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The image that ruined /vt/

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The Image that proved Niji livers (human organs) organize raids, shills and are as insufferable as the average Nijikek

And the one that opened the gates for TRIBALCHADS

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it's /vt/takes (good job to KFP for taking them fown) /vt/.txt, and banned vtuber memes that ruined /vt/. they brought in a fuckton of newfags, and banned vtuber memes has a facebook page with 22k likes. i haven't talked about reddit yet. i wish every containment breacher a gory, violent death.

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I wonder if it still feels like an all otu war

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literally nobody except for terminally online tribalniggers even saw anything wrong with most of what was said in the screenshot. even dramafag channels that saw it didn't find anything objectionable. if you asked a vtuber fan who doesn't use /vt/ about the nijien discord leak they probably would ask you "what discord leak". the fact that the leak is so ubiquitous /here/ but completely unknown everywhere else is proof that tribalnigger scum lost.

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/vt/ was shit the very moment it was created

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This image is the best thing that happened to /vt/ that way people doesn'tv have to deal with collab beggars and fake hugboxfaggotry like reddit

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As if most /vt/ posters don't constantly breach containment and post their stupid bullshit on reddit, twitter and yt. At this point whenever someone here calls out redditors it feels like the "no true Scotsman" fallacy. Let's just accept that this board was doomed from the very start, redditors who started lurking in 2020 now act like oldfags by calling out the newer redditors.

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Damn Mysta had a pretty shitty timing there.

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Finana disrespecting her seniors shows how classless she is.

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redditors don't come here because they saw a twitter account. they come here because their subs are hugboxes, so they come here to let all of their vitrol out, which is obviously a bad thing, since it means more shitflinging. most numberfags and tribalfags are probably redditors that use this place to say the dumb shit that would get them banned on reddit.

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Council really didn't do as good as they expected.

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You will never get that collab, Nijishill.

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I blame Sana

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>Let's just accept that this board was doomed from the very start
you know what? i agree with you, this board should not exist at all.

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>no Selen

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backstabbing hypocrite says what?

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So everyone that left /jp/ for here then?

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Seriously, what the fuck went wrong?

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when's the last time you heard anyone mention the leak outside of /vt/? probably the day the leak happened. you can't just declare something copium because it hurt your little tribalnigger fee fees. if anything you're the one coping that a single soul outside of this hell hole cares about the most innocuous leak this industry has ever had.

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stfu Elira, mind your own nepotism hire first

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Can't believe I have to agree with Vulgar Covid here.

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It really shows. I'd rather take a more curated and sanitized space on reddit that this fucking mess of a board and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I'm willing to bet that there a more people who migrated from 4chan to reddit (like myself) than the other way around, given /vt/'s very obvious and constant decline in quality. The only things that can salvage this board are a overhaul of the moderation team and policy and a rangeban on SEA. Obviously, neither of those things are ever going to happen, so it's all downhill from here.

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Please, someone fix it, it's so fucking awful, every time I see this I picture the blind retard monkey who did this.
>all otu war
Luxiem/Noctyx just as much
>mad about Niji ??? again
>appying for the ?? hololvie
>looking for ?? holostars
>"feelign" again Christ above
>in fear of I have hate
I probably missed some, there's a mistake in almost every line, it's literally perfectly legible without the godawful transcription or whatever the fuck this faggot thought he was doing.

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>redditors who started lurking in 2020 now act like oldfags by calling out the newer redditors
well fuck, you caught me. Started in /jp/ of course, since this place didn’t even exist in 2020

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Honestly I'm just going to blame Kobo because ever since her debut the amount of ESL shitposting has skyrocketed. Most of the people in this thread lack basic reading comprehension

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Nobody wants to acknowledge it because of forced positivity they have done. People have been begging for them to collab. They don't want to accept the reality that one party could be such Pitiful, and Miserable people behind the scenes despite all the forced positivity in public, they do every day in their twitter.

You know this, everyone knows this. people wanted them together for a long time, then something like this came out of nowhere. Of course they wouldn't acknowledge that.

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The repeated posting that desperately tries to make it relevant every time will never get old, keep trying faggot, maybe one day it will be relevant.

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tribalfags really projected themselves onto nijien hard, huh.

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Not really, /vt/ was always a shithole, it's just that now NijiEN has some leg and can stand against holoEN so the console war of /v/faggot can move here

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When will holos be exposed for something like this?

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It always mentioned in youtube every now and then especially when it's a clip involved any holo with nijien

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IndoCHAD posters are much better then burgers and bongs.

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never because hololive lives rent free in nijiniggers heads while hololive doesn't think about nijisanji at all

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>no Rosemi
>Millie not involving herself
Good. Only ones I actually care about.

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Maybe try leaving your hugboxes. With the right keywords, you'll find them. The supposed to be "irrelevant" incident.

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What happen to VOX ?

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Most of HoloEN probably doesn't know or care about NijiEN at all, they probably don't even know that they exist, just look at the Gura incident with DCL, so never

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>Says this
>FBK, Kiara, Polka and more post about niji.
>Holofans bring up Nijisanji without provocation of any kind >>27529999
Suuuuure, it's always the niji boogeyman.

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Praise Reimu

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How come vox can't even beat sana even when he's doing a milestone stream?

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The indochads broke him

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they're just like their fans LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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>Reddit, no one cares after day 1
>Youtube, dramatubers don't care
>SEA Facebook where your image comes from, no one cares either.
Post any and prove me wrong, or go back to your discord, tranny.

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EN Holostars will do better than both Council and Luxiem.
Screencap this.

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How are you not embarrassed at your existence

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Projecting. Grim.

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It's quite refreshing to see that many posters ITT didn't fall for the obvious bait and actually started an interesting discussion on the state of this board. But there are always some motherfuckers who will fall for it without fail and start the drama that OP so desperately craves:
(the Koboposter doesn't count)

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>he doesn't know
Newfag redditor go back

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No bong and burger call themselves chad and spamming ugly seaniggers bodybuilder

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>no timestamps
at least make a believeable fake screenshot.

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Kids will be kids. I give no fucks to "drama" anymore, I only have time to watch my oshi.

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Rest in peace yugioh author

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Kek is this what modern brainwashed liberal looks like

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>can't win an argument
>just deflect into politics
kill yourself trannyniggerfaggot

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fans take after their streamers after all

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/vt/ tribalfags gaslighting bullshit they never care about to begin with and pin them on nijinigger for expecting too high

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>There are no Nijifans here, only falseflaggers trying to make Nijifans look bad

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And yet here you are, on 4chan posting in a blatant shitpost thread.

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EN UNITYfags died that day and it was glorious

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It's funny because now even Luxiem is reclining below Council. The idolfags of Hololive are a very dependable audience.

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It's actually the opposite. This board was already shit because of console war toddlers from /v/, and NijiEN has some members that come here and took it seriously because they're newfags who can't mentally filter shitposts

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How long can Holofags be triggered by one image? It can't hurt you, please stop crying.

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He's right you know

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that's funny, both holoen and nijien look pretty alive to me.

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it's sad how many ways nijiniggers have come up with to cope

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>Vox full chink

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Somebody post that Voxx passing x all in one screencap. It's so fucking funny LITERAL KARMA, LITERALLY getting beat by Hololive's weakest branch. 101% pure, Indonesian audience. It's such a Humiliation with how Voxx milks every milestone. Just to skew his numbers. and now janitors are helping Voxx by deleting every threads of Kobo surpassing him in like seconds. Christ oh, lord.


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learn english before posting seanig

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I gotcha buddy

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Of course they are /here/ and falseflagger is always the ones that make things overblown to bits

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God, Nijibugs are a glutton for humiliation

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>he wasn't in the og thread


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Addressing the elephant in the room that the first few NijiEN waves were obviously targeted at Holo fans rather than following Niji's own formula would have been extremely awkward
Even more so now it turns out that their male members are enormously more successful so they probably would have been better off not trying to beat them on their turf to begin with

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the fakest of all fake screenshots in /vt/ history

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Even if they think the same things internally they probably don't even have an appropriate channel to post stuff like this in due to the difference in management if not culture. The vast majority of hololive yabs don't actually have legs and I wager its thanks to management more than to the girls actually being better more stable people

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Upvoted may not be much but here's your bronze, i appreciate the meme.

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If NijiEN say something like "HoloEN is a failure " .... they will get a tons of hate .
If HoloEN say that , well imagine Gura say " NijiEN is a failure " .... then what will happen ? Nothing . Because NijiEN female have nothing to compare will HoloEN .
The female of Niji and Holo are not the same level .

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This Image will forever hunt NijiEN
It is already tattooed on their backs as a reminder how jealous they are to HoloEN

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>he types this as he watch nijitroons and turbo liberal fish

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It would cause a massive shitstorm, because people really don't like people punching down
The image in the OP is funny because they're punching down while not being on top to begin with

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kek, we literally live rent free in their heads

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breddy gud

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unironically a deadbeat plug taking him down
she has the most interactions with Mori out of all NijiEN, even Enna