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Hololive sites

Nijisanji sites


Full list athttps://pastebin.com/nCGZL1Lp

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Well, I bet there are lots of /sp/bet/fags in this thread, being a horse race thread and everything.
I actually made some small sums before they banned betting sites in this country, taking tips from the /sp/ lads on Russian third division and Iceland youth football

Also: holy shit, catalog is running fast

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>66,433: Subaru (Hololive)
>64,120: Marine (Hololive)
>62,797: Mayuzumi (Nijisanji)
>58,571: Salome (Nijisanji)
>43,202: Salome (Nijisanji)
>39,492: Pekora (Hololive)
>31,571: Ars (Nijisanji)
>28,799: Subaru (Hololive)
>21,988: Ina (Hololive)
>20,406: Shion (Hololive)
>19,326: Korone (Hololive)
>15,695: Uki (Nijisanji)
>15,034: Nerumero (Indie)
>13,910: Fubuki (Hololive)
>13,892: Asumi (VSPO)
>13,598: Kobo (Hololive)
>11,738: Koyori (Hololive)
>11,655: Vox (Nijisanji)
>11,528: Fuwa (Nijisanji)
>11,332: Mysta (Nijisanji)
>11,194: Luca (Nijisanji)
>10,739: Chihiro (Nijisanji)
>10,737: Kanae (Nijisanji)

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1) Miko (Hololive) - 43,044 - Holocure
2) Subaru (Hololive) - 66,433 - Birthday Festival

2x: Hololive

1x: Miko, Subaru

>2022 GOLDS
120x: Hololive
53x: Nijisanji
6x: Neo Porte
2x: Indie
1x: Kizuna AI Inc.

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This thread's got it all. Even trolls and falseflaggers unfortunately, but still the best bang for my buck outside of streams.

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>It'd be weirder if they did not interact with Kson now since she joined the company where the parties interact with often
Did they really interact that often?
Im sure theyre either gonna lessen or ditch the interactions on the male side

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I can feel it, this is the peaceful thread without baits, falseflagging, shitposts or tribalfagging

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The bum bum Cha, I'm salivating just thinking about her thighs and her fluffy bum in a swimsuit.

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Gura x Speed collab doko
But seriously this dude growth is insane

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well that korean vtuber group isegye is more popular right now on twitch, even back with data anon that doing twitch tally. they need to beat that first and tell the other member of vshojo to stream

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kek, the only reason that would happen would be if the catalog was filled top to bottom with bait threa-

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>Twitch will be dominated by ex-holos
Isegye are dominating Twitch

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I'm mostly civil here and just take dumps on other threads, so that this thread can keep civil. I'm doing my part.

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Me too, but there's something I can't stop thinking about. Is CCV better that VOD views?

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>falling for the scotland title meme
kfp is your oshi...

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You are right, I forgot to add "or timeloops"

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CCV is worse since its a black company
VOD actually treats their employees well and supplies them with merch

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Yeah, mostly from new thread spam. Actual discussion only take place in about a dozen threads or so but everyone wants to make that Artia/Rushia/kson thread

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Dumb yes, but she makes fun of italians and the french so i can tolerate it.

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I don't mind that Kson is joining Vshojo, if anything I'm happy for her, but didn't she say she wasn't going to join another corpo after graduation?
I remember a lot of "Kson joining Vshojo" rrats around the time that got silenced because she said it.

Yeah her numbers will stay bad. Kson has 1.2 mil subs and everyone knows she's Coco. Lack of exposure is not the issue.

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>Making fun of italian and french

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Technically this means vshojo get's the record for having the biggest ccv for an vtuber with over 400k viewers. Which mean that the biggest vtuber stream ever no longer belongs to hololive but to vshojo.

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Korone is still streaming

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I respect that about you anon but it's fuckin funny considering this is supposed to be the containment thread

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I'm pretty sure a fan sent it in.
Also she looks the part so if she wanted to she could totally put lady as part of her legal name and get all kinds of benefits like more attentive customer service

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Is KSon blacklisted by Nijisanji? In her year as an indie she's collabed with VOMS and some other companies but has she done anything with any Nijis?

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Yeah. At the moment, the only thing VShojo beats is indies, and barely.

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>makes fun of the french
But why? I thought the french and germans were best friends?

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it's a fucking insane day on the catalog, i havent had this much fun in a while. have collected maybe 100 or more (you)s today and a few threads that might hit bump limit

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Yes she did say that, but her fanbase is so fucking zealous and hive minded that if you point out things she has personally said they will still accuse you of being a chink.

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This place never was a containment thread, and the idea of a containment thread is retarded to begin with. There is only one containment anything on this site and that's /mlp/

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No? Different channel.

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unless vshojo bought the rights to coco then no

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Coco still belongs to Hololive, just sating

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>but didn't she say she wasn't going to join another corpo after graduation?
No one stays indie forever.

>> No.27338594

if anything her numbers, after initial debut buff, might take a hit since some might see it as her going against what she previously said

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Ironmouse is the link between nijien and the popular flesh streamers on twitch for collabs. So it's going to look weird once kson gets invited to these collabs and the nijiens dont acknowledge her.

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>replying earnestly to bait
Anon the catalogue might be a better fit for you right now

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This whole board is a containment board. Go post vtubers anywhere else and see how people react.

>> No.27338661

More importantly kson is blacklisted by Infection. She's dead on arrival

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Still not a containment board

>> No.27338744

Funny you say that, I saw a Selen image on /g/ the other day

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Decided to check how Still Still Stellar was doing. After 37 consecutive weeks on the Download Albums chart, it finally fell off the previous week. It's back again this week at 77th. I think that's now the record for vtuber album longevity on digital sales.

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I can think of one. Shoto is mogging the Luxiem boys and he's going to stay indie. He has no corpo to join thst let's him keep his character like Suisei did.

I'll be very surprised if Mike joins Vshojo because that girl should be radioactive to corpos after breaking her NDA.

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>he thinks containment boards are real
kek if only that were true

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Because in a way, vtubers also work as reaction images. And since normalfags don't care about source, it also seeps back to this hellhole, because it looks like "generic anime reaction image".

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We're gonna win over /v/ some day

>> No.27338854

I saw fauner on /biz/. no one cares about a random image

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It was gifted for to her so she didn't pay shit.

>> No.27338895

hololive gets threads on /v/ regularly and i see a few argies using watame and pekora on /sp/.

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>radioactive to corpos
That's the thing. VShojo likes (liked?) to think of itself as an agency, not a corpo. Yes, they're THAT retarded.

>> No.27338945

do you think mito will graduate from niji next? she's already going through a menhera hiatus, so it's possible.

>> No.27338976

What if Shoto joins Vshojo as part of a male wave? The only option that would let him keep his model.

>> No.27338986

Which thread? this one?

>> No.27339006

>Go post vtubers anywhere else and see how people react.
FUCKING KEK, I know at least two big threads (as in some of the largest recurring threads in the whole site) where Holo girls are not only posted often but also part of the thread culture

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Vshoujo has an active sex worker on their roster. I don't think that have that high of standards.

>> No.27339093

ive posted vtuber reaction images in /a/ /co/ /pw/ /sp/ /pol/ /tv/ /trv/ /g/ /o/ /m/ /ck/ /toy/ /v and all its sister boards/ /s4s/ /mlp/ /b/ /soc/ /h/ /d/ /sci/ /fit/ /mu/ and got no reaction
funnily enough the only negative reaction was from /po/ and got deleted by the janny

>> No.27339094

/e7g/ also shitposts a lot with vtubers

>> No.27339106

So knockoff holos then? I do wonder though if Isegye will ever be a threat to usurp Hololive from its throne.

>> No.27339145

It'll probably be Vshounen if anything lol, but I doubt it. He doesn't have much to gain because a huge portion of his fan base is chinks. He also doesn't seem to have much aspirations beyond being a streamer and selling basic merch.

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If Yuzawa/Yasukura/Kaoming drew a Vtuber, I would nut to them

>> No.27339155

I’m not surprised honestly, it’s a good album, Suzy did really well on that one.

>> No.27339173

>reading previous
Who are these ultra newfags that don't know how the ELITE STRIKE FORCE OF /hlg/ operates? They smell newer than new car smell. It's like playing Gran Turismo, but the tracks are threads.

>> No.27339174

it was from a numbers complaint thread in the catalog before the kson storm

>> No.27339205

They suffer from the same handicap as Niji: lack of reach outside their local market

>> No.27339255

They need to have the rights for the actual Coco persona in order for that to count.

>> No.27339299

Anyone got the link of the latest clip tally ?

>> No.27339313

It was a good album from what ive heard so its not surprising

>> No.27339378

People use chuuba images on /k/ anon, there is no containment. Granted it’s slso /k/ and I know there’s a decent crossover.

>> No.27339473

>He doesn't have much to gain
Not if VShojo comes at him with a large sum of money

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>> No.27339535

Will she stream exclusively on twitch or stay on her current youtube deal ?
Reminder that twitch deals are starting to be worse than ever and the entire website is becoming a giant adfest in the middle of streams

>> No.27339545

>if Isegye will ever be a threat to usurp Hololive from its throne
They would need to create some international branches for us to know the answer

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The highlight of the day for me was this pic of Marine doing the "flyby of dominance" over Salome

The fact she did that on a ship is one of the greatest miracles of modern times!

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>> No.27339648

She might stream half on yt and half on twitch from now on since that key one only has a twitch channel

>> No.27339657

There was VTuber talk on /k/, and that's about as far as you can get from weebs. The boomers there are confused.

>> No.27339681

Over/under if Kson gets to collab with a holo now?
Everyone knows who she is already and the only people that will be actually bothered are chinks who don't watch Holos.
I don't see any real downside to it other than "muh immersion", but Mori already streams on her roommate with facecam.

Should be good numbers because it's the "return of youknowwho".

>> No.27339692

It's not even just that. They need a perfect storm of shit to happen to even be in Nijisanji's (as a whole) rear view mirror, much less Hololive's. People forget that Holo wasn't even the 2nd biggest vtuber group in Japan in 2019-2020, .Live was. And if COVID never happened and all those lucky breaks never came, Nijisanji probably remains #1 and neither EN branches would exist.

>> No.27339777

What do you think Kson and Michael's contract is like?

They don't really get much from being in VShoujo, while company stands to gain a lot.

Do you think their contract are a lot more favourable to talent compared to Niji and Cover?

If that's the case, would it change the industry now that those kinda contracts are in Japan?

>> No.27339808

they might be a few years from now but right now? no
the only real actual threat holo has if some actual big media company like disney would go all in on vtubers

>> No.27339825

The problem is not kson, but the other one. They're still in legal hot waters. It would be very weird if they acted like nothing happened.

>> No.27339831

>Do you think their contract are a lot more favourable to talent compared to Niji and Cover?

>> No.27339870

Under. The members that care about kson can just meet up with her anyways. There's nothing to gain from either side besides rrats and shitposts to collab as their vtuber persona.

>> No.27339878

the problem isnt kson the problem is miguel el cato if thats really her

>> No.27339893

>the only real actual threat holo has if some actual big media company like disney would go all in on vtubers
And dont fuck it up like Sony

>> No.27339900

based Conquistadora Marina

>> No.27339958

>and the only people that will be actually bothered are chinks who don't watch Holos
Aren't they already self-immolating over kson joining VShojo?

>> No.27339967

I doubt they will collab with her on their hololive account just as they don't do it when she was independent, maybe haachama will do it, but she is retarded and a fucking nuisance for those who enjoy kayfabe.

>> No.27339970

>Do you think their contract are a lot more favourable to talent compared to Niji and Cover?
Im guessing yeah its more favorable
Sony never actually went all in on vtubing theyre just pussyfooting from the looks of it

>> No.27339999

they probably gave them a part of that $11million investment

>> No.27340005

>far as you can get from weebs
Holy newfag. /k/ommandos would fuck their favorite gun/tank/plane/ship/etc in 2D form if they could

>> No.27340008

After seeing Sony, I'm not worried. Starting a vtuber agency is fucking hard and requires more luck than money.

>> No.27340015

Depends. Assuming Mikecat isn't the knockoff Kanata, I'll give it a 50/50 chance mainly because Cover probably wouldn't want to deal with all the chink BS and I'm sure some of the management may have some hard feelings of her joining another company but if it can make enogh dollars then it makes sense. Now if Mikecat really is in VShoujo now, then there's 0% chance of that happening

>> No.27340033

Michael didn't really collab much and basically never made orisongs, but she's a menhera who can't do adult stuff like designing, producing and delivering merch so she needed an agency who left her pretty much alone but dealt with the behind the screens kind of things. In that sense Vshojo makes sense.

>> No.27340046

i wonder if the chink bot spam will be lesser on fbk now that kson has joined vshojo

>> No.27340048

Speaking about kson alone
>They don't really get much from being in VShoujo, while company stands to gain a lot.
If kson signed without a "signing bonus" (of at least 500k) she's an idiot and got fleeced a second time after getting fleeced on merch

>Do you think their contract are a lot more favourable to talent compared to Niji and Cover?
Yes, but by virtue of being who she is.

>If that's the case, would it change the industry now that those kinda contracts are in Japan?
Zero. Nijisanji have 100+ streamers. Hololive has 50+. All of those are in a better position right now than if they were signed to the exact conditions kson likely took.

Even Aki. Even Mel. All of them

>> No.27340068

Sony should just quit, it's embarrassing seeing what little effort they put in it.

>> No.27340108

You're assuming Vshojo has any real fan base in China. One CN clip channel shutting themselves down over the signing doesn't mean much.

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File: 47 KB, 221x243, 137.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i just woke up, what the fuck did i miss in the last 9 hours

>> No.27340153

I don't mean anything negative by this, but I don't see hololive needing to offer kson level contracts to the 2views they save.

>> No.27340182

People don't trust big companies for shit like this, I find.

>> No.27340195

The only things that they get is a unified corporate structure that can handle legalese and financing of merchandise. Everything else is likely more or less how they were before going from indie to corpo. I guess It depends on how they view their creative freedom vs corporate interests.

>> No.27340208

Do they have commercial partners there? There aren't a lot of companies that can have access to their cheap suppliers and eager sponsors and live to tell the story

>> No.27340212

Kson sold out to vshojo despite what her fanbase has coped about ever since the ass reveal.

>> No.27340233

kson joining vshojo
miguel might also be in it
niji had a graduation announcement
holo both at ax was overcrowded and set off some sort of fire hazard

>> No.27340255

Go back to sleep

>> No.27340259

I fucking hope so, they can bother VShojo for all I care, well not Mousey, bless her frail body.

>> No.27340265

Both top superchatted people on the planet just joined VShojo.

>> No.27340287

>set off some sort of fire hazard
I didn't even hear about this, kek

>> No.27340307

On paper Vshojo sounds like the best possible agency but how good it actually is?

>> No.27340319
File: 227 KB, 1600x2048, FWojF4cWQAAuE-l.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Inass 10k

>> No.27340340

you forget that disney can legitimately bring in numbers especially in japan
yeah from the looks of it the verse talents arent gonna re sign their contracts

>> No.27340373

The holobox can sustain almost anyone as long as they stream and vaguely know the stupid in joke meta to bait clippers. It's literally a golden ticket and Koyori is Charlie.

>> No.27340415

best for what?

>> No.27340421

Hmmm I'm kinda wanting some pocky now but all I have are bread sticks

>> No.27340429

I was referring to the topic itself on this particular website. I don't think there's any board that has zero weebs whatsoever... or even minimally enough to get people acting too uppity over anime anything... not even /co/.

>> No.27340432

in theory if you are la creatividad theyre the best agency for you since you wont have to deal with red tape and you get some support as opposed to being an indie

>> No.27340451

NTA but the issue isn't alienating chink fans but what the chink antis might do. They're retarded enough that I wouldn't put it past them to try and spam VShoujo's twitch and twitter pages although twitch has better tools when it comes to handling spam. Worst case scenario would be if they start messing with stuff like sponsorships and permissions and after the Nux debacle I'm not confident that VS management can handle a full on chink attack.

>> No.27340452

Their management has no fucking idea what its doing, the girls form twitter brigades when they feel like it and create yabs at will. The upside is there is no old japanese man to tell you no, the downside is there is no old japanese man to tell you no or even do basic social media tard wrangling.

>> No.27340462

sex with Suntory Nomu

>> No.27340621

a lot of jp general are fighting for their lives right now, any report on those who died?

>> No.27340690
File: 2 KB, 124x124, 3212121213.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I honestly think they might since i recall during the chinkout their mission was to make the talents graduate since they think that corpo=making it
Thats one of the reasons why they never spammed kson that much and why they still spam fubuki to this day
The moment they hear kson/coco is in a corpo i bet theyre gonna rev up those spam and harassment bots especially and doubly so since vshojo is a american company

>> No.27340706

On paper vshojo + a magic 8 ball for each talent could be powerful

>> No.27340735
File: 1.19 MB, 1000x1414, f0b6302472a1c1cd60d6a4918dbaa404.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

June superchats
>>27236137 :: Hololive
>>27236180 :: Nijisanji
>>27236227 :: Indie/Other

>>27226940 :: NijiEN girls

>> No.27340753

im giving the choco and matsuri ones a friendly bumb along with 2324

>> No.27340758

This is the start of the Vshojo era. I can feel it. They'll be bigger than nijisanji in 6 months.

>> No.27340805

They would have to hire some more 30 girls

>> No.27340823

I kinda hope that Kson will help draw some of Fubuki's shitter towards her with her newfound corpo status.

>> No.27340831

Unless they gave managing power to someone after that nux fiasco similar behavior over an actual yab and not some stupid e-celeb infighting could end the company easily or at least any sponsors it receives.

>> No.27340857
File: 444 KB, 550x700, nyan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the girls form twitter brigades when they feel like it and create yabs at wil
That brings up a good point
How will they separate/filter Vshojoen and Vshojojp? cause lolis and shotas are not gonna fly well on the en side and their twitter brigade

>> No.27340856

kson alone is worth 50 niji livers. i'm sure they'll be fine.

>> No.27340864

Maybe bigger than Nijisanji EN at most.

>> No.27340867

Theoretically their the best if you want to feel like your still an indie. Their still a fledgeling company that has overall a lot of growing to still do. Theirs no managers/advisors to tard wrangle, despite the freedom the current members don't really do much unique things unless you count sex work being one of the unique selling points, and one of the more egregious issues is that every company related issue that Vshojo has encountered (the Nux drama and Data breach) has done nothing but paint them as incompetent and unprofessional business wise.

>> No.27340872

Only NijiEN

>> No.27340929

Yeah it is pretty interesting Mike will debut with a sexy loli model and certainly play it up I guess they'll just bite their tongue after all the virtue signalling is performative and has no bearing on morality or reality.

>> No.27340932

It's weird that the board is faster now than it was when the announcement was made. I guess some threads that died were behaving as containment.

>> No.27340940

they lack unity
they lack tard-wrangling
they lack stream monsters
they lack variety
they lack an enthusiastic fandom

>> No.27340939
File: 169 KB, 537x565, 797815641.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i cant read bug so idk if what the lad is saying is true

>> No.27340941

I doubt theyll be bigger than nijisanji since they havent defeated isegye yet
In a year however that may be the case especially if they find good talent

>> No.27340951

>>27340864 >>27340872
nijiEN is one of the bigger groups out there. 20 total members and they make more money than any of the other corpos.

>> No.27341000

It is probably the best if you are an indie, but much of what people see in terms of freedom and yabs are because they are so inept that they can't claim to be a larger corpo even if they wished to be.

>> No.27341007

it's all true
source: me

>> No.27341033
File: 274 KB, 608x608, 1605340625846.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>vshojo runs auditions for a year already
>no fruit
>hololive spills some scraps on the ground
>immediately hired after ksons 1 year non-compete clause is up

>> No.27341086

Their also slaves to the "the Twitch META" meaning 80% of their content is just reacting to videos. Twitch Vtubing is a goddamn creativity blackhole.

>> No.27341096

I can say with 100% certainty that Myth alone makes more than both NijiEN and Vshojo combined.

>> No.27341119

I seriously doubt it. Even if you include Mikecat and Coco to their curent roster, Isegye would still wipe the floor with them.

>> No.27341136

As much as i dont like nijien especially with that politics bullshit they are still the 2nd biggest group out there although it would be interesting to see if it will affect them since they have the same target audience which is the anti-idol crowd

>> No.27341182

vox's SC earnings are more than all of myth combined. this isn't even bringing the rest of luxiem into the equation.

>> No.27341221

>SC earnings
Anon, please.

>> No.27341228

If you count the concert buy and merch packages which instantly sell out this is pretty certain not to mention raw sub numbers. WIthout merch vshojo might compete in the one month mouse got oil baroned but not really.

>> No.27341232


>> No.27341264


Ok zhang

>> No.27341282

well veiwhore can kinda compete with them (yes all 5 times she streams in the month) but vshojos weakest is much much worse than isegye's weakest

>> No.27341326

Old man, this thread stopped caring about SC numbers anymore.

>> No.27341357

Vshojo is the best option if you are a top indie and want to stay like that with something to back you up in exchange for a cut of your earnings, I would compare it with being part of those Youtube networks like Machinima

>> No.27341383

SC is peanuts compared to merch

>> No.27341388

How likely would this be?
>Kson/mknk starts streaming on twitch
>does perms lazily or not at all
>chinks/JunGang spam reports to the rightholders since they're still JP
>They issue DMCA/takedown to twitch, upsetting the twitch perms grey area, like the MasterChef/anime meta earlier this year
>/vt/ talks about it, some joins their efforts or at least claims to
>Big names on twitch affected by crossfire, blames Vtuber and their toxic fans, citing /vt/ discussions
>raids/shitposting galore on /vt/ for months

>> No.27341389

Why did it suddenly sounded more horrible.

>> No.27341414

I would not bet on it

>> No.27341422

>Nijisanji EN
they are carring the lerge tail of shitter right now

>> No.27341462


>> No.27341467

>I would compare it with being part of those Youtube networks like Machinima
I personally wouldn't make that comparison if i wanted to put them in a good light, but on the other hand, it's going to be interesting to see what actually quitting VShojo one day will entail for the one who does.

>> No.27341474

vox has a nendo on the way

>> No.27341485
File: 127 KB, 796x861, laughing abe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>chinks/JunGang spam reports to the rightholders since they're still JP
The JunsGang would NEVER be *THAT* evil for the lulz
>would they?
Time will tell

>> No.27341487

Yagoo the man himself had already answered this regarding revenue.

>> No.27341496

Merch and sponsorhips are a thing anon. And not just cheap ones either. Gura literally just made an appearance in Bamco's stream for taikou. And CRExpo more than likely paid a prett penny to have Hololive there. This doesnt even include Bae's current sponsorship and all the merch that got sold in AnimeExpo. Ever since the merch leak most of the people here now realize that mechandising is where the big bucks is. Probably another reason why Kson joined a corpo again so that she can gain access to a stable merch pipeline

>> No.27341505

Because it is? Those kinds of groups were only ever useful for monetization and nothing else. They had no manner of standards or quality control.

But this is indies that still want to operate like indies that we're talking about, so it might work out for them.

>> No.27341511

unlikely since if youve been following twitch theyre more or less immune to dmca now since theyve updated their schtick

>> No.27341539

Wouldn't even be mad, anything that crushes react shitters is a big upside to me.

>> No.27341544

How many people outside of this thread hear of fucking isegay. None vshojo is an household name at this point. An reminder vshojo actually has idol outfits and even performed with kizuna ai nothing holo en can brag about. Vshojo ironmouse is an top twitch streamer. Don't forget three vshojo members were nominated for vtuber of the year and 0 zero hololive. Vshojo also has two members that has nendroids being produced while hololive only has gura and they were giving them out for free at anime expo. While nijisanji en has one. Vshojo has two. Vshojo also got nice donation of 11 million dollars to their company how much does hololive en or nijisanji en get's nothing. They can't even help their talents perform an 3D live while vshojo put on an show with the best of best at VILLS.

Check this shit out this is out this what 3D performance is. Vshojo can do this yet the great hololive can't cope holofags.

>> No.27341595

I kinda meant what Machinima used to be when people started earning money from uploading videos, not the shitshow that became later, but being an ESL and having to do long explanations usually don't go well together

>> No.27341606

It would be hilarious if VShojo and their blatant disregard for everything are the ones who would draw the ire of the japanese copyright devils to twitch.

>> No.27341637

Cool, hope somebody buys it.

>> No.27341638

Holy ESL

>> No.27341640


anon this thread is for people who are actually popular

>> No.27341663

it's true but he doesn't do it cuz he hate kson but fear to be aimed by wolf warriors

>> No.27341685

>using Mori's retardation as excuse
kindly, kys

>> No.27341728

kek, Ironmouse can walk upright? Also
> did they record this on BeatSaber?

>> No.27341729

I think we see your point despite an ESL'ism, but we also see what that could lead to.

>> No.27341757

nobody is best friends with the french

>> No.27341776

Ok but this is comparing not just Voxs supas to Myth. This is comparing all of luxiem and Noctyxs and all ten NijiEN girls AND Vshojo. Ironmouses was the most subscribed streamer on twitch. More than asmongold. More than Qxc. More than whatever spicstreamer that gets 100k CCV. Ironmouses had 172k subs. That is 172k members. Veibei and Nyanners also gets a ton of subs and merch.
If you are just comparing Myth to Luxiem then yeah Luxiem blows Myth out of the water in SC but Myth probably makes more when all things are considered like memberships and ad rev and merch.
But Luxiem + Vshojo + the rest?
No fucking way

>> No.27341784

Someone already did that if i recalled, I think it was for metal gear solid and konami tried to take action but for some reason it never went anywhere probably because of what this anon >>27341511 mentioned

>> No.27341803


Pekora made $1.1M within a month with her merch

Superchat 100% - 30% YT = 70%
Riku cut 50%

20% to vtuber

>> No.27341810

VShojo won one twitch gold and it was thanks to Mori

>> No.27341819

man, i went to bed right after marine's stream yesterday and got on to the board now, what in the actual fuck

>> No.27341828

>it's true but he doesn't do it cuz he hate kson but fear to be aimed by wolf warriors
Same difference, no?

>I kinda meant what Machinima used to be when people started earning money from uploading videos
The only reason Machinima was needed was because there was no "monetization" and the only way was being affiliated with a Youtube hand picked MCN
That died with youtube opened their monetization for any channel above a certain threshold, which is the present day reality

>> No.27341833

Rushia confirmed

>> No.27341834

How much do Vshojo members earn anyway? I once saw a post about a Vshojo member hitting a big twitch sub number milestone or some shit.

>> No.27341849

>Don't forget three vshojo members were nominated for vtuber of the year and 0 zero hololive
I tried to give it a read but you already lost me by this point.

>> No.27341866

Anon even nijien has more views and better tech than that kek
I never thought id see the day that id be using nijien as the standard

>> No.27341873

>they were giving them out for free at anime expo
>A sticker is now equal to an actual nendo

>> No.27341871

lmao. she's a ticking time bomb.

>> No.27341877

It's good for freedom but a company without tard wrangler is a time bomb with miguel gato.
If it was just about merch outside of Japan she could collab with any big website like uwumarket unless we overestimate her popularity overseas. Otherwise it's nothing better than being a indie who gravitate around vshojo like Snuffy,Haruka and others

>> No.27341933 [DELETED] 


Apparently this convinced the Rushia thread.

>> No.27341937


>> No.27341953

I still believe it. The Omocat collab alone probably made more than all of NijiEN combined

>> No.27341971

I think that was Ironmouse when she spent a literal month begging for people to gift subs

>> No.27341979

why, it's a fucking kaomoji, a shit ton of chuubas do them

>> No.27341996

Everyone going "muh muh merch" dont realize how fucking insane chinese yumejos are. They post pictures with like 700x of ever bullshit merch that their oshi Sells.
While the average Gura fan is 9 and can't afford membership
Vox easily makes as much as the average in merch alone

>> No.27342009

i don't think you are quite grasping the difference in scale between holoen and the others, they are in a different universe

>> No.27342011

i dont get it

>> No.27342026

What, there were people that still doubted it?

>> No.27342029

It's ironic as fuck how just a few days ago tsuna being on vspo brought a lot of shitpost and criticism on nijisanji.. only for a few days later coco and rushia come to vshojo.
I think its time to change the mind that this will become more common

>> No.27342046

>11k and 53k vod views
Yikes! A Single Gura karaoke results in way better numbers than that!

>> No.27342052

>overestimate her popularity overseas
Those fucks had collaborated with 2views before
Kson is unironically more popular than most "trendy" western chuubas

>> No.27342067

Can you tell us how much he makes in merch?

>> No.27342083

>That is 172k members
Wait is this true? And are the memberships like youtube memberships?
Because I dont think Myth combined has 172k membership, so this can't be true

>> No.27342116

There is a reason all of Myth got Nendos+Figmas+Pop up Parade while only Vox got one in NijiEN

>> No.27342152

I actually kind of believe that Myth does earn more than NijiEN and VShojo combined.

>> No.27342163

It's true, but Twitch viewers always gift subs instead of donating (superchatting)

>> No.27342166

I have no doubt Vox and Luxiem do great in Merch. I also have no doubt that the much bigger and more popular vtubers do better. It's how it it. Get it out of your small dog skull that Vox is anywhere close to Gura.

>> No.27342204

>the chinese buying original merch instead of just buying cheap knockoffs.
>Can literally print a picture of little box and stick it into a keychain and no one would know the difference

>> No.27342248

it was. she only got that during her subathon and they quickly tanked bacl to normal after it ended

>> No.27342256

Mostly gifted subs from the subaton. Dunno how many renewed theirs after that month.

>> No.27342261

it was a fucking subathon that happened for a month on a website that not only gives you a free sub to use if you have amazon prime, sub gifting has been a thing for years, every time you see someone claim that, it's bullshit

>> No.27342262

Anyone saved that figure site where Moris nendo had like 10 times Voxs preorders From the thread yesterday?

>> No.27342269
File: 59 KB, 729x161, 1656322995781.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27342278

What's Kson's fanbase name?

>> No.27342322

This actually makes me wonder, with how nijisanji has downgraded their quality like fuck this last year, wouldn't it be even easier to create and sell knock-off merch now?

>> No.27342335

Sad fucks who watched their oshi die twice

>> No.27342349

imagine if gura streamed 24/7 for more than a month begging people to membership gift, that's why that exists

>> No.27342353

kek I like how Mayuzumi announced his graduation today only for Vshojo to announce coco and rushia, so shitposts now have to be divided a lot

>> No.27342357

Anon, that is an underperformance for Pomu, she gets better numbers than that on MGS since before raids were a thing

>> No.27342360

No it does not cope and seeth holobrony This is her hype up birthday live. The numbers not even 10k views

>> No.27342374

how much raids they have?

>> No.27342375

luna niji to holo
coco holo to vshojo
so vshojo > holo black company > niji black company

>> No.27342400


>> No.27342440

Nobody really cares about Mayuzumi in this board for the most part

>> No.27342450

God damn it Mr Koro, it's already been 9 hours and I can't keep up anymore, I can feel my eye bags enlargen.

>> No.27342455

But fish!

>> No.27342469

tell me thats just starting right? cause dont doesnt look like a regular pomu ccv for mgs since its lower than what its supposed to

>> No.27342480

Perplexing and even baffling post.

>> No.27342484

>the kiara anti clipper
yeah everyone is gonna watch him

>> No.27342489

>they are in a different universe
Why? You say that but only Gura is some crazy outlier in reality. Does Kiara get way more viewers than Vox or Mysta? No. Does Ame get way more viewers than Ironmouse? No
And that youtube bug a few months ago had Mysta's and Lucas membership streams having the same or more members than Ina and Kiara.
And Ironmouse having insanely more members than every single Myth. I just dont realize what ground there is for this?

>> No.27342494

Who Finana collabin with

>> No.27342507

i only found out it was 3d a day after it happened

>> No.27342564

how many raids/Zs?

>> No.27342579

I mean, to be fair they’re different scenarios. Both of them didn’t jump off for greener pastures, Tsuna clearly did. I do agree it’s going to be more commonplace though.

>> No.27342637

>Kami clips

>> No.27342687
File: 320 KB, 830x489, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27342694

>Tsuna clearly did
she left niji because she had to finish university and she had no time for streaming. kanae probably did her a solid and recommended her to vspo for after her university graduation.

>> No.27342703

true, but if this vshojo announcement didnt come, most of the time would have baits about nijisanji instead

>> No.27342704

Eigo Jouzu!

>> No.27342748

>>27342450 (me)
Still feels like home.

>> No.27342757


>Do you smell that?
>Smells like nijicope

>> No.27342760

COPE HOLOFAGS This one is from the most popular holovlipper sushi.
Vshojo are more real idols then hololive.

>> No.27342778
File: 922 KB, 1478x490, nigger.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27342784
File: 393 KB, 828x1267, 1C2E42C2-3A90-4A3F-8158-FDE00C0058E4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27342797

>And Ironmouse having insanely more members than every single Myth
Look retardo. She only had a lot of members for a very brief period of time when she was literally begging for them. She then immediately lost them because she didn't actually have lots of members, she had a billion gifted subs that were just glorified superchats. Did she make a lot of money? Yuuuuuuuuup. Did these guys stick around and are now permanent monthly members? Nope.

>> No.27342817

>Vshojo are more real idols then hololive.
come on man, if you're gonna roleplay you have to sound believable, not even vwhorefags would say shit like this

>> No.27342820

Can anyone repost that graph of nyanners numbers (supposedly?) declining since the boyfriend reveal?

>> No.27342862

it reminds me of wwe

>> No.27342879


Real 2 views lol

>> No.27342922
File: 62 KB, 194x192, 1656431443778.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's no way you just used Kami clips as your example bro

>> No.27342968

That depends. The reason why the Tsuna thing was bad for Niji was because it highlighted how much better she was with VSPO the same way Luna was better off with Hololive. If Kson doesn't really do anything for VShoujo like bringing in a new audience or more sponsorships (i'm not even going to think about the chinks shit), then she'll basically be living proof for the Holo girls that leaving for a different place is a bad idea. If she does succeed however then I can easily see this shit evolving into something like the NBA offseason in the future complete with fuckery out the ass.

>> No.27343016
File: 732 KB, 1213x409, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Literally what's wrong with your brain? You have the actual Gura VOD available with 1.1 million views.

Even fucking japanese clips of that stream are pulling more.

>> No.27343051

>kanae probably did her a solid and recommended her to vspo
Where did this retarded rrat come from
She always has been friendly with pretty much all of the VSPO roster and I don't to elaborate on the FPS part

>> No.27343055


4 months 37K ......

>> No.27343072

kson and who else?

>> No.27343077
File: 370 KB, 970x876, 1656623059172.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ina and Mumei have higher medians also

>> No.27343116

Predictions for IRyS' HoloCure? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tjEJqh_Jbg
Keep in mind that she'll be competing with Mumei's karaoke.

>> No.27343123


>> No.27343145
File: 252 KB, 739x260, korea.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27343153
File: 1.67 MB, 1125x1028, whiterys.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

think she'll bleach herself again?

>> No.27343151

Why does this thread not think Vox makes money in merch? He has been one of the top SC getters in all of vtubing since he started? Was Coco and Rushia and Chloe notoriously bad with merch or why would his viewers that are obviously willing to spend on him, not be willing to spend on merch?
All the other good SC getters like Lamy, Nene and Watame gets great merch sales right? Is there anything that indicated that this isnt the case for the NijiEN males?

>> No.27343177

Time will wash away all those pesky little details and leave only her achievement. Her and vshojo's shamelessness works, if nothing else.

>> No.27343208

ah its the why are you being mean to nijien guy again

>> No.27343227

>Why does this thread not think Vox makes money in merch?
He does but you would be an idiot if you think that he outsells gura on merch sales

>> No.27343271

>competing with Mumei's karaoke
10k is she's lucky

>> No.27343283

meant for

>> No.27343292

yeah he started shift around 7 hours ago dont know which part of the world thats primetime though

>> No.27343299

Who said he doesn't make money? People get sick of Vox shit because people keep using him for bait. No one watches him, no one really cares about him, we'd barely talk about him if not for the constant baits.

>> No.27343305

Mainly because his main audience are chinks. Right or wrong, there's always been this weird belief that chinks are cheap as fuck. To be fair, the chinks that I've dealt with were cheap as fuck too but I'd rather not put everyone in one umbrella.

>> No.27343316

So in other news, I was gifted a membership to Ame's channel from her free chat without being on it, without being subscribed, without ever chatting and the only three streams I've seen from her in the last month are Myth's offcollab, Kiara and Ame's offcollab and Valorant's collab with Kobo and Iroha
Does this mean that what Fauna said the other day is false, does she have so many members that even without being a usual viewer I was one of the most active grays or that Youtube's system is literally random?

>> No.27343317

? This whole discussion is about it Myth makes more than Luxiem and Noctyxs and Lazulight and Ethyria and Obsydia and Vshojo combined. It doesnt have anything to do at all with council

>> No.27343318

Because Vox doesn't have much merch? He only has those copy-paste birthday merch and an Acrylic stand atm.

>> No.27343339

Does Kson and Rushia joining Vshojo means that indies have no future? As even established big indies with loyal fanbase seek jobs inside corpos?

Number wise it seems dumb, unless special contract is offered similar to twitch partnership.

Why kson cant move to twitch and leverage a good contract from them?

>> No.27343370

he has a nendo on the way, which is unheard of for someone that has only been around for 6 months.

>> No.27343378

That sounds impossible

>> No.27343383

12k and im being generous
its random i was gifted finanas membership when she was streaming on her bday even though it was the first time if been to her stream or said something in chat

>> No.27343395

"Makes money on merch" isn't what we're talking about here. No one doubts this, in fact hell, I don't even doubt he's one of the big merch pullers of Nijisanji in general. Just that Myth pulls more that Luxiem ,and pound for pound each Myth member beats their Luxiem equivalent pretty easily. Is it possible Vox beats Kiara? Probably. He's not taking on Gura though. Can Mysta beat Ame? Sure, but not Mori. etc

>> No.27343400

guys is there niji bili follower ranking?

>> No.27343403
File: 1.20 MB, 1080x3616, 1656800852079.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mike rigger puts the nail in the coffin. The mad lad.

>> No.27343407

Ah okay so are you taking into account profits Mori's profits from her music? After all she recently bought house in the US.

>> No.27343462

dang i feel bad for the fandeads now

>> No.27343477


Mori concert ticket 3,000 seat

>sold out

not included merch + online tickets


>> No.27343488

Well, that will feed schizos

>> No.27343514

Fauna's just guessing as to how it works the same as anyone else. Bit of copium on her part.

>> No.27343523

I can't wait until bootleg kanata has a meltdown in a couple of months.

>> No.27343541

Indies never had a future to begin with anon. The dream has always been getting your reps as an indie and being good enough to be picked by a small corpo and then fattening up your portfolia so you can apply for either Niji or if you're a girl than Hololive which is the current vtuber golden ticket at the moment.

>> No.27343546

I really want to know the holofes concert buy numbers guess we'll have to wait for another leak or for public cover financials.

>> No.27343555
File: 340 KB, 850x1201, 1656591470142.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just let the fandeads rest in peace already
Being cucked twice is really sad yknow?

>> No.27343557

Numberfagging ccv and VODs at least is a popularity contest. Fighting over who is the biggest millionaire with metrics that are meaningless like how fast shit sells out or how schizo some fanbases can be is stupid and tasteless.

>> No.27343643

So let me get this straight. Vshojo is LITERALLY hiring Hololive rejects? Interesting.

Also, Kson is a fucking cunt and a backstabbing whore. I had to watch my oshi (Miko) cry over you leaving Hololive, just for you to turn around and join a bunch of fucking whores in Vshitshow. I wish you nothing but misfortune and despair.

>> No.27343648

worse notrushia is gonna be collabing with connor at some point and remember she wants to have a foreigner bf

>> No.27343669

ok mythfag

>> No.27343677

Anyone could just go visit their local Chinatown and see for themselves how jewish the Chinese are.

>> No.27343689

hey sherlock did you forget which thread are you in right now ? go back to your discord already

>> No.27343707

They aren't really indies they're just corpos who got kicked out on their ass or bailed due to extraneous circumstances. Going back to a corporation isn't exactly shocking. If a dog born in the wild comes to your door that's a bit shocking, if some dog that got kicked out of it's house looks for another house it isn't.

>> No.27343717

He has the same merch as everyone else in Niji, he is probably their best seller but merch that give a sense of exclusivity will sell better and for more money

>> No.27343768

youtube claims they gift mems to the most loyal freys. But its pajeet coding i guess

>> No.27343781

But this isnt Luxiem vs Myth. I am completely onboard with Myth edging out Luxiem in profit. Because the only numbers Luxiem does better than Myth is SC. But this inst only Luxiem. This is 15 more NijiEN members also. And Vshojo.
I just dont think theres any indication that Myth makes more than all those combined.

>> No.27343785

I did not. You have no numbers for luxiem or myth merch, you are not comparing anything

>> No.27343792

I don't think indies can compete with the spectacles that companies and big events/projects provide and even the western streamer market has pivoted to big groups of big name streamers doing lots of meme and event streams to try and keep afloat.

>> No.27343797

>As even established big indies with loyal fanbase seek jobs inside corpos?
Those two werent indies to begin with though

>> No.27343809

>you know who she is
in case people still had any doubt

>> No.27343814

Who the fuck sleeps 9 hours? I sleep like 3 or 4 and it's plenty enough for me.

>> No.27343872

I don't think Myth earns more than every other vtuber in the world combined, either. What exactly is the point of this speculation?

>> No.27343880

I slept for 20 hours once

>> No.27343892

and complain shit like you help the case ?

>> No.27343897

I can't stand her voice now.

>> No.27343939

ive been pedling the kson and miguel will join vshojo for months and people called me retarded even though its a perfect place for them since kson will have her muh freedom and a corpo backing her and miguel will still be hired since they dont care about radioactivity there

>> No.27343957


Partial merch sales for limited quantity items at holofes
Weiβ Schwarz Premium Booster : hololive production 23646 $32.00 $756,672.00
Tote Bag 2022 666 $32.00 $21,312.00
Messenger Bag 2022 215 $20.00 $4,300.00
Logo Cushion 2022 65 $20.00 $1,300.00
Windbreaker 321 $77.00 $24,717.00
hololive EN×NEW ERA COLLABORATION CAP(Green) 190 $63.00 $11,970.00
hololive EN×NEW ERA COLLABORATION CAP(Blue) 308 $63.00 $19,404.00
hololive 3rd fes. Link Your Wish Penlight 1059 $32.00 $33,888.00
hololive 3rd fes. Link Your Wish Rubber Wristband 707 $7.00 $4,949.00
hololive SARASA Clip Ballpoint Pen Set (5 colors) 1871 $8.00 $14,968.00

partial again partial just limited merch !!

>> No.27343989

Korone did it!

>> No.27343990


>> No.27344023
File: 886 KB, 1800x2200, mio tasteful.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ks2PZPQE2wM

>> No.27344032

already did

>> No.27344057

Then tell her to sleep already

>> No.27344069


>> No.27344084
File: 8 KB, 676x51, sponserPNG.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

People are not bringing up but check out all of vshojo sponsors. I telling you guys don't overlook them.

>> No.27344092

Of course she will once I ravage her body.

>> No.27344094


>> No.27344124

Because all this started because anons where so sure Myth made more than all of NijiEN and Vshojo combined?
I was just arguing against it

>> No.27344139

man what's wrong with hag and their endurance thingy, I mean I'm not complaining since I have things to watch. it's just morbid curiosity

>> No.27344144

where did you get this?

>> No.27344162

apparently she uses very specific sequences of them as rushia/mikeneko and nazuna uses them the exact way
that's just what they're saying and it convinced them

>> No.27344169

>partial again partial just limited merch !!

>> No.27344199

>man what's wrong with hag and their endurance thingy
they have nothing else to do and their eggs are dead

>> No.27344204

because compared to luxiem the rest of nijien makes nothing and myth doesn't just "edge out" luxiem

>> No.27344203

Anon, VShojo is considered in this thread the second biggest vtuber company in North America after Hololive. Who the fuck here would be overlooking them?

>> No.27344218
File: 76 KB, 875x789, easy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't believe you, there is a way to farm membership points but i'm not telling because I want to easily get my free memberships from now on. It's not hard to figure out though.

>> No.27344255

The rest of NijIEN barely even has merch lmao

>> No.27344264
File: 102 KB, 733x1090, choco math teacher.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>and their eggs are dead

>> No.27344289


>> No.27344333

isnt that the sponsor for ax?

>> No.27344345


>> No.27344385

I could send a pic of the gifted membership message. There is no way to proof that I wasn't watching the prechat, that I'm not a usual viewer or that I didn't edit the pic.
There is no reason for me to come up with something so mild and almost pointless taking into account the board is filled with baits and tribalfag today

>> No.27344390
File: 162 KB, 1241x864, z finana.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

North America

Natural incline!

>> No.27344414


>> No.27344434

Being the biggest vtuber group in China is not that bad

>> No.27344465

Lol that many Zs looks like a failing heart rate monitor.

>> No.27344466

Sponsors for what? Show the larger picture anon, why are you being selective on what you show? Or at least give the link.

>> No.27344486

I still think that if Bora was still in nijisanji after the merger, she would be even bigger than she was but as a niji fan, Im happy for her either way

>> No.27344544

Corpo ranking in each region

>> No.27344567

This is AX sponsored right??

>> No.27344570

They have a lot of voice packs

>> No.27344627

Yes, I'm just taking a dump at VERSE

>> No.27344628


>> No.27344662

yuros don't watch chuubas.

>> No.27344689


>> No.27344712

3k for Finana and 3k for Pomu IS incline lol
They were barely getting 2k last year
Look how much this thread creamed its pants from Fauna going from 6k to 8k but going from 2k to 3k isnt a big deal?

>> No.27344744

They said the same thing about EOPs in general back in the day.

>> No.27344780

Euros are EOPs, they didn't step up

>> No.27344801

Because compared to the males the females incline is pathetic and is indicative that nijisanji is just wasting resources on them instead of using that resources for luxiem

>> No.27344825

do we have vshojos average numbers from last month? Im curious about their mid-low tier streamers that I never hear about

>> No.27344837

>3k for Finana and 3k for Pomu IS incline lol
That is undoubtedly true for Pomu but Finana
>【VALORANT】 face your fears 【NIJISANJI EN | Finana Ryugu】「Collab」 ft. NIJI EN, Shxtou, rpr & vGumiho
she still has a lot to prove

>> No.27344854

Indies like Shylily or Lumi

>> No.27344864

finana pretty good, did she finally find a buff game?

>> No.27344875


>> No.27344884
File: 858 KB, 513x1088, 115CB2BC-228A-4B02-8CDF-7D025D93F5D7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why rushia cry when she terminated ?


> Sakura Miko Birthday Celebration 2022 - 1 day
Birthday Merch Complete Set 5099 $97.00 $494,603.00
Rubber Mat 446 $25.00 $11,150.00
Loose-Fit T-shirt 384 $37.00 $14,208.00
Triple Keychains 187 $13.00 $2,431.00
35P Plushie 618 $25.00 $15,450.00
Nekomata Okayu Birthday Celebration 2022
Birthday Merch Complete Set 3073 $154.00 $473,242.00
Birthday Voice Complete Set 97 $81.00 $7,857.00
B2 Tapestry 607 $25.00 $15,175.00
Rice Bowl & Acrylic Stand 985 $25.00 $24,625.00
Haramaki 249 $25.00 $6,225.00
4 Situation Voices For Those Seriously Into Okayu 72 $33.00 $2,376.00
4 Short Situation Voices 14 $17.00 $238.00
4 Strange Situation Voices 16 $17.00 $272.00
10 Short Voices 16 $17.00 $272.00

Momosuzu Nene Birthday Celebration 2022
Birthday Merch Complete Set 2440 $81.00 $197,640.00
Rubber Mat 403 $25.00 $10,075.00
Nekko Tote Bag 172 $21.00 $3,612.00
Nekko Boxer Briefs 887 $21.00 $18,627.00
ASMR Voice “Bedtime with Nene” 50 $17.00 $850.00

Yuzuki Choco Birthday Celebration 2022
Birthday Merch Complete Set 1057 $162.00 $171,234.00
Body Pillow Cover 253 $81.00 $20,493.00
Devilish Rice Bowl 205 $29.00 $5,945.00
ASMR Voice “Hug me, please?” 104 $25.00 $2,600.00
ASMR Voice “Happy Birthday from Choco!” 72 $29.00 $2,088.00

Yuzuki Choco "Cooking With Choco: Devilish Recipe Without Fire"
Cooking With Choco: Devilish Recipe Without Fire 4695 $13.00 $61,035.00

Aki Rosenthal Birthday Celebration 2022
Birthday Merch Complete Set Limited Edition 1247 $134.00 $167,098.00
Birthday Merch Complete Set 2 $134.00 $268.00
Birthday Voice Complete Set 27 $41.00 $1,107.00
Rose Knights Certificate and Button Badge Box 124 $21.00 $2,604.00
Jobz Plushie 62 $33.00 $2,046.00
Rose Knights Plushie 52 $25.00 $1,300.00
Rose Knights Eye Mask 47 $17.00 $799.00
ASMR Voice: Situation ASMR “Birthday After Party for Two of Us” 16 $9.00 $144.00
ASMR Voice: Yandere ASMR “Peeling Apple with My Sweetie.” 28 $17.00 $476.00
ASMR Voice: Cheering ASMR “Relaxing Voice That Cheers You Up” 25 $17.00 $425.00

>> No.27344944

I don't know how she gets her numbers. Hell, even in her stream from some hours ago, her numbers were only going up and were at >8K before her internet died.

>> No.27344950

It's kind of hard to step up when the only corpo streaming in your primetime is Kiara, bless her heart.

>> No.27345002

>I don't know how she gets her numbers
She's basically the edgier vshojo crowd from what ive seen

>> No.27345001


>> No.27345021

>Losing the golden ticket just to chase alien dick
>Ends up in a whorehouse

>> No.27345049


528,000 $

Ok understand

>> No.27345062

And compared to Kobo, Faunas incline is pathetic. And I'll bet Kobo and Fauna has a bigger viewership overlap than Vox and Finana lol
You can still recognize that Fauna has inclined, you dont have to "Fauna, inclined!? Eeeeh Kobo has inclined more" every time Fauna gets 8k

>> No.27345074

EU should have done their reps and supported kiara then

>> No.27345111

95% of euros are ESL, not EOP.

>> No.27345149
File: 91 KB, 974x569, Roster result.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good evening /#/
these are the players you have selected after 24 hours and 52 votants!
Gold coloured will be our Gold players, Silvers will be the silvers (obviously). In bold is the starter team, but that is just for official things, because in game the ones with the best (randomized) condition will start.
A few notes:

>The Slip led the poll for over 20 hours, before falling short of captaincy by one vote on the final hour.
>The Sana Line is the starter Goalkeeper because thematically it just kinda fits perfectly

If you have suggestions over what some of the more abstarct memes should look like, let me know!
Also Appreciated:
>Kit design ideas

>> No.27345153

NTA, Sorry I only watch JP

>> No.27345176


Risu 28,590 $

>enough for indonesia

>> No.27345203

>EU should have done their reps
I did and I watch JPs who stream late.

>> No.27345242

Oh no i agree with you that everyone outside luxiem and myth is basically a dead weight in the EN side
I just think that Nijien would be better if they dropped those no talent deadweights whose incline was the result of leeching from the males whats worse is that they are basically just bad bootlegs of holoen which is already shit but being bad bootlegs of shit makes them worse

>> No.27345240

how? she's just a zoomer whore, not some mean bitch

>> No.27345303

I'd watch kiara if she used her regular voice

>> No.27345305
File: 147 KB, 1080x1266, pg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27345348

This is how you get Alzheimers...

>> No.27345352

>The Slip led the poll for over 20 hours, before falling short of captaincy by one vote on the final hour.
>The slip slipped

>> No.27345350

How much does the chuuba get from the merch? How much goes to the manufacturer and the retailer and to cover? And in the end how much goes to the vtuber? With SC we "know" that it is around 35% but what is the percentage with merch?

>> No.27345412


>> No.27345438

2nd the motion

>> No.27345449


B...but vox has ..s..c

youtube cut anycolor cut

Ok .... I give up

>> No.27345450

Why are phase connect fans like this?

>> No.27345538


>> No.27345607

Shitty meme forced by Indonesians

>> No.27345610

So if Taishi, Orca and whoever their wealthy fans are follow KSon and Michael Cat to VShojo, does this mean that VShojo is legit the #1 Vtuber company in the world now?
I for one welcome this shift in dynamic.

>> No.27345630


they get money of merch they fund themselves, cover doesn't invest them merch

Profit > Holomem

Merchant = Holomem


>> No.27345662

Holy fuck... This vshojo faggot really got fucking cocky
The same when with niji fagg when salome debuting
Wtf, am i on timeloop

>> No.27345706
File: 26 KB, 1297x281, NIJIBEGGAR.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Click on a random vtuber drama channel
>See this on the top most comment
I'm not saying that all Nijifags are beggars, but...

>> No.27345711
File: 3.58 MB, 2607x2078, 1656775954034.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27345765
File: 72 KB, 825x915, vshojo nijien holoen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here is their averages
>8644 avg. :: 58 hours :: Veibae
>8510 avg. :: 132 hours :: Ironmouse
>8107 avg. :: 26 hours :: Nyanners
>3886 avg. :: 179 hours :: Zentreya
>3460 avg. :: 73 hours :: Silvervale
>3139 avg. :: 34 hours :: Melody
>2540 avg. :: 35 hours :: Froot
>0 avg. :: 0 hours :: Hajime

Source is TwitchTracker, pic related is how they would rank in June vs. HoloEN and NijiEN
But it doesn't so the comparison is not actually precise

>> No.27345793

>18 minutes ago
noor pls

>> No.27345852

ok, outdonesian scum.

>> No.27345881

>Reimu fans loving back
>Check reimu's art
Uuuhhh yup, no
Comparing 2 fanbase is retarded, 1 dedicated horny fuckery and the other one is none

>> No.27345917

didn't silvervale and melody used to beat zentreya, it's not like zentreya's numbers are better than before

>> No.27345920
File: 1014 KB, 1750x1650, selen laughing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Fauna outranking all of VShojo
>Sana outranking all but the Top 3

>> No.27345978

Wait so 40% of their members are above the Sana line? Maybe anon was right about them being the 2nd biggest corpo in EN

>> No.27346038

You keep posting garbage.

>> No.27346048

>Most influential
Giga Chad with a # strapped to a headband
>The Slip
Caution Slip Sign
3d Render of the holocure holobomb
Just Kobo
Riku with shiny eyes
>Seething 2view
Whatever crying vtuber face you can find with a 15 viewer twitch counter on the 4head
News Reporter hat
Matsuri with a Halo
Yagoo with a hand protruding from the blender
>The Z
Zorro if possible otherwise just a red Z
Distorted Anya face
>Cripple Gold
Wheelchair Gura
>Ethical Bot Farm
A cellphone or cluster of them
>Natural Incline
Sad Pomu face

Black and Red with numbers matrix style up and down the uniform.

>> No.27346070
File: 20 KB, 242x191, FB_IMG_1650084210469.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27346079

Check their "hours streamed" in the month, anon. Lots of VShojo girls put little as many as the perpetually absent Gura

>> No.27346160

Anon, they're absolutely the second biggest corpo in North America and the biggest American corpo on Twitch.
For a brief period in the end of 2021 and the start of 2022 it truly looked like they would take the crown for North America
>but they didn't, and they're withering

>> No.27346201

>Silvervale has a higher ccv than all nijien females
Fucking deadweights

>> No.27346214

It's all because of the Nux drama

>> No.27346217

no, like their averages, last time someone brought up vshojo numbers a couple months ago, silvervale used to be a 5k and melody like a 4k

>> No.27346262

luxiem should try to take the EN twitch market. they already get along well with shoto, so it should be easy for them to get a foothold there.

>> No.27346366

Isnt all Vshojos average boosted compared to hololive and Niji vtubers because they never do superchat readings?

>> No.27346484

Anon, the average reflects all of the content of a streamer. If you are doing a certain content so often it affects your average CCV it is definitely part of your regular content and should be taken in account

>> No.27346587

It's boosted just by being on twitch and having no restrictions on view count.

>> No.27346589
File: 84 KB, 750x325, 22538D80-497B-49EF-9FA8-79548328D7BD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Ina 11k stream rn
So if ina streamed one more time she would have beaten their big 3 too huh

>> No.27346687

Ina is one of the most consistent on HoloEN, this shouldn't come as a surprise

>> No.27346712

Also boosted by half of their content being react to stuff.

>> No.27346724

Yeah but if two vtuber has the exact same content. They both have the exact same viewership patterns but one vtuber ends their stream immediately after the game (or whatever content) and the other streams an hour more of superchat readings, they would have the eaxct same median peak, but the one that read superchats would have a lower average viewers. And no one reads donos after streams or in separate streams on twitch. So their comparable popularity is skewed by looking at only their average viewership

>> No.27346851

I mean, we’re numberfagging here content is irrelevant. They could stream paint drying and if they get numbers it would still be numbers.