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no rrats, no numbers, only vtuber content of any kind, final destination

Unless you open 10+ generals or trained yourself to avoid all the shitposts and keep up with the speed of /#/ - Numbers, it's complicated to keep up with the vtuber news and having meaningful discussions or questions about vtubers in a new thread often gets archived in 20 minutes due to the speed of the catalog so let's have a general to take it slow

>Rules (to not replace discussion in the other generals and avoid most of the shitposting)
- Anything that concern vtubers of any language or affiliation is allowed here UNLESS it's about their numbers (subs, donations, etc.)
- Numbers discussions are ONLY allowed if the vtuber, its agency or official news report on it (celebrations streams or tweets, official reports, etc. allowed as long as your post provide a link about it)
- No discussion of ONGOING livestream allowed, go to the vtuber/group general to do so
- NO NARRATIVES or anything that would imply a vtuber didn't say or do, always provide a direct source, quote or clip to discuss controversies
- Comparing vtubers must ALWAYS be about their CONTENT (my oshi is better at APEX than yours, here's why ; best cover of KING is actually this one, debate me ; etc.)
- Write thoughtful descriptions of the content of the vtuber you want to recommend (shill) to avoid links dumping posts or "not interested" replies
- Help and shilling about yourself if you're the vtuber goes to /asp/
- Ignore anything that would transgress these rules

>Goals of this general
- Having a place to catch up to news quickly and easily
- Discovering vtubers that would fit your preferences
- Will surely be slow but would aim to be informative, quality over quantity tm.

>OP, this is the shittiest attempt at a general yet, get fucked
I've tried.

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reddit moment

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I'll join, a better thread is always welcome.

My hag Koyori is in heat, she gave me a wet good night kiss today. My boner is still rock solid and i can't wait to release my gooey juice.

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hope this takes off but i doubt it

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Did /jp/ kick you out, bro?

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*farts on you*

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Recent News to start off, this website do it well

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Well the idea is nice. Have a bump.

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good luck with your thread anon

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Valiant attempt OP but things don't look too good, might save this as a template for later. good luck though.

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Shizukou got 250k subs on bilibili today so I'm gonna talk about how bilibili do things around the EN scene

For her start on the platform, she was helped by a company who obviously boast about her numbers and try to have more people do the same

A shoto fan believe his first livestream on the platform was a record for an indie vtuber

Onigiri was wondering making an account the other day

Their phone app are attracting the PH vtubers

And that comic app who gets into vtuber hashtags is in fact real user getting tricked to shill it for their next chapter

To note too, a Chinese having a decent presence in bilibili but surely having deep pockets have started auditions for EN & JP vtubers by showing their models and even giving one for free as long as you fill in the audition

They're doing moves, but will a fuck up stop them right away?

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kys cumshart

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>Help and shilling about yourself if you're the vtuber goes to /asp/
some time ago I would have agreed with this, but given the absolute state of /asp/ i'd highly advice against it, go to /wvt/ for self posting, or join the /asp/cord for technical questions

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What's the type of content you enjoy more in the vtuber sphere?

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I do not like an individual named Mori Calliope from the vtuber company Hololive

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If you're being serious about this, Jen t time you make this thread replace the subject with /VNG/ - VTuber News General

To discuss official announcements made by different VTubers and agencies, such as: upcoming streams, merch, concerts, events, etc.

-Discussion about ongoing livestreams belongs in its respective general
-Shitposting isn't allowed
-Anything that concern VTubers of any language or affiliation is allowed here
-Discussion about numbers is ONLY allowed if the VTuber, its agency or official news report on it (celebrations streams or tweets, official reports, etc. allowed as long as your post provides a link about it)
-Always provide a direct source, quote or clip to discuss controversies

I believe it can be a good idea. If there's even a goddamn general dedicated to the worldbuilding of a fictional setting based on /vt/, I don't see why this can't be a new general

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