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good riddance

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I'll never forget this bitch

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Bye reddit dragon. Thanks for the influx of EOP trash and indirectly forcing other JP holos to make reddit accounts and interact with those subhumans.

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we miss you kaichou

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Best hololive member, if cover wasn’t retarded we could of had a kino coco and mel collab

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i just wanted to watch her finish terraria

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thank you coco

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I love this bitch so much!!!

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I was sad we never got the Sora Coco singing stream.

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I miss her

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I'll always fucking miss this bitch

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It's just not the same without her o7

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damn it's really been one year

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O7 Thank you for everything, Kaichou.

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We won't ever see numbers like these again...

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I love this bitch

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what was the CCV on her last livestream? Something like half a million viewers right?

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I miss this bitch.

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I'll miss you, you crazy son of a bitch.

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I’ll never understand why this was so sad. It’s not like she was dying or retiring forever. She literally is still streaming.

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So going on a tangent here.
But why did they dissolve the China branch because of this shit?
Did the bugs really hate Coco so much, that they began hating on Holo China just because of association?

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fuck its already been a year


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I've done nothing in the past year...

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coco's back!??? holy fuck where?????

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>Did the bugs really hate Coco so much, that they began hating on Holo China just because of association?
Everyone in CN except for Artia allegedly but even so, the drama is too much for them to keep HoloCN around and end it right there. Not to mention Fubuki is still dealing with that to this day with those bugs. The bugs really do it hate it when others go against their state-issued narratives.

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>this happened on July first
>check favourite youtubers channel
>his dad put out a video telling the world he’s dead
I hate this whole planet
I hate everything
The only good zoomer is dead.
Coco also being today is just the fucking cherry
Fuck my goddamn shit up.

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Holy newfag, do you know why Coco had to retire even?, it's was because the Zhangs started to harass even other holomems with their shit, going as far as to use akasupas to do so, it was really fucking bad and Cover just decided "no, fuck them chinks", Coco was sacrificed so the rest of holos could keep the dream alive.

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Sayonara.... Kaichou...

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Post your favorite Coco memory

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i have tons of favorites but this is one that comes to mind the quickest

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She's on Twitch so she's dead to me.

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This is amazing, thank you

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take me with a grain of salt since I don't know all the facts
but from what I remember one of the ch streamers pulled a Judas and sided with the chink antis
basically the chinese get rabid about Taiwan and started a harassment campaign
and things where not looking too good since nobody liked that Coco and Haato got a ban for showing Taiwan
chinks wanted them gone
Hololive had to make a choice
something like that

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It has already been one year. It still hurts bros....

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I can only assume it was simply too much hassle. One of the requirements of doing business in china is that the chinese branch of your company needs to be substantially chinese owned and operated, even if they are nominally subordinate to the parent company. When the bugmen started working themselves into a shoot, perhaps they decided that the prospect of potential chinkbuxs did not outweigh the more nebulous but also more consequential socio-organizational effects of catering to the demographic; that there was no easy or obvious path between maintaining integrity as a company and continuing to do business in the market, and so separation was the inevitable decision.

It's sad that most of the girls themselves ended up as collateral damage, but such is life in the zone.

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Fuck it, I'll cry a bit for Coco. Nothing has been the same since she left and all of vtubing owes so much to her. Her leaving was really the end of an era, she's a fucking legend

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no coco means no en means no gura. I owe you my life kaichou o7

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Speculation at the time was that the whole thing was a powerplay by Bilibili that went bad. Holo channels on Bilibili (that MUST by law be run by natives) were demanding more and more privileges such as their translators having direct lines to the talent and there was implications that Bilibili wanted to break off the CN branch while keeping Cover's characters and tech.

On the CN holofan front there was also an element of seething going on. In the early days Cover got most of its revenue from Bilibili. But the massive explosion of foreign interest in Hololive ended up completely dwarfing the CN fanbase (in terms of revenue at least; at the time of the Taiwan yab Cover was getting < 9% of its revenue from China) which naturally reduced the influence that the Chinese market had over Cover's decisions. The important thing to remember here is that at the time there was no EN branch, so Coco was the symbol for this.

Honestly the whole thing was an object lesson in why you should never accept help or gifts from the bugs: they think they own you after that

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The other anon is right. Without Coco there would be no Gura. The world thanks you for that Kaichou.

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suck dick, chink faggot.

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Guys is it too late to switch sides and be pro-chink?

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>Did the bugs really hate Coco so much, that they began hating on Holo China just because of association?
Basically, but to be more specific they hated the brand, not the girls. The Chinamen made it clear that they would no longer support Hololive at all, and that includes superchatting the HoloCN girls. So there was then no point to keeping the Hololive China branch open, as it would no longer make any money at all.

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I see what you're saying, people are blessed to at least have another channel to go to if they want to watch her still. From 2020-2021 tho, she was definitely seen as more of a role model figure than a chuuba people actually watched, so the way she went out still has many people feeling sentimental I guess. She was pretty influential and innovative for her time and we have her to thank for the western expansion (with a grain of salt). I have no qualms left and just wish things were handled differently but it can't be helped. As always, FUCK CHINA
Me and buddies had a period of disappointment watching her streaming decisions go down the drain twitch, vslutjo collabs, etc

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Yet only 8 percent of those viewers turned up for her 3D debut as Kson

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Maybe this is an autistic way of thinking, but Coco is Coco and Kson is Kson
It will never be the same anymore

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I miss the english collabs and other collabs

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see >>27222228, >>27222626
She's more than likely changed ever since fully committing to kson, plus it's not likely that we'll ever see a collab with any of the hololive personnel that people adored

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no normie understood what the fuck room mates or past lifes were; and it is not the samerino after that whole graduation - people got as good of a closure as they got.
kino rrat, bilibili plans went awry due to the introduction of foreign fans - they wanted to cut the power at its supposed source.
i remember the whole chimpout from reddit that seeped even into drama vtuber vids, western normies weren't happy either.

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You were an inspiration to me, Kaichou!

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I love and miss this bitch


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Long live the Legendary Dragon Chairman!

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Approx 495,000 at peak. A few of the number sites picked up a few lower, a few higher. I remember seeing 494K.

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Gets me every time.

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Of course, despite the tears, despite the bittersweet celebration, it was not a day without some comedy.

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Perhaps even more amazing was the number of people who gathered when her last free chat was about to end, for a stream that was never going to happen. Can't remember the exact number but it was over 100k. That gotta be one of her most unique records.

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I'm salty we were denied the dead orange alliance of dragon and phoenix.

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End of an era.


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o7 kaichou I'm glad you're happier now but god damn do I miss you

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I'm here to pay my respects. o7

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I rarely watched EN, but seeing Coco's final month, being able to collab with them... I agree. The synergy was real. We were robbed of something great.

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I miss this bitch, but it’s interesting how she never really did anything with that creative freedom she wanted so badly.

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Don't tell this anon about holos that have twitch account and stream there occasionally

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With the deepest regrets and tears that are soaked, I'm sorry to hear your oshi finally croaked.

She lived a YABfull life on her own terms but soon she'll be buried and eaten by Zhangs.

But if I had fans as stupid as you, I'd wish for yabs so I could graduate too.

So get a clue and watch Kson already, stop posting Coco because your bitch oshi's dead and she ain't NEVER COMING BACK!


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g-good morning...*sniff*...mother...f-fuckers...*sniff*
haven't had anyone to call my oshi since she stopped being "coco" and I'm not a big fan of her new content

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t's been a year and they still don't know the difference between creativity and creative freedom

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Found the chink

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You are just brandfag, deep down you didn't like Coco, you just liked her in relation to hololive.

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Fuck China and the chink subhumans that live there.

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>you can only like coco or hate hololive
ah typical npc behaviour

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>brandnpc calls other npcs when called out
N-No y-y-y-ou

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It's not about the brand, it's about the group. The reason Hololive got popular in the first place.
Before it was like watching a top player playing in a top team, now it's like watching said player bouncing a ball on the wall in his backyard.

>> No.27226645

Thanks for proving my point

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She will return as Coco within a year.
Screencap this

>> No.27226967

If you watch streams, heck clips even, there's literally 0 chance for that.

>> No.27227005

Kson is freedom.

>> No.27227012 [DELETED] 

What's actually absolutely stopping her from returning? Nothing

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>> No.27227049

There's few reasons like 1.4billion bugs and board of management

>> No.27227051 [DELETED] 

Kson is boring. She doesn't do skits anymore

>> No.27227082

Doesn't matter, she can do whatever she wants now.

>> No.27227088 [DELETED] 

Those aren't absolute reasons.
>board of management
This is false frankly

>> No.27227097

Because you can't do business in China without the support of a Chinese company and the company that cover partnered with to do the CN branch was basically going "Coco goes or we go" and cover wisely decided not to negotiate with terrorists

>> No.27227142

For her those are the absolute reasons

>> No.27227184

Thank you kaichou

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>Stays in Holo and never gets based friendship with Pika
I don't know.....

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>group dynamics = brand loyalty

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my life be like mmmmma aaaaaaa

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She's still out there with her cute smile. I will keep smiling for her too!

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she's only half a freedom lady isn't she?

>> No.27227603

I fucking miss this bitch. Her roommate's content just doesn't hit the way.

>> No.27227631

China wanted Cover to make a joint venture instead of just a branch, Cover refused and China told them to get out.
It's that simple, no need for lengthy analysis with Coco and stuff, because that's how China always works. They always pushing for join ventures for foreign investments to prevent money from leaving the country as much as possible.

>> No.27227637

I miss you you bitch.

You made an entire country of 1.4 billion your bitch by saving Hololive from Chink manipulation and planted the seeds for EN. You weren't my oshi but I deeply respect you all the same.

>> No.27227653

I get the hope anon, but the absolute best we can hope for a a surprise cameo at a 5 year anniversary event or something.

>> No.27227680

Don't try to shift the argument, latching to brandfagging misses the whole point of original post, detrimental reason why you or some anons don't like Coco(kson) is that she is not in hololive anymore, and your "group dynamics", "is not the same" in most instances, etc is another saying "i don't like her cause she is not in hololive"

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File: 2.33 MB, 1000x1226, __usada_pekora_uruha_rushia_kiryu_coco_takanashi_kiara_amane_kanata_and_2_more_hololive_and_2_more_drawn_by_hikawa_shou__f5dc0ffeec3dd4af38266c9d740b846e.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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i miss you coco-sempai

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I'll never forget them Zhangs for making my girl Coco cry on stream.

t. Zhang

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no retard. coco main selling point is how she interacts with her chat (without other holomen) and how she interacts with other holomen (with holomen). she's not some woketard who afraid of tardwrangling her own chat. she's also not some bitch ass pussy who thinks she needs to walk on eggshells to have fun with her friends. she shits on other when she needs to and show appreciation of others when she believes they deserve it. she doesn't hate and she doesn't force people to do what they don't like. if you're saying coco is just a product hololive then your brain is incapable of thinking without polarizing everything. coco is what she is and what she do with what she had. hololive supports her but only she can do what she did and i miss her dearly for it

>> No.27227901

>goalpost moved

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>t. Zhang
It's okay... I don't forgive "them" either, but sane people know it's more about what their gov't has brainwashed them into than something genetic or anything.

>> No.27227954

>It's like talking to a wall
I don't have time for this, discussion over.

>> No.27228050

>China wanted Cover to make a joint venture instead of just a branch

They would have had to if they wanted to continue working in China. China has a law that no Foreign stake holder can have more than 10% share in a company operating in China and that the value of ALL foreign stakeholders is less than 30%. That means that Chinese investors have to have 70% stake in a company.

Most companies get around this by creating "Branch" companies and handing over the control to the Chinese. These harsh rules on Majority Chinese ownership apply only to telecom services, market survey, entertainment and vocational education at the moment.

Guess what Hololive would have fallen under.

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A year went so fast. I still miss this bitch

>> No.27228454

>instead of ignoring them or apologizing (even if you don't mean it) you antagonize them with "fuck u and never come back"
>try to be the big person who can handle all the spam and hate.
>realize you're mentally a small fish and can't handle it.
>boot up a kson stream sitting with candles lit in the dark not saying a word at 4am or whatever.
>Holo collapses the CN branch just for you.
>Decide to graduate.
>have basically a whole month dedicated to yourself.
>run away and stick your head in the sand while leaving FBK with the remaining chinks that still spam her to this day.
Yeah thanks for your help you narcissistic bitch.

>> No.27228541

>>instead of ignoring them or apologizing (even if you don't mean it) you antagonize them with "fuck u and never come back
It's funny how redditors want to pretend that chinks began hating Coco for no reason while forgiving Hachams
I wonder if she did something different from Hachams...

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Nothing but respect for our Kaichou

>> No.27228746

they began hating her for something that happened after they already spammed her for over 3 weeks?

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Happy Birthday AZKi-chan!

>> No.27228907

Look, I'm grateful to Coco and I like Kson and I want her to do good. I'm just saying her being banned from interacting with the girls is what most people miss, not the brand she was associated with. That's, like, the whole point why her graduation was such a big deal.

>> No.27229429

Yeah the Kongming wannabes decided to focus the attack on Coco because innocent 18 year old Haachama was too hard a target and they thought Coco would be easy to separate from the rest of the company without people getting pissed.

>> No.27229550


>> No.27230597

how popular was she on /vt/ before graduation?

>> No.27230771

All the harassment was so painful to watch unfold. The one stream where Coco breaks down crying and then Kanata comes to comfort her makes me cry every time.

>> No.27230853

If no one's going to say it, I will.
Fantastic work anon, like holy shit that's great.

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I miss this bitch :(

>> No.27231601

She was hated because of her affiliation with reddit. She had Kiara-level hate.
The only reason people like Coco now is because of the China shit. Majority of Cocoposting are just made by fake fans. Real fans already moved on to Kson.

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the world didn't deserve her

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>> No.27232198

I was there when it happened
The amount of shit that anon ate could fertilize the entire Garden of Eden

>> No.27232297

Artia, Rosalyn and Civia

>> No.27232378

Degenerate whore.

>> No.27232388


>> No.27232858

Is that wrong?

>> No.27232912


>> No.27232946

> They rejected her new project TWICE

>> No.27233074

Coco, you have my eternal respect when you stood up against the changs even without the 100% support of the management.

>> No.27233097

I don't like reddit, sorry

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>> No.27233335

Unless you're a pioneer you can fuck off.

>> No.27233732

And the bandage has been ripped open again.
Why you gotta do this to me anon? I thought I was over this by now but nope.

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You're not alone in these feels.

>> No.27233931

Anyone else rewatching?

>> No.27234103

I can't do it man.
I'm too weak. I don't want to go into that funk I was for weeks before and after again.

>> No.27234105

I wonder how she feels seeing Myth having to go so far out of their own way for a single birthday concert.

>> No.27234154

Later today after work. I caught Watame's soothing present just now. Very thoughtful of her, very like her to think of us all and make that.

>> No.27235605
File: 518 KB, 695x960, Kaichou's Prayer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

July 1st, once the dreadful dark day of the creation of the abomination known as the Chinese Communist Party, now marks the Commemoration of the Holy Sacrifice of our Lady and Saviour, the Kaichou Eternal. Hero among Heroes, Legend of Legends. Remember to thank Her and praise Her Name every day for liberating Hololive from the godless appendages of the pestilent hive known as the People’s Republic of China.
499 years of vigil left until Her Second Coming and She reclaims Her rightful Mandate of Heaven.

>> No.27236149


>> No.27236373

They spammed Coco before she even knew what was wrong. She had to make her chat members-only that very night. They made her their target because she made a lot of money and was the most popular member overseas. The goal was to get so mad that Hololive would fire her, which would destroy the brand in the eyes of free speech loving westerners. Instead their impotent chinarage had the complete opposite intended effect. Acting indignant because Coco said something she said on stream weeks before the drama was a pathetic excuse that only works on you newfriends who never watched her.

>> No.27236482


>> No.27236661

thread theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhMCh6zm72E

>> No.27236861

The Haachama collab is inevitable. Haachama has unlimited Do Whatever The Fuck She Wants power.

>> No.27238192

o7 499 years to go before her resurrection

>> No.27238250


>> No.27238652


Yo what is this from? this is fantastic looking

>> No.27240474


>> No.27241220
File: 135 KB, 750x1049, 1623319407566.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Haha what a dumb flash game
But seriously Coco stop moving your fucking head around so much I'm trying to pat you

>> No.27241277

burn in hell, whore

>> No.27241332

wtf i hate coco now

>> No.27241398
File: 1.88 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_20220110_001620.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reminds me I got one of my own. Honestly I'd like to place the pin in something more commemorative then the dinky plastic case it came in but I don't know anything about framing or anything. Would a small picture frame be enough? Open to suggestions.

>> No.27241540

this, but Artia

>> No.27241643
File: 805 KB, 804x816, 1623319600760.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.27241925

No. I will never rewatch her graduation.

>> No.27243476
File: 1.09 MB, 1280x1000, 81582646_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tonight. With most likely gin tonics and pills.

>> No.27244090

Be care with that man. If you're dead you cannot be there for her return 499 years left. We can make it man.

>> No.27244195

Thanks senpai. Yeah, just two pills and god knows how much gin. Like last year at this time, but it was literal spic fire water instead of gin.

>> No.27244233


>> No.27244248

+12 social credit score

>> No.27245505

Seethe harder zhang, also get back to work on the sweat shop or 100 points will be deducted from your credit!

>> No.27245534

That wouldnt have happened if she was on niji and we would still have gotten even more kino since she wouldnt be shackled by cover management

>> No.27245575

I've been thinking the same. Picture frame is a good idea. Maybe print some high quality fanart to pin it to.

>> No.27245646

i have in plans to make a ring out of it

>> No.27245701
File: 355 KB, 900x300, 1652203343348.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's not coming back. Even though Yagoo left the door open to her she's not coming back. She didn't come back for the Sports Festival, she didn't come back for Christmas, and she didn't come back for New Years. There's no event other then 4th Gen graduations that I can think of that she would come back for.

>> No.27245752

I'm jealous of you who managed to get it, I couldn't get any merch at all because I was in a shitty spot thanks to rona (I blame the chinese for that too) so I missed them all and I'm wary of items being resold on auctions.

>> No.27245768

if she was in chinasanji she would have instantly been fired

>> No.27245861

yeah, i can see that, indefinite hiatus, and stealth graduation 2 months later

>> No.27245901

The SONGMICS Shadow Box on Amazon looks doable

>> No.27247501
File: 1017 KB, 1500x824, 1635930577761.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27247927

she never got to meet holox ;_;

>> No.27247973

I miss you cocochi, like every hololive

>> No.27248066

Just thinking about it makes me cry. I'd be decimated if I rewatched it.

>> No.27248201

I wish things didn't go down the way they did, but at least I don't have to watch my oshi stream on bilibili or play Genchink Impact. Thank you Coco.

>> No.27248344

Still kinda crazy she retired on the anniversary of the CCP. I bet at least one chinese nationalist had a chuckle off of that.

>> No.27252328


>> No.27252386

If I do that I won't be able to sleep tonight from crying like last year. I mean I kept ,y promise and didn't cry until it was over.

>> No.27253654

I ultimately find her to have had a net detrimental influence on Hololive as a whole, and so, I don't miss her one bit.
And since you drooling retards already would've had this response ready in mind:
War "crimes" should be permissible against chinks.

>> No.27253842

>This is ok but somehow calli's lean yab is bad

>> No.27254051

Is that a cock?

>> No.27254587

Bitch would've never leaved if she truly loved her HoloChad members

>> No.27254833

this, sadly

>> No.27255822

The only detrimental in Hololive are the staff that are retarded blocking great ideas to keep an image when everyone else already sees the girls as entertainers in general instead of irl idols as well as the schizos who try to apply those retarded idol ideologies.

>> No.27256193

Because her story is infinitely more accessible to normies than Ai's.

>> No.27257743

>everyone else is ガチコイ
>watame is クソザコ
I kek'd but I don't understand why watame is chosen as the butt of the joke.

>> No.27263898

I like Matsuri here going all out.

>> No.27264666
File: 327 KB, 348x441, 1612700997547.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27265762


>> No.27266668

fuck this cunt for ruining Subaru's Birthday

>> No.27268046

I know that she is still around, but it's honestly not the same. I miss this bitch.

>> No.27268368

>thanks for helping my oshi grow and give vtubers a reason to exist
You're welcome

>> No.27268393

How well would she get along with the Gen 6 members? I think she'd be really good with Laplus who is good with people anyway, but also have an inkling she'd get only surprisingly well with Iroha

>> No.27268543

>Posting a shitty meme until X member joins Reddit day 456 zomg!

>> No.27268573

>bugs really do it hate it when others go against their state-issued narratives
Yeah it's insane lol

>> No.27269884

fuck both the CCP and this cringe reddit dragon

>> No.27269889
File: 332 KB, 1000x1000, 1628599745432.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's not one single memory, but the long arc of her learning Junrenka (The Pasta Song):

Doing a reaction stream like that was such a smooth way of handling it. She really understood something about handling herself, about dealing with her mistakes, and about surviving under the public microscope, that many vtubers unfortunately lack.

>> No.27270005

Her 回線 is クソザコ and Coco spread that info(?) around.

>> No.27270055


>> No.27270141


>> No.27270282


>> No.27272729


>> No.27272909
File: 950 KB, 1280x529, 1626416168779.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.27272978

Fpbp, as it should be

>> No.27273162


>> No.27273173
File: 59 KB, 1200x798, 1609719227478.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I never did collect all of the needlework into a single folder, but I at least know where this one is.

>> No.27273488

The day Hololive officially died. I feel bad for its festering corpse

>> No.27273523

Thank you for Myth, thank you for everything Coco.

>> No.27274634
File: 2.90 MB, 3636x1250, 90904198_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Alright /vt/. Off work now.

Rewatching last year's stream and drinking myself to oblivion. Anybody else joining?

>> No.27275182

I just finished. The interviews were longer than I remember, but also the concert was every bit as magical as I remember. More even.

>> No.27275418

I somehow memoryholed the fact that they sung Kiseki Knot.

>> No.27277733

It's the only song that can be sung by an entire gen and only for a specific gen too.

Thank you PPT

>> No.27278456

This is some weapons-grade schizophrenia

>> No.27278648


>> No.27280107
File: 35 KB, 320x320, 600539a763a4d268d1a368201e66ecbc50dacd4ea2951b71c9731193a61ae0a6_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It feels like a long time ago but it's only been a year. It was from this day that I really started to follow Hololive and got invested into the streams, before that I've only seen clips and some streams. I met Coco shortly before the Taiwan incident and wish I had met her before and enjoyed her streams. She was something totally different from the rest, I loved how she was politically incorrect with her morbid humor, which was the opposite of all the seiso idol bullshit, I loved her memes reviews and asacocos and makes me sad that the management always blocked her creatively how that maybe was one of the resons she decided to graduate. Things like that make me wish there were other holomems that could be like her but we know no one will even come close to where she got because of Cover's management, but at least she made left a great legacy for Hololive and vtubing in general. I miss her so much. o7

>> No.27280679

Will hololive ever consider hiring a vtuber from China again after this fiasco? I have a vtuber friend from hong kong who can sing pretty well that just needs to get more comfortable with streaming

>> No.27281212

Never, the incident made them realize what China truly is, a liability.

>> No.27282121
File: 610 KB, 3262x2480, 1636453775910.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't think anyone on /vt/ could know for sure.
It definitely seems like it's not possible, if only because of how guilt-by-association works with Chinese regulators. For example, there are American companies in the same situation. I personally know of one that cannot do work in China, because one of their VP's was at some previous company when that company pissed off the CCP. You don't get some formal letter that says "Go away", it's that all of your communications get strangely stalled, you can't get the necessary paperwork through, and no one will give you a straight answer as to why. That kind of thing.

Enough off-topic business. More Kaichou.

>> No.27282165

Fuck you
Do your Yakuza 6 rep right now

>> No.27282270

Literally yesterday or day before blizzard was booted out of china for 3 years couse of one tweet by the employee.

>> No.27282359

*Spit* on your brown mongoloid face
Learn English nyugen

>> No.27282787

you people don't care about coco you just care about hololive or else you'd be watching kson instead of acting like she died

>> No.27282843
File: 205 KB, 800x890, 1635609850046.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's hilariously stupid and a perfect example of the madness of doing business in China as a foreign company.

Not everyone here. I watch Souchou all the time.

>> No.27283010

how is kicking out greedy globohomo corporations bad though

>> No.27283139

I watch Kson. I don't member her because of the vshojo ties, and I only enjoy like 50% of her content instead of 95% of it because, it's just not the same (love the gunpla, and she had the best Detroit Become Human streams I've seen, and the real Coco experience was really all about those idol collabs), but I still watch her stuff. And I do member Kanataso, if it counts.

Anyway, Coco did die. Kson is quite a different experience.

>> No.27283393
File: 64 KB, 850x773, FB_IMG_1639826005387.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kiryu's destiny
They must be dead for whom they love.

Kazuma must be dead for Haruka and Haruto.
Coco must be dead for her kouhais in the future and stop Hololive's management's madness.

Kazuma gladly accepted it because he love them more than his's life.

Coco want to protect her friends and Kanata in Hololive so she must be dead for protecting " her's smile".

They are precious more him/her's life. They just walked away in the shadow.

JP and Kiryu Kai know her's true intention that why they cry for her and love her even now.

Like husband like wife
Like dragon

Yakuza 6 : song of Hololive

>> No.27283446

Chink, you are missing the whole point, but it's understandable, common sense is not popular in your hive

>> No.27283527

>blizzard is good because... ITS JUST COMMON SENSE OKAY!!!

>> No.27283637

Fans like you are the bane of her existence
Coco is Coco
Kson is Kson
Kson will never be Coco
Take it or leave it, clinging to Coco only makes you and her unhappy.

>> No.27283724

Thank you for proving my point.

>> No.27283756

you too

>> No.27283921

For context

Before Coco decides graduate, Hololive is stricter to talents more than now. Marine was in the verge of graduate and several talents were not in good mood at that time.

Coco show management that " if you do not care talents enough and they will quit.
Money can't put them stay because 1st most Superchat Vtuber can quit and money can't make her stay in Hololive"

After that, You can feel the wind of change in Hololive. They give them more " freedom".

This is unsung story.
Believe it or not is up to you

>> No.27283959

are you really defending blizzard

>> No.27283975

What? Dude, you're agreeing with me.
Coco is Coco, Kson is Kson, and Kson will never be Coco. You're completely right there.

Coco was my oshi. Kson couldn't fill her shoes (Coco's and Kson's approaches are completely different) even though she's still quite nice in some regards, so a different indie who recently took a 9 month hiatus, surely just to rest, became my oshi after Coco instead. And I still watch Kanata (speaking of hiatus-prone vtubers, though for good reason and not because she's a lazy polar bear), Pekora, Suisei and as of her addition, a lot of La+. Don't see why I would be the bane of Kson's existence.

>> No.27284036

Why not ? They are good corp if I remember correctly.

Last time I played Starcraft 2 Protoss

>> No.27284247

Jesas, what blizzard do or produce is irrelevant, i don't even play their garbage games, the FUCKING POINT is, one tweet can make your prospects in Chinese market go down the shitter, also check the content of the tweet it's fucking laughable.
And me explaining that to you makes me question human intelligence

>> No.27284350

and corporations should be allowed to say whatever they want on twitter because why?

>> No.27284648

you act like it's a good thing that westerners just gobble up the corporate twitter slop. post nose

>> No.27284833

It was a random employee of the company, not acting in an official capacity. And yes, an employee should be able to say what they want in a non-professional capacity without being "canceled" or risking some random person at a government getting burrhurt and retaliating with the force of the state. You can disagree with that in good faith, and that's fine, but I do believe that people should be able to say what they want, and have it be disconnected from their professional work.

>> No.27285412

Yes , they have freedom of speech
Faggot chink insect

>> No.27286271

Only America has freedom of speech about insulting your own government retard

>> No.27286389

What? I'm a spic, and every citizen literally calls my country's president a crippled faggot in SNS. The only time someone goes to jail, is when you talk shit about the banks. Fucking kikes.

>> No.27286515

Why do think I do not know this? I also know other countries do not have that freedom. My answer in >>27284833 was not saying "Everyone does this!", instead I was answering >>27284350, who asked:
>should [a person] be allowed to say whatever they want... because why?

My answer is "Yes, they should be able to," because I hold it as a principle with benefits in an open society. It seems that you disagree? Then we disagree on how much power a government should have, and whether a government should be able to intimidate its citizens into silence.

>> No.27287621

And they were right. She in fact did graduate. Yet Zhang still seething even though they won.

>> No.27287771

They wanted her to get fired or quit in disgrace, causing fans to sperg out and destroy Cover entirely, instead she stepped away with honors and became a martyr beloved by the entire community. So not they didn't win, which is why they're still seething.

>> No.27287781

Same. couldn't work

>> No.27287823 [DELETED] 

>she was forced to quit
>but not like THEY wanted her to
holy cope

>> No.27288054

Their goal was to make Cover die. Cover is not dead. That's why they're still mad. Hopefully you can understand these simple sentences.

>> No.27288118

Proofread your earlier post please. This one is perfect English.

>> No.27288337 [DELETED] 

>Their goal was to make Cover die
No, their goal was to force Coco to graduate.
>That's why they're still mad
Because there's still members they don't like such as Fubuki. Same thing as /vt/ calling Cover a black company because Mori hasn't graduated yet.

>> No.27288628

There were multiple factions of chinamen with different goals, if you are unaware of at least that much you shouldn't be spreading incorrect info as if you know what you're talking about.

>> No.27288657 [DELETED] 

>you shouldn't be spreading incorrect info
Stop me, faggot.

>> No.27290116

Help. I've been trying to watch the last stream again for like two hours, but it hurts too much so I watch a segment and then stop, do something else, and come back in later. I'm only 45m in. At this pace, I'll be done tomorrow.

>> No.27291332

I never really liked her solo content (fuck ARK) but her reddit meme reviews and collabs were legendary. Nothing else ever came close to connecting the EN and JP talents and communities together than commiserating over kuso memes
I also have to thank her and Haachama for getting hololive out of the shithole that is west TW

Sadly, I don't really enjoy her content as kson much. There's just something missing. And it might just be rose-tinted glasses, but her voice has gotten even worse

>> No.27291367

I will never forgive the zhangs

>> No.27291437

I miss Coco. Even her 'spiritual sequel' just isn't the same. The shaving/waxing streams, the way she talked about plugs and her asshole, those massive fucking knockers - listen, I'm a fucking coomer, alright? I loved that big fucking dragon bitch.

>> No.27293866

That's true, Hololive's management was very strict about what the talents could do or talk about because of all the seiso idol stuff. That got Coco in a difficult situation and she even apologized to the management once for causing them trouble with all the stuff she used to do. She gave Hololive a lot of freedom to the other talents and basically changed Hololive and made it far more popular than it was before, being responsible for the creation of the EN division.

>> No.27294291 [DELETED] 
File: 302 KB, 600x648, 5af.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I miss Coco a lot, her Meme Reviews were one the most entertaining streams I've ever watched. I wish there were another talents like her but that will never happen, she was one of a kind.

>> No.27294336 [DELETED] 
File: 302 KB, 600x648, 5af.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I miss Coco a lot, her Meme Reviews were one the most entertaining streams I've ever watched. I wish there were other talents like her but that will never happen, she was one of a kind.

>> No.27294412

Pure speculation, you have no proof that she retired because of that.

>> No.27297306
File: 43 KB, 700x394, ill never forgive the chinese.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27297443

Hololive just wasn't the same after she left. I gradually lost interest and now I basically never watch anyone in Holo. I wish I could go back.

>> No.27298461

Post-Coco Hololive is bland, overregulated, and the branches barely interact.

>> No.27299320

the price of success

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