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Can barely recognize my oshi's voice since they autotuned him so much. Typical Chibanyan shlock.

>> No.26701698

Never watch niji,but i think they're mid

>> No.26701871

chibanyan is a hack

>> No.26702259

I don't get what leaked means anymore.

>> No.26702269

Sucks ass. Not really surprised, I expected as much as soon as people thought ChibaNyan was producing.
Stop using this word for it. It's just a timed release thing, same as the previous songs.

>> No.26702372

luca got the SEX part and that's all that matters

>> No.26702402

Well none of them can sing - you knew it would happen

>> No.26702416

It's not leaked I have no idea why people insist on saying that. It's officially released in certain time zones and not others yet.

>> No.26702486

Vox starting line is so weak and awfully delivered, wtf

>> No.26702498

I will peg mysta

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Get in line.

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It gets funnier if you let yourself mishear jazz as jizz.

>> No.26704713

Did you expect him to sing?

>> No.26708038

I'm surprised they still let chibanyan do songs even though Niji could request MATZ's seervice.

You may not like SITA, but at least the guy can write lyrics better than Chiba.

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Shouldn't have opened that damn link.

>> No.26710320

Shit singing and mixing.

>> No.26710742

Sounds like a soundtrack for a shitty otoge

>> No.26712280

Honestly not good

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Goddamnit why couldn't they hire people who could sing

>> No.26714602

yo this shit is ass

>> No.26715475

Yeah this new Luxiem record? It’s NOT GOOD

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It sounds so bad. I couldn’t even understand what they’re saying in the intro because of the heavy auto tune

>> No.26718318

Jazz on the clock...
More like
Jizz on the cock, given how retarded that song is.

>> No.26718334

they need to stop doing gen group songs and just put ike and uki or whoever can actually sing in a unit for music like jp branch so we dont get garbage like this anymore

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