotta watch fellow aspies stream
Gotta watch streamers that I raid
Gotta practice my singing
Gotta practice drawing
Gotta practice my Nihongo
Gotta eat right, work out and be healthy
Gotta balance work with VTubing
Gotta manage my time properly
Gotta not be broke all the time

>> No.27885829
File: 977 KB, 2115x2126, 1657042695295.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What does sloth smell like?

>> No.27885870

Wet carpet and crackers

>> No.27885875

You can smell the menhera off her.

>> No.27885883

the gmichad mindset…

>> No.27886334

i will not be groomed into playing minecraft!

it would b cool if we got hololive-like minecraft shooting the shit clips tho. we all have shit numbers but i dont know if any other indie group have as many people as us

>> No.27886357

Random unsolicited advice directed at no one in particular:
In general there's a huge difference between male and female chuubas' streams, so I highly recommend (You)(male) watch males to learn how to appeal to your potential audience.

That being said I don't know whether or not this applies to babis, so if someone is able to add to this post for them(female(male)) that'd be cool.

>> No.27886470

radio guy with fujo bait model, i wanted to see if he can make it without any of our retarded debuffs

>> No.27886474

You will and that's just a part of the internet these days. Keep your opsec airtight and it won't effect you. Remember that someone really wants to fuck with you for some reason, they will send people out to get to know you by posing as your friend for months, so be careful with personally identifying information with everybody. Names, locations, places of work, etc.

>> No.27886639

He already has content creation experience (19k on youtube) and was asking questions about fujobaiting in the discord when he was active. Dude is guaranteed to skyrocket.

>> No.27887143

whos to say, while his voice was good it was also white bread as fuck like a dude trying to sell you insurance. the fujos responded to his model much more than his voice

>> No.27887204

>having fun in the minecraft server
>everyone getting along and building stuff
>we were encouraged to stream it
>alto comes in


>> No.27887265

This is why you vet people

>> No.27887334

There was that guy that streamed Bionicles a little while ago. I wonder how he's doing.

>> No.27887563


>> No.27887676

calling them slurs and stuff

>> No.27887747

>watch corpo males
>make random anime grunts
>respond to random shit in chat with 2 word answers like "im cute? oh thank you :3"
>be dog shit at games
>go menhera on twitter
im 100% convinced they are hired purely on voice, manerisms, numbers, and nepotism. singing skill is a plus but not even required

>> No.27887802

why? damn now i feel like shit

>> No.27887926

This is why I didn't make one. Too much tardwrangling

>> No.27887951

there are some indies that i'm convinced are only not corpo because they either didn't apply or didn't want to, given how bad some corpos are at streaming

>> No.27888110

I feel bad for calling him out on it

>> No.27888140

Watch me instead

>> No.27888163

you shouldnt, he needs to learn some manners!

>> No.27888211

screenshots or you're talking out of your ass (of course, you are).

>> No.27888265

now i don't feel as bad for calling him a kid all the time. he clearly hasn't matured out of his cringy teenage edgelord phase at the very least

>> No.27888268

not him but i don't think you can screenshot voice

>> No.27888295

I believe it

>> No.27889005

Ill be streaming on the MC server here at 6pm est feel free to drop by. https://www.twitch.tv/kumavennas

>> No.27889449
File: 281 KB, 1258x1783, 1657145407809.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.27889940

she has such a whorish design

>> No.27890008

The rest is whatever but I hate the boob window

>> No.27891123

It's a bit much

>> No.27891189

I wanna cum in an attractive 2view

>> No.27891802
File: 116 KB, 634x906, test.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

just a quick doodle for now, design isn't final or anything i just wanted to show "my style" a bit
this could probably be adapted into a L2D model

>> No.27891857

I love boob windows

>> No.27892106

Looks alright.
Not bad.

>> No.27892251

but what if you had boob window?

>> No.27892496

Gives me Red from Overly Sarcastic Productions vibes (which is a good thing)

>> No.27892527

then tell him to stop, retard. don't be a pussy and open your fucking mouth

>> No.27893365


I skimmed thru this and I saw him join and speak around this time but I don't hear anything.
Someone with better autism find the timestamp.

>> No.27894258

Yeah I've noticed alto very blatantly parroting 4chan rrats in my chat and it's just ... Does he not understand that shitting on big vtubers as a pngtuber who's barely affiliate is just embarrassing? I know you're young, but you need to accept that containment breaking is cringe, and not every person you interact with is okay with it.

>> No.27894569

He's quite litterally not gonna see this bro. Get that cock out of your mouth and tell him, faggot.

>> No.27894713

He will and you're only trying to start a fight. I see you nigger

>> No.27894722

He has admitted to still egosearch, he'll see it

>> No.27894789

I hated his voice sorry, the disconnect between his old era Japanese design and his suburban white guy voice was too much and just came off as a joke to me

>> No.27894926

I shouldn't ship /asp/ies

>> No.27895017

I should ship /asp/ies.

>> No.27895058

you absolutely should ship /asp/ies

>> No.27895152

Which aspies do you ship?

>> No.27895174

>tell him to stop doing things that you don't like in your chat
This is what I mean by /asp/ies having zero social skills. It's literally the reason so many fail to have any growth or ability to entertain, because they lack the most basic of social awareness. Him seeing it here won't mean shit, people take things a lot more personally and to heart when it's coming from someone they know and not some anonymous complainer on the internet.

>> No.27895299
File: 120 KB, 587x900, kabedonfemnue.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


drawing some more kabedons

>> No.27896091

You're a spineless bitch if you think alto "I'll take it up the ass for one green card, alex" walker is going to kick your ass for asking him politely to keep 4chan shit on 4chan, faggot.

>> No.27896129

You shouldn't ship ANY vtubers, at all.

>> No.27896287

You're not my mom.
I ship myself with my oshi and all girl /asp/ies.

>> No.27896391
File: 206 KB, 360x360, 1656649656853.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27896788


She's debuting, go check her out

>> No.27897164

All the babis x me.

>> No.27897393

If someone messaged me and told me to stop something I definitely wouldn't. Something anonymous without an ego attached to it is more likely to be taken for its own merits

>> No.27897450


>> No.27897633
File: 129 KB, 700x1000, 5xzwb2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Their designs are sex. Therefore I want them.

>> No.27897751

You can only pick one.

>> No.27898061
File: 136 KB, 377x329, acute.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27898140

The only correct choice is Kaiser

>> No.27898145

But what if I want to tease Azu one day but feel like correcting Nasu the next?

>> No.27898425

It's hard to appeal to everyone. What is better? Lore or nolore? Lewd or seiso? Company or indie? Be retarded or competent? Valorant/Apex or not? I'm doing my Vtuber research during the time my mama is making me a model and I want to be the best I can at it.

>> No.27898556

You mean equilateral?

>> No.27898736

Find a niche that you feel comfortable with, know your audience and work towards that. The answer is different for everyone and there's no one size fit all. It really depends on your skill level and etc.

>> No.27898767

I am answering purely for somebody trying to appeal to as many people as possible.
>Lore or nolore?
Lore is ok but dont over do it.
>Lewd or seiso?
Seiso with tactical deployments of lewd.
>company or indie
If you actually have a choice then indie.
> Be retarded or competent?
Depends on how well you can pull off either and your personality.

>> No.27898776

>It's hard to appeal to everyone.
Yes, which is why my answers are mostly irrelevant and just personal opinion, that said
>What is better?
>Lore or nolore?
If it gets in the way of streams it's too much. Basically, don't go full Council.
>Lewd or seiso?
It's better to just act natural. If you're naturally a horndog or curse like a sailor it's probably better to accept that and let it be a part of you than it is to try hard to act like something you aren't (any more than you already are, anyway.) Of course if you want to be more polite or seiso in general and you're using streaming as an avenue to work on that then that's a different matter.
>Company or indie?
I don't like corpos. I want freedom.
>Be retarded or competent?
having some "I may be stupid, bottom text" moments is one thing but if you're just frustrating to watch because of how much of a dipshit you are that can be a debuff. competency is rarely an issue by comparison.
>Valorant/Apex or not?
I mean if you like those games go nuts, but buff/debuff games aren't magic tickets to reaching partner. if anything spending days grinding in games you hate just to get viewers will be the ultimate debuff since it'll be obvious you don't know what you're doing, you don't enjoy it, and you'll get burnt out hard and fast. Finding your own path is the best thing to do but there's nothing wrong with playing something popular if you think you can actually bring something to the stream regarding it.

>> No.27899068

Thanks! From what little investigation I did on vtubing, I think I'll stick to my original plan, now also thanks to your answers. A pretty bunnyboy with maybe an occassional menhera moment who loves to play strategic/pixel/smt games. I hope I can debut (this year) soon!

>> No.27899094

Currently debating a beard on my model. I'd like to go for it and the artist has made it look good but I hardly see any chuubas or anime guys with one so I'm thinking it might be a hard debuff.

>> No.27899115

beard look bad in anime style, that's why nobody has it.

>> No.27899697

True, I feel like it would work for me. Especially with my voice but it's such a gamble to whether it would actually look good in motion.

>> No.27899766

Go look at the most popular males in anime and manga. Go look at the top voted male art on pixiv. Go look at the top male gacha character designs. Look at the most popular male vtuber designs.

Go count how many of them has a beard and there's your answer if you wanna go ahead with it.

>> No.27899799
File: 429 KB, 1920x1080, 981.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27900281

Obviously I know that already as I said
>I hardly see any chuubas or anime guys with one
But I've seen good art with some and there's maybe a niche to fulfilled and it might partially be just survivorship bias.

Well, I guess I'll just pay more for on/off.

>> No.27900520

It's the year of the babi lads. Invest.

>> No.27900950

>invest in a babi
>its another trans rugpull

>> No.27902657

Would it be cringe to add hidden meanings and small puzzles/args to my stuff?
I feel like even if people never notice or don't care, I would still have fun making them

>> No.27902768

>I feel like even if people never notice or don't care, I would still have fun making them
Then do it! Have fun, maybe someone will notice and enjoy it one day.

>> No.27902913

Beards almost never work on an anime style model, so infrequently that you shouldn't waste your time. The few people who make it look good are typically people who already draw beards, but the other issue is how bad they look from a head of perspective.

>> No.27902974

>maybe a niche to fulfilled
there isn't and even if there was, "avatar with a beard" will look bad enough that it's not worth the 5 people that'd watch due to it.

>> No.27903546

I believe that the artist would be able to pull it off based on the sketches. I honestly think I'll just go with both that way I can experiment what works and what I like myself. If it's such a debuff then I'll just simply not use it. The extra money it will require really isn't an issue for me.
>Ignoring the whole daddy genre
Do you ever interact with women?

>> No.27904037

i havent streamed in months and i still cant settle on a design im ngmi

>> No.27904091

Well at least you know.

>> No.27904163

gayest post in the thread

>> No.27904997


>> No.27905987

What is your opinion on chuubas that don't match their design to their personality?

>> No.27906262

Depends on the situation. A seiso chuuba with a slutty model can be great for example, it brings a certain gap moe type of deal.
A voice mismatch is much worse and can genuinely tank you by filtering a lot people. Loli model with a hag voice is the bane of many viewers.

>> No.27906473

wow shes super cute, hope she doesnt get groomed

>> No.27906812

Okay fine, shipping boys with boys is fine.

>> No.27907197

This is why he should just do a regular minecraft stream

>> No.27908067

I personally WOULD a veritable CUNNY model that sounds like she smokes cigarettes and sings at a fancy nightclub.

>> No.27908151

I want to play minecraft with kaiser
Join the asp server!

>> No.27908287

just thought about the idea of doing a one-off "shota stream" where my avatar is younger and i do a voice the whole time
sounds absolutely terrible

>> No.27908756

WHERE IS MY LBE (little brother experience) CHUUBA?

>> No.27909113

Menhera is setting in the longer I struggle on with this.

>> No.27909199

Embrace it and make it your bitch

>> No.27909372

Let it out anon

>> No.27909417

This. I want a snobby nerd shota Vtuber.

>> No.27909536

If you could adjust an /asp/ie’s design to make it match them more, who would it be and what would your changes be?

>> No.27909555

I'd do it, but for all of my autism I'm not nearly wild and silly enough.

>> No.27909909

No, every male sounds like a pasty nerd in their mom's basement or they are a seanig.

>> No.27910051

Did your stream anxiety ever go away? Even just pushing the go live button is always such a hurdle for me.

>> No.27910211

It's still there for me

>> No.27910650

Why are Canadians

>> No.27910663

Give me a few months and I'll give you the best shota experience in your life.

>> No.27910664
File: 366 KB, 507x660, ryt smug.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes. After running into a billion issues stream anxiety is nothing to me. Now if we're talking irl anxiety that's a different story altogether...

>> No.27910751

same with every new experience, you'll get used to it, eventually.
Since a few streams ago, all I've done was showing to my viewers a new and different technical issue. Up to this point, is not like I don't care, but the show must go on

>> No.27910776
File: 386 KB, 269x270, 1448763339112-0.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! Oh god someone outside this thread is seeing my avatar.

>> No.27911180

I guess its hard to pretend to be one, not to mention having the voice for it

>> No.27911291

..well i guess i have a new plan then

>> No.27911983

is Primrose like the resident /asp/ mom?

>> No.27912022
File: 104 KB, 560x420, wiz_mation_300000.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Very new to streaming here. Please bear with me nervously rambling.
Playing some project zomboid https://www.twitch.tv/wizhat_ch

>> No.27912887

>LBE (little brother experience)
Alternatively, would anyone watch a BSE (big sister experience) or MFE (mom friend experience) chuuba?

>> No.27913059


>> No.27913654

Anyone have tips for grooming startup indies? Is it as easy as just consistently throwing money at them till they recognize your name? What's the bar for entry? I make ~180k/yr, is that enough?

>> No.27914046

You could have a small harem with that. Target SEA for greater bang for your buck

>> No.27914237

Not interested in containment breaking when half my viewers are from twitch and twitter, sorry you're so shit at reps all your viewers are from here though

>> No.27914570

what's worse though, cunny with hag voice or cunny with male voice

>> No.27914750

how much bang would I actually get for my buck, what's the viewer cutoff? 20+?

>> No.27914903

As with most bets the lower the odds the greater the payoff. If you can find some that have been less than 5 views for a few months you can really clean up. Bigger chuubas are more expensive and you have competition that got there earlier. 20 is really pushing it

>> No.27914976

You seem like a chill dude. I'll watch your future streams if you stream earlier than this. What games are you planning to regularly play on stream?

>> No.27915267

Cunny with a hag voice is a debuff
Cunny with a male voice has a degenerate target audience

>> No.27915626

Hag with a cunny voice? Man with a cunny voice?

>> No.27916282

He doesn't like Minecraft. You're not a real Kaiser fan.

>> No.27916528

so amazing? idk

>> No.27916553

be a vtuber yourself is better than being a viewer. you can show off your personality and interact with them as equals, buy the sexiest fucking model you can find and seduce them

>> No.27916862

If I wanted to spend so much time building up some small following so girls would clout chase after me, I wouldn't be looking for bottom of the barrel 2 views

>> No.27916969

Target Sloth

>> No.27917471

isn't having kiara as an oshi a red flag?

>> No.27917536

> not a true kaiser fan