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Ghastly edition!
Phasmophobia collab in 5, get in here troopas!
Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/koopa_ch
Recommended videos for newcomers (clips and full streams):
CBT highlights
Koopa RFA
Her gun-cleaning ASMR
The rise of Fortuna, her evil twin
Koopa Fortuna, phd giving a lecture on the unknowable

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Koopa's Losing Son (Formerly Winning Son)

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Kamon Koopa, teach your boy how to read

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>forgot to turn off computer
>leave twitch tab open
>come back 7 hours later
>3 gifted subs
thanks I guess

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>I'm here to hold Carmine's hand
Even when he's being punished he still wins...

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>game starts
>disconnects immediately

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Koopa is more scuffed than usual today.

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This is the most scuffed she's been in weeks

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This Carmine guy is a bitch

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And it's hilarious

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Honestly? He's based.

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>Koopa dies first AGAIN

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Why is mom first to die every time

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Mother and son reunited in the afterfile

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Blessed autistic koopa noises.

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Chib Kwipp from Josa's perspective

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I do not like this image, Carmine.
Its lewd visage mocks me.

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Burn it

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Cute Troopas!

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>I'm coming, I'm coming

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Carmine is so cute, bros.

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not to me, i find it cringe ngl.

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This, sorry Koopa, I like you a lot, but your son is cringy.

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How does Koopa find these artists?

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Josabelle is pretty cute.

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>tfw my name is David

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William I...

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You’re a bitch, David

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Koopa seems more scared this time than the first time she played

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She doesn't have Nina to protect her.

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Even more of a gremlin, somehow

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that's the best part!

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All of these girls and boy are really cute

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This is the correct take

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>Vel and Josa getting spooked while Carmine has a fun time playing basketball with his mom

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Bros, Vel is cute.

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Lucky bastard

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Omg, Koopa made this thread herself.
Damn that's pathetic.

Josabelle and Veleck seem much more talented.
What's Koopa's appeal again apart from fapbait for neets with mommy issues?

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Koopa is a sweet gal

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It's bait bro, I made this thread and I'm pretty sure I'm not Koopa

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>pleasant voice with good enunciation
>can do other voices pretty well
>good sense of humor and timing
>vast knowledge of weeb culture
>interesting tangents and life stories
>gentle personality
Makes for fun content. She's just likable and charismatic.

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Don't feed him you retards

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>raiding Kongou
Collab was alright but I'm leaving now

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not bad but i liked the gurls collab more/10

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It was nice, but i think koopa needs to speak closer to her mic.

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Many options, Nina is on if you want to decompress for example

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It was alright

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Koopa continues to have great chemistry with almost everybody/10

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>no koopa for 2 days

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She deserves a bit of a break, she's had a great run recently.

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I want to fuck it

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I love this smug hag.

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Some fresh stuff mah troops

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That's really cool, great job anon

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Sbe is streaming tomorrow...

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Troopas how many hours was the Phasmo stream? I watched shortly, then ran some errands and when i came back it was over already. Kwappi is really kind

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Anon you've done a fantastic artwork

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That's amazing!

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Around 2h and 20min

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Damn thats a somewhat short collab. Thanks bro.

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I think Koopa herself posted this as no viewer had access to the original, maybe Josabele, but my bet is that Kwappi herself posted this.

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>someone redrew that image
>even mimicking my shitty handwriting
Aw you can't do this to my heart anons
tfw haven't kept up with koops at all

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Josa posted them all on Twitter

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Who made that

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Koopa love https://youtu.be/m2iKnngyKE8

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>tfw haven't kept up with koops at all
Shame, Anon

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Greedy kuma.

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Yeah, I can see why looking at >>2772633. But I gotta support my own oshi and thankfully the emotional payoff as of recently is about as potent, so it's all good in the end I guess
o7 troopas, keep up the great work

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Who's your oshi, friend? If you don't mind sharing.

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I am putting this here because i think it would be too cringe if i did it in a comment or a tweet.Thank you koopa you are part of the reason i got into gundam, one of the reasons i am lifting now, you have changed my life more than any other content creator so truly thank you.

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Fuck my life I just realized phasmophobia was yesterday I need to do my vod reps I'm not used to twitch and don't use twitter

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This is so sweet. I fucking love this turtle, bros.

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You guys know she's gonna sell you out right? The countdown to her shitting on people from this board keeps ticking.

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it has been: 0 days without koopa schizos

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Don't quote, don't reply, let him rot.

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It happens literary every time, people from 4chan who get famous with any 4chan board as a jumping off point, always end up shitting on the board they came from to fit in. This board is new and it hasn't learned that lesson yet but it will eventually.

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Good. I want my mom to not be poor.

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The newness of the board means nothing considering the lineage of where Kwappi's following comes from, if you weren't a clumsily baiting tourist you'd know that much.

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I have thought she was actually a very successful independent English speaking vtuber, because you /vt/ posters are always talking about her and I didn't check her streams on my own.
Irl, she
>has only 3k subs
>like 800 views on average
>can't make a coquettish voice probably because she gets terribly embarrassed if she does.
>probably older than 25
Why do you do things like this?
I mean, if you're her real fans, why is it
>like 800 views on average
Can't you do anything other than bullying someone in the internet?

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>probably older than 25

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Do hags deserve love too?

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I can't imagine being so brainwashed by corporate vtubers that I'd think 3,000 subs for a homegrown indie is anything other than a success story

>> No.2774884

could you talk about her in detail, I mean as far as you know?
I'm not sure if I can like to watch her streams or read the posts of the threads. I'd like to gather information before taking action.

>> No.2774936

Not that anon, but i thought koopa was just a femanon from /jp/ who wanted to be a vtuber. Is there more than that?

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She's the secret 6th member of HoloEn, hiding somewhere in this board.

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Most of her lasting following (especially here) are the ones who were around on /hlgg/ and /wvt/ on their original boards, so this board has little to do with it, to say nothing of how long those people have been on 4chan in general. There's no point bringing up shit like Nyanners when some of us were around when the pomf video was first posted.

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>ESL Retard tourist gets no (you)s
Good job troopas, keep it up

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She also got other people to become Vtuber like Eira Woolcott the short stack sheep,Arypie the Ayylamo who retweet cow pics and Charlotte the K cup black bear

>> No.2775536

The schizo is obviously Koopa herself.

>> No.2775544

Come to think of it, we never did get phone emotes, did we?

>> No.2775619

She inspired some males to become vtubers too like Carmine, Acrius, Shady, and Arthur. The impact Koopa has had on our localized area of the EN Vtuber scene cannot be understated

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Better sub up and have Koopa crack the whip on her artfags, boi.

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I'm a day-one member, I can't really sub on twitch since I'm already stretched thin right now though.

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>member on YT
>got gift subbed day 1 on Twitch
feels good lads

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Even outside of the localized area like Chisato who follow the Vtubers of here because she came here to show herself off

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>> No.2775844

why is he black

>> No.2775851

I buy that rrat for a dollar.
Kwappi has been more unhinged and menhera the past couple streams.

>> No.2775951

Charlotte is actually black.

>> No.2775958

Subs are dead. The videos barely crack 500 views anymore, Shimada and Nina are mogging her in terms of viewers on twitch and all she does this week is fucking collabs.
Koopa's manager is a fucking idiot if she has one.

>> No.2775969

>Kwappi has been more unhinged and menhera the past couple streams.
Clearly it's because you guys keep having expectations from her and not letting her cancel streams so she can stay in bed all day and eat chocolate and masturbate all day.

>> No.2776026

I see it
Imagine how R O T U N D she must be from all the chocolate

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>> No.2776029

Back to your thread subhumans, you won't be missed

>> No.2776044

She's still getting about 80-90 minimum on collabs, and her views on Twitch aren't bad, but seems like she's stalling for some reason. Is it not enough le reddit shilling, or just the fact that she's dealing with a YT -> Twitch transition?

To be fair, she still hasn't updated her YT with Twitch links, doesn't have it in her Twitter header, and only barely makes herself visible on socials.

>> No.2776065

You're right about the collabs at least. Way too many and they're rarely ever good.

>> No.2776078

Living the life of a 30+ femcel fujo must be really hard
Next week is gonna get canceled for sure so she can catch up to schlicking to bara

>> No.2776107

Koopa has no handle on promotion or organization. What is her manager even doing?

>> No.2776147

>all these posts written in similar style in quick succession
I see you, go back retard

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>her manager

>> No.2776171

Schizo bait hours. You know the drill, don't respond and act like they don't exist.

>> No.2776179

what do your elf eyes see

>> No.2776195

>second collab with that fucking troon
The first one was bad enough, I'm not sticking around for a replay.
Yesterday's collab was carried entirely by Veleck and Josabelle.

>> No.2776199

Bet he's replying to himself as usual

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Being concerned about Koopa's growth is not schizo, but being a retarded ESL is.

>> No.2776265

Some random retard trying to start shit

>> No.2776304

most of these last few posts are schizo nonsense but the dude saying to link her twitch on YT/twitter has a point at least. if she's gonna make the switch then that's fine but she needs to make it obvious to any outsider looking in that stumbles onto her pages, and not just someone actively keeping tabs on her

>> No.2776365

This, otherwise you'd just think it was a dead vtuber channel who only uploads old streams and clips. You have to make people aware.

Also, she forgot to spread that she was posting her outfit reveal on reddit.

>> No.2776385

Yeah that post is fine

>> No.2776392

Honestly I didn't give Koopa a fair chance during her vroid days, but I started watching lately and I'm glad I did, since I found not just her but also all the others on /wvt/. You guys are alright.

>> No.2776402

Her YT seems abandoned now and no link on twitter made me miss the first streams there

>> No.2776437

>anons haven't realized that we are ALL her manager
If Koopa fucked up it's ALL YOUR FAULT for not telling her

>> No.2776444
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That's probably because he's lying. She does have her Twitch linked in a carrd link, which leads to all her other socials.

>> No.2776503

nobody's gonna click on that link retard, that's literally 2x as many clicks as just having a Twitch link, nobody even knows what the fuck a CARRD is

>> No.2776620

The fuck's a CARRD?

>> No.2776632

She deserves this and so much more

>> No.2776663
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>actually though she has both her channel links in the header and posts all her pages with every schedule tweet, so you see both pages every time

>> No.2776676

Don't schizo anti with shimada and nina you ni**er.

>> No.2776705
File: 70 KB, 608x327, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

cancer patient also has all her links in her schedules, though oddly her business email and store in the header, which is weird

>> No.2776730

alright you got me there, but it'd probably be worth including a link to her twitch in her weekly schedule post at least.

>> No.2776751

say nigger you absolute nigger of a faggot

>> No.2776756

thank you all, troopa love

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A site for making shitty landing pages, just like Linktree.

>> No.2776982

The problem is inherently about click through rates, a direct link to Twitter/YT/Twitch is much more reliable than clicking to an unknown site to get to a list of sites.

Lazy people and phone users want 1-click.

>> No.2777116

I never heard about CARRD until right now so how is anybody that isn't social media faggot gonna know?

>> No.2777212

why do you keep capitalizing it like that

>> No.2777351
File: 7 KB, 356x128, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because literally nobody's ever heard of it

>> No.2777806
File: 181 KB, 607x592, 1612653283301.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


You boys know what to do

>> No.2777884
File: 110 KB, 500x279, d8z4jhg-ca8f9000-2203-437f-9fd8-68c051828253.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You live to see it.

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>> No.2778763

>People from here who make it big disown the place so they don't fill it with tourists
Good. They understand the value of gatekeeping, and the potency of a negative reputation as a gatekeeper.

>> No.2778842

So if Troopa's are Koopa's kids, and pinks are Fortuna kids, who is their dad?

>> No.2778916

all me

>> No.2778989


>> No.2779129

Dimitri for troopas, Vergil for pinks. You can tell the difference because pinks lack social skills and a father figure.

>> No.2779317

>or just the fact that she's dealing with a YT -> Twitch transition?
Probably this. The switch was kind of sudden and there isn't much of an indication that it even happened on the Youtube channel itself.

>> No.2779408

>If Koopa fucked up it's ALL YOUR FAULT for not telling her
You're right, let's amend that:

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>> No.2779884

>Social skills

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>> No.2780218

mom says protection your pipi please

>> No.2780231

What the fuck

>> No.2780258


>> No.2780295

So I'm not the only one who gets yelled weird stuff by drunks? When I was like 12 this trio of women in their 30s yelled at me to come over, and when I took off they yelled "WHAT YOU DON'T WANT SOME PUSSY HUH". Never really could look at women the same way afterwards.

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File: 40 KB, 323x389, 1613236941047.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have no idea what I just watched.

>> No.2780413

man I'm watching the VOD for her new outfit right now and I mean, NND medley already makes me nostalgic but hearing her sing along with the jojo parody of it hits on an entirely new level. I hadn't even read all the parts the last time I heard that, holy shit

>> No.2780439

I thought she was going to reproduce Amelia's rant for a moment.

>> No.2780469
File: 31 KB, 633x1147, 1613387370148.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Verified VTuber Veleck
Wait how did she do that?

>> No.2780555

She sucked enough dicks! LOLE

>> No.2780583

Is from her old posts on that subreddit.

>> No.2780613
File: 1.32 MB, 1719x2549, 1612063113827.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Considering it's evil cat I'd suspect it's more likely that she did a lot of CBT.

>> No.2780651

lol she changed it

>> No.2780674

Is this some kind of copypasta I haven't seen before?

>> No.2780687
File: 31 KB, 584x198, Screenshot_2021-04-21_18-42-25.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2780721
File: 962 KB, 171x172, 1483051453016.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

man i had a drink and thought something was wrong with me already

>> No.2780757

Yes. I haven't seen it in ages, mind you.

>> No.2780769

At least she put the one lone piece of constructive criticism to good use. Time to burn the thread.

>> No.2780790

you can probably just pester the mods for it if you really use the site enough for self-promotion that it's worth the hassle

>> No.2780842


>> No.2780846

During the trash days we experimented with reddit promotion posts and got her at the time new vroid model debut to the front page. Mod verified her then.

>> No.2780868
File: 498 KB, 698x698, 1607626805534.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

could it be...SHE'S HERE?

>> No.2780914
File: 1.17 MB, 2928x2184, Poor Little Chuuni.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No, none of them are here, it's all in your head.

>> No.2780943

Newfag here, I want to fuck Koopa.

>> No.2780958

This woman probably doesn't even know what a 4chan is

>> No.2781015


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>> No.2781123

Nah, impossible.

>> No.2781168

what? that's silly talk, anon. don't be silly.

>> No.2781529

Based Kwappi

>> No.2781914
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>> No.2782219


>> No.2782294


>> No.2782428


>> No.2782472


>> No.2782733

without knowing the paste i can really appreciate the live kwappers stroke ON STREAM

>> No.2782827

Bros, I think... I love Koopa!

>> No.2782858

Bro, I KNOW I love Koopa.

>> No.2782898


>> No.2782944

Objective West Indie GORLS ranking:
Koopa = Nina = Rose = Neko = LOVE!

>> No.2782972
File: 23 KB, 500x500, pacha.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2782982
File: 77 KB, 500x570, 1612638586211.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2783025

Objectively the only true answer

>> No.2783058
File: 106 KB, 267x267, 1612060975656.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Koopa has not yet benefited from Twitch hosting? It’s the only advantage it has over youtube, otherwise what’s the point

>> No.2783111

>It’s the only advantage it has over youtube
Well, that and actual fucking reliable service. Youtube streams go down left, right, and center. Oh, and accurate viewer tracking. And global emotes.

Why is every single Friend post fucking retarded? Is it a meme?

>> No.2783147

Nina autohosts already Kwap. Not sure what benefits you are talking about though..

>> No.2783205

>Well, that and actual fucking reliable service. Youtube streams go down left, right, and center.
For me it's the complete opposite. Youtube streams are generally fine, Twitch streams are a crapshoot.

>> No.2783214
File: 218 KB, 666x666, 1599707630179.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Why is every single Friend post fucking retarded

shut fuck the up tardre

>> No.2783222

Twitch has issues viewerside for select viewers. Youtube has issues streamside for ALL viewers. Streams will just fucking go down and leave the whole chat confused.

>> No.2783230

>Nina autohosts already Kwap
When are they getting commonlaw married and adopting (me)

>> No.2783243

Sorry bro, polygamy is illegal and they're both already married to me.

>> No.2783255
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Remember to do your le Reddit reps and shill for Koops, it actually works

>> No.2783356

Some troopas already gifted gold. Nice.

>> No.2787054

>men of the streets
first time I hear that, very classy

>> No.2787718 [SPOILER] 
File: 3.15 MB, 2480x3508, 1619040535744.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey troopas um.. k-koopa love!
I don't even know what I'm doing anymore. But since this one didn't end up as disastrous as I anticipated, might as well share it

>> No.2787793
File: 28 KB, 973x71, 1618908435799.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

are we gonna make it bros?

>> No.2787877

Wew lad

>> No.2787892


>> No.2788025

Damn, Koopa's looking a big gal like the RE8 lady.

>> No.2788275

Are you a NEET with enough time on your hands to deal with making a new characterdesign, finding artists and riggers (or learning it yourself), thinking about what part of yourself you can actually put out there and be entertaining, then doing some networking so that your debut isn't for 1 random person that shows up and so that you have some viewers afterwards and then you also have to do the whole planning thing so that you actually can get some regulars in your chat.

>> No.2789087

I'm gonna be real with you, Anon. Your coloring is good, and it looks like you put real effort into this. I know you tried. But, as an artist, if you intend to make any improvements, your number one priority needs to be to wash the fucking cum out of your brain. That head is half the size it should be, and she has a roid golem gut. Make proper anatomy your first and foremost concept when making sexy art, not how big a pair of titties can you get away with slapping onto a subpar artwork.

Don't become another Raita. Make good art that happens to be sexy. There is nothing sexy about something that looks like it was done by a horny teenager on DeviantArt.

>> No.2789133

It looks like Andre the Giant with tits. Women’s muscles are leaner, unless they’re a serious body builder with messed up hormones

>> No.2789466


>> No.2789584

Can some troopas help me get up to speed on what happened these past few months? Does Koopa not stream on Youtube anymore? seems like it's just an archive and clip channel now. Did CBT happen?
I got burnt out so bad by uni and being sick that I couldn't keep up with anything anymore. Gotta work on my archive reps...
Also congrats on the 3k subs Koopa! Koopa Love!

>> No.2789607

CBT happened and was glorious. Koopa is collabing more with the GORLS. She moved her streams to Twitch and keeps VODs on Youtube. She is cuter than usual.

That should get you about up to speed.

>> No.2789695

she moved to twitch because of copyright fuckery or something like that. Her YT channel is basically just an archive at this point but as a VODfag I'm ok with that
also CBT archives are on its own channel, don't remember the reason why

>> No.2789895
File: 534 KB, 4096x2537, Eq_FHiOWMAIOKyF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kwap moved to Twitch to deal with Youtube issues and tech difficulties (slightly) less. Right now, looks like she's just doing VODs and meme videos on YT.

>> No.2789939

Why hasn't Kwappi cashed this coupon in yet?

>> No.2789967

it will be used for her hololive debut

>> No.2790010

Damn I could never really get into Twitch and I mostly catch her streams during the rare moments I'm not asleep yet at 2am. Guess I'll give Twitch another go and actually pay attention to her schedules. Thanks

>> No.2790047

Damn, our girl is so smart!

>> No.2790186
File: 90 KB, 1229x684, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Twitch is actually not that bad. I think only real downside for me is that I have to keep the schedule in mind, because you can't set up streams in advance - it starts when it starts. But props to Koopa, she actually uses the schedule feature, so it's much easier to keep track of time and timezones.

>> No.2790424

>That head is half the size it should be
To be frankly, I know. It's always a thing, I don't like it, but I just don't know how the hell it happens at this point. I can even just paintover a model and still end up with smaller head in attempts of making face look at least semi-decent.
>she has a roid golem gut
Yeah, totally overdid it, guilty.

I appreciate anon, but I just skipped too much basics needed to make anything actually good, looks like I can't continue anymore without catching it up

>> No.2790885

Koopa's not real.

>> No.2791816


>> No.2791852

I don't want to bum you out, man. Your coloring really is quite good, and you have a vision for the kinds of things you want to produce. Just work on those anatomy reps. Do those pose sketches Ina does. I bet you could be seriously awesome with the right reps put in.

>> No.2793184

>Implying succubi aren't real

>> No.2793208

Succubi aren't real, Koopa is a dream, and owls aren't birds.

>> No.2793221
File: 154 KB, 284x312, 1607897602211.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Succubi aren't real

>> No.2793251

Anon, that's just a cute turtle mommy. She's not a succubus, haha. Go to bed. Don't wear pants.

>> No.2793517

Somebody should inform /succgen/ of our successful summoning methods

>> No.2793760

I would absolutely read a manga about a succubus trying to be a mother to an adopted/orphan character and only getting it right half the time. It'd be whatever that genre is called where it's 80% cartoonishly absurd slice of life comedy and 20% surprisingly sad/genuine character moments.

>> No.2793771

Sounds like iyashikei.

>> No.2793841

Isn't that similar to Pochi's manga?

>> No.2793850

Yes, exactly. Thank you. I'm a little surprised there actually is a word for it.

>> No.2793874

It's my favorite genre. Comfy + occasional bitch tears.

>> No.2793880

Then who keeps throwing rocks at my window?

>> No.2794025

Probably Neko

>> No.2794167

I’m sorry I insulted your ramen yogurt, Neko!

>> No.2794195

There is no forgiveness for your sins, heathen. You WILL eat the ramennaise.

>> No.2794243

Ramen yoghurt I could endure, but ramennaise? I’m ending it before she breaks the door!

>> No.2794384

full image?

>> No.2794385

I stopped watching koopa.
She's too perfect and I can no longer contain my gosling. Deprivation is the only way.

>> No.2794411

Watch my mom. Watch my fucking mom you pizza shit.

>> No.2794643
File: 2.04 MB, 2000x2000, squirtle squad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.2794709
File: 613 KB, 899x715, ErNpZ9jVEAIc1P_.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

stop using tomboy dorks for your father figures!

>> No.2794738

Tomboy dorks make the best dads to your kids together.

>> No.2795258


>> No.2795868

I want to make Koopa cry tears of joy!

>> No.2797125


>> No.2797361

I went back and rewatched the debut stream. She's advanced so far in such a short time but she's still the best unlosing losing turtle mommy.

>> No.2797504

It's absolutely fucking bonkers how far Kwapeloni has come as a streamer. It took so little time for her to get the ropes. She really took to it like a turtle to water. I feel super vindicated having supported her from the start. Never doubted Losing Mom for a second! KOOPA LOVE!

>> No.2798475

Koopa HATE. I'm a Koopa ANTI. I bet Koopa didn't shower today!

>> No.2798560

Koopa took my buttsoul and didn't even say thanks.

>> No.2799407

Does anyone have the audio rendition some anon did of this?

>> No.2800266

Here you go bro:

>> No.2800930


>> No.2805137

I do want to have sexual intercourse with Koopa

>> No.2805246

I know she didn’t, I know she didn’t run that much water in her pipes today

>> No.2805633

Holy shit that's so cute

>> No.2807403

Pretty sure that is the full image

>> No.2808024

Stinky Koopa hands typed this post.

>> No.2809691

Don't call my oshi stinky! I bet Koopa smells very nice with a strong hint of powerful female pheromones cause she's ripe for breeding!

>> No.2811085

I'm NEVER using twitch. Not even for Koopa.

>> No.2811287


>> No.2813963

Don't forget storytime stream tonight.

>> No.2814058

Why does she eat pizza with miso soup?

>> No.2814302

>no longer cat

>> No.2815081

>you will never kidnap koopa and force her to eat an entire bowl of eggs
i dont think i can take it anymore...

>> No.2815105

This but an entire bowl of sour cream

>> No.2815320

This but she kidnapped me and i have to eat her eggs

>> No.2815978

Pick your poison. Youtube which is an absolute shit platform owned by google and which actively makes things more difficult for your oshi. Or Twitch which has alot more options for you to interact with and support your oshi. Both sites are political, both sites are trash. But one has more benefits for your oshi than the other.

>> No.2817164

This but take her out on a mutually agreed upon date and eating a delicious meal alongside her.

>> No.2818912 [DELETED] 

Rose’s twitch channel doesn’t seem to exist. Did she type it wrong in her youtube post?

>> No.2818944

>implying that midget could do anything
If she brings a gun, I’m going to let her shoot me. I don’t want to see what horrors await me

>> No.2818981

it seems to work for me.

>> No.2819042

Don’t know why it didn’t show up when I searched. I followed her twitter linl and I’m apparently already subscribed

>> No.2819083

Cool story bro

>> No.2823121

You can hook twitch into VLC. They get 0 money and information from you and you don't even count as a viewer. In fact, you're negative money since you'd be taking some bandwidth.

>> No.2825236

I just came to here to say that I love the fairytale readings Koopa does.
They really do put me to sleep every time and you just don't get that with other chuubas.

>> No.2825466
File: 42 KB, 175x188, 1608718571592.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>get passed around from channel to channel because of raids
>very often the chuuba mentions Koopa
Just how many sons does this woman have?

>> No.2826060
File: 190 KB, 616x745, EzcjKyGWUAA9xa31.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The image Koopa is too afraid of to give a comment on...

Original by Josabelle

>> No.2826081

Literally 90% of the vtubers in the 4chan-tangentally related sphere is going to know or know of Koopa.

Why do dis?

>> No.2826103

>Why do dis?
Because it had to be done

>> No.2826424
File: 158 KB, 616x745, red.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes, yes, but what if...

>> No.2826444

Brunettes give me the biggest boner.

>> No.2826452

That's not too human tho

>> No.2826558

Sure it is.

>> No.2827886


>> No.2827907

>The non-collab stream is cancelled
>The only stream for the viewers is gone
>Only collabs
>No solo streams

>> No.2827920

Depends on who you ask
It's still good, but it kinda falls out of what I usually do tho

>> No.2828045
File: 21 KB, 525x517, 1597432130630.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2828271


>> No.2828351

My new goal is to make Koopa big enough that she can pay off her health problems

>> No.2828484

I don't like this feeling. I woke up today, looking forward to the stream and now I feel like a kid again that can't play with a friend because they're sick.

>> No.2828590

I feel you, bro.
I'm gonna look for a different streamer that can actually be relied upon.

>> No.2828618

>My new goal is to make Koopa big
she won't be able to avoid health problems if you make her too r*t*nd

>> No.2828776

>implying she isn't already
From the amount of snacking and drinking she does even during streams, she must be R O T U N D as fuck

>> No.2828837


>> No.2829360
File: 673 KB, 1536x2048, 1577674038235.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

FUCK, i was really hype for today stream,

>> No.2831817

>fairytale written by a troopa
Kinda hyped for that. Doesn't matter if it's cringe or kino

>> No.2831859

What about cringekino?

>> No.2831946

It's definitely gonna be that

>> No.2831975


>> No.2832297

Cringe infinitely close to being kino

>> No.2837072

I am going to cum deep inside of Koopa.

>> No.2837096

Only once I've done it first.