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Hololive sites

Nijisanji sites


Full list at https://pastebin.com/nCGZL1Lp

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so if the nudes were real then pomu will actually be fucked if someone does dig up the old motherless videos then

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>Pekora funnel to Flare

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>154,513: Laplus (Hololive)
>47,568: Tsuna (VSPO)
>43,200: Pekora (Hololive)
>29,207: Koyori (Hololive)
>25,635: Mumei (Hololive)
>24,492: Watame (Hololive)
>22,320: Lamy (Hololive)
>20,937: Lui (Hololive)
>18,823: Chaika (Nijisanji)
>17,819: Choco (Hololive)
>17,214: Iroha (Hololive)
>15,841: Mio (Hololive)
>13,736: Vox (Nijisanji)
>13,690: Kanae (Nijisanji)
>12,907: Lize (Nijisanji)
>12,884: Lui (Hololive)
>12,502: Nene (Hololive)
>11,013: Koyori (Hololive)
>10,631: Vox (Nijisanji)

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I think we're all looking super long term, like a year, because Salome is going to be strong for a few more weeks at the very least.
40k for GTAV ep 2 is a bit worrying, but she still hasn't had a stream below 30k yet and she's keeping her relevance with shorts at least. I do think her meme timeslot of 12 am is going to hurt in the future because it only gets worse from that point on in terms of viewerpool and its Def not primetime

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>Matsuri starts inclining
>Lyger already trying to sabotage her so he can keep grooming her

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File: 3.35 MB, 8267x4724, 8841907c12c8d4b91d217a7b20df4af.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

1) Salome (Nijisanji) - 97,905 - Resident Evil 7
2) Haachama (Hololive) - 46,696 - 4th anniversary totsumachi
3) Salome (Nijisanji) - 96,226 - GTA V
4) Salome (Nijisanji) - 94,165 - Resident Evil 7
5) Salome (Nijisanji) - 102,804 - Resident Evil 7
6) Watame (Hololive) - 77,793 - 3D birthday live
7) Mio (Hololive) - 46,701 - 1 million subs karaoke
8) Salome (Nijisanji) - 114,132 - 1 million subs celebration yakiniku
9) Iroha (Hololive) - 124,349 - 3D debut
10) Salome (Nijisanji) - 71,690 - English study
11) Salome (Nijisanji) - 78,179 - Resident Evil 7
12) Salome (Nijisanji) - 88,559 - Resident Evil 7
13) Chloe (Hololive) - 137,594 - 3D debut
14) Salome (Nijisanji) - 99,770 - Resident Evil 7
15) Kuzuha (Nijisanji) - 42,188 - Rust
16) Koyori (Hololive) - 105,030 - 3D debut
17) Salome (Nijisanji) - 80,943 - Disaster Report 2
18) Debi (Nijisanji) - 54,133 - Response battle tournament
19) Flare (Hololive) - 86,846 - 3D birthday live
20) Gura (Hololive) - 52,614 - Unarchived karaoke w/Amelia
21) Lui (Hololive) - 100,833 - 3D debut
22) Subaru (Hololive) - 40,612 - Super Smash Bros.
23) Salome (Nijisanji) - 44,230 - Disaster Report 2
24) Sango (Nijisanji) - 103,915 - 3D debut
25) Noel (Hololive) - 64,178 - 3D live
26) Masaru (Nijisanji) - 79,911 - Niji Typing King tournament
27) Laplus (Hololive) - 154,513 - 3D debut

15x: Nijisanji
12x: Hololive

11x: Salome
1x: Chloe, Debi, Flare, Gura, Haachama, Iroha, Koyori, Kuzuha, Laplus, Lui, Masaru, Mio, Noel, Sango, Subaru, Watame

>2022 GOLDS
115x: Hololive
53x: Nijisanji
6x: Neo Porte
2x: Indie
1x: Kizuna AI Inc.

17x: Pekora
16x: Aqua
15x: Salome
12x: Kuzuha, Miko
8x: Subaru
6x: Hal
5x: Kanata, Marine
4x: Gura, Mio, Suisei, Toya
3x: Chloe, Choco, Flare, Hololive, Okayu
2x: Ange, Fuwa, Korone, Koyori, Lui, Mysta, Nijisanji, Polka, Towa
1x: AI, Aki, Axia, Ayame, Botan, Calli, Chronoir, Debi, Haachama, Hayase, Hoshikawa, Iroha, Kaida, Laplus, Masaru, Mel, Melissa, Mikeneko, Mito, Nagao, Nene, Noel, Roboco, Rushia, Sango, Sora, Sukoya, Ui, Vox, Watame, Yashiro, Yorumi, Zeta

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I don’t think he’s talking about “larping talent” but about numbers, given the subject matter of this thread and all

One funny thing about the YouTube algorithm is that it’s is more or less a
>people who saw this also saw X
The worst nightmare for the NijiEN girls would be if, for some reason, the boys watching HoloEN girls would also watch NijiEN boys because the algo would start recommending the later to the audience of the former.

Same thing for Salome, if she picks up a big enough audience from HoloJP girls the algo will start pairing her recommendations with HoloJP (and it might be happening already given the overlap between Salome and Miko WWE tourists and Pekora GBE tourists).

That would be something out of an alternate reality, OgaMage tier

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>Lyger already trying to sabotage her so he can keep grooming her
Theres a name I haven't seen in a long time.

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Im the other anon though and I do think Salome is better at larping than Pekora though since pekora's character isnt that hard to larp since she just relies on the laugh

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Will it beat this?

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Is the niji logo vomiting up rainbows or swallowing a rainbow?

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>1 hour after HoloX 3D live
They want to catch the tourist funnel

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that's the issue with salome. she's extremely fake and people are already getting bored with the desuwa thing, as we can see from her losing 65% of her viewerbase in less than 2 weeks.

>> No.27014048

>scheduling 3d on the day MHR:Sunbreak releases
Yeah I don't know man

>> No.27014061

In terms of RP she definitely is, but streamer wise (chat interactions, being able to create comedic situations seemingly out of thin air) the rabbit is tiers above Salome. Pekora has been a 20k+ CCV streamer for over 2 years and has outlasted new gens and new companies, we still have to wait and see if Salome's audience remains at this level. In basketball terms, Pekora is LBJ and current Salome is Toronto Kawhi.

>> No.27014062

Ojousama is generally an easier archetype to larp with than a fantasy bunny princess. People already know what to expect from those character in terms of speech/accent and general personality traits, and ojousama in particular has tons of materials to larp with.

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yeah her biggest strength is also her biggest weakness at this point
also doesnt help that her larp isnt eop friendly unlike peko or miko's

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- 27-Jun
> 14,513 : Nimu (SP Indie)
> 13,114 : Shoto (EN Indie)
> 11,758 : Jururu (KR Isegye Idol)
> 10,609 : Jingburger (KR Isegye Idol)
> 9,700 : Ironmouse (EN VShojo)
> 9,593 : Veibae (EN VShojo)
> 7,686 : Ironmouse (EN VShojo)
> 7,194 : Shylily (EN Indie)
> 6,654 : Chihiro (JP Nijisanji)
> 5,831 : Kurumi Noah (JP VSPO)
> 5,028 : Ratna Petit (JP Nijisanji)
> 4,740 : Lumituber (EN Indie)
> 4,620 : Numi (EN Indie)
> 4,318 : Froot (EN VShojo)

Comments >>26966292

1) VIichan (Isedol) - 15,498 - Vocaloid WC React
2) Gosegu (Isedol) - 14,571 - VR Chat - tween model showcase
3) Ine (Isedol) - 14,343 - Zatsu, React
4) Lilpa (Isedol) - 16,556 - Zatsu, React
5) Kris Yim (Board of Trustees) - 19,915 - Black Mesa (Twitch main page)
6) Jingburger (Isedol) - 15,804 - Voting in anime OST championship
7) Shoto (Indie) - 12,513 - Playing Unpacking
8) Ine (Isedol) - 22,248 - Zatsu, React + The Spike
9) Gosegu (Isedol) - 14,832 - Poolside VR Chat
10) Nimu (Indie) - 21,050 - Among Us, Zatsu (7,501 before Raid)
11) Ine (Isedol) - 20,477 - Zatsu, React
12) VIichan (Isedol) - 14,668 - Butter cover MV in VRChat
13) Ine (Isedol) - 20,357 - Zatsu - model expressions update
14) Lilpa (Isedol) - 15,177 - 20 Minutes Till Dawn + Zatsu, Naver catchup
15) Jururu (Isedol) - 16,361 - Artery Gear: Fusion + Watching Waktaverse MVs
16) Ine (Isedol) - 13,021 - Continued Naver and clips catchup
17) Shoto (Indie) - 15,555 - Valorant with Vox
18) Lilpa (Isedol) - 15,717 - Zatsu after group song recording
19) Ine (Isedol) - 18,622 - Zatsu after group song recording
20) Jingburger (Isedol) - 12,455 - Expressions update + Valorant + Poopy Parker
21) VIichan (Isedol) - 11,037 - Zatsu, React + Chivalry 2
22) Ine (Isedol) - 14,031 - Zatsu, VR Chat React
23) Lilpa (Isedol) - 15,928 - Return, React - Naver and clips catchup
24) Ironmouse (VShojo) - 14,236 - Speak Of The Devil with Mori Calliope
25) Lilpa (Isedol) - 14,481 - Umamusume
26) Jururu (Isedol) - 13,871 - Reacting to the weekly WAK music top + Umamusume
27) Nimu (Indie) - 14,513 - Talking about the Ibai boxing event

21x: Isegye Idol (Isedol)
4x: Indie
1x: Board of Trustees, VShojo

7x: Ine
5x: Lilpa
3x: VIichan
2x: Gosegu, Jingburger, Jururu, Nimu, Shoto
1x: Ironmouse, Kris Yim

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>her losing 65% of her viewerbase in less than 2 weeks.
Her numbers are down, but this is such a weird criticism. No one keeps their debut numbers (well Kobo and Luxiem are exceptions), especially when it's 90k viewers.
By this metric, HoloX is a catastrophic failure because they a even higher % of viewers in a shorter time frame.
Salome is still pulling 35-40k streams a month in.

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the thing is is that beeg numbah are the only thing that she has to offer

>> No.27014162

Nina I know you're the one who leaked those /b/omu nudes, at least give us yours or maybe provide the motherless video.

>> No.27014169

The English version of Project Sekai is about a year behind the Japanese version so expect that song around June of 2023.

>> No.27014178

Thing is though she had the solo debut buff and meme gimmick buff which should have lasted longer and bigger than any group debut

>> No.27014184

We're in a numbers thread, not a vtuber quality thread tho?

>> No.27014185

>Her numbers are down, but this is such a weird criticism. No one keeps their debut numbers
you nijiniggers were acting like she would do just that two weeks ago.

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Hmmm I'll give it a salami maybe with some mustard on the side.

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Pre-primetime /news/ update for 28-06-2022
> Holocure article from Gamesradar (https://www.gamesradar.com/free-vampire-survivors-fan-game-holocure-is-so-popular-the-devs-had-to-turn-off-its-leaderboards/).).
> ANN article about Cover and Rushia statement (https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2022-06-27/mikeneko-cover-corp-address-rumors-around-former-hololive-vtuber-uruha-rushia/.187100).).
> Nene doing a collaboration project with rhythm game "Tetote Connect" (https://twitter.com/hololivetv/status/1541617597325914112).). Stream planned for July 7th.
> Nijisanji Summer Pool Event (in Minecraft) (https://youtu.be/6zMs_k6-IRg, https://youtu.be/lirCelZfe7U).).

Previous : >>26960279
slow day

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>I got curious about how Luxiem members looked like so I went to the ol' reliable dox site and found out their fucking have 8k-18k
Why the fuck are fujos like this? Don't they know any other site to talk about them?

>> No.27014245

They will say that is falseflaging by holofans kek.

>> No.27014274

Wait, we got news post in numbers? what's happening here?

>> No.27014275

What are these two's 3D numbers btw

>> No.27014277

Hey news anon, pleased with the work you do. hope your job search is going well.

>> No.27014285

>>27014243 (me)
their fucking posts have 8k-18k comments***************************

>> No.27014290

Both of those buffs only got her a 94k peak debut. You might as well say she went viral with normies and that's a buff no vtuber has had since Gura. If anything, it's far more likely for tourists to pump and dump her after a week than have half of time stick around for a month.

Congratulations for listening to retards?

>> No.27014303

>maybe provide the motherless video.
Those are lost along with a lot of vids during the motherless purge im afraid which is a damn shame since a lot of quality vids are gone forever

>> No.27014307

HoloX crashed because CCV changed in January hurted their growth a lot. Remember new year outfit and Chloe only got around 45k while having the most sex outfit Hololive ever had. That period oddly ended right before Pekora birthday 3D live. Hell Towa 3D concert, MiKorone 24h stream and Pekora Pokemon tourney all got badly affected.

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File: 496 KB, 1837x1712, 11AA5D7C-549A-4F8D-98B9-3D92E51FFA1E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he says, in a third fastest thread of one of the top five fastest boards in an anonymous imageboard that had a single vtuber thread not two years ago

>> No.27014339

The dox site is their subreddit. Lots of up to date posts.

>> No.27014355

>ccv crash
>only affected holo and nobody else
hmmmmm so is this another one of those imaginary ccv cull that i always hear about when it comes to holo numbers going down

>> No.27014361

>That period oddly ended right before Pekora birthday 3D live.
One that management told her to postpone for a couple of days for no particular reason

>> No.27014363

Kanata stream with her roommate 45K+ ez

>> No.27014394

Did you miss the Emperor making tweets about it, or you're just a newfag?

>> No.27014414

>You might as well say she went viral with normies and that's a buff no vtuber has had since Gura
youre forgetting about another blue woman

>> No.27014420

Its weird how fujos often gather in more gossipy places like doxsites, twitter and 4chan. I mean, why can't they just hang out in their discord? Those discords are still wasteland compared to Holo discords.

>> No.27014421

Holokeks always love to find excuse for their failure.
Please understand

>> No.27014424

We always did, newfag. It's funny because someone was trying to force a name change of the numbers thread and it was pretty much solved by common sense with simply linking back to previous news related posts in the thread... which led to one of the anons becoming a news roundup poster.

>> No.27014451

Dafuk he doin this time? I swear to god, the faggot just either needs to fuck off for real or dedicate himself to helping her incline.

>> No.27014466

I mean CCVID happened, but HoloX's numbers standardized a few weeks before that already. Their debut buff only lasted a week.
We already knew it was going to be:
>Chloe, Koyori, Iroha:10-12k
Iroha and Laplus reclined for numerous reasons and I'm surprised Koyori is still getting 10k on ep60 of her morning show tbqh.

Salome kept her debut buff for 2 weeks and arguably fucked her numbers harder than ever playing that Earthquake game. She's not really compable at all to most debuts.

>> No.27014497

Matsuri needs to demod him. He bans other translators because they don't meet his standards and the faggot refuses to translate himself. She's streaming in EN time and starting to get some momentum but she won't keep any of the tourists if she doesn't have a translator in chat.

>> No.27014509

Based OP. Made me click on the thread because I love these girls.

>> No.27014536

Koyori is actually inclining and Iroha kind of too, even though her incline is because she had reclined for streaming retarded games for a long time and now she's just stabilizing in her range expected from the beginning

>> No.27014549

thing is though nobody is complaining about it at the moment so yt must have fixed it already
ccv cope is just another excuse for hololives normal decline

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File: 1.06 MB, 1242x701, hoshikawa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

recent outfit reveal for a high tier niji

>> No.27014568

>Koyori is actually inclining
GOOD based hardworking hag deserves too

>> No.27014575

I thought lyger was a translator? The fuck happened

>> No.27014579

Iroha was actually the most popular HoloX in the beginning. She was getting an easy 25k with Fall Guy streams and Jump King.

>> No.27014581

a real erection

>> No.27014585

Salome is particularly concerning because she is supposedly so popular that she became the most subbed niji in a month.
She has a lot more subs than even Gura did at this point but is already clocking streams under what Gura could get months after debut until YouTube messed with the CCV.

>> No.27014596

koyori's sort of interesting, she was stuck on 8k median for months, then got to 10k last month and she's pretty likely to finish this one on 12k, i'm betting she might hit a plateau again

>> No.27014599

>streaming retarded games for a long tim
Lmao you're telling me a week of 1 hr zatsus and FFXIV isn't good for numbers? That minecraft was the answer all along?

I was very surprised Koyori got 15k with RE and held 10k through overlap. I don't think Chloe can do that.

>> No.27014600

ニュイand her horse riding 3d peak at 150k.
So holo probably will lose that day

>> No.27014603

i haven't seen him translate for 2 years
dunno if he still does translation clips either

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File: 398 KB, 500x500, kobo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You might as well say she went viral with normies and that's a buff no vtuber has had since Gura

>> No.27014634

Is the key term. As I said, he either needs to shape up or ship out and let others translate if he's gonna be the way he is.

>> No.27014640

He hasn't uploaded a translated clip in 9 months and he never live translates. He's a faggot who got insecure over Matsuri getting too popular in 2020 and deliberately tried to hamstring her popularity with overseas fans. Matsuri not being able to ride the EN wave like Fubuki and Pekora did is entirely down to Lyger fucking her over after he realized his band aid clip was getting too many newfags interested in her.


>> No.27014645

Her debut was definitely not normal. The fact that you had people legit wondering if this was Kanae shitposting a week AFTER she debuted says it all. Her name being tied to the 1 mil fig incentiviced the meme of her getting to 1 mil subs too hence why the nips subbed to her in unprecedented numbers.

>> No.27014670

You know that it's kinda funny how nijisanji's idea of merch is just pasting art/name onto the merch and call it a day. I tried finding creative ones but ended up giving up half way through.

>> No.27014675

Naw the most popular was easily Chloe. Iroha couldn't touch those 98k karaoke and 80k radio station streams. Not even Laplus could.

>> No.27014710

>No one keeps their debut numbers
But she did, that's why everyone was losing their minds over her because she remains the first and to date the only vtuber who has managed to maintain debut numbers for regular streams for an entire month. Not even Gura during her height managed that, and I assure you if Gura had gotten 200k for every single stream she did back in August people would be crying foul too

>> No.27014713

I like your optimism, I give it 1 and a half salamis, maybe a few pepperonis.

>> No.27014715

Yes but those weren't her regular numbers. Chloe wasn't getting 20k+ for her regular gaming streams, Iroha was. Chloe has a high ceiling because of the coomer factor but her floor is pretty low.

>> No.27014728


>> No.27014740
File: 139 KB, 1544x650, factory.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what else do you expect from the entertainment factory?

>> No.27014757

i remember someone coping with the they focus on the quality of voice packs instead of merch which is better than hololives
wonder if that is actually the case since i dont have any niji voicepack to compare it to

>> No.27014765

Gatekeeper is always bad for chuuba growth

>> No.27014769


he's doing translations for the official channel

>> No.27014778

>No one keeps their debut numbers (well Kobo and Luxiem are exceptions), especially when it's 90k viewers.
Salome did. For like 8 streams of the same game. Which is unprecedented. Seems weird to go "Well yeah numbers always drop off after debut" when Salome is the only vtuber in history to maintain and improve on her debut numbers for so many streams, particularly in a multi part series of the same game.

>> No.27014779

>she remains the first and to date the only vtuber who has managed to maintain debut numbers for regular streams for an entire month
she lost 65% of her viewerbase in the last 2 weeks. stop lying.

>> No.27014804
File: 119 KB, 1298x551, holoalt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't know if people already mentioned but HoloAlt PV 2 hit 5M.
The full version of the first is at 9.1M

>> No.27014829

Those two with wii sport can easily get 100k anon.
On holox side there is nothing new to debut or show.

>> No.27014833


>> No.27014835

i hope they find it lol

>> No.27014839

Not surprising since management is actually competent which helps the live meanwhile >>27014728 cant even promote their solo vsinger

>> No.27014846

Well technically Gura inclined one month in to 40-50k streams whereas Salome is now clearly stabilizing to 35-40k. It was an incredible 2 week streak, but it's finally starting to normalize.

>> No.27014858

intern-kun is back. early start today, huh? you normally start 2 hours later than this.

>> No.27014862

No saying that her name made everyone sub is such bs.
If those subs came from fans, why is she the most subbed niji? Why haven’t those fans subbed to people they supposedly like to watch?
If you think they came from outside, why would non vtuber fans care about any of this?
She also kept gaining subs well after 1 million which doesn’t make sense if they were just trying to get her to that goal.

>> No.27014869

can I have a 3d debu-
here's new song
can I have a 3d d-
here's new song
can I have a-
here's new song
can I-
here's new song
here's new song

>> No.27014871

Those 2 are 100k event streamers though so they can get those numbers

>> No.27014873

New Salami gameplay video!

>> No.27014904

intern has been camping in the mori threads and now that those are dying intern is coming back here to shill again

>> No.27014911

Trash mv that leads up to nothing

>> No.27014917

>Juat get post 5 min ago
>Already 20k views

>> No.27014932

>If you think they came from outside, why would non vtuber fans care about any of this?
I always hear anons talking about koshien bringing in niji tourists so maybe she got them from those?

>> No.27014963

EN3 should do this for their theme games. Prerecorded theme games and eave the live stuff for everything else.

>> No.27014976

Thanks to you we've reached the point where no one here will trust any claims made by nijifags without proof.
I wonder how much more damage you can do to the name of nijisanji

>> No.27014979

Nijisanji would have actually treated her better than Cover would

>> No.27014986
File: 317 KB, 1118x940, HoloEN-NijiEN-ID-AVG-0628.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.27014993

Yeah it was a great series but if you look at her numbers this week, it's clearly starting to fade. It just took longer than usual. It wasn't just the Earthquake game too seeing as her GTAV dropped from 90k to 40k. I'm saying it's a dumb critique because this is what normally happens, it just took longer.

>only vtuber in history to maintain and improve on her debut numbers for so many streams, particularly in a multi part series of the same game
Literally in what you quoted, Kobo and Luxiem are 6 clear examples of people inclining after debut and keeping it. They're just super rare exceptions.

>> No.27015008

Just look at this, it's another case of nijifags lying >>27014917

>> No.27015013

Pekora 22:00 instead of 20:00

>> No.27015017

just like how they treated Melissa right?

>> No.27015021
File: 20 KB, 242x191, FB_IMG_1650084210469.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>vox didn't even make the top 5
what happened? isn't he the face of EN vtubing?

>> No.27015025
File: 234 KB, 1117x940, HoloEN-NijiEN-ID-HW-0628.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27015026

Whover managing Irys should step down like holly shit.

>> No.27015033

yeah melissa got treated real nice by niji management huh

>> No.27015041

so, why is the yellow fag at the bottom of the totem pole now, didn't he use to be third

>> No.27015060

>Hakos Baelz
>19 streams
>9.002 max CCV
>[Insert Ymircrying.jpg]
I feel bad for her

>> No.27015064

Putting some distance between her and Kanata haha

>> No.27015070

Those people don’t sub. It’s hard, especially for JPs, to even get everyone that watches you to sub.
JP tourists are not going to sub in anywhere near those numbers.
Koshein even proves that.

>> No.27015082

>Mystia overtaking Gura
Maybe they are inclining after all

>> No.27015084

I thought she gonna post Disaster Report gameplay?
Did she just drop that game?

>> No.27015085

>multiple songs released
>NijiEN's best singers only has 1 or 2 covers

>> No.27015094

Just like Salami's current numbers?

>> No.27015120

what the fuck are you talking about, Kobo did not keep 50k people for two straight weeks for every stream she did, neither did any of Luxiem manage a 40k average. Salome debuted to 90k and kept getting 90k no matter what the fuck she streamed. For a moment there it really seemed like she could do a stream where she farted into her mic and gotten 90k.

>> No.27015123

Presence anon. We usually brush it off as "Twitch culture" but it does matter on Youtube to some extend
Like some people open Youtube at certain time and they see you streaming in their recommendation. One hour of no streaming, especially in prime time mean one less hour to present yourself out there in people's recommendation

>> No.27015127

>Those people don’t sub.
They might sub due to the meme name which made them curious
Although its gonna bite them in the butt now seeing as nothing happened at her 1m sub

>> No.27015138

Sasuga numbers rabbit, it's an intelligent move running away from Kanata overlapping the same game and Subaru even though she'll go against Usaken's live but since it's in Flare's channel she knows it won't get high numbers

>> No.27015142

Baelz could've inclined just by playing two games of Holocure while iron is hot, but she's taking a week off

>> No.27015147

>Going for the funnel from Shiraken instead of funneling into

>> No.27015160

You mean shiraken right?

>> No.27015169
File: 436 KB, 1262x1419, koyori sc reading.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Koyori with a 6 hours long SC reading is at the top of Rushia Slot with a peak of *drumroll* 3.5k.

COME ON GIRLS! It's an open slot, Rushia could make it work!

>> No.27015171

Usaken? Or Shiraken?

>> No.27015180

lol funnel rabbit never change
running away from heavy overlaps

>> No.27015183

>Fauna with a 10k median
Let's gooo. At least someone are taking advantange of a dead month.

Bae's month has been nothing short of catastrophic, but I think you missed a few streams because I'm sure she got a 10k minecraft in there this month.

Look at the kind of games he streams lol

>> No.27015193

Thu Jun 9 12:32:35 2022 No.25765252


Nijisanji strategy
increase only 1 vtuber (salome) has cvv peak highest for build an IPO base .


Hololive stategy
Make all members have avg/median ccv 10k+ (inclined everyone in cover)

> it works

>> No.27015197

ruru rumao

>> No.27015220

tbf, if anyone's gotten fucked the most this meta it's myth. They're literally the main attraction of the game and they aren't even home! Gura wants to play it but only in her own station so that could be a whole week+ before she even touches it

>> No.27015228

Shiraken, I'm retarded and tired, see you tomorrow

>> No.27015241

funny thing about that koyo stream, she literally has instructions on how not to watch it and just wait for the archive to look your name up if you sent her something for her 3D, she sorted the scs by characters and alphabetic order

>> No.27015248

2 game stream can't save her.

?? Rushia SC reading doesn't get a lot of CCV anon. She typically gets 3k-5k with sc reading.

>> No.27015251

Odd she would have stayed there if Kanata didn't decided to cockblock her

>> No.27015264

No, Kobo and Luxiem did not consistently beat their debut numbers on any gameplay stream let alone a multipart stream.
They had an obvious period of incline as people found them naturally.
That’s what makes Salome so suspicious, new audiences don’t find you that fast in that high of numbers.

>> No.27015266


>> No.27015267

Are you brain dead? Look at the debut week numbers Kobo and Luxiem got then and compare them to what they're getting now. It's a clear fucking incline.
No one said shit about them getting 50k streams. We're talking about keeping and inclining from debut buff numbers.

>> No.27015275



>> No.27015281

no 10k avg for nijien this month ?

>> No.27015287

>pekora rescheduled HoloCure
Uhmmmmm.... Holobros??!

>> No.27015289

Yeah I agree, I remember some anon in Indo vtuber thread said that one of the major mistake of NijiID is because their fans are actually gatekeeping as fuck

>> No.27015307

That reason is probably the bigger one ya. Overlap hurts, just looking at what happened to Matsuri today and the triple overlap yesterday of Koyo, Lamy and Watame.

>> No.27015310

>inclined everyone in cover
Post homo and Mel numbers pls covershill

>> No.27015312

>Rushia SC rea-
Anons, I am not talking particularly about Koyori but about the lack of any other taker for the slot in such a way Koyori at her weakest content is dominating the slot with a pitiful 3.5k

Lots of girls could be camping the 6PM slot including some of the weakest on overlap but strong enough on their own (like Kanata)

>> No.27015321

It also helps Kanata too since HoloCure can be a slow incline and sometimes takes over an hour to reach peak.

>> No.27015323

Why is this a big deal again?

>> No.27015325

>mysta actually overtaking gura
how the mighty have fallen theyre slowly fading to irrelevancy noww

>> No.27015333

you are the one who's braindead or being deliberately disingenuous, Salome got THE SAME numbers as HER DEBUT STREAM for TWO STRAIGHT WEEKS no matter what she streamed. Nobody has done that in the history of vtubers, and trying to claim otherwise is either you being disingenous or missing the point

>> No.27015341

she saw kanata put up her frame. probably will suck the viewers since friend-c's asacoco reaction is expected. want to avoid it for max numbers

>> No.27015346

She won't beat salome gold anyway. She's a sub 20k holo why do you expect her to beat 40k stream of salome?

>> No.27015352

>Ranked by fucking hours watched

>> No.27015353


>> No.27015360

It's not even overlap this time though. Everyone literally vacated from that timeslot today and there's like 4 Holo ready to funnel into Pekora.
She probably know better than to do HoloCure right after another HoloCure stream

>> No.27015361

I dont think any of the girls likes that slot other than rushia
they might be using that time to eat or to prepare

>> No.27015363

There's a big difference to inclining as more people find you over time and simply having your debut viewers stick to you like glue for 6 streams.

>> No.27015369

You should learn to read because I have always been talking about debut week numbers, not debut stream numbers. We're not even talking about the same thing.

>> No.27015385

well fuck you we are talking about debut stream numbers because that's the odd thing about Salome, piss off

>> No.27015389
File: 273 KB, 1202x924, over 10k so far 28.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

* streams over 10k so far *
kek, there is a shitpost to be made there, it won't be me doing it tho

>> No.27015409

Is voxx streaming today?

>> No.27015417

I already explained why that excuse doesn’t hold water.
There is no way that many people subbed because of a name.

>> No.27015424

Damn good job Kronii

>> No.27015436

minecraft. he'll be lucky to break 10k

>> No.27015444

yep, i've had her on the background, she's done with numbers, latin alphabet and hiragana/katakana, she's currently doing the kanji names and has a section for koreans and others at the end

>> No.27015446

>that's the odd thing about Salome
It's called being a viral cultural phenomenon.

>> No.27015453


Okay 80K +

>> No.27015457

The scheduled wasn't sure in the first place. It was in her description earlier, it's either 20 or 21 depends when her meeting ends. I think her meeting will end up late and she'll overlap with Shiraken hence she decided to go with 22. Or subaru will also play the same game lol

>> No.27015459

Pekora won't beat kronii's holocure stream.

>> No.27015461
File: 22 KB, 373x372, 1629204018202.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is it time?

>> No.27015467
File: 19 KB, 681x123, ollie moona.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

After a very long time, Ollie finally caught up with Moona

>> No.27015482

so was Gura and she didn't maintain her debut numbers for 2 weeks no matter what she streamed, find another excuse

>> No.27015485

Is this the biggest HoloEN solo gaming stream this year not counting Gura?

>> No.27015486

You guys can take Leos as your example
>debut number: 90k
>normal stream's number: 2k - 3k

>> No.27015489

>viral cultural phenomenon
lmao. she's a FOTM at best.

>> No.27015500

nijitards cant read tables please understand

>> No.27015504

>>He will passed kronii or not ?

>> No.27015506

Meeting? She is not the type to bother with official Holo duty, though it might related to several projects on Summer

>> No.27015510
File: 18 KB, 682x123, sora polka.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sora is on pace to beat Polka to 1M

>> No.27015538

>People think Mysta is great when he needs 50 hours more to beat Gura with small margins
"Data is Useless Without Context"

>> No.27015543

Salome actually beat her debut numbers with her gaming numbers, that's why people thought she would perform differently

>> No.27015546

koyo used to take the 6pm slot a lot before, but as she's gotten busier with dance lessons, voice training and other stuff, she comes home later so she can't anymore

>> No.27015547

These Salome shill posts read exactly like when she debut. I kind of miss them

>> No.27015559

what the fuck ollie's subs growth is better than moona ?

>> No.27015568


>> No.27015576
File: 582 KB, 694x1604, 1627209918278.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Haven't we always done that? What do you think these charts are ranked by?

>> No.27015575
File: 40 KB, 796x188, 1634516643161.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wait a minute is this guy one of us? I'm pretty sure only this place refers to VSPO as the third biggest company in Japan, for everyone else that spot still belongs to 774

>> No.27015585
File: 61 KB, 697x419, kobo 1M.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Interestingly Kobo is on pace to beat both to it

>> No.27015592

Who the fuck is Leos?

>> No.27015597

omar should stop debuffing herself

>> No.27015598

>I already explained why that excuse doesn’t hold water.
Why? People have been doing it since before salome on youtube
There are multiple lets get this video to 1m likes or lets get this channel to 1m subs and the most successful ones are usually the ones with big names behind them

>> No.27015609

dang, she really hit it with normies

>> No.27015619

That takes time to spread, not less than 24 hours.

>> No.27015621



>> No.27015624

Every stats that doesn't put Gura at top is invalid!!

>> No.27015634


Pako-sen ...

>> No.27015639

Leos didnt beat his debut number with a regular gaming stream though in fact i dont recall anyone who has

>> No.27015653

Already discussed and laughed at - see >>27010454

>> No.27015655

Gura at debut was a phenomenon to a niche audience much smaller than the JP vtuber audience, which has grown multiple times larger in the past 1.5 years.

Apart from her 2 costumes and that one karaoke in 2020, there has never been an EN vtuber stream over 100k viewers while we have a dozen a year on the JP side. Salome was a bigger phenomenon to a bigger audience.

The craziest thing about Gura wasn't just her speed to 1 mil anyways, it's how she kept going faster after 1 mil. Doesnt appear like Salome is a phenomenon in this aspect.

>> No.27015657
File: 44 KB, 1077x395, 1654043482071.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon, please..

>> No.27015671

if you want to be anal about it, most holojps from early gens have done that

>> No.27015708

The absurd stunted growth right after Salome hit 1 million is so funny. And Salomefag would still deny that people only sub to her for meme
In under 1 week her sub growth per day went from 80k down to 10k right after she hit 1 million

>> No.27015709

A lot of old big name Vtubers have beat their debut number with their regular stream though?
Like kuzuha, miko, pekora...etc.

>> No.27015717

And gura still hasn't gotten her debut numbers for her regular streams for two straight weeks so ergo Salome getting her debut numbers for her regular streams for two straight weeks cannot be explained by her being a cultural phenomenon, regardless of if it's true or not, find a different angle

>> No.27015720

is shalom still gaining 10k/ day or has it slowed to 10k/3days ?

>> No.27015721

even with the headstart to 1m, can salome beat gura to 2m subs, or has her growth slowed too much?

>> No.27015753

they did? on the same week?

>> No.27015755

based on their content. What they haven't done however is gotten past their debut numbers streaming part eight of a 5 year old game

>> No.27015758

Did they all get 90k on their debuts like salome?

>> No.27015788

IRyS...goddamn you deserve better

>> No.27015790

you got those answers because you have to be more specific anon

>> No.27015807

What's with the schizo who keeps harping on Salome's numbers?

>> No.27015808

She might have hit a wall if i recall but she might get boosted if she gets her a new outfit or a 3d or a concert which are still buff things that they havent done

>> No.27015813

YT and TikTok's algo constantly push her. She's also entertaining so a lot of tourist subcribed.

>> No.27015815

In the same fucking week of a 90k debut?

>> No.27015824

There haven’t been many EN vtuber streams over 100k for a couple reasons.
The major reason is that those are event tier numbers and EN vtubers aren’t able to have those like JP can.
The other reason is because the cull disproportionately effects non JP audiences.
100k is still an event tier stream for JPs, there isn’t even currently a JP that can consistently hit 30k on streams let alone what Salome was getting.

>> No.27015843

so they didn't

>> No.27015846

You know things can be bigger and still be phenomenons right?
Vtubing in 2022 is much bigger than it was in 2020, especially on the JP side. Gura during her debut period, never got the mainstream attention from NA that Salome got from JPs.
Gura didn't even reach her CCV peak until a month in and her peak for regular streams was never as big as Salome's, because JP vtubing in 2022 >>> NA vtubing in 2020.

>> No.27015855

I've just realized that this is happening today: https://twitter.com/inugamikorone/status/1541713315855888384
Is Pekora trying to get the funnel (not from Korone but from the main stream) or I'm overthinking it?

>> No.27015881
File: 2.45 MB, 1920x1080, 1630212710227.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's the only thing Nijisanji has, please understand

>> No.27015894

Nah you are overthinking it
The only reason Pekora move her stream today is because of Kanata

>> No.27015925

>The other reason is because the cull disproportionately effects non JP audiences.
Anon...EN may be culled more than JP but the main reason for the lower numbers is that the EN audience is just both smaller and less centralized than the JP audience
Vtubing is borderline mainstream in Japan, while they're still niche for western audiences

>> No.27015931

Harping on *past* number mind you

>> No.27015936

Why would rabbit avoid kanata? Is kanata playing the game with her roommate?

>> No.27015960

because Kanata will definitely play it for more than one hour and she doesn't want to have her overlap with the same game

>> No.27015964

Red Bora teasing utawaku.... g-gold?

>> No.27015990

That particular table isn't from here and that type of ranking has always been debated over by the anons ITT.

>> No.27015997

Could beat rabbit numbers and secure niji gold

>> No.27016012

Explain how Salome’s CCV fell off faster than Gura’s despite having many more subs at this time.
You’d also have to explain how she reached outside circles in such large numbers in less than 24 hours that she beat her debut numbers.
Your argument also hinges on the idea that these were vtuber fans watching her but her stats prove otherwise.

>> No.27016025

I find it funny how many people are trying to find ways to keep Hololive from getting gold. Just accept the inevitable that Hololive is going to tie with Nijisanji this month despite Niji having a huge lead.

>> No.27016033

>Luxiem in the top spots
See working hard does pay off in the end

>> No.27016049

subaru is playing minecraft or holocure

>> No.27016059

When Ame's myth anniversary VOD is at 1.8 mil views, but it only peaked at 70k, it seems the reason for NA time CCV peaks being lower is there's not as many people watching at 1 timeslot and the fanbases are scattered internationally.

>there isn’t even currently a JP that can consistently hit 30k on streams let alone what Salome was getting.
Except we know streamers like that do exist, like Jun on the JP side and xQc on the EN side, so it is theoretically possible, just never happened to vtuber and unclear if sustainable. Salome is the longest a vtuber has sustained that level of viewership, but all things come to an end eventually.

>> No.27016070

Because both of them are mid tier holo. It will hurt her number.

>> No.27016094

ngl I still think niji will win since it takes just one holo slippage, but man it would be the ultimate comeback if holo ties

>> No.27016096

Hololive doesnt have anything that could secure gold for the next couple of days especially with salome still being a 40k streamer and some events coming up including the VSPO one

>> No.27016102

Having 2 streams with the same game back to back does sound tiring for viewers. Tourist not gonna funnel from a game stream to another with the exact same game immediately after

>> No.27016101

wins one month out of twelve and they'll act like holo declined to the bottom of the trash can and niji is recognized worldwide

>> No.27016111

Now I get why Pekora moved her stream

>> No.27016125

>that type of ranking has always been debated over by the anons ITT.
No it hasn't. It wasn't until ENfags started getting BTFO because their streamers won't fucking stream that they tried to shift to something else but watch hours has always been the primary metric for comparing vtubers due to the fact it combines average CCV with stream output.

>> No.27016135

lol this literally happen yesterday.

>> No.27016139

>xQc on the EN side
>comparing twitch and youtube streamers views

>> No.27016149
File: 461 KB, 913x1251, 7ECF2827-4F3C-4811-B3C4-B76CC03E5439.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That never happens. This to me is one of the weirdest shit about JP culture
>pic related
This is hiyocro, a 774 unit. They’ve been at it for more than half a year now. They’re CCV fluctuates from 700-1k. In terms of CCV, they’re successful 3views. But holy fuck nobody subs to them. Other nijis and indies who can get that CCV would be sitting at 50k+ Subs. And yet they’re barely above 10k for months. Its fucking baffling from an outsider perspective. But Salome getting 1M from the same barely subbing internet culture is even more insane.

>> No.27016157

Yeah no shit, Pekora of all people would know that

>> No.27016164

Eh, it's useful because it includes all metrics, but the holostats table and the chart for medians are (obviously) done by different people.

>> No.27016185

It funnel though what are you talking about.?

>> No.27016187

Kanata is nothing
what I think the issue is because of Subaru
this is not the first time EVERYONE suddenly re-schedule to avoid her for no good reason
I mean look at all those buff game Subaru did, ALWAYS happened on that one magical primetime slot with zero overlaps like a fucking 3D Live
it's like her and management bullied others to clear the way for her
it happens so many times it isn't funny anymore

>> No.27016198

Lies I saw a 2view debut with 10 views and she kept that view count for 1 year

>> No.27016227

Bro...honestly Just kanata is enough to passed salome.....

>> No.27016231

Does anyone think that HoloCure is a way that God helps Yagoo again? He is too lucky for this industry.

>> No.27016233

But not as much I assume

>> No.27016253

are you retarded for some reason?

>> No.27016260

She did stole Pekora's weekend timeslot all for herself

>> No.27016277

>Explain how Salome’s CCV fell off faster than Gura’s despite having many more subs at this time
Tourists lost interest after RE7 ended and she started playing the biggest debuff game I've ever seen.

>You’d also have to explain how she reached outside circles in such large numbers in less than 24 hours that she beat her debut numbers
Salome's debut went viral and spread like wildfire. It has 4.1 mil views already and it got most of that in the first 2 weeks. Vtubers from all companies talked about her or mentioned her. It just got bigger and bigger as the week went on. Fucking Redjuice talked more about Salome than he ever did about Irys and I'll never forgive him for it.

>Your argument also hinges on the idea that these were vtuber fans watching her but her stats prove otherwise.
I said vtubing is bigger than ever as a concept and audience, but I never said it's big enough to permanently sustain 90k viewers. She went viral so obviously a huge chunk of her audiences were either new to vtubing, tourists, or old guard who didn't like Holo or Niji.

>> No.27016284

>surprised that everyone avoids overlapping with tanigos daughter

>> No.27016291

That “70k” was a lot larger than 70k.
VODs are disproportionately high for EN because their CCV is off by a lot and the higher the CCV shown the more people missing.
I was talking about vtubers for the second point but everyone you listed had grown a fan base for years.
Salome literally just debuted and did something that has never happened before with no tangible evidence that it should have been possible.

>> No.27016294

It's having fan's goodwill
something nijiniggers will never have since they are busy making fun of other tubers instead of spending time fostering a good community

>> No.27016341
File: 3.97 MB, 329x502, 489783B0-B1CC-495F-A5FF-9D7CC8CC7808.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Aim lower

>> No.27016344

>spending time fostering a good community
the en vs jp holo fans says otherwise

>> No.27016361

>Salome's debut went viral and spread like wildfire. It has 4.1 mil views already and it got most of that in the first 2 weeks. Vtubers from all companies talked about her or mentioned her.
Revisionism. This only happened AFTER her massive numbers. There was absolutely nothing notable about her debut.

>> No.27016366
File: 239 KB, 1080x1469, 1630530049971.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

God is a holofag, it is known

>> No.27016370

It's funny how people wants to find number related reasons for all Pekora's actions. She moved her stream because she's busy with work. She warned about possible delay yesterday and 99% of time Pekora does that she delays her stream.

>> No.27016373

>He think this e-celeb board that even 4chan itself despise is the entire community

>> No.27016383
File: 18 KB, 442x120, 1642171835986.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what did she mean by this?

>> No.27016392

Its because she's reclining.

>> No.27016398

The fact that her zatsudan without her face on it got like, 40somethingk really indicated to me that those who were watching her were really only thee because she showed up in the recommends with a recognizable thumbnail.
Turbo-tourists, which are even MORE FOTM than normal tourists.
Honestly a showcase in the power of how BIG someone can get if the YT algo pushes them, but she failed to do anything to MAINTAIN the interest of these turbo tourists once she finished up RE:7 and went straight to a super-filtering game.

>> No.27016399

the mods really should lock this entire board down during SEA hours. it's getting out of hand.

>> No.27016402

you spend too much time /here if you think en vs jp holo fans arguments happen frequently outside of 4ch

>> No.27016403

Anya's body is smol

>> No.27016406

>did something that has never happened before with no tangible evidence that it should have been possible.
You could say the same about Gura with her getting to 1 mil subs in a month and getting 4 mil subs before anyone in HoloJP got to 2 mil. Things are always thought to be impossible until they happen.
I don't even know how this is a debate, Salome has the VOD views to backup the absurd CCV in her first 2 weeks so it's not like it's a fake number.

>> No.27016414

i'm gonna get fucking banned for racism so i'll refrain from replying

>> No.27016416

>That “70k” was a lot larger than 70k.
Again, EN may be culled more than JP but high view/CCV ratio is mostly due to the non-centralized nature of the EN audience. We don't have the advantage of a single timezone that JP has

>> No.27016420

he's a nijinigger and forgot that the hololive fanbase isn't all here like the NijiEN fanbase is

>> No.27016427

>There was absolutely nothing notable about her debut
on the eop side on jp she got viral for a while the same way kobo got viral in indonesia but not in the en side

>> No.27016439


I'm god okay ?

>> No.27016449

Anon, this en vs JP nonsense is ridiculous to everyone and just makes me shake my head every time it pops up in /#/. It's usually pushed by 2-3 faggots too, and it's pretty obvious when theybdo it too since they've been at it for pretty much a year+ now. Outside of this thread and maybe /hlg/, such notions will basically get you a weird look and people thinking you need to take some goddamn meds.

>> No.27016457

>talking shit about a holojp senpai
she's gonna graduate

>> No.27016459

>See this post
>Automatically read it with Pekora voice in my head

>> No.27016470

Stop browsing 4chan Matsuri it's not healthy

>> No.27016484

Bruh everyone in JP was talking about how unique it was for a vtuber to debut showing pics of her GI tract and how she filled out a form that "doxxed" herself. Clips of her were getting a 600-800k views in a day.
It was literally a viral debut.

>> No.27016488

Nijiniggers are used to seeing the discussions on /vt/ be representative of the entire fanbase, please understand

>> No.27016489

Depend on which senpai, some of them are pretty nice to their kouhais, some of them...uhhhhh, wouldn't take banter too lightly

>> No.27016500

>God is on holo side due to holocure
>Matsuri is the one that got the first biggest boost from holocure

>> No.27016512
File: 453 KB, 636x716, 1645102518736.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Aieeee I kneel my numberqueen, you've been thinking ahead so many times just to grab a few more viewers here and there...

>> No.27016513

Do indogs just slam their head into keyboard to type?

>> No.27016518
File: 267 KB, 585x564, pomu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

where's nijicure? i just want one 10k gaming stream.

>> No.27016527

Do you guys just look and discuss numbers all day?

>> No.27016528

You didn’t explain anything coherently.
People are not going to watch a multipart stream of a game that’s been played to death in that high of number for the game.
But they also were clearly not there for her considering her fall off and how poorly her talking streams did.
Going viral takes time to reach people outside immediate circles.
Those people will slowly start to show up in metrics.
We’ve seen this multiple times now with Gura, Luxiem and Kobo.
Salome pretty much has the opposite happen to her.
The numbers that she was getting were large event numbers.
Vtubing is not so large in Japan that those are in anyway realistic viewership numbers for what she was doing even with being viral.

>> No.27016530
File: 85 KB, 1650x793, 28-06-22-day.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

More clip numbers.

Rank ~ Channel ~ Clip Views ~ Weighted Clips ~ Total Clips
1 ~ La+ Darknesss ~ 1,245,387 ~ 71.8 ~ 100
2 ~ Inugami Korone ~ 992,468 ~ 28.4 ~ 40
3 ~ Usada Pekora ~ 934,489 ~ 67.1 ~ 87
4 ~ Hyakumantenbara Salome ~ 906,780 ~ 19.1 ~ 21
5 ~ Nanashi Mumei ~ 854,056 ~ 43.9 ~ 58
6 ~ Tsunomaki Watame ~ 710,331 ~ 56.9 ~ 73
7 ~ Yukihana Lamy ~ 705,324 ~ 33.6 ~ 43
8 ~ Mori Calliope ~ 679,526 ~ 19.5 ~ 33
9 ~ Gawr Gura ~ 641,039 ~ 10.9 ~ 26
10 ~ Sakura Miko ~ 553,073 ~ 11.4 ~ 24
11 ~ Hololive VTuber Group ~ 550,354 ~ 11.6 ~ 30
12 ~ Shirogane Noel ~ 537,578 ~ 28.6 ~ 53
13 ~ Kobo Kanaeru ~ 515,575 ~ 34.1 ~ 40
14 ~ Ouro Kronii ~ 500,669 ~ 34.3 ~ 46
15 ~ Takane Lui ~ 498,447 ~ 29.2 ~ 49
16 ~ Kanae ~ 456,197 ~ 8.9 ~ 15
17 ~ Natsuiro Matsuri ~ 444,648 ~ 7.4 ~ 16
18 ~ Vox Akuma ~ 382,860 ~ 21.6 ~ 26
19 ~ Shirakami Fubuki ~ 380,400 ~ 22.5 ~ 41
20 ~ Kuzuha ~ 380,105 ~ 1.8 ~ 4
21 ~ Houshou Marine ~ 376,613 ~ 7.6 ~ 24
22 ~ Momosuzu Nene ~ 366,660 ~ 28.1 ~ 45
23 ~ Oozora Subaru ~ 353,949 ~ 7.7 ~ 15
24 ~ Kazama Iroha ~ 349,008 ~ 21.4 ~ 37
25 ~ Ookami Mio ~ 321,165 ~ 12.3 ~ 23
26 ~ Sakamata Chloe ~ 320,213 ~ 11.9 ~ 39
27 ~ Yashiro Kizuku ~ 298,976 ~ 6.4 ~ 19
28 ~ Takanashi Kiara ~ 290,390 ~ 10.8 ~ 26
29 ~ Watson Amelia ~ 283,829 ~ 14.5 ~ 28
30 ~ Kureiji Ollie ~ 282,974 ~ 7.4 ~ 16
31 ~ Ceres Fauna ~ 280,910 ~ 13.8 ~ 26
32 ~ Mysta Rias ~ 276,232 ~ 5.7 ~ 8
33 ~ Nekomata Okayu ~ 273,889 ~ 8.8 ~ 15
34 ~ Hanabatake Chaika ~ 266,897 ~ 13.2 ~ 26
35 ~ Ninomae Ina’nis ~ 260,835 ~ 5.5 ~ 16
36 ~ Hoshimachi Suisei ~ 259,298 ~ 7.0 ~ 16
37 ~ Hakui Koyori ~ 250,315 ~ 25.3 ~ 43
38 ~ Kaida Haru ~ 235,426 ~ 4.3 ~ 11
39 ~ Tokoyami Towa ~ 229,581 ~ 8.2 ~ 30
40 ~ Nijisanji ~ 226,257 ~ 2.3 ~ 7
41 ~ Shishiro Botan ~ 226,245 ~ 7.6 ~ 11
42 ~ Amane Kanata ~ 225,156 ~ 5.0 ~ 14
43 ~ Ange Katrina ~ 218,629 ~ 4.8 ~ 10
44 ~ Ike Eveland ~ 213,362 ~ 4.5 ~ 7
45 ~ Luca Kaneshiro ~ 210,185 ~ 3.5 ~ 8
46 ~ Hakos Baelz ~ 200,769 ~ 6.0 ~ 16
47 ~ Minato Aqua ~ 197,323 ~ 1.9 ~ 7
48 ~ Kenmochi Toya ~ 186,041 ~ 4.6 ~ 9
49 ~ Pavolia Reine ~ 183,422 ~ 8.6 ~ 14
50 ~ Shu Yamino ~ 164,466 ~ 6.1 ~ 11

Laplus(30->1) shooting to the top with the 3D. For Holocure buffs, Korone(1->2), Pekora(2->3), Mumei(7->5), Watame(31->6), Lamy(10->7), Kronii(34->14), Lui(35->15), Matsuri(3->17). Koyori(37) and Ollie(30) have fallen off in favour of newer reactions.
Salome still strong at 4th. Kanae(27->16) had a good performance today, as well as Nene(46->22), Amelia(48->29), Okayu(53->33), Chaika(69->34), Haru(97->38), Reine(95->49).
Split today is 18.1M to 9.6M.

>> No.27016532

Kobo is talking shit about Anya

>> No.27016533

When I see JP vs EN, I just silently laugh since Nijisanji can't offer anything big that 4chan has to always use EN vs JP as the main bait material.
Hololive as a whole is just that strong.

>> No.27016539

we would love to but tribalfags keep inserting their bullshit into our pure numbers discussion all day

>> No.27016563
File: 208 KB, 1351x274, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Check Moona's channel
>Streamed 5 days ago
Well, that explains it, this is why streaming consistently is important.

>> No.27016575

>Vtubing is not so large in Japan that those are in anyway realistic viewership numbers for what she was doing even with being viral.
So what, you think it's all bots?

>> No.27016579

>implying numbers is not the root cause of tribalfagging

>> No.27016580

Even with Salome, the number of clip views for Nijisanji is only like half of what Hololive has

>> No.27016583

ENfags have always been the niggers of vtubing.

t. JPchad.

>> No.27016586


Stupid vox, I'll passed you soon. just cry and go to the mental hospital , that's all you can .

>> No.27016596

nigger you know full well that tribalfags don't need numbers to tribalfag

>> No.27016598

>No it hasn't.
Incredibly new hands typing. The whole "hours watched" argument goes back to before this board even existed and even in this board you can find posts that questioned the metric for a number of obvious reasons (chief among them, the lack of a direct watch time source from YouTube) all the way back to the early days of the board. That you seem to not know this makes me even question where were you when this happened.

>> No.27016608

This and unironically

>> No.27016615

anya is not a jp talent though?

>> No.27016618
File: 51 KB, 1520x211, 1656399890024 (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No holocure for you /b/omu you have this one tho

>> No.27016619

you fucked it up with your metal gear streams you fucking whore
not getting 10k playing a kino kojima game is such a fucking disgrace

>> No.27016622

Nigger you tried to get Towa in trouble by reporting her to Narukami, poiss off

>> No.27016623

That's "hours watched per time" which was made up by a Chumbud. Hours watched has always been a staple metric of /#/

>> No.27016628

There's number tribalfagging and then quality tribalfagging when numbers don't work out in your favor.

>> No.27016630

>Her numbers are down, but this is such a weird criticism
Dude, she went from averaging 90k-100k for the first 2-3 weeks to barely getting 40k the next week just because she played disaster report. Nobody drops as hard and as fast as she did after the first weeks

>> No.27016633

anon, she's japanese

>> No.27016650

You can easily view farm both VODs and CCV at the same time.
Gura’s incline made sense.
People can very easily point out how and why she got those subs.
Gura also followed the pattern that other viral vtubers have followed.
The same patterns that Salome completely broke.

>> No.27016657

>hololive has a yab
>nijisanji tries to outyab them
every time to the point that this feels like an all out...

>> No.27016659
File: 62 KB, 194x192, 1649600397867.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Hours watched has always been a staple metric of /#/

>> No.27016674
File: 78 KB, 252x265, 1643896230188.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Watch streams.

>> No.27016694
File: 749 KB, 2048x2048, 1649736794831.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.27016697

Has this image been posted anywhere else?

>> No.27016703

she's indonesian though? she's ID talent

>> No.27016718

Holy cropping, literally just use wand in photoshop and it would be miles better

>> No.27016722


>> No.27016725

you sure about that bud

>> No.27016727

This isn’t actually true.
Similar sized ENs and JPs get similar VOD only viewership in the short term.
Gura only differs in that months later her VODs still can get views.

>> No.27016739

yeah but it cant get the same you's as the mori one so people are still using mori as the meta

>> No.27016758

>Gura’s incline made sense
Wtf nothing about Gura's incline made sense. She got to 1 mil in a month and grew faster afterwards. She has twice as many subs as the 2nd most subbed Holo. Her song growth is the most absurd in vtubing history.

She broke trends just as badly as Salome did.

>> No.27016765

Literally the only posts in the archive debating hours watched come from ENfags, primarily Chumbuds, who are upset their talents get mogged.

>> No.27016769

that goes against LORE

>> No.27016772

The original cropped one was much worse, I also don't have a usable computer at the moment so I can't really do much better than that on a phone.

>> No.27016775
File: 329 KB, 1200x675, Hololive-Indonesia-2nd-Gen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27016776

it came from the catalogue actually

>> No.27016787

Some people try to rewrite history

>> No.27016791

seeing how disgusting the situation is with Matsuri makes me really appreciate the distance my oshi makes sure to keep from any individual viewer

Matsuri should fucking know better too, she's one of the most fan-mesen able of most

>> No.27016801

Kek, even ID viewers themselves just decided that Anya is Japanese

>> No.27016806

Cumbuds indeed do yes.

>> No.27016814
File: 36 KB, 337x388, 1656400332321.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes its in the catalog noor is there too defending his " livers " kek

>> No.27016822

nobody fucking uses hours watched in numbers, the key metric for us has always been median CCV ever since average CCV got tossed out

>> No.27016825
File: 56 KB, 1456x793, 28-06-22-recent.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

More clip numbers, recent only (<2 Days). Other here >>27016530

Rank ~ Channel ~ Recent Views ~ Daily Difference
1 ~ La+ Darknesss ~ 1,033,679 ~ (1,006,965)
2 ~ Nanashi Mumei ~ 715,060 ~ (139,767)
3 ~ Tsunomaki Watame ~ 554,023 ~ (480,048)
4 ~ Yukihana Lamy ~ 396,286 ~ (152,366)
5 ~ Inugami Korone ~ 334,938 ~ (-1,008,409)
6 ~ Takane Lui ~ 334,876 ~ (260,273)
7 ~ Usada Pekora ~ 331,561 ~ (-21,967)
8 ~ Ouro Kronii ~ 299,078 ~ (250,034)
9 ~ Mori Calliope ~ 282,432 ~ (154,719)
10 ~ Momosuzu Nene ~ 254,777 ~ (198,686)
11 ~ Hololive VTuber Group ~ 220,615 ~ (-46,682)
12 ~ Kanae ~ 205,222 ~ (163,713)
13 ~ Shirakami Fubuki ~ 179,999 ~ (9,063)
14 ~ Kaida Haru ~ 179,847 ~ (175,029)
15 ~ Hyakumantenbara Salome ~ 178,949 ~ (24,001)
16 ~ Hanabatake Chaika ~ 178,260 ~ (173,653)
17 ~ Shirogane Noel ~ 167,988 ~ (-169,067)
18 ~ Ookami Mio ~ 157,241 ~ (-18,329)
19 ~ Yashiro Kizuku ~ 151,350 ~ (-18,294)
20 ~ Watson Amelia ~ 151,098 ~ (105,470)
21 ~ Kobo Kanaeru ~ 147,678 ~ (48,704)
22 ~ Pavolia Reine ~ 133,995 ~ (126,861)
23 ~ Nekomata Okayu ~ 133,060 ~ (121,274)
24 ~ Vox Akuma ~ 122,627 ~ (-145,386)
25 ~ Kazama Iroha ~ 121,355 ~ (-55,183)
26 ~ Natsuiro Matsuri ~ 112,640 ~ (-627,486)
27 ~ Ratna Petit ~ 97,594 ~ (95,108)
28 ~ Kureiji Ollie ~ 96,176 ~ (-204,366)
29 ~ Ceres Fauna ~ 92,428 ~ (-45,465)
30 ~ Shiina Yuika ~ 92,190 ~ (88,427)
31 ~ Hakui Koyori ~ 92,100 ~ (-47,298)
32 ~ Honma Himawari ~ 81,958 ~ (81,308)
33 ~ Sakamata Chloe ~ 76,326 ~ (-19,724)
34 ~ Ninomae Ina’nis ~ 75,263 ~ (-11,556)
35 ~ Takanashi Kiara ~ 71,671 ~ (-1,993)
36 ~ Gawr Gura ~ 70,202 ~ (-123,440)
37 ~ Vestia Zeta ~ 64,913 ~ (-1,557)
38 ~ Sakura Miko ~ 64,821 ~ (20,623)
39 ~ Mysta Rias ~ 60,469 ~ (-8,627)
40 ~ Elira Pendora ~ 60,210 ~ (-28,630)
41 ~ Omaru Polka ~ 59,729 ~ (28,635)
42 ~ Tokoyami Towa ~ 57,276 ~ (-30,262)
43 ~ Kuzuha ~ 56,015 ~ (56,015)
44 ~ Ike Eveland ~ 51,047 ~ (-11,413)
45 ~ Selen Tatsuki ~ 49,210 ~ (-39,849)
46 ~ Yuuki Chihiro ~ 45,325 ~ (45,325)
47 ~ Luca Kaneshiro ~ 42,698 ~ (17,580)
48 ~ Houshou Marine ~ 42,529 ~ (-6,203)
49 ~ Hakos Baelz ~ 41,428 ~ (-18,060)
50 ~ Petra Gurin ~ 41,299 ~ (36,693)

Laplus at the top obviously. Mumei gets more mature clip views as content is milked, while Watame, Lamy, Lui, Kronii all get more recent clip interest for Holocure distributed between them, making Holocure streamers take up 7 of the top 10 recent.
Nene has high retention with her MC streams. Note several of the lower views are from 1-4 good clips, while the top have over 20. Without buffs, it is hard to stand out.

>> No.27016836


>> No.27016839 [DELETED] 

why are nijiniggers like this?

>> No.27016849

passive aggressive white women cat fight is such a joy to watch

>> No.27016852

got any timestamps for a curious onlooker?

>> No.27016866

But stream it you dumb cat

>> No.27016887

Median CCV is good but it doesn't take into account stream length which means it can't be used on its own. Also you end up with some weird shit like Ayame topping the rankings with 5 streams a month because she literally only ever does special events.

>> No.27016895

What a toxic fanbase the chumbuds are, no wonder why they're hated by absolutely everyone else. You wouldn't see that much toxicity on the other companies... Must be the effect of the box.

>> No.27016902

Welp it was likely going to be faked, but there goes the potential viral "Fubuki reacts to Fubuzilla for the first time!" clip.
RIP Sushi.

>> No.27016913 [DELETED] 

what is wrong with nijiniggers?

>> No.27016918

>Playing it off stream
>We don't get to see Fubukis reaction to Fubuzilla

>> No.27016928
File: 46 KB, 337x388, 1640613222448.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27016937

Not all bots. I think she actually has a Pekora sized real viewerbase at around 20-30k.
I don’t for a second think that all those views and subs came from real people though.
There are far too many unexplainable things going on with her.
Another weird thing for instance is that even when her viewership first tanked and she had a couple thousand fewer chatters, Mito was still the highest overlap and still at only 14%.
If everything was legitimate, those stats should have been much different.

>> No.27016939

Are these EN clips or EN +JP clips?

>> No.27016945

She only stream when she already maximize everything in game, just like Botan back when she played VS

>> No.27016946


>> No.27016954

Bro she already made it clear that she will only stream it after she top the leader board

>> No.27016956

>Demo with around 2 hours of content
>Plays it all off stream
...What the fuck?

>> No.27016965


>> No.27016966
File: 21 KB, 550x143, 1630864745068.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Which one of you fuckers said this was going to be gold again?

>> No.27016979

having sex

>> No.27016980

She is probably waiting until Kay Yu releases Gamers anon

>> No.27016981

Oh no....what happened to the last person who disrupt Pekora's schedule?

>> No.27016983

She'll probably only stream endless mode then. Not sure how much content you can squeeze out of that tho.

>> No.27016985

Why? That's retarded. Who wants to watch her maxed out shit crushing the game after shes grinded off stream for 20 hours?

>> No.27016988

pls andastand she probably overslept

>> No.27016989

Yeah, me.

>> No.27017004

Can't you see? It's 92k ccv right now, close to 100k in less than 10 minutes

>> No.27017008

>9k 8 minutes in
Cmon now

>> No.27017009

I think Niji fans dubbing her as the Gura Killer fucked her numbers up.

>> No.27017013

>8 minutes in

>> No.27017018


>> No.27017030

Cope my ass, fucking give it some time

>> No.27017036
File: 288 KB, 1302x1231, nene 10k.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nene easy 10k. Didn't people say she had reclined?
Did she unreclined?

>> No.27017037

towa&nene is nearing 11k 9 minutes in

>> No.27017044

I think it was funny that there actually was one real instance that can be vetted of one faking a reaction, and that was Matsuri making the Micomet collab on stream and acting surprised at it, when that same day she posted a picture earlier of her playing offstream showing she already made it KEK

But it’s ok. I’ll watch fbk play when she’s ready. She always makes things fun

>> No.27017054

Miko WWE or HoloCure

>> No.27017067


>> No.27017077
File: 52 KB, 734x495, race.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nice race for this slot

>> No.27017078
File: 77 KB, 577x540, 1627097516332.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sure bro, sure

>> No.27017089

>There are people /here/ who doesn't know about the time PekoMiko was trying to get the "Most watched female streamer" award

Twitch unironically killed "hour watched" as a metric, and I not be convinced otherwise

>> No.27017094

The famous jinx

>> No.27017097

towa&nene 12k getto !

>> No.27017103

I'll prefer that over Kronii, who appeared like she didn't get most of the references lmao.
No reaction to elite lava bucket, psycho axe or pichi pichi pima.

>> No.27017108
File: 34 KB, 737x181, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.27017110

shouldn't we count all of the nijis together for the tally, since it's a multi POV of the same event thing? it only seems fair.

>> No.27017131


>> No.27017135

Well time to do it again because Thotmouranth is out and IronLung certainly didn't grab that many hours watched with her "marathon".

>> No.27017136

She debuted as one of the first big corporate EN vtubers during a time when stream watching was at its all time peak.
Vtubers were a pretty hot topic at the time too because people were wondering what the deal was.
She also was a well known person that already had close to 1 million subs.
Gura fit right into the pattern that viral things do.
She started out pretty strong but got even stronger weeks later as things spread.
Even with all of that Salome somehow still got more and also didn’t fit into the viral pattern of growth.

>> No.27017157

I don't think you understand Kobo's and Luxiem's growth, and why anon you replied to were comparing Salome with them.
Debut buff doesn't mean that they only have high numbers only at debut and the next stream, but usually it's includes every streams in the first two weeks.

Salome follows exactly that pattern, the two weeks rule, while Luxiem and Kobo are still growing after >3 months.

>> No.27017174

This collab with Towa is already Nene's highest CCV in over 5 weeks, not that she's been streaming much lol.

>> No.27017213

I’ll give Kronii the benefit of the doubt and say a lot of references kind of do need some investment to know and she was probably more of a HoloEN watcher more than anything. I just say this because there are many EN references the JP girls didn’t get (Korone didn’t even know the skeletons were Mori’s fans, for example) so it’s fair. Kronii’s known to be very calm in demeanor while others are known to be a lot more vocal and reactive

>> No.27017219

Are people rooting against Hololive winning gold that much?

>> No.27017223

>includes every streams in the first two weeks.
Usually first week actually and with each stream declining. Salome was inclining from already absurd numbers, which was the unusual part, but she's normalizing now just like 95% of vtubers before her. It just took longer than usual.

>> No.27017234


>> No.27017250
File: 229 KB, 316x331, 1626949488808.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27017255

5chan will be on meltdown if Kobo beat both of them to 1M.

>> No.27017261

i don't even give a shit if we lose by like 1, it will never erase that month they lost 28-2

>> No.27017273

Both of them are too tired to do it now

>> No.27017275

>hours watched/time
No, I am talking about "Watch Time", YouTube's actually valuable internal metric along with Average Percentage Viewed, which tracks how much of a video is watched by the audience. People post the charts, but very few people take it seriously beyond looking at the "stream time" and be impressed by outlier holos that stream too much or too little.

>> No.27017274

i was expecting higher number from that "gold potential"

>> No.27017315

Kobo and Luxiem didn't maintain their debut numbers for 2 weeks.

Kobo went:
>Debut: 46k
>Post Debut Zatsu: 14.5k
>Valorant: 11k
>Raft 5.5k
>Spooky Night: 4.8k
>Karaoke: 6.7k

Please explain how this is in any way like Salome maintaining her debut 90k for 8 streams straight?

>> No.27017320

Can’t be worse than Gura logging every JP

>> No.27017342

It's why you don't ever use just one metric, but shitposting don't care about actual thinking.

>> No.27017356

don't worry, when she passes Vox we'll have our own little meltdown too

>> No.27017366

Even if Nijisanji wins this month, the win is not going to feel good since they blew a huge lead. This month should have been Nijisanji's domination, instead it's a close race.

>> No.27017371

No one have the data of this.

>> No.27017375

Niji got the last gold of the month and acted like hololive days are over.

>> No.27017380

Now it's the highest she's gotten since the singing collab with Azki on the 10th of April.

>> No.27017389

Only nijifags even considered that MC event gold.

>> No.27017433

Strange cause when salome was teased i seem to recall people saying that june would be a massacre for nijisanji even with their new debut?

>> No.27017435

There are very good reasons to use hours watched over median CCV. Hours watched accounts for time streamed, median CCV doesn't. Hours watched accounts for the ability to maintain an audience over time.

Median CCV is a good metric but the fact that it doesn't measure the duration spent streaming is it's flaw. Having Ayame on top of any ranking is obviously wrong because streaming only for events skews the numbers. Meanwhile maintaining 30k for 3-4 hours at a time like Subaru has done the past few weekends is VERY impressive but median CCV doesn't take that into account at all.

Hours watched is the best all round metric to measure vtubers because it captures the ability of a streamer to:

1. Actually stream consistently
2. Maintain a high CCV over a large number of streams for prolonged durations

>> No.27017436

Phone poster cumtard...

>> No.27017440
File: 919 KB, 3587x3000, 1629217944020.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.27017461

They wont use that metric simply because it paints hololive in a bad way and shows how lazy majority of their streamers are

>> No.27017463

But it was understandable, Gura is from the EN market, English is the Lingua Franca of the world and most of the developed countries with good access to internet can speak English.

An Indonesian beating them is a different case. Most of the Japanese didn't even know the difference between India and Indonesia.

>> No.27017500

Aaaaaa run faster orca chan!!!!!

>> No.27017501

Rewrite history again?

>> No.27017508

Siro anniversary featuring Sora and AZKi and others

>> No.27017512
File: 185 KB, 1208x848, nene 20k.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>This collab with Towa is already Nene's highest CCV in over 5 weeks, not that she's been streaming much lol.
Last time Nene had a peak this high was her collab with AZKi all the way back in April

>> No.27017516

can you uoohh flat midgets

>> No.27017523

>15 ~ Hyakumantenbara Salome ~ 178,949 ~ (24,001)
The fad is over, imagine not being able to get good recent clippable moments from playing GTAV

>> No.27017528

Please don’t lie about thing people can easily check. 4chan archive is a thing

>> No.27017529

I don't know but that won't stop me

>> No.27017534

>shows how lazy majority of their streamers are

>> No.27017541
File: 377 KB, 534x805, FWPWeHwaAAAUFCI.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I dunno if this was posted already, but did Sony finally found their breakout star? that's an insane number of like/RT for a pre-debut sonychuuba!

>> No.27017543

kanata chose ame first

>> No.27017549

imagine playing gtav in 2022 and not saying the n word what a waste

>> No.27017559

She already pass the N-word moment

>> No.27017560

I vote we permanently keep Salome in the daily tally as she fades away into being a 3k streamer as a reminder to Nijiniggers of the folly of their hubris

>> No.27017566

The point is they're not the same...
Kobo and Luxiem both dipped after debut week and have now inclined far past their old numbers.
Salome, after an meteoric 2 weeks, is stabilizing like the vast majority of vtubers that came before her.

>> No.27017569
File: 348 KB, 900x844, nier laughing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>twitter metrics translating into youtube viewership

>> No.27017571

92k likes and barely 2k subs? Botted. Like Nijisanji in the end...

>> No.27017574

Can't say anything until I see his debut

>> No.27017573

she totally missed out on the viral potential by totally avoiding the N word moment.

>> No.27017581

anon do we have to talk about how twitter likes don't do shit again?

>> No.27017599

How do you know that? Did you perhaps already calculate the number for us? Feel free to show

>> No.27017602


>> No.27017611

are you new with twitter likes ?

>> No.27017627
File: 824 KB, 1814x1214, PPT.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And PPT overtakes the Niji Summer event "potential gold" contender.

>> No.27017626

i saw some kpop fans on his likes list. probably overinflated his numbers with their usual tactics.

>> No.27017630

Holy fuck they make their own Kanaki Ken

>> No.27017633

I second this. nijis need to learn their place.

>> No.27017651

Not edgy enough

>> No.27017655

If she just said NIGGADESUWA she could've become viral again

>> No.27017654

The event haven't started yet retard

>> No.27017669
File: 3.33 MB, 2370x4096, 1639081130829.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

New nabiclone

>> No.27017676

Pekora and Furea already have a 11k and 15k waiting room respectively...

>> No.27017680

They will memory hole it like the time when they were crying about how salome was botted even though she had normal graphs unlike luxiem

>> No.27017700

She has to school's final and recording, anon

>> No.27017704

so, you admit that luxiem is botted?

>> No.27017708

Did people mistake this as OC fanart or something?
I've seen art get big numbers on low follower accounts, but this hilarious. His other tweets don't get number either, it's just this one.

>> No.27017707

>Salome follows exactly that pattern
Salome DOESN'T follow that pattern. What happened with Salome is completely unprecedented. Debut buff doesn't mean you maintain your debut CCV for 2 weeks, that has never happened before and that is not what debut buff is. Salome was getting 90k to regular old Resident Evil streams. The only other vtuber who has even come close to that feat was Chloe who got 70k to her English Karaoke and that was around half of her peak debut CCV. Salome was getting MORE CCV than her debut on Part 5 of Resident Evil.

It's ridiculously disingenuous to claim it was just "debut buff".

>> No.27017710

>If she just said NIGGADESUWA
Just like with "o herb", she could say the japanese equivalent to "afro-descendant" and make major bank

>> No.27017718

The two weeks rule doesn't mean that every vtubers has the same pattern. What is common is by the end of the second week, they will start (or even started earlier) to recline/decline and then stabilize.
That's not the case with Kobo/Luxiem.
And it's funny you brought up Kobo's number because nowadays Kobo is a >10k vtuber, compared to her being a 5k-6k vtuber in her first week. Confirming that she is inclining. Salome is inclining if she can get more than 100k ccv right now, in her second month.

>> No.27017717


>> No.27017723

so what's the peak for that "potential gold"

>> No.27017725

>implying anyone else other than miko can get the n-word pass

>> No.27017729

EOPs are taking notice because of Uto/Ame similarity and the fact that he's Nabi's first son congrats Nabi-sensei for the successful delivery of a baby boy TuT

>> No.27017733

Why he named himself white powder.

>> No.27017748
File: 93 KB, 638x509, 1628480743125.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You tell me

>> No.27017755
File: 60 KB, 750x655, 1656301505318.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Of course luxiem is botted same with calli
EN are absolute scum and was a disaster for both companies

>> No.27017761
File: 833 KB, 1802x1188, LEAD.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And PPT takes the lead.

>> No.27017763

Good boy design by nabi

>> No.27017771

so what numbers will she get when it eventually start ?

>> No.27017799

I mean clearly Salome did not have a normal debut, she got to 1 mil subs in 2 weeks and broke a bunch of records. Call it "viral tourist buff" if you want.
Now it's wearing off around the same time as her debut buff so she's stabilizing, which is what most vtubers do.

>> No.27017815


Salomi behide you

>> No.27017817

I would say around 50k

>> No.27017822

>she's stabilizing
lmao. she's still reclining.

>> No.27017836
File: 65 KB, 1852x753, 28-06-22-source.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

More clip numbers, by source for clips <4 days old. The timeframe was chosen arbitrarily.

Rank ~ Video ~ Summary ~ Cumulative Views ~ Days Active (Rounded)
1 ~ fKt1sghLDmQ ~ Korone (Holocure) ~ 1,981,370 ~ 2
2 ~ nZLc2MRGVRs ~ Pekora (Holocure) ~ 1,806,246 ~ 3
3 ~ V0Zk55CpFEM ~ Laplus (3D) ~ 1,337,712 ~ 1
4 ~ nAvU0rFKEC4 ~ Matsuri (Holocure) ~ 1,259,429 ~ 2
5 ~ CxKt-kwPDBo ~ Iroha (Ringfit) ~ 1,165,975 ~ 3
6 ~ c93zuvz12uU ~ Mumei (Holocure) ~ 1,052,509 ~ 1
7 ~ 8DQWjvFBma4 ~ Noel (3D Live) ~ 976,296 ~ 3
8 ~ UErEBI1J8hg ~ Salome (Shelf Assembly) ~ 767,614 ~ 3
9 ~ gkOPn0P21F8 ~ Kiara (Talk) ~ 620,737 ~ 3
10 ~ 8SOyT9lswbg ~ Lamy (Talk) ~ 610,056 ~ 2
11 ~ fOsc25OJZ0o ~ Mori (Dead by Daylight) ~ 594,600 ~ 3
12 ~ EV79oBtV2o4 ~ Matsuri (Holocure) ~ 572,965 ~ 3
13 ~ RP1wIS9aSVc ~ Vox (Mario Golf) ~ 517,413 ~ 3
14 ~ Lz4aBArrFCE ~ Watame (Holocure) ~ 503,597 ~ 1
15 ~ jAozullMQio ~ Subaru (Talk) ~ 495,778 ~ 3
16 ~ rlAGO0kJrEA ~ Mumei (Draw) ~ 413,559 ~ 2
17 ~ n71kXB134i0 ~ Ollie (Holocure) ~ 396,024 ~ 2
18 ~ CQF46f6e9NY ~ Mori (Song Party) ~ 349,599 ~ 1
19 ~ LOgdQf5PVYs ~ Lamy (Holocure) ~ 329,020 ~ 1
20 ~ gVLPyoFn0Jk ~ Lui (Holocure) ~ 323,164 ~ 1
21 ~ -rcd9JKJY9E ~ Noel (After Live) ~ 323,141 ~ 2
22 ~ EaLHJrxYa4U ~ Pekora (Minecraft) ~ 323,017 ~ 2
23 ~ WcANAOG76lE ~ Yashiro (Mahjong) ~ 315,928 ~ 2
24 ~ AkcrwQ6fQyU ~ Ange (Talk) ~ 291,511 ~ 3
25 ~ rhCEubxY5sg ~ Kronii (Holocure) ~ 286,827 ~ 0
26 ~ jHUeIJEsJeY ~ Fubuki (News) ~ 281,726 ~ 3
27 ~ CREDBr3iceg ~ Koyori (Minecraft) ~ 249,052 ~ 2
28 ~ fEKzNywEQvM ~ Fubuki (Phasmophobia) ~ 218,831 ~ 3
29 ~ z0K6GpUsiCo ~ Korone (Little Nightmares) ~ 209,673 ~ 3
30 ~ qZxCHs-ulw0 ~ Fauna (Minecraft) ~ 208,526 ~ 2
31 ~ uFXbPSZmAJI ~ Botan (Custom PC) ~ 205,995 ~ 2
32 ~ Ewt1K5qh6sM ~ Chaika (Birthday) ~ 201,623 ~ 1
33 ~ YcUGwAEGaeA ~ Kanae (Rust) ~ 193,694 ~ 1
34 ~ np69EW1z0BU ~ Pekora (Ramen) ~ 180,561 ~ 1
35 ~ SsDAWtidOL8 ~ Nene (Minecraft) ~ 171,129 ~ 1
36 ~ MRJtLHrI3nw ~ Salome (GTA) ~ 170,136 ~ 1
37 ~ XNdO_Ikpx1E ~ Towa (Fall Guys) ~ 166,208 ~ 2
38 ~ C31UYsrAAhQ ~ Haru (3D) ~ 137,011 ~ 3
39 ~ fqJXi79QnQY ~ Amelia (Offcollab Chatting) ~ 135,078 ~ 1
40 ~ 8d4LnRn1jds ~ Hololive (Iroha Anime) ~ 130,956 ~ 2
41 ~ WTJljoK-qbE ~ Masaru (Typing Competition) ~ 129,018 ~ 2
42 ~ G9R3BtVAWvY ~ Nene (Talking) ~ 126,367 ~ 2
43 ~ It1mkkQ-gP8 ~ Lui (Post-3D Talking) ~ 117,039 ~ 3
44 ~ RZ_JP2_jqMw ~ Fubuki (Anniversary) ~ 114,519 ~ 2
45 ~ MsGH-SyP6Gw ~ Baelz (Chat/Announcement) ~ 109,411 ~ 3
46 ~ Lvgn_HbDeuA ~ Elira (Somnium Files) ~ 107,674 ~ 2
47 ~ PiozeuzR6EU ~ Ike (Resident Evil 2) ~ 105,546 ~ 3
48 ~ VGVFnb15NZ4 ~ Mio (Talking) ~ 102,614 ~ 2
49 ~ A3tKdMzEKd4 ~ Polka (Talking) ~ 92,024 ~ 1
50 ~ IvD27PRyYw8 ~ Kanae (Monster Hunter Rise) ~ 90,996 ~ 3

Holocure makes up a lot of these, but Laplus at 3rd only has 1 days worth compared to Korone with 3 days. Talk streams are surprisingly clippable it seems.

>> No.27017838

I gave you Kobos numbers anon. She was down to 5k from 46k by her 4th stream. That's a 90% drop and is pretty normal.

Salomes streams went:
Debut: 86k
Stream 1: 95k
Stream 2: 100k
Stream 3: 110k
Stream 4: 95k
Stream 5: 92k
Stream 6: 102k

And so on. Saying she's following any kind of "pattern" by dropping only now a month in is retarded.

>> No.27017845
File: 236 KB, 2000x1000, nabi clones.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Damn, Nabi samefaces as fuck, this is just short haired Uto

>> No.27017848

Kanata 20k

>> No.27017868

Uto went to Thailand

>> No.27017871

Kanata 19K getto
Kanata 20K getto

>> No.27017874

did she get the tail buttplug yet?

>> No.27017877

>Call it "viral tourist buff" if you want.
I'll call it what it is. Botting. No streamer maintains 90k+ for Resident Evil 7 so many streams in a row.

>> No.27017882

yep she's using it now

>> No.27017885

>Kanata 20k

>> No.27017907
File: 1.22 MB, 1156x1290, mya.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

she need to worm hard to get 50k

>> No.27017911

they even has almost the same name kek. some people are even calling him Uto's twin.

>> No.27017912

Kek ogey. Good luck on your crusade to prove it.

>> No.27017917

Of course no one does, because it's the actually valuable data.

I do understand the intent of the metric, but that wasn't even my point in the first place. I was simply pointing out that the metric itself is a source of debate on these threads because of how incomplete/unreliable its source data is and how some look down on people that simply rack up the hours by streaming pretty much nonstop.

Holos aren't just streamers. They have more to do than just logging in to play some random game and calling it a day.

>> No.27017925

>Now it's wearing off
It would've been normal for it to be wearing off 3 weeks ago. Face it, the bot bill just got too expensive for Riku.

>> No.27017943

but she has normal graphs compared to luxiem though?

>> No.27017950

Smart move for Pekora. Overlapping Kanata tho. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvidiKGqU9o

>> No.27017959

And they are gonna end it with massive fireworks.
Can't wait to see holocope after niji take today's gold kek.

>> No.27017978

This might win the day.

>> No.27017985

oh god, if kanata goes long enough she's gonna get annihilated

>> No.27017986

yeah pekora is actually pretty smart for this, positioning her to get possibly 3 funnel
truly the funnel rabbit

>> No.27017992

Kronii always sounds bored and sarcasm when she gets excited, most of the item references are jp, she's more en give her some slack. At least she knows Noel's milk.

>> No.27017998

They're going to say it's the expensive bots that are unnoticable. It fits their fantasy that Riku can't afford them anymore because of how expensive they were.

>> No.27018014

Gold contender!!

>> No.27018024

Nope, she's only overlapping with Mr. Koro, Peggers moved 2+ hours more.
What might happen is if Shuba ends by the 1 hour mark then it'll funnel to Furea and if that ends in 1 hour then that funnels to Pekkers.

>> No.27018025

you got last year's numbers ?

>> No.27018043
File: 1014 KB, 1750x1650, selen laughing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

NTA but since when rrats need to be proven? Just spread them and, if they're of good stock, the little rratlings will survive and multiply and take over, first the sewers then polite society as well

>> No.27018051


>> No.27018059

Nah, I can see Subaru going for two hours though, one hour would be uncharacteristically short for a gaming stream.

>> No.27018061


>> No.27018071

Yeah pretty normal behavior for their kind trying to exucse their decline with imaginary ccv culls that somehow only affects holo while inclines from other companies are bots

>> No.27018085

so which one ?

>> No.27018103

nijis always lie. you can't trust a word they say.

>> No.27018112

70k one
this event might get 50-60k in the end

>> No.27018114


Nijisanji bots
Salome viewsfarm

it's different

>> No.27018123

Truly deserves to be called the genuine queen of this thread, Salmonella or the Pink whore can't even match her power.

>> No.27018133

Easy gold for nijisanji then. I don't see anyone from holo beating 70k

>> No.27018143

Dont forget about the ccv cull cope from holokeks

>> No.27018159
File: 709 KB, 4012x2428, 1633056753403.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Iketog nijEN fujos absolutely hate her

>> No.27018162


>> No.27018166

Provide the stream so we can check if it was recorded.

>> No.27018182


>> No.27018189

I know that's why I said smart move for Pekora. Kanata started her stream late and has not peak yet, her and shuba will definitely overlap and maybe it will affect their numbers.

>> No.27018202

That honestly makes sense seeing as how most of her viewers are also pekora viewers and pekora is a well known numberfag so she might be using the same bots as salome

>> No.27018205

To be honest, Salome's number is too absurd even for normal streamer standards that I can't blame some people think the number is botted or viewfarmed

>> No.27018211

>just bait after bait and bait being taken as fact by more shitposters and baitmakers repurposing bait for grudgeposts
Every day, I wonder if /#/ will be a little less shit. I am reminded that that isn't possible unless 3/4 of the baitposting faggots get banned like that one time with the idiot that bottes Millie and the Meidos just swept away an entire thread's worth of posters.

>> No.27018234

They sound like Chumbuds vs Deadbeats here about the recent party incident. Maybe we aren't so different afterall.

>> No.27018251

Weird i thought that was a jab was more on millie than pomu since her supposed scandal is spreading in the sea community

>> No.27018271

>subaru only has 2k waiting
>holokeks said it could be today's gold

>> No.27018277

Salamis numbers are bots from the dark web thats why its insanely high and can't detect by yt.

>> No.27018289

Okay, I don't think PPT will even reach 30k by this point, she's mostly going to be fodder for the funnels later on.

>> No.27018295

Honestly this thread and this general should just be nuked nothing good ever came out of it

>> No.27018298

Oh yeah, Q have reached 15M btw

>> No.27018321

>subaru only has 2k waiting
more than most nijis get when they're actually streaming. good for her.

>> No.27018336

Yeah they are also the same bots used by pekora thats why they have the same chat activity

>> No.27018338


>> No.27018341

kanata 25k getto !

>> No.27018342

man kobo numbers are insane

>> No.27018346

Your mom should have swallowed you as well, and yet here you are, whining about useless things in a useless thread.

>> No.27018383

Holocure buff continues to be strong. This is already higher than any VS stream Kanata has done.
Too bad Subaru is starting soon.

>> No.27018387

agree almost all of the schizo rrats have been started by this thread like the bot and the fake discord screenshots, deleting this general will be a good thing for the board

>> No.27018394

around 2k went to towa&nene's stream

>> No.27018432

desu it's her fault she started he stream late but yeah it could've been a bit higher if she starts on time, which saddens me a bit

>> No.27018450

fuck off pekora only low tier jps should enjoy the holy buffs from humble ens

>> No.27018455

Kobo's CCV is one thing, but the most absurd thing is her VOD views. She's mini-Gura in that aspect.
So many 300k VODs for ~10k CCV.

>> No.27018502

i await chocosen's VS stream

>> No.27018520

Yes ofc koyori is a top tier holo. When we discuss the top tiers, koyori always comes up, because we love watch hours here

We even have a daily watched hours medal tally. Fucking retards

>> No.27018534

Pekora is low tier though.

>> No.27018603
File: 159 KB, 1102x1393, niji over 70k.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

With some anon up there saying some Niji event got 70k last year, here is an interesting table
> Nijisanji streams over 70k since late July 2021
The cutting point is because Mado doesn't carry older streams than that

Here is the number of 70k+ streams per channel
>20x: Salome
>12x: Nijisanji
>6x: Kuzuha
>2x: Rindou
>2x: Melissa
>2x: Toya
>1x: Chima, Masaru, Haru, Hayase Sou, Gaku, Fuwa, Oliver, ChroNoiR, Furen, Sango, Axia, Leos, Lauren

Funnily enough Salome stream ground to a halt right after reaching 1M and streaming the last of Biohazard.

>> No.27018675

So as some Anons have said, turbo-tourist light mode users who fucked off after she finished her game and they treated her as FOTM event fodder and discarded her after.

>> No.27018684

Pekora is the one who chooses which shitters should be saved or not, we don't have a word in that matter...

>> No.27018719

shuba 10k getto

>> No.27018722

Wait I didn’t even realize Subaru putting a holocure frame up

Back to back to back holocure streams for today. Jesas

>> No.27018738

oh man, i hope someone have a list of gold tally for every month from the start

>> No.27018770

Hence why Pekora moved her stream to the later slot. She noticed Subaru's frame and opted to not engage in a 3-way fight for Holocure numbers.

>> No.27018773

Tier from holo is about ccv. Watch hours is not used for that it is used to track who have the highest watch hours nothing more nothing less. Stop malding just because gura is not topping this.

>> No.27018789
File: 768 KB, 1816x1194, FRAY.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mr. Koro & Shuba enter the fray.
Niji Summer Event officially starts with other POVs.

>> No.27018808

she's doing watchalong, and it will end in 20 mins anyway

>> No.27018828



>> No.27018865

Doesn't matter, NeneTowa collab has ended and viewers are already migrating.

>> No.27018867

>Niji Summer Event officially starts with other POVs.
I counted 20 POVs already lmao. Brutal overlap with none of the big names.

>> No.27018873
File: 45 KB, 705x402, kobo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What did she mean by this?

>> No.27018878

I mean it sounds like you agree with me but you're being a retard about it. Yes I agree watch hours tracks who had the most watch hours, not who is the more popular or relevant streamer. Glad we agreed to this basic fact.

>> No.27018879

>>15302423 Q4 2021 where they got massacred.

>> No.27018966

/#/ is declining

>> No.27018994
File: 777 KB, 1812x1190, FUNKY.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Amamya experiencing a cardiac arrest with the start of the NIji Summer event, she might be experiencing a heat stroke.

>> No.27019013

I have spent months in this thread about big numbers yet I look down upon pekora for actually trying to get them all the time
What is my mental malfunction?

>> No.27019035

Aieee so that's what a 70k stream should look like?!!

>> No.27019037

because pekora uses the same bots as salome does thats why they have the same fan overlap

>> No.27019051


>> No.27019060

I was able to count 37 participants in the event.

>> No.27019070


>> No.27019083

I found your address Noor. Tick tock.

>> No.27019087

>ex niji cucking holo chance for a tie

>> No.27019124

She won't get more than 30k that's fine ~

>> No.27019129
File: 90 KB, 720x181, kobo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what in the absolute fuck went wrong?

>> No.27019131

>Bae supports russia

>> No.27019170
File: 288 KB, 1381x2113, holo over 70k.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here is for Hololive. Starting point was put at 2021-07-17, as that's the day Mado started recording for Nijis.

Here is per channel
>9x: Miko, Hololive
>7x: Marine, Pekora
>6x: Aqua
>5x: Chloe
>3x: Suisei, Rushia, Laplus
>2x: Flare, Ame, Ayame, Calli, Iroha, Shion, Koyori, Lui, Lamy
>1x: Polka, Subaru, Noel, Bae, Korone, Aki, Kanata, Fauna, Nene, Sana, Mumei, Okayu, Haachama, Gura, Fubuki, Watame, Kronii

>> No.27019171
File: 766 KB, 1802x1204, CARDIAC.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And amamya is now recovering from her cardiac arrest, must've taken some water.

>> No.27019180

It's a cute cover

>> No.27019187

might be a solid 35k maybe even beating salome 40k

>> No.27019193

In comparison to Luxiem's new hype OG song, she's doing well for an ID

>> No.27019209

lol numberfag queen

>> No.27019239
File: 27 KB, 443x178, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

watch out, salomi!

>> No.27019246

The clip above says "Holo ID is harmonious" and it's the 5 girls besides Kobo singing their names. She says "I as HoloEN am jealous" or something like that, because she arrived late and wasn't part of it.

>> No.27019261
File: 79 KB, 747x478, 1642605765038.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is why Pekora ran away from this slot
Nice Z btw

>> No.27019288

Amane Kuzuha...

>> No.27019287

And coming from behind a duck has taken the lead in this horse race!

>> No.27019290
File: 7 KB, 249x249, 1645817101592.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can rewind shuba's stream...

>> No.27019295
File: 3.50 MB, 1920x1080, Z.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27019309

did subaru just z ?

>> No.27019323

lol shuba also got a z

>> No.27019338

Imagine if pekora wins the days with a Z

>> No.27019349
File: 3.34 MB, 262x312, 1618279519707.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27019369
File: 24 KB, 901x217, others over 70k.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And here is for the rest of the industry, of course just the ones tracked by vstats and vrabi
Here is per channel
>6x: Hal
>1x: Shigure Ui, Kizuna AI

>> No.27019370
File: 76 KB, 652x496, 1632717696363.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yep, she was talking about the stream lagging too

>> No.27019374

tsuna will take lots of golds from holo kek

>> No.27019387

What is "Niji Summer Event", is it their equivalent of Holo Sports Fes? Are the ENs involved in it?

>> No.27019417
File: 113 KB, 218x346, z.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27019420

The October one? yeah its their equivalent

>> No.27019428

And the duck also experiences a cardiac arrest.
Amamya lagging behind a gorilla and a duck.

>> No.27019468

t-the event hasn't st-started y-yet

>> No.27019482

Why is salome not included in this?

>> No.27019519
File: 1.10 MB, 1319x915, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

based mel-mama

>> No.27019534

She hates numbers.

>> No.27019536

3.2k waiting, over 35k or lower? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5EQ4ADmUVM

>> No.27019540
File: 2.68 MB, 1195x3756, summerfes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kek, I don't think it was a good idea to hold this festival with this much overlap.
They legit have two views in it
>pic related

>> No.27019555

holy shit holy shit holy shit BFs LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

>> No.27019559

She doesn't do collabs and also doesn't stream this early.

>> No.27019576

>77 CCV
is this the power of the biggest company in the field?

>> No.27019605

This is a project from amamiya and kaida, not company made.
Amamiya posted on twitter whoever wanted to participate on the opening and over 30 from all branches came

>> No.27019611

Why is no one popular participating?

>> No.27019642

cause its not the actual festival its just them celebrating the completion of the pool they are gonna use for the october one

>> No.27019652


>> No.27019653

there's a lot of popular nijis in there. sasaki, hskw, furen, toko, ars, amamiya, luca..

>> No.27019664

Only Petra came? Not even Shu or Elira?

>> No.27019670

What was the total for Usaken festival or sports fes? Idk which one is the equivalent.

>> No.27019672

>This is a project from amamiya and kaida, not company made.
kek, WTF? You know you don't need to defend Nijisanji honor at every implication they're at fault, don't you?

>> No.27019675

niji really does spam events constantly, huh.

>> No.27019685
File: 769 KB, 1808x1206, DUCK.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Duck has recovered from its cardiac arrest and is leading the pack while the gorilla is close in 2nd.
Amamya losing more steam as their Muli-POV chokes her.

>> No.27019696

So you could say it's aa.....pre-celebration?

>> No.27019710

Flare ch. 30k will already be a good number.

>> No.27019713

yeah thats one of the only ways they can make other talent get exposure

>> No.27019717


>> No.27019756

Either Shiraken or Pekora

>> No.27019759

The nijispecial!

>> No.27019774

>make other talent get exposure
>Kado 77 viewers

>> No.27019780

she doesn't need the Z to win
btw Pekora and Miko are the only two I have yet see a Z
even their streams lag a lot it never happen
it is so unfair when others like Subaru just gain like 5k more peak every stream just by Zing

>> No.27019782

im clarifying. theres events made by the own company, like the mahjong soul tournament and then personal projects like this one from mya
Petra is the EN that collabs the most with overseas branches, then Selen. Elira is very shy to do collabs like that.
the ones streaming in EN are Petra and Sonny, while luca is on Sonny pov.

>> No.27019813

>laplus Z'd her way to 150k
I kneel. How does Laplus' 3D vod views fare against Chloe's 3D 1 day later? Iirc Chloe got to 1 million pretty fast but I'm not too sure.

>> No.27019822

Pekora already experienced Z anon.

>> No.27019823

Just about all the big hitters of Hololive show up today. Where were they when Salome got gold with 44k?

>> No.27019834

Okay Noor/ShinobiHost

>> No.27019839

yeah it sucks but it still is exposure for them

>> No.27019841

The duck has an 8k lead and is still inclining.

>> No.27019855

Subaru 31K getto

>> No.27019885

Is HoloCure considered an "event" as well?

>> No.27019895

why are you seething over a simply thing like that anon?

>> No.27019901

>im clarifying. theres events made by th-
Who the fuck cares?

>> No.27019904

As much of an event as Salome normal game stream

>> No.27019908

no. it's a fan game. nijis wouldn't understand.

>> No.27019916

Something funny is happening with Subaru's soundcard, the soundquality for the game is fucking up

>> No.27019920

because everyone who likes nijisanji is either a bot or intern apparently

>> No.27019924

Ofcourse when gura play that it will be the biggest event for holo this year.

>> No.27019927

Pekora did get a Z recently but she won like 500 viewers at most for the peak, not that great compared to the others or even Lapussy with a 50k one.

>> No.27019934

Don't count Holocure stream

>new rule

>> No.27019937

Daily reminder that daily peak CCV tally is a purely /#/ thing

>> No.27019941

kek, is it starting to get to the point that
>everything Holo girls do is an event
Eating sushi? EVENT!

>> No.27019967

seethe more nijinigger.

>> No.27019966

Its the only way hololive will look relevant

>> No.27019972

not true, it's also a thing on nip numberfag sites

>> No.27019979

>Falseflagging holofan
so, which one is it?

>> No.27019983

Is it just me or I rarely get any Subaru recommendations, maybe because she has a solid jp audience?

>> No.27019990

>Daily reminder that daily peak CCV tally is a purely /#/ thing
Not really, Matome lads do it too!

>> No.27020010
File: 104 KB, 995x513, 1656347795458.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ruru rumao

>> No.27020011

Don't count botted and viewfarmed streams as well.
>NijiCN+Salmonella: out

>> No.27020021

Ok I stand corrected
It's a purely autist numberfag thing

>> No.27020022

Why can't Niji fandom make something like HokoCure? We have the power to do it.

>> No.27020023

>>i luv you dude

>> No.27020031

Noor is a shapeshifter, or even worse, a schizo

>> No.27020048


>> No.27020077

So is the duck heading to 40k Salome can’t possibly be mogged twice today

>> No.27020080

less than 2k subs...

>> No.27020089

Oh yeah that whore too, I would be happy if she were to get the fuck out of HoloEN.

>> No.27020103

Fanbase is comprised of Fujos and Bots.

>> No.27020105

So no number from friend Holocure till at least August huh

>> No.27020123

dont forget about gura's botted subs

>> No.27020132

UMG wants numbers
Public company wants numbers

>> No.27020130

>>ok don't count Calli

Luxiem median 2K no Z

>> No.27020136

Is Salome a villain like Frieza, the most powerful being of the universe when it's introduced, only to become a punching bag for every new character?

>> No.27020154

If you combine them all together their number is pretty scary.

>> No.27020160

Fanbase consisted of Hololive anti contrarian that do the opposite of literally everything Hololive fan do to spite them

>> No.27020182

About to pass 900k VOD.

>> No.27020185

salome isn't streaming today

>> No.27020187


>> No.27020190


Ok that bitch

and let's check luxiem z stream

>> No.27020211

Damn that's a lot of Niji Minecraft

>> No.27020213

they can't even sell their doujinshi let along doujin games
they will just get shut down

>> No.27020215

Might as well combine all the Holocure streams from today as well, rrrright?

>> No.27020220

Maybe she's waiting until she's in the game. Probably grinding to max levels and hoarding coins to gacha herself when she streams.

>> No.27020244

Glad we all can agree on something
So now on any graph that shows weird stuff (zhang mountains, cardiac monitors, Z) are excluded from the list

>> No.27020268

no. kys

>> No.27020275

she already did

>> No.27020289

KYS faggot retard

>> No.27020291

no because that will affect jp as well just exclude en and thats that

>> No.27020295
File: 22 KB, 381x177, 1650678470466.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Really good numbers

>> No.27020308
File: 1.01 MB, 1065x818, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27020309

Yeah it’s somewhere like…
Pretty scary stuffs, a whole Salome I would say

>> No.27020311

as we've told you a million times, you don't want to open the can of worms that is disqualifying streams
stop larping

>> No.27020342

>t. intern

>> No.27020348

>muh excluded from list
I guess the Nijibots are seething that Susan killed all their bots and is implementing some stupid cull to high CCV streams because Niji botted their Salami

>> No.27020356
File: 171 KB, 916x603, A7535445-F900-4E46-ADEF-5705EAA2020C.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Edit it

>> No.27020364

So today'a gold is niji

>> No.27020373

Oh Sodafunk is also about to stream HoloCure too - "she" might be the largest YT indie to stream it so far?

>> No.27020380

AIEEEE you can't do Bronze Boi dirty like that, anontachi!

>> No.27020383

Disqualifying streams with weird graphs is better though

>> No.27020397

Also Niji intern please, why are you still here? Go do your paperwork’s, that is way more productive than arguing on 4chan

>> No.27020401

Who told her about the Z graphs?

>> No.27020405


statistics kun

Plz edit

>> No.27020424

>largest YT indie
I don't think the word "large" is appropriate in this context, given that even the anons doing the song ranking get a higher CCV

>> No.27020429

tally anon is a fucking nijifag i knew it

>> No.27020457

no it's not, you open the door for people to get stricter and stricter and more arbitrary as to what's considered a normal graph to the point where weird viewer behavior could qualify to it, and also you'd need someone to curate that and that would centralize power on an anonymous board
it's dumb

>> No.27020459

People are dumb if they believe "highest recorded peak" charts and tables will show anything other the highest recorded peak

>> No.27020461

What's the name of the Sodafunk vtuber?

>> No.27020475


No!! retarded

>> No.27020514

>weird viewer behavior
thats just newspeak for bots

>> No.27020515

Why are you guys arguing with shitposters?

>> No.27020532

what's wrong with this number?
it's pretty normal for ID cover song.

>> No.27020540


lol nijiseethe

>> No.27020544


>> No.27020551

Nothing good in 2 hours
The highlight of today have yet to come

>> No.27020552

>calling out obvious bot shenanigans in the graph
intern kun

>> No.27020575

Well Furea's stream will last at most 1hour and a half, Akirose tweeted that she would play with her, as well as with Porka and Blue Coyote.

>> No.27020616

Getting a little more strict on the horse race is not a bad thing since we do have evidence that weird graphs are a result of bots though

>> No.27020617


>> No.27020631

afaik she masquerades as sodafunk, even if it's obv the pngtuber and clipper are different

>> No.27020635
File: 764 KB, 1810x1226, QUACK.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Duck isn't going to make it, it won't be getting ahead of Salami.
Furea T-10 with 5k waiting.

>> No.27020654

Maybe it's time to retire the daily tally...

>> No.27020659

salmonella reclined all the way down to 40k and still leading the day.. not even holocure buff can defeat her

>> No.27020711

Duck number ?

>> No.27020715

Welp it seem the duck not gonna cut it who else can Hololive even rely on at this point?

>> No.27020721


>> No.27020730

She's not good enough, she only played VS like once or twice and only cleared it after getting coached by Towa.

>> No.27020735


>> No.27020745

No way Nijitard, we all want to see just how much Salmonella has reclined to oblivion.

>> No.27020764
File: 313 KB, 1362x961, shuba 35k.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shuba 35k

>> No.27020773



>> No.27020807

Pekora has 2k waiting, Furea has 6k. Should be Pekor's win if all funnels to her stream.

>> No.27020817

I find it funny how Salami reclined after she overtook Kuzuha in subs. I bet he told them to pipe down on the bots

>> No.27020821

Well the clipper is a guy, but the person streaming as "sodafunk" is a girl, so technically "she" is correct

>> No.27020827

>1m subs
>only 35k watching

>> No.27020868
File: 683 KB, 661x698, 1650479713930.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you guys ok?

>> No.27020872

Which studio does Tamaki use? Does she use niji, holo, or indie tech?

>> No.27020875

One more hour until we find out who wins the month

>> No.27020883

Pekora will never win this. She reclined already. She's a sub 20k streamer anon.

>> No.27020885

quite a lot for usaken summerfes. not sure about the sportfes. but there are some 2-3k CCVs too from ID, if i am not wrong.

>> No.27020888

Not surprising since jp talents are using bots which would explain their ccv

>> No.27020890

niji brother

we will win right?

>> No.27020912


looks like we're getting fbk holocure after all

>> No.27020915

Could be better, bit better now that I've just decided to stop replying to blatant nonsense.

>> No.27020920

>Same event
>Sonny 8k
>Petra 1k

>> No.27020942

Nah peko can get 40k+ easy since she uses the same bots as salome thats why theres a notable overlap in "fans"

>> No.27020947
File: 936 KB, 898x879, usakenfes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27020948

>all these fucking cunts wasting the Holocure buff
These whores aren't even in the game

>> No.27020957
File: 921 KB, 1310x869, xvdsgr.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27020960
File: 210 KB, 1819x1412, 99f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27020961

You keep repeating this over and over, even if you prayed to Allah, sucked his dick and gave your ass' virginity it wouldn't come true nijifag.

>> No.27020964

Your horns are OP

>> No.27020970

petra's drain touch which affected salami's number a ton also debuffs her

>> No.27020980

Tamaki has the money and the connections took a proper 3D studio and pay for it, have you ever seen how much money NoriPro girls make on SC alone?
Shigure Ui, OTOH, must have got a special dispensation to use Holo studio, given her connections with Subaru and Watame.

Kson, I don't know what she was thinking. People had high expectations (specially given her amazing Live2D) but she surely dropped the ball on her 3D

>> No.27020982

Midnight stream it seems like. We are gonna have 12 hours of Holocure in a row at this point.

>> No.27020992

Kys Nijinigger you are definitely paid by anycolor to shit on /vt , truly a black company behavior

>> No.27020993

Btw, what happens to Kuzuha? He doesn't stream lately

>> No.27020999


>> No.27021010