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She joined VshojoJP

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It would be funny if she did join vshojoJP

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it would be incredibly painful

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Big if true. Violating her contract should've blacklisted her from corporate tubing for a while.

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She didn't.

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You're a big guy

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I'd believe it more if it was Delutaya

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Apparently you can hear her voice in the vshojojp trailer

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If she did, it would be a shitshow either way. Her GFE focus doesn't gel with Vshojo's coomer-fanbase, so she would drown in her own company. Either that or she adapts to the culture and loses all her fans cause they're not into creepy whores.

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Westerners said she was in the right so it's not surprising at all that a western company would accept her.

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Or she, you know, just do her own thing in Vshojo. Mori's antics don't gel with Hololive's idol ota fanbase and yet she keeps trucking along in Hololive like it's no one's business. Rushia can do her GFE thing in her own little corner of Vshojo with her own audience and still truck along just like Mori's trucking along in Hololive.

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Comments like this are wrong 100% of the time and I have to assume many of them are trolling for (you)s.
The circumstances of her career-ending yab make it clear she can do anything without losing fans.

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Is it her?

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yeah, that's definitely her

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They are VshoujouJP tho, and they can choose which content they will do

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Yep, that's Mike Myers

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my fucking side.
guess she will have her revenge against hololive

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Was her contract a government one? Because she can whatever the fuck she wants

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After her one year non compete, sure she might, it all depends on how much of the old flame Kson still have

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HOLY SHIT it is her wtf? Did she just decide to stop as mikeneko now and be a keyblade girl?

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Doesn’t matter for a company outside of jp

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Definitely not but it does sound like her.

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>Or she, you know, just do her own thing in Vshojo.
>would drown in her own company
It's fine if you don't watch her. Her fans though want GFE and that's what they got from her before and after her yab. Those who couldn't drown out the circumstances behind the yab left. Those would could remained. If she turns into coom-bait on the other hand, they would have no reason to keep watching.
Best argument yet. Though given the fact that Kson is part of it, it looks like VshojoJP will differ from EN only in so far that they will slightly pretend not to be twitch thots behind vtuber models.
RIP her career

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>VShojo adds JP Pink Cat
We live in a meme-verse lads

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There's no way thats not Rushia

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Youtube channel literally created a week ago:


Twitter empty:



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>Definitely not
Screenshot your post, or someone else will for you.

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>angel motiff
>debutting with kson

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anon her last visible stream is from 2 months ago and that's her debut. literally inactive channel, she's going to abandon it and stream on twitch for vshojo

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Her career was unsalvagable for jp companies so joining the LA whorehouse is unironically the best move she could have made.

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yeah that is definitely my gf Mike

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Her alt account is deleted
When she went private she said that she is going on a hiatus because of some harassment shit she got this was a lie then

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why do you and others keep falling for her lies

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Can't even disagree with you there, anon. That's pretty sad.

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Why the hell would they rebrand her and not kson?
On the flip side why would Mikeneko even try streaming as Mikeneko if this was in the works?

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This is only a good thing. When she bursts again, who knows what will happen

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No, you retarded NEET, violating contracts as a contractual employee is a HUGE no-no. Moreso in Japan. It'll basically blacklist you from whatever industry you're in 98% of the time.

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You KNOW she had a talk with Kson when she went over to her house after her mental condition worsened after getting fired.

Two people burned by the same company...

Plans were probably made that day.

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>Can you help me find my memory..?

This is like some anime bullshit where the "innocent girl" regains her horrible past memories that cause her to go full demon on the past.

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kek, hololive's managers must be fuming for allowing all the vshojo collabs right now

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it's over

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her last tweet just in case someone calls me a schizo.

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free model from her paypigs
why not

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This. It was a middle finger against Yagoo Fucgoo and his shitty company.

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>This Tweet is from an account that no longer exists. Learn more
You're a schizo

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Which is exactly why mike signed with a LA american company that would see those contracts as patriarchal evil.

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what the fuck is she gonna do with her Michael cat channel?

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>hololive finally allows vshojo to collab with them
>couple of talents fired due to shit and drama
>they wind up joining vshitshow
>holocucks fuming
Vshitshow, I fucking kneel. Masterfully played

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It will be fun when Vshojo fans will shit on her because of her old twitts hating niggers and brown people

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LMAO. It's her.

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Holy shit.

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If it's true, the drama will be more entertaining than anything Vshojo has ever produced before.

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Mass migration of her viewers.

Worked well with Coco to Kson. Same with Rushia to Mikeneko. No big deal.

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Why wouldn't she rebrand? Her reputation is extremely bad and she gets to pretend to be someone else.
It's the one reason she was able to be popular in hololive in the first place because she already had a bad reputation from promoting an illegal app to destroying a smaller vtuber company.

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holy shit, two cakes!

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But this is a western company who doesn’t really give a shit

>> No.27323676

sell it to nyanners as another clone I guess

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>cover bans collabs with them for ever now

>> No.27323684

Fucking kek. I could see Haachama joining too.

>> No.27323693

Is this the start of the Vtuber Wars?

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Vshojo is based in japan

>> No.27323697

Artia when?

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should have been a trade. fire some whores like veibae and get kson and mikeneko in. now i have mixed feelings about some decent people joining mixed in with insufferable streamers

>> No.27323724

Where's your new outfit, Selen?

>> No.27323749

>How about fighting back a little bit soon?


>> No.27323752

makes sense
and in the off chance she gets fired from vshoujo she'll have a fallback channel and model ready

>> No.27323771

Her live2D was made for free by a fan and it fucking suck. By rebranding she gets to have a new live2D that is actually decent.

>> No.27323793

never, she's back in west taiwan and behind the firewall

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I'm putting together a team.

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Kson probably made mike joining as well a condition for joining Vshojo

>> No.27323813

>destroys VShoujo from within

>> No.27323844

I want to believe

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>final fantasy 14 design turned into vtuber model
That's golden

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I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case, she likes saviorfagging too much.

>> No.27323890

Anon, pls. I can only get so erect.

>> No.27323897

Would be kino.

>> No.27323902

>trailer plays of an unspecified east Asian country smuggling mission

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Not in fucking VSHOJO that's for sure!

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This pic never made more sense

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Selen and Elira both debuted before Meteon was a thing though. Lui too.

>> No.27324052

According to fandead, every vtuber has a boyfriend except for the one that had a man message her on stream saying he was coming home.

>> No.27324061

VShojo is not based.

>> No.27324064

fucking kek
now wait for Meiro and Sio

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Even if you hate Vshojo, you really have to hand it to Vshojo management - hiring the two former top superchat earners in one fell swoop. They've got connections and they know how to use them to their advantage.

>> No.27324109

this is a cope

>> No.27324112

the nips on twitter also noticed the voice of 飴宮なずな
they are also saying she's rushia

>> No.27324158

fuck this crazy bitch
she got a cold send-off by her genmates because she was a retard

>> No.27324160


Holy shit I would laugh for a day straight if that happened.

>> No.27324162

Hololive EN - the "tainted" branch, Hololive JP - the "good" one.

VShojo EN - the "tainted" branch, Vshoujo JP - the "good" one?


>> No.27324166

everything from 1:04 till the end was kino
I'm really impressed with how bad the performance of all the vshoujos was, even more considering how good kson was on that video
just to show
the best there is
the best there was
the best there'll ever be

>> No.27324168

> spit of the face of yagoo
just add Hitomi Chris to that

>> No.27324172

This. Albeit Haachama saviorfaged her ass while the CCP was attacking her on break.

>> No.27324177

What the fuck, QRD?

>> No.27324181

Sounds like her. Huge if true

>> No.27324234

Kek Chris would 100% be able to join.

>> No.27324237

kek it's her. you can't mistake that voice for anyone else.

>> No.27324242

I am no longer a holobrony.

>> No.27324252

>Hololive EN - the "tainted" branch, Hololive JP - the "good" one.
it's funny you say this when the only members gone from hololive are from the JP branch

>> No.27324264

just like AEW hiring cm punk and brian danielson together

>> No.27324319

Imagine being the guy who paid for Mikeneko's model.

>> No.27324384

What was the point of the auditions then?

>> No.27324386

Imagine hiring this menhera

>> No.27324392

What does them leaving have to do with the branch being good or bad?

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> vshoujo is vutber AEW
I should've realized that sooner
vtubing really is just wresting

>> No.27324469

This is the final jeb
A massive exodus is soon

>> No.27324471

Mafumafu was an vshojo plant. I will not take my meds.

>> No.27324494

because they're tainted

>> No.27324496

Probably came together pretty quickly. I'm sure they paid her a ton of money

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This company allows streamers to have boyfriends

>> No.27324528

Anon do you need a reminder of what happened? You know when vshojo doxxed everyone that auditioned? Who the fuck would remain and want to be hired by that shit after that? This was the only way they could get people

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>Talent leaves company for another company
More news at 11.

>> No.27324555

This is nijiniggers fault.

>> No.27324561

They all do.

>> No.27324571

Tainted by what? Leaving?

>> No.27324597

I hope so, hopefully this time she can succeed in destroying her company from the inside like a cancer

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The trifecta?

Mano is an extreme menhera, though if they can tard wrangle Mike there could be hope?


>In 2022, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a corporate court for a crime they didn't commit. These women promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them....maybe you can hire The A-Team.

>> No.27324640

aieeeeee holobronies we got too cocky!

>> No.27324653

Why would she debut as a new character and not just use the michael cat model?

>> No.27324656

It's her but I need to see Orca supa her to confirm.

>> No.27324665

so does Hololive

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>> No.27324668

Vshoujou is a proxy company of nijisanji confirmed

>> No.27324693

Highly unlikely as they never had much money in the first place, but they probably gave kson a bigger cut on certain things and might even make her a sort of management behind the scenes.

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The trifecta?

Mano is an extreme menhera, though if they can tard wrangle Mike there could be hope?


>In 2022, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a corporate court for a crime they didn't commit. These women promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Tokyo underground. Today, still wanted by the government they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them....maybe you can hire The A-Team.

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File: 1.58 MB, 1010x1080, chuuni cat.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because Nyanners would be seething that someone with a better pink cat model replaced her and got more viewers

>> No.27324797

Be excited guys! Kiara is upcoming on sotd along side risu

>> No.27324814

A man can dream...

>> No.27324822



>> No.27324852

Because she needs to shed her shit reputation and mikeneko is a really shitty name.

>> No.27324867

> always has been

>> No.27324872

I wouldn't be surprised if it's her, but why wouldn't they just have her debut as Mikeneko like Kson is debuting as herself? Why give her a new model?

>> No.27324881


>> No.27324913

We couldn't even have ONE full day to shitpost against nijiniggers because mayuzumi retired over fucking superchats because of these whores. Every niji thread I make will fall to page 10. fuck this shit

>> No.27324928

Can't wait for her to start slandering her coworkers to dramawhore twitch channels

>> No.27324930

Honestly, I don't even remember what she sounds like, so it's possible

>> No.27324958


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>cat schizos are just as schizo as the cat
Color me pink

>> No.27324995

>it wasn't Niji vs Holo
>it was VShojo vs Yagoo
The most based development

>> No.27325033

why then, for being a menhera bitch that insulted her mates?

>> No.27325034

Because mike doesn't care for her current iteration? Her model was gifted so she doesn't really care if she shelves it, plus she probably wants to keep her RM account alive just incase her new iteration explodes again

>> No.27325043

For a non shitpost answer, auditions were for English and they probably are going to start it with already big names in jp like they did the main branch before grabbing smaller talents

>> No.27325059

>finana and mayuzumi drama fizzled out in record time
>and nobody even bothers bringing up /b/omu anymore
Based vshojoCHADS putting holofags in their place.

>> No.27325067

bruhmius momentz

>> No.27325101

It's her fault Flare got raped

>> No.27325103


>> No.27325114

Someone from niji

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>mfw not-Rushia will have a higher chance to meet Connot and TT because of Vshojo

>> No.27325137

For the record I don't know anything about Michael Cat, so I didn't know it was gifted to her.

>> No.27325168


>> No.27325196

Michael fans, it's that true? Did she hinted something on one of her dozen twitters?

>> No.27325212

Do your JP reps, especially the sheep. A lot of them have boyfriends. You should know the EN ones like Fauna, Mumei and Mori. Hololive only cares when you cater to GFE.

>> No.27325222

I have to wonder, what is Holo/Vshojo relations going to look like after this? They are usually pretty amicable and collab occasionally, but Vshojo just sniped 2 of their former members.

>> No.27325225

Vshoujo and niji are in alliance pact now. your days are number, holobronies

>> No.27325236

more like holo retirement home. so whoever decides to quit next.

>> No.27325242

Finally she can achieve her dream of fucking drama YouTubers all day

>> No.27325276


>> No.27325288

6+8, on it

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Sorry fag, but unless you look like this she couldn't give 2 shits about you

>> No.27325304

Some say that it might be this chuuba named Keychan but I don't really know who she is.

>> No.27325308

i thought it was explicitly confirmed that this part didn't happen

>> No.27325317

JP don't give a flying fuck that loser
They don't even know who he is

>> No.27325321

Wasn't that disproven?

>> No.27325331

Hololive sniped a Nijisanji member and they can collab without problem with them. Though dunno if the situation is the same here

>> No.27325334

It actually seems she did join.

>> No.27325354

Connor will fuck both of them at the same time

>> No.27325356

Yeah her "mates" who started rumors about talents frequently going to host clubs.

>> No.27325368

They will go sour like Niji-Holo relationship.

>> No.27325380

Full ban, knowing Cover. It's just as if they did towards Niji En.

>> No.27325441


Thread Theme


>> No.27325453

No one cared or cares about Luna

>> No.27325465

alrdy confirmed it's a lie

>> No.27325475

Kadokawa mandate is enough to make JP kneel. Cope and seethe.

>> No.27325487

It probably did but Vshojo basically acts like an indie group so they don't care.

>> No.27325493

I hope all of EN 1and 2 graduate, and join Vshojo, bringing hololive relevancy in the west back down to being below nijisanji

Tick tock
HoloFaggots, just a matter of time.

>> No.27325499

The contract was probably no-compete within a year. Hence the timing.

>> No.27325510

In all seriousness, it's the perfect org for her. Their vshojo cucks, don't mind their talents dating. Veibae, one of their biggest talents, streams more on her bf's channel than on her own, and she barely lost viewers.

>> No.27325572

which one are you >>27323469
you have mental illness go get yourself checked

>> No.27325573

here's your (you), you beautiful bastard

>> No.27325582

luna is literal 3view shitter in nijisanji, rushia and coco are the top 2 superchat earners of all time. you're talking about completely different class here.

>> No.27325599

The revenge against Hololive begins.
>A New Vshojo
>Mikeneko Strikes Back
>Return of the Necromancer
>The Phantom Neko
>Attack of the Nekofami
>Revenge of the Mike
>The Mikeneko Awakens
>The Last Neko
>The Rise of Nazuna
Let's fucking go!!!

>> No.27325618

and the best part is that her fanbase will ignore that

>> No.27325623
File: 658 KB, 915x762, 90469516_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kill yourself nanora

>> No.27325667

no its YUC'e who joined ,her song Tea Cup plays at the end

>> No.27325693
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Leaking the name of her manager is dox no matter how inconsequential you think it might be.

>> No.27325698

Ching chong nip nong

>> No.27325705

No one cares about Luna, anon. She was shitter tier in Nijisanji, not even fucking Nijisanji gives a shit about the snipe. The situation is different when you snipe a top earner who was in Hololive up until just a few months ago.

>> No.27325721

So Rushia just voiced Key-chan for the promo video but won't actually play her?

>> No.27325736

Kson actually likes Yagoo but has stated there's some other upper management members she fucking hates and who caused all her problems

>> No.27325763

>>and nobody even bothers bringing up /b/omu anymore
Because everyone has been v&.

>> No.27325769
File: 389 KB, 547x593, miker.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27325781




>> No.27325787

>VShojo got both miguel gato and bitch

>> No.27325788
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>> No.27325800

Why did mikeneko delete her account? >>27322875

>> No.27325801

The difference is neither of them graduated explicitly to join Vshojo, while Luna did graduate explicitly to join Hololive.

>> No.27325809

she literally quit over low numbers lol

>> No.27325810

Well apparently Vshojo doesn't give a fuck what she did since Nazuna's voice is literally her voice.

>> No.27325817

So who's Pain? Aloe or Chris?

>> No.27325849


>> No.27325862

>manager name
good joke

>> No.27325863

Micheal cat I kneel

>> No.27325935

They could just ignore Veibae like half of Vshojo already does. Melody literally collabed with Shylily a few weeks ago, and hasn't collabed with Vei in almost a year

>> No.27325971
File: 866 KB, 3214x3392, IMG_20220620_075253.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27325986
File: 367 KB, 465x392, [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2F5n7y77.mp3].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kek, dramaniggers can't stop losing

>> No.27325998

Aloe. And her step-father is Naruto.

>> No.27326014

possibly Vshojo likes to cocktease
but YUC'e and her have similar voices
they also lack musical talents so im leaning towards YUC'e if you do some twitter snooping

>> No.27326053
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>Michael cat thread in /jp/ is on full blast copium

>> No.27326064

>fat, old Aloe step-father runing away with her PC, naruto style

>> No.27326073

She got fired for the way she reacted under the expectations that she had personally built up around herself, which had otherwise worked extremely well for her. Maybe she would want to rebuild that same success, maybe she would want a new environment with different expectations, maybe it would take her a couple tries to figure out what she wants.

>> No.27326096

It's nothing major so it can be easily explained away to a company run by western youtubers/streamers who don't care about being proper.
They're already targeting hololive in their advertising so they would thank her for spreading those rumors about hololive rather than reject her.

>> No.27326105

>Razor Rushia and Kson Nash
so Suityan is Michaels and Kanata is Triple H?

>> No.27326112

>mayuzumi retired over fucking superchats

>> No.27326129

She had another mental breakdown a few days ago because she got DM'd that some pokefaggot who offered for a collab was using her as clickbait.

>> No.27326131

Chris, Yoghurt, Deltuya and Pikamee

>> No.27326166

Melody is also a literal whore though even if you might like her streams.

>> No.27326176


> The former leader of a Japanese gang.


> After saying goodbye to each of her comrades as they moved on with their life, she became a lone rider...


> until she met a strange girl without memories.


>She believes that she's an angel but can't remember for certain.


>> No.27326190

It would be hilarious if she did, throw in Aloe too. kek

>> No.27326197

I don't see how when she literally violated an NDA.

>> No.27326223

Suck dick faggots, leave Luna out of this.

>> No.27326232
File: 3.61 MB, 366x558, 1653833068672.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.27326248


>> No.27326274

He made a point of "not caring about profit while streaming" so he never enabled superchats. Now Anycolor has started asking people to enable them since last year and he was arguing with them a lot over it until he gave up

>> No.27326302

i would never have believed, and yet it's true, amazing

>> No.27326305
File: 729 KB, 1280x720, The Rumbler.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Rumbling, rumbling, it's coming rumbling, rumbling. Coming for Hololive!

All I ever wanted to do was do GFE, I never wanted to get a yab. I swear!!!

All I ever wanted to do was get paypigs, I never wanted to get fired. I swear!!!

I'm tearless, I'm fearless! I'm burning! I'm burning! You tell me what have I missed? Still wandering in the deep mist

If I lose it all, slip and fall
I will never look away
If I lose it all, lose it all, lose it all
If I lose it all, outside Holo
Live to stream another day
I don't want anything I'm just here to

Rumbling, rumbling, it's coming, rumbling, rumbling!

>> No.27326317

She didn't do anything morally wrong, per se. She feel into a common "anxiety but not exectutive disfunction" menhera trap of thinking a molehill will become mount Vesuvius if you don't do anything about it and tried to do something about it.
Then she shared private conversations between herself and her manager (according to her) and the doxx of her genmates (according to the guy she shared it with), which is a clear breech of NDA and Cover's contract had an immediate termination clause for a breech of NDA.

>> No.27326355

That's a real shame, while I can't say I followed him, he was pretty great in collabs.

>> No.27326375

Westerners say fuck the police, rules, law and everything. Why would some pesky NDA be a problem for them?

>> No.27326382

She already has a new vtuber model and I cant see why she'd ditch it.

>> No.27326391

>She is a sharp thinker and loves books.
Welp, Rushia/Mike is dumb, so that's certainly not her after all.

>> No.27326398

>and the doxx of her genmates (according to the guy she shared it with)
Didn't happen.

>> No.27326422

I will stick to Hololive, and NijiJP who are not leeching by hiring ex hololive members

>> No.27326442
File: 105 KB, 360x360, index.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It its time!

>> No.27326455

Anon luna averages 10k ccv, I know your standard is twisted but that's top world vtubers

>> No.27326466

Same with Rushia lol

>> No.27326478

neither your head nor rushias head is not a citation
Cover themselves put up a statement saying Rushia is lying in all of her posts

>> No.27326511




>> No.27326524

Probably not, but that is what japanese keemstar said he got from her, which is all that really matters in a noncriminal case if Michael actually does pull the trigger on her wrongful termination case.

>> No.27326590

If you honestly believe that Vshojo would hire a walking NDA/doxx-risk, then either you're stupid or they are.

>> No.27326594

>Probably not, but that is what japanese keemstar said he got from her
Link me exactly when he says this.

>> No.27326658

Yes VShojo is stupid

>> No.27326690

>She didn't do anything morally wrong, per se.
No she was definitelly morally wrong in putting her "friends" careers on the line because she didn't like some staff members and then has the nerve to say that she had no ill will towards any of the members.
You don't get to excuse that behavior with mental illness because mentall illnesses are just shitty form of behavior identified and categorized.

>but that is what japanese keemstar said he got from her
He never said that. If he really did say it, surely you can provide a timestamp from his stream, right?

>> No.27326691

Then whose voice is it?
I do agree this is a stupid move, but Vshojo is exclusively known for making stupid moves.

>> No.27326721

don't write things you saw on 4chan as you watched his stream.

>> No.27326837

I believe whorejo is desperate enough to do that

>> No.27326858

They have a member that cucked her husband while he was in the military, they don't have any filter

>> No.27326866

what's the worst that could happen to rushia now? vshojos don't care about being facedoxxed or have their relationship status known. The only reason it was bad was because it was HoloJP and she was leaning hard into GFE

>> No.27326902

I'm so glad lulu isn't gonna become 2d again, imagine if she joined vshojo

>> No.27326920

How would Mike dox when she probably know 2 bits of English? She probably wouldn't be able to communicate much outside of collabs.

>> No.27326935

This gives hope to all terminated girls to get a second chance.

>> No.27326936

Gunrun wants to build a Vtuber version of akatsuki

>> No.27327000


>> No.27327018

The only reason it was as bad was because it was Mafumafu of all people in the planet.

>> No.27327036
File: 50 KB, 644x398, vshojo lying.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Leaking company info like she has done with Hololive
The last time that happened Nyanners had a mental breakdown while Ironmouse was crying on stream talking about how much she was harassed for months

>> No.27327047

Three reasons why.
1. Vshojo doesn't require you invent a new persona to join, the chances are that it not Michaelcat creating a new character who just happens to be a Kanata knockoff.
2. I'm not as voice deaf as you seem, to be and the other voice sounds more like Kanata's singing than Michaels.
3. Kanata piloting a clone of her character as her replacement if she ever leaves Hololive is the most Kanata thing you can imagine.

>> No.27327052

Picking up the #1 Superchat-ed JP talent in the world. THEN picking up the #2 Superchat-ed JP talent in the world. (at the time)

Are you stupid is the question?

>> No.27327056

>leaving VOMS
for what purpose

>> No.27327057

>non compete

I rest my case, anons.

>> No.27327064


>> No.27327119

>be Cover
>poached a literal who niji
>gets karma'd for double
>two of their SC Queens goes to whorehouse

le iron

>> No.27327146

>Vshojo EN is filled with annoying whores
>and now it's the same for Vshojo JP

>> No.27327186

to be fair, if you join the military you deserve to get cucked.

>> No.27327189

Also they have a literal dude pretending to be a girl.

>> No.27327191

>pretends she has amnesia every time someone tries to bring up her past

Very convenient lore

>> No.27327233

anon that is definitely Rushia's voice, furthermore we're talking about Vshojo and Kson, if it was any random company with a girl who sounded like Rushia then I would be more skeptical, but it's fucking Kson, wouldn't it be way too convenient for Kson to have a friend with a voice that's almost exactly like Rushia's?

>> No.27327249


>> No.27327260

Perfect place for her. She's already acted like a twitchthot, why not make it official?

>> No.27327274
File: 43 KB, 400x400, 1626640565868.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gunrun will force her to take English lessons until she has Haachama level English proficiency

>> No.27327316

She doesn't have one and it was already explained why.

>> No.27327341

what poach she struggled with several indie characters until she spammed enough applications to holo

>> No.27327345

Maybe most vshojos don't care but Rushia still cares a lot. She blew up her channel trying to prove she didn't have a boyfriend. Her personality isn't going to suddenly change just because she's in a different company (if it even is her, and I don't think it is).

>> No.27327355

>whorejo lying
>rushia lying

>> No.27327377

She'll have another discord yab where a inflamatory message will appear, now how exactly will vshojo respond to her doing what she wants and impacting the company as well?

>> No.27327471

If such a thing happened, I would begin to believe we really are in the Matrix or reality turned a hard left into fantasy.
Violated NDA by leaking manager message to JP Keemstar, that's why she was fired. Everything else no one gave a shit about.

>> No.27327488

The debuts are in two weeks.
Kanata last streamed 3 days ago.
Somehow I feel like you're not actually serious.

>> No.27327506
File: 136 KB, 441x673, Jitomi_Monoe_Portrait.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27327529

The deepest lore: Rushia joined vshojo because they're willing to relocate her to the US to get around the jewry in the hololive contract.

Rushia BBC arc soon brothers

>> No.27327576

a toast to unity and humbleness then

>> No.27327609


>> No.27327615


>> No.27327628

I will support this rrat.
Watch her sudden graduation announcement within this week.

>> No.27327670


>> No.27327694


>> No.27327742

>She blew up her channel trying to prove she didn't have a boyfriend
Was she trying to prove she doesn't have a boyfriend when she talked to korekore in November?

>> No.27327760

>> spit of the face of yagoo
>he thinks the man is/feels entitled to talens who already left
/vt/ has trully never been more entertaining

>> No.27327800

that explains why she had started pandering to overseas fans there last few months, she's going to be exposed to them more through Twitch and will need it to interact with the other Vshojo members, it's a good thing she has Kson to help her with it

>> No.27327804

COPE unironically

>> No.27327884

Hololive fired them and bullied Coco in order to protect their useless suits who keep making mistakes and don't care about their talents.
If there is someone they should hate it's their own incompetent managers.

If they keep it up like this one day Hololive will be dead and replaced with a company with better management. Japanese culture seems to be incompatible with the world because of their saving face culture mixed with weak self esteem and incompetence.

>> No.27327908

>She blew up her channel trying to prove she didn't have a boyfriend
but she did have a boyfriend and hololive was fine with that
she blew up her channel because she's fucking retarded

>> No.27327917

Nijisanji is behind this. I can feel it.

>> No.27327958

But there is usually a cool down period contractually after quitting where a talent can not join another corporation.

>> No.27328005

can she still play genshin impact after joining ranks with the taiwan dragon?

>> No.27328027

all things considered, as funny as it is mike likely won't fare any better in this enviroment

>> No.27328040

all me, actually

>> No.27328060

Yes, Nijisanji is being left behind, just like always.

>> No.27328093
File: 622 KB, 828x901, 1656731964505.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>t. Rikun

>> No.27328181

Not even Nijisanji was retarded enough to hire a NDA breaching whore like Rushia
You need to apologize right now

>> No.27328193

She's the only one who has done that though since nobody was posting about anything like that until she said it.

>> No.27328219
File: 3.59 MB, 2378x3991, 99340105_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27328253

Niji fan I kneel

>> No.27328297

vshojo doesn't care, it's not a honorable nippon company folded 1000 times
three fourths of their chuubas are already doxxed and they definitely have no NDA whatsoever

>> No.27328322

I kneel, Ojou. Please step on me

>> No.27328394

Vshojo is based in japan, they follow japanese laws

>> No.27328413

otherwise their sovless

>> No.27328424

Nijisanji, a chink invested company with a chink joint venture would help coco/kson?

>> No.27328426


>> No.27328449

Does Vshojo really have no actual new people applying to join? it feels like the only people who have joined it so far are people who are already friends with someone in it

>> No.27328514

yes? the chinese are masters of war and deception

>> No.27328519

The noncompete thing is what makes this not make sense

>> No.27328529

Coco was an inside plant made to destroy Hololive.

>> No.27328535

Holocucks hate her now, so yeah, it's them and it's working.

>> No.27328540

Welcome to corpo shit. NijiEN is nepotism the branch. Same with holojp.

>> No.27328559
File: 1.24 MB, 1807x1807, さよなら[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fzj3srt.mp3].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no please, my dear rushia, don't do this to me

>> No.27328604

Apologize to Chama NOW.

>> No.27328624

Mikeneko just confirmed in her twitcast that its not her.

>> No.27328634

lmao michael's vtuber mama and papa both conveniently follow kson and amemiya and no other vshojos, despite both of them following other EN vtubers
if that isn't the most unlikely coincidence, I don't know what is

>> No.27328654

I thought HoloJP did have some actual uninvolved people joining, I know there's a bunch of nepotism but I thought some people genuinely were new.

>> No.27328794

If they keep the vshojo business in murica, it doesn't matter. Chinks will literally just have to cope and seethe because burger law currently doesn't require streamers to get permission.

>> No.27328796

No. holojp are all connected in some way. NijiJP actually does get literally "who's", some being fans of other talents.

>> No.27328839

Good if true.
I wouldn't want to see her with such a shitty model.

If she joined with her own, though...

>> No.27328914

Please tell me who spread rumors about talents going to host clubs and when.

>> No.27328918

>a company with better management
Such as?

>> No.27328987

Why would do you expect her to confirm that it's her?

>> No.27329029

Some managernigger.

>> No.27329082

HoloJP is nepotism central, anon. How the fuck do you think Mio got in? Fubuki connections go brr. They even created a whole subgen with Gamers just to accomodate Fubuki's friends. Now if that isn't nepotism, I have no idea what is.

>> No.27329112

>Vshojo is based in japan
no they're not, they're headquartered in San Francisco but registered as a business in Delaware (no corporate tax or income tax)

>> No.27329172

>I know there's a bunch of nepotism
I said this knowing exactly what you're referring to, I just assumed some members though this didn't apply to.

>> No.27329201

Yep, fubuki has so much fucking pull that there's a branch that just "my friends" aka Hologamers and they didn't even do an interview.

>> No.27329237

Doesn't seem like they spread anything since we didn't hear any of these rumors until she claimed someone spread them.

>> No.27329252


>> No.27329320

Oh that's because it was spread internally.

>> No.27329329


>> No.27329368

Being on niconico isn't "being all connected in some way".

>> No.27329392


>> No.27329472

And then misusing them and ultimately making them fade into further irrelevance? Because the same will happen with Mike and Kson

>> No.27329570
File: 822 KB, 1200x1200, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27329626

>An angel friend of Kson
>One line of dialog with a soft voice
>"iT's DeFiNiTeLy RuShIa GuIzE."
A bunch of retards, all of you.

>> No.27329701

>no new ip
spam it some more and people will believe it eventually

>> No.27329749

It takes times for things to stabilize.
In the initial phase there is not a lot of competition and few companies.
We are entering the second phase of market saturation where the companies can't grow more and the market has reached most of the possible growth.
The third phase there will be stronger competition slowly killing the unprofitable companies.
In this third phase only the best managed companies and most profitable will survive.

>> No.27329770

No matter how much you spam this it's still her.

>> No.27329861


>> No.27329885

>Kson saved her
I'm happy.

>> No.27329992
File: 362 KB, 1200x559, 1487631165958.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>This is her
>This is not her

This will be funny either way. One side will be ridiculed regardless. Part of me is hoping it's not her because there are more believers.

>> No.27330115

It's called vtubing
We went vtubing

>> No.27330126

Who's this based girl again ?
You'll have to excuse me , I'm not shizo enough to know all the rumours and anecdotes

>> No.27330187

No then she was trying to prove that she was harrassed. Miko said faq to her and some apex girl took her time slot. Also someone in management was not so nice to her. Please understand.
Yes, she broke NDA but only a little bit. Kek.

>> No.27330249


>> No.27330446

>Hololive = WWE: an island of elitism that's slowly sinking
>Vshojo = AEW: a slowly-growing upstart
>Nijisanji = NJPW: a consistent classic
Soon the Forbidden Door will open and Hololive will be left in the dust because they refuse to collab with "lesser" agencies.

>> No.27330485

Isn't AEW literally not doing so hot right now though

>> No.27330554

Its called Vtubing Yagoo

>> No.27330573

Hololive is like Japan: an island with a different language that manages to maintain its own unique culture and traditions
Vshojo and Nijisanji are like the US, taking in whoever wants to join and slowly being destroyed by degeneracy

>> No.27330603
File: 162 KB, 353x319, huh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why would Rushia join this

>> No.27330982

She already knows how to collab with drama tubers. It's easy money.

>> No.27331256

No hololive is more like my grandma's dog who is a good girl. And Vshojo is more like my neighbours cat who shits everywhere in the whole neighborhood. While Nijisanji is like me. I still live rent free in a basement.
At least use some relateable stuff. Because no one knows what WWE or BBC is supposed to mean.

>> No.27331364


Straight from Kson's mouth.


>"Guess you guys know who she is."

It has to be Rushia/Mikeneko

>> No.27331500

>expecting me to know anything about froot

>> No.27331504

Its her 100% and i'm happy for her because it all seemed to work out for her in the end.

>> No.27331748

The ONLY proof antitards have about the whole Froot cheating thing is a bunch of Discord messages, none of them implying any sort of sexual activity.

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