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Hey /vt/, just dropping this MV from a brand new vtuber.


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i like her booba

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>open source streamer
What the fuck is that??

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>Indie EN

into the trash

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From speaking to the circle's creator they'll be releasing all commissioned content to the public domain (maybe except the model itself) and also allow fans to monetise all derivative works with no limits. For example they commissioned Xomu for two pieces of music that the vtuber will use that will eventually be released under creative commons so anyone can use it or remix it, etc. Something unheard of for normal vtuber BGMs.

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It's kind of like an open relationship.

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Western VTubers are like Western women.
Good luck trying to find the unicorn among the countless yab whores.

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So r18 is a-ok? Time to contact some pixiv artist real quick for commisions

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curious too? what about r-18?

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It's a SEA (Singapore).

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It's heavily Westernized, and feminism has taken root over there. So same rules apply.

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Crypto will free us from marxists

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im into it

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I like the model design, Looks really nice. Looking forward to more stuff, Also really nice music video.

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mmmm shark teeth and booba

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She kinda looks like Serotina.

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She's gonna blow up. Her support seem tech savvy. With the open license stuff.

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gura but actually cute and funny

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Anyone have any experience with her? She has a very nice singing voice but how is she as a person?

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BC I'd be v bullish on a hot vtuber model girl that can be fun too

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She hasn't even interacted with us yet. By the looks of it seems very professional / actress vibe, due to non-interaction in the discord.

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>another indie shitter
at least this one can sing

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