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Mooner thread

The Connor situation is over the line!

Previously: >>2653441

Moona Hoshinova:

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>moona schlicked her bean to this guy
moonabros... are we the real the cuck all along?

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Why do east asians wet their panties over the most average looking white guys?

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SEA standard is just that low

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Lofy also liked that tweet

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she's a whore so it's given.

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Why would she ignore based knight Alfred Ridder but play with C*nnor? Unforgivable.

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Is this the same guy who messaged Amelia and got ghosted?

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you talking about Cuntnor? if yes, yes. and Gura did the same.

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oh I didn't know he had also tried with Gura, from her I only remember that creepy guy with the akasupa about DMing her who later complained on twitter lmao

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and somehow the IDs are welcoming and fangirling to this predator.

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daily reminder that ollie is the one dragging moona into this mess, go to her stream and let your voice be heard. pic related


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>calling for a raid
Fuck's sake

>> No.2695487

>Englishman loyal knight cucked by an anituber Welshman
I hate this reality.

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Lads, we were so happy for Moona finally getting her 3D...
Where did it go all so wrong?

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I'd get hype if they got there, not hyping my self up yet.

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you know exactly what went wrong.

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The martyrdom of Alfred the knight while hillarious got me fucked up.

Though I might get hyped again in 9 months who knows

>> No.2695849

the one who messaged gura was CallMeCarson who later got cancelled for sexting with a 17 year old girl

>> No.2696038

Don't know mate, I feel empty.

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>I feel empty
The part of me that wants to cope is saying that Mooner is just more autistic as usual, and she just doesn't understand what implications of her actions and words on Twitter mean.
Fuck me, I'm taking a break. Hang in there anons, I hope that in a few weeks we'll see antituber gone and find a new drive to watch and support Moon.

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Literally built for Cockner

>> No.2697058

ID started trying to prove some sort of point by all flirting with a guy who will be in their area during their 3D debuts. Can’t wait for Iofi to cause the final yab when she drunk tweets a pic from Coomers bedroom

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>she just doesn't understand what implications of her actions and words on Twitter mean.
After the vodka and religion tweets, I don't think so. I need to leave her and this thread for awhile, I don't want to turn into an anti. Best of luck to you and the others.

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Why doesn’t she play some more Apex with Connor? -_-

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i don't care they got 3D, my feeling already empty , yeah i need take a break looking at them

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And he's 100% right for a change...

>> No.2699076

I can't fell anything good as of now. Feels like shit. Maybe because I'm a shitty man idk.. I'm just gonna stop following her on twitter and ignore her stream for a week or two.

>> No.2699220

>taking a break
Same, I'm going to a hiatus to the whole chubba stuff for now. The whole non- stop drama got my weakass over. Maybe I'll tune in if there's any major development in Usaken.

>> No.2699359

Moonafags on suicide watch because she plays APEX with a dude in free time

>> No.2699916

you just know what's gonna happen when they go to Japan for their 3D debuts. He's already scoping out the love hotels.

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These threads are hilarious right now. I really hope it's mostly shitposting but it's hard to tell.

>> No.2700045 [DELETED] 

It's both shitposting and actual /vt/ incels who are mad about "muh idol culture"

>> No.2700081

The shitposters have to go back to school in a few hours and we can have our comfy Moona thread again.

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how does it feel monakeks?

>Moona play apex offstream with connor more than she stream for her viewers
>stroking his ego during their games at how amazing he is at apex
>gushing at how deep his voice is
>said how she prefers tall manly westerners with sharp features than manlet effeminate indogs
>fangirling over how she can't wait and meet him IRL during 3D trip so they can offpako

monakeks are you gonna make it?

>> No.2700185

Is that how you cope?

>> No.2700203

It's not everyone but i'm sure there's at least one person who's unironically Alfred but with no money in these threads right now.

>> No.2700228

Found the shitposter. I was right

>> No.2700295

>implying there’s something wrong with Alfred

>> No.2700297

>tall manly westerners
Well that’s Connor out the picture but still that’s pretty fucking funny

>> No.2702221

How do i cope bros...

>> No.2702453

cant unsee she is looking at connor in that pic
im going schizo

>> No.2702530

t. Not even watch moona
Moona say she want bring homemade food to shubaru and Pekora. My guess it's ambrosia so they can have threesome

>> No.2702771

kek, meido nuked all of your shitposts.

>> No.2705946

sorry for not having cuck mentality

>> No.2706015

bet on how many times she went for discord sex with Cuntnor by now

>> No.2706342

>get moona addicted to apex by playing with her non stop
>"breaking the rules" by networking with an ironic western weeb anituber
>play apex with him offstream
>hooked him with moona
>uninstall apex
>left moona alone with him

call me shizo all you want, but something isnt right. this is literally the same case when she left reine alone with that Jaret guy. what's her masterplan really?

>> No.2706404

Actual zhang behavior.
Actual mental illness.

>> No.2706915

Just how hard it is to acknowlege yourself that you're not an indie? gushing and treating some big name normie anituber on twitter like a god he is just because he carried you real hard on video games OFFSTREAM just straight up unprofessional. To put it simple, imagine holomem like Pekora or Aqua did this.

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>tfw nousagi
>tfw pekomoona is ruined for me

>> No.2707119

Shipfag get the rope
Stop repeating the same argument on the last thread

>> No.2707150

unironically take your meds

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>> No.2707295

i said this long ago that i never liked her "i do what i want" mentality. it surely will bite her in the ass one day.

>> No.2707337

Is it all over for Moona and Ollie? Why are they staying silent while the flames of controversy rage on around them?

>> No.2707416

they defo had a talk with their manager.

>> No.2707421

Because that's how cover works. Or maybe it's just minority who it's big deal
. Or they have no idea. I doubt it. I trust ID management because while they lack iron Fist like EN, ID manager already handle yab like this few times in the past with swift moves.

>> No.2707424

>Why are they staying silent while the flames of controversy rage on around them?
There's nothing on twitter. It contained in this board. And if you have enough guts to do it on twitter, good luck with the indog white knights doxxing you for the next 24 hours.

>> No.2707477

>indog white knights doxxing you for the next 24 hours.
Do they really explain

>> No.2707487

i think someone finally reported them to cover, if you notice since yesterday there been no tweet about connor

context and rrat?

>> No.2707490

their manager wont give a shit if it wasnt on facebook, just like moona yab back then.

>> No.2707500

Eh some of EN speaker already DM Holo ID. I am sure they read that shit. I mean Ollie uninstall apex (even tho they said it's challenge with her fans)

>> No.2707534

she liked it, see yourself

>> No.2707552

it's in the previous thread i believe. indogs white knight harassed one guy into deleting his twitter account for voicing his opinion on holoID's twitter.

>> No.2707564

isn't the challenge not playing it on stream but she can still play it offstream?

>> No.2707575

One Indon complain on Twitter how Ollie collab with Jaret. The Holo ID fans goes reeeeeeeeee you inceeeeeel the woman can doooo what they want etc etc. Obviously the original tweeter decide delete his tweet and Facebook. I feel bad for him

>> No.2707608

>what is Bourbon tweet
>what is masker tweet

>> No.2707616

Based indogs. The entire Jarrett shit actually legitimately turned out to be nothingburger and so is this one, but if schizos and goslings want to think it's because of their anonymous second acc DMs then I guess they're free to think that.

>> No.2707620

Reminder that Cover forced Miko and Marine, two of their biggest streamers, to publically apologize and take a week-long vacation. If you take Ollie not retweeting anything about connor for a day, and uninstalling Apex as a victory then you're more cucked than before.

>> No.2707634

I don't give a shit if they have sex on offstream. Just don't brag about it. But this woman are narcissistic, like look "British man carry my monkey ass"

>> No.2707682

pretty much this.

>> No.2707710

Hell no. That woman are ticking bomb. Unless it's public apologize there's no win from her. We know the fact zoomrade already cucked when male voice on Ollie and reine collab. I just fucking hope the Jaret guy sperging on internet how Ollie cucking her for foreign dick

>> No.2707715

not him.
i already stop watching ollie completely and im putting moona on hold for now, i guess im at acceptance phase at this point

>> No.2707727

>Perfectly okay with Holomembers whoring themselves with your money "as long as you're not there to see it"
>Going apeshit at Holomembers playing games with dudes because you happen to see it

Bros.... what new kind of cuckoldry is this?

>> No.2707752

how can one retard be this dumb holy shit

>> No.2707795

I don't get it. She liked those tweets and what ? So she's tired of faking it ? All these connor interactions are the real her ? Is that what she's implying here ? Kudos to her if she decided to proclaim that out loud herself, but until then she's just enjoying the benefit of idol image for the sake of her career while keep acting far from professional. I hope I'm wrong and it's just my schizo blood talking.

>> No.2707842

You over analyzed that post, Its her circle friends

>> No.2707887

the whole argument of this C-guy fangirling tweet was the unprofessionalism of certain holos. If they wanna go down this path, they can just graduate from hololive and do it as an indie. Dont bring this normie culture to hololive.

>> No.2707903

>the Jaret guy sperging on internet how Ollie cucking her for foreign dick
I think you might misunderstand something about basic indog culture here.

Indogs are okay with it not because they're degenerate cucks. They're okay with it because they're raised in a society more trad and conservative than the average /vt/ard that sees every male-female interaction as evidence of casual sex because obviously that's what's fucking happening in their degenerate Western lib culture and society. In Indog culture this isn't the case so nobody fucking cares. You're in some deep schizo shit if you think Jaret is bothered by this because he and the rest of indogs simply doesn't think about male-female relations the same way as you do. Also because like Cunner he's a filthy normalfag but still. The only reason an Indog would interpret it in the same way as /vt/ is when he's a genuinely delusional menhera.

>> No.2707957

Are you retarded. I know Pekora fucking her brother. And azki have sex with her husband. sion sucking marine tits. Hell even coco have sex with Aki, Kanata, and Noel soon. But all of them doesn't bragging that on stream.

>> No.2707968

M-chan should've bitch slapped Ollie the moment she said she wants to "break the rules". Look where it leads to now.

>> No.2708023

...... Mate, Jaret engaged with Ollie in rl....

>> No.2708026

LOL are people still bitching about connor? what a bunch of faggots lol.

>> No.2708044

good job on killing the 3D hype. way to go, Moona!

>> No.2708106

Ollie is already married, b8 better

>> No.2708117

Accidentally getting caught having sex outside marriage (especially if they got pregnant) is a far better reason for graduation (and the one many indogs will unironically back) and a far better sign of unprofessionalism for HoloID than this.

This isn't just me being abrasive. If you're writing a complaint to Cover or HoloID managers about this you need to explain how or why what they're doing is unprofessional, and no comparing it to HoloJP doesn't fucking work. HoloJP won't be able to get away with this not because of any official rules but because they'll get thousands of fans brigading the fuck out, sending death threats and doxxing anyone remotely related to the members. You're losing in numbers so you have to REASON with them. If you're not doing that might as well just eat your meds.

>> No.2708125

MoonaConnor offpako is inevitable...

>> No.2708180

>16 years old high school girl
This is not burger

>> No.2708229

Indonesia is a Muslim country so child marriages are a common thing anon, please understand

>> No.2708254

LMAO. If you gachikois do not agree with whatever the girls did, let them know. Brigade their twitter or facebook. If you do that with a good words and attitude they might really listen to you.

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you made me bing it

>> No.2708286

>it's no longer legal

Yes, and? God's laws trump any man-made falsehoods. This has been revealed in the Qur'an.

>> No.2708292

nah, just stop "supporting" is better way to send a message. but then again, moona proly too dumb to take a hint.

>> No.2708322

she was married years ago before the law changed, do your reps

>> No.2708326

>has been revealed in the Qur'an
[citation needed]

>> No.2708344

source: dude trust me

>> No.2708388

oh wow what a nice sunny day, i cant wait for Apex Legends GOTY Edition being scheduled for this week.

>> No.2708438

APEXchad can't stop winning

>> No.2708479

APEX saikou!!! kami geimu!!!

>> No.2708560

not your personal army nigger

>> No.2708606

I feel like descending into anti each passing day, i always make fun of purityfag but in the end im not that different with them

Idk man, it's hurt my heart

>> No.2708631 [DELETED] 

Mohammed had loli wife, though he didn't tap her ass.

>> No.2708644

not my problem if you cant do your reps faggot

>> No.2708650

>Indogs are okay with
Oh so you mean its only us, western chads, who don't want to be cucked are sperging here?

>> No.2708705

I can assure you that 99% of them are fine with all of these. The rest non-cucked ones are here, and you can see them from the bad grammar, just like mine.

>> No.2708722

>it's there, trust me

>> No.2708755

I understand you, I'm a gachi and I don't know what to do now..

>> No.2708810

When I saw the whole Connor thing, I had literally zero reaction and moved on with my life. I still enjoy watching the ID girls and their content.

Must be hard to not be a sperg these days, huh

>> No.2708824

Was working while I listen to my usual playlist. Forgot to remove her covers and original. It felt so different now... Painful

>> No.2708845

if you're okay with everything, good for you anon. i wish i have the same mentality

>> No.2708866

that is the normal thing to do.

Whats not normal is seeing that and still giving them 100 bucks every day, even if they are literally there selling the image of being intimate with chat

>> No.2708880

i dont even want the hoodie now. fucking hell. great job, mooner.

>> No.2708906

Same, seems like this thread stuck in a loop ...

>> No.2708941

i swear to god if she goes back being lovey dovey intimate with her members in the next membership...

>> No.2708980

Of course she will.

>> No.2708984
File: 11 KB, 938x94, geek.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Same. I was asking in moona thread before on how to cancel geekjack order, then I saw this.

>> No.2709012

Just keep it in your basement til you find your love again or burn it like that one ichirukifag back then.

>> No.2709025
File: 464 KB, 642x940, Laeria7832648638547543.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw indiechad

>> No.2709047

Fucking groomer

>> No.2709055

Ofc she need to cover it with yuri bait to appease some people's delusion

>> No.2709069

Already did that last acapella.

>> No.2709078

Burn the hoodie, record it as your determination and stance for not being a cuck

>> No.2709099

Not that anon but I think he meant with her members. Not yuribaiting with other holo.

>> No.2709143
File: 36 KB, 533x224, 1612914260437.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>they slept together
its all over

>> No.2709157

oh god this cant be real

>> No.2709170


>> No.2709174

Time to burn some witch. :^)

>> No.2709194

Now you're just schizo baiting anon. They are still couple of oceans apart. She's not in Japan yet.

>> No.2709206

defo a skype sex, holy shit you cant make this shit up.

>> No.2709242

Giving them 100 bucks daily would be fucking moronic in ANY situation.

>> No.2709250

>Pussies still whining.
>Still not going to do anything effective that could jeopardize the existence of Hololive ID as a whole.
Keep crying, they will still collab with men and you fags will keep watching.

>> No.2709262

>video call sex isnt real

>> No.2709292

at least I can see you seething right now :^)

>> No.2709296

whew... only god knows what they were doing last night that this C-guy need a 11 hours sleep. imagine.

>> No.2709323

>I just slept for 11 hours and I feel unstoppable

>> No.2709346

She what? I don't see her last Acapella, what did she do?

>> No.2709351
File: 186 KB, 594x567, 1618776690407.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This INSOLENT slut truly has a gaping hole where her heart should be.

>> No.2709367

That means he's ready for another go. They're probably fucking right now.

>> No.2709369

im gonna keep superchatting moona with ARS so she can buy Connor the XL sized condom supplies they needed in Japan. nothing you can do about it, incels.

>> No.2709394

>with ARS
Based, go forth.

>> No.2709405

that's called being a woman

>> No.2709410

muh husband and wife act when reine and ollie were on her chat

>> No.2709446

Ah so nothingburger. I thought she full menhera on other holo JP or EN or her gakichoi

>> No.2709468

cant wait for the post Japan trip freetalk when she talks about Connor's huge white uncircumcised dick and how she loves the smell of his smegma.

>> No.2709479
File: 615 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-04-19-12-49-13-440_com.twitter.android.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.2709498

>thanks moona

>> No.2709511

Let's hope she gets a bit more sense

>> No.2709516

i have no idea, isnt that guy living in japan right now?

>> No.2709529

You're just asking to be ridiculed here

>> No.2709546

Yes. And Moona is in Indonesia anon.

>> No.2709549
File: 619 KB, 512x512, 1598805330747.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2709561

Uhh better translation please?

>> No.2709562

here goes indogs schizo harassing some literal who on twitter again...

>> No.2709572

You just put a giant target with blinking RBG on his back. Wanna bet how many hours before he nuked his twitter?

>> No.2709585

how can you confirm that she is not in japan

>> No.2709588

They will drown you with "sukasukamoonadong" responses

>> No.2709596

Chink flu still exist

>> No.2709602

>it's a hidden tweet
do you manualy hide tweets or it's just twitter automation?

>> No.2709609

yeah man, take a break for a week or two from her and see if anything is getting better

>> No.2709628

Where have you been ? Chink flu remember ? The only thing that prevents them for having 3D debut

>> No.2709630

is there actually a real way to graduate them? something to do with religion maybe? i heard its the equivalent of taiwan for indogs

>> No.2709631

travel ban retard

>> No.2709639

i read it with moona's voice in my head, it still pisses me off.

>> No.2709643

just take a break

>> No.2709652

find Ollie's husband and tell him

>> No.2709668

Yes, that's their kryptonite. But most of us just want M-chan to slap some sense onto her and Ollie.

>> No.2709673

google's translation surprisingly accurate despite the informal indogs.

>> No.2709689

he's gonna get doxed, it over for him

>> No.2709729


>> No.2709739

t. indogs

>> No.2709764

the state of your resident moon orbiter

>> No.2709792


>> No.2709797

Moona got indog antis behind her back that allow her to do anything she wanted

>> No.2709816


>> No.2709825

This fuckin Bong ahahahaha

>> No.2709851

They should still cover their hair when doing collabs with men. It's inappropriate otherwise.

>> No.2709900
File: 387 KB, 540x535, 1599554991598.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2709925

Laika going in for the confession

>> No.2709928

Why are you retards seeme surprised that this purple autist wet her cunt over a Brit on twitter? she literally said it few times that she really into british lad with deep voice and connor is literally her dream man. so i wont even suprised that she already spread her leg for him behind the stage.

>> No.2709930

>More trad and conservative
No, they are just better at hiding it, I've seen more than a few middle easterners for example laugh at how westerners think adultery doesn't exist there, the actual areas controlled by strict sharia are tiny, ID won't be any different.
You sound like the people who think japans some fairly land, indogs aren't some chaste monks.

>> No.2709956
File: 159 KB, 1920x1080, 1602141955966.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.2709976

Haha, this shit is the gift that keeps on giving.

>> No.2709978

he's welsh, the worst kind of brit

>> No.2710003

literally me but with no one trying to comfort

>> No.2710017

*comforts (You)*

>> No.2710025

Ollie already has.

>> No.2710040

thank you

>> No.2710060

fucking whore. but doesnt matter, her entire fanbase are cucks.

>> No.2710073

Good chance to bag a gachikoi.

Shouldn't he be going after Watame then?

>> No.2710082

>he doesn't know about ID3D
Anon...It is inevitable...

>> No.2710087

What indogs need to learn is that you can't say "You can be this degenerate but this is the line you can never cross" like they are desperately trying to do right now. The line will always move further and further in a direction they don't like unless they strictly enforce a sharia regime to one degree or another. Anime nerds into yuri bait who think they can stop women from being slutty are incredibly delusional with their cognitive dissonance.

>> No.2710097

That'll cost you an akasupa

>> No.2710133

I know you're here, Laika.
Free him from that cunt.

>> No.2710169

I wanna feel something again memorable

>> No.2710191
File: 362 KB, 670x607, ID in japan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>When ID go to Japan
>They spread their legs
It's a sign, there's no escape.

>> No.2710240

>they announce 3d debut will be in a week

>> No.2710249

Let me tell you, even if by any chance holo id entire gen orgy with connor and the videos leaked, indogs wont cancel them nor giving those dislikes bomb and hate comments

What they want is just the videos and then done

The internet culture here is really different with the west

>> No.2710292

Well I hope the indo's 45 cent SC's keep ID well fed then

>> No.2710372

>pretending you wont give them a taste of your shoe

>> No.2710429

>indogs don't slut shame
Kek'd. Is pretending to be an indog the latest trend now?

>> No.2710457

Man bizzaro Indogland doesn't sound too bad

>> No.2710469

>What they want is just the videos and then done
They'll harass the girl til there's nothing left from her, just like that one policewoman who cucked her police husband with someone with higher position. Her face is everywhere now.

>> No.2710484

as long as those men are not cringy trendhoppers im ok with it

>> No.2710499

I like how the people defending the leech forget that ID has collabed with a ton of men already and none of them really caused this sort of reaction.

>> No.2710527

Indogs detected, at least now i know at least half the poster here are indogs circle jerking to moona

>> No.2710550

Based indogs. Here in the cucked West we do the opposite.

>muh you guys are angry at male collabs
Broken record, anon. Nobody cares if she collabs with males. Just not trendhopping faggots.

>> No.2710552

>"""moona thread"""
>connor thread
god I fucking hate holo's fans obssession with e-celebs and getting cucked, none of you even watch the streams

>> No.2710580

Exactly, they allowed it and were even proud about being better than those purityfags, now it is someone they don't like and they don't have a leg to stand on because they didn't enforce purityfag standards in the first place. Tough shit for you people now.

>> No.2710615

Official collabing and flirting on twatter are two different things, anonchamas...

>> No.2710624

Like this?

>> No.2710637

Yes. Here's hoping indogs would do the same to her as they did to that policewoman here : >>2710469

>> No.2710652

Even nijinigger failed what are you going to do?

>> No.2710720

>First dog to be send into the space is going to save broken knight trapped on the moon
You can't make that shit up, my sides

>> No.2710728

Absolutely nothing, because I don't even watch Moona. I'm just here for the schadenfreude. I'm dipping my finger in every pie.

>> No.2710738

this is cute and fantasy
connor is cancer and he fucked her irl already

>> No.2710833

same, I don't even watch her, I'm here just to shitposting

>> No.2711041

lying whore

>> No.2711063

This but i watch her

>> No.2711075


>> No.2711156

Serious question, can you do this using VPN?

>> No.2711169

Yeah i've seen some fag using it for member and supa

>> No.2711312

yes, indogs unironically do this to their "oshi".

>> No.2711454

Westerniggers and JPfags did that too. We should've just banned vtubers and stoned them all of them to death for flaunting their naked skin as Allah has commanded.

The one with the most whorelike design of all (Reine) gets the first stone inshallah

>> No.2711495
File: 38 KB, 665x720, 5eedf183113e70958dec611bb81292a2c3caa54d90b4b313410e397244e07d9a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anons do nothing :
>I get to see Moona and Ollie fans seethe (no one cares about Lofi)
Anons do something :
>At worst, indog whores get a warning or even a suspension from Cover
>At best, indog whores get harrased by indogs until they quit vtubing, and Cunner will get all the hate and shit PR for this
>If nothing happens, oh well, it's not like I invested much in this

It's a win-win situation for me

>> No.2711536

>no one cares about Lofi
That's just sad

>> No.2711586

let me see holoshits doing that shit and burn their brand overnight

>> No.2711604


Its one sunny day, connor, ollie and moona playing apex offstream together, and conchuck suddenly said "IDK Moona, ur fans are weird, they even mad at me for playing Apex with you?"

Guess what Moona would say to conchuck

A) No don't say it like that, they are my precious fans!!
B) Yeaahh they are just bunch of weirdos, just ignore em

choose your answer

>> No.2711607


>> No.2711637

Neither one of those answers are awkward and autistic, I choose
C) ...yeah.

>> No.2711759

A. coz she's a 2 faced lying bitch who needs to maintain her gachi's akasupa.

>> No.2711783

friendly reminder that Moona is and Idol and she's allowed to interact with males becuase she can do whatever she wants. If you're against it, you're an anti.

>> No.2711795

Anon you forgot the read the word >offstream.

>> No.2711806

>Ollie is there

>> No.2711809

fuck off retard

>> No.2711835

then you're an anti.

>> No.2711849

I no longer like Moona. Unsubed, unmembered, unfollowed. Risu is mynew ID oshi

>> No.2711854

just gas all the gachis. my monthly 100 ARS supacha will compensate.

>> No.2711873

Don't be like this Risu, Moona is your friend

>> No.2711882

>jump ship into even bigger whore

>> No.2711894


>> No.2711915

Which one will make Conner cum faster, Moona or Risu?

>> No.2711917

Based free entertainment chad

>> No.2711920

I suggest actual moonafags stop making these threads since they immediately get hijacked by seaniggers looking for drama or report the threads so they get deleted on sight like the Ollie ones
you should have told these faggots to fuck off harder, none of the other ID threads get infested with dramafags

>> No.2711939

Because there's no other id thread to raid

>> No.2711952

>none of the other ID threads get infested with dramafags
That's because none of the other ones are involved you retard.

>> No.2711953

obviously Risu. Moona and Cunnor last for 11 hours last night so...

>> No.2711977

PekoMoona offpako turned into MoonaConnor offpako in one single tweet. It's tiresome.

>> No.2712011

no you, you are an anti
imagine if any of the popular decent jp holos does "whatever they want" and they start doing ntr cuck shit. losing at minimun half of their jp fanbase

they will never listen to your stupid cuck mentallity because they are not gullible dumb like moona

just pay attention at how quick people like peckers is, instantly recognizing dangerous people and running away from them as fast as she can

if pekora was to trade some words with ollie, she will tell her to fuck off and proceed to not talk to her ever again in her life

>> No.2712043

Go back to your discord hug box

>> No.2712105

>noooo im an idol not a comedian!!
>so anyway guys, i've been playing Apex offstream with this guy who carried my sorry ass.
>oh, why the tweet you asked? it just because he made me wet on voice chat.
Even the ENs who never claim/brand themselves as "idol" know what is up with this ironic weeb anituber and straight up ignore him while the IDs just shamelessly fangirling all over his dick.

>> No.2712128

I want to Connor to fuck Moona so that the minds of every Moonafags break apart when they witness it

>> No.2712134

>proceed to not talk to her ever again in her life
like she did with haachama and kiara
then retards will say that she is a hikkikomori sad autist, but well i guess thats the price she has to pay for being witty and un-gullible

>> No.2712136

>Moona is and Idol
>she can do whatever she wants
That's not how this works. If you pick to work as an idol then you have face to uphold. It's like saying actor in theater can stop playing his role and starts to do magic tricks.
Fine, he can do that, but that's not what people came to see and expect, so it's reasonable audience could be very upset.

>> No.2712152

then you're an anti, according to "moona fan"'s standard.

>> No.2712163

Not talking to Kiara is a good thing

>> No.2712165

Oh god, I never thought about a potential HoloID on Trash Taste incident when I first heard about Gen 1 possibly getting 3D this year. Fuuuuck. Just collab with Hololive, Holostars and NijiID instead of anitubers please.

>> No.2712168

Who is this "fan"?

>> No.2712181

this whole "moona can do whatever she wants" is "moona's fan" entire argument. if you slightly against it, you're an anti.

>> No.2712204

read the thread, there are good amount of cunnor apologists ITT and their whole entire argument is "moona can do whatever she wants"

>> No.2712214

She can interact with males, she's done it with Holostars and in live events like that one that had LiSA participating. But anitubers are garbage and I don't want interaction with them.

>> No.2712223

you're really gullible

>> No.2712250

This thread is not one person
>"moona can do whatever she wants"
yes she can, but her fans can also voice their opinions to their oshi.

>> No.2712268

The only way she will stop doing whatever she wants is if you punish her, and punish her hard.

>> No.2712359

Help give fellow colleagues a boost, maybe even try a friendly inter-company competition, all while earning money and providing content?
Nah, dick ride a guy who calls the ones who pay your bills creepy offline then brag about it.

If anyone ever falls to stuttering "but she can do what she wants" they've all but admitted it's shitty behaviour from somebody who wants to have their cake an eat it, all at the fan's expense.

>> No.2712383

Connor's property

>> No.2712405

If my oshi did that I'd be fucking pissed. Lots of people would be. Someone might even send something bad to their office in minecraft. I guess moona fans are too cucked and passive to stand up for themselves.

>> No.2712416

A NijiID/HoloID collab song would be hype. I don't know them but fuck Maha5

>> No.2712430

I want indogs to destroy her like they did someone here >>2710469

>> No.2712448

Still here?

>> No.2712456

nijiniggers r busy with their own world

>> No.2712463

Yes. I'm finished with my work and literally got nothing better to do.

>> No.2712470

no one going to punish her but herself with that "i do what i want" mentality. reminder that so far she pulled 2 major yab (not to mention all the minor inside yab) by holding to this kind of mentality. only time will tell and i hope she reformed before all the unwanted things happen. i love her so much and i want her to succeed.

>> No.2712489

I said that its just the person they are interacting with that caused it, not the male collabs.

Risu actually introduced me to Zen Gunawan and I still keep up with him.

>> No.2712495

Hey, at least Moona, Ollie and Lofi stop creaming their pants over the faggot now.

>> No.2712509

>i hope she reformed before all the unwanted things happen
I hope not. If that happens I'm not getting my schadenfreude

>> No.2712511

>anitubers are garbage and I don't want interaction with them
pretty much what i want as moona fan. there's REASON why ppl were okay with holos collabing with stars and other males say Sugita or ZUN, but not this ironic anituber.

>> No.2712514

Kinda too soon to tell, desu

>> No.2712523

Why are you samefagging

>> No.2712531

Now you mention it, what happens?

>> No.2712540

>holos collabing
That's the problem it wasn't even a collab. I could've swallowed it if it was.

>> No.2712543

Pretty much. Deadbeats wouldn't mind a collab with Charlie based on what I read. HoloID fans didn't have issues with collabs with Holostars like Ollie and Astel but once you bring in anitubers, just stop.

>> No.2712545

you wish, fucking whore Iofi went out of her way to get a fucking 3070 to play APEX. go figure.

>> No.2712552

but he did cream inside moona last night

>> No.2712558
File: 1.77 MB, 1920x1080, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Look 4 streams, haha ...
>no APEX
A-APEX saikou ...

>> No.2712559

charlie is based, he got a pass.

>> No.2712563
File: 161 KB, 313x305, j.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2712566

Rocket League?

>> No.2712568

Yes all me
all 75 IPs

>> No.2712572

why would she stream apex when she already played apex like 5 hours a day with connor?

>> No.2712573

Jesus mate. Good luck with that. I pray for your safety

>> No.2712577

Offstream only, fuck off alfred.

>> No.2712579

Remember when she said her head getting dizzy when playing Minecraft because it's FPS

>> No.2712581

You can send maro there, you know like troll maro too :^)

>> No.2712586

moona hid that tweet herself. that means she read it.

>> No.2712597

It's been 20 hours since Ollie's and lofi's last tweet about APEX, and more than 24 hours since Moona's. WE DID IT REDDIT!

>> No.2712606

what kind of meds or therapy she went through that her "muh motion sickness" cured all of a sudden?

>> No.2712609

Too be fair, he is the one replying, guy is trying to raise awareness about himself using the ids like how indies promote themselves through twitter. Getting really obvious he is trying to leech.

I hope id management actually sent a mail to tell him to cut his bullshit.

>> No.2712614

Cock carousel.

>> No.2712615

Holy shit you are gonna make all holo ID sperging

>> No.2712636

Isn't it bad to say that in Indonesia?
HoloEN and HoloID fans seemed to be ok with male collabs happening/potentially happening (don't know if Amefags still want an APEX collab with Astel) compared to HoloJPs until TT.

>> No.2712637

Nope. If you telling her like this, she and other holo ID are gonna show their true color

>> No.2712674

>HoloEN and HoloID fans seemed to be ok with male collabs
me personally never had a problem with that. it's only a problem when the IDs are welcoming this anituber with an open arm while other branch inderectly said "fuck off" to him.

>> No.2712712

Fuck anime youtubers but >while other branch inderectly said "fuck off" to him
When the fuck did that happen? That's definitely a rrat.

>> No.2712734

come on, Ame and Gura ignored him for good. that's why he's after the IDs now.

>> No.2712743
File: 165 KB, 590x493, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.2712756

what the FUCK IS THIS

>> No.2712760

gen1 never mention anituber for the past year, until that zombitch dragged him into holoid

>> No.2712761

He can't speak JP so he obviously not gonna go for JP branch but he tried to go for Ame and Gura and they ignoered him.

>> No.2712763


>> No.2712769

Nah, thats the same as countries not stating whether they support Taiwan or China. No statements.

>> No.2712771

It's literally 2 days old retards.

>> No.2712772

>april 17

>> No.2712778

Of course she is. LISTEN. If you bark on them, they laughing at you. If you mad on them, they laughing at you. If you cry because them, they laughing at you. But if you just giv straight answer like this >>2709479 , they mad at you. So fucking mad they hide your tweet. If there's twenty comment or spam on her chat with same words like pic related, chance they full menhera, breakdown on stream are 110%

>> No.2712780

Shut up

>> No.2712782

>He's a EOP
This just keeps getting better.

>> No.2712784

she's defo lusting for that white uncircumcised brit dick. yikes.

>> No.2712788

Ame banned her name from chat.

>> No.2712789

Moonakeks, i... i don't feel so good.

>> No.2712790

Same feelings dude, but i skip her cover's when it's start playing

>> No.2712794

i know. she was a mistake and ID's managers are literall dumb fucks.

>> No.2712801


>> No.2712820

While i was disappointed by their action at first, i was actually hoping they would continue so i can see a bigger fireworks. They got off too lightly.

>> No.2712826

>its true
yes anons accept it, they fucked last night 100% even if not they will fuck when she goes to jp so i recommend taking this time to separate and finding a oshi that will care about you, specially if you are like Alfred

>> No.2712833
File: 727 KB, 900x900, 1604645674376.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>2 days old
For fuck sake, >we have already been over this. At least bring something new and not what we've already seethed about.

>> No.2712835

Say is it just me or did the quality of the English in this thread take a nosedive all of a sudden?

>> No.2712839

>Isn't it bad to say that in Indonesia?
Yes. It's basically calling her bullshit. Indon people hate it when people call their bullshit. If you call her mother whore then she just shrugging it off. But if you call her bullshit without bad word and etc etc, she retaliate

>> No.2712843

Is a "pat" code word for sex?

>> No.2712844

What the fuck Moona... I thought Iofi was the only one acting like this, what the actual fuck... Risu must be sending the reaction the anons have here towards all this shit, so the ID girls are just pushing as far as they can with this... may be schizo fuel but at this point ID doesn't give a fuck anymore, Moona already fucked up once with religion so I don't think she cares with how far this goes

>> No.2712850

>all of a sudden?

>> No.2712867

I wish Moona pat my head after playing 10 hours APEX

>> No.2712938
File: 201 KB, 354x351, 1588470564804.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this is what she really wanted to send

>> No.2712966

i wish she was not born with sub 80 IQ and not an actual autist who cant think for herself. what a fucking disaster.

>> No.2712972

>22 ip
>300 replies

That's a lot of cum

>> No.2712977

point your index finger at this anon, throw your head back and laugh at him

>> No.2712982

Clever treerat trying to get rid of her competition

>> No.2713009

Moona will be able to do whatever she wants because she has the trump card known as PekoMoona.

>> No.2713016
File: 27 KB, 400x400, file.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2713021
File: 325 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-04-19-16-46-44-947_com.twitter.android.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The madlad

>> No.2713022

I doubt she is that retarded. Especially being from 3rd world country.

>> No.2713033

Peko has a lot of experience and will dump Moona the moment she doesn't like smth.

>> No.2713051

I kneel. The hero we need.

>> No.2713072

I can't honestly tell if this is bait or newest of newfags.

>> No.2713086

Stop doxxing yourself anon, we know it was you

>> No.2713088

Does it matter? Everyone is baiting and everyone is trolling.

>> No.2713100

i would do it if i actually had a twitter

>> No.2713110

Why are you doing this to yourself

>> No.2713118

Good job indog

>> No.2713134

We need more people like this. Fuck just call her bullshit in Indo and soon she gonna full sperg. And just wait some Indotard screencap that tweet and make it big deal in Facebook group

>> No.2713207

Nice One

>> No.2713354

Pekora is going to drop Moona like a bag of shit if she gets further involved in this "offpako waiting to happen" narrative. It might not be an issue for the IDs if they suck off men off-stream but it would be an incredible outrage if it happened to the more idolfag-pandering girls.

>> No.2713402

Pekora's not gonna know about it and even if she does know and wants to turn down that shit, company is probably gonna push her to do it since PekoMoona is great for numbers.

>> No.2713498

i don't speak seanig

>> No.2713554

TL : just play apex with connor

>> No.2713721

>doesn't understand that the point of vtubers is that they play a virtual anime girl that doesn't exist in the same space as normal people
He's actually stupid

>> No.2714289

anons remember to take your schizo meds, this thread is a tragedy

>> No.2714343

as a life in itself, so all good

>> No.2714389

Did Moona just lose some followers on twitter?

>> No.2714399


>> No.2714653

All of the sperging are isolated in here, there are people who are trying to make Moon and management aware that what she is doing kinda not good. But overall mood outside of here should be good thou

>> No.2714656

she did? i forgot if it's between 242k or 246k before

>> No.2714675

i meant 342k or 346k

>> No.2714712

Probably no, your average fan doesn't care they are all normalfags

>> No.2714794


>> No.2715476

This shit only boom in here

>> No.2715586

I hope the next thread is schizo free

>> No.2715622

I'm still here ... :^(

>> No.2716017

Too bad, those faggot won't stop until they find new drama for them to jerk off, most of them don't even watch any id girls, they're here for shitpost only.

>> No.2716300

Can you use another defense? Not this "They don't watch the id girls" shit.

>> No.2716542


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