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Are those a thing leaving aside the feet-on-table layer meme and the chaama autism?
Seems like a big market to exploit

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A fetish isn't a personality, you can't base your whole persona on liking feet, it would get old after 2 streams
t. footfag

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>A fetish isn't a personality
Are you new to vtubers or

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eww shylilly, you get more worth of your money with melody in chaturbate.

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that applies to sexuality in general. No twittertards, being x or ysexual is not a personality.

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literally all twitch indies and vshojo base their personality on le big tits and ass

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thats why they are twitch indies

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Some of which are successful.

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Mumei and IRyS have traded feet pics with Gura, and Mumei said she wants to interlock toes with Gura when they finally meet.

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Chama was the OG and it was simply boosted by gura's general popularity

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>A fetish isn't a personality
Are you lost?

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I don't think there's any still surprisingly.
Somehow /meat/ fags, vore fags, brap fags, ringo fags, futa fags, furry fags, smell fags and architects fags all got chuubas before the feet bros.
I only know about an avtuber that does feet stuff some times. You could maybe call her a foot focused vtuber. She does femdom though.

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>A fetish isn't a personality

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Gura was until cumbuds started spamming it on every stream like the ADHD toddlers they are so she stopped. Cumbuds ruin everything they touch (they're also the reason Amesame stopped being a thing for a year).

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>>...setting aside chama autism

anon, I ....

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