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You know
At first I thought the Yagoo thing was a funny meme
Got a few laughs out of my, ngl
Over the course of 2 years, tho it got old real quick.
Of course, people are gonna keep spamming it bcuz 'LOL YAGOO'

But we really need to let it die.
Every time it gets posted it gets a little less funny.
Surprising, seeing how it wasn't even funny to begin with.
Turns out a middle aged japanese man posing with cute products can't really keep up

Guys, you gotta find something better to do with your lives.
Instead of jerking yourselves off to Yagoo, maybe try something productive
Really. It needs to stop.
Like. Now.

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>Vtuber fans being productive or doing something with their lives

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Don't tell me what to do

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t. riku tazumi

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>ITT; retards who can't read

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So true sister

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I remember yago having thicker arms, what happened...

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I think Yagoo showing off merch is OK. But Hololive jokes have been really stale. Haha pettan no boin boin, sheep is watame and duck is subaru because her voice haha

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Is that Sana's dead dog?

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his body is smaller than a small child

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imagine being so small and weak. How do asians even deal with this.

Your body is like a toothpick

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Cute feet

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Optical illusion because Sana is beeg

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>Look at this.
>Nice shoes...
>No... Blanket!

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Was about to call you a massive faggot and tell you to seethe harder
But then I saw what you did

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Pako never disappoints.

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Treerrat stop shitposting and post your next karaoke schedule

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I feel YAGOO is behind this post.

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I will not buy your shitty pins

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Yagoo only wore the shoes for the picture. He often walks around the office bare footed.

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Don't forget /vt/, don't cum on the bread dog or else millions of spiders will crawl out and devour you ~

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I see what you did there
8/8 shitpost

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sex blanket

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I kneel

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Mori ate all his food

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