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Malay Bros, why are the Indo chads beating us? It feels bad, I thought we were better. Our Vtubers are so shit.

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cant you niggas discuss this on facebook

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beat the shit out of singapore first

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join the winning team brother

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Singapore Vtubers suck also their Chicken rice is second rate compared to ours.

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Thai chads don't need to shitty agency

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the fucking bowl

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How does it feel when Niji and Holo have to whore themselves to shitty agencies. Home grown talent, the true rulers of SEA Chubba.

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Shitty thread.
But Moe in op.

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Shitty thread cos shitty vtubers. No wonder Moe is here.

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I will now proceed to pleasure myself with this fish

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how much for quchan thai bros? let us take care of her

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What's the difference between Malays and Indos?

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indochads here, i honestly think Liliana has one of the best vtuber design out there. i mean look at this, her L2D doesn't do it justice. love her collab with kobo

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Eh bro go elsewhere. She's ours.

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One sells chicken to Singapore and the other doesn't.

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Not a fan of the dual coloured eyes desu, she's aight tho

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LOL ok chuckled

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My sides, fucking top tier post anon.

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i prefer it like this. discourage our future generations from being an e-thot

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Malaysians are very fake religious and extremely good at cyberbullying. I've watched a few chuubas without realizing they're Malaysian because they hide it so well.

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malaysians are the most boring people alive
t. lived in malaysia for work

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Gtfo your asses to facebook.

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Actually tried to watch malay chuubas before
>search malay vtubers
>got some result
>randomly click one
>chuuba speaks melayu
>close window
Aku tak tau kenape bila dengar orang cakap melayu on the internet, aku rasa macam ada benda yang tak kena.

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If it makes you feel better you're all filthy SEAniggers to me.

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any malaysian with half a brain has already emigrated

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I moved to the UK 4 years ago. This year has made realise if I'm going to live in a country that's going to shit, why not just live in a country that's already shit so you get cheap prices.

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If you actually saving your money, it is a smart choice to return. Unless if you still love the UK

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Liliana still better than most niijID really.
It's hard to compete with holo, just joining holo now already guarantee 150k subs on day 1. Successful debut guarantee at least 250k subs day 1.

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FPBP, either facebook or make your own SEA4chan so you can stop polluting the English one

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Shura and Moe are being speculated as potential picks for NijiEN Wave 6. Moon Jelly is a likely option for HoloEN Gen 3 too.

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I was saving money, up until 7 - 8 months ago when cost of living shot up. My energy bills went from £70 - £120 in that time period. I'm still saving cash, but it's going a lot less. It doesn't help that my stocks got annihilated at the start of this month.

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Good one

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Sorry Melayu anons, but this is exactly what they meant when they say "elitist sultan Indo fans". How do I know? Cos I was one, also thought chuuba speaking Indo is cringe, but not anymore now.
Please don't be like that, I beg you.
Lestarikan bahasa asli kita.

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falseflagger? falseflagger. ain't no malaysian call himself malay cause not every malaysian is malay.

to add to that, msian chuuba speaking malay? the neighbor down under already sucks msian viewership. like it or not, the languages are 70% the same. msian chuuba speaking en which nearly 65% msian population speak? holoen and nijien send their regards. and don't get me started with msian chuuba speaking mando or canto. that would reallly really defeat the purpose of country-based branding, innit.

even if lili had everything right production-wise, she had the most critical thing wrong: the target audience. it's never well-defined, hence it's difficult to gauge what their viewers want, simply because they don't know who exactly they want to cater to.

anything branded MY is detrimental from the get-go. even myholotv chuubas are no longer exclusively msian. they know it. they need new brand. and that's only one of plethora of other problems to solve.

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So Malaysia stopped exporting chicken to Singapoor causing chicken shortage in Singapoor.
Now Singapoor has to import from Indonesia.

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So Malaysia was being a bitch?

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Uhh I honestly don't know why Malaysia ban the export, am Indo anon. A malay anon will have to explain that.

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Cos there's supposedly not enough for us.

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VT has always been a SEA board

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gotta love performative politics

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i watched liliana collab with kobo, she was cute.

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>Our Vtubers are so shit.
Must be cause I've never seen nor hear of any of these.

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Hahaha pota mag pakimatay kayo mga gago

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and a ping pong pang tang to you too, young lady

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Based Indon chad

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Hey Indonesia does that too, but with Palm oil. And the one that get mad are Euro countries.

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We somehow have enough for a full Fall Guys collab
Who are these people though

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fucking eop tourist newfag.

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Fuck off SEAmonkey

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you will never be english speaking

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>shit up the board
>why do people hate us
literal burger move, retard

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Every other thread is a form of shitting up the board in some way. One being about seanigs doesn't make it worse.

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Why is Moon Jelly twice in that picture?

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what are you trying to say now
that Seanigs are good posters?

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I'm saying everyone equally shits up the board. You're all retards

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that's just empirically I feel like

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SEA Chads why are winning all the time? Imagine being an American Mut. We may not speak English but atleast we won't make our Oshii's sad when we get shot at school

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Number. Indogs breed like cockroaches just like chinks

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I'm sorry brotha, we're just too strong

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KapKapKek, you know that Mythia, an Indonesian indie, has higher subs right? Please do your reps properly next time if you don't want to embarassed your country again.

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Najib should create a vtuber company with his 1mdb funds.

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well one thing is why dont they use Malaysian based names if they want the Malaysian vtuber label instead of japanese names. I get trying to make it easier for the global market but its pretty annoying

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hello residents of south east asia. i would like to extend the warm hand of friendship towards you. will you accept?

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i like liliana , her collab with kobo is cute
i hate kobo for being so bossy

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hello warm friendship is open with everyone all the time im sure

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Kobo's whole personality is the bratty little sister. If you've never had a sister like that you'd think it's cute.

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Not all malaysians are malays, falseflaggerchama

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Welcome back. Self hating is for miserable indogs nowadays. Indonesia is on its path to retake its rightful place.

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Indochad.... I kneel....

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Do malaysia niggers even watch their chuuba?

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Other ASEANs wish they had soul, bow to a true Chooba

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this is what happen to hololive id prior kobo, indonesian viewers want to watch but majority dont understand english at all, coupled with ollie driving out her targeted audience (indonesian viewers) and mock them for not understanding english

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based kobo, lili is leeching and she must know her place
kobo being bossy is just small price

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Singaporeans are mostly chinkish and go out of their way to treat malays like shit. They've had a complicated relationship since Malaysia voted to kick Singapore out of the country back in the 50s or whenever.

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1:3 faggot

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hello malaysians. your petronas towers look very nice.

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she's not cute and funny, she's literally a child

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Singapore is that little brother who got lucky and getting rich because his big brothers were riddled with problems and he take advantage of that problems to make the neighbors do business with him instead of his problem-ridden bothers.

He gets cocky, he never realized that his survivability is dependent on his brothers' reluctence to beat him up everytime he does something awful to his brothers. Unlike the neighbor Hong Kong who got beaten up by his gargantuan big brother China.

He should realize that his big brothers won't forever be problematic, they will get their shit together soon enough, and the little brother Singapore should maintain a good relation with his brothers before it's too late and Hong Kong's fate awaiting him.

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>they will get their shit together soon enough


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My fucking side

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I see coping is built into the Malaysian DNA

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lads, it's four in the morning, shouldn't you guys be sleeping?

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Moonjelly is unironically the best of those three myholo graduates. She should have sexrats numbers

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t. Malayfag

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Shura was doing fine, I dunno why she quit.

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1st gen spoke Indonesian prior but because almost no one watch them back then they resort to speaking english to survive but they do speak Indonesian more now.
2nd gen is the same except Reine and Anya who speak EN and JP almost exclusively most of the time.
3rd gen also the same except Kobo. They got it easy because Vtuber scene here now ripe for them to dominate. Anyone who said Gen 1 is not patriotic enough is a newfags who should watch their mouth.

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so, why ollie kicking her indo viewers??

>> No.26848768

She speaks more Bahasa Indonesia than her genmates. What are you smoking anon?
Are you referring to the rant about "ngga bisa bahasa Inggris" meme spammers ?

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Isn't she a fuckin' alien?

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t. not even watch the clips nigger

>> No.26849474

t. doesn't even watch the clips nigger

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Man, we need more 3d content. Wish ID has more of that too other than maha5.

>> No.26852899

ID2 will get them 3d at the fourth holofes my dude

>> No.26854225

it's lili's fault for being useless anon. thankfully there's Kobo there to carry her so the collab doesn't turned disastrous.

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Based Indochads

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because she's an unprofessional retarded menherra. her rant was literally misfire so bad that it creates a neverending war full of misunderstanding to this day despite it shouldn't creates any problem.

the problem from the rant was some retarded indogs didn't know how to use meme properly, so they use it at the wrong time (Ollie reading English SC). it shouldn't be a problem and she should just ask chat to stop spamming or maybe even mute them. but retarded Ollie brings her personal feelings into it instead. she probably either had bad experience with Indogs who don't want to learn English or maybe she's just that arrogant and privilege, and instead of correcting the problem (spam) she instead give a personal attacks to Indonesian who can't speak English.

I can't believe she actually think all normal Indonesian who passed primary school should be able to understand conversational English (listening too!). Sometimes the ignorance of Jaksel bitches really surprised me. i really want to throw them into some small village so they can learn the reality that not everything is as good as Jaksel.

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>Gen 1 is not patriotic enough
Nobody with functioning brain said that. Doesn't change the fact that they don't have a clear market. They speak EN filtering ID viewers while their English is not good enough to keep EN viewers. There's a reason why Moona's biggest ccv is (by far) her karaoke (she doesn't need to talk) and minecraft (she barely talks).

>> No.26855300

because she's retarded, do you seriously think she's the only one getting spammed those retards? She decided to stand up and address it on stream and so she got shit for it.

>> No.26855307

doesn't matter, she already showed how ignorant and arrogant she is. if she's professional and not a retard she should know that the problem is the wrongly used meme spam. but she let her inner feelings out instead.

>> No.26855403

Alterly already did a 3d concert anon

>> No.26856617

Like i said they need to survive so they pandered to both market. Except Moona who is a normie westaboo, the rest panders to ID weebs, also Minecraft is always a buff games for everyone.

>> No.26857814

one based moe doesnt justify years of cringe

>> No.26859596

Why are you calling them chads? Indo faggot.

>> No.26859805

And use them for that janky Home 3D setup? Hell no, amazing that Cover hasn't figured this out while the local names like >>26855403 and not to mention Maha5 has done proper Studio 3D. There's no way there's not a proper mocap studio they can rent in Jakarta?? Why they have to go all the way to Japan?

>> No.26860145

Because it's cheaper? Also maybe because their equipments is different.

>> No.26860552

Moonjelly is based. Thats the only one i recognise.

>> No.26861620

anon, karaoke and minecraft are always buff streams for hololive. this isn't rocket science

>> No.26864363

Which one is the lion air vtuber?

>> No.26865437

Plan to create a top 50 myvtuber vid around late july. Got around 50+ more myvtuber from alia, but havent put them into the list. Most likely there's a huge CN-speaking MYvtuber out there. MY fanbase is still around 1/20 of ID


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>some couple of 3rd world nigholes are at each others throats again

>> No.26869626

Bruh what. The only malay chuubas that really a malay is just lily

>> No.26872311 [DELETED] 

It's been 50 years, it's time to let go

>> No.26872659

>it's not malay
>it's not holo
>it's not on TV

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>they don't know

>> No.26874569

I don’t know why they think anyone outside of SEA gives a shit. I couldn’t care less what the differences between Malaysia, Indonesia, Jafarsia, Iptole, and the Philippines are.

>> No.26874769 [DELETED] 


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The HRE of Vtubing

>> No.26880647

Obvious falseflagger.
Does it matter which company/branch/country a chuuba belongs to? Just different forms of tribalfagging.

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one thing tho you guys have got a constant updating of the language.

In the meantime our Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka peaked in the 80s (but they did that at the cost of alienating pretty much anyone in East Malaysia)

Current emphasis is all about religious bullshit to mask current affairs.

>> No.26881531

SEAfags all out war

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>> No.26883101

Indo>Thai>>>Flips>>>>>>>>>>>the rest.

>> No.26887429

Yeah me

>> No.26889669

No government institutions these days have ever been involved with the updating of "living" Bahasa Indonesia, Malayanons, especially slangs, that every Indonesians including HoloID speaks with, outside of formal context. Recording maybe yes for KBBI, but not influencing what people speaks.

It's a matter of what words people were actually speaking with, and that can happen simply because of this 1 TV ad/music video or 1 viral post on Twitter.

For example I remember the time when, if you don't care about something/someone, you said "apa urusannya ama gue", then it changed because of 1 MV (or ad? Forgot) to "EGP/emang gue pikirin" and nowadays EGP is not even popular anymore.

Or "Pelakor/Perebut Lelaki Orang", nobody speaks this word before 2017-2018, but because of several Twitter posts describing women stealing BF/husband, it becomes popular now.

What in my humble opinion Malays should do is to do away with "this is not proper Malay/serapan foreign language/from Indonesia and therefore let's not speak this word" attitude that I see a lot in r/malaysia. Language evolve naturally, baik karena serapan Bahasa Inggris, Belanda, Portugis, Cina, and it's all okay.

P.S. "gue" seems to be a Hokkien word IIRC.

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no youre not shit

>> No.26893889

Why are fighting fellow ASEANs? It's the westernoid and Amerifats that should be purged. Their vtubers stink up the pool.