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well said

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Based. I will now subscribe to Pippa.

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>pander furry whore panders to retards like you for more donations
color me shocked

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seethe faggotchama

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>panders to the fans
>this is bad

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how's that "talen freedom" taste like, cuck?

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Okay, do (You) agree or not?

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you tell me, didn't you watch pippa get tossed around by her furry boyfriend or did you conveniently forgot that.

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based on what I've seen on a bunch of vshojo streams, talent freedom just seems to mean 'react streamer'

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>fat lazy viewer just wants to sit on their ass and watch chuuba
>fat lazy streamer just wants to sit on ass and watch youtube
best of both worlds

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>leech it

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If Pippa was free do do whatever she wanted she'd already be fingered by Metokur on stream. Do you want this?

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Creative Freedom Content: You Laugh You Lose!


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She basically said what I've been saying about kson for a while now. Her crass humor worked because she was in an environment where you wouldn't expect to see that stuff so it defied expectations. Once she went indie she stopped being nearly as funny, despite doing the same shit, because those expectations were gone. Now that she's joined Vshojo she would have to reimage herself as the seiso one to defy expectations because they outslut her by a mile.

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Exactly, Its not as funny as when she was a dragon.

I still miss meme review where the girl learns and laugh the meme kaigainiki's made for them.

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Freedom means they can do whatever they want and collab with whoever they want. Froot has been doing streams where she just comments on Apex esports with a cheerleader outfit, and no corpo or manager will tell her to do something else.

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Did they ever actually do creative stuff Hololive never did or is it actually just a meme? Legit question.

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Does that include the freedom to go shill your shit corporation someplace else?

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whoa it's a pippa thread in the catalog again! i wonder what she has to say this time!

what's that? it's another opinion that completely toes the 4chan line like all her other hot takes for some reason?

she has done it again! i'll watch her streams for sure!

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Yeah but where is Towa's cheerleader outfit? This is what the oppressive boot of Japanese corpos is like. For the sake of freedom, Towa NEEDS a cheerleader outfit. In fact, I will not rest until every Holo has a cheerleader outfit.

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First clip I ever saw of vshojo it was someone posting a reaction to my oshi. Within, I shit you not, ten seconds
>that looks like a pussy!

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Freedom is different from creativity. Hololive girls are still be expected to do a schedule even if they do something different every once in a while. They aren't even allowed to get new outfits at will.

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Does it look like a pussy?

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>Hololive girls are still be expected to do a schedule
>Ayame, Aqua, and Shion exist

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Tell me more about Sana and Ayame's schedules.

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Not to me. But I'm sure you're next line will be calling me an incel so last reply.

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They don't need to stream because they can come with a pity story and get big amounts of superchats and ccv whenever they do stream purely because of the Hololive branding.

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Must have schedule but don't need to have schedule. Everything makes sense now thanks.

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I didn't said must.

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>They aren't even allowed to get new outfits at will
Outfits are provided by Cover, but they can pay from their own pocket if they want to commission one, as Pekora did with her prison outfit.

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Explain why Irys doesn't have a new outfit.

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That's not exactly groundbreaking, thats something you could also just as easily do as an Indie, especially in the Western scene where you don't have to deal with as much copyright bullshit as you do in Japan.
Ignoring the talents personalities, I just don't see what exactly Vshojo brings to the table that isn't already achievable within strict Japanese-run vtuber agencies like Anykara or Cover. Especially in terms of game selection, the three companies really aren't that different nowadays.

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Freedom to be whores and brag about their bf... I think the only creative one if the shemale robot, mouse and, whenever she not riding her bf's dick, nyanners. Other than that, the rest have no talent/personality and get carried by their models.

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Redjuice is a piece of shit and someone should unironically Abe his ass so Sana can become her new mama. She already did the mascots because he clearly wasn't going to.

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>thats something you could also just as easily do as an Indie
That's how VShojo started. They were just a bunch of indies that wanted some extra perks like better merch and sponsors. That's what Kson meant by saying they are not a corporation: VShojo girls are functionally the same as indies, and VShojo are the ones working for the girls, rather than the other way around.

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Imagine seething over a small corpo 3view.

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Game selection on Twitch means you just pick any game you want to play it and play it, you don't have to ask permission to anyone. Veibae in particular sometimes play old weird games like Harvester and Gothic.

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I don't watch this Pippa girl often, but every clip I've seen posted of her seems to suggest all her tastes and takes are tailor-made to appeal to /vt/. I respect the hustle to latch onto a niche audience.

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Indies and VShojo girls can just commission a new outfit whenever they want, even if it's not the same artist. Even if it looks completely different.

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that's a bad thing

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Aethel is actually a cool guy and they can come up with solid comedy bits.

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Holy fucking based. Pippa, i kneel.

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That means you personally don't like talent freedom.

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no shit, aren't you trying to convince people that it's a good thing? it's clearly bad based on your examples

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What kind of retarded question is that? Because they haven't provided her a new one yet, and she evidently doesn't feel the need to commission a new one with her own money. Pekora's been for two years with just two outfits (regular and yukata), and she's basically their biggest member. Fuck if I know what their criteria for choosing who gets a new outfit is, but that's besides the point.

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Which example?

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Irys cried on stream over her frustration with management. If it was possible to get a new outfit and 3D she would have done so already.

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Well she is a Watamate and admitted sheepposter.
Also her post in an early /auds/ thread has been found:

She sounds like she appeals to /vt/ because she is from here and legitimately autistic.

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OH NONONONO ANON you can't just say the truth like that!

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She literally got range banned. Probably posting in this thread with a VPN.

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Is this a case of autism? Trying to fit in with /vt/. Or does she actually see a market pandering to here.
I don't think that worked out for Beatani.

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are you shitting me? only streaming reactions to apex esports and/or buying a shitty new model by themselves

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oh any clips?

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Flipflopping on art styles is universally loathed. Even gacha games try to avoid that shit. FGO being the major exception and nobody can honestly defend it there because a lot of it looks like trash. There's a reason IRyS's and Roberu's models are considered debuffs. They stick out like a sore thumb compared to everyone else and not in the good way. Artistic consistency is important.

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yes i believe she cried about management on stream. omegalul

>> No.27778575

That's because they're not vtubers, anon. They're streamers with an interchangeable avatar. Of course they won't care about character identities and kayfabe.

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>who is nyaners?
>who is hime?

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seethe holonazi

>> No.27778632

Can't find anything about it. Timestamp?

>> No.27778650

How do you even sell merch when your design changes every few month?

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>he believed her shill stream

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Just some sounbites that are a vacation to post, you can find them on the farms. Mind you it's not Pippa, just Pippa's actress over a year before she debuted. Also note that he is her cousin who was the family appointed tard wrangler. His status as her BF is unknown but probably. She is from The South afterall.

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There's not a single good /here/tuber.

>> No.27778776

Based Pippa

>> No.27778807

>raccoon tits to this thing
>pink cat bimbofies herself
>nazi commander zen to trans cyborg
>soul mouse to soulless how to draw manga mouse
Every time vShojo gets a new outfit its always a downgrade

>> No.27778836

>Somebody told pippa she will never be a woman

>> No.27778843

Those are not bad ideas.

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Hololive models aren't consistent.

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There's been an obvious ESL tatsunoko shitting up the board with his weird religious larp for a few days now while taking everything she says as gospel. His proof for everything is that she said it so it must be true. It's an honest to god cult at this point.

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She did.

>> No.27778928

Can we have a "dont make me tap the sign" with Pippas head on it?

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I didn't watched the stream. I just described how VShojo works.

>> No.27778998

We're talking inches vs. miles here. The girls get an upgrade every year or so, but there is a logical progression either in design or art style even for the most drastic changes (Early Suisei, Sora, even Azki). LIndies just get a whole new design with a whole new theme and artist every few months creating massive tonal whiplash.

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Keep on malding.

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And amazon started out of a garage what's your point? It's registered as a company and beholden to investors.

>> No.27779098

Any decent artist would have a recognizable drawing style. That's why Irys stands so much, it has a distinctive artstyle, but also something got fucked up in the process of animating it.

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Anon pls, i can smell the cum and aids through my screen

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This is why I think Michael Cat will succeed.

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Oh, the one that's married to the TT guy, Connur?

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Having investors doesn't mean they can tell the girls what to do. They are the ones doing all the work and have their own source of income.

>> No.27779299

wheres the clip then?

>> No.27779355

They are not functionally indies.

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It's pretty ironic how her outfit is themed around Scarz, which is related to vtubing exclusively because rpr is a huge Towa gachi.

>> No.27779436

How does vshojo make money? What happens when investors arent happy with one of the girls behaviour?

>> No.27779456

Yo, how come I didn't know about her
Holy based

>> No.27779463

didnt this chuuba shit on kiara and her fans a while back?

>> No.27779495

>Having investors doesn't mean they can tell the girls what to do
I'd imagine anyone who's that bad that they're losing investors won't be in Vshojo, unless you expect them to pick the talent everytime even if it meant going negative

Pippa is the exact kind of retard to say shit she shouldn't say and thats just a time she got what she deserved

>> No.27779515

They are identical to indies in the sense that they can do whatever they want without having to ask for permission, and management is never gonna tell them what they can or cannot do.

>> No.27779656

>How does vshojo make money?
Merch. The girls keep all the money from streams.

The real answer is that the real big money is coming from investors, and the same applies to Hololive and Nijisanji. But in reality all these are all glorified investor scams since the business model is not scalable.

>What happens when investors arent happy with one of the girls behaviour?
I think angel investors usually don't get involved in the company's operation.

>> No.27779662

They probably are free to buy new outfits but, i believe they licens the artist so they cant have other artist work on thier models.

>> No.27779868

Exactly. vshojo does make money from the girls. They wouldnt usually but, when money is involved, you never know.

>> No.27779937

Thats not being indie like lol.

>> No.27779970

Maybe in the future that might change, but if the investors start making demands then the girls can just quit VShojo and keep their character, their model, and their channel.

>> No.27780071

>This is why I think Michael Cat will succeed.
Oh, she definitely will.

>> No.27780087

She's right. Limits make creativity flow. This is why GameJams are made around a theme so people have a limit to work on.
The "limit" is just a base to build upon. Plenty of accomplished artists made masterpieces because they had a limit of some kind.
Total freedom means you don't know what to expect, and setting expectations is the basis of success.

>> No.27780130

That's just having incompetent management

>> No.27780208

They literally don't have management in the conventional sense.

>> No.27780256

> Moba assasin class

>> No.27780269

That's a nice way to spin it.

>> No.27780299

And that is huge for them but, it was more about giving vshojo too much credit for "muh talent freedom"

>> No.27780377

It doesn't exist. I asked the same question before and actually got a timestamp, but it was IRyS getting misty eyed over the support, encouragement, and praise she was getting from her viewers

>> No.27780550

I mostly agree but when this whore says it it feels so fake. God I hate this bitch so much

>> No.27780823

the clip is from an unarchived dream

>> No.27780860

Niji is alright

>> No.27780892

That's right Kanata hates whores, women should be with women not stinky men!

>> No.27780952

>queen of shitposters recognizes that she needs someone to steer her away from the edge of madness

>> No.27781005

Fuck vwhorejo but also fuck Pippa. I watch vtubers because they're cute, neither /vt/ o kiwifarms are cute, you come here to talk shit with annoying people so any retard that think that emulating what they see here is good content is an annoying nigger and should be kept out of vtubing with almost the same force as twitter trannies

>> No.27781013

>the south
The only people who think it's the 19th century in the CSA are foreigners too dumb to realize that incest is literally 10 times more common in any other country than it ever was anywhere in the united states.

>> No.27781050

Unironically my only real issue with Niji is the girls being second-class citizens to the males. When I saw that one male makes more than all the girls combined it just made me really sad since the branch wouldn't even exist without them. Aside from that, Niji is fine in my book.

>> No.27781052

You are a man of integrity, like me.

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i was there. always fun to see discord get BTFO by the larger whole - a reversal of the usual.

>> No.27781155

Sounds about right.

>> No.27781221

she's based

>> No.27781238

This after I got a gf I am ok with them now

>> No.27781261

Niji does also tell them how they need to act and what to do

>> No.27781335

What for?

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>They aren't even allowed to get new outfits at will.

>> No.27781366

I fuckin hate Snuffy because of this. Changing your character completely will do no good.

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Watame is creative freedom.

>> No.27781741

i dropped her completely when she revealed her retarded BIG BOOBA model and then kept using it for streams.

>> No.27781870

actually based take, impressive

>> No.27781888

It really is just that Redjuice's art style doesn't animate well for L2D.

>> No.27781938

its pandering when "the other side" does it, right? Yous stupid.

>> No.27782024

>parrots what she reads on /vt/ to get more donations
pippa is among the worst of all vtubers

>> No.27782159

Isn't this just homobegging but for the reversed situation? I'm genuinely confused about what people are supposed to do whenever beggars whine about income gaps like this. It's just people giving out money to vtubers they like.

>> No.27782286

I really really want to like this girl but /vt/ really needs to stop shilling her from shit she says and more from her actual content. She's literally /here/ so how am I not supposed to think she's only farming "Based" spams in her chat and /vt/ threads?

>> No.27782393

I don't think it is something that can be "fixed" honestly. A fat portion of the male income comes from chinese fujos who obviously aren't going to pay attention to the girls. Not really begging for anything because collabs and handouts aren't really gonna change anything. I do wonder where all the male chinks are spending their money though... I guess local bilibili tubers? Maybe attracting that audience would help I dunno. Like I said I just think it is a depressing situation to build a branch from the ground up only to barely make enough to live a comfortable life. While late joiners are making six figures a month. Guess it's not really a "Niji" problem but a "life isn't fair" one.

>> No.27782428

Based and true, if she doesn't have creative freedom she wouldn't whore herself out with tailor-made /vt/ takes and wasting her time shittalking /vt/'s Bad Guy of the Week. She'd just shut the fuck up and becomes cute funny kemono vtuber like Risu or Pekora.

>> No.27782470

As far as I'm aware the ones who "built" NijiEN, Lazulight girls, are earning pretty comfortably excepting maybe Finana but who cares because I hate Finana.

>> No.27782834

The girls lost their paypigs when they became the harem for the males. It's the fault of management for letting them collab. Female fans don't care as much about collabs but you saw what happened with Vox during his date ASMR stream.

>> No.27785098

>it's impactful to overturn restrictions that were artificially set upon you
This bitch is the definition of a tool.

>> No.27788191

What can Hololive girls do under muh 'limits' that Vshojo girls can't?

>> No.27788309

It's not about what they can do but instead what they are doing... and there's a lot that hololive girls are doing that vshojo girls aren't doing.

>> No.27788366

They can, but their "freedom" makes them lazy so they won't do anything.

>> No.27793134


>> No.27794469

Yes, this definitely happened, anon. I will believe this with 100% of my heart, no evidence required.

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File: 35 KB, 636x636, 4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just think about it retards. Vshojo has so much creative freedom that all they do is either copy Hololive or do reaction streams where they just lazily stream other people's content.

>> No.27796197

You mean copy Nijisanji which hololive already does.

>> No.27796297

The point isn't that they "can" do things VShojo girls can't, it's that they are.

The VShojo girls, theoretically, can do anything Hololive can and more. And yet, they have so much freedom they can choose to be lazy. That's the point.

>> No.27797449

Pippers i kneel you gonna go places you spergy pink bunbun i believe it.

>> No.27798118
File: 547 KB, 451x544, 1656396379420.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Aki is so cute

>> No.27799681

Snuffy is just doing what any vshojo orbiter does.

Constantly changing models (to shittier ones) to be like the group they're orbiting.

Reminder Snuffy orbited vshojo 24/7 and still got rejected in the auditions.

>> No.27799848

Reminder that this thread is stealth advertising for Phase's second gen debuts, and every single one of you are going to fall for it because Pippa pandered to you.

>> No.27799968


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File: 235 KB, 946x2048, 20220709_153408.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cute Aki!

>> No.27800292

Pippa is so based that I'm sure that she has a 13 inches dick and her balls are watermelon size

>> No.27800346

Yup,i mean they are also just lazy whores. Some girls may actually take something like "talent freedom" and do interesting and fun stuff but 99% of the time structure and rules breeds better results, vshojo is the perfect example of "talent freedom" but no actual talent, mouse can sing thats it. The rest is bf talk, whore talk, camwhore, and react content. They dont even colab with eachother much any more

>> No.27800453
File: 343 KB, 773x735, 1645125214253.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>still got rejected in the auditions.
Rrat or true?

>> No.27800474

Pippa containment breached so hard she was forced to apologize for it
So much for in favor of restricting creative freedom kek this whore should be kept as far away as possible from Hololive

>> No.27800714

True along with anny, vshojo probably spent a fortune getting kson and rushia. They seem to be going more after the jp market

>> No.27800789

She doesn’t even hate Kiara, she’s the kind of person who thinks referencing RM stuff is funny until she got in trouble for it

>> No.27800829

Who is this based little slut and is she cunny?,

>> No.27800909

I can already tell this won't do shit but maybe it'll shake up JP market.

>> No.27800938

Nah. The best Hololive streams are when Amelia goes against the tide and does her weird ideas. Much more entertaining then singing SSS for the 80th time wearing the same outfits on the same stage.

>> No.27800957

The auditions aren’t real anon think about the only two people they hired, I bet Snuffy wasn’t let in because she gives clout

>> No.27801077

She doesn’t give enough clout*

>> No.27801223

And Hime sure does right? Also I'm not sure that Snuffy wants in. Did she say it herself?

>> No.27802426

Hime didn't audition anon, which is the point

>> No.27803246

the males get more attention and more promotion than the girls, and then they make more money because they get more promotion.

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